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EXPO ‘Statements from Another Place’ – Galeria Reverso, Lisbon (Portugal) – 11 Juin-27 Juill. 2012

Per Suntum, Kaori Juzu, Castello Hansen : Statements from Another Place

« To those who wonder -,
There is no underlying theme, as such, for this exhibition.
We have no project and we do not raise questions about, or make ironic comment on jewellery, and there are no other issues or other inferior subjects to look for.
It’s plain, just jewellery.
Perhaps a radical statement nowadays, maybe it’s also just plain.
What we do share is the passion for the media, the will to face technically challenging work and to sacrifice our time to achieve the goal – jewelry. No short cuts.
If I were to introduce Per Suntum I would say that Per is a brilliant jeweler and a true Master in the crafts.Take your time and let his pieces speak. The effort will be payed back generously.
Kaori Juzu makes « impossible » master enameled pieces with shapes, signs and symbols carried within, from her native culture in Japan.
 » To me jewelry is a highly condensed media for communication, not unlike poetry.It.s a travel trough something small into something larger of a different nature, ethereal if you like ». » Castello Hansen


EXPO 'Statements from Another Place' - Galeria Reverso, Lisbon (Portugal) - 11 Juin-27 Juill. 2012 dans Castello HANSEN (SE) 2012_statments01# Pendente / Pendent | Kaori Juzu

2012_statments03 dans Exposition/Exhibition# Anel / Ring | Per Suntum

2012_statments04 dans Gal. Reverso (PT)# Anel / Ring | Castello Hansen


Galeria Reverso
R. da Esperança 59/61
1200-655 – Lisbon
Telephone: +351 213 951 407
Fax: +351 213 951 407


EXPO ‘Raconte-moi un bijou’ – Escola Artística António Arroio, Lisboa (PT) – 26 avril-4 Mai 2012

EXPOSIÇÃO ITINERANTE DE JÓIAS  -  Escola Artística António Arroio  |  26 Abril a 4 Maio 2012


É com o maior prazer que vos convido para a inauguração da 2ª exposição itinerante de JóiasRaconte-moi un bijou” das escolas de ourivesaria parceiras do programa Comenius, e para a exposição itinerante de jóias das escolas do PLE – Parlement Lycéen Européen que se realizará no próximo dia 26 de abril de 2012, pelas 18:00 horas, no átrio da entrada principal da escola.

A exposição apresenta a segunda coleção de joias realizadas por alunos de dez escolas parceiras que desenvolveram o projeto de intercâmbio europeu no âmbito do programa Comenius 2010-2012.

As peças expostas revelam as técnicas tradicionais dos países e escolas parceiras visitadas interligando a história, a cultura e a transmissão de saberes técnicos e artísticos da ourivesaria ancestral na contemporaneidade. São novas formas de contar a história das joias e as marcas da história deste projeto de formação intercultural, que de janeiro a julho de 2012 se encontram em itinerância transnacional França- Sant Amand Montrond, Bélgica – Namur, Espanha – Madrid, Grécia – Volos, Portugal – Lisboa e Porto, Bélgica – Antuérpia, Letónia – Liepaja e República Checa – Turnov.


« Raconte-moi un bijou ! »
Le projet rassemble une dizaine d’établissements partenaires en Europe à travers leur champ professionnel commun (écoles de bijouterie) et leur volonté commune d’engager un maximum de lycéens dans une pédagogie de projet. Chaque école partenaire est elle-même intégrée dans un patrimoine local où se mêlent histoire du métier et traditions artisanales. Or, les professionnels du métier, les entreprises, et les artisans créateurs de bijoux, ne transmettent pas toujours spontanément techniques, gestes séculaires et savoir-faire.
Le projet « Raconte-moi un bijou ! » entend provoquer des rencontres entre lycéens bijoutiers européens, professionnels et artisans du bijou, à travers :
1) la découverte et l’appréhension des techniques artisanales utilisées dans son propre pays et dans le pays d’un partenaire.
2) la création de bijoux contemporains en réinvestissant ces techniques.
3) la rédaction et la diffusion de ces expériences (journaux lycéens, sites web).
4) une exposition collective itinérante européenne des bijoux créés.  (infos sur « Le Mur« , le site du LP Jean Guéhenno)


Belgique – Antwerp – SIHA. Stedelijk Instituut voor Handel en Ambachten
Belgique – Namur – IATA. Institut des Arts, Techniques et Artisanats.
Espagne – Madrid – Escuela de Arte n°3
France – Saint-Amand Md – LPJG. Lycée Professionnel Jean Guéhenno (co-ordinator)
Grèce – Volos – DIEK. Municipal Vocational Training Institute of Volos
Italie – Valenza – ISA Cellini. Istituto d’Arte Benvenuto Cellini
Lettonie – Liepaja – LMV. Liepājas Mākslas Vidusskola
Portugal – Lisboa – ESAA. Escola Secundaria Antonio Arroio
Portugal – Porto – ESSR. Escola Secundaria Soares Dos Reis
République tchèque – Turnov – SUPS. Střední Uměleckoprůmyslová Škola


» Tell me a jewel!  » as you tell a story, and why not the story of this jewel… A project as an allegory of  The Little Prince  by Saint-Exupéry which calls for the dreams of childhood, the learning of adolescence, and the transmission of knowledge all the life long.

The project gathers ten school partners in Europe through their common professional field (jewellery schools) and their common will to engage a maximum of high-school pupils in a pedagogy of the project. Each school partner itself is integrated in a local inheritance where history of the profession and craft traditions mix together. However, the professionals, the companies, and the creative jewellery craftsmen do not always spontaneously transmit technical, secular gestures and know-how. 
The project  « Tell me a jewel!  » intends to cause meetings between European high-school pupils, professional jewellers and jewellery craftsmen, through :
1) the discovery and the apprehension of the craft techniques used in its own country and the country of a partner. 
2) the creation of contemporary jewels by reinvesting these techniques. 
3) the writting and the diffusion of these experiments (newspapers high-school pupils, Web sites).
4) an European itinerant collective exhibition of the created jewels.



Escola Artística António Arroio
Rua Coronel Ferreira do Amaral,
1900-165 Lisboa, Portugal.
Telefone: 21 816 03 30
Fax: 21 816 03 34/5


EXPO ‘Claude Schmitz: Fraction ()’ – Galeria Reverso, Lisbon (PT) – 19 Avril-25 Mai 2012

Claude Schmitz : Fraction ()

Reverso(Claude Schmitz  Brooch: Red Leaves 2011 – Silver, lacquer)

It would be easy to draw parallels between the different aspects of Claude Schmitz’s oeuvre. This could be a generally ingenious exercise, aiming to make sense of his artistic practice, pay homage to its creator, and present the public with material for discussion. However, this is not the intention. If there were no fractures in the work, it could not be part of a whole – and the whole, in turn, could not relate either to itself or to the work of other artists. While Claude Schmitz’s work is meant to be a part of the general discussion, it is no less the result of his self-reflection, which primarily manifests itself in the execution. What would art be if we neglect execution, if we abandon the quest for function? It would be reduced to mere ‘built objects’, entirely devoid of meaning. 

By titling his pieces, the artist shows an intention to differentiate them. However, he could also have a different intention in mind, provided that one does not lose sight of the totality. Claude Schmitz titles his works by referencing former transformations of form and text, whose conceptual programme requires the wearer to take a stance and become involved, or engaged, on a certain level, either actively or passively, yet remaining below the surface. Anyone observing his easy manipulation of traditional materials might think his work is the product of craftsmanship alone, but this is not the whole story. Nothing escapes logic, which is analogous to a complex equation and can, in much the same way as a mathematical formula, be beautiful.  Dietmar Tanterl, artist (Munich)


Claude Schmitz  Brooch: Undertow 2011  Silver, glass, lacquerClaude Schmitz Brooch: Undertow 2011 Silver, glass, lacquer

 Pinned ImageClaude Schmitz Brooch: Night Fruit 2011 Silver, lacquer, hematite

Pinned ImageClaude Schmitz Brooch: What Remains 2011 Silver, pearls




Galeria Reverso
R. da Esperança 59/61
1200-655 – Lisbon
Telephone: +351 213 951 407
Fax: +351 213 951 407


EXPO ‘Diamonds and Dead Things’ – Galeria Articula, Lisboa (Portugal) – 14 Avril-12 Mai 2012

Exhibition: Diamonds and Dead Things
Works by Kelly McCallum and Märta Mattsson
Opening night Saturday 14th of April

EXPO 'Diamonds and Dead Things' - Galeria Articula, Lisboa (Portugal) - 14 Avril-12 Mai 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition diamonds+&+dead+things

“Art is far too important to be taken seriously”

Diamonds and Dead things is the brain child of Kelly McCallum and Märta Mattsson.
A constantly evolving project in which anything goes and everything is possible.

D&D is not a straightforward collaboration of ideas or a way to share the making of pieces, but an opportunity to throw caution to the wind and to create work in which each artist does not always have complete control.
It’s about constructing opportunities for creative play, to search for the magical in the unexpected and to allow two creative minds free reign to explore all that is possible.

Pinned ImageKelly McCallum
Picture+2 dans Gal. Articula (PT)Kelly McCallum
facing_cicadas_2 dans Kelly McCALLUM (UK)
Märta Mattsson – brooch
Rua dos Remédios 102
1100-450 Lisboa
+351 211913138




EXPO ‘ENCARNAR o FIXO e o VOLÁTIL’ – Galeria ARTICULA, Lisbonne (Portugal) – 10 Dec.2011

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exposição jóias e desenhos de Teresa Milheiro e António Faria

Peças de Teresa Milheiro

Rua dos Remédios 102,
1100-450 Lisbon, Portugal
tel 211913138


EXPO ‘Marc Monzó: Set’ – Galeria Reverso, Lisbon (PT) 20 Oct.-24 Nov. 2011

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Reverso (PT),Marc MONZO (ES),Portugal (PT) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:09

Reverso exhibited Marc Monzó’s work for the first time in 2003. Since then, Marc Monzó has become a reference in contemporary jewellery at international level. Always faithful to his graphic and minimalist style, Monzó now presents SET, a project inspired by the Set Theory, with references to the world of mathematics and geometry.

Since my childhood I have been obsessed by small objects. I feel comfortable exploring and studying small size things. There is also a need to be precise in this action. This precision interests me.
Fragility is another salutary element of my work, a vulnerability that we may feel due to the fact that we live on a planet that is floating in the middle of the universe…
Life is incomplete by nature. I aim for my pieces to reflect this circumstance. I am keen for my jewels to insinuate what they are. I work with what is essential. The pieces must then invite the user to complete them, through the use made of them by each person.
”  Marc Monzó, in catalogue Marc Monzó Jeweler, Klimt02 Publishers, 2008
Marc Monzó – brooches

EXPO 'Marc Monzó: Set' - Galeria Reverso, Lisbon (PT) 20 Oct.-24 Nov. 2011 dans Exposition/Exhibition 2011_set07
Marc MonzóWhite Form/pendant/2011/printed nylon


Galeria Reverso
R. da Esperança 59/61
1200-655 – Lisbon
Telephone: +351 213 951 407
Fax: +351 213 951 407


EXPO ‘POWERWORK FROM PORTUGAL’ – Galerie Slavik, Vienna (AT) – 22 Sept.-15 Oct. 2011


Ana Albuquerque, Alexandra Serpa Pimentel, Filomeno P. de Sousa, Dulce FerrazFilomena Praça, Tereza Seabra, Paula Crespo, Ana Couto
22. Sept. – 15. Oct. 2011
Exhibition opening: 22 Sept. 2011, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.



Portuguese jewellery art – a variety of gorgeous works and captivating forms

A compelling display of works by Portuguese jewellery artists opens the new panorama of exhibitions at Vienna’s Galerie Slavik. The range of unique pieces of jewellery encompasses strictly geometric, richly pictorial and consistently reduced creations.

The golden necklace by Ana Albuquerque, who has intensively explored the material gold and its history, is a compelling piece of simple and strictly reduced form, which is further accentuated by the glow of gold.

The name of Tereza Seabra, an artist who in the course of her training studied with Thomas Gentile in New York, has become synonymous with contemporary jewellery art in Lisbon today. Her golden vintage pendants take us on a journey into the past, a picture diary of old photographs and miniature landscapes painted on ivory and framed in gold.

The golden ring sculptures by Paula Crespo, one of the most noted Portuguese jewellery artists, are powerful, wearable miniature sculptures.
The works by Alexandra Serpa Pimentel are based on natural forms and structures. She designs powerfully expressive necklaces which in movement seem to merge with their wearers in fluid unity.
Alexandra Serpa Pimentel- silver and steel thread


The white paper brooches by Ana Coutos appear to float as weightlessly as a feather.

The exciting series of « Luster – Territories » brooches in silver, aluminum, lacquer and gold leaf by Dulce Ferraz reflect topographic morphologies created by man and nature.
Galerie Slavik
Himmelpfortgasse 17
A-1010 Vienna
Telephone: +43 1 513 48 12
Fax: +43 1 513 07 48


Edgar MOSA and trees’ necklaces

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sur le site designbreak, Edgar MOSA est à l’honneur !

Edgar Mosa’s 2010 “Month Three”:  “Trees are like people – its not like you can just walk up to them and expect to get along.


Decouverte : Olga NORONHA

Classé dans : Central Saint Martins (UK),Olga NORONHA (PT),Portugal (PT) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:35

Olga Noronha is currently finalizing her Major in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins, London, and will be with us in our first Tea Fashion Point

Olga started with beads and pliers, moving forward to sapphires, rubies, diamonds, steal, plastic, rubber, glass, olive branches, etc. “The word jewellery has always been linked to the idea of noble materials such as gold, silver and gemstones. Gemstones are now replaces by crystals, metals by rubbers, plastics, glass and a huge spectrum of materials that achieve an equal or even greater aesthetic value.” – Olga Noronha, 2008.

The harmony of movement and the synchronicity and dependence of all the body parts make the expression of the body the most beautiful human act. The jewel becomes a vital detail and Olga does it best. Her immense creativity and restless search for knowledge make her collections a delight pleasure to our eyes and hands.  “My aim, within the jewellery matter is to relentlessly examine the relationship between bodies, attitudes and surroundings, both in the wearer’s and the audience’s points of view and to create art pieces that celebrate the marriage of sturdy mechanics and delicate anatomies, constantly challenging and exploring the relationship of interactivity, and illustrating the connection between ‘to see’ and ‘to be seen’. My wish is for people not to be apathetic towards my work, whatever the reaction – good or bad, welcoming doubts for they may lead to surprise.” – Olga Noronha, 2011.

Having developed a piece called “Avant-Garde” for Swarovski and exhibited at London Swarovski’s headquarters(2008), with a collection entitled “Dirty Tissues”, featuring since 2009 at the Central Saint Martin’s Museum, Olga is currently developing her final year collection,  that could be described as “Surgical Jewels”. This project is focused on the analysis of physicality and intellectuality, and their manipulation, by exploring the merger of anatomy and medicine with the creation of “objects-jewels” intimately related to the human body. For this, Olga is using actual surgery tools and turning them into jewellery pieces by moving them from a scientific context to an artistic point of view, and creating pieces that can be seen as “new- orthosis”. “May the objects be as if in dialogue with its own ambience, meaning the body where it is placed, social or intellectual phenomena and the ambiguity shown in the relationship between the viewer and the object, allowing the first to see the body as its own garment and also to help overcoming eventual traumas and fears related to surgical gadgets” – Olga Noronha, 2011. (fashionthinkers web)
Olga Noronha - incarcerated bodies
Olga Noronha -« Cinco dedos uma mao » – Hand Piece: Five Fingers One Hand 2009
Olga Noronha -incarcerated bodies


‘Conflict’ (18 juin 2011, Central St Martins) is an exploration of a merger between anatomy, medicine and jewel-like objects. The combined use of actual surgery tools and their replicas are transformed into jewellery pieces without being dissociated from their original function. My intention is to turn the distasteful into the desirable, to switch the response from rejection to attraction.’


Prosthetic Cervical Collar & Hand Restriction piece
earrings – Antique syringe needles, Yellow gold and diamonds, Silver, Disposable syringe needles

Earrings: Disposable syringe needle 2011
Disposable syringe needle, silver, Rock crystal briolette


EXPO ‘Catarina Dias: Cera Perdida’ – Galeria Reverso, Lisbon (Portugal) – 7 Juill.-12 Aout 2011

Catarina Dias : Cera Perdida

EXPO Catarina DIAS

In her 1st solo show Catarina Dias explores the possibilities of the technique of casting, extending its application to synthetic materials that best combine with her aesthetic option and her vision of contemporary jewelry.

In the two collections on display– Soldiers and Rhinestones – the mold thus emerges not as a basis of a reproduction process, but as part of the final product. If in Soldiers the plastic is replaced by metal through the traditional process of industrial reproduction, in Rhinestones, metal is replaced by plastic through manual techniques. Out of this “unfaithful” reproduction exercise, emerge objects of immediate recognition that despite having different characteristics preserve the meaning of the original.

Based on an attitude of reproduction and recreation – the falsification of fake – the work that Catarina Dias presents in Cera Perdida (Lost Wax) incorporates distinct materials and production techniques with a similar objective: the here and now of the original represents the concept of its authenticity.
Catarina Dias – earrings



Galeria Reverso
R. da Esperança 59/61
1200-655 – Lisbon
Telephone: +351 213 951 407
Fax: +351 213 951 407


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