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EXPO ‘student exhibition from the Institute of Precious Metals’ – Goldfingers Gallery, Copenhagen (DK) – 28 Avril-8 Mai 2011

GOLDFINGERS GALLERY is a space for international contemporary jewellery founded by Janne Krogh and Karl Ejnar Nybo.

On regular basis GOLDFINGERS arrange solo- and group exhibitions with some of the most renowned jewellery artists from Denmark and abroad.

Next exhibition :  Student exhibition from the Institute for Ædelmetal (Copenhagen)
Patricia Tind




Klosterstræde 18
1157 Copenhagen K
Tlf (+45) 32173730


Bijoux ByUS ………… de l’humour et de la fraîcheur !

le Groupe « ByUS » est un groupe de 8 designers/créateurs Danois : Mikala Mortensen, Kirsten Ellemose, Ditte Marie Jakobsen, Annette Dam, Karin PinnerupHanan Emquies (le seul homme du groupe !)Lene Hald, Marie-Louise Kristensen

« ByUS is an exhibitiongroup composed of 8 jewel artists.
ByUS brings into focus the unique possibility of the piece of jewlery of storytelling, sensuality and above all then unnecessary necessity which is the very nature of all pieces of jewelry. »

Bijoux ByUS ............ de l'humour et de la fraîcheur ! dans Annette DAM (DK) kpafg1h
Karin Pinnerup – 925 silver - paint - perspekt

« Jewellery is fun, it’s dressing up, it’s play. « Jewellery makes beauty » – My designs are influenced by the trends of today.
I wish to challenge the wearer and the spectator with my designs. I want to tamper with the general idea that e.g. a ring is not necessarily a closed circle and a necklace is not necessarily a chain with a pendant. » (Karin Pinnerup)


keafg3h dans ByUS (DK)keafg1h dans Danemark (DK)
Kirsten Ellemose ce bijou de seins m’ENCHANTE !!! :-)

keafg5h dans Ditte Marie JAKOBSEN (DK)
Kirsten Ellemose

indstilling5tilsk%C3%A5ret250 dans Hanan EMQUIES (DK)
Ditte Marie Jakobsen « This series of brooches is inspired by the concepts of ”masculine” and ”feminine” and the contrast between them. The feminine element is represented by the flower and the masculine element is represented by nuts and bolts. »

Lysbl%C3%A5-lille dans Karin PINNERUP (DK) lilje-r%C3%B8d-lille dans Kirsten ELLEMOSE (DK)
Lene Hald

pinkflowerlille dans Lene HALD (DK)
Marie-Louise Kristensen PINK brooch 925 silver, acrylic, paint, plastic.

2armb%C3%A5ndlille dans Marie-Louise KRISTENSEN (DK)
Annette Dam – « A pill a day keeps the baby away » - Bracelets  …. j’adore ! :-)

«  »GIRLS BEST FRIEND« Various kinds of birth control were used as inspiration for these pieces of jewelry.
Birth control has been, and still is, an important ally for woman in the struggle for freedom of choice and autonomy.
Condoms, IUD’s and birth control pills have helped woman gain control over their own lives and future.
In this particular project, birth control is a “GIRLS BEST FRIEND” in the woman’s fight for self determination. » (Annette Dam)


………. Alors que  Hanan Emquies voit plutôt le chocolat comme « GIRLS BEST FRIEND«   ! je sens soit comme une pointe d’humour, soit une profonde connaissance du « terrain » ………. ;-)

250X250-1%20copy%281%29 dans Mikala MORTENSEN (DK)250X250%20copy%281%29
Hanan Emquies – « A Girls Best Friend » 18k gold rings


EXPO ‘Terhi Tolvanen: Nature Collection’ – Goldfingers, Copenhagen (DK) – 18 Mars-16 Avril 2011

Classé dans : Danemark (DK),Exposition/Exhibition,GALERIES,Terhi TOLVANEN (NL),www Klimt02 — bijoucontemporain @ 0:04

Goldfingers presents the first Danish exhibition with Amsterdam-based and Finnish-born jewellery designer Terhi Tolvanen.

The relationship between man and nature is the focal point of the precious creations – a dialogue between human organization and the wildness of nature.
Experience gemstones, ceramics, textiles, precious metals, and items from nature in a sophistcated, elegant and yet raw expression!

EXPO 'Terhi Tolvanen: Nature Collection' - Goldfingers, Copenhagen (DK) - 18 Mars-16 Avril 2011 dans Danemark (DK) 2010_orchide_opale
Terhi Tolvanen – brooch ‘Orchidée Opale’ 2010

2011_coral_ciment_detail_1 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Terhi Tolvanen – Necklace ‘Coral Ciment’ – detail 2011

2010_aurore_3_brooches dans GALERIES
Terhi Tolvanen – brooches: Aurore 2010

09_terhi__tolvanen.jpg dans Terhi TOLVANEN (NL)
Terhi Tolvanenwoodland – aqua big brooch – silver, aqua marine, ceramics, paint, textile

terhi_grappe dans www Klimt02
Terhi Tolvanennaturae – grape brooch - amethyst, silk, wood, paint


Klosterstræde 18
1157 – Copenhagen K
Telephone: (+45) 32173730


CIEL mon BIJOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,Danemark (DK),Kim BUCK (DK),Reflexion — bijoucontemporain @ 16:05

réflexion à l’état pur  -en tous les cas, en or pur!-  sur le bijou et sa valeur !


Throughout the ages, jewellery has been viewed as an investment object, not appreciated because of its design and craftsmanship but merely because of the raw materials. Kim Buck seeks to illustrate this through his finger rings in fine (24-carat) gold. Through use, the shape of the rings will be deformed beyond recognition due to the softness of pure gold. The shape will be lost over time, and the owner is left with the raw material – pure gold. The rings are cast in a unique and secret process developed by Kim Buck.
Kim Buck (DK) – GoldJewelleryGoldJewelleryGoldJewelleryGold…


COUP de COEUR ! Anette Kræn (Danemark)

Classé dans : Anette KRAEN (DK),COUP DE COEUR,Danemark (DK) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:08

Découverte sur le site de « The Danish Arts Foundation » (très très dur de comprendre ce qui s’y passe ! :-( dur dur le Danois … même pour le traducteur automatique google …quoique … si vous voulez vous payer une tranche de rigolade …)

« Anette Kræn was born in Denmark in 1945. She attended the Danish College of Jewellery, Silversmithing and Commercial Design from 1967 to 1969. In her studies, she trained as a goldsmith. She brings this expertise to all of her designs, whether she works with gold or in sterling silver, as she often does. Kraen has had her own studio since 1974. Though she is Danish-born and trained, she brings a cosmopolitan approach to her designs. She studied in Germany and Switzerland after completing her initial course of studies. These influences can be seen throughout her work.
Kraen began working with Georg Jensen in 1978. Her work has been exhibited in many of Scandinavia’s leading design museums including the Danish Museum of Art & Design and the Danish Art Foundation, the Malmø Art Museum and Röhsska Museum in Sweden and Museum of Art & Industry in Oslo, Norway. Her best known collection for Georg Jensen is the STRATA collection, a contemporary masculine design in sterling silver. »

COUP de COEUR ! Anette Kræn (Danemark) dans Anette KRAEN (DK)
bracelet – Hestehår, oxyderet sølv, guld (crins, argent oxydé, or : merci google !)

bracelet 2005 -  Sølv, hestehår, guld (argent, crin de cheval, or)

 dans Danemark (DK)
bracelet  Oxyclensølv, guld, hvide hestehår (argent oxydé, or, crin blanc) SUPERBE ! dense, présent, « essentiel »

 collier - Lysnet hestehår, lås af sterlingsølv (crin, argent)- 1984

COUP de COEUR ! Camilla Prasch – jewelry with movement

Classé dans : Camilla PRASCH (DK),COUP DE COEUR,Danemark (DK),www Klimt02 — bijoucontemporain @ 0:03

Camilla Prasch challenges the perception and experience of jewelry. Using lightweight commonplace materials, she creates “space consuming” jewelry with movement that becomes as much of the experience as the form.

Camilla Prasch, Bracelet, 2002

Camilla Prasch - bracelet ‘Registriert – Möbel’ – Paper pricetags, text, nylon string 2002

« I create Readymades and conceptual objects for the body out of recognizable everyday objects.
My work consists of making visible the invisible (spatial installations) as well as the forgotten and overlooked through my choice of material in my conceptual objects for the body. Space invading jewellery that takes shape and comes to life when worn on the mobile, living body.
My “craft” also exists in my head, in the conceptual materialisation of the immaterial with no predetermined bindings of material.
I register, measure and describe. In this way I decode and comprehend the world.

Camilla Prasch, Ring, 2009Camilla Prasch, Bracelet, 2004
Camilla Prasch - ring: Mega 1/7 2009 Red died snap fasteners, nylon thread, silicone discs – 31 X 11 cm Limited edition, 7 numbered pieces
Bracelet ‘Verlängert Fünf’ 2004 – Snap fasteners, nylon thread, silicone discs – From the solo exhibition « Time out Objects » which was rewarded by The Danish State Art Foundation

COUP de COEUR ! Camilla Prasch - jewelry with movement dans Camilla PRASCH (DK) 01PraschCamilla Prasch, Neckpiece, 2004
glovechain skin necklace, 2004; calfskin, thread; sewn. This piece is part of Prasch’s Angezogen (dressed) series of accessories that are between jewelry and clothing
Neckpiece ‘Handschuhkette Gummi’ 2004 – Rubber gloves, cotton thread

Armbånd ‘ Fangarm-rør’ - 2003 – Røde nylontryklåse, silikoneskiver (nylon rouge, plaquettes de silicium (?))
Camilla Prasch, Bracelet, 2004Camilla Prasch, Neckpiece, 2004
Bracelet ‘Kragenstück’ – Snap fasteners, nylon thread  2004
Neckpiece ‘Kragenstück’  2004 – Snap fasteners, nylon thread

Camilla Prasch, Necklace, 2009Camilla Prasch, Neckpiece, 2010
Necklace ‘Ineinander’ Paper pricetags, cotton strings 2009
Neckpiece ‘Nichts in Rot’ 2010 Polyester thread


découverte sur le site de Klimt02

vue aussi sur FiberArts



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