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EXPO ‘Is it Legal?’ – Gallery Four, Göteborg (SE) – 15 Mai-15 Juin 2015

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« Is it Legal? » Increasing Value  Lauren Tickle solo show

Opening: Friday, May 15th 17.00-21.00

The exhibition runs until June15th

Lauren Tickle  "Is it Legal?"   gallery FOUR - Göteborg (SE)***

Lauren Tickle  "Is it Legal?" brooch 2015Lauren Tickle  « Is it Legal? » brooch 2015

Lauren Tickle newest piece for my upcoming solo show "Is it Legal?" at gallery Four. Lauren Tickle newest piece for my upcoming solo show « Is it Legal? » at gallery Four.

« I first began exploring the subject matter of « value » by wearing U.S. dollar bills in public to question the value we place on material objects. A man told me I would be kidnapped because my one-dollar bills would be mistaken for hundreds; meanwhile, the women on either side of me carried handbags worth thousands. Why did my worn currency prompt such alarm in this bystander, while the unmistakable signal of wealth that is a luxury handbag did not?
I wanted to return to the streets to gain further insight into my objects’ multi-faceted meanings. I don’t approach my chosen medium any differently from how I would approach any other. The same way different metals and stones have unique properties that can be used to artistic effect, so does currency. The medium I use to construct works of art cannot be separated from its social constructs or from the personal experiences each viewer already has with money. This is why my work provokes questions about perceived value, inherent value, and social class.
To explore the question of what it means to wear money, I gave seven brooches from the Increasing Value series to seven individuals. They were tasked with wearing them in their varied everyday lives, and recording their reflections and the reactions and comments of others. What did the works mean?
This exhibition pairs their investigations with my ongoing formal study of Increasing Value as I find new ways to push a dollar bill’s filigrees into new graphic designs and forms. We see a new side of the works, the personal nature, where the interactions are defined by the “wit of the wearer” as much as the objects themselves. We see reflection and interaction on wearable art. We see the strength of the medium’s iconic design. Why have I altered an idol? Is it frivolous? Is it legal? »
The American artist Lauren Tickle is one of the rising stars on the international jewellery scene. In 2014 she was awarded the Talente Special Prize, one of the most prestigious prizes for emerging jewellery artists. The pieces are detailed and show the patience and skilled craft behind her jewellery. Captivating patterns containing thoughts about value, labour and time.
Lauren Tickle  "Is it Legal?"  Lauren Tickle  « Is it Legal? »  brooch 2015
Lauren Tickle  "Is it Legal?" brooch 2015Lauren Tickle  « Is it Legal? » brooch 2015
Lauren Tickle  "Is it Legal?" neckpiece 2015Lauren Tickle  « Is it Legal? » neckpiece 2015
Lauren Tickle  "IS IT LEGAL?  ‬ Photo Credit John DonnellyLauren Tickle  « IS IT LEGAL?  ‬ Photo Credit John Donnelly
Nordhemsgatan 74,
Göteborg (Sweden)
+46 73 086 42 49



During SCHMUCK 2015 – EXPO ‘The Grass Is Always Greener Overseas’ – Handwerksmesse, Munich (PLATINA Stand) (DE) - 11-17 Mars 2015

An exhibition curated by Platforma, Bella Neyman and Ruta Reifen in conjunction
with Sofia Björkman, Platina Stockholm
DURING SCHMUCK : 11th -17th of March 2015, Handwerksmesse, Munich
THEN , 26th of March – 25th of April 2015, PLATINA – Odengatan 68, Stockholm
The Grass Is Always Greener Overseas
10 American artist and 10 Swedish from different generations:
Jamie BennetLola Brooks Robert EbendorfArthur HashMatt LambertTara Locklear Seth PapacSondra ShermanAmy TavernLauren Tickle Tobias Alm — Peter De Wit — Jenny EdlundHanna HedmanCatarina HällzonLi LiangAgnieszka KnapAnnika PetterssonMargareth Sandström — Studio Jungfruhuset Christer Jonsson/Lena Bergestad
Jamie BennettJamie Bennett
Arthur HashArthur Hash
Matt LambertMatt Lambert
Sondra Sherman - Rorschach Corsage: Valeriana_SteelSondra Sherman - Rorschach Corsage: Valeriana_Steel
Tara LocklearTara Locklear
Lauren Tickle Lauren Tickle
Jenny Edlund Jenny Edlund
 Li LiangLi Liang
Catarina HällzonCatarina Hällzon
Annika PetterssonAnnika Pettersson
Hanna HedmanHanna Hedman
Margareth SandströmMargareth Sandström



EXPO ‘Tarja Tuupanen: Marbles’ – Gallery Four, Göteborg (SE) – 27 Fevr.- 4 Avril 2015

Tarja Tuupanen : marbles

Opening: Friday Febuary 27th 17.00-21.00 

Lecture: Thursday February 26th, 16.00, HDK Kristinelundsgatan 6-8
The exhibition runs until April 4th

Tarja Tuupanen Necklace: Untitled, 2014 Ready-made marble tableware, velour sticker, steelwire stonepart 10 x 6 x 4-5 cm; length of the necklace: Photo: Lassi RinnoTarja Tuupanen Necklace: Untitled, 2014 Ready-made marble tableware, velour sticker, steelwire stonepart 10 x 6 x 4-5 cm; length of the necklace- Photo: Lassi Rinno

Tarja Tuupanen is a master of stone. Out of agate, granite, marble and quartz she brings out shapes that reveals the raw soul of the stone and tells its history. The work is a sensitive investigation and her love for the material is unmistakable.
The material has always been a raw block of stone, but recently Tuupanen has started to use ready-made marble tableware; a tacky candleholder or saltshaker from the 80s. Industrially made object triggers the creative process. The most interesting things in these stones are man made instead being natural; green stickers, tool marks, stains, wax. The tableware has been used and it has a history of its own with cultural references.
Tuupanen lives and works in Lappeenranta Finland. She has graduated as MFA in 2013 from Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, Sweden. Tuupanen has exhibited internationally since 1998, the last solo exhibition was in 2012 in Gallery Ida, Tallinn, Estonia. She has been the chairwoman of Finnish Art Jewellery Association between 2005-2012.

Tarja Tuupanen Necklace from 2014 - marble  Tarja Tuupanen Necklaces from 2014 – marble

Tarja Tuupanen  - Brooch - ready made marble tableware, brassTarja Tuupanen  – Brooch – ready made marble tableware, brass

Broche en marbre de Tarja TuupanenBroche en marbre de Tarja Tuupanen

Tarja Tuupanen Necklace from 2014 - marble  Tarja Tuupanen  Necklace: Untitled, 2014 – Ready-made marble tableware, velour sticker, steelwire
stonepart 11 x 6,5 x 6,5-3,5 cm; length of the nec – Photo: Lassi Rinno

Tarja Tuupanen Necklace: Notions of skill, 2013 Ready-made marble tableware, velour sticker, steelwire stonepart: 9 x 8,5 x 6,5 cm; length of the necklac Photo: Lassi Rinno.Tarja Tuupanen Necklace: Notions of skill, 2013 Ready-made marble tableware, velour sticker, steelwire stonepart - length of the necklace 9 x 8,5 x 6,5 cm;  Photo: Lassi Rinno.

Tarja Tuupanen Brooch: Notions of skill, 2013 Ready made marble tableware, brass 16 x 6 x 1 cm Photo: Lassi RinnoTarja Tuupanen Brooch: Notions of skill, 2013 Ready made marble tableware, brass 16 x 6 x 1 cm Photo: Lassi Rinno

Tarja Tuupanen Brooch: Notions of skill, 2013 Ready made marble tableware, brass 16 x 6 x 1 cm Photo: Lassi RinnoTarja Tuupanen Brooch: Notions of skill, 2013

Nordhemsgatan 74,
Göteborg (Sweden)
+46 73 086 42 49



EXPO ‘Oscure Sacrifice’ – FOUR Gallery, Göteborg (SE) – 23 Janv.-21 Fevr. 2015

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 Jorge Manilla Obscure sacrifice

By creating  jewellery Jorge Manilla investigates his environment - religion, emotions, relationships and the meaning of life.
Manilla has a professional background as a boxer and butcher. He observes violence and cruelty pragmatic and objective and his jewellery often express a brutal rawness –
The last years the artist  re discovered his love for the black color, wich has been a constant in his life
And since 2010 Manilla translate the rawness of life in materials
For Jorge black relates to the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, and as a result it creates an air of mystery. It keeps things bottled up inside, hidden from the world
With his dark forms and shapes he creates a barrier between the meanings of the objects and the outside world
Black implies self-control and discipline, independence and a strong will, and giving an impression of authority and power.
Manilla think that black is the end, but the end always implies a new beginning.
When the light appears, black becomes white, the color of new beginnings
The work of Jorge are beautiful punches that hit the viewer in solar plexus.


Opening: Friday January 23 – 17.00-21.00
Special presentation with the artist Friday January 30 17.00-20.00
The exhibition runs until February 21

Thursday January 28 Jorge Manilla makes a lecture at HDK – School of Design and Crafts, for more information mail

Jorge Manilla ringJorge Manilla ring

« “The emotional element which gives an obsessive value to communal existence is death.” 
George Bataille
In 2010, I  began to work on my series “Only Memories”and “Dust of a Broken Love”, which were inspired by the deepest feelings and fears that we usually avoid, I tried to show with this work the moral and corporeal anatomy of the human soul.
 Since then, I’ve developed series in which I explore the darker side of human beings.
 With series like “Pain”, “Melancholia”, “Contemporary Savagery” and “Morbid Moves” .
I’ve researched  and reflected on  topics such as death, life, love, feelings, emotions in both the psychological and physical aspects of people.                                                                   
With “Oscure Sacrifice” ,  I seek  to confront  elements of  my previous work with a more positive human outlook. Preserving the mystery and abstractness of the dark side, I want to create new  forms that  originate  a feeling of hope.
Shapes and material serve as translators of my thoughts, in my creative process through materials I strive to penetrate in the dark side of the society we live in and then represent an idealized – less  negative image of a society that in the last years has produced mass murders, not only physical but emotional and intellectual.
My latest pieces are images born out of the dream of darkness, of hope or solely my instinct. »  Jorge Manilla

Jorge Manilla - Oscures sacrifices - broches poveraJorge Manilla – Oscures sacrifices – broches povera

Jorge Manilla - Oscures sacrifices - broche Jorge Manilla - Oscures sacrifices – broche

Jorge Manilla - Oscures sacrifices - ringsJorge Manilla – Oscures sacrifices – rings

Arte Povera by Jorge Manilla Broches (serie of 36), wood, pigments, Steel, copper, polymer gipsum, 2014Arte Povera by Jorge Manilla  - Broches (serie of 36), wood, pigments, Steel, copper, polymer gipsum, 2014




Nordhemsgatan 74,
Göteborg – Sweden
+46 73 086 42 49





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The first time I met Andrea Wagner was about ten years ago in a muddy field in the Netherlands, where we worked with cows as a theme and the mud and manure as the material. Was it already there she began her series « The Architect Who Faced His Jardin Intérieur »? After that meeting, we showed Andrea Wagner’s jewellery which she then described as a passion in working experimentally with materials and giving them her own mark. She considered this vital in order to create the intriguing appearance and surfaces necessary for the tactile materiality to communicate the stories or thoughts behind her work. She started to work with bone china porcelain which consists of ca. 40% cow bone ash.
Andrea Wagner from Amsterdam is now warmly welcomed again, this time to her first solo exhibition at PLATINA. In the exhibition we will see blown up sketches and her ongoing body of work that has been followed up by a whole new group of pieces. This time with the sub-title: « … And the Architect Is Still Facing His Jardin Intérieur ». - Sofia Björkman, PLATINA 2014

Platina Gallery

… And the Architect Is Still Facing His Jardin Intérieur
« Jardin interieur »: French for the private landscape – inner garden – of our mind.
This series is about architectural forms intermeshing with nature.
The idea of blurring the separation point of what is essentially regarded as architecture and what nature also stands in as playful metaphor for facing up to secret dreams – of taking them out of their compartmentalization into separate areas and life´s time frames and weaving them into reality. Step out of seemingly unrisky choices and embrace a dream that at first seems unlikely!
This series begun after far too much house hopping and embodies the exuberant joyfulness of my at last getting my dream home. It ended an obsessive yearning for stability whilst living in instability.
Being a frequent traveller, I am quite familiar with that exciting tension of leaving the familiar stability and safe haven of home to surrendering to the insecurity of what is new whilst discovering new impressions on the way. When returning to the familiar it is with a head full of fresh perceptions that only sharpens my connection to the intimate sheltering space of home and viewing things from a new vantage. This is my connection to an intimate and safe space where all kinds of contradictions can naturally exist side by side and within each other.
Little surprise that so much inspiration for this body of work comes from places I´ve visited or want to go to.
The diversity of materials and forms in this series are like the layered impressions of an extended travel log.
Very recently the work on some new pieces has taken me into beach and other water landscapes. I myself am as little a gardener as I am a beach holiday lover, and the deeper aspect of that very recent work with more translucent glass elements as yet still eludes me…
- Andrea Wagner 2014

 Andrea Wagner - jardin intérieur -  "Adriatic Beach Resort II"Andrea Wagner – jardin intérieur -  « Adriatic Beach Resort II »

Andrea Wagner - jardin intérieur  - "Adriatic Beach Resort"Andrea Wagner – jardin intérieur  – « Adriatic Beach Resort I »

 Andrea Wagner - "Emerald Pool Hangout" Andrea Wagner – « Emerald Pool Hangout »

Andrea Wagner - "Black Sands Now Has A Surf Club"Andrea Wagner - « Black Sands Now Has A Surf Club »

Odengatan 68,
10232 Stockholm (Sweden)
tel +46 8 30 02 80

OPEN TU-FR 11-18, SA 11-15



EXPO ‘Nina Sajet’ – Four Gallery, Göteborg (SE) – 14 Nov.-13 Dec. 2014

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A Fantasy World of Absurd Proportions and Unstable Illusions by Nina Sajet

The jewellery of Nina Sajet creates a fantasy world of absurd proportions and unstable illusions. Like in a fairy-tale, the first impression of beauty and lightness might shift into a more complex image with more weight that could also contain a twinge of discomfort or uncertainty.

“In my world cages turn to rings, birds to pipes, sprouts to pearls. I see each new object and project as part of a new reality” – Nina Sajet

Nina Sajet - Drowning in Air Nina Sajet – Drowning in Air

 Nina Sajet - Finally winter - White Snow braceletNina Sajet - Finally winter – White Snow bracelet

Nina Sajet

 Nina SajetNina Sajet
Nina Sajet
    Nina Sajet

Nordhemsgatan 74,
Göteborg – Sweden
Tel +46 73 086 42 49


EXPO ‘Attai Chen’ – Four Gallery, Göteborg (SE) – 10 Oct.-8 Nov. 2014

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Attai Chen observes nature’s on going process of birth and aging, consumption, decay and finally rebirth. Chen’s work captures this life cycle and the result is a timeless immortal beauty.

In nature I have observed, and always been intrigued by the cyclical motion of growth aiming for and reaching the fleeting moment of its realization, the subsequent consummation of this moment, decay and a new beginning” – Attai Chen

Welcome to the opening Friday October 10th, 17.00-21.00

  Attai Chen

Attai Chen neckpieceAttai Chen - detail of the necklaceAttai Chen – detail of the necklace

Attai ChenAttai Chen brooch

Attai Chen Attai Chen brooch




Nordhemsgatan 74,
Göteborg – Sweden
Tel +46 73 086 42 49


EXPO ‘UNITED STATES OF SWEDEN’ – Four Gallery, Göteborg (SE) – 5 Sept.-4 Oct. 2014


UnitedStatesofSweden_flyer2014(Hanna Liljenberg, Karin Roy Andersson, Linnéa Eriksson, Pernilla Persson, Sanna Svedested - Foto Sanna Svedestedt)

United States of Swedenis a project initiated by Hanna Liljenberg, Karin Roy Andersson, Linnéa Eriksson, Pernilla Persson and Sanna Svedestedt. We have been investigating the cities and landscapes where we grew up. The result is a gluttony of navel-gazing, prejudices and kitschy souvenirs – or maybe just sparkling jewels.

We will try to see these places with new eyes, add layers and make a picture that shows our country the way we see it. A gluttony of navel-gazing, prejudices and kitschy souvenirs or simply sparkling jewels.

Barnacle, brooch by Hanna Liljenberg.Barnacle, brooch by Hanna Liljenberg
Barnacles at FOUR by Hanna Liljenberg.Barnacles   by Hanna Liljenberg.
The Carats 'round my Neck II, bracelet by Karin Roy AnderssonThe Carats ’round my Neck II, bracelet by Karin Roy Andersson
Pernilla Persson Necklace Pernilla Persson Necklace
Necklace by Linnéa ErikssonNecklace by Linnéa Eriksson

Nordhemsgatan 74,
Göteborg – Sweden
Tel +46 73 086 42 49



EXPO ‘Matadero’ – Gallery Hnoss/Konstepidemin, Göteborg (SE) – 19-21 Sept. 2014

Matadero Walka Studio: Claudia Betancourt & Nano Pulgar, Chile

Claudia Betancourt & Nano Pulgar run WALKA STUDIO, a creative space for creation of and education about contemporary jewellery in Santiago de Chile. They state that “we are a territory of experimentation at the crossroads of Art, Design and Craft. The language of this territory is jewelry-making” and that their mission is to expand the possible borders of the jewellery discipline in Chile and Latin America. Their work has over the past years been exhibited in Latin America, the USA, Europe, China and Australia. Website:

Matadero is a series of necklaces and pendants, jewel categories that step away from the often resorted to European brooch and allude to the prevailing ornament of the Pacific cultures. The series is the product of a long investigation about the symbolical and aesthetic characteristics of body ornamentation in the Pacific Basin until its evolution into contemporary jewellery; as well as the experimentation with new methods to work the cacho de buey or bull’s horn, a traditional material in Chilean craft that has been worked by Betancourt’s family for generations.
The relationship established between body and ornament in Matadero reveals how social custom and stigmas around the subject of death or murder of animals, affect our capacity to deem animal remains as acceptable materials, thus disregarding the origin of body ornamentation and the sacred connotations associated with it in the cultures of the Pacific Islands (Polynesia) and Latin America.
Matadero uses both bull´s horns and hooves which had been part of a previous collection dedicated to the fashion industry, delicately tinted in a faint pink colour for that occasion. The fashionable neckpieces have been deconstructed, burnt and rebuilt as entirely new pieces that fascinate and repulse. The newly transformed pieces allude to one of the darkest periods in Chilean history: the 17 year long dictatorship that was common to many other Latin American countries and which is still a source of preoccupation and reflection for many artists from the continent.”   Valeria Vallarta Siemelink

Walka Studio -Matadero - fractura.Walka Studio -Matadero – fractura.Matadero - Walka -TranspacificoWalka Studio - Matadero – Transpacifico


Hnoss / Konstepidemin Gallery
Konstepidemins väg 6,
413 14 Göteborg,


EXPO ‘Platina – 15 years of Jewellery’ – Färgfabriken, Stockholm (SE) – 11-14 Sept. 2014


A5 (Romina Funtes, Adam Grinovich, Annika Pettersson) — Tobias Alm  – Yasar AydinSofia BjörkmanHilde De DeckerJenny Edlund Iris EichenbergKarl Fritsch Hanna Hedman Aud Charlotte Ho Sook SindingCatarina HällzonAgnieszka KnapKaren PontoppidanMiro Sazdic Lisa Walker.
Färgfabriken is an exhibition space and experimental platform for art and architecture as well as social and urban development. They seek to challenge, engage and create new connections and collaborations. Färgfabriken is a site to visit exhibitions, take part of discussions, workshops and attend talks.
Hanna Hedman - Platina 15 years ...Hanna Hedman photo Sanna Lindberg
©Miro Sazdic, photo Staffan Lövstedt©Miro Sazdic, photo Staffan Lövstedt
Aud Charlotte Ho Sook SindingAud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding
Jenny EdlungJenny Edlund
Lisa WalkerLisa Walker
Tobias AlmTobias Alm


Lövholmsbrinken 1,
117 43 Stockholm
 Odengatan 68

10232 Stockholm
tel +46 8 30 02 80

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