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Brigitte BEZOLD, découverte à la galerie Hélène Porée

« Inspiration comes from what I am surrounded by, where I am passing by and from the materials I am using. I work a group of pieces along a subject I am interested in  »

Brigitte BEZOLDBroche branche – fer, résine acrylique

Brigitte BEZOLDbroche acrylique

Brigitte BEZOLD – Broche de fleurs – acrylique, or

Brigitte BEZOLD –  B.O.- fer, acrylique

Brigitte BEZOLD –  rings – 2010

Brigitte BEZOLDbrooch – gold, fine gold wire, carved white agate – 2005

born in 1964 in Neuremberg Germany -

Training / Education (Charon Kransen Arts) :

1984 – 1988 Apprenticeship in goldsmithing in Pforzheim and Erlangen
1991 – 1993 Staatliche Zeichenakademie Hanau „Goldschmiedemeisterin » and „Gestaltungstechnikerin »
Work Experience:
1989 – 1991 workexperience as modelmaker and designer in Vicenza, Italy, London, UK and Erlangen, Germany.
1993 – 1996 member of the group « Formidable » in Hanau Germany
1996 – 1998 and from 2001 own workshop
1998 – 2001 artist in residence at the Edinburgh College of Art UK


SOFA New-York 2011 – 14-17 Avril 2011

opens at the city’s Park Avenue Armory – Fifty-five international galleries and dealers will represent 12 nations

Main jewelry galleries : Aaron Faber Gallery, Charon Kransen Arts, Gallery S O London, Jewelers’ Werk Galerie, Ornamentum, Sienna Gallery

SOFA New-York 2011 - 14-17 Avril 2011 dans Bernhard SCHOBINGER (CH) 2
Peter Schmid/Atelier Zobel - Ring, 2010 – sterling silver, black granite, black diamonds  - Aaron Faber Gallery

1 dans blog ArtJewelryForum
Efharis Alepedis - Necklace, 2010 - red patent leather, silk cocoons, epoxy resin, silver  - Charon Kransen Arts

2 dans Efharis ALEPEDIS (US)
Mirjam Hiller Brooch Ovalias, 2010 - stainless steel, powder coated  -Charon Kransen Arts
Sergey Jivetin – Cloud Brooch, Drip Brooch, Splash Brooch – 2009 – eggs, carbon-fiber, steel, resin - Ornamentum

1 dans Gal. Aaron Faber (US)
Vera Siemund Necklace, 2010 – enameled copper, silver  - Jewelers’ Werk Galerie

2 dans Gal. Charon Kransen (US)
Jiro Kamata - Arboresque Brooch, 2010 - oxidized silver, camera lenses, acrylic paint  Ornamentum

1 dans Gal. Jewelerswerk (US)
Hanna Hedman - Human Tree, 2010 - copper, oxidized silver, paint  Ornamentum

solo dans Gal. Ornamentum (US)
Jennifer Trask- Acanthus, 2010 – antler, 17th century gilded frame, gold leaf, goldOrnamentum

2 dans Gal. S O (UK)
Helen Britton Grey Brooch, 2009 - silver, paint, plastics, shells, glass  - Sienna Gallery
Bernhard Schobinger – Ring mit Halbkugeln – gold, rose quarz, pearl, diamond-split in bronze, malachite enamel – 2005 -Gallery S O London



Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 14-16
in the Armory’s Tiffany Room

*THURSDAY, April 14 – 11:30 am – 12:30 pm :
For People Who are Slightly Mad : American Modernist Jewelry
A review of the iconoclastic artists who translated the excitement of surrealism and modernism into wearable jewelry. Their work will be seen in Crafting Modernism: Mid-century American Art and Design at the Museum of Arts and Design, NY in October 2011. Jeannine Falino, Curator, Museum of Arts and Design, NY
Cosponsored by Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) and Art Jewelry Forum (AJF)

Museum of Arts & Design
Jay De Feo


 *FRIDAY, April 15 – 1:30 – 2:30 pm : Sometimes
New Zealand artist Lisa Walker makes jewellery out of a vast collection of materials – plastic, wood, paper, gold, fabric, clay, dirt, dust, aluminum, paint – the list goes on. Her talk will be a retrospective look at pieces and projects of the last 20 years, looking at what extremes are possible, questioning and researching what jewellery means, what it can be.
Represented by Jewelers’ Werk Galerie

Lisa Walker
Lisa Walker

* SATURDAY, April 16 – 1:30 – 2:30 pm :
Sergey Jivetin and Jennifer Trask: Two Visions
Jewelry artists Jennifer Trask and Sergey Jivetin discuss their individual ideologies and shared studio practices.  Trask will talk about the evolution of her most recent series, “Embodiment”, which encompasses both sculptural and wearable works. Jivetin will elaborate on the role of experimental techniques and materials.
Represented by Ornamentum,
Presented by the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG)

Jennifer Trask - Ornamentum Sergey Jivetin - Ornamentum
Jennifer Trask  —   Sergey Jivetin



Park Avenue Armory
Park Avenue at 67th Street
New York, NY, 10021


COUP de … ROUGE avec Elfrun LACH

My jewellery results from ongoing research into the historic use, depiction and symbolism of coral in connection with making contemporary artefacts. Coral is one of the oldest materials used for human adornment, and because of its difficulty to obtain, has been simulated throughout history by bone, glass, wood, porcelain and plastic.
The process of simulation, substitution of materials and the combination of precious and found objects is relevant to all my work. By using coral as a metaphor for strength and fragility, growth and decay I want to generate readings concerning human interaction with the environment, and question the ethical use of materials and the nature of the real and the represented.” (Elfrun Lach)

(ACTUAL EXPO : « Corollary« , Craft Victoria, Melbourne (AU) 21 Jan.– 5 March2011)

COUP de ... ROUGE  avec Elfrun LACH dans Allemagne (DE) blank Bangle #1
Elfrun LachBangle #1, 2005 – leather, aluminium flashing, sterling silver (« Correlation » exhib.)


Elfrun Lach is born in 1955, Ratingen, Germany – She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Gold and Silversmithing, RMIT University, 2004, followed by Honours, 2005, and a Master of Art, 2010. Elfrun has exhibited her jewellery since 2001. Highlights include SOFA New York and Chicago, Charon Kransen Arts, New York, 2009; Jewellery Topos, Galerie Marzee, The Netherlands, 2009; and Beyond Metal: Contemporary Australian Jewellery and Holloware (toured to India, Malaysia and Singapore), 2007. Her work is held in private collections in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, USA and Japan



lach03 dans corail / coral

Brooches with found branch, wool felt and sandblasted glass beads, 5W x 5.5Hcm. $300 each.
Elfrun LachBrooches with found branch, wool felt and sandblasted glass beads (« Correlation » exhib.)



lach08 dans COUP DE COEUR


lach07 dans Elfrun LACH (DE)

lach02 dans Gal. Charon Kransen (US)
Elfrun Lach – ‘Sprung’ necklace (« Correlation » exhib.)

lach06 dans Gal. Pieces of Eight (AU)
Elfrun Lach‘Corallium Rubrum’ necklace – natural red coral branches, polypropylene, sterling silver, silk cord  2005 (« Correlation » exhib.)

blankElfrun Lach
Elfrun Lach

blank Untitled Brooch
Elfrun Lach – ‘Untitled Brooch’ – natural twig (Eucalyptus Caesia), cotton thread, stainless steel  (« Correlation » exhib.)

blank Corallium Osseus Necklace, 2005
Elfrun Lach -Corallium Osseus Necklace- Hand built percelain, red coral beads, nylon cord  2005 (« Correlation » exhib.)

Brooch with found branch, wool felt and sandblasted glass beads, 5W x 5.5Hcm. $300.
Elfrun Lach -Brooch with found branch, wool felt and sandblasted glass beads

Elfrun Lach

Elfrun Lach -ring ‘Annulus parvus’ 2008, bamboo, coral, polymer clay


Pieces of Eight is a contemporary jewellery and small object gallery in Melbourne, Australia.
see their exhibitions of Elfrun Lach : « Correlation » (2006)

« Correlation is the result of a continued exploration by gold and silversmith Elfrun Lach into the symbolism, materiality and historical use of coral. The jewellery pieces made for the exhibition come from an investigation into this precious material and these wearable works stand as a metaphor for growth and decay, strength and fragility.
A natural material, coral has been highly prized throughout various cultures and periods, the oldest surviving finds are coral beads and artefacts from Neolithic burial sites dating back to 10,000BC. Red coral in particular has been considered precious by southern European cultures, and sometimes appears in medieval and renaissance paintings being worn or held by the infant Jesus.
Lach creates contemporary offerings and interpretations of coral as well as including some real pieces of different corals in her work. She also has used a variety of other materials like felt, glass beads, wood, silver, porcelain and recycled plastics. By using these materials alongside coral, with all its associations, she offers up new objects of desire.
Considering how humans have now endangered the very existence of coral by dredging the sea floor, Lach’s jewellery pieces elevate humble materials to present a new preciousness in her works which evoke rather than mimic this material. She is currently continuing to explore these themes whilst undertaking a Masters in Fine Arts at RMIT, Melbourne. « 


COUP de COEUR ! Efharis Alepedis

From Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Providence (USA). Born in 1969 in the Massachusetts . Bio sur le site de Charon Kransen Arts, où je l’ai découverte ….

structures rappelant des amalgames de microcosmes marins, coquillages, coraux…. intrigants, attirants…. en quelles matières ? mystère !

« My name is Efharis Alepedis, not the easiest name to remember or pronounce. So just call me “Effie the Greek.” I am one of two children of Greek immigrants. ….. I did not come from an art background, so art school opened up my eyes to fields that I had never heard ofbefore. Since my degree was in Art Education I was required to take a diversity of classes so that I would bewell rounded. However, after finishing my undergraduate degree, I felt the need to concentrate in the one fieldthat had caught my interest – metals/jewelry. So I went to graduate school at the Rhode Island School of Design from 1993-1995, receiving a Master in Fine Arts. This enabled me to be more competent in my field. After graduation I decided to move to Greece for a while and work at a very prominent jewelry company there known as Ilias Lalaounis, basically the « Tiffany’s of Greece ». Though I was interested in making one-of-a-kind work, I thought it would be interesting to get a taste of high-end production in the retail world. Living and working in Greece was a great experience. I moved back to the U.S. in 1996. »

 Efharis_AlepedisEfharis Alepedis - Necklace, 2010 – red patent leather, silk cocoons, epoxy resin, silver  – Charon Kransen Arts

Efharis Alepedis Coral  Brooches, 2010

Efharis Alepedis Coral  Brooches, 2010« Coral »  Brooches, 2010

Efharis Alepedis Coral  Brooches, 2010

COUP de COEUR !  Efharis Alepedis dans COUP DE COEUR Alepedis02

Efharis Alepedis Coral  Brooches, 2010

Efharis Alepedis Coral  Brooches, 2010

Efharis Alepedis Coral  Brooches, 2010

Efharis Alepedis Coral  Brooches, 2010


SOFA Chicago 2010 – Chicago (USA) – 5-7 Nov. 2010

17th Annual SOFA CHICAGO 2010

SOFA Chicago 2010 - Chicago (USA) - 5-7 Nov. 2010 dans Adam GRINOVICH (SE) 41571_155298491177720_1715097_n

* among the galleries present : Aaron Faber Gallery (NY), Charon Kransen Arts (NY),  Ornamentum (Hudson, N.Y.), Sienna Gallery (Lenox, MA), …..
Petra Zimmerman bracelet – antique coin purse, acrylic, silver, brass, steel (Ornamentum)


* Lectures take place Friday, November 5 and Saturday, Nov. 6 in rooms 324, 326 & 327 of Navy Pier’s Festival Hall. Admission to the Lecture Series is included with purchase of SOFA ticket :

among the lectures (to see at this page) : 
- Lecture Friday NOV 5 – SNAG Emerging Artists 20109-10 am  Room 324
Three exceptional emerging artists, Adam Grinovich, Andrea Janosik and Eun Yeong Jeong talk about the development of their jewelry, which draws on a diverse and innovative palette of materials. Presented by the Society of North American Goldsmiths
(Grinovich is represented by Ornamentum, Hudson, NY; Janosik and Jeong are represented by Charon Kransen Arts, NY)

Eun Yeong Jeong - Charon Kransen Arts
Eun Yeong Jeong
Adam Grinovich‘Husk’ Circle Bangle, 2010  -synthetic plaster, lacquer, shellac, leather (ornamentum)

- Lecture Friday NOV 5 – Masters and Apprentices: The European Tradition and Contemporary Jewelry in an American Context11 am-12:30 pm Room 324
A presentation and panel discussion on the European tradition of goldsmithing; how it contrasts to the American university system, and the relevance of apprenticeship in contemporary jewelry-making. With artists Ayesha Mayadas, India; Peter Schmid, Germany; Juha Koskela, Finland; Britt Anderson North Carolina, USA; Liz Tyler, UK; Christian Streit, Germany; So Young Park; Stephen LeBlanc; Patricia Kiley Faber, gallery director/owner, Aaron Faber Gallery, NY.
Moderated by art historian Sue Barry

Peter Schmidt
Peter Schmid (Aaron Faber Gallery, NY)

- Lecture Friday NOV 5 -  “And Viewers Like You” – 2-3 pm Room 327
Art Jewelry Forum board members Susan Cummins, former gallery owner and now director on the Rotasa Foundation Board and Chair of AJF and Susan Kempin, Secretary of AJF and a collector of contemporary jewelry, discuss the role of active viewing and the development of Art Jewelry Forum as an organization that promotes dialogue regarding viewing, collecting, wearing, owning, and displaying contemporary jewelry. Directly following this talk Agnes Larsson, this year’s Art Jewelry Forum Emerging Artist Award winner from Stockholm Sweden will discuss her work.
Presented by Art Jewelry Forum

Art Jewelry Forum
Agnes Larsson (Ornamentum gallery)
Bruce Metcalf - ‘Large Rocket’, 2009 painted maple and birch, 24k gold plated brass (Snyderman Works gallery)
(Lecture Friday NOV 5 – Makers: The First History of Studio Craft in America – 3:30-4:30 pm Room 327 – discussion will be followed by a book signing)



Festival Hall
Navy Pier
600 East Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL  (USA)



presented during Lecture Friday NOV 5 – Makers: The First History of Studio Craft in America – 3:30-4:30 pm Room 327 – discussion will be followed by a book signing

« Makers: The First History of Studio Craft in America » – co-authors Janet Koplos, freelance critic and Bruce Metcalf, studio jeweler



et juste pour l’infini plaisir des yeux !
Yvel – Necklace – 20 by 21 mm to 20 to 25 mm multi-color baroque South Sea pearl necklace combining 18k yellow gold set with 15.20 ct. multi-colored diamonds from One of a Kind Collection Yvel, Jerusalem -



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