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EXPO ‘Glancing Back, Looking Forward’ – Sienna Gallery, Lenox, MA (USA) – 26 Avril-28 Mai 2013

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SUSIE GANCH: « Glancing Back, Looking Forward »   

« In a culture that values youth as the highest form of beauty in an industry (jewelry) motivated by beautification, these pieces reflect back the changes I see in my mirror every morning ».    -  Susie Ganch glancing-back

Artist Susie Ganch is currently Associate Professor and Head of the Metals Program at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia. She is also Director of Radical Jewelry Makeover, an international traveling community jewelry mining and recycling project that was recently hosted by the Wheelwright Museum (in Santa Fe, NM), Queensland College of Art Griffith University and Artisan Gallery (in Brisbane, Australia).  Solo exhibitions include Velvet da Vinci, University of Wyoming-Laramie, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and Quirk Gallery, Richmond, VA. Group Exhibitions include: Unexpected Pleasures (Design Museum, London, England, and the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia), Heat Exchange (Shemer Art Center and Museum, Phoenix, AZ, and Kunstmuseen der Stadt Erfurt, Galerie Waidspeicher im Kulturhof Krönbacken, Erfurt, Germany), Surface and Substance (Contemporary Applied Arts and Electrum Gallery, London, England and Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales), Evolution and Imagination (Cameron Museum, NC). Collections include the Asheville Art Museum. Susie is a recent recipient of the Theresa Pollack Fine Art Award, a VA Commission for the Arts Grant, and multiple VCU Faculty Research Grants.  Publications include: Metalsmith Magazine (2008, volume 28, no. 3, cover article), The Compendium Finale of Contemporary Jewellry Makers, and Bijoux. Illustration et Design. Susie Ganch | Sienna Gallery Sienna Gallery

« …I recently began using pre enameled sheet steel, forming it, soldering it, and creating simple forms that reveal the life cycle of the resulting piece. They are intentionally raw, their surfaces containing hundreds, thousands of little cracks.  Solder is left on the surface, flux will come out over time, and because the steel is distressed (by forming), it will continue to shed bits of enamel.  They will age and evolve, gaining rust losing enamel while the diamonds and rubies on the surfaces will remain the same. I am considering my own evolution and what it means to transition into the next period of my life.  In a culture that values youth as the highest form of beauty in an industry (jewelry) motivated by beautification, these pieces reflect back the changes I see in my mirror every morning.  This jewelry will eventually disintegrate leaving some lonely diamonds and rubies behind. (In my imagination, they are the true loser in the story). Optimistically, I want this work to “die” making room for what will come next.  Part of my responsibility as an artist is to think of future generations and what they might need in order to make room for what jewelers sometime down the road will want to make… »

Susie Ganch - Glancing Back, Looking Forward at Sienna gallery

Susie Ganch | Sienna Gallery Sienna Gallery
Susie Ganch | Sienna Gallery Sienna Gallery
Susie Ganch | Sienna Gallery Sienna Gallery Susie Ganch | Sienna Gallery Sienna GallerySusie Ganch | Sienna Gallery Sienna Gallery




Sienna Gallery
80 Main Street
Lenox, MA 01240 USA
(001) 413 637 8386


EXPO ‘cornucopia’ – Sienna Gallery, Lenox (USA) – 10 Aout-3 Sept. 2012

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HELEN BRITTON : dekorationswut:cornucopia

opening reception August 11 5-7pm
artist talk August 12 11am

HELEN BRITTON - "Cornucopia" at Sienna Gallery« …Violence, love, riches, sentimentally, humour, wisdom, the exotic, the precious, the rare; a friendly small companion, a lucky charm, an amulet. Hope. The small and the large refrain. While the components themselves are in the form of the cheapest trinket, the sentiment that they intend to convey reaches into the deepest abyss. Primal concerns. These components have come bubbling out of the history of humanity and have drifted around the planet collecting along the tidelines of human activity.

There truly are great piles of these kinds of components, stacked boxes full, all glittering and jittering and demanding attention with their giggle, their glint, and their snarl. These accumulated inhabitants of the jungle of material emotions. How did they come about? What were the circumstances of their production? Did they change anything? Did they help? Where did the impetus come from to embark on their production?
I see in these components all the effort, humour, joy and failure of our existence. They seek out in the most unpretentious way everything that has driven our species since time immemorial, right back down to plastic versions of shells so very similar to those found in the Blombos cave, strung together 70 thousand years ago.
All this trailing baggage of history and theory, I leave at the door of my studio. It clutters. The concept has been long since internalized. The components will continue to tell their stories anyway, so for me they then become raw materials that challenge and stretch my powers of creation. The work in the studio is a process of direct, intuitive, integration and construction, an open-ended experiment. I am not trying to dictate what the work will then say. I am conscious of what I have chosen to incorporate, but am completely immersed in my own process of reinvention and creation that lies well outside the limited boundaries of verbalization.
Curiosity, Sentimentality, Compassion, Empathy. Recognition of the continuum of human inventiveness and creativity. It’s all about the great cornucopia of jewellery. Jewellery, containing this and now waiting to be worn…«    Helen Britton, 2012

Artist Helen Britton completed a Master of Fine Arts by research at Curtin University, Western Australia in 1999, which included guest studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Munich, the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, and San Diego State University in California. In 1999 she completde a postgraduate study project at the Academy of Fine Arts with Professor Otto Künzli. Her work is held in the National Gallery of Australia, in the Pinakothek der Modern, Munich, the Schmuck Museum Pforzheim and in the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, among others. The recipient of both the Herbert Hofmann prize for excellence in contemporary jewellery and the state prize of Bavaria for craftsmanship Britton has exhibited internationally in group and solo exhibitions. This is Helen’s first solo exhibition in the United States.

All works 2012, Plastics, steel, silver, glass.

 HELEN BRITTON - "Cornucopia"hHELEN BRITTON - "Cornucopia"

HELEN BRITTON - "Cornucopia"
HELEN BRITTON - "Cornucopia" | Sienna Gallery Sienna Gallery
HELEN BRITTON cornucopia


Sienna Gallery
80 Main Street
Lenox, MA 01240


EXPO ‘Marta Mattsson – Petrified lives’ – Sienna Gallery, Lenox (USA) – 29 Juin-19 Juill. 2012

 ’Marta Mattsson – Petrified lives’

Marta Mattsson will give an intimate talk at BROOKLYN METALWORKS July 1, 4-6pm to discuss her newest work and studio practice

EXPO 'Marta Mattsson - Petrified lives' - Sienna Gallery, Lenox (USA) - 29 Juin-19 Juill. 2012 dans Conference / Lecture mma63Marta Mattsson Fossil Neckpiece, 2012, Cicadas, crushed olivine, resin, silver

80 Main Street
Lenox, MA 01240 USA
(001) 413 637 8386

general inquiries :


EXPO ‘COSTUME COSTUME’ – Sienna Gallery, Lenox (USA) – 4 Juill.-31 Aout 2011

Guest curated by Arthur Hash.

costume-costume Sienna Gallery

COSTUME COSTUME (an opulent project) is a collection of work made by emerging contemporary art jewelers. It is an exploration of costume jewelry as subject ; jewelry about jewelry.

We are thrilled to have Arthur Hash curate a selection of new designers and artists to expand the COSTUME COSTUME collection! View select pieces online or model entire collection in the Costume Costume Photobooth at Sienna Gallery in Lenox, Massachusetts..

“Pink Thinks” - Erin Rose Gardner for TOP  (The Opulent Project)Erin Rose Gardner
« Pink Thinks » – Erin Rose Gardner for TOP  (The Opulent Project)


Current and past artists include Sarah Abramson, Mikael Arsjö, Kate Bauman, Michael Dale Bernard, Thyra Bessette, Allyson Bone, Jenny Bradley, Raissa Bump, Sarah Kate Burgess, Alice Jee Chung, David Choi, Meg Drinkwater, Anne M. Fiala, Erin Gardner, Maricha Genovese, Anna Hinkes, Rory Hooper, Soyeon Kim, Courtney Kemp, Seohee Koh, Tara Locklear, Sarah Loertscher, Julia Elizabeth Louise, Edgar Mosa, Jimin Park, Mary Hallam Pearse, RT Peters, Katie Poterala, Cynthia Rohrer, Earl Ross, Leslie Skalin, Theresa Sterner, Monika Strasser, Kristi Sword, Islay Taylor, Melissa Tolar, Stephanie Tomczak, Ben Ulsh
Sienna Gallery debuted the project last April at SOFA NY where we installed a photobooth. This format provided visitors with an experience outside of the typical museum-like presentation of jewelry and objects at SOFA. We encouraged people to have fun interacting with our jewelry. Viewers instantly became wearers, modeling our jewelry for a printed souvenir photo-strip. And in some sense the wearer became a « collector » and jewelry became « collected » through physical printed image and solidified through social media.

Islay Taylor, Knuckle Dusters, Rings, gold plated bronze, hand painted acrylic nails, 2010. I am obsessed with knuckle duster inspired rings. I need one immediately.Islay Taylor  – pro nailz – gold plated bronze, hand painted acrylic nails


Sienna Gallery
80 Main Street
Lenox, MA 01240
T [413] 637-8386


EXPO ‘DECADENCE & DISARRAY’ – Sienna Gallery, SPQ Projects, Lenox (USA) – 1er Juill.-21 Aout 2011

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Decadence and Disarray explores the unexpected ways in which the ornate, the opulent, and the glamorous crumble and decay, and the subtle beauty of these transformations. The work selected addresses this theme in a variety of ways.

Open six days a week, SPQ Projects will serve as an extension of Sienna Gallery, which will continue to represent the finest in contemporary art jewelry from around the world. Upcoming Sienna Gallery exhibitions include Found Subjects, which features jewelry and mixed media by award-winning jeweler and longtime Sienna Gallery artist Sondra Sherman, and COSTUME COSTUME, a curated collection of work by emerging jewelers which explores costume jewelry as a subject for new work.

Sienna Patti established SPQ PROJECTS in 2010 to represent and work with emerging and established artists creating engaging and thought provoking work.
The artists bridge the worlds of art, craft, and contemporary design with innovative use of materials and mediums. Many are engaging conceptually with traditional craft based techniques and ideas. Artists listed are represented but our projects bring in many artists for collaborations.

This is a new and ongoing project – we welcome artist submissions, .


Jordi Alcaraz – Célio Braga Lauren Fensterstock Timothy Horn Stacy Howe Jim Kazanjian Beth Lipman Myra Mimlitsch-Gray Jonathan Wahl Bill Wright
Jonathan Wahl - Jet Drawing: Darth Vader’s Mouthpiece2009 – charcoal on paper

Jonathan Wahl -Jet Drawing: Totem2009 – charcoal on paper




SPQ PROJECTS is now located at
53 Church Street in Lenox Massachusetts.



EXPO ‘KIFF SLEMMONS – on and off the wall’- Sienna Gallery, Lenox (USA) – 8 Juill.-7 Aout 2011

July 8 – August 7
KIFF SLEMMONS – on and off the wall

In many cultures, paper is considered precious and this is not more true than in the hands of Kiff Slemmons. Working for the past ten years in collaboration with the artisans at Arte Papel in Oaxaca Mexico, the paper is cut, folded, inked, and wrapped to make jewelry. The majority of materials used in creating the paper jewelry are regionally grown in Mexico. Local plant dyes are extracted for the natural colors and man-made dyes produce the vivid colors. Cactus juice is used to size the paper and the forms are all hand made by local artisans. The jewelry is abstract and structural, like bones; with a skin of natural and dyed colors, it is sensual and tactile. Slemmons original designs began with a few basic forms; she has now repeated, recombined, enlarged, reduced and re-contextualized these elements in myriad variations. Paper is the site of poetry, the site of drawing, and in this jewelry, the unexpected site of both.

Kiff Slemmons was born in 1944 in Maxton, North Carolina and was raised in Adel, Iowa. In 1968, she received a BA in art and French from the University of Iowa, where her undergraduate studies included a year at the Sorbonne in Paris. She has been influenced by the chance and transformation of Dada and Surrealist theory and the focus on materials and structure in Constructivism. Equally important to her is the love of language, tools, and the printed word that she acquired from her father, a newspaper publisher and editor. A self-taught metalsmith who has been exhibiting for more than 30 years. The daughter of a newspaper publisher and editor, language and the written word have important roles in her work. Her work can be found in permanent collections around the world, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; the Mint Museum, North Carolina; Contemporary Museum, Hawaii; and the Tacoma Art Museum, Washington.



Sienna Gallery
80 Main Street
Lenox, MA 01240
T [413] 637-8386


EXPO ‘SONDRA SHERMAN – found subjects’ – Sienna Gallery, Lenox (USA) – 8 Juill.-7 Aout 2011

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July 8 – August 7
SONDRA SHERMANfound subjects

Sondra Sherman is Associate Professor of Art and Head of the Jewelry and Metalwork Program at San Diego State University, CA. She received her MFA from the Academy of Fine Art, Munich GERMANY, and her BFA from Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA She has been the recipient of many awards
Sherman’s artwork is included in the following public collections: the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, the Museum of Arts and Design, NY , etc etc …..
Sondra Sherman- Flowers and Still Life Brooch, 2010. Silver, stainless steel

In the jewelry format the wearer becomes a collaborator. The wearer chooses to be the « performer » of the jewelry object in the theater of social interaction. Works from the series ‘Found Subjects’ extend this chance collaboration as each piece responds to metaphorically resonant and aesthetically substantive aspects of selected book titles or bindings. A resonant disjuncture occurs between the anticipated, actual, and ultimately metaphorical content created by the juxtaposition of the used book titles/bindings and jewelry pieces with their implied ‘site’ of the body/wearer. The initial context for interpretation is created in the containment of the jewelry piece in the book which inspired it. I have not read any of the books as I was not interested in illustrating, but in responding to the title, or purely visual information, and common knowledge of the given subject. Interested in chance procedures which are sort of antithetical to metalwork, I was intrigued by the inverted methodology of interpreting a found title, in a sense the use of a found object, or in this case found content. A less consciously chosen parameter was that dimensions of each piece are limited to the space of the book.
Sondra Sherman- ‘Julia Newberry’s Diary’, Brooch, 2010 steel, 925ag, nail polish
Sondra Sherman- Great Ideas of Science pendant, 2010 925 ag, marcasites, pyrite, silk thread


Sienna Gallery
80 Main Street
Lenox, MA 01240
T [413] 637-8386


SOFA New-York 2011 – 14-17 Avril 2011

opens at the city’s Park Avenue Armory – Fifty-five international galleries and dealers will represent 12 nations

Main jewelry galleries : Aaron Faber Gallery, Charon Kransen Arts, Gallery S O London, Jewelers’ Werk Galerie, Ornamentum, Sienna Gallery

SOFA New-York 2011 - 14-17 Avril 2011 dans Bernhard SCHOBINGER (CH) 2
Peter Schmid/Atelier Zobel - Ring, 2010 – sterling silver, black granite, black diamonds  - Aaron Faber Gallery

1 dans blog ArtJewelryForum
Efharis Alepedis - Necklace, 2010 - red patent leather, silk cocoons, epoxy resin, silver  - Charon Kransen Arts

2 dans Efharis ALEPEDIS (US)
Mirjam Hiller Brooch Ovalias, 2010 - stainless steel, powder coated  -Charon Kransen Arts
Sergey Jivetin – Cloud Brooch, Drip Brooch, Splash Brooch – 2009 – eggs, carbon-fiber, steel, resin - Ornamentum

1 dans Gal. Aaron Faber (US)
Vera Siemund Necklace, 2010 – enameled copper, silver  - Jewelers’ Werk Galerie

2 dans Gal. Charon Kransen (US)
Jiro Kamata - Arboresque Brooch, 2010 - oxidized silver, camera lenses, acrylic paint  Ornamentum

1 dans Gal. Jewelerswerk (US)
Hanna Hedman - Human Tree, 2010 - copper, oxidized silver, paint  Ornamentum

solo dans Gal. Ornamentum (US)
Jennifer Trask- Acanthus, 2010 – antler, 17th century gilded frame, gold leaf, goldOrnamentum

2 dans Gal. S O (UK)
Helen Britton Grey Brooch, 2009 - silver, paint, plastics, shells, glass  - Sienna Gallery
Bernhard Schobinger – Ring mit Halbkugeln – gold, rose quarz, pearl, diamond-split in bronze, malachite enamel – 2005 -Gallery S O London



Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 14-16
in the Armory’s Tiffany Room

*THURSDAY, April 14 – 11:30 am – 12:30 pm :
For People Who are Slightly Mad : American Modernist Jewelry
A review of the iconoclastic artists who translated the excitement of surrealism and modernism into wearable jewelry. Their work will be seen in Crafting Modernism: Mid-century American Art and Design at the Museum of Arts and Design, NY in October 2011. Jeannine Falino, Curator, Museum of Arts and Design, NY
Cosponsored by Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) and Art Jewelry Forum (AJF)

Museum of Arts & Design
Jay De Feo


 *FRIDAY, April 15 – 1:30 – 2:30 pm : Sometimes
New Zealand artist Lisa Walker makes jewellery out of a vast collection of materials – plastic, wood, paper, gold, fabric, clay, dirt, dust, aluminum, paint – the list goes on. Her talk will be a retrospective look at pieces and projects of the last 20 years, looking at what extremes are possible, questioning and researching what jewellery means, what it can be.
Represented by Jewelers’ Werk Galerie

Lisa Walker
Lisa Walker

* SATURDAY, April 16 – 1:30 – 2:30 pm :
Sergey Jivetin and Jennifer Trask: Two Visions
Jewelry artists Jennifer Trask and Sergey Jivetin discuss their individual ideologies and shared studio practices.  Trask will talk about the evolution of her most recent series, “Embodiment”, which encompasses both sculptural and wearable works. Jivetin will elaborate on the role of experimental techniques and materials.
Represented by Ornamentum,
Presented by the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG)

Jennifer Trask - Ornamentum Sergey Jivetin - Ornamentum
Jennifer Trask  —   Sergey Jivetin



Park Avenue Armory
Park Avenue at 67th Street
New York, NY, 10021


EXPO ‘L.A. ART SHOW – Lauren Kalman’ – Los Angeles, USA – 19-23 janv. 2011

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Los Angeles ART SHOW presented by The Fine Art Dealers Association
- BOOTH 1231 -

January 19 – 23 LA ART SHOW presented by
The Fine Art Dealers Association

BOOTH 1231
EXPO 'L.A. ART SHOW - Lauren Kalman' - Los Angeles, USA - 19-23 janv. 2011 dans Exposition/Exhibition LAArtShow2010_LOGO_BW

kalman_rims-open dans Gal. Sienna Patti (US)


Lauren Kalman was born in Cleveland Heights, Ohio and completed her MFA in Art, from the Ohio State University and received her BFA, with a focus in metals, from Massachusetts College of Art. Her professional experience includes an apprenticeship at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture, and recent residencies at the Santa Fe Art Institute , New Mexico and the University fo Stellenbosch, South Africa. She is currently adjunct faculty at Rhode Island School of Design. Her international exhibition includes exhibitions at galleries, museums and nonprofit spaces including the Recoleta Center in Buenos Aries, Argentina and the Kurze Filme in Basel, Switzerland. Her work is in the collections of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio, and Massachusetts College of Art, Boston.

By creating objects of adornment that are unconventional in their application to the body she questions traditional values. In making her work she has become more aware of the values she ascribes to her own body and the objects used to adorn it. Through her work, she hopes to communicate alternative thought about material worth, social custom, and the body.

Lauren Kalman - hard wear 2006 - gold Duct: Gold Ductdigital photograph using gold-plated copper

Lauren Kalman, Hard Wear (Tongue Gilding): Tongue GildingDigital print, laminated on acrylic

The Los Angeles Convention Center is located at 1201 South Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, California – between Pico and Olympic Boulevards
LA Convention Centertransparent dans Lauren KALMAN (US)
1201 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, California 90015 USA
(213) 741-1151



Sienna Gallery
80 Main Street
Lenox, MA 01240
T [413] 637-8386


EXPO ‘BETTINA SPECKNER a rose is a rose is a rose’ – Sienna Gallery – 15 Oct.-14 Nov. 2010

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BETTINA SPECKNER a rose is a rose is a rose

Artists Reception: Saturday October 23, 2010 5-7
Artist talk: Sunday October 24, 11 am

EXPO 'BETTINA SPECKNER a rose is a rose is a rose' - Sienna Gallery - 15 Oct.-14 Nov. 2010 dans Bettina SPECKNER (DE) speckner2010_exhibitionhead

66672_479072561409_70530366409_6836820_1623337_n dans Exposition/Exhibition

« In my work I am particularly fond of photographs. Sometimes they are old and show bygone places or people of former times, quite often however I use photos I took myself of trunks, flowers, lonesome lanes or landscapes. These pictures turn into pieces of jewelry.
To turn photos into gems, the images are etched on small metal plates or burned on enamel. They become part of an individual composition: precious metals, diamonds, coloured stones and found objects begin to lead lives of their own. Patterns and ornaments arise. Often I employ seemingly banal but peculiar everyday items, forging the sublime and the profane into a new poetic harmony.
I do not work with the intention to decorate things or to make them look prettier. I search to discover the soul of an object or the essence of a photograph and to shape something new which appeals to me and to other people far beyond the optical appearance.
For this exhibition I used text for the first time, creating a group of pieces that draw upon the idea that simply using the name of a thing invokes the imagery and emotions associated with it. Some works came after the text choice and others used the text as catalyst. To ‘see’ the pieces it is not necessary to know the text, it is used as another layer, transparent yet substantive.  » Bettina Speckner 2010

BSP141 dans Gal. Sienna Patti (US)BSP141B dans USA
Cinderella - Brooch, 2010 Photoetching in Zinc, Silver, Diamonds 8 X 5 cm

Os Argonautas (Caetano Veloso) – Neckpiece , 2010 Ferrotype, Diamond, Silver, Leaf, Resin


Barbara’s Song

I once used to think in my innocent youth, (And I once was as innocent as you), That someone some day might come my way, And then I should know what ‘ s best to do. And if he ‘ d got money, and seemed a nice chap, And his workday shirts were white as snow, And if he knew how to treat a girl with due respect, I ‘ d have to tell him, « No! » That ‘ s where you must keep your head screwed on and insist on going slow. Sure the moon will shine throughout the night, Sure the boat is on the river tied up tight, That ‘ s as far as things can go. Oh, you can ‘ t lie back, you must stay cold at heart,
Oh, you must not let your feelings show. Oh, the moment you feel it might start, Oh, then your only answer ‘ s, « No! » The first one that came was a man of Kent, And all that a man ought to be. The second one owned three ships down at Wopping, And the third was crazy about me. And as they ‘ d got money, and all seemed nice chaps, And their workday shirts were white as snow, And as they knew how to treat a girl with due respect, Each time I told them, « No! » 

That ‘ s when I used to get my head screwed on and I chose to take it slow. Sure the moon could shine throughout the night, Sure the boat was on the river tied up tight, That ‘ s as far as things could go. Oh, you can ‘ t lie back, you must stay cold at heart, Oh, you must not let your feelings show. Oh, the moment you feel it might start, Oh, then your only answer ‘ s, « No! » But then one day, and the day was blue, Came a man who didn ‘ t ask at all. And he went and hung his hat on the nail of my little attic, And what happened, I can ‘ t recall. And as he ‘ d got no money and was not a nice chap, And his Sunday shirts were not like snow, And as he ‘ d no idea of treating a girl with due respect, I could not tell him, « No! » That ‘ s the day my head was not screwed on, and to hell with going slow! Oh, the moon could shine so clear and bright, Oh, the boat kept drifting downstream that night, That was how it simply had to go. Oh, you can ‘ t lie back, you must stay cold at heart, In the end you ‘ ll have to let your feelings show. Oh, the moment you know it might start, And there ‘ s no time for saying, « No! »  - Berthold Brecht/ Kurt Weil, Threepenny Opera

Fallenblumen (Snare Flowers) Hommage à Daniel Spoerri
Brooch, 2010 Photo in Enamel, Silver, Ruby Cabochon, Amethyst, Garnet 9 X 7.5 cm 

Alice in Wonderland - Pendant, 2009 Ferrotype, Diamond, Silver, Leaf, Resin 10 X 5.5 cm

The Cloths of Heaven - Brooch, 2009 Ferrotype, Diamond, Silver 9 X 5 cm 

He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven
Had I the heavens ‘ embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams
William Butler Yeats 1865-1939 

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Brooch, 2010 Photo in Enamel, Silver, Gold, Citrine 9 X 6 cm
Earrings, 2010 Photoetching in Zinc, Gold, Tourmaline, Citrine drops 5.5 X 1.5 cm

A Rose is a Rose is Rose (Gertrude Stein)
Brooch , 2001 Photo etching in zinc, Red Gold, black diamonds 7 X 4 cm


Sienna Gallery
80 Main Street
Lenox, MA 01240 USA
(001) 413 637 8386


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