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EXPO ‘Vicki Mason: Botanical Fictions’ – e.g.etal, Melbourne (Australia) 31 Oct.-15 Nov. 2011

“Plants have the potential to tell stories about our lives and the societies we live in.”

e.g.etal presents a new series of pieces by Melbourne-based jeweller, Vicki Mason.
Vicki Mason Tinkering with nature brooches – Powdercoated brass, PVC, thread
Vicki Mason – brooches: The entangled garden 2011 – Powder coated brass, copper and sterling silver, hand-dyed PVC, PVC, polyester, rayon, nylon and viscose thread, cotton interfacing – photography: Johannes Kuhnen

Vicki is enthralled by plants as subject matter and the potential they have to tell stories about our lives and the societies we live in. Her new series of works, ‘Botanical Fictions’, feature an ornamental vocabulary of plant-based forms that Vicki developed over the period of her recent study.

The works combine mixtures of materials and processes. Remnant plastics from the stationery industry are used alongside thread and various metals to create jewellery. Low-tech domestic craft processes and various textile and metal processes/techniques (both hand-fabrication and industrial processes) have been mixed in this series. The traditionally clear identities and conceptual frameworks often assigned to these materials or techniques are blurred and questioned.

“The decorative shapes and motifs created were inspired by my research into indigenous plants found in Australian colonial jewellery and silversmithing objects,” says Vicki. “Furthermore, plant motifs used on Mason’s ironstone china wares (more specifically chinoiserie motifs) and the forms of local endemic plants from the south-east of Melbourne where I currently live, are also explored in the series.”

For Vicki, melding these three very different strands of research was a way of embracing the decorative potential of plant forms of Australian and imported origin in order to combine them to tell a personal story. It is a story that speaks to ideas associated with migration, complexity, abundance, diversity, identity, hybridity and belonging.

“Vicki’s work always displays a unique sense of beauty and innovation,” says Emma Goodsir, director of e.g.etal. “Materials, form, colour and texture combine in a charming way to create beautiful work that is conceptually engaging and technically daring.”
Vicki Mason brooch
Vicki Mason ring ‘Xanthorrhoea’ – Hand-dyed PVC, powder coated brass and silver
Vicki Mason brooches



167 Flinders Lane & 185 Little Collins Street
3000 VIC – Melbourne
Telephone: +61 3 9639 5111



EXPO ’10 girls 10 colors’ – Salerno gallery, Glebe (Australia) – 19 Oct.-5 Nov. 2011

Tenmoregirls exhibition 2011, ‘10 girls. 10 colours.‘ opens on the 18th of Oct. Salerno Gallery. check check check tenmoregirls’ fabulous works from the 18th to the 5th of Nov.

« 10 girls. 10 colours » is a vibrant exploration of the subjective implications of ten randomly assigned colours. Each girl was assigned a color which she explores in her art – for example, Danielle Butters works with the color purple where she explores the history of the color and its relevance as a symbol of power, Tenille Evans explores the colour yellow…

Each artist randomly selected a different colour to make pieces for this exhibition and 10 colours with each artist are;

a mi kim : brown
andrea iglesias : green
bernadette trainor : orange
carol faulkner : white
danielle butters : purple
jo piper : black
majella beck : red
nikki majajas : pink
radka passianova : blue
tenille evans : yellow


the « Tenmoregirls » 2011 are : A Mi Kim – Andrea Iglesias Bernadette TrainorCarol FaulknerDanielle Butters –  Joanne (Jo) PiperMajella Beck –  Nikki Majajas –  Radka Passianová Tenille Evans

Since 2008, Tenmoregirls have been coming together annually to orchestrate concept-based exhibitions of modern wearables that inspire Sydney art and design communities and thrill the public. The collective consists of ten female designers and makers who met while studying at the Design Centre Enmore and who are committed to exhibiting every year to promote and nurture the medium in their local community and beyond.
Characterised by unusual applications of materials, the challenge of traditional jewellery forms and high quality technical experimentation, tenmoregirls shows have a reputation for exemplifying the high standard of emerging contemporary jewellery in Sydney. This latest project, 10 girls.10 colours. will be their most successful show yet.

All graduates of the Jewellery and Object Design and Manufacture department of the Design Centre Enmore, the girls are based in Sydney, but come from diverse and international backgrounds.
A Mi Kim house series, pendant, 925 silver, ebony, silk cord
Danielle Butters – Feels-Like-Home
Danielle Butters  ‘Where there’s smoke…’ Brooch, Blackened steel – 2010
Nikki Majajas - Jangle Bangle: Brass and gilding metal
Carol Faulkner
Majella Beck  (red )
 Nikki Majajas  (pink)
Carol Faulkner (white)
Radka Passianová – « snowflakes » made for « Girls Around The World » exhibition by Tenmoregirls
 Tenille Evans (yellow)
Andrea Iglesias (green)
Jo Piper  (black)



Salerno Gallery
70 Glebe Point Road,
Glebe, NSW 2037 Australia
tel +61 296600899
Tue-Fri:10-5:30, Sat:10-3, Sun&Mon by appointment.


EXPO ‘Robert Baines: Frisches Fleisch – Fresh Meat’ – Pieces of Eight Gallery, Melbourne (AU) – 4 Oct.-13 Nov. 2011

Robert Baines: Frisches Fleisch – Fresh Meat

Pieces of Eight Gallery proudly presents an exhibition of new work by Robert Baines, Frisches Fleisch : Fresh Meat. Baines is one of Australia’s most highly regarded and internationally recognised jewellers and goldsmiths. His exhibition at Pieces of Eight Gallery sees Baines create a commentary on what he views to be the endangerment of the original idea and the practice of plagiarism in contemporary jewellery. Utilising the technique of casting, something not typically seen in his work, he furthers his case and punctuates his argument by the frequent inclusion in many of the pieces of the Rothschild Red Giraffe, itself an endangered species.

Robert Baines is Professor of Art and Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT School of Art and postgraduate coordinator of Gold & Silversmithing. He is an internationally respected goldsmith, researcher, academic and author. He is the winner of the most significant awards in his field, namely The Bayerischer Staatspreis 2005 and the Friedrich Becker Preis 2008. His most recent books published are Bracelet’Java-la-Grande’ (Palgrave Macmillan 2006) and More Amazing Schmuck Stories by Robert Baines (Australia Scholarly Publishing 2009).
Robert Baines – brooch: Frisches Fleisch, One Giraffe 2011 – Bronze, paint

Robert Baines – brooch: Frisches Fleisch, One Giraffe 2011 – Silver, paint

Robert Baines  - brooch: Frisches Fleisch, Two Kangaroos 2011 – Silver oxidised, paint

Pieces of Eight Gallery
28 Russell Place
VIC 3000 – Melbourne
Telephone: +613 9497 8121


EXPO ‘David Bielander : ripsnorter’ – Gallery Funaki, Melbourne (AU) – 11 Oct.-5 Nov. 2011

David Bielander : ripsnorter

Gallery Funaki is proud to present our first (and at long last) solo exhibition by remarkable Swiss artist David Bielander. Join us from 6-8pm for drinks with David. Ophidiophobes beware…

A two and a half meter python is surely a ripsnorter, so long as she is a piece of jewellery. It took nearly five years to get her right: how to transform a lifesize python into a necklace?
Her movement; snuggling around your neck, her weight, her colour.
I aim to walk that fine line between making something simple enough that one unavoidably recognizes, that simultaneously requires a fair conscious effort to get beyond the obvious, and at the same time to be abstract enough that it allows a shift to happen, that the piece becomes something altogether new when it unpredictably connects with you.
Her official name has to be German for once: “Würgeschlange”… “würgen” (choking): what a beautiful word, almost onomatopoeic.  David Bielander - September 2011



Gallery Funaki
4 Crossley St, Melbourne, Australia 3000
tel +61 3 9662 9446


EXPO ‘Kathryn Wardill: Adversity ‘ – e.g.etal, Melbourne (Australia) 13 Sept.-1er Oct. 2011

Classé dans : Australie (AU),Exposition/Exhibition,Kathryn WARDILL (AU) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:05

Kathryn Wardill : Adversity
Kathryn Wardill - ring: Toy — Around and Around — Damage with Every Movement 2011 – Oxidised sterling silver, recycled 18ct yellow gold wedding ring

For Kathryn Wardill, poor concentration and skills, a creeping lack of judgement, inability to sustain work ethics and difficulty adhering to timelines were complications encountered in the making of some 40 rings. In fact, these difficulties have indelibly influenced the nature of her new series, Adversity. This collection of rings explores the emotional and physical consequences of adversity, exploring the ways in which difficult personal situations affect the making process from a conceptual and technical perspective.
It is one thing to make items about difficult subjects, it is another to make during difficult events. The artist has adapted to ways of making jewellery while going through a difficult time in her life. The work is heavy in weight, scale and colour. The surfaces are blackened and rough. The techniques used in the creation of these forms have been limited to the minimum required for each. The work is highly personal, the titles of the pieces offering the viewer a glimpse into the events of the last six months of the artist’s life.
“The work is dark, heavy and bold, because it’s tied to the concept,” says Kathryn. “In this body of work, the process is inseparable from the materials, the techniques, the story. As a result the work is very personal. It’s been difficult, but I feel I’ve produced an open expression of adversity.”
“Kathryn’s new series is a slight departure from her prolific work combining glass and metal with design-driven simplicity,” says Emma Goodsir, director of e.g.etal. “Her new range of rings form an intensely intimate story, but one that is universal in its candid determination and honesty in the face of adversity.”
Kathryn Wardill is a Melbourne-based contemporary jeweller who received her Master of Arts (Fine Art) by research from RMIT University in 1998. As a jeweller and glass artist she has actively participated in group and solo exhibitions internationally for the last 15 years.
Kathryn Wardill - rings: Bouquet – Flowers Fail 2011 – Oxidised sterling silver, glass

Kathryn Wardill  - ring: What Goes Around Comes Around 2011 – Oxidised sterling silver
Kathryn Wardill  - ring: Rough Seas 2011 – Oxidised sterling silver
Kathryn Wardill - ring: Royally Scarred 2011 – Oxidised sterling silver



167 Flinders Lane & 185 Little Collins Street
3000 VIC – Melbourne
Telephone: +61 3 9639 5111


EXPO ‘Unnatural Acts’ – Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco (USA) – 2-28 Aout 2011

Unnatural Acts

a contemporary jewelry project from Australia

EXPO unnatural acts

The exhibition is curated by Lauren Simeoni and Melinda Young. Ten participating artists constructed natural and organic forms from man-made material to create jewelry that is unnatural, naturally. Unnatural Acts is an exhibition that began as a project among friends and has since traveled through Australia and New Zealand. Velvet da Vinci is the only US venue for this project. Exhibition catalog $15


Participating artists:
Anna Davern, Caz Guiney, Kath Inglis, Bridget Kennedy, Peta Kruger, Sim Luttin, Natalia Milosz-Piekarska, Lauren Simeoni, Mark Vaarwerk, Melinda Young

Unnatural Jewelry
To coincide with the exhibition unnatural Acts, Lauren Simeoni is presenting a jewelry workshop focusing on the theme unnatural jewelry. Participants will be encouraged to experiment with and deconstruct a variety of found materials while developing and working to a theme. This workshop will be hosted by the Metal Arts Guild and held at Velvet da Vinci. Workshop will be held from 10 to 4 on August 6th.
Reservation required; space is limited.


Participating artists:
ANNA DAVERN is one of Australia’s most respected contemporary jewellers. Her practice straddles the visual arts, jewellery and fashion. She gained her undergraduate degree in Jewellery and Object Design at Sydney College of the Arts and her post-graduate studies and subsequent Masters degree were completed at RMIT, Melbourne. Davern works from her studio in Flinders Lane, Melbourne. She exhibits regularly and has held two major solo exhibitions at Craft Victoria, Melbourne. She has been represented in numerous Australian and international group exhibitions. She is the recipient of numerous grants and awards and has participated in residencies in Sydney and Tallinn, Estonia.

EXPO ‘Unnatural Acts’ - Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco (USA) - 2-28 Aout 2011 dans Anna DAVERN (AU) annadavernrocksearrings3web
Anna Davern « Rocks » Earrings
Anna Davern « Rocks » Earrings 

CAZ GUINEY‘S concept-based practice engages with public space, attempting to establish a dialogue among the landscape, the object and the body. Her work draws on the urban fabric as a source of material and inspiration for jewelry. Guiney’s work includes site-specific jewelry installations and responding enthusiastically to briefs such as unnatural Acts.
In 1995, Guiney completed a Bachelor of Art in Jewellery and Metalsmithing at Monash University, Australia. Since 1997 she has exhibited throughout Australia and in New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Germany, Chile and the USA and held three solo exhibitions. She has been the recipient of two New Work Grants from the Visual Art & Crafts Board of the Australia Council and an Arts Development Grant – Creation from Arts Victoria. Currently she teaches in the Jewellery and Visual Arts Departments of the Northern Melbourne Institute of Technical and Further Education (NMIT).
Caz Guiney « Cocoon » Brooch


KATH INGLIS was raised in Darwin and moved to Adelaide to study jewelry. After graduating from the South Australian School of Art in 2000, Inglis continued to develop her practice by working from a number of studios, including the renowned Gray Street Workshop, JamFactory Metal Design Studio and soda and rhyme. The workbench is now located in a gorgeous home studio in suburban Adelaide surrounded by a native garden. Inglis’ practice is multi-faceted and includes frequent exhibitions in national and international galleries, large-scale collaborative public art projects and teaching. Inglis is also a member of the Craftsouth board.
Kath Inglis  « Blue Pollinator » Brooch


BRIDGET KENNEDY completed an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design at the Design Centre Enmore, NSW in 2005. She was then awarded the College Achievement Award and the Jewellery and Object Design Scholarship (a one-year residency within the College). In 2006 she was awarded first prize in Graduate Metal X, an exhibition of works representing 64 recent ‘jewellery and object’ graduates from art schools around Australia. She was also selected as a finalist to exhibit in the 2006 City of Hobart Art Prize, and more recently was the winner of the ‘emerging artist’ category in the 2008 JMGA (Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia) NSW Profile Award. In 2008, she opened Studio 20/17, a contemporary jewelry gallery with fellow jeweler, Melanie Ihnen. The gallery is committed to increasing the profile of contemporary jewelry within the wider arts arena.

PETA KRUGER worked as a graphic designer and illustrator before studying visual arts at the Adelaide Centre for the Arts, South Australia. After finishing her degree she worked for Scott Wilson and Jane Adam, both based at Cockpit Arts in London and on returning to Adelaide, completed an associateship in the Metal Design Studio at the JamFactory. Her first major solo exhibition was held at Metalab, Sydney in 2009 followed by the JamFactory in 2011. In 2011 she will be undertaking a mentorship with German/New Zealand jeweller Karl Fritsch with the assistance of a Jump Mentorship grant from the Australia Council for the Arts. She is currently based at the JamFactory in Adelaide.
Peta Kruger « Onion Ring » Brooches

SIM LUTTIN recalls that her earliest memory of what she wanted to be when she grew up was an inventor. She has a Masters in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design, Indiana University, USA and a BFA in Gold and Silversmithing, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. Luttin has held solo exhibitions in Melbourne and Sydney as well as participating in numerous group exhibitions nationally and internationally. In 2009 she was commissioned to make the prestigious Emeritus Medal for the Australia Council for the Arts. She won the Alma Eikerman Award for Metalsmithing while studying at Indiana University, and has been the recipient of an Australia Council Emerging Artist New Work Grant. Luttin has pieces in the collections of Galerie Marzee, NL and the Art Gallery of South Australia, and work included in numerous publications. In addition to her contemporary jewelry practice, Luttin is the Gallery and Exhibitions Manager at Arts Project Australia, Melbourne.
Sim Luttin « Somewhere There Exists…#1″ Brooch

NATALIA MILOSZ-PIEKARSKA initially attained a degree in Design/Visual Communication before going on to complete a BA (Honours) in Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT, Melbourne. Natalia now works from her Melbourne based studio as a contemporary jeweler and artist, making and participating in a diverse range of exhibitions and projects. Natalia also teaches at RMIT within the Gold and Silversmithing Department and is currently undertaking a six-month internship in London, UK, with renowned fashion jeweller Scott Wilson as part of the British Council, Australia’s Realise Your Dream Program. Natalia’s primary focus lies in the realm of amuletic and talismanic adornment. With much of her research delving into various aspects of superstition, folklore and ritual, her work explores our human inclination towards charmed objects and the power of belief.

Natalia Milosz-Piekarska Necklace

LAUREN SIMEONI is an Adelaide-based artist working from the Gate 8 workshop collective. Simeoni has a Bachelor of Arts in Gold and Silversmithing from Canberra School of Art; a Design Associateship at the Jam Factory and a 1-year mentorship at Gray Street Workshop in Adelaide followed this. She exhibits nationally and internationally including five solo exhibitions, is the recipient of numerous grants and has undertaken several public art commissions. Her work appears in numerous publications and is held in collections including the Art Gallery of South Australia. Simeoni also guest lectures at universities and actively participates on South Australian Craft and Arts boards and projects. Simeoni is currently working on the ongoing collaborative exhibition project unnatural Acts with Melinda Young.
Lauren Simeoni « Controlled Burn » Brooch

MARK VAARWERK is a modern day alchemist. He is renown for his innovative and inventive jewellery practice that focuses on the transformation of throwaway plastics, masterfully rendering mundane materials into items of preciousness and intrigue. Vaarwerk completed an Associate Diploma of Arts (Jewellery) at the Sydney Institute of Technology, Enmore in 1997. Since graduating he has exhibited his work extensively nationally and internationally, most recently at Ventura Lambrate 2011, Milan. He has been the recipient of Research Grants from the Australia Council for the Arts and participated in several residencies in the UK. His work has been included in numerous publications and he has shared his unique material knowledge through teaching workshops at universities and colleges around Australia.
MELINDA YOUNG completed a Master of Visual Arts in 2002 at Sydney College of the Arts. She has participated in over 100 exhibitions in Australia and overseas since 1997, with recent solo exhibitions in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. Since 2008 she has also been working on unnatural Acts, a collaborative exhibition project with Lauren Simeoni. In 2008 she won the JMGA, NSW Profile Award for an established artist. Her work has been included in several publications and is held in public collections including The Art Gallery of South Australia and the Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway. Young has had a professional involvement with contemporary craft and design as a curator and writer, and through employment in galleries. She has taught jewelry at a tertiary level since 2000 as well as conducting exhibition workshops at galleries and universities in Australia and New Zealand. She currently teaches at COFA, University of NSW and Sydney College of the Arts.
Melinda Young « Coraline » Neckpiece



Velvet da Vinci Gallery
2015 Polk Street (between Pacific and Broadway)
San Francisco CA  94109 – USA
tel 415.441.0109


EXPO ‘Bead the System – A Series of Circular Arrengements’ – Gallery Funaki, Melbourne (AU) – 5-30 Juill. 2011

« Bead the System – A Series of Circular Arrengements » Exhibition by Manon van Kouswijk at Funaki

EXPO 'Bead the System - A Series of Circular Arrengements' - Gallery Funaki, Melbourne (AU) - 5-30 Juill. 2011 dans Australie (AU) 672


In her latest work, Dutch artist Manon van Kouswijk explores the idea of a strand of beads as a cycle without a clear beginning or end. Her recent book, Hanging Around / the pearlchain principle shows that the basic principle of the beaded necklace can be found in sources from peas in a pod and mathematics to Supernova 1987A, described by scientists as ‘pearls on a cosmic necklace’.


673 dans Exposition/Exhibition

674 dans Gal. Funaki (AU)



Gallery Funaki
4 Crossley Street
Melbourne, Victoria
Australia 3000
PO Box 24142 Melbourne, Victoria
Australia 3001
+613 9662 9446



COUP de COEUR : Robert BAINES « Whiter than red »

Classé dans : Australie (AU),Robert BAINES (AU) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:05

coup de coeur pour ces bijoux, qui me font penser au biscuit des cônes de glace …( !) et pour les photos ! :-)

Robert BAINES – « Whiter than red » neckpiece & 3 brooches 2006


EXPO ‘Joungmee Do: Longevity’ – e.g.etal, Melbourne (AU) – 14 Juin-2 Juill. 2011

In Korean folklore, there are ten symbols of longevity: the sun, mountains, clouds, rock, water, cranes, tortoises, deer, pine tree and immortals’ fungus (pullocho). These symbols are representative of man’s deep desire for happiness in the present world and appear in folk paintings as decorative motifs.

Longevity is Melbourne-based Joungmee Do’s response to her exploration of Korean folklore. Her reworking of these auspicious symbols comes in the form of necklaces and brooches. Joungmee’s intricately detailed pieces employ traditional Korean metal inlay techniques (or iybsa) as well as complex etching and metal colouring. The result is work that links contemporary expression with the traditional Korean spiritual and symbolic world.

EXPO 'Joungmee Do: Longevity' - e.g.etal, Melbourne (AU) - 14 Juin-2 Juill. 2011 dans Australie (AU) 260325_10150277882241287_111006746286_9540358_6747891_n
Joungmee Do – neckpiece: Pine tree 2011Stainless steel, steel, fine silver, pure gold, sterling silver
Joungmee DoBrooch -  steel,  fine silver, pure gold

Joungmee Do - Peony neckpiece - Steel, fine silver
Joungmee DoBrooch -  Steel, fine silver, pure gold
Gold inlayed floral brooch – Steel, pure gold, fine silver
Joungmee Do – Bird with Blossom brooch – Fine silver, steel

Joungmee Do

Joungmee DoFloral & bird pendant – silver

Joungmee Dobird brooch
Joungmee Doturtle brooch

Joung Mee Do’s whimsical pieces are created using iybsa: a traditional Korean inlay technique. She also uses etching and traditional metal colouring techniques to incorporate Korean textile patterns, adding fine texture to the surface of each piece 



167 Flinders Lane & 185 Little Collins Street
3000 VIC – Melbourne
Telephone: +61 3 9639 5111


EXPO ‘Pieces of Fate’ – Pieces of Eight Gallery, Melbourne (AU) – 24 Mai-2 Juill. 2011

 Have you ever come across a piece of jewellery, and thought to yourself, this must have been made for me… And there it was, just sitting there, quite simply, waiting to be found.


Pieces of Eight Gallery presents Pieces of Fate, a group exhibition of exquisite handcrafted pendants. Drawing inspiration from Professor Robert Baines, who coined the term, the exhibition includes works from 37 of the gallery’s represented artists who broadly explore the idea of an objects fate. Within the pendants various manifestations lay inherent intentions, purposes and appeal; an unquestionable right to exist. What then becomes its destiny?
Historically, pendants have provided all kinds of meaning and perceived powers for the wearer. Pieces of Fate explores how the modern day pendant can tell a story, possess magical powers or provide particular protection to an individual. It playfully engages with conversations about how materials, symbols and personal concepts give power or inscribe meaning to a piece of jewellery, and consequently how this may cause it to potentially determine its wearer.
With the making of each pendant, the artist was asked to record who or what the pendant may be for. This confidential text travels with the piece as a secret exchange between the creator and wearer of the pendant. As Kevin Murray states in his essay about the exhibition, « These incantations represent an important step forward in the restoration of jewellery power. They’re more than reflections on the personal inspiration of the jeweller. They also anticipate how the pendants will be experienced by the wearer. »


Participating artists
Bridget Bodenham — Cesar Cueva — Cinnamon Lee — Craig Spark — David Parker — Djurdjica Kesic — Dougal Haslem –  Elfrun LachJin-Ah Jo — Justine Austen — Karla Way — Katie Jacobs, — Katrina Freene — Katrina Tyler — Krista McRae — Lucy Folk — Marcus Foley — Mark Edgoose — Melinda Young — Meredith Turnbull — Nadja Soloviev — Natalia Milosz-Piekarska — Nicky Hepburn — Nina Oikawa — Nina Ellis — Pennie JagielloPeta Kruger — Raymond de Zwart — Shimara Carlow — Sian Edwards — Sim Luttin — Steffi Kalina — Tamara Dixon — Teresa Lane — Tessa Blazey — Tim Fleming — Zoe Crowder

 Meredith Turnbull, Nadja Soloviev, Tim Fleming, Marcus Foley, Mark Edgoose From left:  Meredith Turnbull, Nadja Soloviev, Tim Fleming, Marcus Foley, Mark Edgoose

EXPO 'Pieces of Fate' - Pieces of Eight Gallery, Melbourne (AU) - 24 Mai-2 Juill. 2011 dans Australie (AU) blank fate_main_large dans Cinnamon LEE (AU)Katrina Freene, Zoe Crowder, Lucy Folk, Craig Sparks, David Parker

fate_large2 dans Djurdjica KESIC (AU)
From left: Tessa Blazey “Geo neckpiece”– Bridget Bodenham “In Spirit” — Teresa Lane “The weight of a large bird falling”

fate_large3 dans Elfrun LACH (DE)
From left: Katie Jacobs “Memento mori” — Shimara Carlow “Yin and Yang” — Djurdjica Kesic “An amulet for a traveller” – Sim Luttin “Ode to Craft”

fate_large4 dans Exposition/Exhibition
From left: Justine Austen “Beauty and the Beast” — Steffi Kalina “Time Piece” — Dougal Haslem “The Crossing”

fate_large6 dans Gal. Pieces of Eight (AU)
From left:  Elfrun Lach “Universal Amulet” — Jin-Ah Jo “For the monkey, rat and dragon” –  Natalia Milosz-Piekarska “Instrument” of Divination” 




Pieces of Eight Gallery
28 Russell Place
VIC 3000 – Melbourne
Telephone: +613 9497 8121



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