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EXPO ‘Matadero’ – Gallery Hnoss/Konstepidemin, Göteborg (SE) – 19-21 Sept. 2014

Matadero Walka Studio: Claudia Betancourt & Nano Pulgar, Chile

Claudia Betancourt & Nano Pulgar run WALKA STUDIO, a creative space for creation of and education about contemporary jewellery in Santiago de Chile. They state that “we are a territory of experimentation at the crossroads of Art, Design and Craft. The language of this territory is jewelry-making” and that their mission is to expand the possible borders of the jewellery discipline in Chile and Latin America. Their work has over the past years been exhibited in Latin America, the USA, Europe, China and Australia. Website:

Matadero is a series of necklaces and pendants, jewel categories that step away from the often resorted to European brooch and allude to the prevailing ornament of the Pacific cultures. The series is the product of a long investigation about the symbolical and aesthetic characteristics of body ornamentation in the Pacific Basin until its evolution into contemporary jewellery; as well as the experimentation with new methods to work the cacho de buey or bull’s horn, a traditional material in Chilean craft that has been worked by Betancourt’s family for generations.
The relationship established between body and ornament in Matadero reveals how social custom and stigmas around the subject of death or murder of animals, affect our capacity to deem animal remains as acceptable materials, thus disregarding the origin of body ornamentation and the sacred connotations associated with it in the cultures of the Pacific Islands (Polynesia) and Latin America.
Matadero uses both bull´s horns and hooves which had been part of a previous collection dedicated to the fashion industry, delicately tinted in a faint pink colour for that occasion. The fashionable neckpieces have been deconstructed, burnt and rebuilt as entirely new pieces that fascinate and repulse. The newly transformed pieces allude to one of the darkest periods in Chilean history: the 17 year long dictatorship that was common to many other Latin American countries and which is still a source of preoccupation and reflection for many artists from the continent.”   Valeria Vallarta Siemelink

Walka Studio -Matadero - fractura.Walka Studio -Matadero – fractura.Matadero - Walka -TranspacificoWalka Studio - Matadero – Transpacifico


Hnoss / Konstepidemin Gallery
Konstepidemins väg 6,
413 14 Göteborg,


EXPO ’4 SOLOS – 4 SOULS’ – Gallery Hnoss/Konstepidemin, Göteborg (SE) – 2-21 Sept. 2014

« 4 SOLOS – 4 SOULS » , Opening night 2-9

4 solos, 4 souls is an exhibition curated by Hnoss Initiative and present four young, visually very strong international jewellery artists. The work of the chosen artists shows a wide perspective of what contemporary jewellery is about, within its format of four solo exhibitions in a common context.

"4 SOLOS - 4 SOULS", Opening night 2-9 Gallery Konstepidemin












Noon PassamNoon Passama

“Portraits” collection presents jewellery pieces as personalities. They are representations of characters through abstracted and constructed facial aspects opening for interpretation, identification, and imagination”.  Noon Passama

 Nhat vu DangNhat-Vu-DangNhat-Vu-Dang-Green-Fold-backing-beskuren Nhat-Vu-Dang

“My work has two appearances, at first it seems stark, strict, geometric and monochrome, but then through interaction of the wearer or the environment it reveals it’s colourful aspect. I like to surprise people, to make them realize that nothing is what it initially seems.“  Nhat-Vu Dang

 Despo SophocleousDespo Sophocleous

“While maps and the spaces they create have been sources of inspiration in the development of my work, it is also the physical and emotional elements associated with place that allow me to create pieces, which represent and document movement, change and transformation in time and space.” Despo Sophocleous

 Benedikt FischerBenedikt Fischer

I am interested in things that withstand the test of time, that are maintained in our culture without question and which are established in our lives as axioms. I choose to work with industrially made products in plastic as a research of esthetics in our time and because I can’t deprive myself from it.”
Benedikt Fischer



Hnoss / Konstepidemin Gallery
Konstepidemins väg 6,
413 14 Göteborg,


EXPO ‘THE RING – jewel forever’ – Hnoss Gallery, Gothenburg (Sweden) – 9 Sept.-9 Oct. 2011

Classé dans : Adam PAXON (UK),Alexander BLANK (DE),Andi GUT (CH),Anette KRAEN (DK),Anna UNSGAARD (SE),Annelies PLANTEYDT (NL),Aud Charlotte HO SINDING (SE),Barbara PAGANIN (IT),Bas BOUMAN (NL),Beppe KESSLER (NL),Bettina SPECKNER (DE),Birgit LAKEN (NL),Bruce METCALF (US),Castello HANSEN (SE),Christoph ZELLWEGER (CH),Esther KNOBEL (PL),Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Hnoss (SE),Gemma DRAPER (ES),Georg DOBLER (DE),Gijs BAKKER (NL),Hanna HEDMAN (SE),Helena LEHTINEN (FI),Ineke HEERKENS (NL),Iris NIEUWENBURG (NL),Jamie BENNETT (US),Jantje FLEISCHHUT (NL),Jenny KLEMMING (SE),Jiro KAMATA (JP),Johanna DAHM (CH),Kadri MALK (EE),Karin JOHANSSON (SE),Karin SEUFERT (DE),Karl FRITSCH (DE),Kasia GASPARKI (DK),Katja PRINS (NL),Kim BUCK (DK),Klara BRYNGE (SE),Konrad MEHUS (NO),Kristi PAAP (EE),Lin CHEUNG (UK),Lina PETERSON (SE),Lucy SARNEEL (NL),Manuel VILHENA (PT),Marc MONZO (ES),Mari ISHIKAWA (JP),Maria YLANDER (SE),Mia MALJOJOKI (FI),Mikiko MINEWAKI (JP),Mona WALLSTROM (SE),Nel LINSSEN (NL),Norman WEBER (DE),Otto KUNZLI (CH),Per SUNTUM (DK),Peter BAUHUIS (DE),Peter HOOGEBOOM (NL),Peter SKUBIC (YU),Petra SCHOU (SE),Pia ALEBORG (SE),Ramon PUIG CUYAS (ES),Rian de JONG (NL),rings,Ruudt PETERS (NL),Sara BORGEGARD (SE),Sebastian BUESCHER (DE),Sigurd BRONGER (NO),Silke TREKEL (DE),Sonia MOREL (CH),Suede (SE),Tarja TUUPANEN (FI),Terhi TOLVANEN (NL),Tore SVENSSON (SE),Ulrika SWARD (SE),Vera SIEMUND (NL),Verena SIEBER-FUCHS (CH),Warwick FREEMAN (NZ),Xavier Ines MONCLUS (ES) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:04

THE RING – the most common piece of jewellery can be full of meaning, a personal statement sometimes showing itself as a technical miracle or purely decorative and beautiful. It can demand attention, be an invitation to play, be filled with tears and secrets – and is to be worn for one day or for ever.
In homage to the ring Galleri Hnoss has invited all the jewellery artists exhibited in the gallery since the start in 1997 to produce one ring each. The result is now to be seen in the exhibition THE RING – jewel forever. The show consisting of over one hundred rings is a vibrant collection of different expressions, thoughts and forms

In connection with the exhibition on September 9 we are also arranging aseminar : The Ring – jewel forever. The theme is the ring seen from different perspectives. We are very proud to announce the speakers: Anna Schetelich from Galerie Oona, Germany, Professor Otto Kunzli, Germany, and Manuel Vilhena, jewellery artist from Portugal. Moderator is Love Jönsson, crafts critic and guest lecturer at HDK, University of Gothenburg. The seminar is a collaboration between Galleri Hnoss and the Department of Jewellery Art at HDK, with support from Gothenburg Crafts Association, Estrid Ericsson’s Foundation, Wilhelm and Martina Lundgren Fund, and the family Wikanders Foundation.

Artist list:
Ingierd Hanevold, Norway — Lena Bergestad–Jonsson, Sweden — Per Suntum, Denmark — Kim Buck, Denmark — Christer G. Jonsson, Sweden — Peter De Wit, Sweden — Otto Künzli, Germany — Andreas Treykorn, Germany — Verena Siber-Fuchs, Swizerland — Margareth Sandström, Sweden — Karin Johansson, Sweden – Sigurd Bronger, Norway — Esther Knobel, Israel — Tore Svensson, Sweden — Anette Kraen, Denmark — Beppe Kessler, Netherlands — Mona Wallström, Sweden — Ari Turunen, Finland — Synnøve Korssjøen, Norway — Konrad Mehus, Norway — Onno Boekhoudt, Netherlands — Ulrika Swärd, Sweden — Rian de Jong, Netherlands — Christoph Zellweger, Switzerland — Helena Lehtinen, Finland — Helena Sandström, Sweden — Jamie Bennett, USA — Lotta Åström, Sweden — Karen Ihle/ Jens Eliasen, Denmark — Johanna Dahm, Switzerland — Petra Schou, Sweden — Adam Paxon, Scotland — Bruce Metcalf, USA — Eva Dora Lamm, Denmark — Ruudt Peters, Netherlands — Barbara Paganin, Italy — Kasia Gasparski, Denmark — Annelies Planteydt, Netherlands — Kadri Mälk, Estonia — Lena Olson, Sweden — Tarja Tuppanen, Finland — Manuel Vilhena, Portugal — Castello Hansen, Denmark/Sweden — Gijs Bakker, Netherlands — Cecilia Johansson, Sweden — Gunilla Grahn, Sweden — Vera Siemund, Germany — Karl Fritsch, Germany — Nel Linssen, Netherlands — Margaret West, Australia — Lars Sture, Norway — Kerstin Ringedal, Sweden — Fabrice Schaefer, Switzerland — Lucy Sarneel, Netherlands — Elise-Ann Hochlin, Norway — Georg Dobler, Germany — Katja Prins, Netherlands — Ramon Puig Cuyás, Spain — Xavier Monclús, Spain — Mah Rana, England — Peter Bauhuis, Germany — Silke Trekel, Germany — Terhi Tolvanen Finland/Netherlands — Svenja John, Germany — Jivan Astflack, England — Anna Unsgaard, Sweden — Charlotte Sinding, Sweden — Sonia Morel, Switzerland — Pia Aleborg, Sweden — Marc Monzó, Spain — Andi Gut, Switzerland — Anna Martinsson, Sweden — Ulrich Reithofer, Austria/Netherlands — Peter Hoogeboom, Netherlands — Mari Ishikawa, Japan/Germany — Annika Åkerfelt, Sweden — Karin Seufert, Germany — Peter Scubic, Austria — Lina Petersson, Sweden/England — Sara Borgegård, Sweden — Erik Kuiper, Netherlands — Ineke Heerkens, Netherlands — Bettina Speckner, Germany — Sebastian Buescher, England/Tyskland — Warwick Freeman, New Zealand — Iris Neuwenburg, Netherlands — Jiro Kamata, Germany/Japan — Anne-Marie Bernhardt, Sweden — Hanna Hedman Sweden — Lin Cheung, England — Bas Bouman, Netherlands — Birgit Laken, Netherlands — Norman Weber, Germany — Gemma Draper, Spain — Kristi Paap, Estonia — Alexander Blank, Germany — Klara Brynge, Sweden — Mia Maljojoki, Finland/Germany — Jenny Klemming Sweden — Jantje Fleischhut, Netherlands — Mikiko Minewaki, Japan — Carolina Claesson, Sweden — Linda Marie Karlsson, Sweden — Maria Ylander, Sweden — Åsa Christensson Sweden

Onno Boekhoudt (NL) – ring – Mixed media

EXPO 'THE RING - jewel forever' - Hnoss Gallery, Gothenburg (Sweden) - 9 Sept.-9 Oct. 2011 dans Adam PAXON (UK) Peter-Hoogeboom--tearsBruce-Metcalf2011Ring dans Alexander BLANK (DE)
Peter Hoogeboom  –  Bruce Metcalf  

Jiro-Kamata-ps_jirokamata dans Andi GUT (CH)Gijs-Bakker332_YouCantHaveItAllRing dans Anette KRAEN (DK)
 Jiro Kamata  –  Gijs Bakker

Ramon-Puig-Cuy%C3%A0s-1400---2011- dans Anna UNSGAARD (SE)Ruudt%20Peters-ABBAS-1 dans Annelies PLANTEYDT (NL)
Ramon Puig Cuyas  —   Ruudt Peters

Bettina-SpecknerIMG_8101 dans Aud Charlotte HO SINDING (SE)1a,-Johanna-Dahm,-Double-fingerring,-CLAY, dans Barbara PAGANIN (IT)
Bettina Speckner –  Johanna Dahm

Marc-Monzo-IMG_8910 dans Bas BOUMAN (NL)Synnove-Korssjoen-P4280071 dans Beppe KESSLER (NL)
Marc Monzo  –  Synnove Korssjoen

Jenny%20Klemming-garden dans Bettina SPECKNER (DE)NelLinssen_7days_12 dans Birgit LAKEN (NL)
Jenny Klemming  –  Nel Linssen

Annika-Akerfelt_Ring dans Bruce METCALF (US)Katja-Prins---KP-Inventarium-2 dans Castello HANSEN (SE)
Annika Åkerfelt  –    Katja Prins

Barbara-Paganin---promenade dans Christoph ZELLWEGER (CH)Ineke-Heerkens---Groei-gewoel dans Esther KNOBEL (PL)
Barbara Paganin  –  Ineke Heerkens

Fabrice-Schaefer-ring-Owl-2007-titanium-fine-gold dans Exposition/ExhibitionBirgit-Laken-Wing-Ring-oxidized-silver-2011-DSC05247b dans Gal. Hnoss (SE)
Fabrice Schaefer  —   Birgit Laken

Beppe%20Kessler%20-%20thimble-better-picture dans Gemma DRAPER (ES)Christoph-Zellweger-01_pi+ao dans Georg DOBLER (DE)
Beppe Kessler  –   Christoph Zellweger


Esther-Knobel---e dans Gijs BAKKER (NL)Hanna-Hedman---3 dans Hanna HEDMAN (SE)
Esther Knobel  —   Hanna Hedman

Anette-Kr%C3%A6n-For-Better-and-Worse-1-NY dans Helena LEHTINEN (FI)Kim-Buck---Pumpous-ring-Kim-Buck-2011 dans Ineke HEERKENS (NL)
Anette Kræn  –  Kim Buck

Manuel-Vilhena---MV-Ring-Hnoss-1 dans Iris NIEUWENBURG (NL)Lena-Olson---Flower-Lena-Olson dans Jamie BENNETT (US)
Manuel Vilhena  —   Lena Olson

Mia-Maljojoki---MIAring1 dans Jantje FLEISCHHUT (NL)Otto-Kunzli-_04_Hana-bi%28Einzelring%29 dans Jenny KLEMMING (SE)
Mia Maljojoki  —   Otto Künzli

Mari-Ishikawa---Ring-Ishikawa dans Jiro KAMATA (JP)Petra-Schou---PetraSchouFunnels dans Johanna DAHM (CH)
Mari Ishikawa  –  Petra Schou

Sigurd-Bronger---DSC_0094 dans Kadri MALK (EE)Terhi-Tolvanen---Ring-Aurore-2-Terhi-Tolvanen dans Karin JOHANSSON (SE)
Sigurd Bronger  —   Terhi Tolvanen

Rian-de-Jong---rian dans Karin SEUFERT (DE)Verena-Sieber-Fuchs---1.ring dans Karl FRITSCH (DE)
Rian de Jong  - Verena Sieber-Fuchs

 Tore-Svensson---DSC_0025 dans Kasia GASPARKI (DK)Kerstin-Ringedal---DSC_0020 dans Katja PRINS (NL)
Tore Svensson  —   Kerstin Ringedal

Andreas-Treykorn-DSCN1537 dans Kim BUCK (DK)Andi-Gut-Andi_gut_ring-Nylon dans Klara BRYNGE (SE)
Andreas Treykorn  —   Andi Gut

Carolina-Claesson-fingertoppsring-nara dans Konrad MEHUS (NO)Charlotte-Ho-Sook-Sinding-fagel dans Kristi PAAP (EE)
Carolina Claesson  –  Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding

Annelies-Planteydt-red-colourful-crystal-phase-1 dans Lin CHEUNG (UK)Castello-Hansen dans Lina PETERSON (SE)
Annelies Planteydt  –  Castello Hansen

Ingjerd-Hanevold-hanevold dans Lucy SARNEEL (NL)Eva-Dora-Lamm-_MG_0099 dans Manuel VILHENA (PT)
Ingjerd Hanevold  –  Eva Dora Lamm

Helena-Sandstrom-zinkring-sidan-1 dans Marc MONZO (ES)Helena-Lehtinen-LEHTINEN_RING2011 dans Mari ISHIKAWA (JP)
Helena Sandström  –  Helena Lehtinen

Jens-Eliasen-hnoss2 dans Maria YLANDER (SE)Karen-Ihle-hnoss1 dans Mia MALJOJOKI (FI)
Jens Eliasen  –  Kare Ihle

Kristi-Paap-Paap_RING_12_01 dans Mikiko MINEWAKI (JP)Mona-Wallstrom-Mona-Wallstrom-Spirit-I dans Mona WALLSTROM (SE)
Kristi Paap  –  Mona Wallstöm

Lucy-Sarneel-CLEARING-_-Lucy-Sarneel dans Nel LINSSEN (NL)Jivan-Astfalck-theniceandthenotnice dans Norman WEBER (DE)
Lucy Sarneel  —   Jivan Astfalck

Lina-Peterson-Yellow-Ring-Lina-Peterson-a dans Otto KUNZLI (CH)Karin-Seufert-355 dans Per SUNTUM (DK)
Lina Peterson  –  Karin Seufert

Lotta-Astrom-Lot_038 dans Peter BAUHUIS (DE) Kasia-Gasparski-Smykker07skygge%281%29 dans Peter HOOGEBOOM (NL)

Lotta Åström  —   Kasia Gasparski

Mikiko-Minewaki-MIKIKO-RING dans Peter SKUBIC (YU)Linda-Marie-Karlsson-01-lindamarie-ring dans Petra SCHOU (SE)
Mikiko Minewaki  —   Linda Marie Karlsson

Norman-Weber-Schaustuck12 dans Pia ALEBORG (SE)Per-Suntum-avirginring_persuntum01 dans Ramon PUIG CUYAS (ES)
Norman Weber  —   Per Suntum

Pia-Aleborg-pia_aleborg dans Rian de JONG (NL)Silke-Trekel-157-RGB dans rings

Pia Aleborg  —   Silke Trekel

Peter-Bauhuis-bz43hnoss dans Ruudt PETERS (NL)Peter-de-Wit-hnoss2-peter dans Sara BORGEGARD (SE)

Peter Bauhuis  —   Peter de Wit

Sara-Borgegard-Alga-Ring-Hnoss dans Sebastian BUESCHER (DE) Tarja-Tuupanen-TUUPANEN_RING2011 dans Sigurd BRONGER (NO)

Sara Borgegård Älgå  —   Tarja Tuupanen

Erik%20Kuiper-SealwaxHNOSS dans Silke TREKEL (DE)Xavier-Monclus-RingWheel1 dans Sonia MOREL (CH)
Erik Kuiper —   Xavier Monclús

Kadri-Malk-hunting_field12 dans Suede (SE)Ulrika-Sward-Ulrika-Sward dans Tarja TUUPANEN (FI)
Kadri-Mälk  —   Ulrika Swärd

Anne-Marie-Bernhardt-ring1 dans Terhi TOLVANEN (NL)Alexander-Blank-DSC_0022 dans Tore SVENSSON (SE)
Anne-Marie-Bernhardt  —   Alexander Blank

Georg%20Dobler-IMG_2464 dans Ulrika SWARD (SE)Peter-Skubic-11-DSC_0039 dans Vera SIEMUND (NL)
Georg Dobler   —   Peter Skubic

Jantje%20Fleischhut%20.0,5Ring_1 dans Verena SIEBER-FUCHS (CH)Adam-Paxon-DSC_0050 dans Warwick FREEMAN (NZ)
Jantje Fleischhut  –  Adam Paxon

Gemma-Draper-IMG_0483 dans Xavier Ines MONCLUS (ES)Lin-Cheung-%27A-pair-of-wedding-rings-for-the-average-man-and-the-average-woman%27
Gemma Draper  –  Lin Cheung

Hnoss Gallery
413 14 – Gothenburg
Telephone: +46 31 41 09 19
Fax: +46 31 41 09 19


EXPO ‘Mikiko Minewaki, Japan’ – Galleri Hnoss, Göteborg (Sweden) – 7-29 Mai 2011

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Hnoss (SE),Mikiko MINEWAKI (JP),Suede (SE) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:03

Gallery Hnoss proudly presents the Japanese jewellery artist Mikiko Minewaki.

Mikiko Minewaki was born in Akita, Japan in 1967 and is currently living and working in Tokyo. Her work has been exhibited throughout Europe, including at Schmuck jewellery fair in Munich and in the exhibition Contemporary Japanese Jewellery at the Crafts Council Gallery in London.

Mikiko Minewaki is one of the pioneers of the new Japanese jewellery art scene. Untouched by trends, she stood outside the Modernist tendencies in Japan in the 1980s and has instead always been closer to a Japanese craft tradition in which the making process is more important than the concept and theory.

Mikiko Minewaki bases her work on mass produced plastic products that she finds and put together into new forms. In this way, she shows that unique jewellery can come from everyday materials, the invisible objects that surround us. She believes that in every shape and form lies an opportunity. You just have to find it, pick it out and make it your own.

Gallery Hnoss will show Kids Room, a series of jewellery inspired and partly made up of fragments from children’s discarded toys.

The exhibition runs until 29 May
Mikiko Minewaki-
‘toy-camera’ necklace



Galleri Hnoss
Konstepidemins väg 6
413 14 Göteborg, Sweden
+46 031410919 Mobile


EXPO ‘Jenny Klemming’ – Galleri Hnoss, Goteborg (Suede) – 12 Fevr.-6 Mars 2011

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Hnoss (SE),Jenny KLEMMING (SE),Suede (SE) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:09

Jenny Klemming, Sverige – Land pieces

Gallery Hnoss proudly presents the Swedish jewellery artist Jenny Klemming.
Jewellery pieces have a tradition of being precious personal carriers of memory and social status. They have therefore been handled with care. I like the thought of a jewel being lost, found, re-made, inherited and worn during a lifetime – that the piece of jewellery has a life span longer and separate from mine.
Human interference or possible domination of nature is a recurring theme in Jenny Klemmings work. She wants to point out the human action but also try to build bridges and visual transitions between culture and nature. Her work is a balance between craft and experiments, chance and control.

Jenny Klemming was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden. In 2010, she received her MFA in crafts, specialization Jewellery art and Design, from HDK School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden. Also in that year, Jenny Klemming was awarded the Carl Larsson scholarship and Galerie Marzee´s International Graduation Prize. She is currently living and working as a Jewellery Artist in Mariestad, Sweden.

EXPO ‘Jenny Klemming’ - Galleri Hnoss, Goteborg (Suede) - 12 Fevr.-6 Mars 2011 dans Exposition/Exhibition

167695_161676973884279_100001259312201_368471_6856010_n dans Gal. Hnoss (SE)167757_161676987217611_100001259312201_368472_5643218_n dans Jenny KLEMMING (SE)
182777_161676967217613_100001259312201_368470_3280441_n dans Suede (SE)jenny_klemming
Jenny Klemming‘Cutback’, halsband (upper left) – ‘Loop’ necklace(upper right)
‘Interface’, brosch (bottom left) - ‘Aspect’, brosch (bottom right)


« As an artist I am searching for connections. I gather aspects and associations, hints and lore, trying to map out my area of interest. It is a balance between craft and experiments, chance and control. Jewellery is powerful objects and as a jeweller I tread an ancient path. When I use an unrefined material I cultivate it. I dominate and bend it to my will or let it go out of my control for a while before shortening the leash. Jewellery pieces have a tradition of being precious personal carriers of memory and social status. They have therefore been handled with care. I like the thought of a jewel being lost, found, re-made, inherited and worn during a life time – that the piece of jewellery has a life span longer and separate from mine.« 

Jenny Klemming – brooch



Galleri Hnoss
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Opening hours:
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Öppet: ons–tors 12–17, fre–sön 12–16


EXPO ‘Explosive: Frozen Fireworks – Mia Maljojoki’ – Galleri Hnoss, Göteborg (SE) – 15 janv.-6 Fevr. 2011

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Hnoss (SE),Mia MALJOJOKI (FI),Suede (SE) — bijoucontemporain @ 18:45

Explosive: Frozen Fireworks – Mia Maljojoki

This exhibition is called Explosive: Frozen Fireworks. Fireworks are a momentary explosion to celebrate an event. They produce sound, light, colour, and smoke. Simultaneously, Fireworks produce wonderment, excitement, nostalgia, and inspiration. At the same time, explosions can create fear, anger, and hate. For this exhibition Mia Maljojoki has worked to collect this ephemera to wear them on the body.

Can’t emotion be solid?

Mia Maljojoki was born and raised in Joensuu, Finland. In 2001, she received her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, USA. In 2010 she received her “Diplom” under Professor Otto Künsli at the Art Academy in Munich, Germany, Also in that year, Mia Maljojoki received the prestigious Herbert Hofmann Award. She is currently living and working as a Jewellery Artist in Munich.

EXPO 'Explosive: Frozen Fireworks - Mia Maljojoki' - Galleri Hnoss, Göteborg (SE) - 15 janv.-6 Fevr. 2011 dans Exposition/Exhibition 162017_179800268720585_2305609_n
Mia Maljojoki – necklace – 2010 – Plaster, pigment, sting, paint – From series EXPLOSIVE: FROZEN FIREWORKS  (Photo Mirei Takeuchi

I am a jewellery artist. Using dental plaster, pigments, paint, rubberbands, and strings, I freeze moments to be worn and displayed on the body. My work is formed by motion, mood and play between intention and result. I cast, wash, bite, scratch, throw, scrub, break, and pour. This can last few minutes or can be done in layers taking many months.Mia Maljojoki

mia2NY dans Gal. Hnoss (SE)
Mia Maljojoki – necklace – 2010Plaster, pigment, paint, rubber band – From series EXPLOSIVE: FROZEN FIREWORKS  (Photo Mirei Takeuchi )


Galleri Hnoss
Konstepidemins Väg 6
413 14 Göteborg, Sweden
Phone +46 (0)31 410919
Fax +46 31 828568
Opening hours:
Wed–Thur 12–17, Fri–Sun 12–16
hnoss is located at Konstepidemin – an area full of studios, galleries and other cultural activities in Göteborg.


EXPO ‘Kristi Paap’ – Galleri Hnoss, Göteborg (SE) – 2-24 Oct. 2010

Galleri Hnoss is proud to present the Estonian jewellery artist Kristi Paap.

Kristi Paap has exhibited at many places in the world as part of the artist group FFFF and as an individual artist. At Hnoss we will show her latest works « Blades of grass is only a moment » and « A room with a view ».

Blades of grass is only a moment is inspired by fantasies and recollections from the artists childhood cherry orchard. The memories of flower buds and roots is manifested in jewellery made of plexi glass and wood. The impermanence in the living is opposed, transformed and immortalised into new materials and shapes.

In the series A room with a view Kristi Paap is investigating what you in general terms might call the sound of nature, such as the drone of insects, leaves rustling in the wind and waves lapping against the shore. The jewellery in this series is a part of natures low-key sound or loud silence, and makes a quiet noise when put into motion.

To Kristi Paap’s webpage

EXPO 'Kristi Paap' - Galleri Hnoss, Göteborg (SE) - 2-24 Oct. 2010 dans Estonie (EE) 62133_128741603844483_100001259312201_182750_7262929_n
Kristi Paap, ‘Second view’ Brooch – Cherry wood, paint, thread, silver – 2010
Kristi Paap – brooch ‘Fifth view’ – Damson wood, apple wood, paint, copper, silver – 2010

62133_128741610511149_100001259312201_182751_1239284_n dans Exposition/Exhibition
Kristi Paap – ‘Red circle’ Brooch – Plexiglass, paint, silver – 2008
Kristi Paap
Kristi Paap - Brooch ‘Garden’ -  cherry wood, paint, thread, silver – 2009


Kristi Paap gives an OPEN LECTURE (English) on OCT 1st
« Kulturnatta » Gröna rummet, Blå Huset, at 19.00
Admission free
The exhibition at Galleri hnoss will be open during Kulturnatta, until 23:00.


Galleri Hnoss
Konstepidemins väg 6
413 14 Göteborg
Tel 031410919


EXPO ‘Gemma Draper’ – Galleri Hnoss, Goteborg (Suede) – 4-26 Sept. 2010

Classé dans : BARCELONA,Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Hnoss (SE),Gemma DRAPER (ES),Suede (SE) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:18

 Galleri Hnoss proudly presents Gemma Draper, jewellery artist from Barcelona. We start on friday 3rd at 17:00 with a lecture with Gemma Draper, and the opening of her exhibition

EXPO 'Gemma Draper' - Galleri Hnoss, Goteborg (Suede) - 4-26 Sept. 2010 dans BARCELONA gemma%20draper15_img6618

Gemma Draper playfully explores her own fascination for ideas and concepts, creating physical objects with a unique sensitivity to their own world. The philosophical approach towards her own creations adds to her expression, often commenting on the problem of interpreting something out of reality. Or, as she puts it, « When we want to illuminate reality, aren’t we imposing, precisely, a disproportion that burns it? »

Gemma was born in 1971. Among her academic merits she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Autonomous University of Barcelona and a Master of Fine Arts at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, USA, besides being a graduate from famed school Massana in Barcelona. She has previously displayed her work at solo exhibitions in Stockholm, Munich, Amsterdam, Helsinki and Barcelona. She also teaches and holds lectures across the world.

In the exhibition at galleri Hnoss Gemma will show pieces from her latest projects « The floating knot » and « The nuptial suite »
The exhibition remains until 26 Sept – Friday 3 sept Lecture with Gemma Draper House 8 kl 17 An arrangement by Galleri Hnoss – gallery for international jewelley art together with HDK- School of Design and Crafts.View of the exhibition in the gallery kl 18 – 20

47105_122079974510646_100001259312201_148103_487729_n dans Exposition/Exhibition

« I whish to explore the kind of objects that need the intervention of the wearer to be completed and to become ornaments for his/her body. The object asks to be defined by offering a bunch of uneven possibilities. You are invited to respond by activating your attention and bumping into strangeness and unexpected joy »



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EXPO ‘Birgit Laken’ – Gallery Hnoss, Göteborg (Suede) – 10 avril-2 mai 2010

Birgit Laken (NL) : Heartwork
Birgit Laken – brooch ‘Heart on top’ 2010 – silver & gold

Birgit Lakens aesthetics is characterised by pure, strong lines. She works with themes and subjects that moves her in different ways. This approach result in jewellery that is both strict to its appearance but also playful and humorous.
Birgit Laken (NL) -  2007 Necklace « Hoya Camosa » acrylic sheet, silver

birgit-laken-28-Necklace-String-Birgit Laken - Hear_necklace_silver_acrylic_paint 2005
Birgit Laken Necklace « String »
Birgit Laken « Hear » necklace silver, acrylic, paint -2005
Birgit Laken Queen Twitter’ brooch


Birgit Laken sera exposée aussi en 2010 :

* à la galerie REVERSO (Lisbonne,Portugal)  en septembre 2010 : expo « IGOJA »
*et  à la galerie ORFEO (Luxembourg) en octobre 2010 expo “Summerland”


EXPO 'Birgit Laken' - Gallery Hnoss, Göteborg (Suede) - 10 avril-2 mai 2010  dans Birgit LAKEN (NL) Birgit-Laken-necklace_Hoya-Camosa-3a
Birgit Laken, necklace “Hoya Camosa 3a”, silver, acrylic paint,textile 2008



Konstepidemins Väg 6
S–413 14 Göteborg (Sweden)
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Konstepidemin is a non profit organization providing studio facilities for over a hundred professional artists.
The different galleries show around 30 exhibitions every year. Konstepidemin Gallery shows contemporary art, in Bergrummet and Pannrummet offers spaces for experimental artistic approaches. Galleri hnoss is dedicated to show contemporary international jewellery.

EXPO ‘Norman Weber’ – Gallery Hnoss, Göteborg (Suede) – 8-30 mai 2010

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Norman Weber (Germany)

Norman WEBER - brooch portrait - Silver, blackened, lacquer, dye-sublimation printNorman Weber, Kaufbeuren, Brosche, Silber lackiertNorman WEBER schmuck
Norman Weber -brooch portrait – Silver, blackened, lacquer, dye-sublimation print
Kaufbeuren, Brosche, Silber lackiert
Norman WEBER schmuck

Norman Weber, Brooch, 2006
Norman Weber – brooch ‘Portrait #1′  Silber, Glas, Lack, Digitaldruck -2006

Konstepidemins Väg 6
S–413 14 Göteborg (Sweden)
Phone +46 31-41 09 19
Konstepidemin is a non profit organization providing studio facilities for over a hundred professional artists.
The different galleries show around 30 exhibitions every year. Konstepidemin Gallery shows contemporary art, in Bergrummet and Pannrummet offers spaces for experimental artistic approaches. Galleri hnoss is dedicated to show contemporary international jewellery.