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EXPO ‘PAST PRESENT’ – Alternatives gallery, Roma (IT) – 12 Nov.-6 Dec. 2016

The Grammar of Jewellery

 Maria Rosa Franzin
Gigi Mariani

Alternatives gallery - Opening 12th November – at 6pm
Online exhibition:


Just as language is a set of rules that represent the culture and the way of life of a people, in the same way jewellery is a set of conventions which are also an expression of a vision that is characteristic of a nation. For both, it is a constant interplay and alternation of rules, conventions and customs that come from the past to describe the present. Jewellery is a language and as such is alive insofar as it represents the people who use it. This exhibition aims to focus on the many forms of expression through jewellery. The two goldsmith artists presented, with different personal and professional backgrounds, are however both interpreters of that way of thinking and feeling that is typical of the Italian culture. Italy has always been a melting pot where past and future are fused together, where tradition and innovation are in dialogue, often generating conflicts that can open up new avenues. The rediscovery of ancient techniques and skillful use of existing construction methods characterize the work of Maria Rosa Franzin and Gigi Mariani. Their works show the peculiarities of the Italian language, different for rules and concepts from that of other countries. In other words, we could say « I speak jewellery ».


« Maria Rosa Franzin, who is part of the School of Padua, remains faithful to the use of traditional materials typical of the jewellery world, such as gold and silver, even if with the introduction of colour in recent years. In her latest works, a three-dimensionality already present in the past is accentuated, made of hidden, personal interior spaces. They are introspective works that reveal strength and fragility, light and shadow, presenting a double, inner and outer space, in dialogue with the surrounding world. These are intimate and individual spaces that the artist chooses to share. The introduction of rapid and intense signs, along with the choice of colour, suggest a state of mind. These traces take on the ideal value of an experience, a memory, an emotion. »

Past/PresentMaria Rosa Franzin


« Gigi Marianis works express a strong primordial nature, determined by the skillful use of niello, a technique once used extensively in Europe in the Middle Ages as an inlay on engraved or etched metal. Mariani has personalized this skill by completely covering the surface of the metal with this mixture, as if to conceal the underlying preciousness. His work evokes the earth’s crust attacked by the elements. The forms are linear, compact, in spite of being irregular, and express a great force, while maintaining a significant sense of proportion and balance. »

Past/Present - Gigi MarianiGigi Mariani

Maria Rosa Franzin Brooch - Unique Piece Title: La casa dell’Anima 1 Materials: Silver, acrylic painting, acrylicMaria Rosa Franzin – Brooch – Unique Piece « La casa dell’Anima 1″ Materials: Silver, acrylic painting,acrylic

Maria Rosa Franzin  - Brooch - Unique Piece  Materials: Silver, acrylic painting, acrylic - 2016 -   1 535,00 €: Maria Rosa Franzin  - Brooch - Unique Piece "La casa dell anima 3"   Materials: Silver, acrylic painting, acrylic - 2016

Maria Rosa Franzin  – Brooch   « La casa dell anima 3″  – Silver, acrylic painting, acrylic – 2016

Maria Rosa Franzin Brooch - Unique Piece Title: La casa dell’Anima 11 Materials: Silver, acrylic painting, acrylicMaria Maria Rosa Franzin -  Brooch – Unique Piece – « La casa dell’Anima 11″ Materials: Silver, acrylic painting, acrylic

Maria-Rosa Franzin Bracelet - Unique Piece - Pure gold, gold, oxidized silver, steelMaria-Rosa Franzin Bracelet – Unique Piece – Pure gold, gold, oxidized silver, steel

Gigi Mariani Brooch Title: Tracks #2 Materials: Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello, patinaGigi Mariani - brooch from Rock series, 2016  Title: Tracks #2 – Materials: Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello, patina

Gigi Mariani Ring Title: Sketches series Materials: Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello, patinaGigi Mariani  Ring  « Sketches series »  Materials: Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello, patina

Gigi Mariani Brooch Title: Thoughts Materials: Silver, 18kt yellow gold, enamel, patinaGigi Mariani Brooch  « Thoughts »  Materials: Silver, 18kt yellow gold, enamel, patina

Gigi Mariani  Bracelet: Etnic#1, 2016  Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello patina.: Gigi Mariani  Bracelet: Etnic#1, 2016  Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello patina



Alternatives Gallery
Via della Chiesa Nuova 10
00186 -  Rome
Management: Rita Marcangelo

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EXPO ‘Mari Ishikawa: Hanging Gardens’ – Alternatives Gallery, Rome (IT) – 13 Avril-4 Mai 2013

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Mari Ishikawa – Hanging Gardens – Alternative Gallery, Rome

Opening 13.April

Mari Ishikawa - Hanging Gardens - Alternative Gallery, Rome - 13.April-5.May.2013  Opening 13.April  Alternatives Gallery – Via D’Ascanio, 19 – 00186 – tel. 39 0668308233 – Roma – Italy – info(at)

Alternatives gallery for contemporary jewellery - Mari Ishikawa hanging gardensMari Ishikawa - hanging gardens


Alternatives Gallery
Via D’Ascanio, 19
00186 – Roma – Italy
tel. 39 0668308233


EXPO ‘L’insostenibile leggerezza dell’oro’ – Alternatives Gallery, Rome (IT) – 10 Nov.-3 Dec. 2011

Kazumi NaganoMaria Rosa Franzin

L’insostenibile leggerezza dell’oro 10.11 – 3.12 2011

The Unbearable Lightness of gold
Alternatives is proud to present the works of two jewellery artists, Maria Rosa Franzin and Kazumi Nagano, who have been protagonists on the international contemporary jewellery scene for many years. The two artists come from two very different worlds, Italy and Japan, but nonetheless share the same intent in their research, in the analysis of the weight of metals and the lightness achieved in the transformation process. This challenge has brought them to make complex structures formed by the use of tiny specks of gold or thin gold wire interwoven as if it were thread. Two worlds, two cultures, that are confronted on the diverse approaches to manipulating and transforming gold, by excellence the most noble of materials.
Kazumi Nagano necklace

« Kazumi Nagano from Tokyo weaves strands of gold thread into voluminous three-dimensional structures. The artist uses different colours of gold to achieve light and shade effects, giving depth to the pieces. The gold thread is combined with nylon thread to create suppleness, rendering her works soft to touch and facilitating interrelation with the human body. Interesting and unexpected results are attained. The different shades of colour refer back to her years of training as an artist, in which time she used the ancient Japanese Nihonga technique in her paintings.«
Maria Rosa Franzin

« Maria Rosa Franzin from Padua uses tiny specks of fine gold on the surface of white or oxidised silver, and by doing so uses gold as if it were paint that she applies to the surface of the metal in the form of brush strokes or tiny dots. This pictorial approach stems from her background at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice where she trained as a painter. Since the early days, Franzin has made use of gold in a very light, airy and insubstantial manner, almost wanting us to forget the heavy nature of the metal. The gold specks almost become intangible, but at the same time are able to capture the light and show us the beauty of its warm natural colour in contrast to that of the dark or white silver it is lying on. »
Maria Rosa Franzin   brooch


Alternatives Gallery
Via d’Ascanio, 19
Rome – IT
tel/Fax. ++39 0668308233 -



EXPO ‘ARTornamento 2011′ – Alternatives Gallery, Rome (IT) – 23 Juin-15 Juill. 2011

ARTornamento 2011
23.6 – 15.7.2011
(Anja Eichler brooch)

Now in its sixth year, the exhibition ArtOrnamento at Alternatives Gallery in Rome will present 8 ex-students from the contemporary jewellery School Alchimia in Florence, one of the leading Schools on an international level in the field. Alchimia is a starting point for innovation as well as a preserver of traditional goldsmithing techniques.
The 8 participants in this year’s exhibition studied under the most important contemporary jewellery artists on an international level. The jewellery in this exhibition aims to explore the relationship between the body and the finished piece, each artist interpreting a personal idea of what jewellery is today.
This exhibition aims to show the latest research carried out in the experimental jewellery field, pieces that will show an innovative and diverse approach to the more traditional concept of what jewellery is or may be considered.
This year, one of the pieces shown in the exhibition will be purchased by the gallery and will go to form part of the ArtOrnamento Collection.


Represented artists  :
Satita Rojpojjanarat –  Nadege Roscoe Lea Marie Becker — Jade Drakes — Gabi VeitCarissa HsuAnja EichlerAline Battegay
Wen-Hsien Carissa Hsu  – ‘Lust and Frost’, brooch, textile, silver
Nadege Roscoe - necklace cows – (Fashion and art photographer Dario Garofalo and stylist Camilla Bresci have orchestrated a photoshooting with jewellery from Alchimia students – fevr 2011)
Carissa Hsu- pink necklace  (Fashion and art photographer Dario Garofalo and stylist Camilla Bresci have orchestrated a photoshooting with jewellery from Alchimia students – fevr 2011)
Gabi Veit – « ricomincerò », neckpiece, aluminium cast, thread
Nadege Roscoe-Rumjahn – brooch, textile, gold
Lea Maria Becker - brooch, wood, paint
Satita Rojpojjanarat, brooch, textile, magnet- « Thai clouds »


Alternatives Gallery
Via d’Ascanio, 19
Rome -Italy
tel/Fax. ++39 0668308233


« Profondo », Alchimia graduation show – Florence, Italie – 16-17-18 juin 2011

 Profondo, Alchimia graduation show

jeudi 16 juin · 18:00 21:00

curated by RUUDT PETERS
and to the End of the Year exhibition of the first and second year classes


Aline Battegay, Lea-Maria Becker, Jade Drakes, Anja Eichler, Wen-Hsien Carissa Hsu, Satita Rojpojjanarat, Nadege Roscoe-Rumjahn, Gabi Veit

Alchimia Jewellery school in Firenze presents ‘Profondo’ graduation exhibition of the third year/specialization course in contemporary jewellery taught by Ruudt Peters. A research focused on extending and deepening the working methods and personal reflections of each artist.

Eight different approaches and techniques led to heterogeneous experimentations, ranging from issues related to the complexity of relations between individuals, attempts to objectification of emotions, to growth as a result of a regulated destruction process. Set up in the basement of Piazza Piattellina Square, in the striking stone cellars of Alchimia, the exhibition is articulated as a fragmented path that expresses a discourse about the multiple possibilities and related significance of body adornment.
Aline Battegay- Virus series
Gabi Veit
Satita Rojpojjanarat
Nadege Roscoe-Rumjahn

(thanks for pictures to Alternative Gallery, « ARTornamento 2011 » exhibition)



Alchimia Scuola Di Gioielleria
Piazza Piattellina 3/r, Florence, Italy


COLLECT 2011 – at SAATCHI GALLERY, LONDON (UK) – 6-9 Mai 2011

COLLECT has an enviable reputation as a premier, annual fair for contemporary craft. Through its presentation of work from the best international applied artists, COLLECT has become a prestigious event in the international cultural calendar gaining the respect and support of many private collectors, museum curators and galleries.

This year, for the first time, the work of each artist will be complimented by a photographic installation curated by a renowned Italian photographer, Mario Guerra, in which the jewellery on display will be interpreted from an artistic viewpoint, so as to create an ever closer connection between the worlds of contemporary craft and contemporary art.

jewelry galleries :

Alternatives Gallery (IT), Antonella Villanova (IT), Electrum Gallery (UK), Galerie Louise Smit (NL), Galerie Marzee (NL), Galerie Ra (NL), Galerie Rob Koudijs (NL), Galerie Sofie Lachaert (BE), Galleri Format (NO), Galleria Norsu (FI), Lesley Craze Gallery (UK), Galerie Rosemarie Jäger (DE), The Scottish Gallery (UK), Tyger Glyn Gallery (UK)

Monsieur Gaston, Neckpiece (28x29x8x4cm) by Eugenia Ingegno; Gallery: Alternatives Gallery; Photo: Federico Cavicchioli, 2010
Eugenia Ingegno (Alternatives Gallery)


Sally Collins – (Alternatives Gallery)Wetshinysharp (7x7x4cm) by Helen Britton; Gallery: Galerie Louise Smit; Photo: Felix Flurry, 2010
Helen Britton – (Galerie Louise Smit)Brooch (6x9cm) by Bettina Speckner; Gallery: Galerie Ra; Year: 2010

Bettina Speckner – front brooch – 2010  (Galerie Ra)

Frozen Fireworks, necklace (6x6x12cm) by Mia Maljojoki; Gallery: Galerie Rob Koudijs; Photo: Mirei Takeuchi, 2010
Mia Maljojoki - (Galerie Rob Koudijs)Vernal Affection (3.5x1.5x4.2cm) by Ara Kuo; Gallery: Galerie Sofie Lachaert; Year, 2010
Ara Kuo -  (Galerie Sofie Lachaert )

Grandma goes to Tokyo (13x5.5x4cm) by Elise Hatlø; Gallery: Galleri Format; Photo: Kirsti Mørch
Elise Hatlo – (Galleri Format)

COLLECT 2011 - at SAATCHI GALLERY, LONDON (UK) - 6-9 Mai 2011 dans Anna TALBOT (NO) anna%20talbot11
Anna Talbot, Redwolf, 2009 - (Galleri Format)Two Coral Wrist Pieces (12.5x11x5cm; 14x12.5x5cm) by Nora Fok; Photo: Frank Hills, 2010
Nora Fok – (Lesley Craze Gallery)

Brooch, Manipulation # 4 (15.5x13x4.5cm) by Melanie Isverding; Gallery: Rosemarie Jäger; Photo: Mirei Takeuchi, 2009
Melanie Isverding (Galerie Rosemarie Jäger)

web_Attai%20Chen2_alt dans Ara KUO (Taiwan)

Attai Chen  (Galerie Rosemarie Jäger)Stem series, pin (8x4x1.5cm) by Susan May; Gallery: Tyger Glyn Gallery; Photo: By kind permission of the Goldsmiths' Company, 2009
Susan May- brooch – (Tyger Glyn Gallery)



Saatchi Gallery
Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road
SW3 4SQ‎ – London
United Kingdom
Telephone: +39-06-68308233
Fax: +39-06-68308233


EXPO ‘Geometrie Variabili – Graziano Visintin’ – Galerie Alternatives, Rome (IT) – 7-29 Avril 2011

Geometrie Variabili – Graziano Visintin
Opening: 7 aprile 2011 ore 18,00

EXPO 'Geometrie Variabili - Graziano Visintin' - Galerie Alternatives, Rome (IT) - 7-29 Avril 2011 dans Exposition/Exhibition 198892_1655022738751_1332545162_31435526_6194072_n

Per la prima volta a Roma, una mostra personale dedicata all’artista orafo Graziano Visintin. Artista italiano che ha lavorato principalmente sulla rielaborazione e distorsione delle strutture geometriche attraverso un sapiente richiamo a quelle regole della scienza matematica che si occupano delle forme e delle loro mutue relazioni.

The first exhibition will be dedicatd to Graziano Visintin, an Italian artist who has worked mainly on the revision or distortion of geometic structures through reference to mathematical rules that apply to forms and their mutual relations.

VVV1 dans Gal. Alternatives (IT)



Galerie Alternatives
Via d’Ascanio, 19
Rome (Italy)
Tel/Fax. ++39 0668308233



« In my work I am investigating the world of black. A world which each kind of black has his own light. One urban tower on a volcanic ground, seems to be familiar to me. » (Dina Abargil)

entre le charbon, l’élément calciné, le fer noirci, brûlé, bois, métal ou pierre, on cherche l’élément « originel », la matière est dense, puissante, profonde, appelle la main et le toucher, interroge l’oeil … SUPERBE puissance que celle de ces noirs là !

All images from The Pendant Show at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Dina Abargil, ‘Without Words’ Pendant

BLACK is BEAUTIFUL - Dina ABARGIL dans COUP DE COEUR 20657_1328498300888_1483871776_900580_53529_n

20657_1328498340889_1483871776_900581_5344024_n dans Dina ABARGIL (IL)
Dina Abargil, ‘Fiori della Città’ – collier en ciment et Shibuichi (détail)

20657_1328498180885_1483871776_900577_6842380_n dans Gal. Alternatives (IT)
Dina Abargil, pendentif en ébène, Shibuichi, Shacudo (détail)

20657_1328498260887_1483871776_900579_2891852_n dans Gal. Velvet da Vinci (US)

Dina Abargil, ‘As You Want It to Be’ Pendant (The Pendant Show at Velvet da Vinci Art Jewelry)



EXPO ‘ARTornamento 2010′ – Alternatives Gallery, Rome (Italy) – 23 Sept.-15 Oct. 2010


EXPO 'ARTornamento 2010' - Alternatives Gallery, Rome (Italy) - 23 Sept.-15 Oct. 2010 dans ALCHIMIA (IT) 50552_144475605588042_1814_n

« The sixth edition of the exhibition ArtOrnamento will present 10 ex-students from the school Alchimia in Florence, one of the best contemporary jewellery schools on an international level. Alchimia represents excellence in innovation in the sector, but is at the same time a place for the conservation and study of ancient goldsmith techniques.
The 10 participants in this year’s exhibition have gained their formation experience through the qualified supervision of the most renowned artists worldwide.
The selected pieces will investigate the close relationship between body and object, by means of a new interpretation of the concept of personal adornment.
The exhibition aims to create a contact between the public and the makers, so as to investigate the result of their research. This is a first important appointment that intends to offer a view on the new frontiers that contemporary jewellery creation is facing.
This year Alternatives has initiated a competition that involves the acquisition of a piece of jewellery that will go to form a new permanent collection dedicated to research jewellery. « 


Represented artists : 
Ana Catalina Brenes, Costa Rica  –  Isabel Dammermann, Germany — Joanne Huang Shi-Ping, Australia/Taiwan — Eugenia Ingegno, Italy — Sayaka Ito, Japan –  Anastasia Kandaraki, Greece — Ting-Chun Ara Kuo, Taiwan — Maria Eugenia Lopez, Puerto Rico — Malaika Najem, Spain — Selen Özus, Turkey –
Elinor de Spoelberch, Belgium


isabel%2Bdammermann%2B7 dans Anastasia KANDARAKI (GR)
Isabel Dammermann (Alchimia 2007-2010) brooch, silver, shell

« To this artist, jewellery is a journey through material and form. It tells a story of its own, while following curiosity. The pieces are unique in their forms and combine fragments of the past with elements of the present.«
Catalina Brenes  (Alchimia 2007-2010) brooch
« This artist has an evident disposition to make pieces that grow into multiplying elements. She inherited this from her home culture, a country where the need for company and fraternity influences ones outlook on many aspects of life. The search for balance and tranquility is a constant. A quest to evoke timelessness.« 

 dans Ara KUO (Taiwan)
JOANNE HUANG SHU-PING (Alchimia 2008-2010) ring

« In the pieces entitled ‘Cover and Discover’, this artist uses contradiction as expression in her works. Showing an element or covering it up, using the materials to express this and transforming them into works of art. »
Anastasia KandarakiMokume School, Athens

« Continuous research, as a means of escaping. Searching for another type of language to express herself, searching a symmetry inside something asymmetric, searching for an internal balance.«
Sayaka Ito (JP) (Alchimia 2008-2010)

« This artist is curious about what is inside things that we see. Visually, only the outside of objects can been seen, but often there is more than what the eye can visually see. This brings her to imagine what lies beyond. Similarly, this concept can also be applied to people. Our actions are supported by our body, but come from within. «
Selen Özus (TR)
« It is evident when looking at the works of this artist that she lets emotion and spontaneity guide her work.« 


Alternatives Gallery
Via d’Ascanio, 19 (Via della Scrofa)
00186 – Roma (Italia)


COUP de … ROUGE avec Lucia MASSEI – Filo ROSSO ………

Une architecture à l’allure délicate mais à la présence puissante et qui me touche profondément ….

« Lucia Massei‘s works reveal evocative forms and release a strong energy. The artist likes to use hard metals such as shibuichi and iron, due to their inherent internal tension and surprising lightness. She also enjoys availing herself of gold due to its ability to bring to life different hues of red. Jewellery making to Massei is a very special moment, a time when she can shut off from the rest of her surroundings and enter into a world of her own. It is a private space, a time for reflection and a time to elaborate her thoughts, that will then be translated into sculptural pieces for the body. Her jewellery pieces are the result of her experiences, a time for her to be able to make up stories that she will later share with all of us. They create a bridge between her and the rest of the world, a bridge that allows her to reach out to people and speak to them in a language of her own. At times they are the end of one journey and the beginning of another. They come to us in the form of delicate, feminine, poetic works for the body, able to tell us a different story every time we look at them. A journey into the artist’s intimate sphere, but at the same time, a journey each one of us can make into our own private realm. » (Alternatives Gallery)

Lucia Massei  Brooch: Mon Coeur 2010  Silver, iron, pigments, fine gold, black spinelsLucia Massei - ‘Mon coeur 1′ brooch – silver, 18kt yellow gold, iron, fine gold, pigment, black spinels – 2010

Lucia Massei - Touching your skin | necklace year 2007 yellow gold, silver, iron,pigmentsLucia Massei - « la tua pelle » / « Touching your skin » necklace – 18kt yellow gold, silver, iron, pigment 2007

Ensamble | necklace year 2006 shibuichi, pigments, yellow goldLucia Massei « Ensamble » necklace 2006 shibuichi, pigments, yellow gold

COUP de ... ROUGE  avec Lucia MASSEI - Filo ROSSO ......... dans COUP DE COEUR gal1_13_big
Lucia Massei - « homeless » pendant – silver, iron, pigment 2006
Lucia Massei necklace

Pigmented shibuichi (silver & copper) by Italy's Lucia Massei.Lucia Massei - shibuichi rings  (shibuichi : silver & copper)

Lucia Massei. aritmia | bracelet  2007 iron, yellow gold, pigmentsLucia Massei - « aritmia » bracelet  2007 iron, yellow gold, pigments

lucia massei Necklace: All around you / tutto intorno a te 2006  Shibuichi, yellow gold 18kt, pigment Lucia Massei -  Necklace: « All around you » / « tutto intorno a te » 2006  Shibuichi, yellow gold 18kt, pigment

Lucia Massei Due come noi / two like us | necklace year 2005 shibuichi, fine gold, resin, yellow goldLucia Massei -  « Due come noi » / « two like us » necklace (detail) 2005 shibuichi, fine gold, resin, yellow gold

Lucia Massei - Suit of armour Bracciale 2007 shibuichi oro giallo pigmentiLucia Massei - « Suit of armour » Bracciale 2007 shibuichi oro giallo pigmenti
Lucia Massei - « IL MURO » Pendente

Shibuichi (四分一?) is a billon which can be patinated into a range of subtle muted shades of blue or green. Its name means « one-fourth » in Japanese and indicates the standard formulation of one part silver to three parts copper, though this may be varied according to the desired effect. A 5% silver / 95% copper alloy is also marketed as « shibuichi » [1]. An wide range of colours can be achieved using the whole range of alloy compositions, even above 50% silver. It is a common misconception that both copper and silver oxides form but in fact a detailed study has shown that only copper oxides are formed on the copper rich regions of the materials microstructure while the silver rich regions are left largely untouched.
For most of its history, shibuichi was mostly used to ornament various fittings for katana until the Meiji reforms, when most swordmakers began to make purely decorative objects instead. Similar alloys have been used elsewhere but the use of shibuichi to achieve different colored patinas has remained nearly unknown outside Japan, despite recent interest from artisans in the West.  (wikipedia)