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EXPO ‘Innovation & Craftsmanship in Metal: Jewelry Artists of Québec’ – Aaron Faber Gallery, New York (US) – 4-26 Mai 2012

Aaron Faber Gallery to Host 14 of Québec’s Most Celebrated Jewelry Artists -
Exhibit: May 4-26

The Exhibition is brought in partnership with the Québec Government Office in New York and SODEC, the Québec government body that matches the passion of artistic creation with the power of economic development; providing cultural enterprises with solutions designed to nurture Québec artists and promote the production, distribution and exportation of their work.
Annegret Morf  — Antonio SerafinoBarbara StutmanChristine LarochelleClaudio Pino Gustavo EstradaJanis KermanJean-Pierre GauvreauLaurie Dansereau Lynn LégaréMatthieu Cheminée Pierre-Yves PaquetteRoland DubucÉlise Bergeron


Claudio Pino rings

The celebration of artistry and creativity is as ingrained in the culture of Québec as it is a calling card for New York City.  It was thus inevitable that such a shared principle would lead to the upcoming exhibition, “Innovation and Craftsmanship in Metal:  Jewelry Artists of Québec”, opening at Aaron Faber Gallery, 666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY on Thursday, May 3, 2012.  Ongoing through May 26, 2012, the exhibition will feature fourteen of Québec’s most talented jewelry artists, and their extraordinary maneuverings in precious and semi-precious metals and stones.  Debuting in its first year at Aaron Faber Gallery, Jewelry Artists of Québec offers both trade and consumers a glimpse of  highly original works of jewelry artistry using precious and semi-precious stones and metals.  The fourteen participating Québecois artists have audaciously redefined conventional approaches to jewelry design, with each artist’s viewpoint quite distinctly their own.

While Claudio Pino’s kinetic movement rings are painstakingly designed to do more than just adorn a finger, Matthieu Cheminee bestows young, fresh life to old, discarded jewelry in a recycled kaleidoscope of sculptural virtuosity.

As Janis Kerman entices us to see the beauty in opposites and asymmetrical balance, Laurie Dansereau invites us to become one with nature as her floral necklaces garnish décolletages in a splendor of anthers and petals in sterling silver and exotic woods.

And as Jean-Pierre Gauvreau’s rings capture the grand pursuits of the most genius architects, Pierre-Yves Paquette uses the ancient art of mokume gane to harmonize various hues of gold and silver into a visually stunning crescendo.


Lynn Légaré - "tumulte" necklace - silverLynn Légaré - « tumulte » necklace – silver, gold, gaspéite
Lynn Légaré 'la murène' necklaceLynn Légaré ‘la murène’ necklace
Gustavo Estrada bracelet 2012 – silver plate on copper
"SERAFINO" rings from 'Sarabande' collection -   Annegret Morf, a violin maker, and Antonio Serafino, a goldsmith, began SERAFINO in 1999 in Montreal.« SERAFINO » rings from ‘Sarabande’ collection -  Annegret Morf and Antonio Serafino began SERAFINO in 1999 in Montreal.
Laurie DansereauLaurie Dansereau – ring

 Barbara Stutman - Amethyst & Pearl Delight, for a Maharajah - 2010 - Freshwater pearls, coloured and silver-plated copper wire, vinyl lacing, seedbeads, magnets. Spool knit, crochet.Barbara Stutman – Amethyst & Pearl Delight, for a Maharajah – 2010 – Freshwater pearls, coloured and silver-plated copper wire, vinyl lacing, seedbeads, magnets. Spool knit, crochet.

EXPO Aaron - Claudio Pino - kinetic ring 'magnificence stellaire'Claudio Pino – kinetic ring ‘magnificence stellaire’gold, silver, black opal, chrome diopsides, emerald, moonstones, pearls




Aaron Faber Gallery
666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
Press Release:


Galerie Noël GUYOMARC’H inauguration nouvel espace – Montréal (Québec) – 13 avril 2012

Pinned Image
… venez découvrir le nouvel espace dédié à la création! De nombreuses nouvelles collections par les artistes de la galerie vous seront présentées en primeur! Janis Kerman, Gabrielle Desmarais, Pilar Agueci, Jeehyun Chung, Maud Traon, Uli Rapp, Edith Bellod et plusieurs autres.
Jeehyun Chung - Roof and I 2 -   Argent, coton, élastique ---- at Galerie Noël GUYOMARC'H  - Montréal (Québec)Jeehyun Chung – Roof and I 2 – Argent, coton, élastique
Uli Rapp (2011) - textile & rubber & screenprintingUli Rapp (2011) – textile & rubber,  screenprinting
Pinned ImageMaud Traon – « Spiky Black » ring, 2011 Argile, pierres synthétiques, vernis, paillettes
Gabrielle Desmarais (Canada) - ringGabrielle Desmarais – ring
Edith Bellod - Limoges porcelain & ribbon necklaceEdith Bellod Limoges porcelain & ribbon necklace
4836, boulevard St-Laurent | Montréal (Québec) | H2T 1R5


EXPO ‘Relatives’ – Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h, Montréal (CA) – 20 Oct.-20 Nov. 2011

Welcome to a new exhibition at Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h. Relatives is curated by Venetia  Dale and Sarah Troper and shows the work of Venetia Dale, Arthur Hash, Alex Hibbs, Barb Smith, Kristi Sword, Amelia Toelke and Sarah Troper.


Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h
137 Avenue Laurier Ouest
H2T 2N6 – Montréal
Telephone: (514) 840-9362


EXPO ‘Les Cobayes’ – Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h, Montreal (Quebec) – 23 Sept.-2 Oct. 2011

 Exposition ‘Les Cobayes’.

Des pièces uniques et surprenantes vous attendent à cette exposition.
En effet, 9 joaillières partageront avec vous leurs pièces résultant d’une année entière d’ateliers de création dirigés par Noel Guyomarc’h.

Participantes aux ateliers de création dirigés par Noel Guyomarc’h
Avec: Gabrielle DesmaraisJessie Grèves — Cynthia Quintana — Lidia Raymond — Anne-Marie RébillardMarianne SéguinCatherine Sheedy — Julie Tougas  — Émilie Trudel


EXPO 'Les Cobayes' - Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h, Montreal (Quebec) - 23 Sept.-2 Oct. 2011 dans Anne-Marie REBILLARD (CA) 276516_168399063240799_1193104892_n
Anne-Marie Rébillard
Marianne Séguin
Marianne Séguin
Jessie Grèves
Gabrielle Desmarais
Émilie Trudel
Émilie Trudel 




Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h
137 Laurier ouest
Montreal, QC H2T 2N6 (Montreal, Quebec)


CONFÉRENCE – par Catherine Sheedy – Québec – lundi 19 septembre 19h-22h

Classé dans : Canada (CA),Catherine SHEEDY (Qb),Conference / Lecture — bijoucontemporain @ 18:27

«Être déstabilisé pour mieux se retrouver : immersion dans le domaine du bijou contemporain»

Conférencière : Catherine Sheedy, sculpteure/joaillière
Catherine Sheedy


Issue du domaine de la joaillerie, Catherine Sheedy chemine dans ce milieu depuis plus de 10 ans. Orientant parallèlement ses recherches en création depuis 8 ans en sculpture installative, elle concilie actuellement ses deux passions en abordant la joaillerie par une approche sculpturale du bijou. À l’été 2011, elle participe à deux workshops artistiques aux États-Unis et en Hollande. Nous aurons la chance d’en découvrir davantage sur sa démarche créative au cours de cette conférence.


École De Joaillerie Québec
Réservation : Carole Morissette, ou 418-648-8003


RICKSON – the feminine ideal in relation to the female body

« I am interested in the feminine ideal in relation to the female body. I enjoy creating work that expresses my wish to both conform and rebel against ideas of femininity. Through various materials and processes I take from my own body both physically and metaphorically. Hair can be used to comment on feminine allure and power, while clear resin is used to symbolize an abundance of tears.
Furthermore, I am interested in the way humans attempt to separate themselves from the primal world of animals with supposedly civilizing rules and regulations. I understand gender as part of the ‘cultured body’ and connect the tension between female and feminine with the struggle to exist as both an animal and a human.
I also create narrative photographs of my jewellery on my own body. The jewellery itself references my ideas of body and femininity as I am wearing it, and enhances the idea that femininity is a performance rather than an innate quality. Overall I enjoy deconstructing and reconstructing the feminine ideal to create wearable works of art alongside narrative photography. » Rickson

I have my Masters in Jewellery Silversmithing and Related Products from the Birmingham School of Jewellery in the UK. I am now back in Toronto, Ontario Canada working as a full time jewellery artist and loving every minute!

RICKSON -  the feminine ideal in relation to the female body dans BIAD Birmingham (UK)
Rickson« Egglace »

« I am a 25 year old female artist, and lately I have felt very aware of my fertility. I think often about the process of growing a human being inside me, and am drawn to creating jewellery art based on these ponderings. This piece ‘Egglace’ is about the menstrual cycle and feeling the urge to hold on to my discarded eggs.« 

 dans Canada (CA)
RicksonBaby Skeleton Hearts
Rickson- « One Tear » – « This piece is made of hair and resin to create a delicate necklace based on the femininity of tears. »


SHOP : Purchase Rickson Jewellery @ I am an independant jewellery design in love with creating new and exciting wearable art. 



Image de prévisualisation YouTube


EXPO ’10-10-2011′ – Galerie Noel Guyomarch, Montréal (CA) – 21 Avril-29 Mai 2011

Expostion organisée par Sarah Abramson, réunissant 10 œuvres de 10 artistes américains qui sont diplômés de New Paltz, l’université de l’État de New York

EXPO '10-10-2011' - Galerie Noel Guyomarch, Montréal (CA) - 21 Avril-29 Mai 2011 dans Canada (CA) image12871

Du  21 avril au 29 mai 2011, la Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h vous propose une exposition organisée par Sarah Abramson, artiste américaine représentée par la galerie depuis plusieurs années.  Par cet événement, elle nous présente le résultat des œuvres créées par 10 artistes américains soumis à des paramètres qu’elle leurs avait auparavant imposés.

A propos de cette exposition, Sarah Abramson écrit :
« Initiée par un exercice donné à des étudiants à l’université de l’État de New York – New Paltz, option métal, qui consistait à créer un ensemble de pièces cohérent et concis en un temps limité, cette exposition rassemble les créations de 10 artistes. Anciens diplômés de cette université, ils ont tous entamé une carrière dans ce domaine, et ont développé un langage propre.
 En acceptant de participer, ils se sont prêtés à cet exercice avec enthousiasme. Au-delà des œuvres à créer, ils ont dû remettre en question leur processus de création, concilier des prises de conscience et de décision, porter un choix et explorer des matériaux, faire des croquis et réaliser les œuvres. Le résultat est parfois brut, mais réfléchis. Dans ce cadre aux paramètres restreints, leur collection ainsi réalisée reflète une approche rafraîchissante et éloignée de leur univers habituel de création. Ils ont retrouvés un exercice stimulant et générateur de nouvelles idées.
Pendentifs en bois, papier ou bambou, bagues en émail, broches en argent et billets de  banque, colliers inspirés de clôtures de jardin côtoient des pièces d’orfèvrerie ou de coutellerie originales. La diversité des propositions permet une réflexion nouvelle sur les procédés de créations.« 


exposants : Kate Bauman, Nikky Bergman, Erin Daily, Maureen Duffy, Colleen Heineman, Kristi Sword, Jessica Stephens, Jamie Sachs, Melissa Tolar, Brian Weissman

image33631 dans Colleen HEINEMAN (US)image33981 dans Erin DAILY (US)
Kate Bauman

colleen-heineman-3 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Colleen Heineman

melissa-tolar-1 dans Gal. Noel Guyomarch (Qb)
Melissa Tolar

nikky-bergman-3 dans Kate BAUMAN (US)
Nikky Bergman

maureen-duffy-2 dans Maureen DUFFY (US)
Maureen Duffy



Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h
137 avenue Laurier Ouest, Montréal (Québec),H2T 2N6
Téléphone : 514-840-9362    




COUP de ‘BLUES’ avec Emily GILL, fascinated with biology

Classé dans : Canada (CA),COUP DE COEUR,email / enamel,Emily GILL (CA),Jewel Envy (CA) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:08

Emily Gill
« Jewellery is supposed to be fun. Fun to make, fun to wear. And DIFFERENT. I like to play when I design my jewellery »

« For years I worked with plants – in greenhouses, flower shops and nurseries. This fascination with biology first inspired me to imagine my own organisms as jewellery objects. Microscopic cells, cross-section of plants, and richly illustrated collections of botanical and marine specimens give me a visual base from which I create playful, tactile pieces.
I am continually guided by a child-like curiosity, searching for special characteristics of a plant which I might recreate as wearable jewellery. By observing the minuscule and delicate workings of plants and marine life, I find inspiration to recreate those shapes, forms and textures in metal. I enjoy playing with scale; zooming in on small details and building them large enough to change from tiny specimens to their own entities with unique personalities. The addition of colour through enamel brings jewellery further to life. I find this process intriguing, as it can be controlled or unpredictable, vibrant or subtle in appearance. I look for interesting methods of cold connecting these enameled bodies together in ways that, like in living creatures, can serve both a structural and aesthetic purpose.

She works with a group of  jewellers at a cooperative studio in Toronto :
« An important part of my design process is to utilize the structural elements of jewellery (how something is constructed, built, assembled) with its aesthetic qualities. »

Arthropod Brooch/Pendant
« Arthropod » &  ‘Mitosis » Broochs/Pendants 

 In this piecees I have connected the enamelled components to the copper ones entirely with tabs and tension. I play with form and volume, what is concave and convex, hidden and showing. The back of the piece is equally as important as the front, as it too reveals something special

Arthropod Brooch/Pendant
Arthropod Brooch/Pendant

Endemic Species Pendant
Endemic Species Pendant

Vegetative Propagation (Brooch)
Vegetative Propagation (Brooch)  – ooops ! it’s not blue ? but I love it !

Aristotle's Lantern Pendant/Brooch
Aristotle’s Lantern Pendant/Brooch

« I was completely inspired by the botanical/marine illustrations in my hardcover edition of « A Cabinet of Natural Curiosities ». Aristotle’s lantern is the actual descriptive name of the mouth of a sea urchin. I interpreted the forms into this large pendant. »

You can SHOP all this on Etsy ! :-)


Upcoming Exhibition: YIELD 
Harbourfront Centre, York Quay Centre, South-facing vitrines

Saturday, April 16, 2011 – Sunday June 12, 2011    
Opening Reception Friday, April 15 6-10pm (coinciding with 7 other opening exhibitions at York Quay Centre)


YIELD: 8 Canadian Jewellers
Featuring work by  Catherine Allen, Colleen Baran, Paul McClure, Emily Gill, Anneke von Bommel, Bridget Catchpole, Silvie Altschuler, and Shannon Kennedy
York Quay Centre at Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay West, Toronto



COUP de ‘BLUES’ avec Alexis Kostuk, « glaciale goldsmith »

Classé dans : Alexis KOSTUK (CA),Canada (CA) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:02

Alexis Kostuk

« …… Tonight I start teaching at George Brown College which I am really exciting about. I will be teaching a Jewellery Design class » (sept 2010)

Alexis Kostuk works as the manager in the cooperative studio Jewel Envy while maintaining her own business under the name Glaciale.  In January of 2007 she returned to Toronto after attending a one-year intensive jewellery course at Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy.  She became interested in jewellery while attending Ontario College of Art and Design.
Her work as a goldsmith is frequently informed by her experience in several different artistic mediums; she enjoys the challenge of working with metal intuitively and implementing alternative materials.  She is continually influenced by how people attach memories to objects and trying to objectify memories.

COUP de 'BLUES' avec Alexis Kostuk,
Alexis KostukLinks’ necklace – Sterling Silver, resin, pearls, turquoise, amethysts, coloured ball chain

 dans Canada (CA)
Alexis KostukGateway pendant’ – Nickel Silver and stainless steel ball chain with flocking

Alexis Kostuk« Turquoise Turret » – Sterling silver with resin, flocking, pearls, Turquoise
Alexis Kostuk
« high gear » brooch- copper, which I used a patina on to darken, pearls & gem beads, sterling silver ball chain, resin, and flocking.



EXPO ‘YIELD: 8 Canadian Jewellers’ – York Quay Centre, Toronto (CA) – 6 Avril-12 Juin 2011

YIELD  : 8 Canadian Jewellers

Saturday, April 16, 2011 – Sunday June 12, 2011    
Opening Reception Friday, April 15 6-10pm (coinciding with 7 other opening exhibitions at York Quay Centre)


Featuring work by  Catherine Allen, Colleen Baran, Paul McClure, Emily Gill, Anneke von Bommel, Bridget Catchpole, Silvie Altschuler, and Shannon Kennedy

Emily Gill - ‘Macropserpective‘, enamel

EXPO 'YIELD: 8 Canadian Jewellers' - York Quay Centre, Toronto (CA) - 6 Avril-12 Juin 2011 dans Anneke van BOMMEL (CA) fs_splash
Colleen Baran- Floating Saucer Series Rings (2002-Present) one, two, and three finger rings
Anneke von Bommel – antler rings

Paul McClure – Alveoli (memento Mori)
Silvie Altschuler  ‘Mona Lisa’ brooch or 22kt & papier

20-2 dans Canada (CA)
Bridget Catchpole- Hairy Donut (brooch), sterling silver, synthetic bristles 2002 (Photo: Anthony McLean)


York Quay Centre
Harbourfront Centre
South-facing vitrines
235 Queens Quay West,


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