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EXPO ‘Worthless’ (during AJW 2017) – IOS22 Creative Gallery, Athens (GR) – 19-21 May 2017


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19/05 :  19.30 : opening : “Worthlessby Arkivet Collective (group exhibition)
@IOS22 Creative Gallery
Dates: 19/5 – 21/5

AJW 2017 - 19-05 : 19.30 : opening : “Worthless” by Arkivet Collective

Welcome to the opening of The ARCHIVEs exhibiton « Worthless » opening Friday the 19th of May 19.30 at Gallery IOS22 in collaboration with ATHENS JEWELRY WEEK 2017

ARKIVET (the Archive) is a group of Norwegian artists consisting of Putte H. Dal, Hilde Dramstad, Elsie-Ann Hochlin, Camilla Luihn and Heidi Sand.
As jewelry artists they each have their artistic distinction. What they have in common is that they like to apply a theme based and conceptual approach to their craft. Since their debut as a group in 2014 they have had numerous exhibitions both in Norway and abroad.
ARKIVET sets out to investigate, through their individual works, different angles on how jewelry may work as a medium to promote dialogue in society today. Projects are developed through discussion and research with a common wish to bring jewelry as an artistic expression into contemporary society. As an example ideological, socialist, capitalist or ecological values may be analysed and processed through jewelry to artistic expression that fosters reflection.
The jewelry materials, artistic idiom and narrative content discusses concepts in the context of sitespecific exhibition design. For each project ARKIVET reaches out to interdisciplinary collaborators such as musicians, writers and philosophers, and ARKIVET also publishes annual publications.
In the WORTHLESS project the group wishes to explore how worth or value is perceived in today’s society. What makes something valuable? What is worthless? ARKIVET promotes a visual and mental association space for a discourse about the social and economic mechanisms that govern what is considered valuable. ARKIVET emphasizes the communicative aspects of jewelry and chooses to reveal something about human dignity, political aspects, self-esteem and the environment. 

Putte H. Dal - "Idle Wandering" Pendant Machine parts, stopper, brass, aluminium, steel Putte Helene Dal  - « Idle Wandering » Pendant Machine parts, stopper, brass, aluminium, steel

 Hilde Dramstad - "Transit" Pendant Ash, plaster, silver, sponge, wood, lacquerHilde Dramstd – « Transit » Pendant Ash, plaster, silver, sponge, wood, lacquer

Heidi Sand  "Good for Nothing"  Pendant Silver, laminate, plastic-coated steel, nylon threadHeidi Sand  « Good for Nothing »  Pendant Silver, laminate, plastic-coated steel, nylon thread

Elsie-Ann Hochlin  "Grab Them by the Pussy"  Brooch Chessmen, brass, hemp thread, paperElsie-ann Hochlin  « Grab Them by the Pussy »  Brooch Chessmen, brass, hemp thread, paper

Camilla Luihn  "The Aleppo Piece. Fragments of a broken country"  100 Brooches Enamel, copperCamilla Luihn  « The Aleppo Piece. Fragments of a broken country »  100 Brooches Enamel, copper



IOS22 Creative Gallery (art + architecture)
Tzaferi 10, 11854, Gazi  – Athens (GR)
tel. (+30) 210 3460710
www.ios22.comopening hours: Friday: 12.00 – 21.00, Saturday: 11.00 – 19.00, Sunday: 11.00 – 17.00



DECOUVERTE : Hedda Bjerkeli, « BLOBBY » & PINKY !

Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,DECOUVERTE,Hedda BJERKELI (NO),Norvege (NO) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:24

Hedda Bjerkeli :

« I like beautiful things that don’t quite match, that disturb the eye.
 The essence of my work is shape/material/color. I do investigational work with stone and jewellery. I want color of the stone, but not its weight. Therefor I use a technic were I crush the stone into fine powder and mix it with resin to give it a shape again.
 I like round shapes, I like when round shapes meet and that they meet several times. Either if they are firmly pressed against each other or just gently put beside one another, they are influenced with the tension that emerge and are shaped in that moment. I am inspired by everything that grows, the changes of a physical body. My jewelleries are natural forms that grow out of something and grow into something new that continues of its own.
I like beautiful things that don’t quite match, that disturb the eye. Disturbing is how life is. I want to show something beautiful in my jewellery, something that I like and care about. At the same time there is a presence of something unknown and disturbing. There is no such thing as perfect. There is a wish and a lust for something perfect. But being perfect is not possible because the shape is then identical with an idea or a thought of how perfect should look like. My process of making these jewelleries is a search for a shape that gives the eye pleasance and satisfaction, but at the same time curiosity and challenge. »

2008  :  Master, at Ädellab- jewellery and silversmith, Konstfack, Stockholm  Sweden

Old fun - Hedda BjerkeliOld fun – Hedda Bjerkeli

Hedda BjerkeliHedda Bjerkeli – Disturbing Eye Candy serie

Hedda Bjerkeli - Old funHedda Bjerkeli - Old fun brooch

Hedda Bjerkeli,  Disturbing eye candy series 2012Hedda Bjerkeli,  Disturbing eye candy series 2012

Disturbing Eye Candy, Hedda Bjerkeli 2012Hedda Bjerkeli - Disturbing Eye Candy, 2012

Hedda Bjerkeli - Old funHedda Bjerkeli - Old fun

Hedda Bjerkeli - Disturbing Eye Candy 2012Hedda Bjerkeli - Disturbing Eye Candy 2012


Amberif – Gdansk (Poland) – Amberif – Gdansk (Poland) –Design Award & Fair : 19-22 Mars 2014

AMBERIF – International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones



Amberif Design Award 2014 – exhibition of the award-winning works in the International Amber Jewellery Design Competition theme of 2014 : “Materia Prima”

AMBERIF design award

The watchword of this year’s Amberif Design Award is not just the alchemic representation of the primal substance able to take on the perfect form but also a direct reference to the contemporary idea of sustainability in design which respects local tradition, refers to the historical heritage of functional arts and elevates natural materials. Prized already in ancient Rome, Baltic amber is predisposed, as a substance close to the ideal, to be transformed into an original design. The unique nature of each individual nugget has always provoked artists to look for the right form, interpret associations, make use of its internal structure, colours, shades, transparencies and natural peculiarities preserved for the lucky finder over the past 40 million years. In an era of disposable products, it is sometimes worthwhile to look back to pre-history and fix your sight on the elusive aspects of both the physical and the metaphysical. The material, the medium itself usually gives designers a hint towards their first decisions; let us try to listen to this hint and follow through with it. We expect jewellery (without any functional limitations at all) in which the amber will be a remarkably strong justification for highlighting its most natural properties.Prof. Sławomir Fijałkowski

At the session of February 15, 2014 in Gdańsk, the Jury assessed 143 works submitted by 111 artists from 18 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia , Spain, Taiwan, UK, USA in the Competition with the topic Materia Prima.

Amberif Design Award 2014 : Main Prize  Nina Kupniewska & Dario Dalessandro

sponsored by Mr Paweł Adamowicz, the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk PLN 10,000:

Nina Kupniewska – Dario Dalessandro, Warsaw, Poland
This is a potent and brave piece – funny, uncomfortable, serious and maybe controversial.
It prompts discussion about our attitudes toward menstruation. In the past, this has been considered unmentionable, embarrassing, even dirty, although it is a natural and healthy process, fundamental to human life. Amber, hidden in the ground for so long, has an association of time and the mysteries of natural processes. Displaying the tampon in such a beautiful material potentially stands for a positive change in attitude.
Amberif Design Award 2014 -the Amber prize -  necklace by  Tomasz KisielTHE AMBER PRIZE

sponsored by the International Amber Association 1 kg of amber:
Tomasz Jan Kisiel, Gdańsk, Poland

The piece relates to the Materia Prima theme of the competition in a very convincing way.
An iconic necklace which is made special by the contrasting materials used. The qualities of the natural amber are highlighted by the contrast with the texture and colour of the other rough beads. There was much discussion about what these were made of. Tufa? Concrete? Bread?

  Amberif Design Award 2014 - the SILVER prize -necklace by Maren Giloy THE SILVER PRIZE

sponsored by the KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. 1 kg of silver:
Maren Giloy, Idar-Oberstein, Germany
The beautiful natural amber nugget has been exquisitely cut to form the regular shape of
a necklace. The artist perfectly tapped into amber’s natural assets, i.e. transparency, the tree crust effect and the proportions of the nugget. By deconstructing the upper part, the designer achieved an intriguing effect of contrast between shape and texture. The Jury acknowledged the artist’s meticulous knowledge of amber as a material and the use of unconventional techniques to transform the commonplace shape of the necklace-amulet into a piece that is both avant-garde and elegant.
The Jury decided to award six honorary mentions which evoke what the topic of Materia Prima brings to mind :
* Miron Kutarba, Puck, Poland for entry no. 021609
An intriguing combination of amber—a mixture of natural polymers, with plastic—artificial polymer chains.
Tamara Grüner, Pforzheim, Germany for entry no. 290473
Delightful piece, rich in detail and an unusual use of amber.
* Agnieszka Krzyżanowska, Bydgoszcz, Poland for entry no. 121106
For its graceful form and distinctive structure evocative of the natural conditions in which amber formed.
* Agnieszka Krzyżanowska, Bydgoszcz, Poland for entry no. 061112
Materia Prima—amber is central in more than one sense here. A very appealing and mysterious piece.
* Philip Sajet, Bruchkobel, Germany for entry no. 151053
For simplicity of message, the quintessence of amber encapsulated in a ring.
* Susanne HolzingerRegensburg, Germany for entry no. 936717
High quality presentation with a surprising and cheeky use of amber.
Philip Sajet -  Amber GlueringPhilip Sajet -  Amber Gluering

Amberif 2014 : HONORARY MENTION Susanne HolzingerSusanne Holzinger
The Jury selected 14 further works by the following artists for publication in the AMBERIF 2014 Fair Catalogue and for display at the exhibition:
Karolina Krych, Mikołajki Pomorskie, Poland for entry no. 240488
Karolina Navus Wysocka, Gdańsk, Poland for entry no. 789156
Marta Rudnicka, Łódź, Poland for entry no. 840328
Adriana Lisowska, Łódź, Poland for entry no. 836274
Iona Mccuaig, Saffron Walden, UK for entry no. 792031
Alicja Kołakowska, Pruszków, Poland for entry no. 361903
Tamara Grüner, Pforzheim, Germany for entry no. 290474
Wanying Xu, Florence, Italy for entry no. XYZ993
Heidemarie Herb, Perugia, Italy for entry no. 281000
Sara Gackowska, Międzychód, Poland for entry no. 710342
Piotr Tołkin, Gdańsk, Poland for entry no. 280813
Adriana Lisowska, Łódź, Poland for entry no. 233715
Monika Woszczak, Bydgoszcz, Poland for entry no. 230720
Karolina Krych, Mikołajki Pomorskie, Poland for entry no. 041010
Heidemarie Herb Brooch: Untitled, 2013 925 Silver, raw amber, steel, pigment 4 x 5,5 x 1,5 cm Photo: Silvana TiliHeidemarie Herb Brooch: Untitled, 2013 925 Silver, raw amber, steel, pigment 4 x 5,5 x 1,5 cm Photo: Silvana Tili
Amberif 2014, Gdańsk International Fair Co.
11 Zaglowa Street
80-560 – Gdansk
Telephone: +48 58 55 49 362


EXPO ‘Below Sea Level’ – Galleri Format, Oslo (Norway) – 17 Janv.-17 Mars 2013

Below Sea Level – Jewellery from the Netherlands

(Manon van Kouswijk « Pearl Walk » Amsterdam)

Artists:  Ruudt Peters Ted NotenLucy SarneelManon van KouswijkEvert NijlandJantje FleischhutGésine HackenbergIris NieuwenburgNhat-Vu Dang


Today jewellery in the Netherlands is versatile; many different sources of inspiration, approaches and styles co-exist. Yet there is a mentality and an engagement that goes much further than just aesthetics. One can identify certain key notions that touch the chore of this approach: questioning, experimenting, abstraction, consistency, and the tendency to do things well but with a playful touch, to investigate profoundly and to work with a qualifying concept or narrative. The selected artists are all different and unique in their approach, but share the same inquiring mentality. The selection includes an iconoclast, an entertaining conceptualist, a joyous zinc smith, a chain artist, a romanticist, a designer in synthetic materials, a still life pictorialist, a storyteller and a playful abstractionist – together they present Dutch jewellery in all its broadness.
The exhibition will also present the renowned project “Wanna Swap Your Ring” by Atelier Ted Noten. The installation consist of 500 Miss Piggy-rings in shocking pink mounted on the wall of the exhibition space, all placed within the imaginary contours of a handgun. Spectators can obtain a ring made by the master by replacing it with an old one of theirs. What counts is not the value. Noten is equally happy to receive precious rings or cheap ones. What counts is the exchange of old stories and new ones. All the stories together will gradually fill the pistol-shape, changing the symbol of aggression into a charming and multi-faceted scene. A shift in meaning occurs, as is often the case in work by Noten, who has a penchant for combining opposing symbols. For the attentive viewer, the interactive installation holds countless different meanings.

  EXPO 'Below Sea Level' - Galleri Format, Oslo (Norway) - 17 Janv.-17 Mars 2013 dans Evert NIJLAND (NL) WANNA_SWAP_YOUR_RING

Atelier Ted Noten / Wanna Swap your ring / Museum of Contemporary Art

3JinglingRoofsSarneeljpg dans Exposition/ExhibitionLucy Sarneel « Jingling Roofs » necklace

Yellow_Bracelet_by_KYLE_small dans Gal. Format (NO)Nhat-Vu Dang « Yellow Bracelet »


Galleri Format Oslo
Rådhusgaten 24
0151 – Oslo
Telephone: +47 22 41 45 40


EXPO ‘The Black of Night’ – Galleri Seilduken, Oslo (NO) – 18-21 Jan. 2013

KL!NK & Friends present: The Black of Night

KL!NK Metal invites you to our exhibition: ‘KL!NK & Friends present:The Black of Night’ during the Nordic jewellery exhibition and symposium ‘From the Coolest Corner’in Oslo.

KL!NK -   next show is now ready - we hope to see you all next Friday at 17:00 at Galleri Seilduken in Oslo!

Six Norwegian and nine specially invited jewellery artists from the Nordic countries show necklaces based on the theme ‘The Black of Night’.
We hope to see you all at the opening in Galleri Seilduken at Khio at 17:00!
For more information see our website;

KL!NK & friends present: 'The Black of Night' during the exhibition and symposium 'From the Coolest Corner' in Oslo in January 2013

participants :
Anna Talbot –  Anne Léger Hedda BjerkeliHelene Josefsen LinkosuonioRuna Vethal Stølen  – Toril Bonsaksen
Lisa Björke Yasar Aydin
Krista Ruohonen –  Tiina Rajakallio
Louise Grenaa  –  Pernille MouritzenSarah Hurtigkarl
Hildur Ýr Jónsdóttir
Katarina Kotselainen


Hildur Ýr Jónsdottir - necklace made from old rubber rings used in fishing nets Hildur Ýr Jónsdottir, Festi, 2012 – necklace made from old rubber rings used in fishing nets

Yasar Aydin, from Sweden
Yasar Aydin
Helene Josefsen Linkosuonio - The Invisible, 2010. Patinated copper object, ca 30cm long. Photo: Ingrid Løvtun Helene Josefsen Linkosuonio  – The Invisible, 2010. Patinated copper object, ca 30cm long. Photo: Ingrid Løvtun
Anna Talbot's Jewellery Anna Talbot
Hedda Bjerkeli - 'Crystal cluster' necklace - silver, hematite and slices of lepidolite (purple mica) Hedda Bjerkeli – ‘Crystal cluster’ necklace – silver, hematite and slices of lepidolite (purple mica)(back view)
Anne Léger - Nocturne 2012 - necklace - carved wood, silver, enamel, pearl Anne Léger – Nocturne 2012 – necklace – carved wood, silver, enamel, pearl
Toril Bonsaksen - physalis-alengi - Earrings. Copper, silver, 2011 Toril Bonsaksen – physalis-alengi – Earrings. Copper, silver, 2011
Runa Vethal Stølen - brooch Runa Vethal Stølen – brooch
Katarina Kotselainen -   Necklace: Night is dark  Foto: Salla Lahtinen Katarina Kotselainen -   Necklace: Night is dark  Foto: Salla Lahtinen
Sarah Vedel Hurtigkarl -Denmark Sarah Vedel Hurtigkarl
Krista Ruohonen: Sense - limit - imagination Krista Ruohonen: Sense – limit – imagination

Oslo National Academy of the Arts – Galleri Seilduken

 Fossveien 24, Grünerløkka

0551 Oslo, Norge


EXPO ‘FROM THE COOLEST CORNER’ – National Museum of Art, Architecture & Design, Oslo (Norway) – 19 janv.-21 Avril 2013


from the coolest corner

From the Coolest Corner – Nordic Jewellery presents groundbreaking and fresh jewellery from Northern Europe, a comprehensive selection of current works by artists from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the Baltic States. The best and most innovative Scandinavian art jewellery is presented, assessing its possibilities and potential at the beginning of the twenty-first century.
The project presented in this publication, culminating in a symposium and a travelling exhibition, challenges stereotypical notions of northern European art jewellery. Do the typical Nordic trends of the nineteen-nineties still apply today? Indeed are there currently any general trends at all in Scandinavian design? Or has the orientation towards international design become so dominant that there are no longer any regional characteristics?
Renowned experts have made a selection of representative works, as a basis for researching the role of northern European jewellery in the context of international art.

With 160 works by artists from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the Baltic States, this publication considers the significance, strategies and trends of Nordic jewellery art in the early twenty-first century. Expert authors present the backgrounds, developments and characteristics of the contemporary jewellery.

Authors| jury: Liesbeth den Besten (NL) – Widar Halén (NO) – Love Jönsson (SE) – Päivi Ruutiainen (FI) – Jorunn Veiteberg (DK/NO)

Helga Ragnhildur MogensenHelga Ragnhildur Mogensen, Island, neck piece The Red Thread, 2010, driftwood, thread, sterling silver

Exhibition(s)  at
* The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway 19.1. to 21. 4. 2013,
afterwards at the
* Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen // The Danish Design Museum, Copenhagen, DK
* the Design Museum, Helsinki // The Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland (nov. 2013-Jan 2014)
* The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn, Estonia
* the Röhsska Museum of fashion, design & decorative arts, Gothenburg , Sweden
* at Galerie Handwerk, Munich, March 2015 // Galerie Handwerk , München, Germany during ‘Schmuck’ 2015

Further information:

Touring plan


Includes a parallel program with 15 exhibitions and events all over Oslo in the winter of 2013
Oslo (NO)
Copenhagen (DK)
Helsinki (FI)
Tallinn (EE)
19 January – 21 April 2013
28 June – 15 September 2013
29 November 2013 – 12 January 2014
7 March – 11 May 2014
31 May – 21 September 2014
March 2015

19th January -  21st April 2013:
Nasjonalmuseet for kunst, arkitektur og design, Oslo, Norway – Kunstindustrimuseet
www.nasjonalmuseet.no13.06. – 15.09.13:
Designmuseum Danmark, København in Danmark
designmuseum.dk10th October – November 2013:
Design Museum in Helsinki, Helsinki in Finland
www.designmuseum.fiJanuary to April 2014:
Röhsska museet, Göteborg in Sweden
www.designmuseum.seMarch 2015
Galerie Handwerk, München in Germany during „Schmuck“



The following 61 artists have been invited to participate in the exhibition:
Denmark: Annette DamMarie-Louise KristensenKaori Juzu - Josephine Winther – Julie Bach – Thorkild Thøgersen
Finland: Ami Avellán – Aino Favén – Clarice Finell – Janne Hirvonen – Sirja Knaapi – Mervi Kurvinen – Mirja Marsch – Anna RikkinenJanna Syvänoja – Monica Wickström
Iceland: Hulda B. Ágústsdóttir – Ástþór & Kjartan for Orr – Hildur Ýr Jónsdóttir – Helga Ragnhildur Mogensen
Norway: Liv BlåvarpSigurd Bronger – Linnea Calder – Lillan Eliassen – Elise Hatlø – Anne Léger – Anna Talbot – Gunnhild Tjåland
Sweden: Tobias AlmBeatrice BroviaNicolas Cheng – Åsa Elmstam – Daniela Hedman – Hanna Hedman – Karin Johansson – Jenny Klemming – Agnieszka KnapAgnes Larsson – Kajsa Lindberg – Paula LindblomÅsa LocknerMärta Mattsson – Lena Olson – Lina PetersonAnnika Pettersson – Margareth Sandström – Sanna SvedestedtAnna Unsgaard – Peter de Wit - Sara Borgegård Älgå – Annika Åkerfelt
Estonia: Julia Maria KünnapMaarja Niimagi – Kristi Paap – Anna-Marie Saar – Tanel Veenre

Guests of Honour :
The jury decided to invite jewellers who had and are still having a great impact on the artistic development of the jewellery scene in their country :
Denmark: Kim Buck  //  Finland: Helena Lehtinen  //  Norway: Konrad Mehus   //  Sweden: Tore Svendson // Estonia: Kadri Mälk

Anna Talbot (NO), necklace Oh My Deer, 2011 (expo "from the coolest corner" Anna Talbot (NO), necklace Oh My Deer, 2011

Kim Buck (DK)_Bonsai I-V_2012 ringer Kim Buck (DK) – « Bonsai I-V » 2012 ringer

Designmuseum Danmark - FROM THE COOLEST CORNER - "Pumpous" 2011 by Kim Buck « Pumpous » 2011 by Kim Buck

Konrad Mehus (NO)_Birds nest_2003 Konrad Mehus (NO) – Birds nest – 2003

"untitled" Janna Syvänoja, Finland.  Shown at the exhibition at the National Museum. Janna Syvänoja, Finland – « untitled »

Every Road Is Just Another Way Home by Lillan Eliassen, Norway. Lillan Eliassen, Norway – « Every Road Is Just Another Way Home »

Tore Svensson - not classic typology of portrait –medaillons Tore Svensson – not classic typology of portrait –medaillon/brooch

Elise Hatlø -   Grandma sings the bluesElise Hatlø -   Grandma sings the blues Agnieszka Knap (SWE) "anatomy_of_fear" 2011_enameloncopper_Agnieszka Knap (SWE) « anatomy of fear » 2011 enamel on copper Feet from the Ground Series by Daniela Hedman. Daniela HedmanFeet from the Ground Series

Helena Lehtinen (FIN)_Gardens_2012 halskjede

Helena Lehtinen (FIN)  – Gardens – 2012 halskjede

Hedmann Hanna (SWE) "While_they_await_extinction"  (Spheniscus magellanicus) halskjede 2011

Hanna Hedmann (SWE) – « While_they_await_extinction »  (Spheniscus magellanicus) halskjede 2011

Julia Maeia Kunnap (Est.) "from the middle of a dream" brooch 2010 Julia Maria Kunnap (Est.) « from the middle of a dream » brooch 2010

Sigurd Bronger -Norway, Fan Brooch, 2009, gold-plated brass, steel, enamel paint, 80 x 25 mm Sigurd Bronger -Norway, Fan Brooch, 2009, gold-plated brass, steel, enamel paint

‘Breaking the Ice’ symposium with theorists, artists and representatives of galleries, museums and other establishments, on the subject of the present and future of jewellery art, to be held in January 2013 in Oslo/Norway.


There will be a wide range of jewellery events taking place in various locations in Oslo in January 2013. We are working with the following galleries:

  • Galleri Expo Arte – young graduate jewellery students from abroad
  • Galleri Format Oslo – Jewellery from The Netherlands and New Zealand
  • RAM galleri – Camilla Luihn ‘The cloud, the wave and the koi remix’
  • Kunsthåndverkerne i Kongensgate – ‘Lightspot’
  • Kunstnerforbundet – Ingjerd Hanevold
  • Vigeland Museet – ‘Aftermath’
  • BRUDD – ‘Yours Sincerely’
  • Galleri Seilduken – KL!NK presents ‘The Black of Night’
  • Window Exhibition at Fritjof Nansens Plass

There will also be arranged several exhibitions at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

More information about the program (pdf)

Lillan EliassenLillan Eliassen, Norway, neck piece « Courage », 2012, casting clay, copper

"very guilty" brooch Kadri Malk Kadri Mälk, (Guest of Honour Estonia), brooch « Very Guilty », 2010, Siberian jet, black rhodium plated with white gold, spinel, tourmalines

The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway
The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design
St. Olavs gate 1

Martina Kaufmann (Project Leader)  :


Decouverte : Elise Hatlø jewellery

Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,Elise HATLO (NO),Gal. Format (NO),metal,Norvege (NO) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:02

Elise Hatlø, découverte à l’occasion de COLLECT 2011, présentée par la Galerie FORMAT.
Elise Hatlø Necklace – Silver, copper, paint, silk and smokey quartz. (presented at Collect 2011)

Elise Hatlø- necklace  »Grandma goes to Tokyo » album – Silver, copper, paint, silk and natural stones (collect 2011) (SUPERBES !)

Born in 1981 – In 2007-2009 :  Masters degree, Visual Art, metal department Oslo National Academy Of The Arts  -
Is part of  Norwegian Crafts Association since 2009, and of « KLINK », a group of 12 metal artists. »My work is represented by the norwegian gallery Format.
The jewellery is made in silver, copper, precious stones and silk


Me fait irrémédiablement penser aux « rejas » Sevillanes, ces grilles qui protégeaient/décoraient les fenêtres …… MAIS me fait aussi beaucoup penser aux bijoux de Hanna Hedman …….  ce qui n’enlève rien au fait que j’aime les bijoux de l’une comme de l’autre, MAIS …..
Elise Hatlø - ‘Ghost town’ brooches – 2010
Elise Hatlø - ‘Ghost town’ brooches – 2010
Elise Hatlø - ‘Ghost town’ 3
Elise Hatlø - ‘Ghost town’ brooches – 2010
Elise Hatlø - Brooch w smokey quartz
Elise Hatlø - necklace w smokey quartz

Elise Hatlø - necklace
Elise Hatlø - Brooch w smokey quartz  2

Elise Hatlø - Brooch from the seris « Ghost town » -Electroformed and patinated silver and copper. Smokey Quartz and silk. 2010

Elise Hatlø - Brooch from the seris « Ghost town » – The brooches are all made in electroformed and patinated silver.


Decouverte : Nanna Melland – all around, and inside, the body

Classé dans : Nanna MELLAND (NO),Norvege (NO),organics,recup' / recycled — bijoucontemporain @ 0:08

Nanna Melland

« Comme je le vois, la ligne est mince entre attraction et répulsion. Cela peut rapidement se changer en dégoût. Tout comme le corps est à la fois beau et attrayant, il est aussi odieux et redoutable dans sa constante évolution et sa décadence. Comme l’amour entre les personnes balance entre la joie céleste et de plaisir, mais aussi la douleur«
Nanna Melland- Heart Charm (2000)

People who personally have been close to death, always impress me with their appreciation of life. As if they know that it does not last forever, in contrast to many of us, who seem tolive as if death is never going to happen.Nanna Melland (Rickson blog)
Nanna Melland-« 687 Years » is about birth control methods – made of used IUD’s from hundreds of women. (2006-2008)

Decouverte : Nanna Melland - all around, and inside, the body dans Nanna MELLAND (NO) anm_melland_dverkprisen
Nanna Melland- “687 Years” Copper, Iron, Iud  2006-08 Work owned by Nordenfjelske Fine Art Museum 

18-2 dans Norvege (NO)
Nanna Melland-, Ave Maria, 2008 – Bronse, jern

NanaMelland dans organics
Nanna Melland- Fragment of Life, 2004 (photo Otto Kunzli)

melland_08 dans recup' / recycled
Matters of the heart - at « With Heart » exhibition (2008, Iron Inc. gallery Copenhague)


EXPO ‘Sigurd Bronger: Balloon Voyage’ – Lillehammer Kunstmuseum, Lillehammer (Norway) – 2 Avril-5 Juin 2011

The exhibition BALLOON VOYAGE presents Sigurd Bronger’s artistic development from the 1980s to the present day,

EXPO 'Sigurd Bronger: Balloon Voyage' - Lillehammer Kunstmuseum, Lillehammer (Norway) - 2 Avril-5 Juin 2011 dans BOOKS / BIBLIO 24473

 Sigurd Bronger (b. 1957) is regarded both in Norway and abroad as a leading contemporary art jeweller. The exhibition BALLOON VOYAGE presents Bronger’s artistic development from the 1980s to the present day, and includes a large number of works loaned from public and private collections in Norway and other countries as well as completely new pieces. Bronger’s objects bear little relation to traditional art jewellery. He combines natural and everyday materials with precious metals to create witty and surprising objects that are technically advanced and often give the illusion of machines. His works question not only the art of jewellery but also the role played by the wearer in our society. In his Laboratorium Mechanum, Bronger constructs his inventive “carrying devices” – a unique form of expression at an entirely new meeting place between art, art jewellery, design and engineering.

Sigurd Bronger Blow up ring

Sigurd Bronger
, Fanbrooch

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Sigurd BrongerBalloon Brooch, 2001 -rubber, chrome-plated brass, h.27 cm
Sigurd Bronger Duck egg ring

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With works from the 1980s to the present day, this 2011 book will carry you off into the humorous world of the decorative engineering art of Sigurd Bronger, one of the most significant Norwegian jewelry artists today. 192 pages. 180 color illustrations


bagues incroyables de Sigurd Bronger

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« Sigurd Bronger (*1957) lives and works in Oslo. He has shown work at numerous international group shows and has lectured and taught at distinguished art colleges, including the Royal College of Art in London. The love of machines and mechanisms which are no longer used is not merely an expression for humanity’s nostalgic search for the past, but also a comment on our present-day lack of sensibility: Our competence to join beauty with practicality. « The industrial object which becomes an aesthetic value is rendered unusable. It becomes useless beauty, instruments without function. » (Octavio Paz)   » (web « Tanimpimpaporn« )

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