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CONCOURS – Danner Preis 2011 – deadline : 11 Novembre 2010

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Concours national des Arts en Bavière Le Prix Danner est doté de 15.000 €.  Outre les « Prix Danner », sont également décernés des prix d’une valeur totale de 12.000 €.

A travers ce concours, de nouvelles idées créatives et des développements sont encouragés dans les arts et l’artisanat.
Un jury international jugera les œuvres et les sélectionnera. Les présentations gagnantes et sélectionnées à partir du 13 October 2011  seront exposées au Musée Villa Stuck de Munich.

Les participants doivent être exclusivement des artisans professionnels qui travaillent  (pas des artistes amateurs!) Qui ont la nationalité allemande et ont généralement au moins cinq ans de leur résidence et/ou un atelier basé en Bavière.

Les documents d’appel d’offres sont disponibles immédiatement sur Internet:



Fondation Danner
Contact: Bauer Gabriele
Landshuter Allee 12-14
80637 München 
Tél: 089 22 92 67
Fax: 089 29 74 82

EXPO ’3×2=Schmuck’ – Galerie Mangold, Leipzig (Germany) – 13 Sept.-13 Nov. 2010

Artists: Nikolay Sardamov, Dimitar Delchev, Zwetelina Alexieva

They represent three generations and exhibit often together: the three jewellery makers from Sofia show works, inspired by classical techniques like a jour, forging, welding, in precious metals, and on the other hand exploring the decorative qualities of other materials like rubber and plastic.
Dimitar Delchev (Bulgarie) - ‘Layer 20′

EXPO '3x2=Schmuck' - Galerie Mangold, Leipzig (Germany) - 13 Sept.-13 Nov. 2010 dans Allemagne (DE) delchev_07
Dimitar Delchev
Zwetelina Alexieva- red brooch, plastic, silver

IMG_2010_01_23_0335 dans Dimitar DELCHEV (BG)
Zwetelina Alexieva- necklace « comma », silver, hematite

sard_01 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Nikolay Sardamov
Nikolay Sardamov – soft construction


Galerie Mangold
Thomaskirchhof 17
04109 – Leipzig


SCHMUCK 2011 – 16-22 Mars 2011 – deadline inscription : 1er Oct. 2010

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This special exhibition is the eldest exhibition of contemporary jewellery work in the world. It takes place since 1959 every year during the International Trade Fair in March. Except the transport cost until Munich the participation in the special show is free of charge for you. Three contributions of Schmuck 2011 will be awarded with the Herbert Hofmann Prize. The prize commemorates Dr. Her-bert Hofmann, the founder of the special show in 1959. In addition the jury of the Bavarian States Prize will look at the works in the special show. The Bavarian States Prize is awarded to 10 contri-bution of applied art within all contribution of the International Trade Fair. This prize is awarded with 5.000. €

1st October 2010 Deadline for the entry to Schmuck 2011
16th November 2010 Delivery of catalogue information to the HWK
1st February 2011 Delivery of insurance lists to the HWK
7th March 2011 Delivery of exhibits to Spedition Schenker in Munich
16th until 22nd March 2011 Special exhibition “Schmuck’2011” in Hall A1
19th March 2011 Herbert Hofmann prize at the International Skilled Trades Fair at Hall A1
From 23rd March 2011 Disassembly of the exhibition and return of exhibits



Please apply online on until 1st October 2010.

If you cannot apply online we accept your submission as follows:
1. Up to 8 quality colour photos 1 photograph of each piece that you have in mind for the exhibi-tion. A sufficient margin should be left between the motif and the edge of the photo. This will enable us to do magnifications. Your application should consist in total of not more than 10 photographs. Pictures ought to be well lit, should have a good depth of focus, and need to have a high resolution. We accept slides, colour prints, digital pictures in .jpg format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi of a normal size photo (width c. 16 cm). At least 1890 x 1890 Pixel.
2. Please enclose print outs and a list of the objects and please make sure that each photograph is labeled with the indication of material, year of creation and measurements in mm (very important!)
3. In addition send us your curriculum vitae with your address and
4. artists statement if necessary
The submission should not be older than 2 years and we only exhibit wearable jewellery (no package, text, photographs or installations).
Please send your application to
Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern,
Eva Sarnowski, Max-Joseph-Str. 4, 80333 Munich
The decision about the entry to Schmuck’2011 will be a personal selection of one known specialist. The information about your participation will be reaching you asap. In the case of selection we will forward at the same time the conditions of participation. Please note that we will not send back any application material.


Munich International Skilled Trades Fair
Special Exhibition “Schmuck 2011”
62nd International Trade Fair Munich
Entry Conditions
1. Location and Time of the Exhibition
The special exhibition Schmuck will take place during the Munich International Skilled Trades Fair in Hall A1 at the Munich Trade Fair Centre from 16th until 22nd March 2011.
2. Costs
Entry in the Schmuck 2011 exhibition is free of charge apart from the costs for transporting your jewellery items to Munich and for the transport insurance.
3. Exhibits
Unless alternative arrangements have been made, please send us a group of 3-5 objects. We reserve the right to decide the presentation of your work and thus the final selection of objects to be displayed. We regret that we cannot exhibit installations, packing, texts or photographs. Assembly up the display cabinets will be organised by Alexandra Bahlmann.
4. Catalogue
A catalogue will be published for the special exhibition: Each artist will be presented with a colour photograph (with information about the year of creation, material, size and title). We will take the photographs from your application documents. If the quality of the photographs is not sufficient, we will contact you. Please note that your photographs can be used for advertising purposes. The exhibitors agree that any photographs they send to us can be used for exhibition and press purposes.
A limited amount of space is available for the curriculum vitae. Please provide us with details about your professional career, together with prizes and awards. It may be necessary to use abbreviations in some cases. The documents must be delivered to us until 16th November 2010. 
5. Packing and Insurance
Please ensure the exhibits are packed in such a way that the packing can also be used to return them after the exhibition. We can provide no insurance cover for exhibits that are delivered in a damaged state here in Munich on account of insufficient packing. Your exhibits are not insured by the organiser until they arrive at Spedition Schenker (the forwarding agent). This is on condition that the insurance lists are delivered to us until 1 February 2011. The insurance cover expires as soon as the exhibits are delivered back to you.
6. Labelling
The details that you enter in the insurance lists are binding both for the insurance and for the labelling of the exhibits. Please make exact entries about the title, material, technique, size and year of creation.
7. Delivery
Please deliver your contribution to the exhibition to us, arriving until 7th March 2011
Schenker Deutschland AG
Sonderschau Schmuck 2011, Halle A1
Paul-Henri-Spaak-Str.8, Tor 21
81829 Münich
Tel.: ++49 (0) 89/ 949 24 332
Fax: ++49 (0) 89/ 949 24 339
Please note that we cannot guarantee inclusion of items that do not arrive in Munich on time.
To complete customs formalities, it is important that an insurance list is enclosed with the delivery as a pro forma invoice. A note must be made on the documents stating that the exhibits are being imported for the purposes of temporary exhibition
If you wish to deliver the exhibits in person, please contact Eva Sarnowski.
8. Return Delivery
In the insurance lists, please inform us whether you want the exhibits to be returned by forwarding agent or by post, and please inform us of the exact address for the return delivery.
When the exhibits are delivered to you, you must check them immediately for damage. If any damage is detected, you need to take photographs of it. If the return transport is made by a forwarding agent, the forwarding agent must report the damage immediately on the bill of consignment. Damages arising during postal delivery are to be reported at the relevant post office.
The damage report that you send to us must be accompanied by photographs of the damage, a damage report, a damage bill and – if applicable – the bill of consignment. All cases of damage must be reported to us within four weeks of receipt. If the damage is not reported until later, the insurance company can decline cover. This is in accordance with normal international insurance conditions.
9. Sale
Items of jewellery can be – but do not have to be – offered for sale. Please enter the sale price including VAT in the insurance list. We do not earn any sales commission. Please do not forget to enter your bank details in the insurance lists. Any costs arising from transfers are borne by the exhibitor.


Schmuck 2011
Willy Brandt Allee 1
81829 – Munich
Telephone: 0049 89 5119 248
Fax: 00 49 89 5119 245


EXPO ‘Stroh zu Gold’ – Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein (DE) – 1er-28 Sept. 2010

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  »Stroh zu Gold »  (la paille (transformée) en or)

Studienarbeiten aus der Staatlichen Zeichenakademie Hanau
1. bis 28. September 2010
Villa Bengel

EXPO 'Stroh zu Gold' - Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein (DE) - 1er-28 Sept. 2010 dans Allemagne (DE) stroh

Die Ausstellung „Stroh zu Gold“ der Staatlichen Zeichenakademie Hanau präsentiert Schmuck, Gerät und Accessoire, Studien- und Abschlussarbeiten von Studierenden aus den Jahren 2007-2010. Einmal mehr dokumentiert diese Ausstellung den außergewöhnlichen Leistungsstand, den Berufsfachschule und Fachschule für Schmuck, Gerät und Accessoire unter den Aus- und Weiterbildungsstätten für Gestaltung bundesweit einnehmen

(L’exposition « la paille en or » de l’Académie Nationale de Dessin de Hanau présente des bijoux, des objets et des accessoires, des études et des thèses d’étudiants de la période 2007-2010)


Villa Bengel
Wilhelmstraße 44
55743 Idar-Oberstein
Tel.: 06781 27030
Seite im WWW
geöffnet Dienstag bis Freitag von 10.00 bis 16.00 Uhr
oder nach telefonischer Absprache


EXPO ‘Ringkunst in Weimar’ – Galerie Ring, Weimar (DE) – 25 Juill.-12 Sept. 2010

Mit den Schmuckkünstlern Beate Klockmann und Philip Sajet eröffnet am 24. Juli um 17 Uhr die Ring Galerie in Weimar ihre diesjährige Sommerausstellung. Zur Vernissage spricht Uta Feiler, Erfurt.

EXPO 'Ringkunst in Weimar' - Galerie Ring, Weimar (DE) - 25 Juill.-12 Sept. 2010 dans Allemagne (DE) Ring-von-Beate-Klockmann
Beate Klockmann- Ring Farbig geometrisch

Beate Klockmann, 1972 in Weimar geboren, absolvierte nach einer Ausbildung zur Goldschmiedin ein Studium an der Kunsthochschule Burg Giebichenstein in Halle. Philippe Sajet ist 1953 in Amsterdam geboren und seit nunmehr 36 Jahren als Schmuckkünstler und Goldschmied tätig. 
Die in Gold gearbeiteten Ringe von Beate Klockmann kontrastieren mit den ganz in schwarz gehaltenen Niello/Silber Ringen von Philippe Sajet. Beide Künstler lebten und arbeiteten viele Jahre in Amsterdam und sind international bekannt. Nach ihrem Umzug nach Südfrankreich hätten sie die holländische Farbigkeit gegen eine französische Geradlinigkeit eingetauscht, erklären die Galeristen.


Ring-von-Philippe-Sajet dans Beate KLOCKMANN (DE)
Philip Sajet- Ring von  aus Gold und Silber mit Niello

Beate Klockmann und Philippe Sajet zeigen in der Ring Galerie Weimar eine Gruppe von Arbeiten, die handwerklich und künstlerisch überzeugt, und den Ring als Königsdisziplin der Schmuckkunst ausweist. In einem Ring konzentriert sich der künstlerische Ausdruck auf kleinstem Raum.

Sakrale-Anmutung_Beate-Klockmann dans Exposition/Exhibition
Beate Klockmann – Ring – Sakrale Anmutung


Die Galerie Ring Weimar präsentiert Ringe von 50 internationalen Schmuckkünstlerinnen und -künstlern. In regelmäßigen Ausstellungen werden spannende Positionen der aktuellen Schmuckkunst vorgestellt. Bisherige Ausstellungen mit Daniel Kruger, Beate Eismann, Andrea Wippermann, Sabine Müller. 2010 ist noch eine Ausstellung mit Volker Atrops geplant.

Ringobjekt-von-Philippe-Sajet dans GALERIES
Philip Sajet- Brillantes Ringobjekt 




Dauer der Ausstellung mit den Ringen von Beate Klockmann und Philippe Sajet: 25. 7. bis 12. 9. 2010.
 Mi-Fr 10-18 Uhr, 
Sa 10-16 Uhr.
ring weimar, Windischenstraße 19, 99423 Weimar.



Lydia HIRTE – trésors de PAPIER : « jewellery with a ‘twist’ »

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 Lydia Hirte - Schmuck mit skulpturalen Qualitäten 

même ne parlant pas allemand, ça je comprends …. et j’approuve ! :-)

A large number of my works are currently on show at the Holland Paper Biennale 2010, Rijswijk (Netherlands) – 08 June – 12 September 2010

Lydia Hirte, featured in the David Collection
Lydia Hirte‘Schmuck mit skulpturalen Qualitäten ‘ – 2004-2005

The geometric basic forms are clamped or stuck together. They are not glued.

« My central concern is to detect and fix clear adorning shapes in connection with a change in the characteristics of the material of the fine cardboard I use I search and provoke the resistance of the material. This is the reason why my works are basically characterised by conditions of clamping, strengthening and springing.« 

Lydia HIRTE - trésors de PAPIER :
‘sculptures de papier’ – 2007

« An old-fashioned radiator, the bellows of an accordion, döner kebab on a skewer but also voluptuous shellfish, brightly coloured miniatur folded paperchains, peculiar swings – on gossamer strings. The jewellery with a ‘twist’ by Lydia Hirte cannot be pinned down to just one definition.
Frozen movements
The pendants of German artist Lydia Hirte … look misleadingly simple. What is more, it is impossible on the basis of a picture alone to estimate the scale of the little treasure bundles on her necklaces. The clean forms and colours conceal the effort and intensity involved in getting these trinkets into their finished state. however small the definitive ornaments may be, they put up quite a struggle when being forced into their straightjacktets.

Lydia Hirte declares her love of paper through the directness and tangibility of the material itself. The paper responds immediately to her touch; she feels the effect her fingers induce. In her quest for a strong image she allows herself to be guided by the materials’s properties.

Because of the contortions in the pendants, their outward appearance is far from static. When the object has been fully torqued, it still looks loose and pliable. This is the power of Hirte’s handiwork.
(Frank van der Ploeg (catalogue of the Holland Paper Biennale 2010, Rijswijk, pp.53-54))
Sculptures  Jewellery  Paper – 2006

exhibited late last year (2009) at the prestigious Triennale Design Museum in Milan. The show was titled Paper Jewels and it was an all-embracing exhibition dedicated to jewellery made of paper from 60 designers all over the world.
Sculptures  Jewellery  Paper – 2008

Lydia Hirte, featured in the David Collection

Lydia Hirte, featured in the David Collection

Lydia Hirte, featured in the David Collection
Lydia Hirte 2004-2005



Grassimesse 2010 – Leipzig (DE) – 29-31 Oct 2010


The GRASSIMESSE is organized by the GRASSI museum of Applied Art (Leipzig) and takes place in the reconstructed Grassimuseum, an important building of the Art Decó period. Three exhibition rooms with a total of 1200 sqm provide space for 85 exhibitors.

End of application: 9 april 2010

Grassimesse Leipzig

The GRASSIMESSE is an international forum and a fair for applied art and product design from all fields. It stands in the tradition of the historical GRASSIMESSE, founded in 1920 and famous as “Meeting Place of Modernity.” Since the reestablishment in 1997, the fair has been held once each year on the last weekend of October.

The GRASSIMESSE forum and sales exhibition in equal measure, reflects the world of ideas and the variety of contemporary creative design, promotes developments and sharpens the awareness for design quality. Unique products, limited editions and sample industrial products of jewellery, ceramics, glass, textile, clothing, furniture, metal, leather, toys etc. display a fascinating variety of creative design which allures to see and buy as well. This selection and international orientation enables to gain a comprehensive overview of recent innovations and trends, as well as timeless modern design.

Subject and concern of the GRASSIMESSE is the selection and promotion of quality. Therefore a jury of experts decides on the selection of the exhibitors and will award the four prizes on the occasion of the GRASSIMESSE.

A catalogue of the GRASSIMESSE will be released, it will be feature one example of every exhibitor.


Exhibitors 2010: 

Cornelia Ahnert – Barbara Amstutz – Alexandra Bahlmann - Nicole Bauer – Maria Cristina Bellucci - Reinhard Berkes – Chakobag – Claudia Christl - Vera Marie von Claer – Sandra Davilio – Babette von Dohnany – Marianne Eggimann – Beate Eismann – Mieke Everaet - Jan Exnar – Nora Fiege – Miki Gamzou – Ragna Gutschow – Barbara Hast - Hebach & Kloess - Susan Heise –  Mirjam Hiller - Annina Homuth - Margit Jäschke – Matthias Kaiser - Kristiina Karinen –  Ulla und Martin Kaufmann – Kamaldeep Kaur - Keskusta – Young-I Kim –  Michaela Kirchner – Ulrike Kleine-Behnke – Uta Kolozcek - Unk Kraus – Annedore Krebs – Christof Lungwitz – Xenia Lassak - Sonngard Marcks – André von Martens – Frank Meurer – Andreas Möller – Thanh-Truc Nguyen - Jutta Nordheim – Anja Pfefferkorn Retextil – Salon Elfi - Nikolay Sardamov – Sebastian Scheid - Martin Schlotz – Beatrix Schmah – Manfred Schmid – C.G.G. Schönfeld – Markus Schürmeyer – Lucia Schwalenberg – Hiawatha Seiffert – Senger Tierpuppen – Angela Simone – Silke Spitzer – Katja Stelz – Stefan Strube – Suzusan – The way of wood (Clemens Gerstenberger) – Silke Trekel – Peter Wagensonner – Angela Wandelt – Christiane Wilhelm – Jasmin Winter – Susanne Wolbers – Arek Wolski

Freie Universität Bozen, Fakultät Design
Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, Produktdesign
Hochschule für Kunst und Design Halle Burg Giebichenstein Fachbereiche Kunst/Schmuck – Möbeldesign – Malerei/Glas – Buch
Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst Hildesheim Fakultät Gestaltung/Metallgestaltung
Hochschule Wismar, Fachbereich Schmuck
Alchimia Goldschmiedeschule Florenz

Laureats 2009 :  Carmen Hauser — Claudia Küster — Mirjam Hiller — Gertrud Menzel

Grassimesse 2010 - Leipzig (DE) - 29-31 Oct 2010 dans ALCHIMIA (IT) hauser_01hiller_01 dans Allemagne (DE)menzel_07 dans Arek WOLSKI (PL)
Carmen Hauser , bracelet  –   Mirjam Hiller, brooch „Ovalhaufen orange“ — Gertrud Menzel, pendant

 Participants 2009 :

Vera-Marie von Claer  – Coco Dunmire –  Beate Eismann – Ursula Gnädinger Bettina Götsch Birgit Hagmann – Carmen Hauser –  Anke Hennig Juliane Herden Mirjam Hiller –  Ulrike IsenseeMargit Jäschke –  Ulla und Martin KaufmannMichaela Kirchner – Unk KrausClaudia Küster – Rebecca Maeder – Gertrud Menzel – Alessandra PizziniAlke Reeh Nikolay Sardamov Isabell SchauppAnn Schmalwasser Dorit SchubertSabine SteinhäuslerKlaus TitzeSilke Trekel Lilli Veers Angela Wandelt Gabriele Wiegand Annette ZeyMartina ZwölferAlchimia Jewellery School Hochschule Burg Giebichenstein Hochschule HildesheimHochschule Pforzheim


GRASSI Museum of Applied Art
Johannisplatz 5-11, 04103 Leipzig, Germany
Phone 0049-(0)341-2229100,

Fax. 0049-(0)341-2229200



COUP de … ROUGE avec Sebastian BUESCHER

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 » I am drawn to the unusual, the strange, the weird and the uncommon, like tiny artifacts from an unknown civilization or things that are past down from generation to generation. I hunt for materials and ideas in the everyday world and transport them to my world. The process of making has been a form of escapism for me, into a world where I am the ruler and where I can do what I want to do. The jewels tend to express these notions by being extremely fragile, uncomfortable to wear or too heavy. I am not interested in making functional jewellery, I am interested in creating tiny emotional sculptures that can sometimes be worn.
The Pygmy Retrospective is a collection of my favourite pieces over the past three years. The work is taken from several collections and is meant to show my evolution, the introduction of new materials, processes and the development of my ideas. Since I view my work as emotional, pieces are linked to specific times of my life, sometimes hard and sometimes joyful.
 » (Sebastian BUESCHER)

COUP de ... ROUGE  avec Sebastian BUESCHER dans Allemagne (DE) Sebastian_zoom4Sebastian_zoom3 dans COUP DE COEUR
Untitled, brooches, 2005 – Copper, brass, silver, sand, paint. 

exhibited at « THE PYGMY RETROSPECTIVE », Alternatives gallery, 2007


All Sebastian Buescher images at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Sebastian Buescherbrooch
exhibited at « THE PYGMY RETROSPECTIVE », Alternatives gallery, 2007
Untitled, object, 2005  Copper, Brass, silver,sand, paint

exhibited at « THE PYGMY RETROSPECTIVE », Alternatives gallery, 2007


COUP de … ROUGE avec Isabell Schaupp

en 2007, à la HAWK Fachhochschule ………. Le fil rouge de la relation, du lien (social ?)

COUP de ... ROUGE  avec Isabell Schaupp  dans Allemagne (DE) Kopftentakel_Isabell_Medaillon-mit-Koepfen_Isabe dans COUP DE COEUR
Paket_Isabell_ dans HAWK Fachhochschule Hildesheim (DE)Zwei-Trichter dans Isabell SCHAUPP (DE)

« Meine Diplomarbeit erzählt vom Mensch als sinnliches, Verbindung- suchendes Wesen, von seinen Beziehungen zu anderen, zu seiner Umwelt und zu sich selbst. Nicht selten werden diese Beziehungen dabei zu Verstrickungen, Verwirrungen – ‚Ver– Bindungen’, ein Thema, das in meiner Arbeit immer wieder auftaucht. Durch die Kombination von Email und Fäden (bzw. Stoff) und das Hinzufügen ungewöhnlicher Elemente wie Trichter, Tentakel und Saugnäpfe, erhalten diese Beziehungen eine neue Bedeutung und einen ungewöhnlichen, fast poetischen Reiz.« (Isabell Schaupp)

(« Ma thèse dit l’homme comme une nature sensuelle, la recherche de connexion, ses relations avec autrui, à son environnement et à lui-même. Souvent ces relations sont des complications, de la confusion. Aller vers ? des Liens ? Un thème qui apparaît dans mon travail encore et encore. La combinaison du courrier électronique et du fil (ou tissu) et l’ajout d’éléments inhabituels, comme des entonnoirs, des tentacules et ventouses pour maintenir cette relation, donne un sens nouveau et inhabituel, presque un charme poétique….. » (dixit le traducteur google…))

COUP de … ROUGE avec Viktoria Münzker-Ferus

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Viktoria Münzker   TOUGH LOVE pieces

des pièces cousues au petit-point de fil rouge, comme une blessure, ou comme la réparation d’une blessure …. « I have sewn the wounds but the scars have remained … »

Viktoria Münzker - necklace ‘Manuel’
Viktoria Münzker - « When I grow up »
Viktoria Münzker - « no way out »
Viktoria Münzker - « C’mon ring «


« TOUGH LOVE exhibition » by Michelle Kraemer & Viktoria Münzker — June 2010
Atelier StossimHimmel, Stoss im Himmel 3, 1010 Wien


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