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COLLECT 2011 – at SAATCHI GALLERY, LONDON (UK) – 6-9 Mai 2011

COLLECT has an enviable reputation as a premier, annual fair for contemporary craft. Through its presentation of work from the best international applied artists, COLLECT has become a prestigious event in the international cultural calendar gaining the respect and support of many private collectors, museum curators and galleries.

This year, for the first time, the work of each artist will be complimented by a photographic installation curated by a renowned Italian photographer, Mario Guerra, in which the jewellery on display will be interpreted from an artistic viewpoint, so as to create an ever closer connection between the worlds of contemporary craft and contemporary art.

jewelry galleries :

Alternatives Gallery (IT), Antonella Villanova (IT), Electrum Gallery (UK), Galerie Louise Smit (NL), Galerie Marzee (NL), Galerie Ra (NL), Galerie Rob Koudijs (NL), Galerie Sofie Lachaert (BE), Galleri Format (NO), Galleria Norsu (FI), Lesley Craze Gallery (UK), Galerie Rosemarie Jäger (DE), The Scottish Gallery (UK), Tyger Glyn Gallery (UK)

Monsieur Gaston, Neckpiece (28x29x8x4cm) by Eugenia Ingegno; Gallery: Alternatives Gallery; Photo: Federico Cavicchioli, 2010
Eugenia Ingegno (Alternatives Gallery)


Sally Collins – (Alternatives Gallery)Wetshinysharp (7x7x4cm) by Helen Britton; Gallery: Galerie Louise Smit; Photo: Felix Flurry, 2010
Helen Britton – (Galerie Louise Smit)Brooch (6x9cm) by Bettina Speckner; Gallery: Galerie Ra; Year: 2010

Bettina Speckner – front brooch – 2010  (Galerie Ra)

Frozen Fireworks, necklace (6x6x12cm) by Mia Maljojoki; Gallery: Galerie Rob Koudijs; Photo: Mirei Takeuchi, 2010
Mia Maljojoki - (Galerie Rob Koudijs)Vernal Affection (3.5x1.5x4.2cm) by Ara Kuo; Gallery: Galerie Sofie Lachaert; Year, 2010
Ara Kuo -  (Galerie Sofie Lachaert )

Grandma goes to Tokyo (13x5.5x4cm) by Elise Hatlø; Gallery: Galleri Format; Photo: Kirsti Mørch
Elise Hatlo – (Galleri Format)

COLLECT 2011 - at SAATCHI GALLERY, LONDON (UK) - 6-9 Mai 2011 dans Anna TALBOT (NO) anna%20talbot11
Anna Talbot, Redwolf, 2009 - (Galleri Format)Two Coral Wrist Pieces (12.5x11x5cm; 14x12.5x5cm) by Nora Fok; Photo: Frank Hills, 2010
Nora Fok – (Lesley Craze Gallery)

Brooch, Manipulation # 4 (15.5x13x4.5cm) by Melanie Isverding; Gallery: Rosemarie Jäger; Photo: Mirei Takeuchi, 2009
Melanie Isverding (Galerie Rosemarie Jäger)

web_Attai%20Chen2_alt dans Ara KUO (Taiwan)

Attai Chen  (Galerie Rosemarie Jäger)Stem series, pin (8x4x1.5cm) by Susan May; Gallery: Tyger Glyn Gallery; Photo: By kind permission of the Goldsmiths' Company, 2009
Susan May- brooch – (Tyger Glyn Gallery)



Saatchi Gallery
Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road
SW3 4SQ‎ – London
United Kingdom
Telephone: +39-06-68308233
Fax: +39-06-68308233


COLLECT 2011 – at SAATCHI GALLERY, LONDON (UK) – 6-9 Mai 2011


GALLERIA NORSU takes part in the Collect- art fair for the 5th time.
This year our theme is tradition and re-invention, using traditional methods and materials and treating them with a new twist. The artists approach classic ceramic prints, traditional Finnish rugs and Finnish design glass in a new, conceptual way.
Ceramic artists Caroline Slotte and Kim Simonsson have already successfully been shown before at Collect together with jewellery artist Tarja Tuupanen.
The new names this year are : the young glass artist Riikka Latva-Somppi and the established and well known Finnish glass master Markku Salo, textile artists Silja Puranen (winner of the Nordic Award in Textiles 2009) and the more quiet and conceptual artist Kaija Poijula. Last but not least the jewellery artists Mia Maljojoki and the promising and upcoming talent Sirja Knaapi.

COLLECT 2011 - at SAATCHI GALLERY, LONDON (UK) - 6-9 Mai 2011 dans COLLECT collect10_tuupanen
Tarja Tuupanen, born 1973, Finland

« White is waiting, it is silent, quiet and calm, it is clear and comforting, and frighteningly empty, says jewellery artist Tarja Tuupanen.
Can a blanco portrait tell more than a photo? Is there something more to look at in a white scenery than in he the view from your balcony?
The white cacholong fascinates me. In a natural material all the white shades you can think of. This stone has the perfect atmosphere; it is minimalist and quiet, stagnant but not boring, quite noble even. It looks soft and gentle, but it is not the truth. When you look its whiteness long enough, you start to see some colours.
I do love the northern winter, when everything is covered with snow. It is silent, quiet and calm, clear and comforting and frighteningly empty.

collect2011_brooch dans Exposition/Exhibition
Sirja Knaapi, Brooch


Galleria Norsu,
Kaisanimenkatu 9 (also from Fabianinkatu 36)
Po Box 152, FI-00171 Helsinki
Director: Katarina Siltavuori
mobile +358 (0)50 599 2510


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