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EXPO ‘Walking the Gray Area’ Galeria La Refaccionaria, Mexico – April 2010

Curated by Mexican architect and curator Valeria Vallarta Siemelink and German artist and curator Andrea Wagner, Walking the Gray Area will show works by 20 artists from their respective continents : Latin America and Europe.

leonor_hipolito - brooch

Leonor Hipolito (PT)’s jewelry Red rose or body part?

From Walking the Gray Area:

Each artist has a unique approach to jewellery: different ideas, different interests, different materials and techniques, different countries. But all artists have one thing in common: like the curators themselves, they are or have all been migrants: born in one place, living/working/studying in another one.

The artists have been paired randomly : the names of the Latin American artists were written on a piece of paper, which was folded and placed in a bowl. The same was done with the names of the European artists. The curators had fun taking turns to pick a name from one bowl and pairing it with a name from the other bowl. 20 couples were formed and they will carry out both verbal and visual dialogues through a blog that has been created for this purpose.

The artists have been individually selected based on their artistic excellence, technical abilities and creative response to diverse subjects. As a collective, the group has been selected based on the great differences between their work, their varied and experimental approach in the use of materials and techniques and on the rich possibilities that lay on the exchange among them. Each artist will create an individual piece of jewellery as a product of the dialogue.

The resulting exhibition, Walking the Gray Area, will be presented at the Symposium Gray Area, Encounter of Contemporary Jewellery between Latin America and Europe in Mexico City in April of 2010. The exhibition will be presented at Galeria La Refaccionaria in Mexico City.


Mirla Fernandes (Brazil) – Heranca Necklace (latex, paint, porcelain)
Jorge Manilla (Mexico/Belgium) Necklace


en parallèle à l’expo de la galerie « La Refaccionaria », symposium :

« Gray Area, First International Encounter Of Contemporary Jewellery Latin America – Europa »


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