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EXPO ‘Diamonds and Dead Things’ – Galeria Articula, Lisboa (Portugal) – 14 Avril-12 Mai 2012

Exhibition: Diamonds and Dead Things
Works by Kelly McCallum and Märta Mattsson
Opening night Saturday 14th of April

EXPO 'Diamonds and Dead Things' - Galeria Articula, Lisboa (Portugal) - 14 Avril-12 Mai 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition diamonds+&+dead+things

“Art is far too important to be taken seriously”

Diamonds and Dead things is the brain child of Kelly McCallum and Märta Mattsson.
A constantly evolving project in which anything goes and everything is possible.

D&D is not a straightforward collaboration of ideas or a way to share the making of pieces, but an opportunity to throw caution to the wind and to create work in which each artist does not always have complete control.
It’s about constructing opportunities for creative play, to search for the magical in the unexpected and to allow two creative minds free reign to explore all that is possible.

Pinned ImageKelly McCallum
Picture+2 dans Gal. Articula (PT)Kelly McCallum
facing_cicadas_2 dans Kelly McCALLUM (UK)
Märta Mattsson – brooch
Rua dos Remédios 102
1100-450 Lisboa
+351 211913138




EXPO ‘ENCARNAR o FIXO e o VOLÁTIL’ – Galeria ARTICULA, Lisbonne (Portugal) – 10 Dec.2011

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Articula (PT),Portugal (PT),Teresa MILHEIRO (PT) — bijoucontemporain @ 20:49


exposição jóias e desenhos de Teresa Milheiro e António Faria

Peças de Teresa Milheiro

Rua dos Remédios 102,
1100-450 Lisbon, Portugal
tel 211913138

COUP de ROUGE : Elo Uibokand

Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,Elo UIBOKAND (EE),Gal. Articula (PT) — bijoucontemporain @ 20:30

Elo Uibokand at Galeria ARTICULA

Elo Uibokand – Glass, silver and metal pins

Elo Uibokand brooch

Elo Uibokand – Glass, silver and steel wire brooches

Elo Uibokand - Glass, silver and cotton thread earring

Elo Uibokand - Glass, cotton and steel wire brooch

Elo Uibokand -brooches



Rua dos Remédios 102,
1100-450 Lisbon, Portugal
tel 211913138


EXPO ‘Dark And Sweet’ – Galeria Articula, Lisboa, Portugal – 17 Juin-30 Juill. 2011

« Dark And Sweet »

You are warmly welcome to the opening of the contemporary jewellery exhibition  » DARK AND SWEET  » with the artists Elo Uibokand and Tiina Rajakallio, at the Gallery ARTICULA, Friday,
17 June , from 6 pm till 9 pm. The exhibition runs till 30 July.

EXPO 'Dark And Sweet' - Galeria Articula, Lisboa, Portugal - 17 Juin-30 Juill. 2011 dans Elo UIBOKAND (EE) 250188_1925331187230_1660671088_1911164_55039_n


Elo Uibokand is talented contemporary jewellery artist originally from Estonia. She studied jewellery and stone object design in Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Lappeenranta, Finland and graduated 2009. Tiina Rajakallio is a Finnish emerging jewellery artist. She got her master’s at Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden in 2008. They both are living and working in Lappeenranta, Finland. “Dark and Sweet” is their first collaboration together.
The dark side is often related to negative aspects of life. In this exhibition the darkness is necessary; it will highlight the light and sweet characteristics of our being. There are always two sides in every thing, together they’ll form a space where both is equally important and constantly in move, equally dependant on each other, so the harmony will be created.

Elo Uibokand has been exploring the theme by emphasizing the possibility for the encounter, femininity and tenderness in the subject by the brownish natural shades of copper and the oval-like shapes, referring to a human/woman. The cat has been obviously used as a symbol for the theme. Cats may be sweet and soft and purring…and at the next moment will bite your caressing hand. So there are oval shapes, smooth and easy to touch and handle and there are cats meticulously sawn out of the metal with sharp edges, as sharp as the bite of the cat. The cat images have been scratched to the surfaces of the metal, the drawings are subtle, even intimate – one has to come closer in order to see and recognize. Here, unlike in printmaking, the plate itself is the subject together with the earrings and necklaces sometimes sawn out from the same plate.

246613_1904245700106_1660671088_1878666_2709461_n dans Exposition/Exhibition
Elo Uibokand  The Power Cat Jewellery 2011

Tiina Rajakallio’s works are about forgetting as a part of remembering. Things get frighteningly lost and changed in our minds, there are empty spaces, black holes; moments we have no image about anymore. Rajakallio has been focusing on the aspect of catching the lost memory, using forms suggesting the handles, the vessels – abstract and concrete at the same time. The materials (mostly wood) have been treated in a different manner. Rough natural surfaces of the branches, slip surfaces carved and painted… You’ll be able to reach your memory… or it will slip away from your hands. The colour palette is delicately natural; except the deep dark ultramarine blue associated with the subconsciousness, the unknown and far away. There are necklaces and brooches to be found in Rajakallio’s series, somehow familiar and strange.

 dans Gal. Articula (PT)
Tiina Rajakallio necklace – 2009



Galeria Articula
Rua dos Remédios 102
1100-450 Lisboa (Portugal)


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