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EXPO ‘Faultlines’ – Gallery V&V, Wien (AT) – 25 Mai-15 Juill. 2012

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FAULTLINES -  Susanne Hammer 

Eröffnung: Donnerstag 24. Mai 2012, 19 Uhr

Bead necklaces 2011-12: V&V Gallery has decided to put over 30 of her most recent pieces on display, tracking Susanne Hammer‘s layered and complex inspirations and transformations of the simple bead.

EXPO 'Faultlines' - Gallery V&V, Wien (AT) - 25 Mai-15 Juill. 2012 dans Autriche (AT)

« In geology, a fault line (crack, displacement or disruption) is a line of breakage where two rocks shift against each other. Picking up on my work with metal chains, which also revolved around disruption and deconstruction followed by reconstruction in an altered shape, with ‘fault lines’ I have brought a new angle to the classic sequencing of beads. Sections of threaded wooden beads are stiffened with synthetic resin and then cut in such a manner that the original material is exposed again yet, at the same time, the sequence is reconstructed according to a different rationale, with clearly visible breaks and shifts. Susanne Hammer 2012″

faultLines_04 dans Exposition/Exhibition

Susanne Hammer (Fotos: Susanne Hammer, Peter Olschinsky)

Susanne Hammer is one of the most important jewelry artists in Austria. Her powerfully conceptual works place her on the edge of fine arts. The artist treats traditional pieces in a critical, ironic way, so raising questions about the general meaning and function of jewelry

photoSusanne Hammer (Editorial photography nevertheless magazine 02)






Galerie V und V

Bauernmarkt 19
1010 Wien
+43 (0)1 535 63 34
+43 (0)1 810 21 21 – 40



Lange Nacht der Schmuckkunst – Wien (Austria) – 8-11 Nov. 2011

Dienstag, 8. November 2011, von 17 -  24 Uhr

 Lange Nacht der Schmuckkunst in Wien

Vernissage: 8. November 2011, von 17-24 Uhr Franz Luttenberger wird ab 19 Uhr am Klavier spielen
Öffnungszeiten: 9., 10. und 11. November 2011, von 15 – 20 Uhr
Petr Dvorak wird mit seinen in letzter Zeit entstandenen Schmuckstücken bei Florian Wagner zu Gast sein. Für seinen Schmuck hat er eine neuartige Granat/Glas-Termofusion entwickelt, die er mit Titankostruktionen verbindet.
Es werden auch Schmuckstücke von Astrid Gold, Jacqueline Lillie, Gerti Machcek, Bao Toan Puls und Florian Wagner gezeigt.
45 Galerien und Werkstätten zeigen in der Wiener Innenstadt ihre aktuellen Schmuckkreationen! Eine ereignisreiche Schmucknacht in Wien, weitere Informationen unter


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Jewellery Night“ at gallery V+V

Ädellab is the Jewellery and Corpus program at Konstfack University College for Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm.
Ädellab was founded in 2004 by prof. Ruudt Peters and together with the current professor Karen Pontoppidan Ädellab has developed a reputation for offering a fresh approach to art education.
As a natural part of the education questions of quality are discussed among the students. What is good jewellery? can it be defined out from size, form, material, tradition or personal attachment? Well aware that no such measurements can be used as a norm, Ädellab has developed the concept of an office for jewellery quality control, as a slightly ironical comment to our hunger for quality proof but also as an invitation into the mind of Ädellab.

At the „Jewellery Night“ at gallery V+V we hope to create an interactive, joyful and fruitful discussion about
the many different aspects of jewellery that excite us.
We invite the visitors to bring their jewellery and get a evaluation of their pieces the „Ädellab-way“.
Galerie V&V
Bauernmarkt 19 (unter der Ankeruhr)
1010 Wien
T+43 1 5356334, F+43 1 810212140; 0699/14093221;,,,
Di – Mi - Do 15-19, Fr 11-18, Sa 11-17 Uhr
sowie nach tel. Vereinbarung, montags geschlossen



Image de prévisualisation YouTube



Florence LEHMANN « généa-logique »

Diplômée de l’Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg, Florence Lehmann (née en 1964 à Brumath et membre fondateur de l’Association Corpus) y enseigne aujourd’hui la création du bijou contemporain. Elle collabore aussi au cahier de tendances du CPDHBJO et a été nommée membre du Conseil des Métiers d’Art. Elle crée des collections pour différentes entreprises éditrices de bijoux. Ses pièces uniques, essentiellement en résine blanche – régulièrement exposées dans des galeries ou des musées – entretiennent par leur gestuelle, un rapport étroit avec le corps…  (Gal. Elsa Vanier)

With the genealogical series of rings, she is pursuing her research on the meaning of the transmission and the mould as a matrix. The imprint is thought of as a complete technique and system for procreation. When the transmission of characters is truly close, successful, like a cloning. These notions of a journey, chain, matrix and their analogies to the body have rarely achieved such a subtle reminiscence in jewellery. » (Michèle Heuzé-Joanno, « généa-logique » -galerie V&V exhibition 2006)
Florence Lehmann – Série généa-logique – bagues en résine moulée d’après des matrice mâles et femelles empreinte génétique de la mère à l’extérieur, celle du père à l’intérieur Clone en or bonne maman moulé d’après la pièce unique en résine or brut de fonte, série limitée éditée par Bellon Créateur 2003-2004

Florence LEHMANN
Florence Lehmann« Naissance bien tournée » portée détourée – 4 perles en bois tourné, peintes – 2003-2004 - photo Jean-Louis Hess
Florence Lehmanncollier « Naissance bien tournée » 

The flesh of words,
A common thread in contemporary French jewellery

by Michèle Heuzé-Joanno, exhibition commissioner
« Florence Lehmann ‘bejewels’ her life, dresses her jewellery. Once, as a young girl, head in the clouds, she transformed part of the sky into a brooch, a cut between two roofs. She shared this dream energy, this softness of the blue sky against the blues of the soul, that of metal as a mirror reflecting life. Then, she fell in love, and her work, with humour, puns, constantly narrated this link. From her happiness was born a little girl, Rosa-Lou. The thought process was once again moved; with maturity, the analysis is more subtle, blending maternity with the questioning of the creative process. Her artistic quests are those of all women, all mothers. Her jewellery touches because each one can find in them his or her own story. They are complicit jewellery, without a sophisticated image. Her assets do not change, she knows the communicative strength of colour, words and symbols.
Her colour is white, her penchant red. White is neutral and red acts as a contrast, with words giving the spirit. In this way, a large bracelet takes on consistency with its title: The empty is full (Le vide est un plein). The interior, the empty, is red, cut out in the form of a heart. Profiles of faces serve to describe human relationships, uncertainties. Tu me fais tourner la tête, a ring to turn people’s heads. The waltz, another to be balanced where two profiles face one other in a sceptical dilemma. On a bracelet, the profiles are linked by a red thread: the secret is in the look. The title sometime serves as a riddle or as a link between two elements: Today is a ring where the finger is placed between the inscription “tomorrow” and an old Egyptian medallion, for “yesterday”. The wearer becomes active, you oscillate Between, wisdom and passion, two earrings. The body is active, gestures participating in unveiling the sometimes hidden message. In this way, a ring where “yes” is written on one side and on the other “no”, reflecting the difficulty of speech or the desire of the day…Pushing the involvement of the body and the designer’s taste for words, one earring can only be read when reflected in a mirror.

From the first to all appearances
Why do we wear jewellery? To go out into the world as for the first time, to make us suitable to appear. From the link between this first appearance and the wearing of jewellery to appear, Florence Lehmann studies the mysteries of this.
Think of a ring, a bracelet, a necklace. To put it on, to make it exist, you put it on: and so it is born. Think of yourself, your arrival in this world, this first arrival, this first outing: and so you are born. The journey stops when the child’s head appears, stopped at the nose. Fl. Lehmann freezes time to take advantage of the moment and better understand the jewellery and its significance. The necklace, externally, round like an egg, carries within the silhouette of the wearer. Through necklaces of large pearls that can barely be put on, she translates the sensation of this. Certain pearls remind us of stylised bones, others round and particularly voluminous, like a belly, bear on a flat side the Mysteries of life: cellular divisions from the first three days in fresh and joyous colours. On others, the face is covered by the face of a child, masked by gold leaf, which fades with time. The mystery remains, you can never know everything about somebody, it is through contacts that the veil is lifted.

The internal drawing of the face is taken up again on a gold thread or silver chain, with the faces passing by one another, from one birth to another, between ancestors and children, the jewellery is a chain, a human chain, a genealogical chain. In this way, Fl. Lehmann goes back to our roots. On the bracelet, Noah, the descendants of the latter are enumerated. Its formal complexity takes up the symbolism again: the calligraphic link, in white latex, holds two shells, the mould for objects to come. Since 1998, Fl. Lehmann has been reflecting on the analogy between the plastic birth of shapes and that of men, between creation and procreation. Her colour, white, is participative here. “White, on our soul, acts like absolute silence… This silence is not dead, it overflows with possibilities for life…it is a nothing full of juvenile joy or, to put it better, a nothing before any birth, before any beginning”.
With the genealogical series of rings, she is pursuing her research on the meaning of the transmission and the mould as a matrix. The imprint is thought of as a complete technique and system for procreation. When the transmission of characters is truly close, successful, like a cloning, Fl. Lehmann reflects it in noble metal and not white resin. These notions of a journey, chain, matrix and their analogies to the body have rarely achieved such a subtle reminiscence in jewellery.
Florence Lehmann, « Naissance Neuf Perles » – 9 perles perles creuses en résine blanche imprimée la feuille d’or s’efface par usure sur anneau rigide en métal 2002 (images from also known as jewelry at Velvet da Vinci Gallery)
Florence Lehmann, « Naissance Neuf Perles » Necklace (detail)(images from also known as jewelry at Velvet da Vinci Gallery)
Florence LehmannCollier « Naissance 18 Perles ». Perles creuses en résine blanche imprimée, anneau rigide en métal.
Florence Lehmann / Naissance – collier résine blanche sur âme légère 2002 – photo Jean-Louis Hess


4643 dans ESAD Strasbourg (FR)4644 dans Florence LEHMANN (FR)
Florence Lehmann ‘Noé’ – bracelet en trois parties résine sur âme légère reliée par du latex imprimé 1998
Florence Lehmann ‘Petit vide est plein’ anneau en plexi blanc taillé et laqué 1996
Florence Lehmann – collier torque « coeur réfléchi »
Florence Lehmann – collier torque – resine, argent, pâte de verre


EXPO ‘CHERRY ROMANCE’ – Gallery V & V, Vienna (AT) – 28 Mars-30 Avril 2011

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 ’CHERRY ROMANCE‘ – Viktoria Munzker
Exhibition opening 14.4.2011, 17:00

« CHERRY ROMANCE » is the title of my first showcase exhibition at the V&V gallery in Vienna/Austria. This Exhibition will show my jewellery pieces which I made about 3 years ago. This series handles importance of feelings, beauty, respect and relationship. The series « PARADISO » which will also be present is the colorful series I´ve made.

It is telling a story about emotions, fate, culture and china.
Here is the story:
I loved this chinese cup
I didn´t have it that long
I didn´t want it to drop, but as a cup it died
I got seduced by the beauty of the fragments
I wanted to avoid the evanescence
I wanted to provide rebirth for it
I enchanted it
It enchanted me
It is jewellery
Viktoria Munzker- « Lime » Paradiso – Necklace, Silver, Alginate, Flock, Glass Stones
Viktoria Munzker-« Cherry Romance » Brooch, china, brass silver plated




Bauernmarkt 19
1010 Wien (AT)
Tel 0043/1/535 63 34
Fax 0043/1/8102121/40


EXPO ‘der Schmuck Salon’- Galerie V&V, Vienne (AT) – 21 Janv.-1er Mars 2011

Der Schmuck Salon presents a selection of student work from the Jewellery Design / Goldmithing Departement – Sint Lucas Antwerp, Belgium.

Curator: Hilde de Decker

Der Schmuck Salon revals an atmosphere of atopia: a feeling that things are out of place, in unusual combinations. The domestic elements and jewellery pieces seem to be traces of a world thet never existed and never will, but one that still appears to be recognisable. The materials and forms act as familiar, but at the same time they suprise us and fill the spectator with wonder. The mirrors, tables, cupboards and charis, as well the jewellery, are apparent elements of reality referring to a non-reality. One might compare the domestic traces and jewellery with the building blocks of a still life : objects that are carefully arranged as an artisctic stage shifting away from real live.


Artists: Shana Teugels, Laurien Cauwenberg, Lynn Meert, Valerie Tjantelee, Robert Van Heek, Clarisse Bruynbroeck, Eline Willemarck, Jelka Quinterlier, Octave Vandeweghe, Cleo Loos.
Valerie Tjantelee
Cleo Loos (at Legnica Festival)
Lynn Meert  (at Legnica Festival)
Robert Van Heek (at Legnica Festival)
Octave Vandeweghe (at Legnica Festival)
Clarisse Bruynbroeck – body objects



have a look at « The power of jewellery » blog


Galerie V&V
Bauernmarkt 19
1010 – Wien
Tel : +43/1/5356334
Fax : +43/1/810212140


EXPO ‘Abwandlungen, Umwandlungen, Verwandlungen’ – Galerie V&V, Wien (Austria) – 14 Juill.-16 Sept. 2010

‘Abwandlungen, Umwandlungen, Verwandlungen’  (modifications, transformations)

SCHMUCK AUS DER ALCHIMIA IN FLORENZ / bijoux des élèves/créateurs de l’Ecole Alchimia de Florence (Italie)

EXPO 'Abwandlungen, Umwandlungen, Verwandlungen' - Galerie V&V, Wien (Austria) - 14 Juill.-16 Sept. 2010 dans ALCHIMIA (IT) 10_07_14
(bijou Doris Maninger)

Works by : Doris Maninger, Maru Lopez (P.Rico), Marianne Denning (DK), Joanne Huang (Taiwan), Geri Nishi (CA), Daniela Bensason (IL), Coco Dunmire (US), Camilla Teglio (IT), Ara Kuo (Taiwan).
Doris Maninger- « walls » – two brooches – foam, resin, paper  silver

The Captive  I  Ring  I  2008  I  Resin, Pigment, IronThe Cypress Tree I Ring I 2009 I Resin, Iron, Silver 925
Coco Dunmire Resin Collection – The Captive Ring, 2008  – Resin, Pigment, Iron
Coco Dunmire -The Cypress Tree – Ring – 2009 – Resin, Iron, Silver 925

322c0c0ed88eb667b22fb54d1bcad597 dans Maru LOPEZ (P.Rico)a275030368281f08cbf8e6c0e89884b0
Ara Kuo – rings
Camilla Teglio – collana ‘laces and colors’ -  legno/wood, fimo, colore, perle, argento

Maru Lopez (P.Rico) – broche



Galerie V&V
Bauernmarkt 19 (unter der Ankeruhr)
1010 Wien (Austria)




EXPO ‘Doris Betz : Momentaufnahmen’ -Galerie V&V, Vienne (Autriche) – 17 Avr-8 Juin 2010

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« Every single jewellery piece of mine is a Momentaufnahme - a special moment – of my creative process. I feel free, to overstep technical rules and to push the envelope of the material. I invent working processes, I cannot control….. »

« My work is above all about the line : how it spreads and the possibilities of its arrangement. The line or the wire describes, through its movement, a space. There are overlaps, knots and different layers. At the same time arise apparently accidental, bizarre, three dimensional images. Plastic stands equally judged beside gold and silver. The pieces live through their lightness and transparency. Glamour and oppositions seek a beauty of their own. »

EXPO 'Doris Betz : Momentaufnahmen' -Galerie V&V, Vienne (Autriche) - 17 Avr-8 Juin 2010 dans COUP DE COEUR 10_04_18_2
Doris Betz- Broschen & Ketten- lackiert und patiniert, 2009 – 2010
Doris Betz – necklace 2009 – silver, oxidized
Necklace  2007 – Silver, oxidized
Doris Betz -  necklace – Silver, oxidized

Doris Betz -  necklace Silver, oxidized 2009

« Making my jewellery feels like having a mystery-flight-ticket in the pocket, not knowing where one will end up. But at the same time I do have an aim. In the end there should be a damned good piece of jewellery. 
I always try to invent processes I cannot controll, I try to make things happen, I´m spontanious and attentive, I follow my instinct and also my experience. This process of not knowing, not wanting, just playing, staying free, being without intention, casual…and suddenly getting excited…and then recognizing the point when one has to take controll again, is a balancing act.  » (Doris Betz)
Brooch – 2008 – Silver, lacquer (red)
Brooch – Untitled 2008 – Silver, lacquer
Doris Betz – brooch Untitled 2008 – Silver, lacquer (yellow)


Galerie V&V
Bauernmarkt 19
A-1010 – Wien (Austria)
Tel : +43 1 5356334
Fax: +43 1 810212140


EXPO ‘BI-CYCLE’ – Nikolay Sardamov – Galerie V&V, Vienne (AT) – 1 Mars-30 Avril 2010

Bi-Re-Cycle/jewellery by  Nikolay Sardamov (Sofia, Bulgarie)

« This body of work goes back to mobility in today’s world. In this line of thoughts the choice of material is logical : bicycle tyre. Pieces of the black tyre are slipped over a skeleton-like silver construction and create unisex neckpieces with a futuristic air. Recycling is the second component of the works. It plays an important role in the future intelligent society as well as in jewellery design. And last but not least there is the basic shape of the circle that has always represented important imagery in jewellery. »

Nikolay Sardamov - Bi-Re-Cycle - jewellery
Nikolay Sardamov – Bi-Re-Cycle – jewellery  -bicycle tire

The “Bi-Re-Cycle” formula:
1. Bicycle
Main importance idea in the collection is the mobility of today’s life. Direct connection is to find in the material of the jewellery: bicycle tyres. The futuristic uni-sex pieces are constructed with silver « skeletons »and « over-dressed » with black rubber.
2. Recycle
The future of « smart »society : recycling is the second stop in the collection. You can easily find it in the materials, used by the jewellery.
3. Cycle
A round or circle form, the symbol of the cycle is used in the jewellery as a main construct.Nikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklaceNikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklaceNikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklace4Nikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklace

Nikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklaces

Nikolay Sardamov : BI-RE- CYCLE
Galerie V&V Vitrine
Bauernmarkt 19
1010 – Wien
Tel : +43/1/5356334
Fax : +43/1/810212140

so ……. roulez jeunesse !!!!!! ;-)


EXPO ‘Alternatives of textile jewellery’ – Galerie V & V, Vienne/Wien 24 janv – 9 mars 2010


Vienne (Autriche) du 24 janvier  au  09 mars 2010
Bijoux textile – textile jewelry

EXPO - Alternative textile jewelry

« This exhibition shows a variety of current artistic attitudes, techniques and materials in visual arts that make up textile jewels. Trying to define textile jewels is getting pretty hard but this exhibition has the ambition to give it a try as well as to enhance the development of textile jewellery. … Modern jewellery develops from its originally purely decorative function to an autonomous artistic expression. The jewel turns into a statement of the artist and into an interconnection with the customer.

Nowadays, jewel-makers combine precious and ordinary materials and often use the « soft » material of textile or soften the hard metal by applying textile techniques, by sewing or plaiting etc.

The exhibiting artists converted textile jewels into an artistic expression and thus their works of art can be seen within important collections in museums across the world where you can admire the works of famous artists like Beppe Kessler from the Netherlands, Verena Sieber-Fuchs from Switzerland or Elisabeth Krampe and Ines Schwotzer from Germany. The exhibition also presents the works of the emerging generation with their fresh input and masterful techniques. »  ( Source: Press release)


EXPO 'Alternatives of textile jewellery' - Galerie V & V, Vienne/Wien 24 janv - 9 mars 2010 dans Autriche (AT) 38002_455086267447_130506437447_6176956_3676535_n

Tota Reciclados – « Ugly birds »
Rita Ruivo – (j’ADORE !!!!) 

 dans Beppe KESSLER (NL) dans Blanka SPERKOVA (CS)







Rita RuivoJewellery in silver, velvet, synthetic fabrics, perspex, wrist watch bands, copper and beads



GALERIE V & V,  Vienne (Autriche)
Bauernmarkt 19 1010 Wien
Tel 0043/1/535 63 34
Fax 0043/1/8102121/40


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