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La Pologne, c’est aussi l’AMBRE de la Baltique …..

Difficile de trouver du beau bijou contemporain (je veux dire pas du « basique-gnan-gnan…) dans ce domaine !

Honey Amber Necklace
« DreamsFactory » – Honey amber necklace (en vente sur
Gedan – collier ( collier = Naszyjniki) Pologne, c'est aussi l'AMBRE de la Baltique ..... dans ambre / amber be43ddf3bb9a2de6fb66cdb566e827b0_m
Roman Kowalkowski - bague (bague = « pierścionki »)
Marcin Zaremski – unpolished amber and silver clasp bracelet (bracelet = « bransolete »)
Danka Wojtiuk  necklace
Marcin Zaremski - unpolished amber and a silver clasp necklace (ROYAL !)

Polish artist, Marcin Zaremski studied at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts while honing his skills at his parent’s art studio. His Polish roots are reflected in his heavy use of amber, used primarily in its natural state. Zaremski’s studio is located in Warsaw, where he has opperated his own gallery/studio since 1991 – (voir d’autres de ses bijoux d’ambre ici)


A VOIR : le Portail de l’ambre ( en polonais…et anglais !

et l’espace/galerie AmberART à Barcelone


 Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery in Glasgow will host an exhibition on February 2010 “Amber: Treasures from Poland” prepared as a part of celebration of the Polish year in the British Isles 


COUP de COEUR ! bracelets …. Polonais !

J’avoue que je n’y comprends pas grand’chose, à part que j’en ai déduit que « bransoleta » voulait dire « bracelet » (puisque, c’est logique, « naszyjnik » voulait dire collier …. ;-) ), et que …. il y avait sur cette page qui parle de … je ne sais quoi… de « fichtre » beaux bracelets !!! :-) donc les voici, brut de « déchiffrage », tant il est vrai que ce qui est beau parle de lui-même …..

Jacek Byczewski - bransoleta z plastikowych linek do mocowania metek i złota
Pawel Kaczyński - bransoleta
Paweł Kaczyński - bransoleta.
Michał Wyszomirski – bransoleta
Paweł Kaczyński - bransoleta ( argent et acier de couleur. Fermoir en argent.)
Janusz Glinicki

Radosław Szwed, bransoleta, srebro, pióra
Radosław Szwed, bransoleta, srebro, pióra

Jan SUCHODOLSKI a les boules …. mais pas que ….

Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,Gal. Zero925 (PL),Jan SUCHODOLSKI (PL),Pologne (PL),Zero925 (PL) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:31

Profusions de colliers et bracelets faits de boules chez le créateur polonais Jan Suchodolski ….

Jan SUCHODOLSKI a les boules .... mais pas que .... dans COUP DE COEUR 6571_1180525747275_1052101475_30548937_3146624_n6571_1180525707274_1052101475_30548936_5538562_n dans Gal. Zero925 (PL)6571_1180524907254_1052101475_30548929_305708_n dans Jan SUCHODOLSKI (PL)6571_1180524947255_1052101475_30548930_869667_n dans Pologne (PL)
 bracelets et colliers – argent recouvert d’un émail synthétique

Très belles boules d’ailleurs… couleur dense, belle rondeur, appellent au toucher ! ;-)

Et puis … on quitte les boules pour d’autres formes, rappelant la nature. Un collier où semblent butiner des abeilles, un autre rappelant des feuilles mortes, un bracelet fait de bois flotté « chic-isé » par la peinture d’or ….
Jan Suchodolski - necklace 1994 Goldplated silver
Jan Suchodolski – necklace (necklace=naszyjnik)

Jan Suchodolski, Bracelet, 1996
Jan Suchodolski - bracelet 1996 Wood (from sea), gold peinture

Jan Suchodolski, Bracelet, 1997
Jan Suchodolski - bracelet 1997 Oxidised silver (bracelet=bransoletka)


à « shoper » sur le site de la Galerie Zero925 !

et … nouvelles créations ! girls, girls, girls ! :-)

28405_408290664168_133826414168_3868801_6496461_n dans Zero925 (PL)
babeczki’ boucles d’oreilles (=kolczyki)



Contemporary Polish Jewellery

To mark the anniversary of Poland’s entry to the European Union (in 2004) , Flow gallery is linking up with Gallery Bielak, Krakow.
Director of Flow gallery, Yvonna Demczynska, has selected a group of British jewellers with the intention of representing a diverse hand of the most innovative makers on the contemporary scene. Running parallel to her endeavours, Andrzej Bielak, together with the Polish Association of Jewellery Artists, has picked out a body of work that effectively highlights the excellence in current Polish jewellery.
Andrzej Bielak is at the fore of promoting Poland’s fine art jewellery, having co-founded the Association of Jewellery Artists. We will not be let down by his knowledge, passion or commitment. We particularly look forward to seeing his award winning work.
In drawing attention to some of the jewellers selected, let us look at Bohdan Jan Suchodolski. He has shown in solo and group shows internationally, where his precious materials combine with the more unorthodox. Also taking a mixed media approach are Antek Zaremski and Arkadiusz Wolski. Interestingly, Arkadiusz studied oceanography but set up his own jewellery workshop on graduation. He favours amber, but also employs metal to explore his ideas.

Also changing tack in career post-university is Jacek Byczewski. Having studied sculpture at the Acadamy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Jacek became a jeweller. From this turning point in 1973 Jacek has gone on to berepresented at over 90 international exhibitions, with work in both public and private collections.
Agnieszka Bruzda‘s executes her simple forms exclusively in metal, as does Mariusz Pajaczkowski. Mariusz lives and works in Warsaw, having co-founded the university gallery ‘Brama’. He uses a variety of precious metals.
Jacek A. Rochacki descends from the well known artist/jeweller family. His distinguished career having seen him win multiple awards at the SILVER competitions in Legnica.

The list of work coming to Flow Gallery is completed by that of Pawel Kaczynski, Bogumil Bytomski, Marcin Tyminski, Krzysztof Roszkiewicz, Krzysztof Piotrowski, Jan Wiszniewski, Maryla Maria Dubiel and Aleksandra i Jakub Wyganowscy.

Jewellery travelling to Poland from Yoko Izawa, Alison Macleod, Katy Hackney, Kaz Robertson, Katie Murphy, Kayo Saito, Jane Adam, Hannah Lamb, Carla Edwards, Tanja Ufer, Katie Clarke, Angela O’Kelly and Laura Baxter.

The trade between Flow Gallery and Gallery Bielak looks to be stimulating and thoughtful. It’s scope maybe necessarily defined, but it is hoped that the transfer of ideas will extend beyond that solely between Britain and Poland.

Paweł Kaczyński Pawel Kaczynski bracelet

Contemporary Polish Jewellery dans Agnieszka BRUZDA (PL) brosza%20silver
 Andrzej Bielak

brooches dans Andrzej BIELAK (PL)
Bohdan Jan Suchodolski
Jan Suchodolski  - necklace

Bogumil Bytomski Bogumil Bytomski - bracelet

Ring by Grzegorz Blazko. Silver with acrylic. Grzegorz BŁAŻKO Ring – Silver with acrylic
Pawel Kaczynski  necklaces

jacek rochacki - earrings Jacek A. Rochacki
Agnieszka Bruzda necklace

Jacek byczewski Jacek Byczewski
Jacek Byczewski – necklace made of stainless steel and gold (Mercurius Gedanensis Jewellery Competition- 2008- TECHNICAL INNOVATION award)

Marcin Tyminski Tomasz Ogrodowski
Aleksandra i Jakub Wyganowscy
Arkadiusz Wolski

Goldsmithing Artists` Association (STFZ = Stowarzyszenie Twórców Form Złotniczych)
STFZ co-organize top Polish exhibitions and competitions of artistic goldsmithing like « Revues of goldsmithing forms » of Legnica, and annual « Prezentacje » in Waszawa; formerly the artistic part of jewellery and watchmaking fairs « PAI TIME » in Warszawa and the « CAMELOT » of Kraków. The informative tool of STFZ is newsletter « INFO », edited 5 – 7 times per annum, and the web site. STFZ actively participate in international goldsmithing life cooperating with many goldsmithing associations, nets of contacts and by support to the
à cette page, une galerie de photos des oeuvres des créateurs Polonais

mise à jour sept.2012 : n’arrive plus à la page de STFZ – voir page STFZ sur Facebook


Bielak Gallery

Slawkowska St.
Cracovia (Poland/Pologne)
tél : +48 601 43 53 99
fax  +48 12 637 46 34


CONCOURS ‘Minimum’ – deadline : 6 avril 2010 – EXPO Legnica 8mai-13 juin 2010


CONCOURS 'Minimum' - deadline : 6 avril 2010  - EXPO Legnica 8mai-13 juin 2010 dans AGC Italia Logo%20Minimum

« Secondo molti studi e statistiche, circa 1/3 delle persone ha problemi con una comprensione funzionale dei testi semplici. E’ stato scoperto che questa percentuale è molto più elevata nel caso dei testi introduttivi della problematica dei concorsi di gioielli artistici. Pertanto, il prossimo tema e la sua motivazione sono stati limitati al: MINIMO« 
L’obiettivo dell’esposizione è quello di mostrare le più recenti realizzazioni d’arte contemporanea di gioielli. Le opere
devono essere gioielli nel senso ampio del termine, devono esprimere un concetto originale e creativo nonche’ rappresentare
un elevato livello artistico ed esecutivo.
Gli organizzatori non pongono nessun limite per quanto riguarda i materiali utilizzati e le tecniche adottate, tuttavia, volendo
rispettare la quasi trentennale tradizione del concorso, agli artisti viene richiesto l’uso dell’argento nelle proprie opere.
We invite you sincerely to take part in 19th Legnica International Jewellery Competition  minimum
In the framework  of Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2010 under the patronage of Minister of Culture and National Heritage
Create an artistic answer on the topic of our competition. Stand up to idea, rules and take part in MINIMUM.

(we enclose rules of the Competition  in six language versions: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian and entry form in English)

 Deadline for sending pieces:  6th  APRIL  2010 / Termine ultimo 6 aprile 2010

then exhibition during The Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2010  - 8 May-13 June 2010

public/userfiles/Italian version of rules.pdf
Download entry form and the rules: here.

List of participants :
Andrzej Adamski – Poland  — Jacek Baron – Poland  — BASTARD Collection (Veronika  Schmidt, Ingrid Römmich) – Germany — Karolina Bik – Poland — Marta Bogusz – Poland — Sigurd Bronger – Norway — Sungho Cho – South Korea  –  Reip Chopin – Israel — Cooperation // STANDARD  (Tobias Schäfer, Laura Pregger, Moritz Walther, Ingrid Römmich) – Germany, Switzerland  – Diana Dudek – Germany — Raimon Esquerra – Spain — Marcella Ferretti – Germany –  Alina Filimoniuk  Pilecka – Poland  — Katarzyna Gemborys – Poland — Lisa Grassivaro – Italy  — Tuija Hietanen – Finland  –  Mirjam Hiller – Germany  — Taehee In – South Korea –  Yu Iwaki – Japan — Denis Kachelmus – Germany –  Magdalena Kieruzel – Poland  –  Anda Klančič – Slovenia  — Tove Knuts – Sweden  — Judy McCaig – Great Britain — Sham Patwardhan – Germany  — Kirsten Plank Germany  — Silke Rehermann – Germany — Tabea Reulecke – Germany — Julia Reymann – Germany — Christina Roehlen – Germany — Barbara Schrobenhauser – Germany — Danni Schwaag – Germany — Peter Skubic – Austria –  Nora Patricia Solarte G. – Columbia — Krzysztofa Staniszewska – Poland — Ludmila Šikolová – Czech Republic –  Mirei Takeuchi – Japan — Fabrizio Tridenti – Italy  — Eglė Vengalytė – Lithuania — Jarosław Westermark – Poland  — Monica Wickström – Finland –  Patricia Wieckowski – Germany  — Susanne Wolbers – Germany — Katarzyna R. Wójcik – Poland

jury sat on following members: Maria Rosa Franzin (Italy), Ramón Puig Cuyàs (Spain), Theo Smeets (Netherlands), Andi Gut (Switzerland), Sławomir Fijałkowski and Arkadiusz Wolski (Poland).

the most exited event of that evening was  announcement of laureates of Minimum Competition. The jury decided to award two first places ex aequo, their went to Judy McCaig from Great Britain and  german-swiss group Cooperation Standard. Winners got monney price to division and on kilogram of silver.  III award of President of City of Legnica went to Silke Rehermann. Katarzyna Wójcik and Tabea Reulecke personally  picked up honorable mention of Gallery of Art in Legnica.  Diplomas of honorable mention of Jury collected Jarosław Westermark and  Taehee In from Korea who got also two others awards – STFZ and Inhorgenta Europe prix.

 dans Concours / Competition dans Fabrizio TRIDENTI (IT)


 Laureates of LIJC MINIMUM
* Judy McCaig – Great Britain
Grand Prix – 5.000 PLN + 1 kg srebra
2nd Award of the Marshall of the Lower Silesia Province – 2.800 PLN + 1 kg of silver

JUDY%20McCAIG%202_mini dans Gal. Legnica (PL)STANDARD%20COOPERATION%205%20_mini dans Gal. Sztuki (PL)
Judy McCaig  — Cooperation//STANDARD-  1ers prix ex-aequo

* Cooperation//STANDARD - Germany, Switzerland  
Grand Prix – 5.000 PLN + 1 kg srebra
2nd Award of the Marshall of the Lower Silesia Province – 2.800 PLN + 1 kg of silver
* Silke Rehermann - Germany
3nd Award OF THE Mayor of the City of Legnica – 2.500 pln + 1 kg of silver
* Katarzyna R. Wójcik - Poland
Award of the Gallery of Art in Legnica – statuette „Marek”+ 1 kg of silver
* Tabea Reulecke - Germany
The Organizers’ Special Award for creative courage and uncompromising
attitude, innovation, sense of humour “Silver Spur” + 1 kg of silver
* Mirjam Hiller - Germany

MIRJAM%20HILLER%202%20_mini dans Mirjam HILLER (DE)
Mirjam Hiller

* Sham Patwardhan - Germany

SHAM%20PATWRDHAN%2002%20_mini dans Pologne (PL)
Sham Patwardhan

* Fabrizio Tridenti - Italy

Fabrizio Tridenti

* Patricia Wieckowski - Germany
* Jarosław Westermark - Poland
* Taehee In - Korea
Inhorgenta europe award – stand at Inhorgenta Europe 2011
* Krzysztofa Staniszewska - Poland 
The Joachim Sokólski Award established by the Polish Modern Art Foundation – 1 kg of silver

Krzysztofa Staniszewska

* Tuija Hietanen - Finland
The Three Windows Gallery Award – 0,5 kg of silver
* Katarzyna Gemborys - Poland
honourable mention of International Amber Association

Katarzyna Gemborys 

* Peter Skubic – Austria
honourable mention of the Director of the Gallery of Art in Legnica
* Monica Wickström - Finland
Honourable Mention of Polish Jewellery

Monica Wickström

* Sigurd Bronger - Norway
honourable mention of the artistic magazine FORMAT



Galleria SZTUKI
The Gallery of Art in Legnica
Pl. Katedralny 1
59-220 Legnica, Poland
tel. +48 76 86 20 910,
fax. +48 76 85 65 126


Persons for contact: Monika Szpatowicz, Magda Bańska – curators of Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2010, Zbigniew Kraska – Director of the Gallery of Art in Legnica, Justyna Teodorczyk –


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