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EXPO ‘Suspended in GREEN’ – Studio Gabi Green, Munich (DE) – 13–16 Mars 2014

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 SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Suspended in Green for Schmuck : at Studio Gabi Green, Munich, Germany (13th – 16th March 2014)

33 artists -  Curated by Laura Bradshaw-Heap

Green: it’s just a color, yet it can also stand for so much more.
It’s the color of money, of envy and of inexperience.
It can stand for ethical products, the environment, symbolize fertility and nature.
We talk about green shamrocks for luck, the green eyed monster, and green fingers. You can give someone the green light, be a greenhorn or be part of the green revolution.

Suspended in green

Artists:  Alice Clarke — ÅSa Elmstam — Bingrui Tian — Carolina Dutari — Christina KarababaFrédérique CoomansFelix Gill — Helena Johansson Lindell — Heng Lee — Hilde De Decker Jillian Moore – Joo Hyung Park — Jorge ManillaKarl Fritsch Katharina Moch – Kelly Munro — Lauren Tickle –  Maria SolorzanoMallory Weston — Mercedes Castro Corbat — Michelle Kraemer – Nan Li — Nanna Gronborg Panjapol Kulpapangkorn – Roseanne Bartley –  Stephanie Morawetz — Susanne Beautyman — Susanne Holzinger — Taidi Wang — Yanhui Xu — Yong Joo Kim –  Zoe Robertson

Suspended in greenthe catalog ……

Then Suspended in Green  will be part of London Design Week- at the Lesley Craze Gallery, London, England (14th August 2014 – 20th September 2014)

Karl Fritsch, Ring, 2013
Karl Fritsch, Ring, 2013  White gold

Suspended in Green: A brooch by Stephanie Morawetz (BA student) is selected for the new touring exhibition, curated by Laura Bradshaw-Heap and Rachel Darbourne. Stephanie Morawetz Brooch: Plastic Ocean 3, 2013 – Plastic
Stephanie Morawetz (ring - for "Suspended in green")Stephanie Morawetz (AT) – ring
Katharina Moch ring (suspended in green)Katharina Moch ring
Lauren TickleLauren Tickle  « $65 US Dollars », Currency Converted Brooch - US Currency, Silver, Latex, surgical steel, and Monofilament
Rachel Timmins brooch for "suspended in green"Rachel Timmins brooch for « suspended in green »
will be in SUSPENDED IN GREEN : Macula : broche de Maria SolorzanoMaria Solorzano Macula : broche  
Degree show Collection 2013 - Kelly Munro
Kelly Munro – 2013 -
Hilde de Decker for "suspended in green"Hilde de Decker (catalogue de « Suspended in green« )
Frédérique Coomans for "suspended in green"Frédérique Coomans « architextiles » -wood + cotton (knitting) 2013
SUSPENDED in GREEN (GREEN we say !!!!)  : OH! by Roseanne Bartley  Roseanne Bartley Necklace: The Beginning of I am: Cricket bat, 2013 – Found plastic, lid, beads, silk thread
3 x 10 x 60 cm –
photo: Devika Bilimoria
Jorge Manilla at  'suspended in green'
Jorge Manilla at  ‘suspended in green’


Studio Gabi Green
Gollierstraße 7
Do 10-20, Fr, Sa, So 9.30-18 Uhr

EXPO ‘Karen Pontoppidan – Canvas Context Cash’ – Maurer Zilioli, Munich (DE) – 12-16 Mars 2014

Classé dans : Allemagne (DE),Exposition/Exhibition,GALERIES,Karen PONTOPPIDAN (DK),SCHMUCK — bijoucontemporain @ 2:00

 SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Maurer Zilioli-Contemporary Arts zu Gast bei reillplast,

« Karen Pontoppidan – Canvas Context Cash »

Inauguration : 12. März, 18 Uhr
Aperitivo: 14. März, 17 Uhr

« In the trilogy CANVAS CONTEXT CASH, presented for the first time in Munich as a cohesive work group, Karen Pontoppidan takes her stand in the non-ending debate on the relation between the free and applied arts, and particularly between painting/drawing on the one hand and the identity of the contemporary goldsmith on the other. Born in Kerteminde/Denmark, she has dealt with this topic time and again under a variety of headings in the course of her complex biographical trajectory and has in fact devoted her energies essentially to this problem to have her work resonate with it in a series of steps. Against the backdrop of her previous works her recent objects can be seen as a matured conclusion creating interstices of humour and irony and presenting a jewellery that renders the viewer thoughtful and yet never ceases to “clothe” the wearer.

CANVAS consists of geometrical bodies of wood wrapped in canvas and beset with jewellery quotes
like embossed ornaments, appliquéd medaillons or floral décor. Art and craft unite in a cheerful conspiracy.
CONTEXT fathoms out further possibilities of this terrain and reaches out for bolder forms –
in the way of a response to a rising trend that intends to eliminate all individual traits involved in the artistic process or as intrinsic elements of an artistic strategy. Pontoppidan commissions befriended painters to colour the interior of miniature boxes of industrial canvas, leaving the job of binding to other colleagues. The whole set consists of 99 objects and functions as a witty and enigmatic comment on a common practice in contemporary art.
CASH constitutes something like a concluding remark on the economic system associated with aesthetic behaviour. Art reveals itself more and more as a simple definition, dependant on things like context, success and the ambience, in which the individual objects are anchored.
Thus we find ourselves treading on an elastic ground generating value shifts and hybrid creatures.
Contemporary jewellery has become part of such a trend, involving positions that associate themselves with the general discourse of art and respond to it by means of an aesthetic language that is immanent to its material. Karen Pontoppidan’s work is one such voice. A jewellery artist with an absolutely avantgarde breeding, she worked from 2000 till 2006 as an assistant to Otto Künzli and since 2006 as a professor at the Konstfack in Stockholm. Although she mercilessly eradicates all traditionalistic temptations besetting jewellery art, although her work displays a strong proclivity towards things like absurdity, defamiliarization and play, she values her background in jewellery and the goldsmith’s craft, even though this is not always immediately visible.
Were that not the case, her “nasty” approach could never be quite so effective.
For the process involved in her work jewellery is subjected to a mysterious transformation, with
conceptual action and critical reflection on the one hand and aesthetic and ornamental recapitulation
on the other melting into a compact and handy form. »
Maurer Zilioli Contemporary Arts - Karen Pontoppidan CASH 2

Karen Pontoppidan cash2

Karen Pontoppidan Context2  - Maurer Zilioli Contemporary Arts -Karen Pontoppidan Context2
Maurer Zilioli Contemporary Arts - Karen Pontoppidan Canvas49 Karen Pontoppidan Canvas49



Maurer Zilioli – Contemporary Arts
Amalienstraße 21
80333 München
Info: +49-15773362236
info@maurer-zilioli.comDi-Fr 10-19 Uhr
Öffnungszeiten: 10-19 Uhr


EXPO ‘Ruudt Peters «QI»’ – Galerie Klaus Lea, Munich (DE) – 13-16 Mars 2014

Classé dans : Allemagne (DE),Exposition/Exhibition,GALERIES,Ruudt PETERS (NL),SCHMUCK — bijoucontemporain @ 16:33

 SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Galerie Spektrum as guest at Galerie Klaus LeaRuudt Peters « QI »

A presentation of ‘Qi’ will open at Galerie Spektrum on the 13th March 2014. This is a short but special event running from the opening at 6pm on THURSDAY, 13th March until Sunday, 16th March 2014. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE.
Company of 'QI' MenPortrait by: @[208863682598266:274:Conor Vella Photography]Company of ‘QI’ Men - Portrait by Conor Vella Photography
Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 2013Ruudt Peters, Brooch QI – SHEN, 2013 – Agate, silver - Photo: Rob Versluys
Ruudt Peters Brooch: QI – SHEN, 2013 Agate, silver Photo: Rob VersluysRuudt Peters Brooch: QI – SHEN, 2013 Agate, silver Photo: Rob Versluys
Ruudt Peters Brooch: QI – SHEN, 2013 Agate, silver Photo: Rob VersluysRuudt Peters – Brooch: QI – SHEN, 2013 – Agate, silver - Photo: Rob Versluys
Ruudt Peters Sculpture: QI – CUN ZAI, 2013 Porcelain, silver Photo: Rob VersluysRuudt Peters Sculpture: QI – CUN ZAI, 2013 Porcelain, silver Photo: Rob Versluys
Galerie Klaus Lea
Türkenstr 96
80799 – Munich
Telephone: +49 89 2724179

Fr. 13-19, Sa. 11-14, So 13-18 Uhr


EXPO ‘mineralART 2014 – Between Layers’ – Staatlichen Antikensammlungen, Munich (DE) – 13 Mars- 11 Mai 2014

 SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Staatlichen Antikensammlungen, Preisverleihung mineralART 2014

« between layers – Innenwelten des Achats »
“between layers – worlds within agate”

The prize-giving will take place on Thursday, 13 March 2014, as part of a celebratory event inside the Munich State Collection of Antiques. The competition-winning pieces and other outstanding works will be on display here during SCHMUCK 2014 and until 11 May 2014 during museum opening hours.

After the opening, please join the CURRENT OBSESSION PARTY!!! :
Thursday, 13th March 2014, 9 – 12 pm
84 GHz, Georgenstraße 84, Munich

Flyer mineralART

Award ceremony & opening: Thursday, 13th March 2014, 7:00 pm
State Collection of Antiques, Königsplatz, Munich.mineralART 2014“between layers – worlds within agate”

 mineralART 2014 is proud to present the work of following artists in Munich :

Claudia Adam — Penka Arabova-Pasheva — Paula Bahadian — Frans Beelen — Tereza Borlova –
Carolin Denter — Katharina DettarPatrícia DominguesMatthias DyerTanja Emmert – Elvira Golombosi — Lina Goltsios — Elena Gorbunova — Taehee In — Levani Jishkariani — Christina Karababa – Yeonkyung Kim — Beate Klockmann — Karina Lazauskaitė — Typhaine Le Monnier — Tianqi Li –  Cristina Martí Mató –  Judy McCaigViktoria Münzker – Tom Munsteiner — Julia Obermaier — Ruudt Peters — Hester Popma-van de Kolk — Sari Räthel — Philip Sajet — Nils Schmalenbach — Kvetoslava Flora Sekanova –  Giovanni Sicuro — Supavee Sirinkraporn — Jörg Stoffel — Karen Vanmol — Karol Weisslechner — Zindzi Wijminga — Getter Ziugand   ………..

An overwhelming number of 275 pieces by 161 participants ………………

#SCHMUCK14 -  MineralART competition - Annamaria ZanellaAnnamaria Zanella
MineralART - Sari RäthelSari Räthel
MINERALart- Li TianqiLi Tianqi
MineralART - Tatjana GiorgadseTatjana Giorgadse
MineralART - Julia ObermaierJulia Obermaier
MINERALart- Giovanni SicuroGiovanni Sicuro
MINERALart- Philip SajetPhilip Sajet



Staatlichen Antikensammlungen
Königsplatz 1
80333 München
Di-So 10-17, Mi 10-20 Uhr




EXPO ‘In the Mood’ – Tschechisches Zentrum, Munich (DE) – 12-18 Mars 2014

SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Tschechisches Zentrum, « In the Mood »

Eva Eisler–  Katerina Vorlová –  Markéta Kratochvílová Janja Prokic

 In the mood


Marketa Kratochvilova - "Muse" - jewelryMarkéta Kratochvílová – « Muse » – jewelry

Czech artist Markéta Kratochvílová’s extraordinary jewelry runs against the standard grain. A sculptor by training, her pieces stand as a retort to what jewelry is and how we think about it. . - white set of broochesMarkéta Kratochvílová - white set of brooches

  Eva Eisler: Náhrdelník | na serveru | aktuální zprávyEva Eisler necklace

JANjA PROKIĆ (Serbia) - Big beaver necklace - gold plated brass, pearls, furJanja Prokic  - Big beaver necklace – gold plated brass, pearls, fur





Tschechisches Zentrum
Prinzregentenstraße 7
80538 München,
Tel. +49 89 21024932
10-18 Uhr

EXPO ‘Kosmos Kino’ – Galli Theater, Munich (DE) – 13-16 Mars 2014

SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Galli Theater München : « Kosmos Kino »

Vernissage: 13 March 2014, from 17:30 to 21:00
Most Welcome!

Two charachters at play ; two stories laid out and entwined by artists Vivi Touloumidi, Beatrice Brovia & Nicolas Cheng, each exploring the jewelry medium in the expanded field.

Kosmos Kino

Vivi Touloumidi Beatrice Brovia Nicolas Cheng


Vivi Touloumid - What will Kosmos say ? installation of approx. 100+ brooches carved & textured by the artist volcanic pumice stones, steel various sizes (average dimensions: 7 x 8 x 11 in cm)Vivi Touloumidi - What will kosmos say ?
2013 – 2014 : installation of approx. 100+ brooches – carved & textured by the artist  – volcanic pumice stones, steel  – various sizes (average dimensions: 7 x 8 x 11 in cm)
What will kosmos say ? - vivitouloumidi.comVivi Touloumidi - What will kosmos say ?
What will kosmos say ? - vivitouloumidi.comVivi Touloumidi – What will kosmos say ?
What will kosmos say ? -

 « The current social/political struggles emphasize the need to rethink and rebuild ways of operating within the society.  Only with the participation of the individuals and their active interaction can eventually occur a change within the collective. This work talks about the position of jewellery in times like these.
kosmos = the world = jewellery = the people
Kosmos has diverse definitions beyond the profound that relates to notions of the universe or the world.
In the Greek language (κόσμος) it has the meaning of order, harmony or beauty.
In old Greek it stands also for jewellery and in neo-Greek usually means “the people”.
By reloading these meanings to the question, its impact changes.
It can evolve to “What will people say?” or “What will jewellery say?”
The title implies several interpretations and sets a bridge between adornment, self-exposure and engagement in the public domain.

The brooches are made out of volcanic pumice rocks. Pumice stones are super-heated, highly pressurized rocks, violently ejected from a volcano millions of years ago. In 2013 the artist took a special permission to visit the quarry on the island Yali/Greece, where she collected the rocks one by one.
She sculpted and textured the surface of the stones by hand  and then hollowed out and assembled them according to their unique measurements and proportions.

The most widely spread function of this mineral is the beautification and cleaning of the human body. This custom denotes the notion of “catharsis”. Depending on context, catharsis (κάθαρση) can have a literal connotation, as well as a metaphorical one. The latter can mean “the purification or purgation of the emotions” primarily through art, as used by Aristotle in the Poetics.
The brooches look up to that notion of catharsis. But catharsis is most of all a condition. Not a given answer.
It’s a process. A process based on the idea that social and cultural reform can occur through individual acts of resistance.
This work is inspired by the notion of the smaller parts working independently,  but also together, in order to reinforc e a change within the whole. Same as in the essence of the kosmos, where the dependence of the whole upon the miniscule is undeniable.
Can jewellery contribute to the social changes?
Jewellery is a powerful medium, because it demands involvement and through this circular function it holds andtransmits a statement.  Therefore jewellery is an active broadcaster within the public realm.
Jewellery as a tool.
Creating a new kosmos by being this new kosmos in practice. Making this choice everyday is essential.
Thinking of jewellery not as an add-on, but as a put out.
An invitation to negotiate reality.
2013 / Vivi Touloumidi



Galli Theater München
Amalienpassage, Türkenstraße 86
80799 München
Opening hours: 13, 14, 15, 16 March 2014, from 12 to 19:00
12-19 Uhr, Do 17.30-20 Uhr
More info: ;



EXPO ‘Lights ON/Lights OFF’ – Welser.Punkt, Munich (DE) – 14-16 Mars 2014

 SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

« Lights ON/Lights OFF » with Dimitar Stankov, Jonathan Hens

Opening on Thursday: 15HR-19HR

Lights on/off

‘ Jonathan grew up in a forest’
‘ Dimitar always wanted to play the bagpipe, but he sucks’

Jonathan Hens - bracelets manchettes - 2012 - étain, sutures, éclats de diamants (Paris, expo 'Precieux Passages' à Bib. Forney)Jonathan Hens – bracelets manchettes – 2012 – étain, sutures, éclats de diamants (Paris, ‘Precieux Passages’ , Bib. Forney)

 Jonathan Hens - D A R K - P A R A D I S E 2013 Bracelet Pewter/ Sutures/ Plastic - photo Dominique ProvostJonathan HensD A R K – P A R A D I S E 2013 Bracelet Pewter/ Sutures/ Plastic - photo Dominique Provost



Welserstraße 29-31
81373 München
Tel. +32 495 327052
Fr-Sa 10-18,So 10-14 Uhr

EXPO – Schlegelschmuck, Munich (DE) – 13-21 Mars 2014

 SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Schlegelschmuck Munich is participating in International Schmuck 2014 and is pleased to present the work of five distinguished, contemporary jewellers :
Barbara SchrobenhauserGrant McCaigNhat-vu Dang –  Rafael Hafner — Jie Sun

inauguration : 13. mars 2014,  17 – 19 uhr

schlegelschmuck during Schmuck 2014 Munich!


Barbara Schrobenhauser -  Barbara Schrobenhauser graduated about a year ago from the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, class of Otto Künzli.Barbara Schrobenhauser « Aluminum 3″, 2011, aluminum foil, leather string – She graduated about a year ago from the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, class of Otto Künzli.
Barbara Schrobenhauser -Barbara Schrobenhauser« The time on my side », brooch, newsprint, charcoal, glue, some with glass
Nhat-vu Dang green bracelet
Grant McCaig  rings 2012Grant McCaig  rings 2012
Grant McCaig, bangles !!Grant McCaig, bangles


nordendstr. 7a
ecke adalbertstraße
80799 münchen schwabing

tel: +49 (0)89 -2710071


EXPO ‘Frieda Dörfer – Beate Eismann’ – TAL20 gallery, Munich (DE) – 13-17 Mars 2014

 SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014



Vernissage 13 Mars  05:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.

during SCHMUCK 14 ??? galerie-tal20
« Ever since her childhood, Beate Eismann has been euphoric about the atmosphere in printers’ workshops, which she calls “a mix of heavy indus- try and precision engineering.” It was only logical for her to take metal printing plates and give them a new purpose in her jewelry. The motifs suggest mountain ranges traversed by valleys and canyons. Ink remnants, scratches, odors and labels on the plates are a code that awaits decryp- tion and chronicles the history of the plates’ former uses. » (ArtAurea) :
Beate Eismann. Versatile pendant Schriftsück II. Enameled metal, glass stones, tombac, silver, slender rope. 188×62×13 mm.Beate Eismann. Versatile pendant Schriftsück II. Enameled metal, glass stones, tombac, silver, slender rope
« Frieda Dörfer became fascinated by guilloche ornamentation during her first semes- ter at the academy of design in Pforzheim. Reflections from guilloche can make a surface look like textile or can create a three-dimensional appearance. Guilloche “caressingly and fully covers” the hollow bodies of her jewelry. “I simply can’t stop applying guilloche until no unadorned metal or acrylic plate remains,” she says » (ArtAurea) :
Frieda Dörfer. Necklace, 2013. Blackened brass with guilloche ornamentation, Milanese band. 34×10×7 mm. Photo Andreas KrusczikFrieda Dörfer. Necklace, 2013. Blackened brass with guilloche ornamentation, Milanese band. 34×10×7 mm. Photo Andreas Krusczik
Frieda DörferFrieda Dörfer. Necklace, 2013 – Bachelorarbeit – guilloché



Schmuckgalerie tal20
Tal 20, 80331 München
phone: +49 (0)89 . 24 23 14 91
fax: +49 (0)89 . 24 23 14 92

SCHMUCK-Show 2014 – Muffathalle, Munich (DE) – 12 Mars 2014

Classé dans : Allemagne (DE),EVENEMENT / Type of EVENT,SCHMUCK — bijoucontemporain @ 12:31

 SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

12 Mars, 21 Uhr SCHMUCK-Show

Live Schmuck-Präsentation


Schmuck-Show 2014

For the third time, the Jewelry Show kicks off the Jewelry Days in Munich. New this year: the pieces of jewelry will be presented on people’s bodies in collaboration with artists, actors, singers and dramaturges. The live presentation whets visitors’ appetites for the numerous exhibits that occur simultaneously with the crafts fair. Also to be published: a Jewelry Finder with color illustrations and city maps. For the organizer Kinga Zobel, jewelry is “always also a medium of communication that manifests itself on the wearer’s body.” In this sense, she adds, the Jewelry Show makes art jewelry experientially accessible. (ArtAurea)

Bartlett KarenKaren Bartlett  necklace  , 2013 Jewelry Show

Five0Eight - Schmuck show 2013Five0Eight necklace – Schmuck show 2013

 Mia Maljojoki - Schmuck show 2013 Mia Maljojoki neckpiece – Schmuck show 2013

Claire McArdle  schmuck show 2013Claire McArdle  schmuck show 2013

Katharina Moch  schmuck show 2013Katharina Moch  schmuck show 2013

Verdier Laurence schmuck show 2013Laurence Verdier  schmuck show 2013


Schmuck-Show 12.03.2014
Start 09:00 p.m.
Muffathalle, München
Zellstrasse 4


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