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EXPO ‘Triple Parade Exhibitions’ – SHENGXI Art Museum, Tianjin / Gauguin Gallery, Beijing (China) – 10 Nov. 2016-16 Janv. 2017

«Triple Parade Exhibitions» 

SHENGXI Art Museum at Tianjin (China), & then Gauguin Gallery at Beijing

Triple Parade in Tianjin: 10th.NOV – 10th.DEC. 2016
Location: Shengxi Museum of Fine Arts, Tianjin

Triple Parade in Beijing: 17th.DEC.2016 – 16th.JAN.2017
Location: Gauguin Gallery Beijing, Wangjing SOHO.

Triple Parade exhibitions in Tianjin & Beijing Exhibition  /  10 Nov 2016  -  17 Jan 2017 - Tianjin Shengxi Museum of Fine Arts & Gauguin Gallery Beijing

The main exhibition TRIPLE PARADE 2016 -  Dialogue Across You and Me to Them: Creator, Wearer, Viewer  – Central Traveling Exhibition Represented 110 jewellery designers & artists from 14 countries.

The Triple Parade 2016 international annual exhibition is a cultural exchange which is expanded between China and the rest of the world on a multitude of level, devoted to the hardcore awakening in jewellery design, with a very open and contemporary-oriented approach by focusing on the concept of dialoguing.

The pervious themes were: Triple Parade 2015 – Dialogue across Three Countries, Triple Parade 2014 – Dialogue across Three Generations. This year, the term Dialogue across You and Me to Them: Creator, Wearer, Viewer in our theme is vitally important marks the notion of social interaction. We believe that the significance and multiple capacities of the dialogue mark have not been truly recognized. Each of the three roles in a dialogue, which are briefly introduced in the plate sections devoted to them, addresses one perspective on how  » Dialogue » plays a progressive position in the contemporary jewellery design of our period. Jewellery examines how we define self, integration and segregation, the means used for communication – and how these issues are reflected in creative work.

the artists and designers will be part of this year’s TRIPLE PARADE Central Exhibitions are:
Karin JohanssonPaul DerrezLin Cheung — Dinie Besems — Kim Buck Lauren KalmanEzra Satok-WolmanKatja Prins Joo Hyung ParkSofie BoonsChiara Scarpitti Trinidad ContrerasAisegul Telli — Ana Filipa Braganca — Gular MustafaDukno Yoon Hester Popma-Van De Kolk — Joson Thomson – Juan Harnie Marie-Louise Kristensen –  Marion DelarueMinna KarhuRuta Naujalyte Sangji YunSara Gackowska — Lee Yojae — Lee Myungjoo — Hong Kyunghee — Zixuan Feng — Zheng Yu — Haiming Ren — Dingchen He — Zhicheng  Zhou — Wei Zhou — Jingyao Sun — Ye Zhang — Yiping Zeng — Danyi Zhu — Yuxuan Zhu — Anqi Li — Heng Li — Wenqian Li — Muzi Li — Dongdong Zhuang — Jie Sun — Jing Li — Guangyao Yang — Xiao Liang — Yanli Duan — Hangchen Duan — Jinwei Chi — Zhaokun Wang — Jun Hu — Bai Xie — Yi Zhao — Xinan Yu — Hui Guo — Xiaodai Huang — Zhaodan Zhang — Kui Shu — Shijian Zhao — Peter Rust — Kirsi Manninen — Anne Bader — Shaofei Zhang & Qian Wang — Ying Jiang — Lin Ju — Yin Chang — Wenqi Xu — Hongyu Xu — Yan Li — Wenqian Li — Feiyu Lin — Liyin Wang — Weiming Lu — Ma Lu — Quanxia Chen.

Ra Gallery Selection:   Sam-Tho Duong — Monique Vierling — Julian Steimer — Noon Passama — Thanh Truc Nguyen — Floor Mommersteeg — Bogki Min — Peter Hoogeboom — Mirjam Hiller — Karin Herwegh — Hartog & Henneman — Hilde Foks — Reka Fekete — Sarah Enoch — Sylvia Blickman — Paul Derrez.

K.A.U. COLLECTION Selection: Ted NOTEN — Lucy SARNEEL — Birgit LAKEN –Peter HOOGEBOOM — Willem HONING — Gemma DRAPER — Warwick FREEMAN — Bettina SPECKNER — Marc MONZO — Georg DOBLER.



 » TRIPLE PARADE 2016 will open its door at 10th NOV in Tianjin in China, it embraced the aspirations in a great ambition, setting up an intensive program consisting of exhibitions, publication, workshops, forum, lecture, which included dialogues with international collaboration partners from Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, China, Denmark, Spain. The exhibition represented an enormous challenge to everyone involved in purely quantitative terms: with over 260 works by more than a hundred designers and artists from 14 countries. 11 experts from 8 countries have been exclusively invited to be in Tianjin as speaker on the Design Forum. The publication consists of 7 groups of interviews, including 14 experts on board, giving perspectives from education, collecting, creating, curating, wearing, and dealing on contemporary jewellery design. I am confident that it will open up new perspectives on the giant, and I would like to invite all the visitors to discover the greatly relevant designs from a field so full of surprises, with such a future ahead of it. » Jie Sun (founder of Triple Parade)



* Shenxi Art Museum
12 Nancheng street
Nankai District -  Tianjin


* Gauguin Gallery
Wang Jing S O H O Zhong Xin T 2
chaoyang Qu -  Beijing



EXPO 'Triple Parade Exhibitions' - SHENGXI Art Museum, Tianjin / Gauguin Gallery, Beijing (China) - 10 Nov. 2016-16 Janv. 2017 dans Aisegul TELLI (TR) 14976538_10211135464690832_2617370637365402107_oEnregistrer




TALENTE 2015 AWARD : & the WINNER is ……………

[Talente-Award presentation 2015 : 14 March 2015  16:30, Halle B1 Main stage of IHM (Internationalen Handwerksmesse Munich)]

….. and the winner is Jing Yang (CN/DE) from  Akademie der Bildenden Künste (ADBK)

With her vases pendants, the jewelry designer Jing Yang explores and experiments with the gender-specific stereotypes in her home country China. By dissecting vase-shaped elements and arranging the individual parts in a distinctive manner, she plays with formal analyses reminiscent of Concrete Art. (ArtAurea)

Jing Yang  - Pendant: Ich bin keine Vase, 2014 Brass, cotton band 15 x 10 x 76 cm Jing Yang  -  Necklace Ich bin keine Vase. Necklace, brass, cotton cord, 15 × 10 × 76 cm

« I’m not a Vase »

( Exhibition of Jing Yang in the Academy Gallery, Munich, during SCHMUCK 2015 - 11 – 22 march 2015)

« « I’m not a vase. »
The sentence has two meanings. « I’m not a vase, I’m jewelery » which is a
The other interpretation comes from my home. In many cultures, bringing the silhouette and features a vase in connection with a woman. In China it is called pretty but stupid women « vase » – nice but hollow.
My work group « I am not a Vase » has several layers of meaning.
As jewelry is also the vase an object that moves between useful and artistic object.
I’m interested in the artistic jewelry. Even my vases have no function anymore – they are cut into rings and the fragments are then strung on a string and creates a neck piece of jewelry.
Stacked the vase can recognize. The result is a fragile entity. My vases can always decompose and their meaning changes again. You mean to say, « I will not be a vase, I have something to say! »
Also think about the opposite worthwhile. « I am a Vase » says: « I am beautiful ». » (adbkAcademy Gallery)

Jing Yang Pendant: Ich bin keine Vase, 2014 - TALENTE 2015 WINNER Brass, cotton band 15 x 10 x 76 cmJing Yang Pendant: Ich bin keine Vase, 2014 – Brass, cotton band 15 x 10 x 76 cm


COUP de COEUR : Isabella LIU – mended jewels

Classé dans : Chine (CN),COUP DE COEUR,Isabella LIU (CN/UK) — bijoucontemporain @ 2:12

Isabella Liu, discovered at JOYA 2014, where she was one of the finalists at Enjoia’t Estudiant award 2014.

You first see white porcelain pieces, like teapots, broken, and mended with gold lines …. and then you discover that, opening the piece, the « mending » is in fact a jewelry piece …. I found it so poetic ….

 Isabella Liu, Pieces, 2014Isabella Liu, Pieces, 2014 - Mending- One Brooch in a Midi Ceramic Pottery, 2014 – Ceramic, gold plated metal – 13 x 10.4 x 3.9 cm -  Object and jewellery

« Inspired by Japanese art of Kintsugi and her design philosophy, Isabella Liu believes that anything suffering damage has it’s potential to become more beautiful. In the ‘Mending’ collection, she has chosen to focus on broken and fragile objects, utilising narrative approaches and designs a set of ceramic tableware. Instead of hiding their damaged areas she opted to celebrate and highlight their fragility into a wearable piece of art of a sculptural form and giving them a new life. She pushes the boundary of object and jewellery. The golden crack is intended to be appreciated both on the body as a piece of jewellery as well as off within the porcelain as a piece of museum art in their own right, which engages audiences by transforming the piece. Isabella regards the design and creation of her work as a form of meditation and process of cultivation. She explores the spiritual belief by celebrating the factures of broken objects and the fragility of life. Changing our perspectives about life’s challenges, and engages with audiences mending with joy and peace, and then beauty and enlightenment can transpire from them.« 

Isabella Liu - Mending- Primer Finalista Enjoia’t Estudiant 2014Isabella Liu - Mending-  open the pure white porcelain, then surprisely discover a sophisticated golden brooch across your shoulder.

Isabella Liu Pieces: Mending - Double Rings in a Ceramic Pottery, 2014 Ceramic, gold plated metal 13 x 4.8 x 7.8cm Object and jewelleryIsabella Liu Pieces: Mending – Double Rings in a Ceramic Pottery, 2014 Ceramic, gold plated metal 13 x 4.8 x 7.8cm Object and jewellery

Mending' collection from Isabella Liu JewelleryMending’ collection from Isabella Liu Jewellery

Isabella Liu Pieces: Mending – One Big Ring in a Midi Ceramic Pottery, 2014 Ceramic, gold plated metal 13 x 6.8 x 4 cm Object and jewellery - website: - at  Shanghai Design Week 2014Isabella Liu Pieces: Mending – One Big Ring in a Midi Ceramic Pottery, 2014 Ceramic, gold plated metal 13 x 6.8 x 4 cm Object and jewellery – at  Shanghai Design Week 2014

« When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful” – Billie Mobayedt Inspired from this Japanese philosophy and her personal experiences, Isabella Liu has chosen to closely focus on broken and fragile objects. She collected a large number of broken and abandoned objects such as barks that had fallen from trees in a cemetery, broken china from vintage markets, etc. Liu examined these items in order to discover where they were broken. Instead of hiding their damaged areas she opted to illuminate them and resultantly transforming their fragility and cracks into a real piece of art and giving them a new life. Isabella regards the creation processes of jewellery as a method of self-cultivation. She recognizes the cracks and fragilities of life and is able to transform injuries and imperfections into beauty. In the ‘Mending’ collection, she presents this inspirational and hopeful belief that by changing our thinking about life’s injuries and by mending them with joy and peace, beauty and illumination can transpire from them.« 

Isabella Liu - Mending-   2014Isabella Liu – Mending II-   2014

Isabella Liu - Mending-  2014 - A pair of earrings, surprisingly discovered from a pair of petite porcelains.Isabella Liu – Mending-  2014 – A pair of earrings, surprisingly discovered from a pair of petite porcelains


EXPO ‘DUST INCLUDED’ – Ubi Gallery, Beijing (CN) – 25 Sept.-17 oct. 2014

Ubi Gallery - DUST INCLUDED precious particles and gruesome grit in applied arts

Opening party Sept 25 | 15:30-17:30


 the events taking place in Dashilar during Beijing Design Week, Ubi Gallery’s minimalist and stylish interior provides a calm sanctuary. This year, the gallery presents DUST INCLUDED, a thought-provoking exhibit of contemporary jewellery, ceramics and lifestyle goods, showcasing the work of 13 artists connected to China and The Netherlands.

DUST INCLUDED explores the theme of dust and pollution in Beijing and other megacities. Visitors are confronted by Joke Schole’s angry bear, who proclaims, ‘Clean up your own mess’. Other artists such as Liang Li treat dust as a byproduct of human failure, incorporating it into her work as an ‘Award for Bad Conduct’. Hortense de La Jonquière’s masterpiece—a cabinet constructed of Beijing dust—shows how dust captures memories, reminders of things past. Prominent milliner Elisabeth Koch adopts “crust” material used in environmental cleanup to create hats intended to deflect dust on a daily basis. The Dutch design collective of Eva de Laat, ByBorre and the University of Eindhoven propose futurist clothing to shield those living in polluted urban environments. Visitors will also find limited edition collector’s items and affordable gifts commissioned for the exhibit, as well as a portion of Ubi Gallery’s permanent collection.

And of course we have many jewellery artists during DUST INCLUDED!

Chuang Han-Chieh made a collection called ‘Red Brick’, using enamel, silver, copper, paper, gold dust and brass dust. It is a celebration of the beauty of traditional skills and materials and an honor of the farming villages, the foundation of the Taiwanese economy. Tired from the busy urban life abroad, the artist felt a strong emotional connection with the opposite, the relation between people and land and the relation with her own tradition. She tries to overcome the risk of a sentimal journey where the beauty of the simple farming life is romanticized. Chuang Han-Chieh is too much of an artist to let this happen. She didn’t give in on the composition, the use of material and technique. You can see two strong, contemporary and independent pieces as a result.

Chuang Han-Chieh -  ‘Red Brick’ collectionChuang Han-Chieh -  ‘Red Brick’ collection

Junjin Wu  made this collection of necklaces especially for DUST INCLUDED.
« Dust has everything to do with the origin of life on earth. Through gravity things will become dust and life and memories will break down and grow into something new. The artist Junjin Wu prepared pendants to showcase the magical transformation. She used canvas, dust, soil, wood and horn. Natural materials tracing forgotten pasts and pointing to new futures.« 
Junjin WuJunjin Wu
Junjin WuJunjin Wu
Junjin WuJunjin Wu
The Taiwanese artist Ying Hsun Hsu shows brooches made out of iron flakes, using magnetic power. For her capturing changes in time, the wear and tear of normal things – the deformation and shrinkage, the historical evidence is essential. The vulnerability of the imperfection is awesome. Hsu records the memories of the invisible, before things crumble into dust

 Ying Hsun Hsu - brooches made out of iron flakes, using magnetic power.  Ying Hsun Hsu (Zita Hsu) – brooches made out of iron flakes, using magnetic power.

Ying Hsun Hsu - brooches made out of iron flakes, using magnetic power.Ying Hsun Hsu – brooch

Ying Hsun Hsu - broochYing Hsun Hsu (Zita Hsu) – brooch





Ubi Gallery
Yangmeizhu Street 39, Dashilar
Xicheng District, 100051
Beijing, China




EXPO ‘Distant Relations: Jewelry between East and West’ – Two Cities Gallery, Shanghai (China) – 7-29 Oct. 2014

Distant Relations: Jewelry between East and West -
Two Cities Gallery (Shanghai)
Management: Shannon Guo and Anja Eichler

The exhibition establishes the connections between the East and West. Despite the distance, the show reveals how sometimes we’re close to the distant ones and how jewellery makes this bridge between continents. Distant Relations: Jewelry between East and West

 This Jewelry Exhibition consists of 15 International and Chinese artists. The five young Chinese artists have studied abroad and adapted the Western philosophy of contemporary jewelry concept, and they are trying to create their works with their own cultural Chinese heritage. On the other hand, some of our Western artists on exhibit had lived in China or other cultures and were influenced by the globalization of our modern world.

Artists:  Brigitte Adolph — Alice Bo-Wen ChangEsther BrinkmannBifei Cao – Xiang Dai — Laura DeakinAnja EichlerMing Gu – Jutta Haase — Peter HogeboomJulia Maria Künnap Jorge ManillaKarin Roy Anderson – Lei Shen — Shiqian Zhao (Tina Chao ?)

Karin Roy Andersson - Catching Big Fish, 2013 - Recycled plastics, textileKarin Roy Andersson – Catching Big Fish, 2013 Recycled plastics, textile

Karin Roy Andersson - Catching Big Fish, 2013 - Recycled plastics, textileKarin Roy Andersson

 Ming GUMing Gu

Esther Brinkmann - broochesEsther Brinkmann – brooches

Alice Bo-Wen ChangAlice Bo-Wen Chang

   Peter Hoogeboom, Necklace, "red lantern" 2014Peter Hoogeboom, Necklace, « red lantern » 2014

Laura Deakin - Pearl SeriesLaura Deakin – Pearl Series

Tina ChaoTina Chao

Tina ChaoTina Chao


Two Cities Gallery  
20 Shaoxing Road   (is a 5 minute walk north of Metro Line 9, Dapuqiao station)
200020 -  Shanghai




2014 Shanghai Design Week – EXPO ‘Shanghai Jewelry Art Exhibition’ – Shanghai Exhibition Center (CN) – 9-12 Oct. 2014

2014 Shanghai Jewelry Art Exhibition, October 9-12, 2014

Shanghai Design Week


2014 Shanghai Jewelry Art Exhibition, October 9-12, 2014 Shanghai Design Week, Shanghai Exhibition Center, West Hall

We are very pleased to present the complete list of participating artists in the 2014 Shanghai Jewelry Art Exhibition, October 9-12 2014 :

Ezra Satok-Wolman Jie SunSerena HolmInbar ShahakRia LinsKaren Vanmol –  Marina Sheetikoff — Sina EmrichAnne Luz CastellanosLital MendelStephen BottomleyMette SaabyeAnna Fornari — Rebecca Rose (US) — Bethamy Linton — Siegfried De BuckDana BloomPeter HoogeboomFelieke Van der Leest – Evan Larson-Voltz — Anne Mondro — Thomas Madden — Susan Holt — Tanel Veenre Melissa Cameron — Holland Houdek — Margherita MarchioniAnnette DamKarin Roy AndersonReka Lorincz — Nicole Taubinger — Jen Townsend — Bas BoumanLinda EzermanIsabella Liu — Joanne Garner — Anshu Hu — Yu Hiraishi Wendy McAllister Terhi TolvanenCharlotte Gorse (UK) — Juliette Bigley — Mara Irsara (IT) — Ellie Corp — Steven Follen — Ayano Nakajima (JP) — Haruko Sugawara — Nagai Junko — Michie Kitada — Mami Katsuki — Ingjerd Hanevold

In addition to the exhibition, a lecture series will be presented featuring presentations by Machtelt Shelling (Ubi Gallery), Evan Larson-Voltz (Wayne State University), and Ezra Satok-Wolman (Atelier Hg). To register for the lectures or find more information about the scheduled events, please use the following links

Jichang Chai, Brooch, 2014Jichang Chai, « Welcome on Board » brooch, 2014 - Aluminum, copper, nature screens

Shao Hong En, Brooch, 2014Shao Hong En, Brooch, 2014 -Silver, gem

Li Sang, Necklace, 2014Li Sang, Necklace, 2014 – Silver

Ezra Satok-Wolman, Medallion, 2014Ezra Satok-Wolman, The Golden Ratio, medallion, 2014 – 791 (19k) yellow gold, 750 (18k) white gold, synthetic ruby spheres, silk
6.1 x 6.1 x 0.85 cm – Fabricated, Kumihimo braid – Back view

Isabella Liu, Pieces, 2014Isabella Liu, Pieces, 2014 - Mending- One Brooch in a Midi Ceramic Pottery, 2014 – Ceramic, gold plated metal – 13 x 10.4 x 3.9 cm -  Object and jewellery

Felieke van der Leest, Brooch, 2007Felieke van der Leest, Brooch, Jumbo Star Brother, 2007Plastic animal, textile, silver, cubic zirconium – 12 x 17 x 7 cm

Inbar Shahak, Necklace, 2014Inbar Shahak, - Woodland patina necklace, 2014 – Etched brass leaves, mix green patina with oxidize silver plating

 Annette Dam Brooch: Finding a safe way down, 2012 Silver, brass, wood, epoxy, fringes, elastic band, clipsAnnette Dam Brooch: Finding a safe way down, 2012 Silver, brass, wood, epoxy, fringes, elastic band, clips

Anne Luz castellanos - Anillos Ramas Anne Luz Castellanos – Anillos Ramas



Shanghai Exhibition Center, West Hall




EXPO ‘Via Hong Kong’ – AME Gallery, Hong Kong (CN) – 16-27 Sept. 2014

Via Hong Kong

AME Gallery

(this exhibition, in Hong-Kong on 16-27 sept. 2014, will held in JOYA 2014 Barcelona on 9-11 Oct. 2014)

Anna Cheng said, “We curate ‘Via Hong Kong’ to showcase the great works of Hong Kong’s local artists. Since it is Ame Gallery’s third anniversary, we also want to take this opportunity to unite the contemporary jewellery community in Hong Kong, which includes some dedicated artists, educators and supporters. We believe through working together, we can create a healthy environment for this art form to blossom in this city. By bringing the exhibition to JOYA, we hope to encourage more artistic and cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and the world.”

Via Hong-Kong


Artists: Mary Lee HuKee Ho YuenCicy ChingTricia TangBella MungCathy Wang — Chan Po Fung — Cherry ChanCissy Chan — Gloria Ng — Hugo Yeung — Pilz Au-Yeung — Pinky Wong — Rosette Chan — Victor Wong

Cicy Ching Sze-Yin - The Fragility of City Living Jewellery Cicy Ching Sze-Yin - The Fragility of City Living Jewellery  2012 Sterling Silver, Porcelain

Cissy Chan, Bracelet, 2014Cissy Chan, Bracelet, 2014

Bella Mung, Necklace, 2013Bella Mung, pearl Necklace, 2013 (Central Saint Martins BA Jewellery Degree Show ) 

Tricia Tang, Neckpiece, 2012Tricia Tang, Neckpiece, 2012

Kee Ho Yuen, Ring, 2013Kee Ho Yuen, Ring, 2013

Gloria Ng, Piece, 2008Gloria Ng, earPiece, 2008  Wear it Inside, Brass

Mary  Lee Hu, Brooch, 2009Mary  Lee Hu, Brooch, 2009 – 18K & 22K gold


AME Gallery
12/F Tin On Shing Commercial Building
41-43 – Graham St, Central
Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 3564 8066


JOYA Barcelona 2014 – welcome to CHINA artists !

JOYA Barcelona 2014 –  Art Jewellery Fair, October 9, 10 and 11, 2014

JOYA Barcelona 2014 –

Among all the upcoming events during JOYA 2014, one most important on my opinion : the massive venue of CHINESE artists with the presence of AME Gallery (Hong Kong)
AME Gallery presents Bella MungAME Gallery presents Bella Mung
Bella Mung is a Hong Kong born designer has a passion for the clothing and jewellery who recently (2013) graduate in Central Saint Martins with first class honours in BA Jewellery Design Course. And she is the winner of the ‘BEST USE OF PEARLS’ award by WINTERSON Luxury Pearl Jewellery, London. Bella is currently developing on her new collection which is related to her final year collection with different tone and materials to communicate the similar ideas. Bella believes that bridging the lines between clothing and jewellery is very important, as clothing and jewellery is always connecting to each other. (Notjustalabel)
Cissy ChanCissy Chan
(HKBU (Academy of Visual Arts ) AWARDS Graduation Show 2014 (Hong Kong))

Kee Ho YuenKee Ho Yuen
Kee-ho Yuen received a B.A. from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1983 and an M.F.A. in Metalsmithing and Jewelry from The University of Iowa (UI), US in 1989. He is currently a Professor and the Head of the UI Jewelry and Metal Arts program.
Kee-ho looks at his work as an evolving collage of both the philosophy and the sensibility of the East and West. His work is an aesthetic investigation as well as a quest to whimsically comment on human emotions and interactions. Kee-ho employs an eclectic use of contemporary and traditional technologies and materials, ranging from advanced 3-D computer modeling to traditional fabrications and enameling.

Tricia TangTricia Tang
While born and bred in Hong Kong, Tricia Tang Tsz Chong has spent 5 years in Australia. Her jewellery practice reflects the intimate relationship, individual identities and cultural permutations that have resulted from her experience of different culture. The objects she makes blend past (her occurrence) with present (contemporary materials) to produce distinctive narrations. Without a limitation on materials, Tang enjoys testing and finding the most appropriate materials for each of her concept and work. Tang believes a piece of jewellery can be no difference than a contemporary art piece, jewellery is an object without limitation and with a strong notion of statement within.

Cherry ChanCherry Chan
Chan Po FongChan Po Fong
Rosette ChanRosette Chan
Cicy ChingCicy Ching
Gloria NgGloria Ng
Hugo YeungHugo Yeung

Mary Lee HuMary Lee Hu
Mary Lee Hu (born 1943 in Lakewood, Ohio) is an American artist, goldsmith, and college level educator known for using textile techniques to create intricate woven wire jewelry.
Hu first became fascinated with metalwork during high school introductory courses. She later explored more work with metals during a summer camp. She went on to attend the University of Miami, Ohio for two years and then went to Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan to complete her undergraduate degree. During her undergraduate education Hu developed her skills and continued to work with small scale metalwork and jewelry. In 1966 while earning her graduate degree in Metalsmithing from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois, Hu studied under renowned metalsmith L. Brent Kington. It was during this time that Hu started to work with fiber inspired techniques after taking a fiber arts course. This led to the development of her signature style of wire wrapped jewelry. Since the late 1960s Hu has developed new techniques in coiling, wrapping, weaving, knitting, and twining wire. Her work consists mostly woven wire earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches, and neckpieces that emulate natural forms, movements and symmetry.
After completing her MFA, Hu traveled to various places and took up different teaching positions until she joined the metal arts program in the University of Washington School of Art in 1980. She retired from the University as professor emeritus in 2006.
Hu is a member and past-president of the Society of North American Goldsmiths. In 1996 Hu was inducted into the American Craft Council College of Fellows. Hu has received three National Endowment of the Arts Craftsman Fellowships. Her work is in major collections such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Renwick Gallery, the American Crafts Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago. Hu is the winner of the 2008 Irving and Yvonne Twining Humber Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement.

 Pilz Au-Yeung Pilz Au-Yeung
JOYA 2014 :
October 09_10_11th_ 2014
at Centre d’Art Santa Monica, Ramblas 7, Barcelona, Spain
tel +34 934 59 24 06


EXPO ‘TOPYOUNG 14′ – Ubi Gallery, Beijing (CN) – 22 Aout-17 Sept. 2014

Ubi Gallery  -  TOPYOUNG 14

EXPO - Ubi gallery - UBI top young 2014

Exhibition Aug 22 – Sept 17
Opening August 22 - 16:00-18:00 – Several artists will be there to introduce their work to you. They are happy to meet you and you are more than welcome to join.

From over 50 Asian jewellery graduates an international jury selected the 10 best submissions. You can find innovative and elegant pieces made out of bamboo and copper. Personal stories expressed by silk thread and historical references of jade burial suits and more.Jewellery designers are famous for their innovative use of material and their ability to make small wearable sculptures. If you want to see what is going on in this new discipline, you can can find a nice and fresh overview in Ubi Gallery.
- Chien-Lin SU — Dong DING –  Jingjing ZHANG — Jiwon YANG –  Jingyao SUN – Li LIANGLi-An YOUNG –  Menglu HUANG –  Wenyu LIAO –  Yezhi ZHANG
Li Liang Necklace: Line, 2014 Copper, paint Li LIANG - Necklace: Line, 2014 Copper, paint
Photo de Ubi Gallery - Jingyao SUN Jingyao SUN
Photo de Ubi Gallery - yang ji wonJiwon YANG
Photo de Ubi Gallery - Dong DING Dong DING
at Ubi Gallery - yezhi zhang - shadow of bambooYezhi Zhang -  « shadow of bamboo »
ubi gallery  - Li-An YOUNG _magen1-2_2 Li-An YOUNG
at UBI gallery - " wrapping" by Wenyu Liao«  wrapping » – by Wenyu Liao
Ubi Gallery

Yangmeizhu Street 39, Dashilar
Xicheng District, 100051
Beijing, China


EXPO ‘WALK THE TALK’ – Ubi Gallery, Beijing (Pékin)(CN) – 28 Juin-10 Aout 2014


an exhibition with the recent work of 15 educators from China. Opening Saturday June 28 at 16:00!
Walk the Talk - Ubi Gallery
Artists: Alice Bo-wen Chang — Chungang Wang (Steven) — Hao Hu — Jun Hu — Kai Ren — Kezhen Wang (Zep) — Shannon Guo — Shuyu Wu (Sue) –  Xiaoli Ning –  Xiao Liu –Xian’ou iI (Michelle) — Xiaoxin Wang — Xinzi Song (Natalie) — Yi Zhao –  Zhenghong Wang
Xiao Liu, Brooch, 2013Xiao Liu Brooch: The Rice Stone, 2013 – Grain, dust, silver
Alice Bo Wen Chang  Red brooch - Bodyspace/bodyscape series -   Alice Bo Wen Chang  Red brooch – Bodyspace/bodyscape series – Silver, gold-plated copper, aluminum

Alice Bo-wen Chang, Brooch, 2013Alice Bo-wen ChangBrooch: Untitled, 2013 – Silver, gold-plated copper, aluminumCollection: Body Space/bodyscape and Luminous Windows

Alice Bo-wen Chang, Brooch, 2013Alice Bo-wen ChangBrooch: Untitled, 2013Silver, gold-plated copper, aluminumCollection: Body Space/bodyscape and Luminous Windows

Chungang Wang (Steven) Brooch: Untitled, 2013 Silver, enamel, diamond, yellow sapphire 8000Chungang Wang (Steven) Brooch: Untitled, 2013 Silver, enamel, diamond, yellow sapphire 8000

Shuyu Wu (Sue), Pieces, 2013Shuyu Wu (Sue)Pieces: Blooming, 2013 – Nylon strings, sterling silver, dye
Xiaoli Ning, Piece, 2013Xiaoli Ning - Piece: Untitled, 2013Silver, ceramic
Kezhen Wang, Piece, Kezhen Wang, Piece

Shannon Guo, Brooch, 2014Shannon GuoBrooch: Untitled, 2014Silver, stone, pearl

Shuyu Wu (Sue), Brooch, 2013Shuyu Wu (Sue), Brooch, 2013

Shuyu Wu (Sue)Brooch: A rubber, 2013 (front & back) – Eraser, nickel silver

Xiaoxin Wang Brooch: Untitled, 2013 Copper, gold, 3D printingXiaoxin WangBrooch: Untitled, 2013Copper, gold, 3D printing

Xiaoxin Wang Ring: Untitled, 2013 Copper, gold, 3D printingXiaoxin Wang Ring: Untitled, 2013 Copper, gold, 3D printing
Yi Zhao Necklace: Untitled, 2013 Silver, wood, horn threadYi Zhao Necklace: Untitled, 2013 Silver, wood, horn thread

Natalie Xinzi Song (CN) Body Piece: Flow, 2013 Silver, translucent silicone tube, silicone, pigmentNatalie Xinzi Song (CN) Body Piece: Flow, 2013 Silver, translucent silicone tube, silicone, pigment

Yangmeizhu Street 62, Dashilar

Xicheng District, 100051 Beijing,