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EXPO ‘Annamaria Zanella & Renzo Pasquale’ – Galerie Slavik, Vienna (AT) – 7 Mai-20 Juin 2015

exhibition at Galerie Slavik :
Annamaria Zanella & Renzo Pasquale


Vernissage:  7. Mai 2015, 18 – 20 Uhr

 EXPO Gal. Slavik - Annamaria Zanella & Renzo Pasquale - 7mai-20juin 2015 (Annamaria Zanella « popp Cell » brooch)

Annamaria Zanella and Renzo Pasquale Exhibition  For the period of the Vienna Festival the Slavik Gallery is presenting a special duo exhibition devoted to the work of the artists – and married couple – Annamaria Zanella and Renzo Pasquale. Although they have quite different styles, their jewellery is complementary. Together, their artefacts form a wonderfully harmonious whole.

Renzo Pasquale, Halsschmuck 2013 "Cilindri liberi", Gold, Silber, Niello, TitanRenzo Pasquale, Halsschmuck 2013 « Cilindri liberi », Gold, Silber, Niello, Titan

Annamaria Zanella‘s fascinating jewellery objects are as exciting as they are unusual. In this exhibition she is presenting colourful necklaces made in idiosyncratic materials to which she gives a special finish with elements in gold. But in her diverse and highly imaginative creative world there is also room for glass, enamel and plastics, all radiant with powerful, finely harmonized colours. Every one of her miniature sculptures is an expression of the artist’s breathtaking inner power and bubbling energy. All richly poetic, many also have a special story to tell, such as the « Gala » brooch in silver, enamel and red plastic that she dedicated to Gala Eluard, who was muse and wife to both Paul Eluard and Salvador Dali.

Annamaria Zanella, Brosche "Gala", 2014, Silber, Gold, Email, PlexiglasAnnamaria Zanella, Brosche « Gala », 2014, Silber, Gold, Email, Plexiglas mm

The work of the jewellery artist Renzo Pasquale is permeated by a great love of geometry. Masterfully worked in silver, titanium and plexiglass, his brooch « Olimpico » betrays his admiration for the Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, whose example has inspired Renzo Pasquale to an oeuvre characterized by aesthetic balance, perfect proportions, and the noble harmony of classical Italian poetry. Also a stonemason by training, he invests his gold rings with a special clarity and liveliness through a precise use of cut lapis lazuli, jasper and agate.

 Renzo PasqualeRenzo Pasquale – « Riflessi » gold, ceramic (gres), titanium, 80 x 60 x 10 mm

"Othello" Silber, Eisen, Email, Gold, Lapislazuli - Puder, Resin, Edelstahlgewebe 55x 47 x 18 mm,   Annamaria ZanellaAnnamaria Zanella « Othello » Silber, Eisen, Email, Gold, Lapislazuli – Puder, Resin, Edelstahlgewebe 55x 47 x 18

Renzo Pasquale "cilindri sezioni" silver, gold, niello, white gold wire, 210 x 31 x 13 mmRenzo Pasquale « cilindri sezioni » silver, gold, niello, white gold wire, 210 x 31 x 13 mmAnnamaria Zanella ring "Blu Boll" gold, silber, glass microspheres, iron powder, mother pearls powder, 37 x 33 x 37 mmAnnamaria Zanella ring « Blu Boll » gold, silber, glass microspheres, iron powder, mother pearls powder, 37 x 33 x 37 mm

Renzo Pasquale brooch "passaggi" gold, aluminiumRenzo Pasquale brooch « passaggi » gold, aluminium

Renzo Pasquale brooch "street" porcelain, titanium, white goldRenzo Pasquale brooch « street » porcelain, titanium, white gold


Galerie Slavik
Himmelpfortgasse 17
A-1010 Vienna
Telephone: +43 1 513 48 12



EXPO ‘SCHMUCKSEHNSUCHT’ – Galerie Slavik, Vienna (AT) – 9 Avril – 3 Mai 2014

Next exhibition at Galerie Slavik : 09.04. – 03.05.2014
Elisabeth Heine, Sabine Hauss, Nicola Heidemann, Ulla & Martin Kaufmann, Jacqueline Ryan, Annamaria Zanella


Jacqueline Ryan Brooch 2008, 18 ct gold, enamel. 52x52x15 mm Jacqueline Ryan Brooch 2008, 18 ct gold, enamel.

Nicola Heidemann  brooch "Moosgruenes Ei" silver,enamel,chromdiopsid www.galerie-slavik.comNicola Heidemann  brooch « Moosgruenes Ei » silver,enamel,chromdiopsid
 Nicola Heidemann - Bracelet "fence" -  silver, forged and blackened Nicola Heidemann - Bracelet « fence » -  silver, forged and blackened
Sabine Hauss -  brooch "Size W 56" 1999 gold 750  Sabine Hauss -  brooch « Size W 56″ 1999 gold 750 

Galerie Slavik
Himmelpfortgasse 17
A-1010 Vienna
Telephone: +43 1 513 48 12


EXPO ‘EYE-CATCHERS’ – Galerie Slavik, Vienna (AT) – 5 Mars- 5 Avril 2014

« EYE-CATCHERS » Exhibition at Galerie Slavik in Wien (Austria)

From March 5th until April 5th, 2014

"Eye catchers" galerie Slavik Vienna 5 Mars - 5 Avrl 204(Helfried Kodré ring – silver, gold,pure gold, lapsi lazuli)


Artists:  Alexandra Brachtendorf — Mirjam HillerHelfried KodréKaori JuzuStefano MarchettiRamon Puig CuyàsSilvia WalzPer Suntum

The Slavik Gallery is starting its new cycle of exhibitions with a display of unique jewellery by international artists whose arresting creations never fail to impress.
The dynamic, technologically inspired brooches of Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Professor at the famous Escola Massana in Barcelona, catch the eye with architectural elements and a striking use of colour.
Silvia Walz also teaches at the Massana school. Her imaginative and smilingly colourful enamel bangles are bursting with energy and joie de vivre.
Mirjam Hiller makes jewellery out of sheet stainless steel or copper, which is sawn, folded and bent into shape to form little art works that are unique. The artist herself: « The piece of jewellery must be irresistible to the eye. It must hold me spellbound and touch my senses. Unique, exotic and beautiful, it should awake one’s curiosity and yet still be a little familiar. »
As the Japanese jewellery artist Kaori Juzu lives and works in Denmark, her creations are influenced by two quite different cultures. Her many-coloured « enamel jewellery treasures » tell stories of mysterious and unknown worlds.
In the golden jewellery objects of the German artist Alexandra Brachtendorf the gilding is done on a ground of rough forged iron, creating lively surface structures that are rich in shine and shadow.

Ramon Puig CuyasRamon Puig Cuyas« Subtle architecture » brooch – oxidized nickel silver, reconstructed corals

Ramon Puig Cuyas - at gal. SlavikRamon Puig Cuyas – brooch

Silvia Walz  Eschental Brooch, Serie Geometria 2 Silvia Walz  -  Brooch, Serie Geo-metria 2
Silvia Walz: Vestiges in a time-otherSilvia Walz - new works – serie Geo-metria2
Kaori Juzu - brooch Mare Nostrum 2012Kaori Juzu - brooch « Mare Nostrum » 2012 – enamel, copper, 14kt gold.
Kaori Juzu - brooch "SUCH UTTER SILENCE" # 5 - copper, silver, enamelKaori Juzu - brooch « SUCH UTTER SILENCE » # 5 -2013 -  copper, silver, enamelStefano Marchetti - brooch 2012 - goldStefano Marchetti – brooch 2012 – goldStefano Marchetti - brooch 2010 - white goldStefano Marchetti - brooch 2010 – white gold
Per Suntum -  brooch "Where the holka horse grasses"- series: japanese garden wood, nylon, silver, 14 kt. white goldPer Suntum -  brooch « Where the holka horse grasses »- series: japanese garden wood, nylon, silver, 14 kt. white goldPer Suntum -  brooch  "Manpuku III" Shibuichi, gold 18 ctPer Suntum -  brooch  « Manpuku III » Shibuichi, gold 18 ctMiriam Hiller - brooch 2012, bovenas neonpink steel powder coated   	  	Mirjam Hiller – brooch 2012, bovenas neonpink steel powder coated        Helfried Kodré ring - silver, lapislazuliHelfried Kodré ring – silver, lapislazuli


Galerie Slavik
Himmelpfortgasse 17
A-1010 Vienna
Telephone: +43 1 513 48 12


EXPO ‘TWO – THE SYMMETRY OF THE MOMENT’ – Galerie Slavik, Vienna (AT) – 15 Oct.-16 Nov. 2013


15 October to 16 November 2013
Exhibition opening: 15 Oct. 2013, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Discover the symmetry of the moment in this exhibition juxtaposing the beautiful inspirations of Margit Jäschke – a wanderer between two worlds of art – with the ironic jewellery still lives and bitter-sweet compositions of Georg Dobler.
Margit Jäschke – a visual jewellery artist, painter and creator of installations – takes her inspiration from the sensuality and form of materials. The distinction between jewellery meant to be worn and an autonomous work of art becomes obliterated as details evoking various associations move into the foreground. The jewellery pieces open up vistas of fantastic worlds.
Finely structured bare tree trunks, blossoms with delicate petals, turquoise stone pendants – Georg Dobler creates ironic jewellery still lives with his naturalistic silver copies of the beauties of nature. Large, sparkling amethysts give the blackened silver necklace an aura of grandeur and resplendence, while the bright red flowers in the floral brooch seem to eternalize moments of ephemeral nature in extravagant form. Stylistically, the artist views his creations as being akin to the Art Nouveau of René Lalique.

Margit Jäschke - brooch - silver, synthetic material, stones, sweet water pearlsMargit Jäschke – brooch – silver, synthetic material, stones, sweet water pearlsGeorg Dobler - necklaceGeorg Dobler – necklace - Silver blackened, amethystMargit Jäschke - brooch 2013Margit Jäschke – brooch 2013 - Silver, rivets, plastic, lemon quartz. 4 x 12 x 2 cm
Georg DOBLER - brooch - silver blackened, smoky quartzGeorg Dobler – brooch – silver blackened, smoky quartz

Galerie Slavik
Himmelpfortgasse 17
A-1010 Vienna

Telephone: +43 1 513 48 12


EXPO ‘POWERWORK FROM PORTUGAL’ – Galerie Slavik, Vienna (AT) – 22 Sept.-15 Oct. 2011


Ana Albuquerque, Alexandra Serpa Pimentel, Filomeno P. de Sousa, Dulce FerrazFilomena Praça, Tereza Seabra, Paula Crespo, Ana Couto
22. Sept. – 15. Oct. 2011
Exhibition opening: 22 Sept. 2011, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.



Portuguese jewellery art – a variety of gorgeous works and captivating forms

A compelling display of works by Portuguese jewellery artists opens the new panorama of exhibitions at Vienna’s Galerie Slavik. The range of unique pieces of jewellery encompasses strictly geometric, richly pictorial and consistently reduced creations.

The golden necklace by Ana Albuquerque, who has intensively explored the material gold and its history, is a compelling piece of simple and strictly reduced form, which is further accentuated by the glow of gold.

The name of Tereza Seabra, an artist who in the course of her training studied with Thomas Gentile in New York, has become synonymous with contemporary jewellery art in Lisbon today. Her golden vintage pendants take us on a journey into the past, a picture diary of old photographs and miniature landscapes painted on ivory and framed in gold.

The golden ring sculptures by Paula Crespo, one of the most noted Portuguese jewellery artists, are powerful, wearable miniature sculptures.
The works by Alexandra Serpa Pimentel are based on natural forms and structures. She designs powerfully expressive necklaces which in movement seem to merge with their wearers in fluid unity.
Alexandra Serpa Pimentel- silver and steel thread


The white paper brooches by Ana Coutos appear to float as weightlessly as a feather.

The exciting series of « Luster – Territories » brooches in silver, aluminum, lacquer and gold leaf by Dulce Ferraz reflect topographic morphologies created by man and nature.
Galerie Slavik
Himmelpfortgasse 17
A-1010 Vienna
Telephone: +43 1 513 48 12
Fax: +43 1 513 07 48


EXPO ‘Schmuck-Wald-Papier’ – Galerie Slavik, Wien (AT) – 1er Mars-2 Avril 2011

Castello Hansen, Nel Linssen, Kaoru Nakano, Silke Spitzer, Flora Vagi
Exhibition period: 1 March – 2 April 2011
Die Galerie Slavik präsentiert in ihrer aktuellen Ausstellung SCHMUCK WALD PAPIER Kreationen von internationalen Künstlern in unterschiedlichsten Formen und Gestaltungen aus der Welt der Natur

EXPO 'Schmuck-Wald-Papier' - Galerie Slavik, Wien (AT) - 1er Mars-2 Avril 2011 dans Autriche (AT) GALERIE%20SLAVIK


Castello HansenNel LinssenKaoru NakanoSilke SpitzerFlora Vagi

In its current exhibition JEWELLERY – WOOD – PAPER, Galerie Slavik presents creations by international artists in a rich array of forms and designs inspired by the world of nature.
The Danish jewellery artist Castello Hansen specialises in working in wood – and he prefers birch for its lightness. His ring sculptures and pendants, with their simple and clear forms, are captivating to the eye. The profiled golden disc at the centre of his round brooch of whitened wood seems to float as it catches the light.
Silke Spitzer, Grassi Prize winner of 2010, views her wooden creations as homage to the beautiful things that nature offers – the simplest materials and the simplest shapes mirroring the indomitable force of constant recurrence.
Her necklaces of discs sawn from thin branches reflect the growth of a tree, seeming to expand from the perfect surface of tiny slices of veneer into the three-dimensionality of space.
The fabulous paper-folding technique which the Dutch jewellery artist Nel Linssen has developed and used since the early 1970 brings forth creations of timeless relevance – bracelets and necklaces assuming variegated and unexpected shapes and tinges of colour as the wearer moves or the light changes.
Owing to the vitality and lightness and the high aesthetic quality of the works, the wearers experience the spiralling neck chains composed of folded paper elements in bright and variegating tones of blue, red and yellow as a highly pleasurable experience. The selection at the exhibition gives an insight into the enormous variety that Nel Linssen achieves with her passion for cutting and folding paper, using techniques which she has perfected to absolute mastery.
Flora Vagi presents chains made of richly coloured wood chips and brooches reminiscent of sea anemones compactly knitted out of fine strips of paper.
Kaoru Nakano folds Japanese ‘washi’ paper into almost weightless chains and brooches.
Kaoru Nakano

Blue bangle by Nel Linssen
Nel Linssen – blue bangle

curious-wish.brooch dans bois / wood
Flora Vagi - ‘curious wish’ brooch



Galerie Slavik
Himmelpfortgasse 17
A-1010 Vienna
Telephone: +43 1 513 48 12
Fax: +43 1 513 07 48


EXPO ‘Helfried Kodré : Jewellery & Sculpture’ – Galerie Slavik, Vienne (Austria) – 4 Mai-12 Juin 2010

Helfried Kodré
« After a 18 year long break, (Kodré a graduated Art Historian with a strong love for Italian architecture, and was teaching at the University of Vienna for ten years), he started to create again in the early 1990ies. With new forms, a completely new approach, having learned and being trained with a new, broad and analytic vocabulary, but in his familiar artistic language. He never stops, he always goes on, improving, refining, contouring, shaping – and bounding himself to be consequent. He still chooses the materials he always preferred, and his sculptures, too, show the extraordinary skill of a self-trained perfectionist. »
Helfried Kodré - jewelry

Helfried Kodré, Brooch, 2008Helfried Kodré, Brooch, 2008
 Helfried Kodré - brooches – Silver, glass  &  Silver, turquoises

Helfried Kodré, Brooch, 2008Helfried Kodré, Pin, 2008
Helfried Kodré - brooch, silver, amazonite –  ring, silver, turquoises

EXPO 'Helfried Kodré : Jewellery & Sculpture' - Galerie Slavik, Vienne (Austria) - 4 Mai-12 Juin 2010 dans Autriche (AT) 102210Helfried Kodré, Bague
Helfried Kodré - ring, silver, lapislazuli – ring, gold, silver, turquoise, bronze, 2007

Helfried Kodré - brooch


Galerie Slavik
Himmelpfortgasse 17
A-1010 – Vienna (Austria)



‘Helfried Kodre: Vedere L’invisible’ - by Ellen Zilioli – Arnoldsche Verlagsanstalt GMBH (2007)(english text)- 96pp.


Dans « ELLE », au printemps on s’enchaîne, parait-il …..

Alors si c’est le moment de s’enchaîner à la chaîne, essayons de faire une proposition plus « créative » que les propositions hélas très « commerciales-bling » de « ELLE » et autres revues de mode !
Alors, comme le dit Asa Lockner,  « not only chains » :  Graduation, multiplication, contrast

alors, financierement parlant…. euh …..c’est BEAUCOUP plus cher !! :-( mais tellement plus beau !

Et aussi, dans un monde qui ne cherche que « l’édition limitée », la « collection capsule »,  l’objet personnalisé, « customisé », et bien …….. tournez-vous donc vers les créateurs de bijoux contemporains ! ils ne font QUE ça, des « collections capsules », parfois presque du sur-mesure (quand ce n’est pas le cas !)

chaine- Amy Tavern- Minimalist jewelrychaine- Amy Tavern -ObjectFETISH- my cart- 700$.jpgAsa Lockner - not only chains. Graduation, multiplication, contrast
Amy Tavern (US) – Minimalist jewelry  - SUPERBES colliers chaines de cette américaine !
Amy Tavern – (vendu sur « www.ObjectFETISH« )
Asa Lockner (SE) – « not only chains » – Graduation, multiplication, contrast

Beate Klockmann - kubus kette (cube necklace)Biba SCHUTZ - Collier en argent sterlingBirgit Hagmann - EXPO 'Spring' -gal Sophie Lachaert
Beate Klockmann – kubus kette (« cube » necklace)
Biba SCHUTZ – Collier en argent sterlingSUPERBE !!!
Birgit Hagmann (DE) – (galerie Sofie Lachaert, Belgique)

Annelies Planteydt- collier composé de 7 pieces- gold hammered Aurelie BIDERMANN collier sautoir chez Colette Dorothee Striffler - kette 'stabchen'
Annelies Planteydt (NL)- collier composé de 7 pieces- gold hammered (à la Galerie Slavik, Vienne, ou à la Galerie Hélène Porée, Paris)on ne peut pas parler de collier et de chaines sans parler de cette créatrice !
Aurelie Bidermann (FR) – collier sautoir (chez Colette à Paris)
Dorothee Striffler (DE) – kette ‘stabchen’(galerie Tactile, CH)

Marianne Anselin - Collier-de-ressorts - gal helenePoréeFlorence CroisierLucia Massei (IT)
Marianne Anselin (FR) – Collier de ressorts – (galerie HelenePorée, Paris)
Florence Croisier (FR)
Lucia Massei (IT)
FIONA PAXTON 'Sylvie' (!!) necklaceSultan Ragbet 2008 -galerie ela Cindoruk-SOOJAC - sautoir multichaines chez Franck et Fils
Fiona Paxton (UK) necklace ‘Sylvie’
Sultan Ragbet 2008 – (galerie « ElaCindorukNazanPak«  (Istanbul, TR) – à contacter aussi sur Facebook)
Soojac – sautoir multichaines (vu chez ‘Franck et Fils’ à Paris)

Andrea Pineros - collier-chainesErickson Beamon - Silver Multistrand Chain Necklace- (VIVRE)chaine- Dinie BESEMS -2002 - COLLIER 'Little Mat' composé des chaînettes prefabriquées en argent. Poinçonné. Ed. Chi A Paura
Andrea Pineros (FR) – collier-chaines  (Paris)
Erickson Beamon (UK) – Silver Multistrand Chain Necklace
Dinie Besems (Ed. Chi A Paura) - Collier ‘Little Mat’ composé des chaînettes prefabriquées en argent 

Assad Mounser -Starman Collar at KabiriScott Wilson - chez ColetteVan der Straeten - links necklace - VIVRE
Assad Mounser – ‘Starman’ Collar (Kabiri)    très … « bling » !
Scott Wilson – (chez Colette )
Hervé Van der Straeten – links necklace (

Bas BOUMAN - Necklace Big Bone 2005 - cow bone, bambooHisano Takei - 'linked' 2006Leah Miles- necklace 'chain of romance', pages of a romance, 120 cm long
Bas BOUMAN - Necklace Big Bone 2005 – cow bone, bamboo  - autres matériaux …
Hisano Takei - ‘linked’ 2006 - feutre/felt
Leah Miles- necklace ‘chain of romance’, pages of a romance, paper,  120 cm long

UTO- Ludivine Huteau- Collier argent et fil de soie, série EvanescencesULI RAPP_chains_purple - Screenprinted textile necklace with a rubber backing depicting multiple chainsLeslie Maja
Ludivine Huteau-(bijoux UTO) (FR) Collier argent et fil de soie, série Evanescences  - du fin…
Uli Rapp (NL) chains purple – Screenprinted textile with a rubber backing depicting multiple chains  – du « faux »...
Leslie Maja (DE) et du « que j’aime beaucoup »


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EXPO ‘SCHMUCKE ZAUBER KRAFT’, Galerie Slavik, Vienne (AT) – 2 mars-3 avril 2010

Classé dans : Autriche (AT),Gal. Slavik (AT),Isabell SCHAUPP (DE),Stefano MARCHETTI (IT) — bijoucontemporain @ 21:37

Lucia Massei, Letizia Plankensteiner, Isabell Schaupp, Salima Thakker

« …. spring is coming – in the midst of magic, enchanting and powerful visions. »

« The Austrian jewellery artist Letizia PLANKENSTEINER seduces with fantastic forms in exciting compositions. Wave-like matt-finished gold straps intertwine to a miniature wearable ring sculpture.
Lucia MASSEI enchants with imaginative creations for the neck and the hand.
Isabell SCHAUPP, bearer of Galerie Slavik’s 2008 Grassi Award, presents powerful and imaginative creations in her special enamel technique. The red pistils in the « Small red flower » brooch made of silver, copper, enamel and sponge coral radiate in welcome of spring.

Isabell SCHAUPP-brooch 'Kopfrad II'-silver copper, enamel, photo, coralIsabell SCHAUPP-brooch 'great mouth'-silver copper, enamel, photo, wood, acryl
Isabell SCHAUPP - brooch ‘Kopfrad II’, 2008 – silver copper, enamel, photo, coral
Isabell SCHAUPP - brooch ‘great mouth’ 2009 – silver copper, enamel, photo, wood, acryl

Open-work surfaces – interspersed with shiny brilliants, diamonds and colourful gems – imbue the enchanting gold and silver rings created by Salima THAKKER with life.
Stefano MARCHETTI fascinates with …  his works reminiscent of fairly lands. »


expo SLAVIK -Letizia Plankensteiner ring sculpture 'waves' goldexpo SLAVIK - Lucia Massei -ring blackened silverSalima Thakker bracelet black silver, goldStefano Marchetti - ring gold, silver, epoxy
Letizia Plankensteiner – ring sculpture ‘waves’ gold
Lucia Massei -ring blackened silver
Salima Thakker – bracelet black silver, gold
Stefano Marchetti – ring gold, silver, epoxy

Himmelpfortgasse 17
1010 Wien  (Vienne, Autriche)
Tel +43-1-513 48 12 Fax +43-1-513 48 12
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dans un MONDE SUB-AQUATIQUE naissent des BIJOUX ……

Ce n’est pas du matériau utilisé d’où je veux partir (genre je vais vous montrer des bijoux en nacre, en corail, etc ….) non, c’est de « l’impression marine » donnée …. comme une vague, de tous les côtés, qui doucement envahi les créateurs ….

Ce n’est pas tant le matériau qui compte, quoique …. corail, nacre, coquillage(s), oursins, galets…. ils ont leur mot à dire. Est-ce qu’ils viennent donner la « touche marine », en … « touche finale »,  ou sont-ils à l’origine de l’idée ? N’est-ce pas plutôt leur texture, leur aspect, leur granulé, je dirais presque leur « grain de peau », qui inspire ? qui donne l’idée de « faire comme si » ? Beaucoup de ces bijoux »aquatiques » sont en papier, silicone, argent, porcelaine, verre, feutre …. rien à voir avec ce que l’on est censé trouver en fond de mer (oui, enfin, rien de ce que l’on ETAIT censé trouver ….. maintenant ….. pfff ! ma brav’dame ! ……… ), mais ce qui merveilleux c’est que ces matériaux « terriens », voire industriels, nous parlent du fond des mers avec maestria, presque mieux que les « vrais », car ils ont un pouvoir d’évocation très fort, le rêve, l’imagination, l’interprétation sont libres de s’envoler : ce n’est pas « vraiment » du corail, mais ça fait penser au corail, ou à plus, à ce que l’on veut, à ce que l’on ressent  …. enfin, la maestria des matériaux qui nous parlent, je m’entends, plutôt la maestria des doigts de ces créateurs que j’envie tant (les doigts ET les créateurs ! ;-) )

Bon, assez parlé, des images ! :-)

(à chaque nom de créateur, cliquez et vous aurez accès à son site ou sa page web)
Ashley Vick (us) - sea urching rings PArcangelo BUNGARO -bague - 2002
Ashley VICK (US) -  Sea Urchin Rings  –
Arcangelo BUNGARO - (IT) bague coquillage, perles, argent

TZURI GUETA -collier 'corail' siliconeAna Hagopian -P
Tzuri GUETA -(FR) collier ‘corail’ silicone  –  Ana HAGOPIAN -(ES) ‘coral’ necklace – papier
Aline Kokinopoulos - bague oursinAline KOKINOPOULOS- La ronde des Etoiles de mer-P
Aline KOKINOPOULOS (FR) bague oursin, argent & corail –bague ‘La ronde des Etoiles de mer’

Cath_jacquet- Corail vivant- PCath-Jacquet_Collier 'CASCADE'- P
Catherine JACQUET (FR) – colliers ‘Corail vivant’ et ‘cascade’ – plastiques
Barbara Paganin - broche 'fiore di luce'GIIA - blue wave
Barbara PAGANIN (IT) broche ‘fiore di luce’ – verre  (Galerie SLAVIK) –  GIIA (IT) « blue wave » felt neckpiece
Esty GROSSMAN bo_meduses-polypesLaurence OPPERMANN - bague oursin 'constellation' argent
Esty GROSSMAN  (FR) b.o. meduses-polypes – argent & cuivre 
Laurence OPPERMANN – (FR) bague oursin ‘constellation’ argent
Gilles_Jonemann collier-galet-Evert NIJLAND - necklace white porcelain
Gilles JONEMANN (FR) collier-galet- LE fameux collier galet ! 
Evert NIJLAND (NL) necklace white porcelain… comme des squelettes marins …. Gulnur Ozdaglar - book pagevbaski-79Jean-François PEREÑA- Galuchat de raie - Galuchat de roussette - Galuchat de requin -
Gulnur OZDAGLAR – (Turquie) PET plastic necklace  -
Jean-François PEREÑA (FR) Galuchat de raie – Galuchat de roussette – Galuchat de requin – Plexiglas – Erable teint  Laiton – Maillechort – Cuir – Aventurine – Ebène ….. (cette liste me réjouit ! )
Patricia LEMAIRE- bague 'péché d'orgueil'Patricia LEMAIRE-'Eclat de Mediterranée'
Patricia LEMAIRE (FR) Bague Péché d’Orgueil (photo Laurent Thion)–’ Eclat de Mediterranée’ – tour de cou suspension maillechort, argent, os, corail

Tosca Teran - 2009- an Un-Natural History - 'Epigeous Conidiophorus' - silver, enamel, silicone, borosilicateVictoria TAKAHASHI-- 'experimental'-   wishing rock box
Tosca TERAN (USA)  2009- an Un-Natural History – ‘Epigeous Conidiophorus’ – silver, enamel, silicone, borosilicate 
Victoria TAKAHASHI (USA)  wishing rock box
Willemijn de GREEF - necklace 'Weavings' -  wool, imitation coral, thread, plastic - 2Willemijn de GREEF - necklace 'Weavings' -  wool, imitation coral, thread, plastic
Willemijn de GREEF (NL) -  « weavings » necklace -wool, imitation coral, thread, plastic
Willemijn de GREEF - broche (2006)Willemijn de GREEF -  necklace (2005) zinc, teakwood, cotton
Willemijn de GREEF (NL) -  broche  –  necklace (2005) zinc, teakwood, cotton-

Et pour finir, parce que la mer a besoin des rivières, et les rivières de la pluie, finissons sur/par un petit nuage ! :-)

kyoko hashimoto- collier petit nuage

Kyoko HASHIMOTO - (Japon) collier petit nuage (proposé par la galerie CARACTERE à Neuchatel (Suisse)