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SCHMUCK 2014 – TALENTE – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

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TALENTE 2014 competition – see selected Artists  HERE  (thanks to Montserrat Lacomba from MarDeColorRosaBlog) :

TALENTE is an international competition for young craftsmen and women in design and technology. This special show reflects the ideas of young people in the context of an experimental approach to materials and craft techniques. The best entries are awarded the highly sought-after TALENTE prize.

 WINNER OF TALENTE 2014 : Patricia Correia Domingues

>> Saturday 15 March 2014 :
15.30 Uhr Talente-Preis-Verleihung 2014, Messegelände München, Halle B1, Aktionsbühne

SCHMUCK :  TALENTE 2014 competition - selected artists -
Selected artist : for Jewellery :
Christine Bukkehave, DK –  Patricia Domingues, PT/DE — Samira Götz, FR/DE –
 Xiaoya Guo, CN –  Gabriela Hájková, CS –  Sophie Hall, GB –  Ann-Kathrin Hartel, DE  –  Jing He, CN/NL –  Steven Holman, USA — Yun-Chin Hsu, TW/GB — Helena Johansson Lindell, SE — Tammy Young Eun Kim, S.KR — Chen Liang, CN — Xiao Liu, CN — Charlotte Maslov, SE — Jhana Millers, AU/NZ — Marek Mrowiński, PL — Soili Rautanen, FI/SE — Maria Sais Fluvià, SP — Moniek Schrijer, NZ — Martina Singerova, CS/DE – Kristyna Spanihelova, CZ — Julian Steimer, DE — Lauren Tickle, USA — Katerina Vorlova, CS — Kate Wischusen, AU — Zhiqian Yang, CN
Talente 2014 Competition
Internationale Handwerksmesse Munich (Munich, Germany)
Internationale Handwerksmesse Munich
Max-Joseph-Str. 4
80333 – Munich
Telephone: 089 5119-293
Fax: 089 5119-245

Fur further information please contact:
Dr. Michaela Braesel, Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern, Abteilung Messen und Ausstellungen, Max-Joseph-Straße 4, 80333 München
T +49 89 5119-293, F +49 89 5119-245


EXPO ‘Refuge’ – Goldberg Studios, Munich (DE) – 13-16 Mars 2014

SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014


VERNISSAGE: Do, 13 mars 2014  18 – 21 Uhr


Schmuck und Fotoausstellung
Internationalen Schmuck-Kunst-Tage in München

We do not like rules; we design our pieces of jewellery according to our own principles and it is this which makes them very diverse from the perspectives of material and technique alike. Although our objects differ from each other, there is one thing all of us are agreed upon. It is that creation with neither restraints nor restrictions, the surmounting of expectations either real or presumed, and the avoidance of conventional thinking – in short, artistic freedom – is, for us, a REFUGE. It is this concept which our exhibition explores.

AUSSTELLUNG & VERKAUFÖFFNUNGSZEIT:13.-16.03. 11-19 UhrOrt: Goldberstudio/BasementVERNISSAGE: Do, 13.03.2014 18 - 21 Uhr
Fanni Vékony – Medusa brooch – polypropylene, fishing line, bead, silver110x140x50 mm – 2013 Photo – Pecsics Mária & Rátki JánosFanni Vékony – Medusa brooch – polypropylene, fishing line, bead, silver
110x140x50 mm – 2013
Kinga Huber – Non Plus Ultra brooch – goldplated silver110x30x8 mm – 2013Photo – Pecsics Mária & Rátki JánosKinga Huber – Non Plus Ultra brooch – goldplated silver110x30x8 mm – 2013Photo – Pecsics Mária & Rátki János
Stomfai KrisztinaIce ball ring, plexiglass Eiskugel Ring, PlexiglasJéggolyó gyűrű – plexi50x50x70 mm – 2012 Photo – Pecsics Mária & Rátki JánosKrisztina Stomfai  – Ice ball ring, plexiglass – 50x50x70 mm – 2012
Kecskés OrsolyaMay Brooch – silver, copper, steel Mai Brosche – Silber, Kupfer, StahlMájus bross – ezüst, réz, acél80x80x40 mm – 2013Photo – Pecsics Mária & Rátki JánosOrsolya Kecskés  - May Brooch – silver, copper, steel 2013
Müllerstrasse 46.
D 80469 München

11-19 Uhr

EXPO ‘Bonzo Gonzo !’ – Projektraum J. Baumeister, Munich (DE) – 14-16 mars 2014

SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Bonzo Gonzo ! – Inaugurationg 13 Mars 2014 | 17.00 – 21.00

 Bonzo Gonzo !

Reach, touch, clap, new one in.
Rest, relax…a bit of breath…
shortly and back in, all of us.
Crunchtime baby!
Headbutt or headlock,
overdrive in season’s clash.
With the right position, hold ‘em tight!
« Ding! »
Damn! The bell rings! Next round

with :Alexander BlankKiko GianoccaMelanie IsverdingFlorian Weichsberger

Alexander Blank Alexander Blank - 2013 - « … in my latest works I like to make up stories as I used to when I was a child also in a very simplified way sometimes…. »
 Melanie IsverdingMelanie IsverdingCavea, necklace
Florian Weichsberger „Pearly attack“,pendant, 2010,plastic, Silk.Foto: Mirei TakeuchiFlorian Weichsberger „Pearly attack“,pendant, 2010,plastic, Silk.Foto: Mirei Takeuchi

UntitledNecklace, 2009,plastic, metal.Florian Weichsberger Untitled Necklace, 2009,plastic, metal.

Kiko Gianocca - A gauche : Bagues « Who am I » en or 18 carats, argent sterling, résine polyuréthane – Kiko Gianocca, 2009, A droite : Pendentifs « Hold on » en bois brulé – Kiko Gianocca, 2010Kiko Gianocca – A gauche : Bagues «Who am I» -or 18 carats, argent sterling,
résine polyuréthane – 2009 //  A droite : Pendentifs «Hold on» – bois brulé 2010
Projektraum J. Baumeister
Georgenstraße 66
80799 München
Tel. 0176-23112592
Fr. 11.00 – 18.00
Sa. 11.00 – 16.00
So. 11.00 – 18.00

EXPO ‘Destination SCHMUCK’ – Ligsalzstr. 27, Munich (DE) – 17-20 Mars 2014

SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Destination Schmuck’ is the first show held in Munich by the ‘Made to Make’ collective, having first exhibited during Schmuck 2013 with the online show ‘Matching Items Available’. ‘Destination Schmuck’ will showcase new work created in response to the theme of  Travel by the participating artists.

EXPO ‘Destination SCHMUCK’ – Ligsalzstr. 27, Munich (DE) – 17-20 Mars 2014 dans Allemagne (DE) VIhhgqe2WqtDestination SCHMUCK -Photo de Farrah Al-Dujaili.

“With the growth in popularity of the Internet and social media within the art jewellery world our work ‘travels’ across the virtual world everyday. You are able to recognise a piece of work or a face of a jeweller you have only ever seen on a computer screen. Those jewellers and their work congregate yearly in Munich for those few days of ‘Schmuck’. Initial virtual connections of Like’s, Tweets and Pins are turned into tactile experiences and burgeoning dialogues.”

Members Farrah Al-Dujaili and Natalie Smith have taken on the role of curators for the show. ‘Made to Make’ collective is proactive in creating opportunities and platforms to display our work and engage with the jewellery community at large. By undertaking collective briefs that question, confront and push conceptions of jewellery we aim to ultimately invigorate our individual practices. Each member’s work exudes craftsmanship, imagination and creative ingenuity distinctive of the art jewellery approach.

The private view will be held on Thursday 13th March and the show will run until 16th March.


Farrah Al-Dujaili  'Taking not the smallest notice' 2013 Necklace Copper, enamel paint, watercolour, beads, acrylic coating. 13cm x 53cm x 5cmFarrah Al-Dujaili  ‘Taking not the smallest notice’ 2013 Necklace Copper, enamel paint, watercolour, beads, acrylic coating. 13cm x 53cm x 5cm
Li-Chu Wu  Necklace: Blossom II 2010  Paper  8 x 7 x 8 cm, length: 76 cmLi-Chu Wu  Necklace: Blossom II 2010  Paper
Li-Chu-Wu- 2012 brooch

Li-Chu Wu  – Mountains - 2012 Paper Jewellery- Brooches

Natalie SmithNatalie Smith Brooch: ‘Heart of Glass’ 2011 -13x 8.5x 4.5cm
Natalie Smith Brooch: 'A Study in Camouflage: 6.6' 2013. Steel, textile, paint and sugar. Natalie Smith Brooch: ‘A Study in Camouflage: 6.6′ 2013. Steel, textile, paint and sugar
 Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton - Piece 5 - 2010 - Textile, Advanced plastics and base metal Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton – Piece 5 – 2010 – Textile, Advanced plastics , base metal
Jo Pond - Remnants. Cocoon on suspender clip.Jo Pond - Remnants. Cocoon on suspender clip.

Sally Collins   Silver Reknitted brooch Collins   Silver Reknitted brooch

Ligsalzstr. 27
80339 München


EXPO ‘VIENNA 4′ – ponyhof artclub, Munich (DE) – 12-14 Mars 2014

SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Four jewellery Artists from based in Vienna present theit new works @SCHMUCKtage 2014 in Munich.

Michelle KraemerViktoria Münzker - Claudia SteinerEva Tesarik

Vernissage 12.03.2014 – 17.00 – 20.00

Vienna4 - Viktoria Münzker Schmucksachen.

  »Four jewelry artists from Austria, Luxemburg and Slovakia, each of whom lives and works primarily in Vienna, present their new creations at Schmucktage 2014 in Munich. Michelle Kraemer creates her jewelry by directly feeling and playing with the materials. They’re simultaneously her inspiration and her challenge, and she continues to transform the materials until the result is a piece of jewelry. Viktoria Münzker is inspired by nature: for example, by the movements of water, which is constantly drawn to and fro, seemingly weightless, and never motionless. The open field of the imagination from which her jewelry results also reveals the feelings and emotions of its maker. Claudia Steiner’s pieces describe the various facets of the personality and the changes it undergoes. Her jewelry guides its beholder’s gaze toward what has been concealed, while the forms embody a sleekly simple aesthetic and the colors refer to the essentials. Eva Tesarik is influenced by the “chambers of marvels” of the Renaissance. She combines amber (“the gold of the north”) and various other materials to create contemporary “chambers of marvels.” » (artaurea)
Vienna 4
Viktoria Münzker, Necklace Marina Morosa, 2013, mixed media.Viktoria Münzker, Necklace Marina Morosa, 2013, mixed media.
Viktoria Munzker - Corialias - 2014

Viktoria Münzker- Corialias serie : « frangibilis » – 2014 - Porzellan, Glas, Silber, Metallgranulat, Alte Kunststoffperlen

Viktoria Münzker- Corialias serie : "frangibilis" - 2014Viktoria Münzker- Corialias serie : « frangibilis » – detail – 2014 - Porzellan, Metallgranulat, Stoffband
Claudia Steiner, Necklace Alter ego#06, 2013, oxidized 925 silver
Claudia Steiner, Necklace Alter ego#06, 2013, oxidized 925 silver
Michelle Kraemer, Necklace Cumulus Nimbus, 2013, Balsawood, silver.Michelle Kraemer, Necklace Cumulus Nimbus, 2013, Balsawood, silver.
Eva Tesarik, Brooch Auf leisen Pfoten…, 2013, silver, amber, colored jasper.Eva Tesarik, Brooch Auf leisen Pfoten…, 2013, silver, amber, colored jasper.
Pestalozzistraße 14
 80469 München
Tel. +43 699 11180455
Do 11-20, Fr 11-18 Uhr

EXPO ‘Tan lejos, tan cerca’ – Cafe Clara, Munich (DE) – 12-18 Mars 2014

SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Tan lejos, tan cerca/ In weiter Ferne, so nah – Joyería contemporánea argentina en Munich
Vernissage 13 Mars – 19 hs

Luz Arias , Iacov Azubel, Patricia Gallucci, Alejandra Koreck, Francine Schloeth, Sabina Tiemroth

Tan Lejos tan cerca

Seis integrantes de Joyeros Argentinos realizarán en Munich, como parte del circuito off Schmuck 2014, la muestra Tan lejos, tan cerca. In weiter ferne, so nah. Joyería contemporánea. Esta será la primera muestra de joyería contemporánea argentina en Munich.
Sabina Tiemroth, Patricia Gallucci, Alejandra Koreck, Luz Arias, Iacov Azubel y Francine Schloeth quieren “compartir fragmentos de la joyería contemporánea argentina, expresar nuestras particularidades en un espacio de encuentro y diálogo. Deseamos despertar nuevos deseos entre quien la mira, quien la usa y quien la hace… estrechar distancias”

A través del blog de la muestra, los artistas ilustrarán el día de la exhibición y eventos paralelos:


SCHMUCK 14 - Tan lejos tan cerca

Sabina Tiemroth  Ciudades invisibles III / 2013  Collar / Textil de descarte / Alpaca / Costura / Construcción / Coiling / Oxidación / 37 x 15 x 1 cm.    Invisible cities III / 2013  Necklace / Fabric recycled / Alpaca / Sewing / Coiling / Oxidation / 37 x 15 x 1 cm.Sabina Tiemroth  Ciudades invisibles III – 2013  Collar – Textil de descarte, Alpaca, Costura, Construcción, Coiling, Oxidación  //  Invisible cities III – 2013  Necklace – Fabric recycled, Alpaca, Sewing, Coiling, Oxidation / 37 x 15 x 1 cm.
Francine Schloeth  collar "alegrías de color"  2013Francine Schloeth  collar « alegrías de color »  2013
Alejandra Koreck - Fiesta – gargantilla – brocheAlejandra Koreck – Fiesta – gargantilla – broche
Luz Arias - broche - corazon abiertoLuz Arias – broche – corazon abierto
Iacov AzubelIacov Azubel – anillo « Una gema de sabor »


Isabellastrasse 8
80798 München
Tel. (0049) 089/52 37 214,

EXPO ‘BLANCO’ – frauenstraße 18, Munich (DE) – 12-16 Mars 2014

SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Schmuck exhibition opening BLANCO

EXPO ‘BLANCO’ – frauenstraße 18, Munich (DE) – 12-16 Mars 2014 dans Allemagne (DE) VIhhgqe2WqtBlanco SCHMUCK 2014

We present to you BLANCO, an international group of young jewellery makers.
Within the connecting point of the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht we all developed our own approach to the making of jewellery, at the same time we were always fascinated by each other. Our diversity is characterized by following subjects: the ideal of beauty, one’s self-awareness, aesthetics and oddness, tactile perception and fragility, as well as the use of symbols in our visual culture, the bridgeover of cultural differences and the confrontation with the past. Now the time has come to continue our creative exchange and open up to the audience. BLANCO is a starting point for us as beginners and a meeting point. Therefor we like to cordially invite you to our exhibition.


Christie Schellings Babs ZwaninkAnne EissenHeike Tittes Sangji Yun Anke Huyben

« I make jewelry for the world to show my ideals. My work always has a direct relationship to the body. They originate classical use of costumes. I take it to it and process them into a new story. »
Babs Zwanink - material tensionBabs Zwanink - material tension
« The increasing digital world leaves his marks on our daily lives. The volatility of those thousand of photo images floating around like a ‘blur’ in the air. Where are all those things that we wanted to preserve by capturing it with a camera? I want to cherish the tangible and let people see the fragility in both the analog and digital world. By wearing it you still get the sense of reality and preciousness, which is lost in the digital world. You can preserve the purity of capturing the moments by treasuring the piece with love and care, to never forget that fragile things are there to cherish. «  (Fragile Volatility)
Heike Tittes  - so help me GoldHeike Tittes  – so help me Gold

Sangji Yun - Confrontation with the past – Stranger, aluminum, steel, installation and brooches, 2013Sangji Yun – Confrontation with the past – Stranger, aluminum, steel, installation and brooches, 2013

 anke huyben - Rash necklace - A series of necklaces made by causing a rash around the neckAnke Huyben – Rash necklace – A series of necklaces made by causing a rash around the neck

Anke Huyben - "Lekker indrukbaar" is a project about my body and how I sometimes am dissatisfied with it.Anke Huyben - « Lekker indrukbaar » is a project about my body and how I sometimes am dissatisfied with it. To hide the parts of my body I feel insecure about I take certain postures to cover them up. But by assuming these postures I in fact draw attention to these body parts. The space between my breasts when I cross my arms, the space between my stomach and my crossed legs;
these opening in my closed postures are casted in bronze.  By wearing these bronze objects I force myself in these comforting postures that, in contrary with their intention, emphasize my vulnerabilities.

Anke Huyben - "Lekker indrukbaar"
Anke Huyben – « Lekker indrukbaar »
« A piece of jewellery is a decoration of the body. Without the body it cannot exist.
I study the body as carrier of the jewellery and I take my personal obsessions and insecurities about my body as the starting point.
I don’t offer solutions but just seek to visualize them »
Anne Eissen - SysiphosAnne Eissen - Sysiphos
« In contrast to the perception that contemporary means fast, digital and short-lived, there is another one, which is all about craftsmanship and staying busy by making things with your own hands.

Thereby objects are able to constantly change under your influence.
 I enjoy having this influence and stay close to my work. Even if it is a never ending business sometimes.« 








frauenstraße 18 München


EXPO ‘MASS’ – Micheko Galerie, Munich (DE) – 12-22 Mars 2014

SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Mass, new interpretations in jewellery art

Under the common theme of „Mass“, the German word for „measure“, South Korean Sungho Cho and Japanese Akiko Kurihara and Fumiki Taguchi present their latest jewellery art at Micheko Gallery during SCHMUCK days 2014 in Munich.

"MASS" MICHEKO GALERIE | 21st Century Art from Japan


Sungho CHO about his „Mass“ series: „I tried to use plywood in my jewellery work, a comparatively cheap material, which we use in construction and carpentry, to create an object with a totally new ability, different from the one before. Nevertheless, on one hand I still want to use the metric system of measurement, a typical thing of industrial society, we haven’t yet absorbed in our traditional views of the jewellery world.“

Brooch Forest 1, Sungho ChoSungho Cho – Brooch Forest 1 

Akiko KURIHARA surprises her aficionados with new creations, such as “100 directions”, a collection of 100 pins of different shapes (directions). Another new work, called „S“, is composed by a group of one hundred identical “S”-shapes. Each piece has a serial number, but they have an identical shape. By combining each piece, one can create a necklace or bracelet of ones favourite length. See more interpretations of chemical combinations in form of jewellery art at the exhibition.

100 directions, Akiko Kurihara100 directions, Akiko Kurihara

Fumiki TAGUCHI explains that he simply found a very personal interpretation of the theme of measurement units. However, he wanted his works to be the opposite of stereotypes. One work for instance reverses the concept of „big = heavy, small = light“. Taguchi is the winner of the renowned Herbert Hofmann Prize 2013

 Bracelet/silver, Fumiki TaguchiFumiki Taguchi - Bracelet/silver





Theresienstr. 18
D – 80333 Munich
T: +49 89 38 16 93 88

EXPO ‘The Home of Jewellery, Munich-London-Tokyo’ – Akademie der Bildenden Künst, Munich (DE) – 12-16 Mars 2014

SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014


« The Home of Jewellery, Munich-London-Tokyo »

Akademie der Bildenden Künste München  (Académie des Beaux Arts de Munich)
Vernissage, 12 Mars, 18.30-21 Uhr

'The Home of Jewellery - Munich – London – Tokyo

'  Akademie der Bildenden Künste München  (Académie des Baeux Arts de Munich)
Die Vitrinen wurden exklusiv von der Stiftung Kunstakademie München gesponsert

 weitere Sponsoren: Akademieverein München, Danner Stiftung, Erwin und Gisela von Steiner-Stiftung, LfA Förderbank Bayern, Fördergesellschaft Neuer Schmuck e.V.
Nicole BeckMartin PapcunDespo SophocleousEvelie Mouila David Roux-FouilletSilvia Weidenbach — Saika Matsuda — Hiroaki Nagata — Rei Yamada
David Roux-Fouillet, Photographie, série Morphose, Ornement de mamelon, 2006- 2007 Argent, acier, soie tissée © David Roux-FouilletDavid Roux-Fouillet, Photographie, série Morphose, Ornement de mamelon, 2006- 2007 Argent, acier, soie tissée © David Roux-Fouillet
David Roux-Fouillet domestique des vers à soie et les met à contribution, recouvrant progressivement des structures–cages géométriques en argent appelées Zeppelins, conçues par l’artiste pour soutenir la conception du cocon. Il filme en vidéo des personnes acceptant de porter sur leur corps ces bijoux durant toute l’activité laborieuse du vers à soie. Avec Diamond Shot, David Roux-Fouillet opère encore une fois un savant mélange entre contrôle et aléatoire en observant la force d’impact d’un projectile, le rapport entre la distance parcourue et la vitesse de son déclenchement : grâce à un fusil dont le canon est spécialement étudié, il insère un diamant dans une cartouche d’or qui vient s’enchâsser en un coup dans la monture d’une bague en platine. De nationalités danoise et française, David Roux-Fouillet a étudié les pratiques du bijou, du verre et du dessin à l’Engelsholm Højskole for Kunst og Musik au Danemark. Il s’est perfectionné dans le domaine du bijou à la HEAD de Genève, puis au Royal Collège of Art de Londres dont il est sorti diplômé en 2011. Ses concepts originaux lui ont valu d’être immédiatement reconnu dans le milieu de l’art contemporain et du design.
Evelie Mouila *Work in Progress 2014* Munich-London-Tokyo,I am coming!Evelie Mouila – Work in Progress 2014

Despo SophocleousDespo Sophocleous - change in direction 16 | necklace

Martin Papcun - Innerspaces, 2011    Broche en polyurethane, argent, titane    Brooch in polyurethane, silver, titanium    70 x 90 x 60 mmMartin Papcun – Innerspaces, 2011    Broche en polyurethane, argent, titane / Brooch in polyurethane, silver, titanium  
Nicole Beck-DE, Brooch, 2008 Brooch: Fischmänner 2008  Printed fabric, string, goldNicole Beck  , Brooch, 2008 – Fischmänner -  Printed fabric, string, gold
Altbau, Historische Aula,
Akademiestraße 2 -
80799 München
Do, Fr, So 12-19.00, Sa 12-15.30 Uhr

EXPO ‘Peter Bauhuis – Hallimasch’ – Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein e.V., Munich (DE) – 28 Fevr.– 5 Avril 2014

Classé dans : Allemagne (DE),Exposition/Exhibition,GALERIES,Peter BAUHUIS (DE),SCHMUCK — bijoucontemporain @ 21:24

SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein e.V., Galerie für Angewandte Kunst

« Peter Bauhuis – Hallimasch »

jewellery. vessel. implement.

Vernissage 27 fevr., 18.30 Uhr

Freitag 14. März, 17-18 Uhr : « Mushrooming » und 16.3.,14-15 Uhr

Sonntag 16. März, 14-15 Uhr* – mit Peter Bauhuis
Montag, 17. März, 16-17 Uhr – Dialog: Pravu Mazumdar und Peter Bauhuis
Montag, 24. März, 16-17 Uhr – Dialog: Pravu Mazumdar und Peter Bauhuis
*Sonderöffnung der Galerie 11-17 Uhr

Peter Bauhuis - Hallimasch
The Munich-based artist shows his latest work. He offers not only a comprehensive overview of his metalwork, but he builts a cabinet of wonder. Jewellery, vessels and other cast objects plus texts, drawings, found objects and their captions form an entity reminding of an old-fashioned museum installation .
The Hallimasch (German for Armillaria mellea) forms an underground bulk network fungus and offers the eponymous analogy to the work of the artist. In connection with the presentation of archaeological, biological and mathematical research results a very diverse artistic production is visible. Like a honey fungus has grown to be a many-branched organism Peter’s work expands to a never-ending horizon. Hallimasch, the honey fungus even glows in the dark and not everyone knows that things are and how everything is connected.

Peter Bauhuis

Bayerischer Kunstgewer Be-Verein e.V.
Pacellistraße 6-8,
80333 München
tel: 089-290147-0,
Fax: 089-296277


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