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Schmuck-Denken 6 – Thinking Jewellery – Idar-Oberstein (DE) 18-19 Mai 2010


Schmuck-Denken 6 - Thinking Jewellery - Idar-Oberstein (DE)  18-19 Mai 2010 dans Allemagne (DE) 18096

On the way to developing a theory of jewellery Schmuck-Denken is an attempt to reflect on what jewellery is. It concerns an interdisciplinary approach which extends beyond the respective categories of art or craft, applied or free: the exploration of what jewellery means – not what it looks like. In 2005 ethnologists, philosophers, cultural and natural scientists participated in an interdisciplinary discourse, in order to develop initial lines of thought. In 2006 the approach was more concerned with analysing the works and activities of conceptual jewellery artists, such as Astfalck, Mackert or Nisslmüller, and in 2007 the multi-layered relationship between beauty and uniformity was persued. A debate about the importance of ornamentation for jewellery ensued in 2008. ‘Schmuck- Denken 2009’ concentrated on jewellery as an object.
This year the 6th colloquium deals with the all-embracing tendencies towards globalization, which operate at every level – economic, political and cultural. The focus is on the cultural and artistic global interdependencies of the past and present and also considers their effects on jewellery. In the process, the theme will be exemplified in detail, taking art in the Islamic world as an example. ‘Schmuck-Denken’ will be continued as part of the Idar-Obersteiner FormDiskurs 2011.

Programme :
à consulter et décharger sur

Fachhochschule Trier
Fachrichtung Edelstein- und Schmuckdesign Vollmersbachstraße 53a
D-55743 – Idar-Oberstein
Tel : +49 (0)6781/94630
Fax: +49 (0)6781/946363




« Message in a jewel ….. » (chanson bien connue) – « Dear JAMES », Munich (DE) 3-7 mars 2010

DEAR JAMES - The James exchange

 » « Dear JAMES » is based around the idea of six artists sending one another a series of letters over a six month period. The contents of the letter in unprescribed, the only stipulations being that that the letter is written intuitively on a given date and posted immediately to a given address. Each artist will use the letters they have received to stimulate the creation of a collection of pieces taking what they will from their fellow artists thoughts and observations. This will result in an exhibition of contemporary Jewellery and Metal work that has been inspired by written words. The complete set of 30 letters will form a snapshot of each of our individual thoughts over a six month period from across the world, only coming together at the first showing of Dear JAMES to form the complete picture alongside the work it has inspired. » (Klimt02 information)

participating artists are  :
Christine Graf (Germany), Lisa Juen (Germany, China), Toni Mayner (UK), Patrick McMillan (USA), Kathryn Partington (UK), Jessica Worley (UK)

The JAMES Exchange
The JAMES Exchange

Atelier Klarastrasse
Atelier Klarastrasse 1 RGB
80636 – Munich (Germany)

Why « JAMES » ??  : « Jewellery  And Metalsmith Enquiry Show » !


Ces bijoux à venir, inspirés par les mots et l’écriture, me font penser à d’autres bijoux, eux aussi des « mots contre les maux ». Ces bijoux visualisent les mots/maux, cela ne veut pas dire que les bijoux où l’on ne voit aucun mot n’aient rien à dire ! Au contraire ! tout bijou est un message …. tout bijou « parle » à celui qui le porte, qui l’a choisi, qu’il a touché ….
Akiko Kurihara  G necklace 2Victoria Contreras Romantic, poetical typographic jewelsEun Yeong Jeong - 'Those sweet words' (paper or plastic EXPO)Ela CINDORUK  - let my words be.. earringsColleen Baran love-letter-ring
Akiko KURIHARA  « 1000 G » necklace
Victoria CONTRERAS Romantic, poetical typographic jewels- each piece featuring a quote by a famous author…
Eun YEONG JEONG – ‘Those sweet words’ 2007 – Silver, Letters from DY(paper), Wool, Nylon Thread
Ela CINDORUK  – let my words be….. earrings
Colleen BARAN- ‘I miss you the second you leave’ ring
Colleen Baran - translation series -Love and Lust Bracelet (2003)-polyester resin, ink, Mylar, acrylicMichaela Niegemann necklace - copper & rubber - uses silhouettes of people who have hurt hermichaela_niegemann necklace - 3michaela_niegemann necklace - 2words- michaela_niegemann necklace
Colleen BARAN – translation series -Love and Lust Bracelet (2003)-polyester resin, ink, Mylar, acrylic -Varied conotations of the words love and lust translated into 26 global languages
Michaela NIEGEMANN necklace – copper & rubber – uses silhouettes of people who have hurt her (1, 2, 3, 4)(on MocoLoco)


Et finissons par ce « bijou » « message-pied-de-nez » de benjamin Lignel ……………. emoticone

Benjamin Lignel - Brooch 'Support your local jeweller 2006' - set of 2 badges (edition de 150)
Benjamin LIGNEL -Broche ‘Support your local jeweller’ 2006- set of 2 badges (edition de 150)

ACTU – ACTU – ACTU – Pôle Bijou BACCARAT (FR) – lettre d’info Mars 2010 – EXPO du « Label parure » CCI de Nancy (FR) – 15-27 mars 2010

EXCELLENTES nouvelles depuis le Pôle Bijou de Baccarat (FR) ! :-)

Pole Bijou - lettre d'info Mars 2010 - 1.jpg

Pole Bijou - lettre d'info Mars 2010 - 2

Création du « Label Parure » fin 2009 (Association des talents créatifs du bijou et de la parure en Lorraine (FR))  : une EXPOSITION pour les découvrir : du 15 au 27 mars 2010 à l’Espace Grüber de la CCI (Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie) de NANCY (FR)

EXPO ‘BI-CYCLE’ – Nikolay Sardamov – Galerie V&V, Vienne (AT) – 1 Mars-30 Avril 2010

Bi-Re-Cycle/jewellery by  Nikolay Sardamov (Sofia, Bulgarie)

« This body of work goes back to mobility in today’s world. In this line of thoughts the choice of material is logical : bicycle tyre. Pieces of the black tyre are slipped over a skeleton-like silver construction and create unisex neckpieces with a futuristic air. Recycling is the second component of the works. It plays an important role in the future intelligent society as well as in jewellery design. And last but not least there is the basic shape of the circle that has always represented important imagery in jewellery. »

Nikolay Sardamov - Bi-Re-Cycle - jewellery
Nikolay Sardamov – Bi-Re-Cycle – jewellery  -bicycle tire

The “Bi-Re-Cycle” formula:
1. Bicycle
Main importance idea in the collection is the mobility of today’s life. Direct connection is to find in the material of the jewellery: bicycle tyres. The futuristic uni-sex pieces are constructed with silver « skeletons »and « over-dressed » with black rubber.
2. Recycle
The future of « smart »society : recycling is the second stop in the collection. You can easily find it in the materials, used by the jewellery.
3. Cycle
A round or circle form, the symbol of the cycle is used in the jewellery as a main construct.Nikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklaceNikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklaceNikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklace4Nikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklace

Nikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklaces

Nikolay Sardamov : BI-RE- CYCLE
Galerie V&V Vitrine
Bauernmarkt 19
1010 – Wien
Tel : +43/1/5356334
Fax : +43/1/810212140

so ……. roulez jeunesse !!!!!! ;-)


EXPO ‘Ruudt Peters : ANIMA’ – Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen (NL) – 28 fevr-19 mai 2010

Ruudt Peters - brooch Sefiroth - Kokab, 2007 silver, glass, polyester

Ruudt Peters – brooch Sefiroth – Kokab, 2007 – silver, glass, polyester

« For a considerable time now I have been exploring the feminine subconscious in the male (the ANIMA) as a guiding principle for my design. Over the past year I have been drawing blind, in order to achieve  more freedom in my thinking. These drawings give expression to an unknown terrain in my visual language. I can not direct them. My principle in them is, the less you control the design, the more freedom and room in the ultimate product. As a continuation of this technique, I have also been drawing with wax underwater. This action generates an unfamiliar language. It is movement that solidifies what arises from the unconscious. A fluid line is caught in coagulated form. This process produces a totally different sort of design with regard to freedom, thought and expression. The works are gracile, delicate and fragile.  » (Ruudt Peters)

Ruudt Peters - ANIMA 'almeta' 2009 - silver, electroformRuudt Peters - ANIMA 'arvilla' 2009 - silver, electroformRuudt Peters - ANIMA 'cielo' 2009 - aluminiumRuudt Peters - ANIMA 'devota' 2009 -anodised aluminium

 Ruudt Peters – ANIMA ‘aegle’ 2009 – silver, electroform
ANIMA ‘almeta’ 2009 – silver, electroform
ANIMA ‘arvilla’ 2009 – silver, electroform.jpg
ANIMA ‘cielo’ 2009 – aluminium.jpg
ANIMA ‘devota’ 2009 -anodised aluminium.jpg

Galerie Marzee
Lage Markt 3, Waalkade 4
6511 VK – Nijmegen (NL)
Tel : +31 24 3229670
Fax: +31 24 3604688

ATELIER EN ROUTE (FR) – ateliers/workshops 23-28 Mai 2010 / 18-23 Juil. 2010

Classé dans : Atelier/workshop,COUP DE COEUR,France (FR),Willemijn de GREEF (NL) — bijoucontemporain @ 2:14

« Atelier en Route » is a small-scale initiative of Marij, Leo and Willemijn de Greef.
Marij & Willemijn, mother & daughter, organise workshops jewellery making twice a year. The rest of the year they want to offer others the opportunity to make use of their studio. Marij & Leo de Greef, owners of the Bed & Breakfast, welcome you with hospitality to Atelier en Route.

emoticone emoticone emoticone Atelier en Route wants to stimulate jewellery artist and students of art academies by offering them a place to work in a different environment apart from their studio or school situation. The workshop is located in one of the stables on a former farmyard about 200km nordwest of Paris, 10km from the coast in the department Somme (Picardy, France)

The studio is available for individuals as well as for groups (during the whole year, on appointment). The workshop is equiped with workbenches and tools. There is a kiln for porcelain and clay. Sleeping accomodation is available on the courtyard at the loft of one of the barns. You can also choose for the Bed and Breakfast at the house of the owners.

Next to the facilities for jewellery artists and students of art academies Atelier en Route organises workshops during the summer. ( Dutch website: )

Atliers/Workshops :

23 – 28 May 2010 (1)   &   18 – 23 Jul 2010 (2)
A workshop in jewellery making for who’s interested in contemporary jewellery or wants to get acquainted with it. The workshop is suitable for beginners as well as advanced students. During the workshop there will be worked with a theme. Everybody is free to work on his/hers own project. You can work independently or/and get guidance from the two teachers : Willemijn de Greef  and Marij Bekkers.
* Workshop 23 – 28 May 2010 (1)  495,- €
* Workshop 18 – 23 Jul 2010  (2)  525,- €

Atelier en Route
80132 – Quesnoy le Montant (France)
Tel : 00-33- 3 22 24 09 36
Management: Willemijn de Greef
More information and prices : or
We will ask you to send a cv and portfolio together with your application.

EXPO ’18 Stances on Contemporary Jewelry & Device Design’ – Hanau (DE) – 28 janv-4 avril 2010

« 18 Positionen zur zeitgenössischen Schmuck- und Gerätgestaltung« 

Of the over 400 members of the Association for Goldsmiths’ Art (Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst e.V.), the goldsmiths, silversmiths, jewelry designers, metal designers, and artists of the avant-garde scene from around the world are especially important. New members from the past two years exhibit a small selection of the wide, creative spectrum the society entails : Rinaldo Alvarez of Spain uses an old pocket watch in his pendant, Childhood Tears, which he complements with wood, gold leaf, crystal, coral, pearls, and zircon. The Ground plan brooches from Johannes Borst of Nürnberg separate out concrete architectural situations. Isolde Baumhackl-Oswald from Austria explores the many possibilities of alteration in her brooches, Theme with Variations. The brooches of Iris Bodemer, Pforzheim, have a close correspondence between sketched drawings, focusing on the material contrasts between the unusual stones and base materials such as wool, leather, and resin. The forefront aspect of some of the brooches by Britta Rejek, Düsseldorf, is computer-controlled CNC-milling. The small sculptures of Italy native, Fabrizio Tridenti, are implemented with silver or iron in their constructive approach. Martin Spreng of Paris combines uncommon stones and pearls with white gold. Rings, pendants, and necklaces by Mieko Suzuki-Wanner are animated with selected pearls from Akoya, the South Sea, and Tahiti. Walter Wittek’s Tension Ring makes it possible to abandon the standard setting for diamonds. In the silver category are bowls with the theme Childs-Play Barbara Amstutz and « folded » bowls and a Tea-Caddy-Spoon LUCK by Maike Dahl. In addition, works by Eva Bauer, Thomas Dierks, Martina Lang, Anna Moll, Isabell Schaupp, Violetta Elisa Seliger and the Albert Wörner Company are represented in the exhibition.  (MERCI à Klimt02 pour ses présentations et traductions en ANGLAIS !)
Artist list :  Rinaldo Álvarez,  Johannes Borst,  Isolde Baumhackl-Oswald, Iris Bodemer, Britta Rejek, Fabrizio Tridenti, Martin Spreng, Mieko Suzuki-Wanner, Walter Wittek, Barbara Amstutz, Maike Dahl, Eva Bauer, Thomas Dierks, Martina Lang, Anna Moll, Isabell Schaupp, Violetta Elisa Seliger, Albert Wörner Company.

Isabell SCHAUPP- Necklace 'Freudenvoge' 2009 - silver, enamel, photo, coral textile.jpgFabrizio Tridenti - bangle- 2009 - brass, iron, acrylic Rinaldo Alvarez - brooch 'Holly love' 2009 Iris Bodemer - neckpiece

Isabell Schaupp (DE)- necklace ‘Freudenvoge’ 2009 – Silver, enamel, photo, coral, textile
Fabrizio Tridenti (IT)- bangle- 2009 – brass, iron, acrylic
Rinaldo Alvarez (ES)- brooch ‘Holly love’ 2009 Silver, mother of pearl, gold leaf, wood, plastic film, printed metal
Iris Bodemer (DE) neckpiece – Obsidian, zinc, fishing line(in the Gold Room (Goldsaal) of the Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus)

Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst e.V.
Altstädter Markt 6
63450 – Hanau (DE)
Tel : +49 (0) 6181 2565-56
Fax : +49 (0) 6181 2565-54
website: (un peu d’anglais sur ce site !!! :-) )

EXPO ‘Pink years later’ Iris EICHENBERG jewelry – Galerie Louise Smit, Amsterdam (NL) 20 mars- 22 avril 2010

« Pink years later » exhibition

« ….trying to find a balance. Contradicting materials like fleshy pink plastic and gold, copper – plated silver, wool and rose-quartz, girly ribbons, panty-hose and beads.
Sexy and repulsive at the same time -you need to touch them- wear them and they transform …. being placed on the body they melt into the clothes and the body at the same time … they long for a body but also long for the person standing in front of you, triggering the voyeur in the other » (Iris EICHENBERG)

Iris Eichenberg - 'reflection of it' necklace - silver, nylons, beads, leather, mirrorIris Eichenberg - 'traenenmeer' brooch - 'pink years later' - copper plated silver, beads, nyloniris eichenberg -pink - 1Iris Eichenberg - 'far set eyes' brooch- rose gold, leather, rose quartz

Iris Eichenberg – ‘reflection of it’ necklace, silver, nylons, beads, leather, mirror
‘traenenmeer’ brooch,  copper plated silver, beads, nylon  –  pink 
‘far set eyes’ brooch, rose gold, leather, rose quartz

Galerie Louise Smit
Prinsengracht 615,
1016 HT Amsterdam (NL)
tel : (020) 625 98 98
fax : (020) 428 02 16
email :
web :


EXPO ‘Naturae’ – Terhi Tolvanen & Evert Nijland – Galerie Vice Versa (CH) 16 mars-17 avril 2010

« L’exposition « Naturae » présente deux artistes se préoccupant, chacun à sa manière, de l’interaction entre nature et culture.

EXPO- tolvanennijland_recto

Terhi TOLVANEN (FI) est fascinée par les interférences générées par l’homme dans son rapport à la nature, et par les stratégies inattendues que cette dernière développe en retour pour s’en défendre. l’imprévisible du vivant, et le dialogue entre contrôle et liberté, constituent les axes de sa recherche.

Evert NIJLAND (NL) se passionne pour l’interprétation que les artistes ont faite de la nature à l’époque de la Renaissance et du Baroque. Il déchiffre les codes de l’histoire de l’art pour transposer les motifs floraux de l’époque en interrogations contemporaines. » (Galerie Vice Versa, Lausanne)

L’exposition, après Lausanne, sera présentée à Rotterdam, Munich et Londres.

Terhi Tolvanen necklaceTerhi TOLVANEN -'couronne nacré', necklace, 2009- MOP, polyester, paint, mixed wood, silver
Terhi TOLVANEN - wood necklace  –  ‘couronne nacré’, necklace, 2009, MOP, polyester, paint, mixed wood, silver

Terhi TOLVANEN -Hyacinthe Cristalline - broche, 2008 - grape wood- silk, silver, amethyst (long 18cm) - série Folie des Fleurs (winter)Terhi TOLVANEN- naturae - 'lilium' broche- 2009 - oysters, reconstructed jade, polyester, silverTerhi TOLVANEN- naturae - 'lilium' broche- 2009 -back

Terhi TOLVANEN -’Hyacinthe Cristalline’ – broche, 2008 – grape wood- silk, silver, amethyst- série Folie des Fleurs (winter)
Terhi TOLVANEN- naturae – ‘lilium’ broche- 2009 – oysters, reconstructed jade, polyester, silver (and back)

NijlandEvert NIJLAND -naturae - necklace 'Noordzee' - glass, linen, silver, antique iron beads

Evert NIJLAND -necklace ‘Zwart’ -porcelain, flock, silver
Evert NIJLAND -naturae – necklace ‘Noordzee’ – glass, linen, silver, antique iron beads

Evert NIJLAND - necklace white porcelainEvert Nijland
Evert NIJLAND – necklace white porcelain  — necklace, glass, textile, gold
Galerie viceversa
place Saint-François 2, 2ème étage
(au-dessus du Café Romand)
case postale 7698
1002 Lausanne – CH
tél : +41 21 / 323 96 34
mardi – vendredi 12h30 – 18h30samedi 10h30 – 16h30


EXPO 'Naturae' - Terhi Tolvanen & Evert Nijland - Galerie Vice Versa (CH) 16 mars-17 avril 2010 dans COUP DE COEUR Viceversa




SCHMUCK 2010 – Munich (DE) 3-9 mars 2010 – PROGRAMME

Classé dans : Adrean BLOOMARD (IT),Alexander BLANK (DE),Allemagne (DE),Amandine MEUNIER (FR),Anna EICHLINGER (DE),Aud Charlotte HO SINDING (SE),Babette BOUCHER (FR),Bettina SPECKNER (DE),Blanka SPERKOVA (CS),Brune BOYER-PELLEREJ (FR),Carole DELTENRE (FR),Catherine LE GAL (FR),Christine GRAF (DE),Christophe MARGUIER (FR),Chuchart SARUNNAYAWATSIN (Thai.),Claire BALOGE (FR),Constanze SCHREIBER (DE),Daniel KRUGER (DE),Elena RUEBEL (DE),Emmanuel LACOSTE (FR),Eunmi CHUN (KR),EVENEMENT / Type of EVENT,Exposition/Exhibition,Fabrizio TRIDENTI (IT),Fiona HERMSE (UK),Flora VAGI (HU),Florence LEHMANN (FR),Florian WEICHSBERGER (DE),Frederic BRAHAM (FR),Gal. Marzee (NL),Gal. Platina (SE),Gal. RA (NL),Gal. Spektrum (DE),Giampaolo BABETTO (IT),Helen BRITTON (AU),Helfried KODRE (AT),Ines SCHWOTZER (DE),Iris EICHENBERG (NL),Jana NATIER (FR),Jessica WORLEY (UK),Joanne GRIMONPREZ (FR),Kadri MALK (EE),Karen PONTOPPIDAN (DK),Karl FRITSCH (DE),Katerina HANDLOVA (CS),Katharina MOCH (DE),Katherine RICHMOND (UK),Kathryn PARTINGTON (UK),Kristiina LAURITS (EE),Lisa JUEN (CN),Luzia VOGT (CH),Lydia HIRTE (DE),Mari FUNAKI (JP),Mari IWAMOTO (JP),Martin PAPCUN (CS),Masayuki NAGATA (JP),Maud TRAON (FR),Melanie ISVERDING (DE),Mia MALJOJOKI (FI),Mikaela LYONS (UK),Mikiko MINEWAKI (JP),Mirjam HILLER (DE),Monika BRUGGER (FR),Monika JAKUBEC (DE),Nathalie PERRET (FR),Nicole BECK (DE),Otto KUNZLI (CH),Patrick McMILLAN (US),Peter BAUHUIS (DE),Petr DVORAK (CS),Piret HIRV (EE),Renate SCHMID (DE),Rickson SALKELD (CA),Robert BAINES (AU),Sam Tho DUONG (VN),Shadi VOSSOUGH (UK),Simon COTTRELL (AU),Sophie HANAGARTH (CH),Susanne ELSTNER (DE),Svatopluk KASALY (CS),Tamsin LEIGHTON-BOYCE (UK),Tanel VEENRE (EE),Tarja TUUPANEN (FI),Therese HILBERT (DE),Tiina RAJAKALLIO (FI),Toni MAYNER (UK),Ulrike KAMPFERT (DE/FR),Vaclav CIGLER (CS),Villu PLINK (EE),Volker ATROPS (DE),Yoko IZAWA (JP) — bijoucontemporain @ 19:57

Schmuck 2010 in München / Jewellery in Munich
Events related to Jewellery during the International Trade Fair

3.-9.3.2010 Neue Messe München I Halle A1 “Handwerk & Design” 9.30-18 h
Sonderschauen der 62. Internationalen Handwerksmesse München. Schmuck 2010,
Exempla 2010 – Keramik, Talente 2010, Meister der Moderne 2010

Frame” Präsentation internationaler Galerien, Galerie Marzee, Galerie Platina, Galerie Ra

* Schatzkammer Australien -Treasure room Australia. Opening: 25.2.,18.30  h.
Galerie Handwerk,
Max-Joseph- Str. 4, 80333 München.
Tel. 089-595584
26.2.-10.4., Di, Mi, Fr 10-18, Do 10-20, Sa 10-13.
So 7.3. Special opening 10-14 h.

SCHMUCK 2010 - Munich (DE) 3-9 mars 2010 - PROGRAMME dans Adrean BLOOMARD (IT) 18038

[Artists:  Helen Aitken-Kuhnen, Robert Baines, Roseanne Bartley, Nicholas Bastin, Julie Blyfield, Helen Britton, Susan Cohn, Simon Cottrell, Anna Davern, Laura Deakin, Mark Edgoose, Mari Funaki, Stephen Gallagher, Kiko Gianocca, Kirsten Haydon, Marian Hosking, Linda Hughes, Johannes Kuhnen Carlier Makigawa, Sally Marsland, Christopher Earl Milbourne, Nina Oikawa, David Phillips, Nicole Polentas. ]

*Giampaolo Babetto. L’Italianità dei Gioielli, 6.3.-30.5. Opening 5.3. 19 h

*Wenn Helden zittern – Tokyo, München, London, 6.-7.3., 10-18, Opening 5.3. 19 h
Alexander Blank, Eunmi Chun, Stefan Heuser, Mari Iwamoto, Jasleen Kaur, Märta Mattson, Hajime Matsuo, Masayuki Nagata, Christopher Thomson-Royds.
Alexander Blank- brooch- Silver, plexiglass, rigid foam, lacquer

*Danner-Rotunde. Neu. Kuratiert von Karl Fritsch, ab 6.3. Opening. 5.3. 19 h.
Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich
Barerstrasse 40,
Pinakothek der Moderne, 80333 München,
Tel. 089-272725-0 u. 089-23805-360,
Di-So 10-18, Do 10-20 h

*Nicht dass Du mir von der Bluse fällst. (« Don’t you dare to fall off my blouse! ») 12.2.-10.4. Opening 11.2. 18.30 h,
Broschen von Volker Atrops, Peter Bauhuis, Waltraud Erlacher, Therese Hilbert, Otto Künzli, Karen Pontoppidan, Bettina Speckner.
Galerie für Angewandte Kunst, Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein e.V.,
Pacellistr. 6-8, 80333 München,
Tel. 089-2901470
Mo-Sa 10-18, Do 4.3. 17-18 h meet the artists, So 7.3. Special opening 11-17 h

(cf article « EXPO ‘Don’t you dare to fall off my blouse!‘ – Gallery for Applied Arts, Munich (DE) – 12 Fevr.- 10 Avr. 2010″)
Bettina Speckner - brooches

> 3.3. Wednesday

19 h: Glas im tschechischen Schmuck. 3.3.-31.3. Opening 3.3. 19 h
Václav Cigler
, Petr Dvorák, Stanislava Grebenícková, Katerina Handlová, Jan Hásko, Svatopluk Kasaly, Jaroslav Kodejs, Zdenka Lastovicková, Martina Mináriková, Martin Papcún, Jirí Sibor, Markéta Sílená, Blanka Sperková.,
Tschechisches Zentrum, Prinzregentenstr. 7,
Mo-Do 10-17, Fr 10-16
3.-4.3. 10-22 h,

(cf article « EXPO ‘Glass in Czech Jewelry – Contemporary Jewelry’ – Munich 3-31 mars 2010« )

> 4.3. Thursday

10 h: bloß keine Steine, « No gems, please ». 4.-7.3
Kerstin Becker, Susanne Elstner, Monika Jakubec, Michaela Köppl, Kristina Kundt, Gabriele von Miller-Lehsten, Daniela Osterrieder, Renate Schmid, Renate Scholz, Ines Schwotzer, Gottlinde Singer, Monika Vesely, Hanni Weber.
galerie GEDOK muc, Elisabethstr. 13 RG, 80796 München,
10-20 h   (

Susanne Elstner, Brosche
Susanne Elstner, brosche

12 h: Life’s a bench. 4.-7.3
Fiona Jane Hermse, You-Hua Hsieh, Tamsin Leighton-Boyce, Mikaela Lyons, Katharina Moch, Katherine Richmond, Elena Ruebel, Rickson Salkeld, Chuchart Sarunnayawatsin, Ching-Chih Tseng, Shadi Vossough,
Studio K162 Renate Scholz,
Klugstraße 162,
Tel. 089-1577231
Do-Sa 12-19, So 12-16 h              (

necklace_2+chu dans Alexander BLANK (DE)Mikaela+Lyons+Ecklectika+Collection dans Allemagne (DE)
Chuchart Sarunnayawatsin                     Mikaela Lyons

13 h: Ishikawa, Maljojoki, Steinau-Streinrück, Borgegård, in memoriam Ho Sook Sinding  (Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding). 4.-7.3.,
Frauenstr. 36,
Tel. 0179-2047433, mit Van de Velde im Auto -  13-16 h

9 dans Amandine MEUNIER (FR)
Mia Maljojoki - ‘Lollipops in the woods – Bites from everyday’

16 h: schmuck krönt das schöne. 4.3-7.3
Claudia Milic, Ingrid Römmich, Veronika Schmidt
Schlegelschmuck München, Nordendstr.7a,
Tel. 089-2710071
Do 16-19 h
Fr, Sa 11-18, So 11-14 h

17 h: The Box4.-7.3
Bette, Adrean Bloomard, Förster, Hilbert, Kallfelz, Helfried Kodré, Lisca, Fabrizio Tridenti, Flora Vagi, Luzia Vogt, Weber, Florian Weichsberger
Maurer-Zilioli – Contemporary Arts, Brescia, zu Gast bei
Kunstbüro Reillplast, Amalienstraße 21, 80331 München,
Tel. 0179-1023868,
Helfried Kodré (AT) – brooch                     Luzia Vogt – brooch 

Brosche, 2. Preis
Florian Weichsberger - broche

17 h: Dear James. 5.-7.3
Christine Graf, Lisa Juen, Toni Mayner, Patrick McMillan, Kathryn Partington, Jessica Worley.
Atelier Klarastr.1,
Tel. 0160-94957212, .
11-17 h

(cf article « Message in a jewel …..” (chanson bien connue) – “Dear JAMES”)
The JAMES Exchange

18 h: Bettina Dittlmann und Michael Jank. 5.-25.3
Galerie Isabella Hund, Frauenplatz 13,
Tel. 089-29160717
Mo-Fr 11-14 und 15-19, Sa 11-18 h18 h: Dormitory_Bauleitung_Laboratorio. Schmuck im Schlafrock aus 7 Ländern.
Atelier Stach, Welserstr. 29a,
Tel. 0174-8050333,
Fr 5.3. 11-18, Sa 6.3.11-13 h

18-22 h: Sam Tho Duong und Nils Schmalenbach. 4.-9.3
Schmuckgalerie tal20, Tal 20, 80331 München,
Tel: 089-24231491
Mo-Fr 11-19, Sa 10-16 h

18 h: Eternal shine – it´s not a pony. 5.-7.3.
Nicole Beck, Melanie Isverding, Constanze Schreiber, Florian Weichsberger
Projektraum J. Baumeister, Georgenstr. 66, 80799 München
Tel. 0176-23112592
Fr 12-18, Sa 11-16, So 11-18 h
Florian Weichsberger


18.30 h: Daniel Kruger. 4.3.-25.4.
Galerie Biro, Zieblandstr. 19,
Tel. 089-2730686,
Di-Sa 14-18 h

Daniel-Kruger dans Anna EICHLINGER (DE)
Daniel Krüger - brooch


19 h: AAVISTUS. 5.-7.3
Tiina Rajakallio, Tarja Tuupanen, Maria Vuorinen.
84 GHz Kultur im Keller, Georgenstr. 84, 80799 München,
Tel. 089-30637911
12-20 h


>5.3. Friday

10 h: Across borders. 5.-8.3
Leila Arzaghi, Lydia Hirte, Yoko Izawa, Christiana Jöckel, Sangeun Kim,
Studio Gabi Green, Gollierstr. 17, Tel. 089-54030254
10-18 h

17 h: õhuLoss / luftSchloss / spatialPalace. 5.-7.3
Kadri Mälk, Tanel Veenre, Piret Hirv, Eve Margus-Villems, Kristiina Laurits, Villu Plink
Alter Nordfriedhof, Arcisstr. 45,
Tel. 089- 2720526 (Friedhof),
Tel. 00372-5223595 (Kadri Mälk)
Fr 17-21, Sa-So 12-18 h

(cf article « Estonian jewellery« )


17 h: 2 Münchener Goldschmiede +1 junger Star. 5-12.3
Peter Müller, Dagmar Stühler, Mirjam Hiller.
Galerie Stühler bei Winterberg-Kunst, Barerstr. 46, 80333 München,
Tel. 0177-8817633
5.3. 17-23h, 6.-12.3. 12-18 h

17 h: “mine x mine”. 5.-9.3
Mikiko Minewaki und Yutaka Minegishi
WITTENBRINKFuenfhoefe, Theatinerstr. 14,
Tel: 089-25541933
12-19 h

18 h: Cagnes-sur-Mer hors les murs präsentiert Also known as jewellery, 3.-9.3
a travelling exhibition of French contemporary jewellery.
Baloge, Boucher, Boyer-Pellerej, Braham, Brugger, Deltenre, Grimonprez, Hanagarth, Kampfert, Lacoste, Le Gal, Lehmann, Marguier, Meunier, Natier, Perret, Traon.
L’institut Français, Kaulbachstraße 13,
Tel. 089-2866280
9-21 h18 h: Dialogue 8. 5.-7.3
P. Bishai, A, Death, R. Gilbert, B. Humphries, J. Patterson, J. Robinson, P. Scura, Timothy Information Limited, R. Terry, A. Toch.
Kunstgießerei Schwabing, Schleißheimer Str. 72, with 84 GHz,
Fr 18-21 h, Sa-So 12-20 h

19 h: Jewellery Mia Maljojoki bei “Meisterschüler 2010“ 6.-14.3.
Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, Galerie der Künstler, Maximilianstr. 42, 80538 München,
Mi-Sa 14-19 h

20 h: Iris Eichenberg : Birds and flowers of Michigan.  5.3.-24.4
Galerie Spektrum, Theresienstr. 46,
Tel. 089-284590,Di-Fr 13-19, Sa 11-14,
7.3. Special opening12-18 h
Iris EichenbergBrooch

> 6.3. Saturday

11 h: Returning to the Jewel is a Return from Exile 2. 6.-7.3.
Robert Baines, Karl Fritsch, Gerd Rothmann, präsentiert von Galerie Biro,
Einsäulen-Saal Münchner Residenz, Residenzstr. 1,
Tel. 089-2730686
11-18 h

11 h: 3 x GOLD. 6-8.3.
Florian Buddeberg, Anna Eichlinger, Irene Gonzalez,
Bergmannstr. 28,
Tel. 0173-5926015
Sa u.Mo 11-16, So 11-18 h
Neue Messe München Halle A1, Aktionsbühne

16 h: Talente-Preis Verleihung
17 h: Herbert-Hofmann-Preis Verleihung
20 h: Jewellery Get-together
Augustiner Großgaststätten, Neuhauserstr. 27
Tel. 089-23183257

> 7.3. Sunday

12-19 h: Die Kunst des Abschieds. 31.1.-30.4
Bettina Speckner, Thomas Kammerl und andere…bei Gastroph und Jünger: w e i s s ….über den tod hinaus,
Hans-Sachs-Str. 3,
Tel. 0176-62483342
Mo-Fr 11-19, Sa 11-16 h

12 h: Claus Bury – Maßstabssprünge. 9.3.-13.6.
Die Neue Sammlung – The International
Design Museum Munich, im Neuen Museum für Kunst und Design, Klarissenplatz, 90402 Nürnberg,
Tel. 089-2727250 u. 0911-240200,,
Di-Fr 10-20, Sa u.So 10-18 h

15-18 h: Finissagentag “Iron Man” 4.2.-7.3
Volker Atrops.
Antiquariat Dieter Zipprich, Zieblandstr. 2, 80799 München
Tel. 02845-609956
Mo-Sa 9-13 h

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