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COUP de COEUR ! Gabriela HORVAT (Argentina) textiles works of jewelry

Quand tout à coup, après de longues circonvolutions sur le « net » à crawler après des créateurs de bijoux, de site en blog, de page en shop, et que tout à coup … AHHH ! les images vous sautent aux yeux ! OUI ! celui-là ! J’AIME ! le coeur qui bat …. chic chic chic ! c’est BEAU ! il est d’où ce créateur ? qui ? quel est son chemin ? quels matériaux ? et que TOUT vous plait, les couleurs, les matériaux, les formes, les noms de bijoux … Ahhh quel bonheur !!! :-) et là, je suis tombée sur les cocons entortillés de Gabriela Horvat, créatrice Argentine ……… :-)


« I like to think of the art of jewelry as an artistic support/complement; exploring the relationship of jewel, art and fashion with the user, and myself. This relationship is born in its making, the Choice made, the intimate space, the ornamental aspect, beauty itself. From intuition to material, from object to body/matter, to tact. In each piece I build and find part of my own world. I am interested in others discovering/unveiling their own part. They are ornaments, charms, objects of desire. »

« Selfportraits- Cocoons  »
« The choice of these pieces explores my childhood memories, tangled in the yarns, unwinding spools of wool, building spaces. These cocoons represent those spaces to hide secrets…shells/conks of fantasies. The basket weaving gets confused with tangles and knots, odd pieces, lost and found, the smell of colors. Fortuitous and intuitive allows the thread to envelop and become master. Work is focused on continuity, progression, repetition and variation, eternal and beautiful. The endless thread turns into shell and shapes all those nooks that breathe out. Material, shape, texture, void, color develop as the interior world of each piece.  »

COUP de COEUR ! Gabriela HORVAT (Argentina) textiles works of jewelry dans Amerique Latine 6-600X40012
Gabriela HorvatNecklace « Selfportraits – Cocoons » 2009 Silk, copper, chaguar, wool, hand dyed

9-600X4004 dans COUP DE COEUR7-600X4008 dans fibres / thread
Necklace « Selfportraits – Cocoons » 2009 Silk, copper, chaguar, wool, hand dyed
Necklace ‘Selfportraits – Cocoons’ 2009 Silk, copper, chaguar, wool, hand dyed

3-600X40018 dans Gabriela HORVAT (RA)
Collier ‘Autoportraits’ – Cocons 2009 -  Soie, de cuivre, chaguar, laine, teints à la main

8-600X4007 dans laine / wool
Necklace ‘Selfportraits – Cocoons’ 2009 Silk, copper, chaguar, wool, hand dyed

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nouvelles pièces de 2011 ! :-)


EXPO ‘A nadie le amarga un dulce…’ – « Dulcería de Celaya », Mexico city – 17 avril-5 mai 2010

A jewellery exhibition by Felieke van der Leest & Laura de Alba

EXPO- dulce

(Felieke, van der Leest – Brooch ‘Lolo Pop’ Textile, crystal beads, metal)

EXPO 'A nadie le amarga un dulce...' -

« Traditional Mexican candies are as mestizo as Mexicans themselves. Milk and bread came from Europe to meet the native fruits, nuts, berries and flowers, such as chocolate and vanilla, pumpkin, cactus fruit or amaranto seeds. Over 120 varieties of sweets born from the marriage are still sold at Dulcería de Celaya: camotes or  yams mashed into little tubes, glazed and individually wrapped; tepopozte, made from hominy, cinnamon, aniseed, brown sugar and sage leaves; nogada, walnut-based chocolate nougat made with sugar, eggs and butter; muéganos, hollow flour balls coated with caramel, then sprinkled with nuts and palanqueta – peanut brittle.
For the past century-and-a quarter, the place to stock up on such classic Mexican candy both for locals and foreign has been Dulcería Celaya at the Historic Center of Mexico City.  The shop opened in 1874 and, since 1900 it has been located at the Art Nouveau building at the bustling  street of Cinco de Mayo. Originally located at Calle de Plateros (or Street of the Silversmiths), the orated interiors of Dulcería de Celaya could not serve as a better scenery for the meeting of two jewellery artists: Mexican Laura de Alba and Dutch Felieke van der Leest.
Felieke van der Leest is a story teller, who has brought the use of textile art to a new dimension, crocheting impossible animals and fantastic characters. Laura de Alba is a textile artist whose ideas often end up turning into frolicking ornaments. Together, they converse about history, tradition, color, textiles and jewellery and present a small exhibition of their work that, for two weeks will coexist with the cheerful and capricious forms of Mexican sweets. »

Felieke van der Leest, Rings, Laura de Alba, Necklace,
Felieke van der Leest - rings « Candy Rabbit » Textile
Laura de Alba - necklace « Mascara I » Textile, found objects, candy

DSC_9856-560x371 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Laura de Alba - necklace « Mascara I » during exhibition – Textile, found objects, candy 

DSC_9855-560x371 dans Felieke van der LEEST (NL)
Felieke, van der Leest – Brooches ‘Lolo Pop’  during the exhibition – Textile, crystal beads, metal

DSC_9854-560x371 dans GALERIES
Felieke, van der Leest 



Evenements parallèles à « Walking the Gray Area« 


Dulcería de Celaya, Mexico City
Avenida Cinco de Mayo 39
06000 – Mexico City (Mexico)
Telephone: +52 55 5521 1787

EXPO ’11,687 years’ – « Centro », Mexico city – 15 avril-15 mai 2010

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Nana Melland (Norway)

EXPO- 11687-years

Evenements parallèles à « Walking the Gray Area »
Centro, Mexico City  (MEXICO)
Opening Wednesday April 14th, 7.30 pm


EXPO ‘Martyrs Everywhere’ – « Centro », Mexico city – 15 avril-15 mai 2010

 ’Martyrs Everywhere’

Jewellery by Jorge Manilla (Mexico-Belgium) and Marta Hryc (Poland-Mexico)

EXPO- martyrs

Jorge Manilla  - Ese hombreJorge Manilla (Mexico)  de votos y ex votos
Jorge Manilla  (Mexico)  « Ese hombre »   —    « de votos y ex votos »

Marta HRYC (eleve Jorge Manilla) -  AUTOLIMITATION silver plasticMarta HRYC (eleve Jorge Manilla)  - FRESH MEAT pearls silver.jpg
Marta HRYC (ex-élève Jorge Manilla) -  ‘Autolimitation’ silver plastic necklace — ‘Fresh Meat’ pearls silver necklace


Evenements parallèles à « Walking the Gray Area« 


Centro, Mexico City  (MEXICO)
Opening Wednesday April 14th, 7.30 pm

EXPO ‘first we quake now we shake’ – « Centro », Mexico city – 15 avril-15 mai 2010

 « first we quake now we shake »

A collective, travelling exhibition with the works of Ela Bauer, Karin Seufert, Karl Fritsch, Volker Atrops (DE) and Teruo Akatsu(JP)

XPO - quake

 Evenements parallèles à « Walking the Gray Area »
Centro, Mexico City  (MEXICO)
Opening Wednesday April 14th, 7.30 pm


Mirla FERNANDES, Bresil – latex jewelry

PARTICIPE actuellement  à  l’ EXPO ‘Walking the Gray Area’ Galeria Emilia Cohen, Mexico – 15 April-15 Mai 2010  (cf article)

Mirla FERNANDES- necklace - 'FE-Pluto' serie
Mirla FERNANDES- necklace – ‘FE-Pluto’ serie - latex, pigments

« Contemporary Jewelry is to me an excellent media such as painting, drawing or sculpting are. It is an art form.
When I am working I engage in a process. I chose to work with a minimum of tools: most of my work has been done using my bare hands: molding and painting the pieces. I create for the body and with my body, so I let traces of my moves appear in the pieces.
«  (Mirla Fernandes)

Mirla FERNANDES- Brazil - Heranca Necklace (latex, paint, porcelain)
Mirla FERNANDES- Brazil – Heranca Necklace (latex, paint, porcelain)


« …… I came in contact with Mirla’s work several years ago when I showed her work in a small exhibition on design from countries of the southern hemisphere. I was very impressed by a small and very simple piece: a pendant formed by a single line of silver and latex. It was hard to tell where the silver ended and the latex started. I later learned that latex was her material of choice. Its paint-like qualities allows her to work between two disciplines: painting and jewellery. When working with silver, Mirla doesn’t cast, smith or bend; instead she applies direct fire to the silver, as a brush in a melted metal painting.
Mirla Fernades has a background in biochemistry and visual arts, which enables her to develop techniques that push the possibilities of the materials to the limits. She works with a minimum of tools; molding and painting her pieces by hand to get the maximum from the most pure way of production. She produces highly wearable ornaments, but does not pursue the virtuous techniques of traditional jewellery. Instead, she uses a much more gestural approach, allowing a subtly fierce expression to take over each piece. Her highly conceptual work often deals with matters related to the historical past and the social reality of her birth country which she represents in a poetic and plastic manner.
Furthermore, Mirla has devoted her time and energy to the promotion and education of contemporary jewellery in Brazil. Her project Nova Joia aims become a bridge between jewellery artists from Brazil and the rest of the world.
Through her work as an artist, jeweler and cultural promoter, Mirla Fernandes is a great contributor to the international landscape of contemporary jewellery. » (Valeria Vallarta Siemelink (Otro Diseno Foundation The Netherlands, February 2010))

Mirla Fernandes 'Riv Anda Hit' 2010 - latex, pigments -EXPO GRAY -Mirla FERNANDES- necklace 'Pluto' 2009- Latex, paintMirla Fernandes- Fe 2008 -necklace - latex, mineral pigments
Mirla Fernandes ‘Riv Anda Hit’ 2010 – latex, pigments -(EXPO Gray Area)-
necklace ‘Pluto’ 2009- Latex, paint
Fe 2008 -necklace – latex, mineral pigments

Mirla FERNANDES - Ring- Longing for the body 2004 - latexMirla FERNANDES- 'FE-Pluto' serie - ring 'FE' 2008 - latex, mineral pigmentsMirla FERNANDES- ring 'Pluto' 2009- Latex, paint
Ring- Longing for the body 2004 – latex
‘FE-Pluto’ serie – ring ‘FE’ 2008 – latex, mineral pigments
ring ‘Pluto’ 2009- Latex, paint


EXPO ‘Walking the Gray Area’ Galeria Emilia Cohen, Mexico – 15 April-15 Mai 2010

Walking the Gray Area : A dialog on global mobility, identities and contemporary jewellery

Walking the Gray Area will premiere at Galeria Emilia Cohen in Mexico City, within the frame of the Gray Area Symposium Mexico 2010.

EXPO GRAY - Andrea Wagner Piece- Greener Grass on the Other Side 2010
Andrea Wagner Piece- Greener Grass on the Other Side 2010 – papier maché, silver, paint

Contemporary jewellery, with its exceptional ability to communicate and create associations directly connected to specific cultural and personal settings and backgrounds seems to be circumscribed to a rather westernized discourse. It has become necessary for contemporary jewellery-makers to rethink the ways they connect with others.

40 artists, from an uncertain total number of  involved countries, take a walk on the gray area and explore,  through the already ambiguous field of contemporary jewellery,  issues related to global mobility, identity and territories in dispersion and the way they perceive and have been affected by this phenomena during their rambling around the world.
Walking the Gray Area is a collective, comissioned exhibition curated by Valeria Siemelink and Andrea Wagner, that bring together 20 Latin American and 20 European jewellery makers and artists who ocationally work with jewellery as a medium, into a dialogue about jewellery, global mobility, contemporary identities and its personal and/or collective implications.

The curators of Walking the Gray Area, selected each 20 artists from their respective continents:  Latin America and Europe. The artists were individually selected based on their artistic excellence, technical abilities and creative response to various subjects. As a collective, the group was conformed based on the on the tensions between their discourses and practices, their varied and experimental approach in the use of materials and techniques and on the rich possibilities that lay on the exchange among them. There is, however, one thing that all the invited artists have in common : like the curators, they are or have all been migrants; born in one place, living, working or studying in another one.

The artists work in couples and were paired randomly: the names of the Latin American artists were written on a piece of paper, which was folded and placed in a bowl. The same was done with the names of the European artists. The curators had fun taking turns to pick a name from one bowl and pairing it with a name from the other bowl. 20 couples were formed and, for the last six months they carried out a dialogue through the pages of a weblog specially created for this purpose. The artists conducted their dialogues in ways they find interesting or relevant: exchanging conversations, stories, images and even materials. Besides their periodical postings in the blog, the artists exchanged letters and parcels through the post, organized Skype sessions, phoned and even meet in person. The weblog has allowed the artists to reach a diverse, distant and growing audience, having attracted over 10 thousand visitors from nearly 90 countries.

Through the exchange both artists and curators aimed to respond to a variety of questions: How do they respond to changing definitions of mobility, locality, globalism, migration?  How do the changing conceptions of identities relate to their being and practice? How do they reconcile their roots with their routes? What kind of exchange can take place between artists from areas of the world where contemporary jewellery is perceived and dealt with in such different ways? How can they relate to and diverse, moving, fast changing audience?

EXPO GRAY - Helena Biermann Angel- Piece- Sabor a Ti 2010 EXPO GRAY- Agnieszka KNAP- Necklace- The Grass is Not Greener on the Other Side of the Fence 2010EXPO GRAY- Alejandra Solar - piece 2010EXPO GRAY- Carolina HORNAUER - necklace 'el Coleccionista' 2010

Helena Biermann Angel-  set of pendants  ‘Sabor a Ti’ 2010 – glass vials, fruit seeds, quartz, cotton, wood box
Agnieszka KNAP- Necklace- The Grass is Not Greener on the Other Side of the Fence 2010- silver, copper, enamel
Alejandra Solar – piece 2010 – wood, print, cotton pendants
Carolina HORNAUER - necklace ‘el Coleccionista’ 2010 Hair, cotton, fresh water pearls, patina, steel, cooper, enamel, magnets, burnt wood, silver, stone

EXPO GRAY- Peter HOOGEBOOM - pi 2010' necklace- Ceramics, nyEXPO GRAY- Theri Tolvanen-  brooch 'Chenonceau'Mirla Fernandes 'Riv Anda Hit' 2010 - latex, pigments -EXPO GRAY -EXPO GRAY- Valentina Rosenthal -necklaces.jpg

Peter HOOGEBOOM – pi 2010′ necklace- Ceramics, nylon, alpaca, gold leaf
Terhi Tolvanen- Cherry wood, paint, beads, gold, silver – brooch ‘Chenonceau’
Mirla Fernandes ‘Riv Anda Hit’ 2010 – latex, pigments
Valentina Rosenthal - Silver, wood, nails, glass, porcelain, bronz, mirror, enamel necklaces 


Miguel Luciano (puerto rico) & Leonor Hipolito (portugal), Ketli Tiitsar (estonia) & Chequita Nahar (surinam), Karin Seufert (germany) & María Constanza Ochoa (colombia), Célio Braga (brazil) & Gemma Draper (spain). Carla Castaigo (portugal) & Valentina Rosenthal (chile), Francisca Kweitel (argentina) & Nelli Tanner (finland), Maria Jose Fabrega (costa rica) & Agnieszka Knap (poland), Andrea Wagner (netherlands) & Carolina Hornauer (chile), Susanne Klemm (netherlands) & Samantha Fung (venezuela), Jorge Manilla (mexico) & Christoph Zellweger (switzerland), Luzia Vogt (switzerland) &  Thelma Aviani (brazil), Terhi Tolvanen (finland) & Guigui Kohon (argentina), Helena Biermann Angel (colombia) & Hanna Hedman (sweden), Mia Maljojoki (germany) & Alejandra Solar (mexico), Mirla Fernandes (brazil) & Kajsa Lindberg (sweden), Dani Soter (brazil) & Sebastian Buescher (uk), Ineke Heerkens (netherlands) & Julieta Odio (costa rica), Walka Studio (chile) & Natalie Luder (switzerland), Eduardo Graue (mexico) & Peter Hoogeboom (netherlands), Jantje Fleischhut (netherlands) & Andres Fonseca (colombia).

Karin SEUFERT- Piece '9 Brooches'  2010- pvc, cotton, steel, silver
Karin SEUFERT- Piece ’9 Brooches’  2010- pvc, cotton, steel, silver

Gemma Draper 01
 Gemma Draper – Electroformed Copper, Enamel and Wood – 2008

Galeria Emilia Cohen
Palmas 1320
Lomas – Mexico City (Mexico)
Tel : +52 55 5281 0009
Tel : +52 55 5281 0029



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Tota Reciclados – Marcela Muñiz  & Valeria Hasse

We reuse materials and objects trying not to be nostalgic, to emphasize the mixture, in order to create jewels to be worn. Instead of traditional jewelry techniques we work assembling different elements using wire and threads, closer to the idea of provisory rather than eternal.

This project begun out of the interest of designing and creating new objects from collected, inherited and found objects, in the context of a huge economical crisis in Argentina in December 2001. Working only with material available in the surroundings became the starting point of the creative process, using discarded things to comment on the cultural world where we come from. Recovering and transforming objects into jewels carries many references to this world, through the process of recombining and recontextualizing objects, images, techiques and ideas.

TOTA RECICLADOS (Argentina) dans Amerique Latine schumck

Recycling for us involves notions of assambling, recombining, including chance, serendipity, mistakes, failures, improvisation, fragmentary and hybrid. It expresses the limitation of resources through the creation of new meanings with unlimited posibilities.

As a team of two people working together, we also deal with issues of collaboration and authorship in the creative process, that we see connected with the ideas of assambling, collaging and mixing, so related to our cultural background.

WOW !!! coup de coeur ! explosion de couleurs ! BONHEUR ! :-) ESTUPENDO !!


Tota Reciclados
Costa Rica 4684 taller 5
1414 – Buenos Aires
Telephone: 0054 11 4831 4684


Gray Area SYMPOSIUM – Mexico city, 12-16 Avril 2010 – 1st International Encounter Of Contemporary Jewellery Latin America-Europa

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Gray Area, First International Encounter Of Contemporary Jewellery Latin America-Europa

Gray Area SYMPOSIUM - Mexico city, 12-16 Avril 2010 - 1st International Encounter Of Contemporary Jewellery Latin America-Europa dans Amerique Latine banner


« Area Gris » un área intermedia; algo que no es claramente una cosa ni la otra. Área gris es un término fronterizo entre dos o más cosas definidas de manera confusa, una frontera que es difícil o imposible de definir o una definición donde las fronteras tienden a cambiar. Algo que está abierto a la interpretación… 

¿Qué es joyería contemporánea? ¿Qué significado tiene para las diferentes culturas? ¿Tiene la joyería el poder para influir en nuestras actitudes, creencias, valores y comportamientos? ¿Es realmente importante llegar a un consenso en su definición? ¿Es necesario redefinir la manera en que la joyería contemporánea es expuesta, percibida y consumida? ¿Quién produce la joyería contemporánea? ¿Es capaz de reflejar una sociedad culturalmente diversa? ¿De qué manera cambia la globalización nuestra noción de espacio e identidad? ¿Es la escena de la joyería internacional tan internacional después de todo? ¿Qué se está haciendo a ambos lados del océano? Qué sabemos los unos de los otros? ¿Qué podemos aprender los unos de los otros? ¿Es posible compartir audiencias y mercados? ¿Cómo podemos establecer las bases para un diálogo refrescante y enriquecedor entre artistas e investigadores de la joyería de ambos continentes?

Con todas estas preguntas en el aire, la Fundacion Otro Diseno para la Cooperacion y el Desarrollo Cultural y la agencia Design Flux conjuntan esfuerzos con una serie de organizaciones y companias de America Latina y Europa, reúnen a mas de 50 reconocidos artistas, diseñadores, académicos, investigadores y promotores en un escenario que promueva un debate amistoso y estimulante, capaz de crear un marco de referencia interdisciplinario para la joyería contemporánea y sus prácticas dentro de un discurso verdaderamente multinacional.

Area Gris propone una serie de encuentros para promover el dialogo intercultural en el campo de la joyería contemporánea y, en su primera edición enfoca este dialogo entre dos continentes : America Latina y Europa.

Del 12 al 16 de abril del 2010, se llevara a cabo el simposio Area Gris en el Centro Historico de la Ciudad de Mexico. El Simposio estará acompañado de una serie de exposiciones y eventos paralelos.

Les invitamos a explorar este sitio, conocer mas acerca de este fascinante evento y a registrarse en el simposio Area Gris.

Los esperamos en la Ciudad de Mexico

10624_131839122489_131824937489_2385776_4433426_n dans Colloque


grey- a-re-a: [grey air-ee-uh] an intermediate area; a topic that is not clearly one thing or the other. A grey area is a term for a border in-between two or more things that is unclearly defined, a border that is hard to define or even impossible to define, or a definition where the distinction border tends to move; something that is open to interpretation…

What is contemporary jewellery? What does it mean for different cultures? Does it really have the powerful force that helps to shape our attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviours? How important is it to reach a consensus on its definition? Is it necessary to redefine the way contemporary jewellery is shown, perceived and consumed? Who produces contemporary jewellery? Is it able to reflect a culturally diverse society? How are our notions of space and identity being challenged by globalization? Is the international jewellery scene so international after all? What is being done on both sides of the ocean? What do we know about each other? What can we learn about each other? Can we make it more accessible to a broader audience? Is it possible to share each other’s markets? How can we set the basis for a refreshing and enriching dialogue between jewellery makers from both continents?

With all these on mind, the Otro Diseño, Foundation for Cultural Exchange and Development, and Design Flux join efforts with an array of international organizations and companies bring together artists, designers, jewellery makers, academics, researchers and promoters from Latin America and Europe on a stage that stimulates friendly, creative, and engaging discussions, able to create an interdisciplinary frame of reference for contemporary jewellery and its practices within a truly multinational discourse.

Gray Area proposes a series of encounters that promote intercultural dialogue within the field of contemporary jewellery and, on its first edition, this dialogue is focused in two continents: Latin America and Europe.

From April 12th to 16th 2010, the symposium Gray Area will take place in Mexico City’s Historic Center. The symposium will be complemented by a series of parallel exhibitions and events.

Participants from all over the world are welcomed to attend. We invite you to explore this website to learn more about this exciting event and register to attend the symposium.

We are looking forward to see you all in Mexico City!


PROGRAMME : voir page
Ex-Teresa, Arte Actual
Mexico City, Mexico, 68000
Tél : +31  35 7725448


Projet NOVA JOIA – EXPO le 26 Fev 2010 « Paralela Gift » Sao Paulo, Bresil – atelier/workshop 5-8 mars 2010

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Projet éducatif & culturel « NOVA JOIA » pour développer l’artisanat de la bijouterie au Brésil – Projet initié en 2007 avec une série d’expositions nationales, puis développement de « workshops »favorisant l’échange entre créateurs nationaux et internationaux. En 2010, atelier(s) avec Ela BAUER (voir au, du 5 au 8 mars 2010 ( ; proposition de travail : le rapport entre SOUVENIRS et bijoux : « one cannot escape the ironic, funny, grotesque aspect of SOUVENIRS. They often are a cliché -notion of a place in miniature-. In this manner souvenirs are -like many clichés- a simplified, superficial and anachronistic, but sometimes very much ‘to the point’ vision of a certain place or event » (Ela Bauer)

nova joia


« Nesta sexta, dia 26, as 10 horas é a abertura da Exposição NOVA JOIA dentro da 17º Paralela Gift.
Venha conferir os trabalhos de Bettina Terepins, Dani Soter, Claudia Senna, Elizabeth Franco, Marina Sheetikoff, Miriam Mirna Korolkovas,Mirla Fernandes, Renata Porto e Stella Bierrenbach. Video com os trabalhos de Ela Bauer e depoimentos das artistas. Estara Ela Bauer tambem.  »

Paralela Gift (Paralela Gift realizará a 17ª Edição no espaço de eventos do Shopping Center Iguatemi) (Sao Paulo, BRESIL)
Ota Design
tel.: 11 2924-2409 ou 2924-2416
Pça dos Omaguás, 58 cj. 21
CEP 05419-020


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