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EXCEEDED BORDERS Schmucksymposium Zimmerhof 2014 – Bad Rappenau (DE) – 29 Mai-1er Juin 2014

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EXCEEDED BORDERSSchmucksymposium Zimmerhof 2014

EXCEEDED BORDERS  Schmucksymposium Zimmerhof 2014


Now a days limits and borders are changeable and exceeding limits belongs to our everyday experience. The image of the boundary as a line, which separates two or more spaces from each another, becomes a border area, a space in-between; an interface or threshold between different areas.

But what limits are exceeded in ‘Jewellery’ exactly? What are the consequences of transgressions? Can existing boundaries actually be repealed or we rather only deal with their shift and visualization? What happens when all limits are exceeded? Do we overrun at some point to an end? Borders and limitations have been part of our human history and nature from the beginning. Whether it may be a physical or mental limit to cross, it has been and is still a challenge that — often through destruction of existing norms — still helps development. Jewellery today is constantly stretching its existing borders. Shifts from being only functional and adequate to fulfill it’s long existing social position, to expropriate characteristics of fine art and gaining a strong conceptual content and presence. What are its limits? Why the aim, to make it more conceptual content and presence. What are its limits? Why the aim, to make it more than what is was for hundreds of years? What are the special means to help it grow and to change its borderlines?

Christina Karababa
Jorge Manilla
Flora Vagi




Schloss Heinsheim,
Gundelsheimerstr 36
D 74906 Bad Rappenau
Fax +49/ 07264/ 808854
Tel: +49/ 07264/ 808853
weekdays 9:00 – 12:30


EXPO ’50/50′ – ECU Symposium (USA)- 17 Janv.-2 Fevr. 2014

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50/50 – part of the 2014 ECU Symposium

At the Gray Gallery African Art room – East Carolina University – Jenkins Fine Art Center

50/50 is an exhibition taking place this January at the 2014 East Carolina University as part of the 5th Metals Symposium. Material Topics: Image and Meaning.
The exhibition will take place at the African Art Room in the Gray Gallery in Greenville, North Carolina. The show will open on Friday, January 17th, 2014.Curated by Robert Ebendorf and Tara Locklear
50-50 - ECU Symposium
Artists: Boris Bally, Jamie Bennett, Michael Dale Bernard, Alicia Jane Boswell, Lola Brooks, Autumn Brown, Kathleen Browne, Ashley Buchanan, Raissa Bump, Kat Cole, Jim Cotter, Donna D’Aquino, Linda Darty, Dan Dicaprio, Robert Ebendorf, Maria Eife, Arline Fisch, Lisette Fee, Susie Ganch, Michael Gayk, Caroline Gore, Arthur Hash, Thomas Hill, Mike Holmes, John Iversen, Nicole Jacquard, Tim Lazure, Sungyeoul Lee, Tara Locklear, Randy Long, Patricia Madeja, Sharon Massey, Barbra Mcfadyen, Bruce Metcalf, Tom Muir, Emiko Oye, Mary Hallam Pearse, Beverly Penn, Katie Poterala, Gustav Reyes, Meghan Patrice Riley, Marissa Saneholtz, Marjorie Schick, Biba Schutz, Alejandro Sifuentes, Eric Silva, Courtney Starrett, Renee Zettle-Sterling, Loring Taoka, Amy Tavern, Billie Jean Theide, Demitra Thomloudis, Julia Turner,
Sarah West, Laura Wood, Leia Zumbro
Gustav ReyesGustav Reyes
The Wellington B. Gray Gallery
East Carolina University School of Art and Design
5th Street
Greenville, NC  27858
Phone: (252)328-6336


Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER – 30 Avril-30 June 2013

Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER  -  May / June 2013  Venue: Gallery of Art in Legnica

This year in the Legnica International Jewellery Competition REVOLT participated 319 artists from 43 countries. They sended 625 pieces. International jury (Galit Gaon (IL), Jiro Kamata (JP/DE), Hans Stofer (CH/GB), Sławomir Fijałkowski and Aneta Lis-Marcinkiewicz (PL)), which sessed in the days 4-5 of April, qualified to the exhibition part of pieces and chosed laureates. Names of the winners we will know on the vernissage, 18th of May 2013  in the Gallery of Art in Legnica, Poland.

Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER - may-june 2013


It is better not to turn on the television today. We are being attacked by images of economic crises, stock market crashes, falling ratings, budget deficits, cost cutting programs and increasing unemployment from everywhere. As a reaction to the overwhelming impression of a lack of opportunities there are emerging movements such as « Occupy … », helplessly protesting against banksters, corporations and governments. Doesn’t speaking in such circumstances about jewellery – the subject invariably associated with the demonstration of wealth and selfish hedonism – seem socially unacceptable and even ethically suspect? After all, the burning  of ATMs and the broken glass of jeweller’s shops have become part of the frustration of all the Indignados.
But there is also another aspect of the design and use of jewellery – which – like no other product of the imagination – can be an effective message, manifesting the point of view of the user – a voice of protest, being anti-or pro-, attitudes of rebellion, rebellion and guerrilla warfare. Can a standard set of slogans written out on banners, T-shirts and slap tags be complemented with another more sophisticated message? Are jewellery designers able to demonstrate their own opinion and join the discussion concerning non-aesthetic issues? Is the tradition of exclusive gold jewellery going to be our irreversible remorse? And will the chorus « Diamonds are a girl’s best friend » always sound  as infantile as the recent testimony before the European Court of Justice in The Hague of the famous model Naomi Campbell, who at one time accepted an embarrassing gift from the dictator of Liberia, tried for war crimes, so evocatively reconstructed in the movie « Blood Diamond » with Leo DiCaprio as a ruthless mercenary?
EXPO - Revolt (competition) - Legnica SILVER festival 2013

List of artists qualified to the exhibition :
 Agata Bartos (PL) — Nicole Beck (DE) — Claudia Betancourt & Ricardo Pulgar (Chile) — Krzysztof Borkowski (PL) — Andrzej Boss (PL) — Vernon Bowden (NZ) — Laura Bradshaw-Heap (Irl) – Bartosz Chmielewski (PL) — Sungho Cho (S. KR) — Jeongsun Choi (S. KR) — Teresa Dantas (PT) — Katharina Dettar (DE/ES) — Sara Gackowska (PL) – Tamara Grüner (DE) — Mieczysław Gryza (PL) — Nils Hint (EE) — Susanne Holzinger (DE) — Maja Houtman (NL) — Marta Hryc (PL) — Joanna Hryniewicz (PL) — Dorry Hsu (Taiwan/CA) — Mari Ishikawa (JP) — Timothy Information Limited (GB) — Luijt Janjaap (NL) — Lee Jeong Hwa (S. KR) — Christina Karababa (GR) — Renata Korpas-Sutowicz (PL) — Dominik Kotwicki (PL) — Solveiga Krivičiene & Alfredas Krivičius (Lithuania) — Marzena Krupa (PL) — Claudia Küster (DE) — Lena Lindahl (SE) — Ria Lins (BE) — Susanne Matsché (AT) — Marek Mrowiński (PL) — Marek Nałęcz-Nieniewski (PL) — Michalina Owczarek (PL) — Andrzej Pacak (PL) — Fiona Parkinson (GB) — Krzysztof Piotrowski (PL) — Sari Räthel (DE) — Mandy Rasch (DE) — Berta Riera Ruiz (ES) — Isabell Schaupp (DE) — Kveto slava Flora Sekanova (Slovakia/ NZ — Katarína Siposová Węgry (HU) — Ludmila Šikolová (Czech Republic) — Grzegorz Radosław Ślączka (PL) — Terajima Takayoshi (JP) — Bartosz Ulatowski (PL)



About festival

For more than thirty years, the Gallery of Art in Legnica has specialised in promoting contemporary jewellery and artistic objects made mainly of silver. We have been organising individual and group exhibitions of Polish and international artists, publishing exhibition catalogues, organising conferences and symposia, as well as fashion and jewellery shows, competitions and fairs. The most important event we organize is Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER. Every year we present individual and collective exhibitions as part of the festival, including:
LEGNICA INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY COMPETITION The competition dates back to 1979 and every year it has a different topic. The competition is open and addressed to all artists, whose task is to present their work on a given topic – every year a different one – including an original artistic idea and representing a high level of artistry and technical skills. What is favoured is the concept, value and meaning of an artistic expression. Works entered for the competition are assessed by an international jury, on which over fifty outstanding goldsmithing artists and theoreticians have sat so far. What is characteristic of the competition is the fact that the winners of the first three prizes receive – according to a long-standing tradition – silver pellets and cash prizes.
The submitted works are qualified by an international jury. Over the years, we have invited a number of distinguished artists to seat on the jury, including: G. Babetto, G. Bakker, O. Boekhoudt,  S. Bronger, R. Puig Cuyás, P. Derrez, G. Dobler, A. Gut, F. Falk, M.R. Franzin, M.J. van den Hout,  E. Knobel, O. Kűnzli, T. Noten, V.K. Novák, R. Peters, M. Petry, K. Pontoppidan, G. Pucsala, A. Ratnikowa, P. Sajet, B. Schobinger, P. Skubic, Z. Songqing, W. Tasso-Mattar,  T. Smeets, D. Watkins, M. Vilhena, A. Zanella and from Poland – M. Dubiel, M. Gradowski, I. Huml, S. Fijałkowski, G. Jabłoński, J. Sokólski, A. Szadkowski, T. Zaremski, A. Wolski.
ABOUT THE ARTISTS is a cycle of retrospective presentations of distinguished personalities in jewellery art from Poland and abroad, including: J. Byczewski (PL), S. Fijałkowski (PL), P. Kaczyński (PL), N. Cherry (GB), H. O’Connor (USA), E. Knobel (IL), V.K. Novák (CZ), F. Peters (AU), M. Petry (GB), Rose & Gisbert Stach (D), L. Šikolová (CZ), W. Tasso-Mattar (D).  Soon: R. Puig Cuyás (E), H. Hedman (S), P. Sequeira (P).
SILVER SCHOOLS is a cycle presenting the artistic oeuvre of jewellery art schools from Europe, their professors, graduates and students. So far there have been presentations of schools from Barcelona, Birmingham, Bratislava, Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, Florence, Hanau, Idar-Oberstein, Lappeenranta, Łódź, Matosinhos, Munich, Oslo, Padua, Pforzheim, Prague, Stockholm, Tallinn and Vilnius. Continuing the cycle in the subsequent years, we are going to show one after the other all European silver schools. A total of 22 schools has been presented so far. The cycle will be continued with the intention to show all of them.
DEBUTS is a cycle presenting pieces of young Polish artists, who just start their activity in the field of design and art. Our plan is to invite novices from abroad.
THE BOUNDARIES OF GLOBAL ART is a cycle of science sessions devoted to the newest art, goldsmithery and design.




The Gallery of Art in Legnica
Pl. Katedralny 1
59-220 Legnica, Poland
tel. +48 76 86 20 910, fax. +48 76 85 65 126


KORU4 Symposium – Saimaa University of Applies Sciences, Imatra (Finland) – 29 Oct.-8 Dec. 2012

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KORU4 International Jewellery Event
Welcome to KORU4 International Jewellery Event 2012
Like previous years, KORU4 includes exhibition, workshops and symposium. The theme of KORU4 is Kindred Spirits. A kindred spirit is someone who feels and thinks the way you do or a person is similar with thoughts.
THe KORU4 team welcomes you to Imatra, Finland

KORU4 International Jewellery Event Imatra Finland art jewellery and crafts events(Anna Rikkinen, from series A Dutch Encounter, 2011 - photo: Markus Henttonen)



KORU 4 Symposium

Friday, 2 November 2012, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Linnala Campus- Auditorium
9:30-10:15 Registration
10:15-10.30 Welcome to KORU4 symposium Eija Mustonen and Antonio Altarriba
10:30-11:30 Ruudt Peters and Evert Nijland (The Netherlands)
11:30-12:30 negotiations
12:30-13.30 Lunch (provided)
13:30-14:00 Mia Maljojoki(Finland/Germany) and Pau Faus (Spain)
14:00-14:30 negotiations
14.30-15:00 negotiations
15:00-15:30 Tea/Coffee (provided)
15:30-16.00 negotiations
16:00-17:00 “Kindred Spirits”, lecture
17:00 Closing the symposium
18:00 Opening KORU4/Kindred Spirits -exhibition Imatra Art Museum
20.00- Evening party

Deadline for registration is 25th of October 2012.
ONLINE registration form



KORU Workshops 2012
Three KORU4-workshops are lead by: Ruudt Peters & Evert Nijland, Mia Maljojoki & Pau Faus, Nelli Tanner & Tarja Tuupanen.

To apply to a workshop you have to fill an on-line application. To each workshop will be selected 12-16 participants.

Deadline for application is 11th of August 2012.
Find out more about the workshops and apply here


KORU4 exhibition 2012 – Nov 3 – Dec 8
15 artist / artist groups have been invited to the KORU4 exhibition have been invited, and they have suggested their personal Kindred Spirit. A kindred spirit is someone who feels and thinks the way you do or a person is similar with thoughts of making art. A kindred spirit might also be an art work the maker feels close to. These invited jewellery artists and his/her kindred spirit pairs are shown together.

Participating artists
and their Kindred Spirit
A5 group (Romina Fuentes, Adam Grinovich, Annika Pettersson) -> dancer
Hilde de Decker -> Roy McMakin
Gemma Draper -> Seth Papac
Iris Eichenberg -> Ronald Noorman
Gesine Hackenberg -> Natalie Luder
Helena Lehtinen -> negotiations
Suska Mackert -> negotiations
Mia Maljojoki -> Pau Faus
Ruudt Peters -> Evert Nijland
Dorothea Prühl -> old tool
Tiina Rajakallio -> negotiations
Anna Rikkinen -> Susanne Gottberg
Janna Syvänoja -> Juhani Harri
Terhi Tolvanen -> Evert Nijland
Lisa Walker -> Erica Overmeer









Saimaa University of Applies Sciences
Kanavakatu 6
55100 – Imatra

For questions please contact:
Eija Mustonen

mobile +358 40 763 3690

Nelli Tanner
mobile +358 40 134 1859


Marzee Graduate Show 2012 (NL) – 5 Aout 2012

Marzee Graduate Show 2012

Invitation of the Marzee Graduate Show 2012

Annual Marzee Selection of Graduate Work Jewellery 2012 from International Academies and Colleges

Sunday 5 August 2012 at 4 pm
> Opening of the Graduate Show 2012
> Awarding the Marzee Graduate Prize 2012

Monday 6 August 2012 from 10.30 am to 3 pm
> Symposium – Participants of the Graduation Show talk about their work on show


Schmucksymposium Zimmerhof – Bad-Rappenau, Germany – 7-10 Juin 2012

Schmucksymposium Zimmerhof

Zimmerhof symposium (44ème édition)
The public and private lives of jewellery ( 7 -10 juin 2012)
Un séminaire sur le bijou contemporain – programmé par brune boyer, emmanuel lacoste et benjamin lignel – sur l’invitation d’Yvonne von Racknitz et Uli Haass – avec Namita Wiggers, Cristina Filipe, Christoph Zellweger, Susan Pietzsch, Alena Alexandrova, Christian Hoedl, Carole Deltenre, Cécile Bulté, Pascale Gallien, Alexandre Bardin alias Vera Berkson, Philippe Liotard, Emmanuel Lacoste & Christian Alandete.


Concept 2012

This year, the symposium’s programme was put together by the French association la garantie. The program will tackle, on the first two days, the different public spaces in which contemporary jewellery can be found, and how actors in the field have sought to challenge the boundaries between those spaces. The last two days will focus more specifically on private spaces and the body.
Our primary aim is to deal with issues that have cropped up recently in opinion pieces and academic texts, and in contemporary practice: how makers sometimes produce for museums, and forget the user; how museums in turn try to propose ‘hands-on’ exhibition projects; how some individuals have literally gone ‘on the street’ to meet the user; how the body is at once a destination, a reference, and an arena of transformation. In short, we intend to provide a platform for debate on the exciting and problematic to and fro of contemporary jewellery between maker, wearer and institution.

Secondly, we hope that this program will give the attendees an opportunity to test a growing interest in the field for exhibition design against the larger historical and theoretical context of museology and (contemporary) jewellery exhibition history.

The results of this symposium will later be published both online and in print.

Brune Boyer, Emmanuel Lacoste & Benjamin Lignel, für la garantie


About Zimmerhof

Zimmerhof is a yearly reunion of around 200 members of the jewellery field – students, makers, designers and historians – taking place in an impressive old farmhouse estate in Bad Rappenau-Zimmerhof.
While the four-day event revolves around talks and presentations, it also provides the opportunity to chat at length with those peers we often only ‘bump into’ in other events: it’s an occasion to exchange information, communicate about one’s work, and generally have a good time together.

In order to keep both the attendants and the organisers on their toes, the lectures are always organized by a different team of jewellery professionals: two, sometimes three, people choose a theme, and select a roster of international speakers accordingly. The speakers come from Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, and France; alumni students from academies throughout Europe also present their work (talks are given either in English or German). According to the tradition, visitors are encouraged to bring a couple of their own pieces, which are shown on Friday night on the now legendary Schmucktisch (jewellery table).

Zimmerhof Symposium is the longest existing symposium of it´s kind. Through the years it has grown to be the time and place to be for contemporary jewellery people to meet and greet, to talk and discuss. Bolstered by tradition and ever changing programs, we feel sure that the symposium will continue to inspire for many years to come: we hope to see you there!

Programm/ Program
Donnerstag 07. Juni
• 14.30 Begrüßung
• Namita Wiggers (USA) Kuratorin
„Treasure House and/ or Pleasure House: Democratizing Experience in Museums“
• Christina Filipe (PT) Schmuckmacherin, Gründerin der PIN Association
„the private life of a piece of jewellery“
Freitag 08. Juni
Christoph Zellweger (CH) Schmuck und Objektmacher, Professor
„Bodies as Jewels – vom Körperschmuck zu Körpern als Schmuck“
• Susan Pietzsch (DE) Schmuckmacherin, Herausgeberin von Schmuck2
„Schmuck2 publications – Excerpt from the Practice“
• Alena Alexandrova (NL) Kuratorin, kulturtheoretikerin
„Around, but never at the center: Weaving an Atlas of Jewels and gestures.
On the Practice of Suska Mackert“
• Christian Hoedl (DE) Schmuckmacher, Kurator
„Resistance of the line“
Carole Deltenre (F) Schmuckmacherin
„ When intimacy is shown publicly“
bitte Schmuck mitbringen! Please bring Jewellery with!
Pecha Kucha
Kurzpräsentationen von 6’40”min (20 Dias/ 20 Sekunden). Jeder ist zur Teilnahme eingeladen.
a series of short 6’40” presentations (20 slides/ 20 seconds). This is open to everyone, and will be done on a first com/ first serve basis.
>check infos!
Samstag 09. Juni
• Cécile Bulté (F) PhD Studentin in Kunstgeschichte
„Pinned to the body, carved on the house: late medieval representations of sex“
• Pascale Gallien (F) Sammlerin
„How an intimate passion granted me collector status“
• Alexandre Bardin alias Vera Bergson (F) Performance Künstler
„Everscreen“ (eine Performance)
• Philippe Liotard (F) Soziologe, Universität Lyon 1, Herausgeber von Quasimodo
„On body modification“
Emmanuel Lacoste (F) Performance Künstler
„Share. (eine Performance)
When sharing the private space makes it larger“
Sonntag 10. Juni
• Runder Tisch
Namita Wiggers (USA), Alena Alexandrova (NL), Christian Alandete (F) ->to be confirmed.
Moderation: Benjamin Lignel (F)




Kontakt und Sekretariat (wochentag 9:00 bis 12h30)
Yvonne von Racknitz | Schloß Heinsheim | Gundelsheimerstr 36 | D-74606 Bad Rappenau
Tel. +49 (07264) 808853 | Fax +49 (07264) 808854


JEMposium – Wellington, New Zealand – 10-13 Fevr. 2012

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JEMposium : Jewellery or What

International Jewellery Symposium: 10 – 13 February 2012

JEMposium brings together contemporary jewellers, collectors, curators, critics, and jewellery enthusiasts from New Zealand and abroad to discuss and celebrate the art of jewellery.

Keynote speakers : Ted Noten (NL); Manon van Kouswijk (NL/AUS); Karl Fritsch (FRG/NZ); Fabrizio Tridenti (IT); Liesbeth den Besten (NL)

Why JEMposium ?

Contemporary jewellery in New Zealand has a history of hosting significant international experts to run workshops and give presentations at conferences. Such occasions generate a ripple of inspiration that enriches the local jewellery community, extending to the makers and stimulating their practice.
JEMposium builds on this tradition, with a calibre of artists and experts that marks the event as the most far-reaching yet.The symposium is a unique opportunity for international authorities on jewellery to acquire exposure to New Zealand practices, and for local practitioners to gain insights into global trends and movements.

What’s happening? Day-by-day overview:

Friday 10 Feb, afternoon into evening: Events kick off with a Premiere Opening, where the internationally renowned keynote speakers will deliver illustrated presentations of key aspects of their practice. This introductory session gives a unique snapshot of the international contemporary jewellery scene and the context for the coming days is defined by the presentations: engaging not only the jewellery world but appealing to a broader visual arts audience. Guest tickets are available, or you can register to attend only this event.

Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 Feb: Two full days of themed presentations, panel-led discussions and PechaKucha 20×20 presentations, chaired by the keynote speakers and other guest experts.

Monday 13 Feb: Jewellery practitioners can apply to attend this Masterclass day, where they bring current work and rotate in small groups through feedback sessions with each of the visiting artists. Numbers are limited; see the Registration page for details.


Whitireia NZ Performance Centre
25 Vivian St
6011 – Wellington
New Zealand
Telephone: +64 210 2341 233


EXPO ‘The Spirit of Stone’ – South-Karelia Museum, Lappeenranta (Finland) – 8 Mai 2011-8 Janv 2012

The Spirit of Stone event will bring to Lappeenranta an exhibition, 
workshops and lectures, related to stones and jewellery. Theme of the event is the spirit, mythic and power of the stone. The Spirit of Stone 
is organized in cooperation with Kalevala Jewelry
 (Kalevala Koru) and South-Karelia Museum.The exhibition called The Spirit of Stone will present the prehistory of the stone and some of the best works from the international competition for art jewelry students.The exhibition also includes an invitation exhibition for jewelry artists around the world and a stone jewellery exhibition of Kalevala Koru.

Invited artists:
Piret Hirv, Eve Margus, Kadri Mälk, Ulla Ahola, Tarja Lehtinen, Terhi Tolvanen, Tarja Tuupanen, David Bielander, Iris Bodemer, Helen Britton, Ute Eitzenhöfer, Karl Fritsch, Deborah Rudolph, Bettina Speckner, Charlotta de Syllas, Gijs Bakker, Herman Hermsen, Ruudt Peters, Slawomir Fijalkowski, Dorota Kos, Lucia Babjakova, Fabrice Schaefer

EXPO 'The Spirit of Stone' - South-Karelia Museum, Lappeenranta (Finland) - 8 Mai 2011-8 Janv 2012 dans Atelier/workshop herman_hermsen
Herman Hermsen: Slice of jewellery

kadri_malk dans Bettina SPECKNER (DE)
Kadri Mälk: brooch « Väga süüdi « 

ute_eitzenhoefer dans Charlotta de SYLLAS (UK)
Ute Eitzenhöfer – brooch – Mixed media (labradorite)

Salut Marianne, Thank you for information on you blog about exhibition. I saw entering links on website's statistic from your blog. Its always nice to found new visitors. If you will be so nice to use this picture in your article I will be happy. I suppose you took picture from amber com pl- I dont know why they didnt repair that vieux. So here is real vieux of my necklace. Thanks in advance and best wishes, Dorota
Dorota Kos (PL) amber necklace
Bettina Speckner – brooch -Tourmalines, white gold 750


Iris-Bodemer-14 dans David BIELANDER (CH/DE)
Iris Bodemer ring – Silver, beryl – 2010

deporah_rudolf dans Deborah RUDOLPH (DE)
Deborah Rudolphnecklace- rock crystal, silver
Ulla Ahola – Rintakoru. 2010
Bettina Speckner brooch



Spirit of Stone – symposium
The Spirit of Stone event will bring to Lappeenranta an exhibition,
workshops and lectures, related to stones and jewellery. Theme of the event is the spirit, mythic and power of the stone. (…)
Place: Saimaa University of Applied Sciences (Lappeenranta, Finland)
Dates :  6 & 7 Mai 2011 (lectures will be in english)
Saimaa University of Applied Sciences
Pohjolankatu 23
53101 – Lappeenranta
Telephone: +358 40 763 3690



Workshop : Helena Lehtinen: Cameo
Cameo is a traditional piece of jewellery which has its origins in seals.
 During history it has been in and out of fashion in courts in Europe. Nowdays it is usually a red-white silhuet of a lady, most often worn by eldery ladies.
Reflecting to what this classical piece of jewellery has been in the past, students will search cameo´s meaning today. 
What it has been, what it could be? Is there any significancy left, what it could present in today´s society / to today´s people?
 What is your cameo? 
With new materials and way of working students will create new traditions in cameos. 
Working with stone is possible in the workshop.
Lead by jewellery artist Helena Lehtinen,
 assistant Tarja Tuupanen
Cameo is a part of The Spirit of Stone event that will bring to Lappeenranta an exhibition,
 work-shops and lectures, related to stones and jewellery. Theme of the event is the spirit, mythic and power of the stone. The Spirit of Stone
is organized in cooperation with Kalevala Jewelry 
(Kalevala Koru) and South-Karelia Museum.
Place: South-Karelia Museum, Lappeenranta, Finland
Price: 100€ (not including materials nor meals)
Dates : 2 – 5 Mai 2011, four days.
To apply to a workshop you have to fill an on-line application. To the workshop will be selected 10-15 participants. 
Deadline for application is 15th of April, 2011. All accepted participants will receive detailed information. Upon receiving your on-line application we shall confirm you that it has reached us.
Helena Lehtinen – cameo brooch




South-Karelia Museum
Kristiinankatu 15
53900 – Lappeenranta
Telephone: +358 40 763 3690


SchmuckDenken VII – Fachhochschule in Idar-Oberstein (DE) – 17-18 Mai 2011

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Symposium SchmuckDenken – Thinking Jewellery VII (2011) – « Identity and Responsibillity of Applied Art »

date and identify the initial contours of a theory of jewellery.

SchmuckDenken VII - Fachhochschule in Idar-Oberstein (DE) - 17-18 Mai 2011 dans Allemagne (DE) Flyer_SDVII_FRONT
The 7th ‘SchmuckDenken’ will strike a balance between the symposia to date and identify the initial contours of a theory of jewellery. At the same time, possible parameters for strategies for action for an autonomous creative practice of applied art in the conflicting demands of craft, design and fine art will be developed. As a result, the focus this year will be on the artistic identity of jewellery creators and their social role and responsibility.

Further informations & online registration:




Symposium SchmuckDenken VII (2011) – « Identität & Verantwortung der Angewandten Kunst »
Die 7. Ausgabe von „SchmuckDenken“ rückt die künstlerische Identität der Schmuckschaffenden und ihre gesellschaftliche Rolle und Verantwortung im Fokus.
Mehr Info & online anmelden:


Kontakt (Contact):
Kulturamt Idar-Oberstein
Georg-Maus-Straße 1
D-55743 Idar-Oberstein
T: +49 (0)6781 64 118
F: +49 (0)6781 64 449
Tagungsadresse (Venue):
Fachhochschule Trier
Fachrichtung Edelstein- und Schmuckdesign
Vollmersbachstraße 53a
D-55743 Idar-Oberstein


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