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#MunichJewelleryWeek2017 – EXPO (51) – Ice Cream Crush – Bulgarian Jewellery Now – Del Fiore Gelato, Munich (DE) – 9-14 Mars 2017

(51) Ice Cream Crush – Bulgarian Jewellery Now

This is the first group exhibition showcasing one of the most exciting Bulgarian jewellery designers working now. Boldly experimenting with materials and forms, they achieve exquisite details, marvellous stories and timeless joy through their pieces.
United by the space – a very special ice cream shop Del Fiore Gelato – their exhibition is an invitation for a pleasant surprise. It will be a jewellery crush from first sight.
Organisers: Studio Komplekt
(51) Ice Cream Crush - Bulgarian Jewellery Now

#51 Ice Cream Crush ~ Bulgarian Jewellery Now - Emilia Emileva__bananas(Emilia Emileva – bananas)

with :   Angelina Tsvetkova Jewellery – Antoaneta Ramjuly – Emilia EmilevaEvgeniya Tsancova Jewelery – Serendipity — Katerina Serbezova – Silvia Chaneva –  Velislava BozhinovaVictor Pavlov Jewellery – Zwetelina Alexieva –  Yana Tankovska design 

 Evgenia Tsankova, Yana Tankovska Blick - 51 Ice Cream Crush Evgenia Tsankova, Yana Tankovska BLICK

 Silvia Chaneva - (BG) In order to express my aesthetic sense in making jewellery, I use simple geometric shapes and play with their movements and transformations. I try to achieve natural appearance and artistic spontaneity.: Silvia Chaneva

Ice Cream Crush – Evgeniya Tsancova: Evgeniya Tsancova  Disconnections

Ice cream crush - 2 / 9 Zwetelina Alexieva, photography by Sava Chapanov: Zwetelina Alexieva, photography by Sava Chapanov

Ice Cream Crush – Velislava Bozhinova: Velislava Bozhinova

Studio Komplekt   –  Ice Cream Crush – Antoaneta Ramjuly: Antoaneta Ramjuly

Ice Cream Crush – Victor Pavlov -refracted spaces-  I love working with metals. Much of my education is dedicated to the subject of metal, so I know its properties, uniqueness and quality. It makes me feel good when handling the various types of metals.: Victor Pavlov – refracted spaces



Del Fiore Gelato
Königinstraße 37
80539 München, Deutschland

 More information:




Velislava Bozhinova. WHITE WHITE WHITE love (too)

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(jamais deux sans trois ….. voici mon troisième « Love BLANC » … le « mois du blanc » ? non, besoin de clarté, de pureté, de lumière, de « simplicité » après ces jours d’actualité sombre ….)

Velislava Bozhinova - ses broches surtout, comme de petits animaux, entre le cailloux doux et le coquillage, toujours cerclés d’une armature noire …. structurés, mais structure eux-mêmes : anciens ossements ? organisme restant, ou à venir ?

2011-2014 Master Degree Jewellery Design and Silversmithing at Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp, Belgium)

voir aussi sa page Facebook

Velislava Bozhinova - brooch backVelislava Bozhinova brooch

Velislava BozhinovaVelislava Bozhinova brooch

Velislava Bozhinova – Brooch, 10,5x4x5 cm, ceramic, silver, inoxVelislava Bozhinova – Brooch, 10,5x4x5 cm, ceramic, silver, inox

Velislava Bozhinova - Brooch, 11x5,5x4,5 cm, ceramic, silver, inoxVelislava Bozhinova – Brooch, « Adaptation » 2014 – 11×5,5×4,5 cm, ceramic, silver, inox

Velislava BozhinovaVelislava Bozhinova – Necklace,   ceramic, hemp rope 2014

Velislava Bozhinova necklaceVelislava Bozhinova necklace – Photos: Ivan Nikolov

Velislava Bozhinova -BroochVelislava Bozhinova brooch

Velislava Bozhinova - Brooch, "Adaptation" 8x4,5x4 cm, porcelain,brass, inox  2014Velislava Bozhinova – Brooch, « Adaptation » 8×4,5×4 cm, porcelain,brass, inox  2014
Velislava Bozhinova - Brooch,   ceramic, silver, inox Velislava Bozhinova – Brooch – Adaptation 2014 -   ceramic, silver, inox
 Velislava  Bozhinova brooches Velislava  Bozhinova brooches
Velislava Bozhinova -Brooch, 6x4,5x4,5 cm, ceramic, silver, inox
Velislava Bozhinova - Brooch, 6×4,5×4,5 cm, ceramic, silver, inox


COUP de COEUR : Velislava Bozhinova, en noir & blanc

Velislava Bozhinova  is actually presenting her works for MASTERS at  Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

Ses photos sont SUPERBES. Intriguants objets-bijoux, mystérieux, sensuels, élégants, élégance du noir et blanc, du clair obscur ….. BEAU.Séquence émotion ………..

Bijoux de la série « Adaptation 2014″, en céramique

Anvers - MASTERS 2014 - Velislava Bozhinova (BG) - "Adaptation 2014"
Anvers - MASTERS 2014 - Velislava Bozhinova (BG) - "Adaptation 2014"*
Anvers - MASTERS 2014 - Velislava Bozhinova (BG) - "Adaptation 2014"*  velislava.u.bojinova
velislava bozhinova - Brooch, 7x5x5,5 cm, ceramic, silver, inoxVelislava Bozhinova – Brooch, 7x5x5,5 cm, ceramic, silver, inox
velislava bozhinova - Brooch, 10,5x4x5 cm, ceramic, silver, inoxVelislava Bozhinova – Brooch, 10,5x4x5 cm, ceramic, silver, inox


EXPO ‘Tzuri Gueta Design’ – Testa Gallery, Sofia (Bulgaria) – 18 Juin-2 Juil. 2013

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Tzuri Gueta Design – Testa Gallery  (Sofia, Bulgaria)

TESTA gallery is taking part in this year’s edition of Sofia Design Week 2013 with the exhibition “TZURI GUETA DESIGN”  from 18.06 to 02.07.2013 Tzuri Gueta Design - Testa Gallery  (Sofia, Bulgaria)  18-Jun-2013 - 02-Jul-2013    website:  website:  mail:

Tzuri Gueta Collier_corail_xl_red  textile and silicone!Tzuri Gueta Collier corail xl red – textile and silicone

Tzuri Gueta - Sautoir ClassicalTzuri Gueta – Sautoir Classical (detail)

Tzuri Gueta - necklace bijou_silicone_piece_unique_corail - Gueta – necklace bijou silicone piece unique « corail « 

Tzuri GuetaTzuri Gueta – detail bijou

Tzuri Gueta - Coral design boochTzuri Gueta – Coral design booch


Testa Gallery Tsar Ivan Shishman 8 str
1000 – Sofia
Telephone: +359 2 981 83 63
Telephone: +359 887 64 89 73


EXPO ‘Contemporary German Jewellery’ – Testa Gallery, Sofia (Bulgaria) – 25 Oct.-31 Dec. 2012

Contemporary German Jewellery

With the Contemporary German Jewellery exhibition TESTA Gallery is pleased to present 17 innovative artists from Germany working in the area of contemporary jewellery. Some of them are well-known and internationally recognized.
Inspired by classical techniques and materials or entirely experimental in their approach, the works of each participant are wearable art objects, original and exiting, with their own distinctive style.

Contemporary German Jewellery - Sofia Bulgaria -  Testa Gallery  (Sofia, Bulgaria)  25-Oct-2012 - 31-Dec-2012  - X


Artists:  Anke HennigBeate EismannBernhard SimonBettina GoetschBirgit HagmannClaudia RinnebergDoris BetzIris BodemerIsabel DammermannIsabell SchauppKarin Seufert Melanie NuetzelNora RochelSibylle KrauseSilke TrekelUlrike PoelkVerena Schreppel.

 Doris Betz broochDoris Betz – Brooch: Untitled  Silver, lacquer

Isabell Schaupp  Brooch: Untitled  Silver, copper, enamel, photo, coral, textile  7,6 x 8,5 x 2,3 cmIsabell Schaupp  Brooch: Untitled  Silver, copper, enamel, photo, coral, textile

Nora Rochel  Ring: Untitled  925 blackened silver  10 x 4.5 x 3 cmNora Rochel  Ring: Untitled  925 blackened silver 
Isabel Dammermann  Brooch: Vesica  Silver, plexiglas, transparent paperIsabel Dammermann  Brooch: Vesica  Silver, plexiglas, transparent paper

Bettina Goetsch  Necklace: 02 Linje  Silver, coral  Ø 4.5 cmBettina Goetsch  Necklace: 02 Linje  Silver, coral

Necklace: Untitled | Birgit Hagmann / Contemporary German JewelleryBirgit Hagmann  Necklace: Untitled  Wire

Beate Eismann  Brooch: Untitled  Silver, lacquer, textile thread  6 cmBeate Eismann  Brooch: Untitled  Silver, lacquer, textile thread

Silke Trekel  Necklace: Rollers II  Chased iron, enamelled, alpaccaSilke Trekel  Necklace: Rollers II  Chased iron, enamelled, alpacca

Anke Hennig  earrings "Anomaly 3"  rayon, nylon, glass beads,silver 925 oxydizedAnke Hennig  earrings « Anomaly 3″  rayon, nylon, glass beads,silver 925 oxydized

Anke Hennig - “Linea” FlourishRing in nylon, rayon, oxidized silver and glass beads 220£Anke Hennig – Flourish Ring

Karin Seufert  rings - silver, coloritKarin Seufert  rings – silver, colorit

Verena Schreppel – shot ringVerena Schreppel – shot ring

Claudia Rinneberg  rings- iron, silverClaudia Rinneberg  rings – iron, silver

Bernhard Simon  Rings: Austern  GlassBernhard Simon – rings serie ‘Austern’ – glass




Testa Gallery
Tsar Ivan Shishman 8 str
1000 – Sofia
Telephone: +359 2 981 83 63
Telephone: +359 887 64 89 73


EXPO ‘The RING’ – TESTA gallery, Sofia (BG) – 12-27 Mai 2012

THE RING - jewellery exhibition

TESTA gallery’s exhibition will present rings by 16 jewelers, each of whom will show three to six pieces.

The Ring - Sofia (BG)

Participants: Angelina Tsvetkova — Antoaneta Petrova — Atanas Konstantinov — Bogdana Topreva — Vanya Dimitrova — Viktor Pavlov — Dimitar DeltchevDora HaralambakiEvgeniya TsankovaEmanuela Deyanova — Kalina Tchankova — Neva BalnikovaNikolay SardamovSabrina Hauser — Teodor Lultchev — Zwetelina Aleksieva

The exhibition wil open on May 12th, Saturday, at TESTA gallery, 8 Shishman St, from 12 pm to 6 pm, and will run through May 27th.

Simply an adornment, vanity, or an object to wear with a specific message, the ring has the potential to say a lot of things. Inspired by different aspects of life and the world around us, it can show attitude and require attitude, express position, surprise and stimulate both the mind and the feelings. Used as a symbol of power, social status, or religion, in contemporary times the ring is to a greater extent an expression of one’s own identity. Regardless of whether it is made of silver, gold, platinum and precious stones or alternative materials used in unpredictable ways, the ring is eager to say: “I love you, I am beautiful, I am rich, I hate you, I come from Ireland or Austria, I have enough, I am taken, I am funny, I am scared, I am important, I can’t help you. I am.”

 EXPO 'The RING' - TESTA gallery, Sofia (BG) - 12-27 Mai 2012 dans Bogdana TOPREVA (BG) THE-RINGEmanuela Deyanova – ring « shaving » – synthetic hair, paint, felt, silver

Emanuela DeyanovaEmanuela Deyanova – ring »5 ways to paint in red » – paint, felt, aluminium, silver, synthetic hair

Neva Balnikova

 Neva Balnikova ‘Ugly’ – polymer clay, silver electroforming, amethyst

Sabrina Hauser, ring "Palma"Sabrina Hauser, ring « Bali » – silver, oxidised

Evgeniya Tsankova - "tied" - aluminium, cottonEvgeniya Tsankova – « tied » – aluminium, cotton
Evgeniya Tsankova, "Tied"  Materials: aluminium, cottonEvgeniya Tsankova, « Tied »  – aluminium, cotton
Vanya Dimitrova – Ring « Colourful captured memories » – Coat powdered copper, textile, rubber
Bogdana ToprevaBogdana Topreva – « nature » – silver, moss
Bogdana Topreva - "nature" - silver, mossBogdana Topreva – « nature » – silver, moss
Dimitar DeltchevDimitar Deltchev - aluminium, balloon
Teodor LultchevTeodor Lultchev – « Communication » - sterling silver, steel
Dora HaralambakiDora Haralambaki - « my country my sea » – glazed porcelain

  Nikolai Sardamov ringsNikolai Sardamov rings

Victor PavlovVictor Pavlov



TESTA gallery
8 Ulitsa Tsar Shishman
Sofia, Bulgaria 1000
tel 00 359 88 764 8973



EXPO ‘BI-CYCLE’ – Nikolay Sardamov – Galerie V&V, Vienne (AT) – 1 Mars-30 Avril 2010

Bi-Re-Cycle/jewellery by  Nikolay Sardamov (Sofia, Bulgarie)

« This body of work goes back to mobility in today’s world. In this line of thoughts the choice of material is logical : bicycle tyre. Pieces of the black tyre are slipped over a skeleton-like silver construction and create unisex neckpieces with a futuristic air. Recycling is the second component of the works. It plays an important role in the future intelligent society as well as in jewellery design. And last but not least there is the basic shape of the circle that has always represented important imagery in jewellery. »

Nikolay Sardamov - Bi-Re-Cycle - jewellery
Nikolay Sardamov – Bi-Re-Cycle – jewellery  -bicycle tire

The “Bi-Re-Cycle” formula:
1. Bicycle
Main importance idea in the collection is the mobility of today’s life. Direct connection is to find in the material of the jewellery: bicycle tyres. The futuristic uni-sex pieces are constructed with silver « skeletons »and « over-dressed » with black rubber.
2. Recycle
The future of « smart »society : recycling is the second stop in the collection. You can easily find it in the materials, used by the jewellery.
3. Cycle
A round or circle form, the symbol of the cycle is used in the jewellery as a main construct.Nikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklaceNikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklaceNikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklace4Nikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklace

Nikolay Sardamov- Blackened silver, rubber necklaces

Nikolay Sardamov : BI-RE- CYCLE
Galerie V&V Vitrine
Bauernmarkt 19
1010 – Wien
Tel : +43/1/5356334
Fax : +43/1/810212140

so ……. roulez jeunesse !!!!!! ;-)


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