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EXPO ‘DUST INCLUDED’ – Ubi Gallery, Beijing (CN) – 25 Sept.-17 oct. 2014

Ubi Gallery - DUST INCLUDED precious particles and gruesome grit in applied arts

Opening party Sept 25 | 15:30-17:30


 the events taking place in Dashilar during Beijing Design Week, Ubi Gallery’s minimalist and stylish interior provides a calm sanctuary. This year, the gallery presents DUST INCLUDED, a thought-provoking exhibit of contemporary jewellery, ceramics and lifestyle goods, showcasing the work of 13 artists connected to China and The Netherlands.

DUST INCLUDED explores the theme of dust and pollution in Beijing and other megacities. Visitors are confronted by Joke Schole’s angry bear, who proclaims, ‘Clean up your own mess’. Other artists such as Liang Li treat dust as a byproduct of human failure, incorporating it into her work as an ‘Award for Bad Conduct’. Hortense de La Jonquière’s masterpiece—a cabinet constructed of Beijing dust—shows how dust captures memories, reminders of things past. Prominent milliner Elisabeth Koch adopts “crust” material used in environmental cleanup to create hats intended to deflect dust on a daily basis. The Dutch design collective of Eva de Laat, ByBorre and the University of Eindhoven propose futurist clothing to shield those living in polluted urban environments. Visitors will also find limited edition collector’s items and affordable gifts commissioned for the exhibit, as well as a portion of Ubi Gallery’s permanent collection.

And of course we have many jewellery artists during DUST INCLUDED!

Chuang Han-Chieh made a collection called ‘Red Brick’, using enamel, silver, copper, paper, gold dust and brass dust. It is a celebration of the beauty of traditional skills and materials and an honor of the farming villages, the foundation of the Taiwanese economy. Tired from the busy urban life abroad, the artist felt a strong emotional connection with the opposite, the relation between people and land and the relation with her own tradition. She tries to overcome the risk of a sentimal journey where the beauty of the simple farming life is romanticized. Chuang Han-Chieh is too much of an artist to let this happen. She didn’t give in on the composition, the use of material and technique. You can see two strong, contemporary and independent pieces as a result.

Chuang Han-Chieh -  ‘Red Brick’ collectionChuang Han-Chieh -  ‘Red Brick’ collection

Junjin Wu  made this collection of necklaces especially for DUST INCLUDED.
« Dust has everything to do with the origin of life on earth. Through gravity things will become dust and life and memories will break down and grow into something new. The artist Junjin Wu prepared pendants to showcase the magical transformation. She used canvas, dust, soil, wood and horn. Natural materials tracing forgotten pasts and pointing to new futures.« 
Junjin WuJunjin Wu
Junjin WuJunjin Wu
Junjin WuJunjin Wu
The Taiwanese artist Ying Hsun Hsu shows brooches made out of iron flakes, using magnetic power. For her capturing changes in time, the wear and tear of normal things – the deformation and shrinkage, the historical evidence is essential. The vulnerability of the imperfection is awesome. Hsu records the memories of the invisible, before things crumble into dust

 Ying Hsun Hsu - brooches made out of iron flakes, using magnetic power.  Ying Hsun Hsu (Zita Hsu) – brooches made out of iron flakes, using magnetic power.

Ying Hsun Hsu - brooches made out of iron flakes, using magnetic power.Ying Hsun Hsu – brooch

Ying Hsun Hsu - broochYing Hsun Hsu (Zita Hsu) – brooch





Ubi Gallery
Yangmeizhu Street 39, Dashilar
Xicheng District, 100051
Beijing, China




EXPO ‘TOPYOUNG 14′ – Ubi Gallery, Beijing (CN) – 22 Aout-17 Sept. 2014

Ubi Gallery  -  TOPYOUNG 14

EXPO - Ubi gallery - UBI top young 2014

Exhibition Aug 22 – Sept 17
Opening August 22 - 16:00-18:00 – Several artists will be there to introduce their work to you. They are happy to meet you and you are more than welcome to join.

From over 50 Asian jewellery graduates an international jury selected the 10 best submissions. You can find innovative and elegant pieces made out of bamboo and copper. Personal stories expressed by silk thread and historical references of jade burial suits and more.Jewellery designers are famous for their innovative use of material and their ability to make small wearable sculptures. If you want to see what is going on in this new discipline, you can can find a nice and fresh overview in Ubi Gallery.
- Chien-Lin SU — Dong DING –  Jingjing ZHANG — Jiwon YANG –  Jingyao SUN – Li LIANGLi-An YOUNG –  Menglu HUANG –  Wenyu LIAO –  Yezhi ZHANG
Li Liang Necklace: Line, 2014 Copper, paint Li LIANG - Necklace: Line, 2014 Copper, paint
Photo de Ubi Gallery - Jingyao SUN Jingyao SUN
Photo de Ubi Gallery - yang ji wonJiwon YANG
Photo de Ubi Gallery - Dong DING Dong DING
at Ubi Gallery - yezhi zhang - shadow of bambooYezhi Zhang -  « shadow of bamboo »
ubi gallery  - Li-An YOUNG _magen1-2_2 Li-An YOUNG
at UBI gallery - " wrapping" by Wenyu Liao«  wrapping » – by Wenyu Liao
Ubi Gallery

Yangmeizhu Street 39, Dashilar
Xicheng District, 100051
Beijing, China


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