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EXPO ‘Mikiko Minewaki: Violet no.1′ – Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo (JP) – 13 mai-12 Juin 2011

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New show in Violet by Mikiko Minewaki at the Exhibition space in Tokyo International Forum.

(…) Anything hides a good form. I am making my pieces by the work of cutting off plastic goods.
Any object by being pieced can become wearable. Things previously without connection to the body can become wearable to it by this simple operation.
I was born in the countryside of Japan. Every day I picked flowers and leaves from the fields and made jewellery- necklaces, rings, crowns- from them. This feeling is the source of my pieces. (…)


Tokyo International Forum
5-1 Marunouchi 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku
100-0005 – Tokyo (Japan)



COUP de COEUR : Inari KIURU – One hundred rings of solitude

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« One hundred rings of solitude » …. cet intitulé m’a profondément touchée …. j’entends une voix de haute-contre chanter « Oh Solitude » (Purcell) ….. la ligne de chant rejoint les lignes-esquisses des bagues, à peine commencées, déjà finies, elles évoquent, suggèrent, esquissent, dessinent (alors qu’Inari Kiuru ne voulait pas dessiner …), montrent un chemin ………
pas une tristesse, juste un « passage », la ligne entre deux choses  …..

COUP de COEUR  : Inari KIURU - One hundred rings of solitude dans COUP DE COEUR wires
wires+5 dans Inari KIURU (FI)
wires+3 dans Japon (JP)
wires+2 dans rings

« This work belongs to a first year project at RMIT (Melboune (AU) University)  for which I made myself a set of rules: No drawing or sketching (my usual escapes), just model making from materials that might be unfamiliar to me, seeing if I could create one hundred different rings. How many I ended up with? 80? I still haven’t counted.
I remember that all this began from turning wire in a state of confusion about what a « contemporary look » might be, a concept so prevalent in the first year « art jewellery » discussions. I thought at the time that if I blast out something highly asymmetric, warped and quite monochromatic, preferably black and plasticky, avoiding precious metals, surely I’ll succeed – in an ironic way. But as I kept working, the pissed-offness at the notion of « contemporary = cliched » wore off, and the project became a fun experiment which I still like to look at.
Confusion remains, but in such a different way now : )  » (june 2010)



Image de prévisualisation YouTube


COUP de COEUR : Satomi KAWAI « Mono object maker »

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Satomi Kawai , « Mono object maker » (j’adore cette formule !)
MFA in Jewelry and Metal Arts, University of Iowa, IA, USA

« My artwork is the expression of my personal femininity.  My grandmother was the source of my feminine awareness, and she influenced my aesthetics.  She taught me handcrafts, such as sewing and felting, which have now become my personal methodology.  Since I came to the United States twelve years ago, I have been on a journey to discover who I am, as an individual and as a woman.
My attitude and perspective about my femininity are derived from Japanese culture, but at the same time, is influenced by American culture. In my new life, I feel a strong connection with nature, which plays an essential role in my process of creating wearable objects. This is why I employ natural materials such as wool, cotton, silk and wood.  I still sense that there are lively cell activities within my body . »

Satomi Kawai
Symbiosis Ring II – Copper; oxidized and pigment applied, silk thread, sterling silver – 2010

satomi_Connection-and-Division-Necklace-I dans email / enamel
Satomi KawaiConnection and Division Necklace I – 2010

satomi_Connection-and-Division-NecklaceII_worn dans Japon (JP)
Satomi KawaiConnection and Division Necklace II – 2010

 dans Satomi KAWAI (JP)
Satomi KawaiConnection & Division Brooch II – Copper; oxidized and pigment applied, cotton Organza, cotton thread

Satomi KawaiDots like frill – copper and fabric



COUP de COEUR : Liisa HASHIMOTO organic creations

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« The motif of my jewelry work is, Beauty of Nature. Their materials are mostly silver, copper, and brass. I always try to work on and jewelry-make these natural treasures affectionately. »
coup de coeur absolu pour ses bagues, présentées en alignements …. m’évoque irrésistiblement le « vase d’avril » des créatrices Tsé-Tsé ….. sa poésie délicate…..
upper left : Dangling Pod Ring #1 – 2004 -Silver, copper, iwaenogu (japanese paint), epoxy resin
bottom left : Red Bud Ring 2003 – Silver, enamel
bottom right : Object: Green Moss 2001 -copper, enamel
upper right : Object: Bubble Tree 2003 – silver, copper
Liisa HASHIMOTO – ring: Green Bud 2004 – Silver, copper, iwaenogu (japanese paint), epoxy resin 10 x 1 cm – INCREDIBLE ! I didn’t think it was a ring, but a fountain-sculpture !

moss ring
Liisa HASHIMOTOMoss Ring 2010

mebae ring series #1~#9
Liisa HASHIMOTOmebae rings

5set ring

garden choker
Liisa HASHIMOTOgarden chocker

leaf garden necklace
Liisa HASHIMOTOleaf garden necklace

moss necklace
Liisa HASHIMOTOSeed Necklace – silver, brass, copper, stainless wire

ring of hope
Liisa HASHIMOTOring for Hope in Japan

COUP de COEUR : Liisa HASHIMOTO organic creations dans COUP DE COEUR 20101107_676406
Liisa HASHIMOTOmoss ring

splash of waves
Liisa HASHIMOTO‘splash of waves’ ring – Silver, copper, steel- 2007

stack stack ring
Liisa HASHIMOTOstack stack ring – 2007


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COUP de COEUR : Reiko ISHIYAMA – évanescence, légéreté, délicatesse ……

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Reiko ISHIYAMA will exhibit at the Smithsonian Craft show 2011 -

« I work in sterling silver and gold. Each idea for my pieces begins with the pure forms of a circle or a square reshaped and combined to form spirals, cylindrical curls and other three dimensional shapes. Through techniques of hammering and heating, oxidation and heating patina these simple forms are transformed into small works of sculpture designed to be worn.  »

« My work has an almost fragile quality, stressing lightness and mobility. By shaping paper thin sheets of silver, I can house space itself. When people hold my work in their hands, they are often surprised by its delicacy and lightness. There is an evanescent, momentary quality that I hope people can truly savor when they wear my pieces.« 

COUP de COEUR : Reiko ISHIYAMA - évanescence, légéreté, délicatesse ...... dans COUP DE COEUR 4b76845a
Reiko ISHIYAMA - « paper nest » brooch – silver

67326236 dans Japon (JP)
Reiko ISHIYAMA -« Butterflies » brooch – silver

4fd748e2 dans metal
Reiko ISHIYAMA -« Stream » brooch – silver


d288055b dans Reiko ISHIYAMA (JP)
Reiko ISHIYAMA -« Paper box » brooch – silver , steel wire

sample work by Reiko Ishiyama
Reiko ISHIYAMA - brooch

Reiko ISHIYAMA - pin

Reiko ISHIYAMA - Lotus pin - sterling silver vermeil

Contemporary Art Jewelry by Reiko Ishiyama

Contemporary Art Jewelry by Reiko Ishiyama

« Born and raised in Japan, Reiko Ishiyama is a self-taught studio jeweler. She began her professional career as a sculptor working in various metals, then began applying that art to jewelry making. Ishiyama has received several awards in the U.S. and Japan and has been exhibited at galleries throughout the world, including England, Australia, Japan and the U.S. Her work has appeared in Metalsmith Magazine, American Craft Magazine, The New York Times, ‘W’ Magazine, Interview Magazine and other international magazines. » (Gallery Loupe)





« JAPAN REVITALIZING » – exchange program – HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry, Japan

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On behalf of all Japanese jewelry community, we would like to thank you very much for many heartfelt messages of encouragements from jewelry friends all over the world. Although we still have some difficulties and many people are living at evacuation centers in northern Japan, Tokyo has already been resuming to normal life day by day. In the situation of national crisis, we all believe the power of Art and Jewelry revitalizes Japan. And we convince HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry will undertake a role of it through our education. If you want to look and feel the fact of “Japan rebirth process” in your eyes, we welcome your entry of exchange program for fall term.


The deadline of application will be April 30th 2011.


Study 90 days at Tokyo: HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry Exchange Program (04.Sept.2011 – 04.Dec.2011)



04.Sep.2011 – 04.Dec.2011
HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry
5-29-2 Jingo-mea Shibuya
150-0001 – Tokyo Japan
Telephone: 81-3-3499-0300
Fax: 81-3-3499-0827 website:
Please send all inquiries to following person in charge :
Masaru Watanabe
Director, International Office
HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry


COUP de COEUR ! Maiko Takeda – éloge de l’ombre

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Maiko Takeda ou l’éloge de l’ombre… non l’ombre sombre, le noir et le triste, le « côté obscur », mais l’ombre portée, dessinée, esquissée, légère et fugitive …. immatérielle ….. un non-bijou fait bijou. Magique !

For her graduation project at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, Japanese designer Maiko Takeda created the ‘Cinematography’ Collection. Each metal accessory is covered in hand-drilled holes of various sizes that cast photograph-like shadows onto the wearers skin. (Cyril Foiret sur « Trendland« )

« The collection questions whether shadows might obtain a quality in themselves and can adorn the body as jewelery. Although each piece simply consists of minimal and geometric elements, such as various sizes of circular holes, pristine outlines and forms, when the light shines through the piece, the shadow unexpectedly appears as a photograph-like image of an organic form. The light, the shadow and the body all work together to create an installation work, in which the shadow remains secret but when revealed forms the main part of the jewelery.«
While wearing the necklace one can get the shade of an eye on the breast.

maiko takeda8 300x262 Cinematography Accessories Collection

« La grâce adolescente et fragile de Maiko Takeda cache bien des facettes, à l’instar de Stephen Jones qu’elle a assisté, elle partage ce goût pour les univers extrêmes et particuliers. Passionnée de sciences et de mathématiques, de bizarreries, chercheuse d ‘intensités, elle s’intéresse aux contrastes plus qu’à la tiédeur.
Auteur de créations remarquables, … sa collection d’accessoires «Cinematography» nous transporte dans un univers de projections sur peaux, le bijou évolue devient sculpture, tel un caméléon corps et décors se marient. Le métal, le pochoir, la perforation, des niveaux différents de transparences avec la lumière pour révélateur, projettent la nuance d’une image cinématographique pour faire apparaitre un bijou d’illusion. La peau transformée en œuvre éphémère et surréaliste d’une rare poésie réinvente une vision du Glamorama.
Maiko est emblématique de cette nouvelle génération de designer, précoce et passionnée, elle possède déjà les attributs d’un style intense et bien trempé.
 » (Sabine Morandini, sur «« )


A VOIR !  la VIDEO sur  «« 




EXPO ‘CURRENT’ – Galerie Paris, Yokohama (Japan) – 21-26 Mars 2011

CURRENT – contemporary jewellery exhibition

EXPO 'CURRENT' - Galerie Paris, Yokohama (Japan) - 21-26 Mars 2011 dans ALCHIMIA (IT) current

Group exhibition of contemporary jewellery at Galerie Paris organized by ORIZZONTI – a group working for contemporary jewelry in Japan.

Participating artists:
Elisa Deval, Yoriko Mitsuhasi, Karin Kato, Meiri Ishida, Maria Costanza Ochoa, Poly NikolopoulouYuki Sumiya, Rallou Katsari, Yoko Shimizu
Yoko Shimizu - necklace resin, pigment

Meiri Ishida

Meiri Ishida

 dans Elisa DEVAL (IT)
Karin Kato -  Brooch  (Alchimia School on  Kit&Caboodle)

Poly Nikolopoulou
Rallou Katsari



Galerie Paris
Mitsuibussan bldg.1F, Nihon-odori 14 Naka-ku
231-0021 – Yokohama


TOKYO : HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry – Graduation Works Exhibition – Spiral Garden Aoyama, Tokyo (JP) 15-24 Fevr. 2011

HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry Graduation Works Exhibition

Found in 1966, Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry is the only one Jewelry school in Tokyo authorized by the school education law. Hiko Mizuno has taken a form of a non-profitable organization, which is officially authorized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government under the Law of Education. This authorization has enabled the school to receive a permit from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to provide licensed careers advice and VISA (2-year) arrangement for the overseas students.
Hiko Mizuno not only enjoys constant international visitors in jewelry and art all year around, but also invites overseas jewelry artists every year to hold summer workshops and slide lectures. The school has established long-close ties with overseas universities by exchanging students and holding joint exhibitions. Such international events are held throughout the year at Hiko Mizuno. We have a partnership with 58 schools in 16 countries all over the world. Hiko Mizuno has more than 160 students who have come from abroad.
There are four departments, Jewelry, Watch, Shoes and Bags. Each department has several courses in the program of 2–4 years.


Jewelry Department
Jewelry Design Course (2 years)
Silver Accessory Course (2 years)
Fashion Coordinator Course (2 years)
High Jewelry Course (3 years)
Fashion Art Accessory Course (3 years)
Metal Craft Course (3 years)
Silver Accessory Master Course (3 years)
Advanced Jewelry Course (4 years, Advanced Diploma program)
Jewelry Institute Course (Advanced Diploma program)
Florian Ladstaetter (Wien/Vienna) jewelry
Florian Ladstaetter   « Think Big » workshop

TOKYO : HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry - Graduation Works Exhibition - Spiral Garden Aoyama, Tokyo (JP) 15-24 Fevr. 2011 dans Bernhard SCHOBINGER (CH) recent_04recent_05 dans ECOLE / SCHOOLS
Bernhard Schobinger « Making a Snake bangle » workshop
Koutarou Omizo  – ring – Gold threads, deer horn

 dans Exposition/Exhibition
 Kenta Katakura wood rings 

Maki KAWAWA- JP- Necklace-' Little by Little, with care' - cloth
Maki Kawawa – necklaces ‘Little by Little, with care’ – Cloth (discovered at JOYA 2010)

Katsura SASAKI- JP- Necklace- Fruits within flesh - silver, citrus, wire
Katsura Sasaki – necklace ‘Fruits within flesh’ -Pure silver, citrus, wire – Fruit and skin used to be one object.The relationship of inside and outside was created by separating the two.The removed skin crawls around on the adbomen looking for the fruits to be newly united.

Mari IWAMOTO- 'little sea monsters' ring
Mari Iwamoto – ‘Little sea monsters’ rings – plastic- 2008


HIKO Mizuno College of Jewelry Graduation Works Exhibition
Spiral Garden Aoyama
5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku
107-0062 – Tokyo (Japan)
Tel : 81-3-3499-0300


EXPO ‘「Edelmetal・Edelstahl・Edelstein」’ – Gallery Deux Poissons, Tokyo (Japan) – 22 Oct.-7 Nov. 2010

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Okinari Kurokawa : Edelmetal – Edelstahl – Edelstein

EXPO '「Edelmetal・Edelstahl・Edelstein」' - Gallery Deux Poissons, Tokyo (Japan) - 22 Oct.-7 Nov. 2010 dans Exposition/Exhibition CRO2010extrim2

  本展のタイトル「Edelmetal・Edelstahl・Edelstein」はドイツ語で、「貴金属・ステンレススチール・貴石」を意味します。ス テンレススチールは、英語ではstainless steel(錆びない鋼)というのに対して、ドイツ語ではEdelstahl(高貴な鋼)と表現することに惹かれたという黒川。ステンレススチールをメイ ンの素材として、edel(エーデル、『高貴な』の意)の語呂合わせで、貴金属と貴石を組み合わせたジュエリーで展覧会を構成しています。
 一般的にジュエリーの中心的な素材として使われることは少ないステンレスですが、黒川は以前からステンレスの可能性に着目し、自身のジュエリーに用いて きました。黒川は、ステンレスの魅力を「色や硬質な感じがプラチナに近い雰囲気があり、より明るさがあるところ。しかも比重が軽く、強度も十分なのでとて も使いやすいこと」と話しています。しかし、制作上の機能性に加え、審美的な視点から、ステンレスの新しい形や魅力を引き出すジュエリーを生み出すことが 黒川興成の真骨頂といえます。
 新しいリングの構造を探究し続けている黒川らしい新作の一つは、ステンレスのフレームに、アメジストやトルマリンなどの天然石が浮かぶリングのシリーズ です。ラフな風合いを残した不定形な色石と、直線的で無機質なフレームのダイナミックな対比が、互いを引き立て合っています。20金のパーツを使って緻密 に作られており、指に通すとスムーズに石が動き、ぴったりと指になじみます。このリングはペンダントトップとしても使用できる構造になっており、宙に浮か んで動きが加わるとがらりと表情を変えます。また、置かれている姿は、小さな建築物やモニュメントのような完成された構築的な美しさを備えています。

(juste pour la beauté de l’écriture ………………)

20 dans Gal. DeuxPoissons (JP)
Okinari Kurokawa - rings

 The exhibition title “Edelmetal – Edelstahl – Edelstein” (“precious metal, stainless steel, precious stone” in German) shows three materials that are used in Kurokawa’s new creation. Compared to English word “stainless-steel”, German describes the same metal as “precious (edel) steel”. Being sympathized with such expression in German, Kurokawa chose stainless steel as a main material in his new jewelries. Although Kurokawa has been using stainless steel in his earlier works, this was another challenge to find unprecedented forms with the material, combining with precious stones and precious metal. The result of artist’s long examination will be shown in the exhibition.



gallery deux poissons
2-3-6 B1F Ebisu Shibuya-ku
150-0013 – Tokyo
Telephone: 81 0 3 5795 0451
Fax: 81 0 3 5795 0452


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