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COUP de …. GREEEN from Australia !! Kathryn Wardill

Découverte sur Kit&caboodle,  « coup de fraicheur, coup de bonheur« , nouveau proverbe  emoticone

« Glass and metal have held my attention for more than 15 years. These materials have embedded themselves so deeply in me, that all I do this think about new ways to bring them together. Most of my work is made from combining multiples of the same element. So much can be expressed by repeating a single element. My jewellery objects are made to be enjoyed and worn, they are spontaneous, colourful, quirky, and whimsical …..  A circle has no beginning, therefore no end. One piece always informs the next. »

COUP de .... GREEEN from Australia !!  Kathryn Wardill dans Australie (AU)
Kathryn Wardill – colour patches necklace - silver and glass

Kathryn WardillPlastic series : plastic pods bracelet (right), rings (bottom)

 dans Kathryn WARDILL (AU)
Kathryn Wardillgreen patch neck

 dans verre / glass
Kathryn WardillBranches – Brooches - silver and glass -  ….. des petites merveilles !!! :-)

« Branches, a series of recent jewellery objects explores branch structures in silver and glass. Branching in a new direction, this collection invents new plantlike structures, to be worn on the body.
Historically, nature has always provided ample beauty and subject matter to inspire artists. Often subjects like flowers, birds, and plants are singled out and isolated from their surroundings. Flowers are placed in vases, fruit is positioned in a still-life arrangement, and precious stones are set in jewellery pieces. This series explores the beauty of life itself. They celebrate the natural source from which life blooms. Seeing a blossoming bud emerge from a branch implies life. Inspired by this beauty, glass and metal are used to transform the impermanent into the permanent. The fragility of life itself is expressed in the delicate, colourful glass forms fused with metal, an element of strength and permanence.
Theses works combine the ancient material of glass, with new technology material Precious Metal Clay (PMC). The branch forms were gathered as found objects, selected and directly cast into silver. Added to the branches are the fittings and the glass clusters which have been formed using lampwork techniques.« 

Ingot%20branches%20100 dans www KitandCaboodle


for more « Greenery » go to her website !!!!


JamFactory Contemporary Craft & Design, Adelaide (Australia) – Australian jewelry – EXPOs précédentes

31 Jan– 22 Feb 2009
Marian Hosking: Jewellery  -  Living Treasures : Masters of Australian Craft
Living Treasures is an annual exhibition series that celebrates Australia’s most respected icons of craft. The third features new work by jeweller Marian Hosking. With 40 years professional experience, Marian Hosking is one of Australia’s foremost contemporary jewellers. Working almost exclusively with silver, Hosking has developed a distinctive vocabulary of techniques including casting, drilling and saw-piercing. She translates specific elements of the natural world into the language of silver, creating jewellery and objects of astonishing beauty.

Marian Hosking
Marian HoskingCasuarina Chain 2001,  925 silver, chemically blackened


8 Aug- 26 Sept 2009
Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool UK
JamFactory will be presenting a survey of South Australian jewellers at Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool, UK-

Sun-Woong Bang, Julie Blyfield, Jane Bowden, Christian Hall, Kath Inglis, Michelle Taylor and Catherine Truman.
This project has been assisted by ArtSA and is presented in partnership with Bluecoat Display Centre


12 Sept-11 Oct 2009
The Infinite Fold
- Zoe Veness
Veness’s jewellery combines elements of pattern, overlay and repetition to achieve rhythm and harmony in her carefully balanced forms and compositions. Using the ‘concertina fold’ as a fundamental construction element, Veness creates her pieces by careful wrapping, twisting, and knotting of multicoloured strands of paper.

  Zoe Veness- Brooch v  from transformation series ii 2008, light blue paper, light blue ink, varnish,


5 Dec 2009- 24 Jan 2010
Cook & Co; Antiquities for the Future – Octavia Cook
Cook and Co was self consciously established in 2003 as a fictitious and irreverent family jewellery company for the aggrandisement of Cook and her ideas. This it has proven to be, and it has become what is more, a valuable tool by which she mines the themes of beauty, decay, providence and value within contemporary jewellery practice.

Octavia Cook- Death of a Ponytail, 2007, brooch; acrylic, sterling silver, stainless steel pin


26 Jan – 17 Feb 2008
fuse and Flip side are presented as part of Inside Out, the 13th National JMGA Conference (Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia)
fuse : jewellers and artists exploring self and society through diverse technologies
Nicholas Bastin, Kirsty Boyle, Vernon Bowden, Leah Heiss, Ryota Kuwakubo, SymbioticA: Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, Mark Vaarwerk  – New jewellery + objects
Guest curator Sean O’Connell, presents seven practitioners who take a creative look at the social impact of technology. The diverse works in this exhibition question our relationships with technology, and the connections between ideas of self, society and the artificial worlds we create around ourselves


5 April – 25 May 2008
Informing Facets-
Regine Schwarzer – new jewellery
Embracing the unpredictable and the unexpected Schwarzer uses traditional faceting of gem stones to subvert expectations by selecting stones with impurities. Cutting her stones carefully she reveals their innermost individuality, emphasizing flaws trapped within, rather than cutting stones only to reveal the scintillating properties.


6 May – 20 June 2005 
All That Glitters
Guest Curator Zara Collins (SA/NSW)
Featuring glass artists Ruth Allen, Elizabeth Bower, Jane Pollard, Lisa Cahill, Kristin McFarlane
Five fresh, innovative yet practical designers untilise the seductive qualities of glass in jewellery.


Gallery 1/2 – JamFactory Contemporary Craft & Design
19 Morphett Street
Adelaide SA 5000 (Australia)
Phone: 08 8410 0727


EXPO ‘Metonymy-look both ways’ Linda Hughes – Gallery 2-JamFactory, Adelaide (Australia) – 10 sept-17 oct 2010

Classé dans : Australie (AU),Exposition/Exhibition,GALERIES,Linda HUGHES (AU) — bijoucontemporain @ 5:20

Metonymy – look both ways – Linda Hughes – New Jewellery

« Through the visual noise of street and cityscapes, our gaze is often captured and directed by the urban motif and iconography of street signs. Attention grabbing ciphers, that warn or target our vision by the distinctive feature of line or stripe, punctuate the landscape. Historically favoured as a metonym for danger, barrier and exclusion, “the stripe”, is manipulated by Hughes in her jewellery through shape, colour and texture to shift its iconography into another more fictive and localised zone.« 

Gallery 2 – JamFactory Contemporary Craft & Design
19 Morphett Street
Adelaide SA 5000 (Australia)
Phone: 08 8410 0727

EXPO ‘Dreams of Arcadia’ Stephen Gallagher – Gallery 1-JamFactory, Adelaide (Australia) – 25 juin-25 juill. 2010

Classé dans : Australie (AU),Exposition/Exhibition,GALERIES,Stephen GALLAGHER (AU) — bijoucontemporain @ 5:10

« Dreams of Arcadia » – Stephen Gallagher – new jewellery

Inspired by the symbolic excess and opulent materialism of England’s Elizabethan period, Gallagher questions the role of value within contemporary jewellery practice, asking ‘what makes something precious?’ Historical reference is central to his work; however this is not simply about replicas. The Elizabethan period is fertile ground for Gallagher, who attempts to understand the symbolism of the materials and configurations of the Elizabethans. These coded Tudor allegories, though obscured by time, are retrieved and resuscitated by Gallagher, who recalibrates them and works them with refreshing verve into his contemporary jewellery.



Gallery 1 – JamFactory Contemporary Craft & Design
19 Morphett Street
Adelaide SA 5000 (Australia)
Phone: 08 8410 0727


EXPO ‘Some and None: Jewellery as Graphics’ David Neale – Gallery 2-JamFactory, Adelaide (Australia) – 10 avril-16 mai 2010

David Neale – new jewellery

EXPO 'Some and None: Jewellery as Graphics' David Neale - Gallery 2-JamFactory, Adelaide (Australia) - 10 avril-16 mai 2010 dans Australie (AU) DavidNealeColourbrooch

Signs and stories? The body as a site for drawing?…Neale shows how, with this collection of eye-catching contemporary wearables. Borrowing from graphics, painting, collage and line-work, Neale uses these techniques at his jeweller’s bench to make signs for the body and to tell wearable stories. Through the considered play of opposites such as flat vs. deep, austere vs. ostentatious, rough vs. refined, precious vs. poor, shiny vs. sfumato, gravel vs. gold and some vs. none, each piece resolves into a striking graphic statement.


Gallery 2 – JamFactory Contemporary Craft & Design
19 Morphett Street
Adelaide SA 5000 (Australia)
Phone: 08 8410 0727


COUP de COEUR ! les bijoux en VERRE de Blanche TILDEN

Classé dans : Australie (AU),Blanche TILDEN (AU),COUP DE COEUR,verre / glass — bijoucontemporain @ 2:37

Blanche Tilden - Compress necklaceBlanche Tilden - NightRiderWhole1 - glass, anodised aluminium
Blanche Tilden – « Compress » necklace
« Night Rider Whole » necklace  – glass, anodised aluminium 

Blanche Tilden - HopeBandolier.jpgBlanche Tilden- GradedVertebrea
« Hope Bandolier » necklace
« Graded Vertebrea » 

Blanche’s initial interest in systems such as pulleys, chains and cogs –  the mechanics that drove the modern era – have grown into a more abstracted, less literal engagement with repetition and gradation.
Des couleurs sublimes , comme le verre sait les donner, intenses, denses, et transparentes en même temps, et un étonnant travail de la chaine -avec un amour particulier pour la chaine de vélo- qui va de la « pure chaine », tout métal, à la « chaine pure », tout en verre :

blancheTILDEN RecycledStack bracelet- reclaimed bicycle chain-blanche TILDEN RecycledDetail  bracelet - 70AUD$
Blanche TILDEN – « Recycled Stack » bracelet- reclaimed bicycle chain- Links from many chains are combined & polished to reveal trademarks, distinctive shapes & signs of use -  & detail

blancheTILDEN - glass, anodised aluminium, titaniumblancheTILDEN- Speed_3 detail - glass, anodised aluminium, titanium
Blanche TILDEN – « Speed’ necklace – glass, anodised aluminium, titanium – & détail du verre

blancheTILDEN- Scale - Titanium, lampworked borosilicate glassblancheTILDEN- Conveyor - glass, titanium, 925 silver
Blanche TILDEN-  « Scale » – Titanium, lampworked borosilicate glass
Blanche TILDEN- « Conveyor » – glass, titanium, 925 silver

blancheTILDEN- GlassBikeChain - glass, 750 gold or 925 silverblancheTILDEN- GlassBikeChainDetail
Blanche TILDEN - « Glass Bike Chain » – glass, 750 gold or 925 silver  & détail


EXPO ‘Recycle’ – Synergy Gallery, Victoria (Australia) – 3-14 Mars 2010

Classé dans : Australie (AU),Exposition/Exhibition,recup' / recycled — bijoucontemporain @ 22:42

RECYCLE at Synergy Gallery is an exhibition of works by artists using recycled material.

The incorporation of recycled material and found objects in works of art has a history that is almost one hundred years old (if we discount the practice of artists reusing canvases, painting over earlier works!) It really began when Pablo Picasso and Georges Braques began glueing rope, newspaper clippings, labels from wine bottles and similar material to their Synthetic Cubist works. Today, artists work with recycled materials for a range of reasons – political, personal, nostalgic, aesthetic and economic.


EXPO 'Recycle' - Synergy Gallery, Victoria (Australia) - 3-14 Mars 2010 dans Australie (AU)


Exhibiting in RECYCLE will be Cheryl Adam, a Melbourne-based artist who is associated with the Philippine organisation Peace Women Partners (PWP). In 2006 she spent time in Manila, working in collaboration with a group of extremely poor homeless people, known as the ‘bat people’, teaching them to knit bags and flower brooches from plastic shopping bags. The items made by her students have subsequently been sold internationally and have become an important component of PWP campaigns. At the opening of this exhibition Cheryl will perform a poem she has written about the ‘bat people’, wearing a bat costume she knitted from recycled plastic and other material.

Also exhibiting will be Melissa Cameron, who makes jewellery from recycled objects – small metal containers such as a cigarette box or face powder compact. Each work has two parts; the first a snowflake-like geometric form, the second the remnant of the original object, with the cut-out void – the positive and the negative. In most cases, both parts can be worn as jewellery. (cf photo)

Claudia Williams uses recycled plastic milk bottles and traditional craft techniques to make works inspired by the flowering palms of North Queensland where she lives. Other exhibiting artists include Lindy Lynch who has long made art using material collected from the beach near her home on the south-west coast of Victoria and is currently working with rusty nails, screws and tool parts to create tribal-influenced metal montages; Anna French, who works with objects collected from the roads around Northcote; and Chloe Bushell from Tamworth, who will be showing a life-size female figure sculpture, with a frame of old curtain rods, woven with shredded paper from newspaper and magazines and bound together by cotton.

Synergy Gallery
253 High Street  Northcote Victoria
Telephone: 9481 1751


RE-SOURCE – Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia – Biennial Conference – Perth (AU) 9-11 Avril 2010

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Re-source – prospects for contemporary jewellery and object making 14th Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia Biennial Conference

The Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia is holding its 14th Biennial Conference in Perth, Western Australia, at Central Institute of Technology (formerly Central Tafe), from the 9-11 April, 2010 with workshops in the three days preceding and the week following. The conference brings together practitioners, educators, collectors, critics and cultural theorists for three days of discussion, debate, interaction and the exchange of ideas.


Diverses expositions, dans diverses galeries : voir page « exhibitions » :

Différents ateliers/workshops à voir à cette page :
Workshops :
Elizabeth Turrell: Reinterpreting the Enamel Surface (6,7,8 April  & 13,14,15 April 2010)
Karl Fritsch: 100 Ringe (13,14,15 April & 17,18 April, 2010)
Cynthia Cousens: See What Happens (13,14,15 April, 2010)
Lisa Walker: Environmental Adventure (6,7,8 April, 2010)
Helen Britten: Why-Where-With What Materials – and How (6, 7, 8 April, 2010)(COMPLET)
Christine Pyman: Making a Living from your Jewellery (12,13 April, 2010)
George Lucas: An Heirloom Spoon (6,7,8 April 2010 )
contacts :
Jacquie Sprogoe
Carrie McDowell (Vice President JMGA WA)


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