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‘NEW NOMADS’ New Traditional Jewellery 2012 – SIERAAD Award

‘NEW NOMADS’ New Traditional Jewellery 2012

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exhibition New Nomads

exhibition New Nomads will be shown during SIERAAD Art Fair, 1 – 4 November 2012, in the Gashouder, WesterGasfabriek, Amsterdam 

the exhibition “New Nomads” will be shown in MMKArnhem,
November 24. – January 27. 2013!
The next exhibition will be published after the summer.


Inspired by old traditions. The International contest for gold, silver and jewellery designers

‘NEW NOMADS’ New Traditional Jewellery 2012 - SIERAAD Award dans Concours / Competition DEZE-DUSNTJ_DEF_LOGO
Theme:  ‘NEW NOMADS’

The preservation of worldwide cultural heritage, the reassessment of symbol bearers, the creation of new traditions, the revival of old traditions in a new form.  These last two years inspiration was to be found in jewellery from traditional costume traditions (2006)  and symbols of faith (2007) 2008 symbols of Intimacy

This year (2012) participants are invited to design a piece of jewellery based on a new theme: ‘NEW NOMADS’

MAPA dans Exposition/Exhibition

New Traditional Jewellery 2012: international design contest and exhibition. For the 2012 design contest and exhibition the professional jury of New Traditional Jewellery (NTJ) has chosen the theme ‘NEW NOMADS’, because both literally and figuratively this theme offers many possibilities for inspiration. The history of jewellery is as old as mankind. While people went in search of parts with the best living conditions they carried their valuables with them, wearing them on their bodies. Jewellery that represents economic and social status, as it still does nowadays in the case of nomadic tribes.

The dissemination of religions went hand in hand with an unprecedented range of religious jewellery and ornaments, ranging from small containers for religious texts to reliquaries and portable altars. To this day, jewellery made of stable materials like gold and gems is the guarantee for your ‘ticket home’ in times of crises or when you have to flee from high-risk areas. Due to the global financial crisis prices of this so-called ‘flight gold’ have skyrocketed. Is there an alternative? Nowadays there are quite different streams of migrants but the principle is the same: people in search of parts with better living conditions. The whole world is on the move, from refugees to tourists, from emigrants to employees of multinationals. And you don’t even have to get up from your chair: Skype e.g. has made videoconferencing into a social medium.

NTJ asks contemporary professional jewellery designers to build bridges between the traditional jewellery of e.g. nomads, pilgrims, explorers, globetrotters, refugees or colonists and possible symbols bearers representing the mobility of the ‘NEW NOMADS’. On behalf of the technical jury, the executive committee of the jury and NTJ wishes all participants much inspiration and success!

jury 2012: Isabella van den Bos, verzamelaar sieraadkunst, voorzitter Foundation Art in Business Els van der Plas, directeur, Premsela, Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion,  Herman Hermsen; sieraadkunstenaar en Professor für Schmuck- und Produktdesign Fachhochschule Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences. Marjan Unger, art historian and publicist ; Theo Smeets, University of Applied Sciences Trier – Dept. Gemstone & Jewellery Design – Campus Idar-Oberstein; AZIZ, fashion designer/artist Eveline Holsappel, Curator applied art and design, Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Arnhem. Chequita Nahar; jewellery designer, Coordinator Department Jewellery & Product Design, Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht.

NEW TRADITIONAL JEWELLERY, international jewellery design contest - JURY (gauche)NEW TRADITIONAL JEWELLERY, international jewellery design contest - JURY for 'new Nomads' droite

JURY  is suffering !

2 dans Prix/AwardsTove Knuts

4 dans SIERAAD (NL)Robean Visschers

6 dans www NOOVOeditionsNina Schuler


Nora Rochel





The group of potential contestants is distinguished into two categories:
Category A : established jewellery artists and silverdesigners
Category B : final-year and advanced students of all art academies and fourth-level students of the gold
and/or silversmith disciplines of training colleges, or comparable levels of part time education
or evening classes
v   Each participant may submit only one finished piece of jewellery
v  The ornament should be wearable, the parcel can not be more then 2 kilo’s.
v  The designs may not have been exhibited before nor seen/sold by third parties. Only ornaments made
v  specifically for this contest will be eligible for nomination.
v  Apart from the design the participant is also expected to supply an explanation of the underlying idea,
v  an inspirational text (no more than 15 lines) and a photograph of the source of inspiration, high resolution (330dpi, min. 15 x 15 cm)
v  All nominated designs will remain in the possession of the organization during all exhibitions and will
v  not be returned for the duration (2.5 years at the most)

Submitting the design
v  Fully completed registration form by email before 1 June 2012
v  Payment of registration fee; before 1 June 2012
v  Fully completed design form by email before 1 June 2012
v  By handing in the design form the contestant assures the organization of having designed and made
v  the design himself/herself and that he/she has not submitted the designs to other design contests
or offered them for sale.
v  Fully completed design + registration form by regular mail together with the design to be in our possession between: Monday June 25. – Saturday July 8. 2012
Registration fee €39.00 per person payable to
Rabobank 32 85 05 420 | IBAN: NL31RABO 03285054 20 – BIC CODE RABO NL2U / OR PAYPAL ( Bankcosts have to be pay paid by the participant!)
AND parcels are not to exceed a weight of two kilos!!


SIERAAD Art Fair 2011 – 7 jewellers from South Korea – Amsterdam (NL) – 3-6 Nov. 2011

10th SIERAAD Art Fair 2011

among the Special projects:
7 jewellers from South Korea:
Choonsun Moon , Dongchun Lee, Heejoo Kim, Jimin Kim, Seulgi Kwon, Yeseul Seo, Woori Bae

SIERAAD Art Fair 2011 - 7 jewellers from South Korea - Amsterdam (NL) - 3-6 Nov. 2011 dans Choonsun MOON (S.KR) Choonsun-Moon1

Choonsun Moon

ldc01 dans Dongchun LEE (KR)

Dongchun Lee

Heejoo-Kim_2 dans Heejoo KIM (S.KR)

Heejoo Kim
Jimin Kim – brooch- brass, Korean paper, latex
Seulgi Kwon

C_Yeseul-Seo_1_RR dans Hollande (NL)

Yeseul Seo

01_woori dans Jimin KIM (S.KR)

Woori Bae

Gashouder WesterGasterrein
Klönneplein 1
1014 DD Amsterdam
the Netherlands


SIERAAD Art Fair 2011 – Amsterdam (NL) – 3-6 Nov. 2011

Classé dans : Hollande (NL),Salon,SIERAAD (NL) — bijoucontemporain @ 1:09

10th SIERAAD Art Fair 2011





list of PARTICIPANTS here
and ……

Special projects:
* Die Slowakische Schmuck- mannschaft by Academy of fine arts and design, Bratislava, Slovakia Metal and jewellery studio

* Red, by Alchimia, Italy

* ”Portrait Me” by Vivian Meller & Laura Alvarado

* 7 jewellers from South Korea:
Choonsun Moon , Dongchun Lee, Heejoo Kim, Jimin Kim, Seulgi Kwon, Yeseul Seo, Woori Bae,

Evert Nijland, Terhi Tolvanen, Tarja Tuupanen, Ralph Bakker, Eelco Veenman, Chequita Nahar, Jasmin Matzakow, Truike Verdegaal, Peter Hoogeboom, Jantje Fleischhut
Nora Rochel


Red by, Alchimia, Italy : Performance in RED by Alchimia School, Italy

Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewellery students performing Red.

Gashouder WesterGasterrein
Klönneplein 1
1014 DD Amsterdam
the Netherlands


SIERAAD Art Fair 2010 – Amsterdam – 4-7 Nov. 2010

Sieraad : International jewelry art fair  in Amsterdam. The fair will include the 50 best entries for the international design contest New Traditional Jewellery and the presentation of « Inspirations »

SIERAAD Art Fair 2010 - Amsterdam - 4-7 Nov. 2010:

This year the theme of SIERAAD Art Fair as well as of the New Traditional Jewellery design contest is TRUE COLOURS. A brilliant concept, for it calls for new artistic exploration on the part of designers and a search for their own creative roots.

In the meantime 200 jewellery artists have registered to show their work at SIERAAD, which is the largest number of participants since the beginning of the fair. From November 4 through 7 they will show the wide range of their creativity to the public in the Gasholder on the Westergasterrein in Amsterdam. The fair will include the 50 best entries for the international design contest New Traditional Jewellery.


Participants 2010

Alexa – Maria Klahr
Amanda Caines
Anat Sapir Glass Jewellery Design
Anke AMO Akerboom
Atelier Bloedjes
Atelier Hanneke Paumen
Atelier Luz
Atelier Myrthe
Atelier: Akelei
Atelier: Kunst in Zilver
Atelier: MB
Aurifex Goldschmiede
Babette von Dohnany
Camara Gallery
Cees Post
Christiane Köhne
Creative Jewellers on show
Daniele Geargeoura
Danielle Vroemen
Do Collection
Dominique Trinephi
Dorit Schubert
Edelsmederij Orzini
Edelsmid Annelies Schroder
Eelco Veenman
Eva Baum
Eva Schreuder
Fabienne Vuilleumier
Fachhochschule Trier
Fairytale jewellery
H.H. Huang
HAL 1 Design
Hanneke Wels-Davelaar
Hartog en Henneman
Hester Zagt
Ines de Booij
Irish Talents
Isabell Schaupp
Jacomijn van der Donk
Jantine Kroeze
John Artistizabal C.
Josef Koppmann
Julia Funk
Julia Miltenberger Schmuckdesign
Kircher Schmuck
L* sieraden
Label 17.01 accessories
Lady Indira
Leen Heyne
Liuba Jewels
Loet Gescher
M10 Sieraden en Ontwerp
Malu Berbers
Marc Lange
Marian Sturkenboom
Mayza Joao Design
Miguel Gomez Romero
Mirjam Jakubowski en Rene Vlasblom
Misun Won
Nele Content
Nirit Dekel
Nora Rochel
Patricia Thomazo
Paulien Schipper
Peggy Bannenberg
Petra Eberz
Renate Pukis en Tobias Ueberschaer
Robine Ehrenburg
Sabine Müller
Sabine Scheubele
Saimaan AMK | Saimaa University of Applied Sciences
Sally Collins
Sarah Herriot Design
Sarah Kobak Edelsmid
Sarit Assaf
Serena Kyung-Hyun Park
Sieraad in Perspectief
Simone Brewster
Stephanie Hensle
Tamara Grüner
Tove Rygg
Ulrike Poelk
Uta Knoop Schmuckdesign
Ute Decker Sculptural jewellery
Ute van der Plaats
van Jansen
Yoriko Mitsuhashi
Zehava Hashai-Spellman
Zita Jansen edelsmid

 UTA KNOOP -DE ‘ Tas: Uta Knoop 2. Uta Knoop -  necklace

SIERAAD Art Fair 2010 - Amsterdam - 4-7 Nov. 2010 dans Amanda CAINES (UK) Pulverization-22
Arata Fuchi (at Creative Jewellers on show)- Ring – silver : silver powder : oxidized silver powder : fine gold : fine silver

Mirjam Dreher Schmuckdesign: Mirjam Dreher and Penkaar Abova at/from Fachhochschule Trier

Uli RappUli Rapp - new creations for SIERAAD

Fabienne Vuilleumier - broche 'Villa Dutoit 3': Fabienne Vuilleumierbroche « Villa Dutoit »



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