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EXPO (during AJW) ‘Antilogos’ – Eleni Marneri gallerie, Athens (GR) – 30 Juin-30 Juillet 2016



Antilogos (group exhibition) - Eleni Marneri gallerie

30-06 : 20.00- 22.30 : opening  

  Eleni Marneri gallerie - ANTILOGOS group exhibition

 Group exhibition with :  Sofia Zarari  Zeta Tsermou –  Rallou KatsariAliki Stroumpouli – Youla HatjiGeorgiou  — Jeremy May –  Heng LeeVassilis VassiliouFlora Vagi

  Vassilis Vassiliou  "Blue Lava" Ring Titanium  Athensjewelryweek #2016 #AJW #EleniMarneriCreativeGallery El.marneri galerie: Vassilis Vassiliou  « Blue Lava » Ring Titanium

 Sofia Zarari -  "Antilogos II" Necklace. Silver, plastic, textile, quartz, agate, calcite, aegirine, jasper.  Athensjewelryweek #2016 #AJW #EleniMarneriCreativeGallery Eleni Marneri Creative Gallery: Sofia Zarari -  « Antilogos II » Necklace. Silver, plastic, textile, quartz, agate, calcite, aegirine, jasper.

  Jeremy May -  "The fairy-land of science". Serial number # 310 Ring. - Created from the childrens’ book “The Fairy-Land of Science”.Paper. 150 Layers  Athensjewelryweek #2016 #AJW #EleniMarneriCreativeGallery El.marneri galerie:  Jeremy May -  « The fairy-land of science ». Serial number # 310 Ring. – Created from the childrens’ book “The Fairy-Land of Science”.Paper. 150 Layers



Eleni Marneri gallerie
5-7 Lempessi & Porinou st,
11742, Acropolis – Athens
opening hours: Tues.-Thurs.-Fri : 11.00 – 20.00, Wed.-Sat.: 11.00-16.00,
Sun.-Mon: Closed
tel  210 8619488, 210 8668195
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EXPO ‘Environments’ – Gallery El.Marneri, Athens (GR) – 18 Mars–8 Avril 2016

Eleni Marneri galerie  presents  the contemporary jewellery exhibition

Environments  by Rag Tag Collective.

Opening: Friday 18 March 2016, 19:00 – 22:30
Εγκαίνια : Παρασκευή 18 Μαρτίου 2016 στις 19:00

Eleni Marneri Creative Gallery - ragTag Collective -

Rag Tag Collective consists of six Greek jewelry designers with different personal starting points, whose paths intersect in the name of the contemporary Jewelry design. These totally different starting points give the group a characteristic diversity, ` a « patchwork » of characters and temperaments with a common goal: the expression and communication through contemporary jewelry.

Our common ground and way we have chosen to work, allowed us to create a fertile ground of support, communication and creation. We share a common roof under which we can create and develop our artistic goals. These six unique environments –urban-earthy-natural-psychological-allegorical-dreamy- are these who give a more comprehensive view of how we see ourselves, the others, the world and our time.”

*Ragtag =patchwork of disparateelements

Vasia Pachi, Giannis Tsalapatis, George Giannoutsos, Ismini Pachi, Kalliopi Theodoropoulou, Chrisoula Papahatzi

 George GiannoutsosGeorge Giannoutsos - Shells_Brooch

 George Giannoutsos -  Shells_Neckpiece George Giannoutsos -  Shells_Neckpiece

Ismini PachiIsmini Pachi « Solitude » ring – opened – « Reinventing oneself » collection

Ismini PachiIsmini Pachi   -Insomnia brooch 2015 – « Reinventing oneself » collection

Chrisoula Papahatzi - 2015 - Bracelet "Come In" - Silver, acrylic color, image transferChrisoula Papahatzi - 2015 – Bracelet « Come In » – Silver, acrylic color, image transferVasia Pachi - Moving_Landscapes: Vasia Pachi - Moving_Landscapes

 Yannis Tsalapatis Yannis Tsalapatis 

 Kalliope TheodoropoulouKalliope Theodoropoulou





* The Ragtag collective was formed in 2012 by six contemporary jewellery artists from Greece –
The RagTag collective was formed in 2012 with a view to using contemporary jewellery as a vehicle for expressing and communicating its ideas and concerns. The collective’s identity is a blend of the various backgrounds of its individual members, while their choice of contemporary jewellery is based both in the medium’s communicative potential and its capacity to act as a means of social engagement.

The Ragtag Collective(s) are: Chrisoula Papahatzi,  George Giannoutsos, Ismini Pachi, Kalliope Theodoropoulou, Vasia Pachi, Yannis Tsalapatis



El. Marneri Gallerie
5-7 Lebessi & 16 Porinou St
11742 Makriyanni, metro Akropoli
tel. +30 210 8619488



EXPO ‘Tamata’ – Gallery el.Marneri, Athens (GR) – 5 dec. 2014 – 5 Dec. 2015

Spells and incantations, amulets and fetishes, ex-votos and tamata – words, gestures, objects that tell of a need as old as the human race itself: to thwart evil and protect life, a need that is every bit as strong today as it was for our ancestors since time immemorial.

OPENING: Friday 5 December 2014, 18:00

Gal Eleni Marneri


El.Marneri Gallery invites artists to participate in building a collection of jewelry and art objects that revisits the age-old notion of the protective charm. One-of-a-kind or limited edition objects tap the ancient tradition of apotropaic symbols; they revise it, reinvent it, comment on it. The collection – that is to be permanent and exclusive to the Gallery – will constitute a work in progress that is to evolve through the addition of both participating artists and new acquisitions. The project is to be completed in a year’s time and will be launched at a special event held at the Gallery this coming Christmas.


Participating artists:

Sophia Zarari — Mari Aoyama — Tatiana Choremi — Katerina Anastasiou — Marigo Kassi — Lina Moisidou — ΠΟΤΝΙΑDesign — Stavroula Kaziale — Aliki n’ the Jaz rabbit — Maria Tsimpiskaki – Anna Theocharaki — Ioli Livada – Rallou Katsari — Anna Vlahos — Aliki Stroumpouli — Maro Vasiliadou — Xrysa Chatzikostantinidou — Kyriaki Panagi — Eyaggelia Dimitriou — Danai Gianelli — Paula Lakah — Voula Karampatzaki — Yiannis Siotis – Katerina Giannaka — Dimitris Korovesis.


Aliki  Stroumpouli - Aliki 'n' the Jaz rabbit - The exploding penis - against bad sexAliki  Stroumpouli / Aliki ‘n’ the Jaz rabbit - The exploding penis – against bad sex

Maria Tsimpiskaki - "interlaced necklace" 2013Maria Tsimpiskaki - « interlaced necklace » 2013

Eleni Marneri Creative Gallery

5 Lempesi str,
11742 Athènes
tel +30.210.8619488

EXPO ‘Inner Core’ – Gallery el.Marneri, Athens (GR) – 5 dec. 2014 – 5 Janv. 2015

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Gallery el.Marneri presents the contemporary jewellery collection Inner core by Zeta Tsermou.

Opening: Friday 05 December 2014 at 18:00
Zeta TsermouZeta Tsermou « Inner core I » oxidized silver, cotton ribbon
Inspired by architecture this collection exposes the inner core of the jewellery piece free of its outer shell. The revealed core is the heart of the piece. The core can be rough, the core defines the shape, the core is where the essence of beauty is hidden.
The piece of jewellery then turns into an exoskeleton or an armour to “protect” the body that wears it. Other times it can become almost weightless, wrapped or folded in order to create fluid forms. Zeta Tsermou was born in Athens, 1972. She studied architecture in the National Technical University of Athens, then got a Masters degree (MArch) in the Bartlett School of Architecture of UCL in London. She worked as an architect in London and Athensand also taught architectural design in Portsmouth School of Architecture.Later she studied sculpture in the School of Fine Arts in Athens.Micro sculpture soon led to experimentations with jewellery and sheattended various workshops and seminars in jewellery making: in Athens with Dimitris Nikolaidis and in London with Paul Wells and Anastasia Young in Central St. Martins.Now she works as an artist and jewellery maker in her studio in Athens.

 Zeta Tsermou  "Inner core II" brooch - oxidised silver  | Gallery MarneriZeta Tsermou  « Inner core II » brooch – oxidised silver

Zeta Tsermou "Inner core IV" bracelet - oxidised silver  | Gallery MarneriZeta Tsermou « Inner core IV » bracelet – oxidised silver 

Eleni Marneri Creative Gallery

5 Lempesi str,
11742 Athènes
tel +30.210.8619488


EXPO ‘Microcosmoi’ – Eleni Marneri Gallery, Athens (GR) – 3-12 Juill. 2014

Classé dans : Anamma Workshop (GR),Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. El.Marneri (GR),Grece (GR) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:33

Contemporary jewellery exhibition

Thoughts, ideas, observations. And even more: emotions, quests, expectations. This is the essence of the team exhibition of contemporary jewellery, which will be presented at Gallery Marneri.

Opening: Thursday 3rd July at 19:00

Gal Eleni Marneri

Five students from the Anamma studio see the world through their own eyes, get inspired and create. The results are five microcosmoi, like personal, imaginary gardens, which call for exploration. Our purpose is the journey and our wish is to share with you the adventure of creation that we went through.

Participants: Maro Vasiliadou — Evagellia Dimitriou — Kiriaki Panagi — Murto Prokopiou — Chrysa Hatzikonstantinidou




El. Marneri Gallerie
5-7 Lebessi & 16 Porinou St
11742 Makriyanni, metro Akropoli
tel. +30 210 8619488



Anamma studio
Seminars of contemporary jewellery by Anastasia Kandaraki


EXPO ‘CURRENT’ – Eleni Marneri Gallery, Athens (GR) – 5-30 Juin 2014

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Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition travelled in Japan, afterwards in Taiwan and now IN GREECE!!!!!
Stay tuned……!!!!!
Dont miss it!
12 jewellery designers from all over the world!!
@ Eleni Marneri Creative Gallery
Opening 5 June !
Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition  now IN GREECE  -12 jewellery designers from all over the world!!@ Eleni Marneri Creative GalleryOpening 5 June!

Twelve artists, with different backgrounds, from 6 countries, came together to think about the basic question: “where is the world going?” We chose the name of the exhibition, CURRENT, to mean not only the flow of ideas but also what’s happening in the world now. Both those concepts are intended to be expressed through jewellery.
In this time, each artist has made their own jewelry concept video, you can see them on the exhibition, youtube and special CURRENT website!

Artists:  Rudee Tancharoen (Thailand) — Manolya Konuk (France) –  Elisa Deval (Italy) – Maria Constanza Ochoa (Colombia) — Rallou Katsari (Greece) — Poly Nikolopoulou (Greece) – Meiri Ishida (Japan) — Karin Kato (Japan) — Yoriko Mitsuhashi (Japan) – Yoko Shimizu (Japan) – Yuki Sumiya (Japan) –  Janny Huang Yokota.


Meiri Ishida, Brooch, 2013Meiri Ishida – Brooch: Flow, 2013 – Plastic Bag, Gold, Silver

Rallou Katsari, Brooch, 2013Rallou Katsari -  Brooch: Egagropili-metamorphosis, 2013 – Sea grass, Wood
Rudee Tancharoen, Necklace, 2013Rudee Tancharoen -  Necklace: Mutate 01, 2013 – Silver 925, Gold

Poly Nikolopoulou, Pendant, Poly Nikolopoulou – Pendant: Pass ThroughSilver, resin, thread




Organized by:ORIZZONTI(Meiri Ishida, Karin kato, Yuki sumiya)
ORIZZONTIwebsite :



el.marneri galerie
5-7 Lebessi & 16 Porinou Str
11742 Makriyanni, ATHENS – metro Akropoli
tel. +302108619488


EXPO ‘Erosion’ – Eleni Marneri Gallery, Athens (GR) – 2-30 Nov. 2013

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« Erosion » by Maria Tsimpiskaki
Maria Tsimpiskaki - Erosion – brooch – PVC, sterling silver or brass, 22Κ gold foil, pigment.

« How social degradation meets natural erosion?
Are we globally facing a self-destructive tendency or are we just a part of the universal entropy?
Keep exploring the valuable features, plasticity and transparency, of a non-precious material, PVC and after hand formed, engraved, dyed and combined it with more traditional materials and techniques it expresses the states of deconstruction, dissolution and erosion that I am trying to interpret. » Maria Tsimpiskaki

Maria Tsimpiskaki  - "erosion" bracelet  2013 - PVC, sterling silver or brass, 22Κ gold foil.
Maria Tsimpiskaki  – « erosion » bracelet  2013 – PVC, sterling silver or brass, 22Κ gold foil.
Maria Tsimpiskaki - EROSION collection 2013 (detail of a necklace) - PVC, sterling silver or brass, 22Κ gold foil.Maria Tsimpiskaki – EROSION collection 2013 (detail of a necklace)
Maria Tsimpiskaki Erosion | Brooches ER5 PVC, sterling silver or brass, 22Κ gold foil.
Erosion – Brooch – PVC, sterling silver or brass, 22Κ gold foil.
Maria Tsimpiskaki Jewelry - "erosion" brooch 2013Maria Tsimpiskaki  – « erosion » brooch 2013



el.marneri galerie
5-7 Lebessi & 16 Porinou Str
11742 Makriyanni, metro Akropoli
tel. +302108619488


EXPO ‘PATTERN’ – Eleni Marneri Gallery, Athens (GR) – 6 Sept.-5 Oct. 2013


All artists are Alchimia alumni : Anna Drexel — Azahara Santoro — Chiara Cavallo — Enrica Prazzoli — Francesca Urciuoli — Lavinia Rossetti — Lena Grabher — Nur Terun — Valentina Caporali

  PATTERN Exhibition at Marneri Gallery

Anna Drexel - Necklace. Photo from alchimiablog.comAnna Drexel – Necklace (the pieces are wearable in their original state or in the broken one, and some pieces as a ring and a bracelet have to be broken in order to become wearable)

Azahara Santoro - BroochAzahara Santoro – Brooch  (Azahara was an exchange student from Valencia and she was the one to install her ‘private garden’ at Alchimia’s window, which is also the main picture on the exhibition’s poster (fishing wire and and about 200 cups filled with color, plants, objects and personal memories)

"sign language" brooch by Enrica PrazzoliEnrica Prazzoli – Brooch « sign language »
5 Lempesi str
11742 Athènes
tel 210 8619488, 210 8668195

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