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EXPO ‘Donning Oxford’ – O3 Gallery, Oxford (UK) – 2 Juin-1er Juill. 2012


EXPO 'Donning Oxford' - O3 Gallery, Oxford (UK) - 2 Juin-1er Juill. 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition GetInline-1This exhibition of contemporary fine art jewellery looks to explore and stretch the notions of how or what it is to ‘don’ Oxford. Contributing artists have been selected for their collectively broad approach to jewellery making and will undoubtedly reflect, interpret and respond to this theme in varied and surprising ways.


Contributing artists:
Farrah Al DujailiKaren Bartlett — Emily Bullock — Rachael Colley — Sally Collins — Sian Haigh-Brown — Lucy Harvey — Fiona Hermse — Heidi Hinder — Tamsin Leighton-Boyce — Yi Lu — Mikaela LyonsToni MaynerKathryn PartingtonJo Pond — Fliss Quick — Katherine RichmondMiriam RoweNatalie SmithShadi Vossough — Li-Chu Wu

3_72dpi dans Farrah AL-DUJAILI (UK)Farrah Al-Dujaili‘Out-of-the-way-things’ necklace  Copper, enamel paint, acrylic paint, watercolour, beads, acrylic coating.



Donning Oxford

Li-Chu WuBrooch ‘Plants’ 2011 -Paper, copper, wax, silver plated
 dans Fiona HERMSE (UK)Mikaela LyonsNeckpiece ‘Organic 3′ 2012 – Curtain trim, black fresh water pearls, enameled copper, wax


O3 Gallery
03 Gallery
Oxford Castle New Road
Oxford, OX1 1AY
Phone: 01865 246131
Opening times during exhibitions:
Tues – Fri 12-5pm, Sat & Sun 11am-4pm, Closed Mondays.

EXPO ‘TREASURE’ – London (UK) – 14-17 Juin 2012

TREASURE - London’s visionary jewellery show 14–17 June 2012

EXPO 'TREASURE' - London (UK) - 14-17 Juin 2012 dans Christiane WICHERT (DE) treasure-logo-2-300x203

« Treasure 2012, London’s visionary jewellery show, is the best place to purchase the most beautiful, exciting and vibrant contemporary jewellery anywhere in the UK »


Some of the jewellers exhibited :

Jeehyun Chung, a recent graduate from Edinburgh College of Art, makes oriental and contemporary style jewellery inspired by blending moments from travels across Europe with traditional Korean art and crafts
Atelier Michael BergerMichael Berger – kinetic rings
« By extending the body with jewellery you can design your identity and express your personality. This fundamental relation between body and jewellery was source of inspiration for my « BodyJewellery – JewelleryBody » collection . In some designs I focused on the appearance of the material, in others I gave priority to how the jewellery is made or how to wear it. »
« Referencing the disruption of nature’s order through my work, I create new life forms that appear as direct replications of recognizable organic matter yet they are not quite as they seem.
Having accumulated an assortment of natural forms and materials based on their intrinsic characters, the process of casting helps me to amalgamate these ever evolving hybrids, deceptively leading to mistaken identity. By acting as the divine creator, I am mimicking the power we have to alter nature’s path, which ultimately leads to chaos and the sinister presence lurking throughout the work.« 
« Since I can remember I have been a bit of a magpie, hoarding incessantly anything miniature or eclectic that has caught my eye. Born and brought up in Northern Ireland, with parents involved in the Antique business it was moving to Edinburgh in the late eighties to attend Edinburgh College of Art that I became an avid collector of ephemera. As my time at Art College progressed it became clear that the things I was collecting were becoming the inspiration for my work and this is when I started to use these actual found objects in my work. Straight after graduation I set up my business and have exhibited internationally ever since. My work has been featured widely in press and publications, is represented in many public and private collections and in 2007 I was shortlisted for the prestigious ‘Jerwood Applied Arts Prize – Jewellery’.« 

« …Colour has always been a significant feature of her jewellery. By introducing the translucent qualities of silicone with bright pigments, alongside the shifting reflective surfaces of precious metal and plastics, she conveys the qualities of underwater life forms. »

Lili DesignLili Design (Lili Giacobino) detail of a necklace
« No chemicals are used in the creation of Bioplastic jewellery, which means it will not last forever »
Lili DesignLili Design (Lili Giacobino)  necklace
RenushRenush -Contempory hand made, moulded leather jewellery
« Renush is the creation of designer and maker Renáta Koch, a graduate in Footwear and Accessories from Cordwainers College at the London College of Fashion. Taking her inspiration from the contours of the human body and the characteristics of materials used, Renáta uses traditional techniques to create thoroughly modern and highly original pieces »
« I was first inspired by a tutor to pursue a career in jewellery design. I loved to make small sculptures and turn them into playful wearable objects. From the moment I was introduced to enamelling at Edinburgh College of Art I immediately loved its instantaneous effects. I find the enamelling process fascinating from applying the enamel to metal to firing it in a kiln. The most satisfying part for me is when the layers of rich colour are rubbed back to reveal patterns and textures underneath. My love for the city is the inspiration behind my work. I initially paint my ideas onto enamel panels and then translate these drawings into tactile, sculptural forms that play with line,texture and colour. My recent collection consists of earrings, pendants and brooches made from oxidised silver, iron and enamel. I oxidise the silver to create an industrial feel which compliments the bold colours that feature throughout my jewellery designs.« 
« Veiled jewellery reflects my assumption that although certainty is often required in modern society, ambiguous expression has been the most distinctive characteristic found in Japanese values and religious beliefs« 



Somerset House – Ethical Pavillion
London WC2R 1LA



EXPO ‘WHAT?’ – Year 1 jewellery & silversmithing show – London (UK) – 13 Juin 2012

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Graduation Show,Grande-Bretagne (UK) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:05

WHAT? Year 1 jewellery and silversmithing show

WHAT? Year 1 jewellery and silversmithing show

We as Year 1 BA Jewellery and Silversmithing students (from Cass London metropolitan school) would like to invite you to our end of year show, where there will be a catwalk show to present all of our work, all inspired and to do with the Human Body.

There will be many more exciting things that will happen in the show, from great music, great conversations and exciting gifts!

£5 ticket holders only!

EXPO 'WHAT?' - Year 1 jewellery & silversmithing show - London (UK) - 13 Juin 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition 582480_10150829015273341_573698340_9598633_1640196183_n
shoulder piece by Almudena Munoz

cuff by Kirsty James - at "WHAT? Year 1 jewellery and silversmithing show"cuff by Kirsty James

Piece by Yubin KimEar-Piece by Yubin Kim

  "BRANGLE" a piece by Kaisa Sein« BRANGLE » , a piece by Kaisa Sein

Tania Bryson - ring !Tania Bryson – ring !


Closest stations : OLD STREET and ANGEL
The following link is a map of the area:


EXPO ‘Queen of Diamonds’ – Electrum, London (UK) – 1er Juin-31 Aout 2012

Queen of Diamonds

A celebratory exhibition of contemporary jewellery fit for the Queen and all her subjects

The Diamond Jubilee has inspired many of our makers to work in different ways from sceptres to tiaras. This summer exhibition will showcase specially made pieces alongside regular exhibitors all of whom we are very proud to represent.

These include: Jane Adam — Vicki Ambery-Smith — Hannah Bedford — Clara Breen — Michael Carberry — Tania Clarke Hall — Emily Collins — Tusheeta David — Anne Finlay — Gerda Flöckinger CBE — Lucie Gledhill — Emmeline Hastings — Jo Hayes Ward — Susi Hines — Stephanie Johnson — Jennifer Kidd – Momoko KumaiJenny Llewellyn — Catherine Mannheim — Jo McAllister — Dagmar Mildes — Maria Militsi — Louise Miller — Mark Nuell — Lina PetersonWendy Ramshaw CBE RDI — Maya Selway — Shivani — Rie Taniguchi — Ruth TomlinsonKarola TorkosMaud Traon — Irene Wolf — Mark Woods

  electrum uk Jo McAllister – Brooch: Diamond Jubilee Stamp Collector’s Brooch 2012 – Fine silver 999, stamps, steel pin Photo: Alexander Brattell



Electrum Gallery
21 S Molton St
W1K 5QZ – London
United Kingdom
Telephone: Tel: +44 (0) 20 7629 6325


EXPO ‘A Sense of Place’ – The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh (UK) – 18 Mai-16 Sept. 2012

A Sense of Place: New Jewellery from Northern Lands

Management: Beth Legg

Response piece by Tobias Alm

Response piece by Tobias Alm - Brooch 2011 - Anter, wood, thread, paper and silver

This exhibition explores the relationship contemporary jewellers have with their environment. Six nations are involved in the project, each at the northern edge of European jewellery practice, and each with their own individual cultural histories and heritage.

As part of a doctorate research project, sixteen emerging, and established, jewellers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Scotland were asked to make two new works. The first piece was informed by a box of collected objects and materials that each artist gathered from an environment which is significant to them. This collection became a research process towards their tangible interpretation of place.

These ‘Topophilia’ (love of a place) boxes were then swapped, anonymously and at random, for another artist’s box that formed the stimuli for the second piece of jewellery. The work is displayed in pairs alongside the corresponding box of source materials illustrating the different approaches taken by artists with the same stimuli. Visitors can compare how the artist’s work is affected by working from the objects they have chosen and from objects that have been selected by someone else.

The collections in the boxes and the finished work are poetic responses to feelings of belonging through the language of making. This project is a celebration of our cultural links through our lived experience of our environment; cementing the bonds of cultural identity through collected and crafted material objects and forming new connections to our place in the world.

Topophilia box created by Beth Legg, Caithness, Scotland.Beth LeggTopophilia box created by 


Artists list:
Tobias Alm (Sweden), Rut-Malin Barklund (Sweden), Sara Borgegård Älgå (Sweden), Grace Girvan (Scotland), Ingjerd Hanevold (Norway) Caroline Holt (Scotland), Hildur ýr Jónsdóttir (Iceland), Jenny Klemming (Sweden), Agnes Larsson (Sweden), Beth Legg (Scotland), Helena Lehtinen (Finland), Helga Mogensen (Iceland), Eija Mustonen (Finland), Per Suntum (Denmark), Nelli Tanner (Finland), Tarja Tuupanen (Finland).


 EXPO 'A Sense of Place' - The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh (UK) - 18 Mai-16 Sept. 2012 dans Agnes LARSSON (SE) senseplace-legg-2

Beth Legg‘Where Land Meets Sea’ neckpiece, silver oxidised silver, copper, driftwood, industrial enamel and shell beads , 2011

Brooch, copper, paint, cotton thread, silver and steel. Jenny Klemming, 2011, Mariestad, Sweden.Jenny KlemmingBrooch, copper, paint, cotton thread, silver and steel. , 2011

 Brooch, silver and bio resin. Eija Mustonen, 2011, Ylämaa, Finland.

Eija MustonenBrooch, silver and bio resin , 2011

  Sara Borgegård Älgå  Necklace: Furillen 2011  Painted wood, iron and threadSara Borgegård Älgå  Necklace: Furillen 2011  Painted wood, iron and thread

  Nelli Tanner  Brooch: Traces of I 2012  Birch, silver  13,3 x 9,8 x 1 cm  Photo: Kimmo HeikkiläNelli Tanner  Brooch: Traces of I 2012  Birch, silver  13,3 x 9,8 x 1 cm  Photo: Kimmo Heikkilä

  Agnes Larsson - carbo necklaceAgnes Larsson – carbo necklace 2011-2012

  Tarja Tuupanen. Brooch. Cachalong, silver.Tarja Tuupanen. Brooch. Cacholong, silver. 2009



The National Museum of Scotland
Chambers Street
EH1 1JF – Edinburgh
United Kingdom
Telephone: 0300 123 6789


EXPO ‘Industrial 2′ – Gallery SO, London (UK) – 4 Mai-10 Juin 2012

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. S O (UK),Grande-Bretagne (UK),Helen BRITTON (AU) — bijoucontemporain @ 21:18

Helen Britton« Industrial 2″ @ Gallery S O London – 04.05.2012 — 10.06.2012


Pinned ImageHelen Britton, Industrial Garden I and II, Brooches 2012, Silver, Rose Gold Plated Photo: Dirk Eisel


« A tiny girl stands in an enormous factory. They are casting steel: steel for ships, steel for the mines. Nearby the ships will be built; that she knows. The steel pours, the men like ants in scale, the heat, the stench, the noise, it leaves a strong impression.Later on, she would often come back to that part of town, not only for the steel and the ships, but also for the gritty screaming post-punk bands in the workers clubs, whose sounds would form the basis of the musical accompaniment of her life till this day.Now, almost 40 years later: a post-industrial city in Europe. No steelworks, no bright clear beaches (where the massive ships sometimes end broken in the winter storms).Where do these tracks now lead and what do they allow?Steel bridges, steel lines in the snow, construction site grey dust, an assemblage of materials that will be ordered and built back into the cold, greasy grey.Stretch all those years of looking, that line of experience back again to the steelworks. Pour that music in through the ears and out through the hands. Cut that line deep in the shapes, organize the elements, tie them down and connect them all together again.
There you have it: an explanation. » Helen Britton 

'Three shapes grey'.  Brooch by Helen Britton, 2012.Helen Britton‘Three shapes grey’ -  Brooch , 2012.


Gallery S O London
92 Brick Lane
London E16RL
+44 (0)20 7377 8008


COUP de COEUR : Farrah Al-Dujaili – three-dimensional sketches

Farrah Al-Dujaili has been choosed by AJF as 2011 year’s EAA (‘Emerging Artist Award’ ) winner. Farrah Al-Dujaili (UK) has been chosen from among 150 entries from 36 countries.

Criteria used in the judging were originality, depth of concept and quality of craftsmanship. Al-Dujaili works within an intuitive mix of drawing and making that crosses over and intertwines.  She applies drawing materials such as pencil, crayons and watercolors to a surface of enamel paint. This gives an interesting material link to the design methodology, enforcing the dialogue between drawing and making.

The goal of the EAA is to acknowledge promise, innovation and individuality in the work of emerging jewelers. The competition is open to makers of art jewelry who have recently completed their professional training. Al-Dujaili will receive a $5000 cash award. In addition, her work will be featured by an AJF member gallery at SOFA NY and in AJF advertisements and she will serve as a juror for next year’s competition.

Jurors for the 2011 competition were Perry A Price, Assistant Curator of Exhibitions and Collections at the Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, Massachusetts; Marion Fulk, long-standing member of AJF and collector of contemporary jewelry; and Agnes Larsson, jewelry artist and recipient of the AJF’s 2010 Emerging Artist Award.

Perry Price commented, ‘I find this an interesting use of materials: watercolors, pencils and paint; the combination of materials and forms create three-dimensional sketches.’ Agnes Larson added, ‘She is taking techniques from drawings and transforming them well into her pieces.’ Marion Fulk remarked, ‘This was a very interesting and consistent body of work.’

Al-Dujaili received a BA in 2009 and an MFA in 2011 in Silversmithing and Related Products from the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom.

Formal announcement of this award, with images of the work, will be made at SOFA New York, April 20–23, 2012.
Her work will also be shown at COLLECT in London, England, May 11–14, 2012.


No need of this celebration to confirm that I REALLY love her work !!

COUP de COEUR : Farrah Al-Dujaili - three-dimensional sketches dans blog ArtJewelryForum Farrah-Al-Dujaili-4-320x293Farrah Al-Dujaili – Brooch 2011 – Copper, enamel paint, watercolour, watercolour pencil, pastel. (Dim.: 5.5cm x 4cm x 2cm)

Farrah Al-DujailiFarrah Al-Dujaili - Necklace 2011Copper, enamel paint, watercolour, watercolour pencil, pastel, pencil, faux pearls (Dim.: 9cm x 40cm x 6cm)

 Farrah Al-DujailiFarrah Al-Dujaili -Brooch 2011 – Copper, enamel paint, watercolour pencil, pastel

 Farrah Al-Dujaili  Copper, enamel paint, watercolour, watercolour pencil, pencil, pastel.  Dimensions: 13cm x 14cm x 5cmFarrah Al-Dujaili - brooch 2011- Copper, enamel paint, watercolour, watercolour pencil, pencil, pastel.  Dim.: 13cm x 14cm x 5cm

From Farrah Al-Dujaili | DrawingsFarrah Al-Dujaili -  Brooch 2011 – Copper, enamel paint, watercolour, watercolour pencil.
7_72 dans COLLECT
Farrah Al-Dujaili -Brooch 2011Copper, enamel paint, watercolour pencil, pastel (Dime.: 11.5cm x 9cm x 4cm)


EXPO ‘Cloud Nylon: The Jewellery of Nora Fok’ – Gallery Four, Touchstones Rochdale (UK) – 17 Dec. 2011–10 Mars 2012

Cloud Nylon: The Jewellery of Nora Fok

Nora Fok retrospective exhibition of her work
Nora Fok is one of Britain’s leading contemporary jewellers, who works with quite ordinary materials to create extraordinary results.
The processes Nora uses – knitting, weaving, crocheting and knotting – transform linear nylon microfilament into simple and complex structures, inspired by her fascination with the natural world and the mathematical models that underpin it.
Much of her work can be classified as jewellery, but she pushes the definition to its limits making larger bodywear and pieces which stand independently as sculpture.

You can find out more about the exhibition at

A Harley Gallery touring exhibition directed by Brochocka Baynes and supported by the Arts Council.

Visit Nora’s own site

Pinned Image
Nora Fok: Bubble Bracelet; photographer Frank Hills
Nora Fok « million dollar » neckpiece
Nora Fok: « This is Life » – photographer Frank Hills

Art Gallery
Touchstones Rochdale
The Esplanade
OL16 1AQ – UK
Telephone: 01706 924492
Fax: 01706 924944
The Art Gallery at Touchstones Rochdale consists of four gallery spaces: one for the Borough’s impressive collections, two for the best in visiting contemporary art, craft and design and a dedicated community gallery, Gallery One

Image de prévisualisation YouTube




« Recent graduate from Edinburgh College of Art, my work has developed from research into transient beauty and impermanence. Combining shards of decay with contemporary structure, I am interested in the contrast between the indeterminate results of patina and the controlled process of workmanship. Intrigued by the effects of time and decay, especially places and objects that have fallen into a state of disrepair I explore this condition in enamel, playing with both control and unpredictability. Structures frame embedded patina and change within a surface, indicating that a transformation has occurred over a period of time. The resulting work is unpredictable and unexpected; a product of a process deliberately out of my control. Undetermined paintings of rust-coloured patterns, created by nature and left to chance, are encased within liner frameworks. By isolating sections of a surface the viewer is compelled to focus on the unusual natural beauty framed within. »

Kirsty SUMERLINGPainted Decay Brooch – Silver, 9ct Red Gold, Copper, Enamel
Kirsty SUMERLINGFramed Fragments Neckpiece – White Precious Metal, 18ct Yellow Metal, Corten steel, Enamel
Kirsty SUMERLINGSurface in time Neckpiece -  Copper, White Precious Metal, Steel
Kirsty SUMERLINGBound Corten Brooch – White Precious Metal, Corten Steel, Enamel, 18ct Yellow Metal
to see / buy at :
The Scottish Gallery
16 Dundas Street
Edinburgh EH3 6HZ
T 0131 558 1200
F 0131 558 3900


EXPO ‘The WOOD Show’ – FLOW Gallery, London (UK) – 23 Nov. 2011-21 Janv. 2012

The WOOD Show
This exhibition will be based on the different ways artists work with wood within their practice. Each of the fourteen international artists subverts the preconceptions of this material. Ranging from Wycliffe Stutchbury‘s compositions of fallen and forgotten timber to the geometric, painted wooden jewellery of Katy Hackney. Corina Rietveld‘s Birch rings, use the beauty of bark to determine the shape of the ring. Artist’s reference traditional techniques, such as Koto Fukunaga‘s fresh take on the ancient Japanese art of birch vessels and Shigeki Kudo‘s use of the traditional Japanese technique Hegi, the splitting of wood into layers. Markku Lyttinen carves layers of birch plywood into beautiful platters reflecting the undulating Finnish landscape. Others combine wood with various materials, such Adele Brereton mixes traditional Silversmithing techniques with wood; Amanda Caines explores archaeology and recycling, mixing natural and man made objects; Katy Hackney combines wood with the more unorthodox: Formica worktops, toys, chess pieces, spectacle frame off cuts plywood & cutlery handles ……

Artist’s include:  Rut-Malin Barklund — Adele Brereton — Anthony Bryant — Amanda Caines — Grace Girvan — Simon Grainger — Katy Hackney — Sachiyo Higaki — Mark Hanvey — Kota Fukunaga — Tahakashi Kougei — Shigeki Kudo — Markku Lyytinen — Oda Makiko — Malcolm Martin — Hans-Henning Pederson — Corina Rietveld –  Wycliffe Stutchbury.

Corina Rietveld
Corina Rietveld

Amanda Caines
Amanda Caines

EXPO 'The WOOD Show' - FLOW Gallery, London (UK) - 23 Nov. 2011-21 Janv. 2012 dans Alison MAcLEOD (UK) flora-vagi
Flora Vagi

Sachiyo Higaki
Sachiyo Higaki

Rut Malin Barklund
Rut Malin Barklund
Alison Mcleod

Alison Mcleod



FLOW Gallery
1-5 Needham Road    London   W11 2RP   UK
Tel: +44 (0)20 7243 0782


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