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EXPO « KGB » – Four Gallery, Göteborg (Sweden) – 28 fevr-29 mars 2014

at Four KGB: Kim Buck, Tore Svensson & Karin Seufert -

Welcome to the opening at Four Friday February 28, 17.00-21.00

Friday 21st, 13.00 Karin Seufert will make a lecture at HDK – University of Arts and Crafts and Design, please mail for more detailed information

Four KGB: Kim Buck Tore Svensson Karin Seufert - 28 fevr-29 mars 2014 - -
Kim Buck, Tore Svensson and Karin Seufert are three of the most prominent artists of the modern jewellery scene. With experience from long careers they stay in the frontline and continue to develop the genre with an impressive creativity and craftsmanship. The exhibition KGB was shown for the first time in Copenhagen and after the show in Gothenburg it will open at Gallery Martina Dempf in Berlin.
Tore Svensson, tube Ring, 2012Tore Svensson, tube Ring, 2012 - Steel, Paint, Etched – Fired with linseed oil
Tore Svensson Box BroochTore Svensson Box Brooch
Karin Seufert brooch Karin Seufert brooch
Karin Seufert brooch – pvc, paper, silver, steel – 2010
Kim Buck
Kim Buck – « It is no use crying over »-ring 750 gold :: 2008
Nordhemsgatan 74,
Göteborg – Sweden
tel +46 73 086 42 49


EXPO ‘Marta Boan: The appearance of jewels’ – Four Gallery, Göteborg (Sweden) – 7-22 Fevr. 2014

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Four (SE),Marta BOAN (ES),Suede (SE) — bijoucontemporain @ 1:20

« Marta Boan: The appearance of jewels » – 7–22 février

Basic geomatric shapes, lines and points create a language speaking of chaos and order. Volumes growing into a minimalistic expression that communicates and accentuates a figure.
The jewellery of Marta Boan is an elegant explanation of a complex surrounding world. The thin and seemingly fragile objects make the observer want to come closer to discover the details and the strength of the material. Mathematics and art in a beautiful balance.

Welcome to meet Marta Boan and see the exhibition at Four Friday February 7, 17.00-21.00

On Thursday February 6, 16.00 Marta Boan will make a lecture at HDK – University of Arts and Crafts and Design, please mail for more detailed information.

"Marta Boan: The appearance of jewels" - 7 février– 22 février 2014 at FOUR
Marta Boan jewelry
Marta Boan

 Marta Boan necklaceMarta Boan necklacesMarta Boan necklaces
Nordhemsgatan 74, Göteborg – Sweden


EXPO ‘Sand’ – Four Gallery, Gothenburg (Sweden) – 12 Avril-25 Mai 2013

Classé dans : Catarina HALLZON (SE),Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Four (SE),Suede (SE) — bijoucontemporain @ 20:13

‘Sand’ by Catarina Hällzon at Four Gallery (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Catarina Hällzon makes sketches with glue in the sand of the shores. In a playful and poetic way her gravel drawings turns into chain elements that are put together into wearable sculptures. By casting the grain she interrupts the movement and captures the shape. Four is looking forward meeting the summer with the exhibition Sand and Catarina Hällzon’s documentation of the shores of past summers.

I let the sand pass through my fingers, a transient form took off and I am trying to catch itCatarina Hällzon Jewellery   sandnecklace

« Remembering the light playing in the sand as a child, the feeling of sand straining through my fingers… 
I strain the sand between my fingers, drawing shapes with the grit. Passing forms appear and I am trying to catch them. I draw a shape in the sand; I draw it directly with what will hold them together. I document the movement in making, the very essence of a form appearing. I then link my drawings together, the links and the empty holes are getting wearable together.
I am trying to catch shapes on the move. By building and casting shapes out of sand and then unite them using traditional jewellery making techniques I formed pieces that for a moment is left for your imagination.
Capturing sand straining through my fingers. »

Catarina Hällzon Jewellery -   sandnecklace

Catarina Hällzon Jewellery - sand necklace - for exhibition at FOUR –

Catarina Hällzon Jewellery    sandnecklaceCatarina Hällzon – sand jewellery

Catarina Hällzon - SAND

Catarina Hällzon Jewellery     exhibition at four –

Catarina Hällzon Jewellery exhibition at FOUR –

FOUR Gallery
Nordhemsgatan 74,
Göteborg – Sweden


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