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EXPO ‘Teach us to outgrow our MADNESS’ -Platina Gallery, Stockholm (Suede) 27 Mai- 19 juin 2010




EXPO 'Teach us to outgrow our MADNESS' -Platina Gallery, Stockholm (Suede) 27 Mai- 19 juin 2010 dans Exposition/Exhibition Miro

«  Karen Pontoppidan (DK) is currently a professor at Konstfack, the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.
Miro Sazdic´ was born in former Yugoslavia, but moved to Sweden at an early age. She was educated at Konstfack in Stockholm, and has for some time now been teaching there. The title of the exhibit, « Teach us to outgrow our madness« , is borrowed from the Japanese author, Kenzaburo Oe. It refers to transition, the desire to evolve into a state of wisdom, but touches also on our need for others to help us learn.
Both of these artists are in the midst of life and they cast their gazes both forward and backward in time. They both look back on childhood, with its intuitive games and the non-learned attitude to the world that a child possesses.
The exhibit is divided into two rooms, illustrating childhood and the transition into the adult world.

miro-5 dans Gal. Platina (SE)Karen_Pontoppidan1 dans Karen PONTOPPIDAN (DK)Karen_Pontoppidan dans Miro SAZDIC (YU)
Miro Sazdic – 1976
Karen Pontoppidan – « Family portraits’ (I et II)

The first room places us in childhood. The floor is covered in feathers that move fleetingly in accord with the movements of the visitors. Who hasn’t, as a child, followed a feather’s peaceful journey through the air and been amazed at its path?
And Karen Pontoppidan adds,
« If the room has been deserted after a pillow fight or if it reminds us of a dreamlike childhood wish, this we leave to the visitor to decide. »
Miro Sazdic´ is showing works that she, resembling a child at play, has tried to create intuitively, without the already learned, which can create more walls than open fields. She focuses on creativity as a meditative process, where time and space is forgotten in favor of the freedom of here and now. Like the young child, still uninfluenced by the age in which he/she lives and before entering into the teenager’s fear of being ostracized from the group. The jewelry she shows is not like anything we have seen before, either. The pieces she calls « 1976 » initially appear to be large, lumpy pieces of jewelry, but if we look closer we see an endless number of stitches and seams and realize at once that lots of time and strong emotions have been the prerequisites for these pieces. « Gate keepers » is a series of amulets. They represent hope and the potential of being rediscovered and are intended to be worn inside one’s clothing.
Karen Pontoppidan centers her work, « Family Portraits« , around the family we are born into – to a life we have not chosen, but been assigned to; people with different personalities who are securely linked together generation after generation. She illustrates family structures and portrays in her jewelry images of people who, close beside each other, mirror the family we know or do not know.
« The portraits used in this work are not of real, existing human beings. The drawings are representing different personalities. I have used them to illustrate different family structures », says Karen Pontoppidan.

miro-7 dans Prix/AwardsKaren_Pontoppidan3 dans Suede (SE)
Miro Sazdic - ‘phantom Limb’
Karen Pontoppidan – ‘Home’

When we enter the second room of the exhibit, we step into the adult world. This room differs from the first one and produces an entirely different atmosphere.
On the floor, we can read a text that will be erased during the exhibit, caused by the movements of the visitors through the room. Like a story and a memory that slowly diminishes as time passes. As adults, we now have the opportunity to reflect upon the choices we’ve made, simultaneously accepting the fact that others dictate our actions.
In the series, « Home« , Karen Pontoppidan looks forward in time, at the homes we humans create in order to thrive and feel secure on an everyday level, the ways we want to feel and situations in which we feel we belong. Home consists accordingly of not only a physical place, but even of the feeling of being at home that we can experience in the material world and our relationships with other people.
The material she uses is pewter from melted down heirlooms. By destructively melting down old objects, she illustrates the artistic process of passing something on, to create a new home for the objects that were inherited for generations.

Miro Sazdic´ shows here a series she calls « Phantom Limb« . She says that we are born as original, individual beings and, as teenagers and adults, we are molded to fit into a group. If that which is individual in each child falls outside of the framework for the group’s consensus, it is regarded as a negative trait and the child risks being expelled.
« What is regarded as being deviant for the group is for the individual unique. And what is generally accepted for the group becomes then deviant to the individual, for it then demands the elimination of something basic, individual and self-evident », Miro Sazdic´ adds.
The pieces she is showing are like bandages, wrapped several times around emptiness. It is as if she has fostered the phantom emotions that can haunt our minds, resembling the presence of ghosts in the otherwise so perfect world, which we grown-ups try in vain to create. » (Sofia Björkman Platina, May 2010)


Platina Gallery
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Odengatan 68,

Stockholm, Sweden,
+46-8-300 280
Open Tuesday – Friday 11-18, Saturday 11-15


Mirla FERNANDES, Bresil – latex jewelry

PARTICIPE actuellement  à  l’ EXPO ‘Walking the Gray Area’ Galeria Emilia Cohen, Mexico – 15 April-15 Mai 2010  (cf article)

Mirla FERNANDES- necklace - 'FE-Pluto' serie
Mirla FERNANDES- necklace – ‘FE-Pluto’ serie - latex, pigments

« Contemporary Jewelry is to me an excellent media such as painting, drawing or sculpting are. It is an art form.
When I am working I engage in a process. I chose to work with a minimum of tools: most of my work has been done using my bare hands: molding and painting the pieces. I create for the body and with my body, so I let traces of my moves appear in the pieces.
«  (Mirla Fernandes)

Mirla FERNANDES- Brazil - Heranca Necklace (latex, paint, porcelain)
Mirla FERNANDES- Brazil – Heranca Necklace (latex, paint, porcelain)


« …… I came in contact with Mirla’s work several years ago when I showed her work in a small exhibition on design from countries of the southern hemisphere. I was very impressed by a small and very simple piece: a pendant formed by a single line of silver and latex. It was hard to tell where the silver ended and the latex started. I later learned that latex was her material of choice. Its paint-like qualities allows her to work between two disciplines: painting and jewellery. When working with silver, Mirla doesn’t cast, smith or bend; instead she applies direct fire to the silver, as a brush in a melted metal painting.
Mirla Fernades has a background in biochemistry and visual arts, which enables her to develop techniques that push the possibilities of the materials to the limits. She works with a minimum of tools; molding and painting her pieces by hand to get the maximum from the most pure way of production. She produces highly wearable ornaments, but does not pursue the virtuous techniques of traditional jewellery. Instead, she uses a much more gestural approach, allowing a subtly fierce expression to take over each piece. Her highly conceptual work often deals with matters related to the historical past and the social reality of her birth country which she represents in a poetic and plastic manner.
Furthermore, Mirla has devoted her time and energy to the promotion and education of contemporary jewellery in Brazil. Her project Nova Joia aims become a bridge between jewellery artists from Brazil and the rest of the world.
Through her work as an artist, jeweler and cultural promoter, Mirla Fernandes is a great contributor to the international landscape of contemporary jewellery. » (Valeria Vallarta Siemelink (Otro Diseno Foundation The Netherlands, February 2010))

Mirla Fernandes 'Riv Anda Hit' 2010 - latex, pigments -EXPO GRAY -Mirla FERNANDES- necklace 'Pluto' 2009- Latex, paintMirla Fernandes- Fe 2008 -necklace - latex, mineral pigments
Mirla Fernandes ‘Riv Anda Hit’ 2010 – latex, pigments -(EXPO Gray Area)-
necklace ‘Pluto’ 2009- Latex, paint
Fe 2008 -necklace – latex, mineral pigments

Mirla FERNANDES - Ring- Longing for the body 2004 - latexMirla FERNANDES- 'FE-Pluto' serie - ring 'FE' 2008 - latex, mineral pigmentsMirla FERNANDES- ring 'Pluto' 2009- Latex, paint
Ring- Longing for the body 2004 – latex
‘FE-Pluto’ serie – ring ‘FE’ 2008 – latex, mineral pigments
ring ‘Pluto’ 2009- Latex, paint


Andy Prize 2010 : Tzuri GUETA – EXPO, Tel Aviv Museum, Israel, May 2010

Andy Prize 2010 : Tzuri GUETA - EXPO, Tel Aviv Museum, Israel, May 2010 dans COUP DE COEUR andy-Prize


C’est l’année de tous les prix pour Tzuri GUETA !
Il vient de recevoir l’Andy Prize en Israel, et s’est vu décerner le Grand prix de la création de la ville de Paris dans la catégorie métiers d’arts. La cérémonie de remise du prix a eu lieu le 22 janvier 2010 à l’Hôtel de ville de Paris.

un grand BRAVO !

item_main_img_1273561860 dans EVENEMENT / Type of EVENTitem_main_img_1273048332 dans Israel (IL)
Parure algues noires  – - parure grappes rouges

Grands Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris :  La Ville de Paris décerne chaque année six Grands Prix de la Création, attribués dans trois disciplines : la mode, le design et les métiers d’art. Dotés chacun de 8000 euros, ils sont destinés à distinguer trois créateurs majeurs débutants (en activité depuis moins de trois ans) et trois créateurs majeurs confirmés (en activité depuis plus de trois ans), travaillant en France depuis au moins trois ans, pour l’ensemble de leurs travaux. Les travaux peuvent être collectifs ou individuels : si les travaux sont collectifs, c’est l’équipe qui est primée. Inscription tous les ans en septembre.

Métiers d’art – catégorie confirmé :

 » Tzuri Gueta A la fois scientifique, aventurier et designer textile, la démarche de Tzuri Gueta se situe résolument aux frontières du tissu technique. Ses recherches ayant donné naissance à un brevet d’injection de polymères dans les matières ajourées, allient constamment les nouvelles potentialités de la silicone aux connaissances des techniques du textile et à sa sensibilité des formes et des proportions.
L’aspect expérimental de son travail l’a orienté vers un toucher et une esthétique naturelle inspirés de l’univers macroscopique sous-marin rappelant éponge de mer et corail et faisant appel à notre mémoire presque reptilienne. Si la recherche textile est au cœur de la dynamique de création, la poésie enveloppe avec sensibilité chacune des pièces.

TZURI GUETA - 2007- rougeTZURI GUETA - necklace - rouge
TZURI GUETA – 2007- rouge  –  necklace – rouge

TZURI GUETA - presse 1TZURI GUETA sept 2006 salon Premiere Classe - Ornamenta 2007

Coups de coeur de la presse –  salon Premiere Classe sept 2006

TZURI GUETA- silicone beautiesTZURI GUETA défilé Hte Couture ..... 2007
TZURI GUETA- silicone beauties –  défilé Haute Couture  2007

 » The combination of sophisticated polymeric knowledge, textile traditions and the human element is the subject of the exhibition by textile designer Tzuri Gueta. Gueta (b.1968), a graduate of the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, has developed over the years surprisingly unsophisticated techniques for synthesizing natural fibers and synthetic polymers. He crosses between the technological and the traditional and seeks to expand the surface of fabric and thread using silicone, the polymer Si51, beyond its physical and functional boundaries. In recent years Gueta has expanded his work beyond the texture of fabric to objects and light fixtures.« 

TZURI_L dans plastiquesTZURI_L_02 dans Prix/Awards
Bells brooch- silicone and viscose in mixed media
silicone and polyamide lace in mixed media- 2009



CONCOURS – AJF – Art Jewelry forum « Emerging Artist Award » – deadline : 14 Juin 2010

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Logo for CC 150x50

EAA GroupThis is the 10th year that AJF has awarded a contemporary jewelry artist a $5000 cash award with no strings attached.   

The purpose of the award is to acknowledge promise, innovation, and individuality in the work of an emerging jewelry artist and to help to advance the artist’s career.  

The competition is open to makers of wearable art jewelry who:


  • have completed their academic/professional training,
  • have been out of school for one year or more, and 
  • have not had a solo artist exhibition in a commercial gallery or museum.

Submitted work must have been unsupervised if from an academic setting. 

Jurors for the 2010 competition are: Namita Wiggers, Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland, Oregon; Susan Beech, long-standing member of AJF and a collector of contemporary jewelry; and Sharon Massey, jewelry artist and recipient of the AJF’s 2009 Award. 

The deadline for submission is June 14th. 

 More information about the award may be found on the AJF website, 

Applications may be submitted at

The winner of this year’s competition and $5,000 cash award will be announced at SOFA Chicago November 5-7, where the artist’s work will be exhibited at an AJF member gallery.



Susan Kempin

Emerging Artist Award Chair


INHORGENTA – Munich – 19-22 février 2010

INHORGENTA Europe ouvrira à nouveau ses portes du 19 au 22 février 2010. Le salon de l’Horlogerie, de la Bijouterie, de la Pierre Précieuse, de la Perle et de la Technologie HBJO, leader au sein de l’UE, propose comme à l’accoutumée un vaste programme.

Parmi le programme varié, il convient particulièrement de retenir les évènements en rapport aux tendances bijoutières actuelles. Ainsi, Irmie Schüch-Schamburek, experte en tendances, fera un exposé sur les tendances 2010 en matière de bijoux et de modes. Les intervenants Peter Welchering et le Dr. Ulrich Henn se concentreront plutôt sur «les tendances 2010 en fait de pierres et de pierres de couleur». En outre, Sir Gabriel Tolkowsky, expert dans le domaine de la taille des pierres précieuses, tiendra une conférence passionnante sur «les nouvelles tailles destinées aux diamants».

Quasi tous les visiteurs trouveront leur compte dans les expositions spéciales présentées dans le hall des designers C2. Ainsi, le «Forum Concepts», le «Forum Innovation» ainsi que les deux expositions spéciales «Brand New – New Brand» et le «Forum Orfèvres en argenterie» sont incontournables en matière de design bijoutier. Il sera ainsi possible d’admirer les pièces de 350 exposants venant du monde entier.

«L’argent moderne» sera également un des thèmes centraux des expositions spéciales. Ainsi, de nombreuses expositions présenteront les facettes les plus diverses de ce thème : le célèbre musée de l’orfèvrerie Sterckshof d’Anvers par exemple donnera un aperçu de sa vaste collection.

N’oublions pas également un autre temps fort à ne pas manquer : la remise solennelle du prix de l’innovation aux jeunes designers les plus talentueux. Celle-ci se tiendra le dimanche 21 février.

Il y aura également beaucoup de choses à voir dans le domaine des pierres précieuses. En effet, le musée allemand des pierres précieuses situé à Idar-Oberstein et né il y a 150 ans, exposera des pièces exceptionnelles. Ce musée est un des plus beaux et des plus vieux d’Allemagne. Le projet de coopération « Stone Matters II » entre les Écoles Supérieures de design d’Idar-Oberstein et de Lappeenranta (Finlande) décrit la pierre précieuse comme étant un objet de valeur unique dans le sens d’un concept créatif. Le concours graphique des pierres précieuses «mineralART» s’intéressera cette fois au jaspe, pierre précieuse de grande valeur.

Pour terminer, des designers de bijoux et de pierres précieuses présenteront conjointement leurs travaux sur la plate-forme «Zeitzeichen».

Vous pourrez y voir (bien sûr, entre autres) les bijoux de Christophe BURGER

christophe BURGER AnnoConvexeChristophe Burger pendant 'X' silver, plastic
Christophe Burger – AnnoConvexe
Christophe Burger – pendant ‘X’ silver, plastic



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