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Amberif Design Award 2012 – concours – deadline : 10 Fevr. 2012

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Amberif Design Award 2012


The goal of this contest is to promote amber as a source of artistic expression. The aim of the competition is the design of an original piece 
of artistic jewellery or applied art with amber, inspired by the topic of the contest. The competitors are allowed to use all other materials 
provided that amber plays the essential role.

The competition is open to all designers, artists, creators and craftspeople, designer and manufacturing teams are allowed,
presentations shall be submitted in the form of a single 30 x 30 cm chart (2-D) with the design produced in any graphic technique 
or a photograph of a ready prototype or model are accepted.

Deadline for entries expires on the 10 February 2012

Prizes to be awarded:
-  The Mayor of the City of Gdańsk Prize: PLN 10,000 exchange rate approx. 4.4  PLN / 1EUR
-  The Amber Prize of the International Amber Association : 2 kg of amber
-  The Silver Prize: 1 kg of silver

Exhibition of the winning designs and other entries qualified by the Jury will be during AMBERIF 2012, the 19th International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones between 21 and  23 March 2012 in Gdańsk, Poland.

Contact us please for entry forms and any further details.

Competition Office : ,

 tel.: + 48 58 55 49 134, fax: + 48 58 5549 207


Lucia MASSEI, coup de coeur toujours !

Lucia Massei, director of Alchimia is now part of the artists in Galerie Sofie Lachaert

« intense colours, mediterranean atmospheres, light and the illusive shine of gold, together with the seduction of black ornaments that seem to take us into etruscan banquets, these are the distinctive features of Lucia Massei’s jewellery.
“We stay on the surface because we feel the depth”, would be a phrase to describe the feeling Lucia’s jewellery can give  »
Here are some of her new (MARVELLOUS !) work

Lucia Massei - 'café della pace' gold, oxidized silver, spinelLucia Massei - « caffè della pace » necklace – 18k yellow gold, oxidated silver, black spinels


Lucia Massei- «Le parole vengono dopo» 2011Lucia Massei - ring « le parole vengono dopo » 2011 . Yellow gold, fire opals.

Lucia Massei - Ophelia | necklace year 2011 silver, white gold, pigmentsLucia Massei – « Ophelia » necklace year 2011 silver, white gold, pigments

Lucia Massei - Caffè della Pace | brooches year 2011 oxidated silver, yellow gold, black spinelsLucia Massei – « Caffè della Pace » brooch 2011 oxidated silver, yellow gold, black spinels


EXPO ‘Tastes just like chicken… ‘ – Alchimia Jewellery School, Firenze (IT) – 22 sept.-8 Oct. 2011

Tastes just like chicken…  – Quaternitas Exhibition 2011
Alchimia jewellery school presents ‘Tastes just like chicken….’, the Quaternitas exhibition 2011, curated by Ruudt Peters.

Michelle Kraemer and Maru Lopez present the final results after a yearlong development under the guidance of their tutor Ruudt Peters. The work of both started with an exploration of gender, identity, sex, skin, touch, within the borders generated around these concepts by the individual and the society.
The artists have worked in a close dialogue and with corresponding materials like fabric, latex, nylon and foam, but the resulting jewellery pieces show clearly their difference in cultural identity and personal interest.
Set up in the beautiful entrance hall of Alchimia, the exhibition is articulated in two installations referring to the display of ‘organic material’ one related to commerce (the butcher) the other to curiosity and science (the natural history museum).
Maru Lopez: ‘pass me the salt’, Fabric, acrylic paint, thread, plastic filling , iron, and shibuichi
Michelle Kraemer: ‘have you got the guts?’ – latex, nylon thights, balsa wood, embroiderie thread



Alchimia, Jewellery School
Piazza Piattelina 3/r
50124 Firenze



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Dina ABARGIL, Alchimia’s just graduated,  has been exhibiting extensively in Israel and is working several galleries in Europe.

Coming Exhibitions are  :
* October 2011: Gemological Contemporary Jewellery at the Geological Museum, Ramat HaSharon, Israel
* October 2011: UltraMarine Exhibition, Shipyard Foundry, Tallinn, Estonia
*May 2012: The 6 Bienalle of Israeli Jewellery, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.

«  I am an independent artist living and working in Tel Aviv.
Since graduating from Alchimia, I have been creating new pieces for exhibitions at selected galleries around the world.

My works are conceptual in nature. I combine organic and industrial materials with precious metals. After thoroughly researching each material to be used, I then investigate the conversation between those various materials, with the will to create harmonic and wearable pieces »
Dina ABARGIL- ‘Fiori della citta’ necklace -  concrete, shibuichi
Dina ABARGIL- longing, ring – concrete, shibuichi
Dina ABARGIL- ‘mio draggho’, pendant -mosquito net, concrete, graphite powder, shibuhici, textile
Dina ABARGIL- earrings – plexiglass, concrete, 18k gold – 2009-2010
Dina ABARGIL- neckpiece purple heart wood, ruby, pink quartz, black tourmaline, shibuhici, 18 kt & 14 kt gold  – 2011
« (Thank You Girl), I will Love You Till The End Of The World. Song by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds from the motion picture soundtrack « Until the end of the world ». Film by: Wim Wenders – 1991; «
Dina ABARGIL- pendant – ebony, shibuhici, shakudo, volcanic ash, silk – « acrophobia », 2006-2007




Annual MARZEE selection of GRADUATE WORK JEWELLERY 2011 (NL) – 7 Aout-24 Sept. 2011


Brooch, electroformed copper. Gold plated Jade Drakes and her dogs – Brooch, electroformed copper. Gold plated

Satita Rojpojjanarat (from Alchimia) -  brooch, textile, magnet- «Thai clouds» Satita Rojpojjanarat and her « Thai clouds »

 Nadege Roscoe-RumjahnNadege Roscoe’s intimacies

(THANKS to Alchimia blog for pictures !)
Alla Malova Guy - necklace Post Fossil 2011, ceramics, metal chain, flocking, epoxy resin, iron, magnet – Switzerland, Geneva, HEAD
Antje Stolz – necklace Steinlos I (Stoneless) 2010, stone veneer, enamel lacquer, oxidised silver, lead, coral cement  – Germany, Idar-Oberstein, Fachhochschule Trier
Agata Bartos – necklace Storytellers – Precious Buttons 2011, porcelain, epoxy resin  – Netherlands, Arnhem, ArtEZ
Bell Zhou – necklace Protect 2011, glass, silver, gems, paint, seed, copper, yellow plastic thread, steel  – Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Andrêa Martins - brooch Shadow of Truth 2011, silver, cord, fishing line  – Portugal, Senhora da Hora, ESAD
Marine Stampfli - bracelet Paradoxes 2011, silver, cotton, resin  – Switzerland, Geneva, HEAD
Satita Rojpojjanarat – brooch 2011, silk, nylon, magnet  – Italy, Florence, Alchimia, Scuola di Gioielleria
Hanna Liljenberg (MA) – brooch 2011, black paper, shellac, silver  – Sweden, Gothenburg, HDK
Alice Bo-Wen Chang (MFA) – necklace Bodyspace/bodyscape series 2011, silver, gold plated copper, copper  – UK, Edinburgh College of Art
Mariko Sumioka (BA) – necklace Bamboo Necklace 2011, oxidised copper, enamel on copper, kimono, gold-plated steel cable  – UK, Edinburgh College of Art
David Choi (MA) – brooch 2011, steel, oxidised silver  – USA, New Palz, State University of New York (SUNY)
Younghee Hong – brooch Drawn to Nature #2 2011, polymer filament, plastic price tags, silver – USA, Bloomfield Hills, Cranbrook Academy of Art
Anne Achenbach - necklace Kuh (Cow) 2011, zinc coated steel  – Germany, Dusseldorf, Fachhochschule
Sachiyo Higaki – necklace 2010, wood, thread  – Germany, Idar-Oberstein, Fachhochschule Trier

and ………..

Marcos Guzman (BA), Catherine Da Costa (BA), Inari Kiuru (BA), Bin Dixon-Ward (BA), from Australia, Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)  –  Marleen Henot, Sofie De Bakker, Hannes Groffy, from  Belgium, Hasselt, Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg — Ren Kai, Liu Xiao, from China, Beijing, Central Academy of Arts — Alena Hesounová, Karla Olsáková, from  Czech Republic, Prague, AAAD Academy of Art, Architecture and Design — Kadi Kübarsepp, Liina Lõõbas, Katrin Kosenkranius, Kadi Kübarsepp, from  Estonia, Tallinn, Eesti Kunstakadeemia — Krista Ruohonen, from Finland, Lappeenranta, South Carelia Polytechnic — Marie Masson, from France, Limoges-Aubusson, l’École Nationale Supérieure d’Art (ENSA) — Julie Connellan (MA), from  Ireland, Dublin, The National College of Art and Design (NCAD) — Laura Alvarado, Ricarda Tesch, from  Germany, Dusseldorf, Fachhochschule — Sabine Conrad, from Germany, Idar-Oberstein, Fachhochschule Trier –  Hyoun Jung Sung, from Germany, Halle, Burg Giebichenstein, Hochschule für Kunst und Design –  Stefan Heuser, from Germany, Munich, Akademie der Bildenden Künste — Laura Rittlinger (BA), Michaela Prange (BA), Yasutaka Okamura (BA), from Germany, Pforzheim, FachhochschuleYael Nissan, Rotem Fishler, from Israel, Ramat-Gan, Shenkar College of Engeneering and Design — Keren Grinfeld, Shir Pins, from Israel, Jerusalem, Bezalel — Carissa Hsu, from Italy, Florence, Alchimia, Scuola di Gioielleria — Makoto Tachihara, Koji Toyama, Haruka Masuda, from Japan, Tokyo, Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry — Morgane de Klerk, Atsuno Takase, Benedikt Fischer, Marina Elenskaya, from Netherlands, Amsterdam, Rietveld AcademieJie Sun, from Nederlands, Amsterdam, Sandberg Instituut — Iris Verstappen, from Netherlands, Maastricht, Academie Beeldende Kunsten — Jessica Winchcombe, Julia Middleton, from New Zealand, Porirua, Whitireia Polytechnic –  Ilse-Marie Erl, from New Zealand, Auckland, Aotearoa, Unitec — Typhaine Le Monnier (MA), Maria Emília Martinho (BA), from Portugal, Lisbon, AR.COJi-hye Lee, Jihyun Lee, Heon-Joo Ji, Heejoo Kim, from South Korea, Seoul, Kookmin UniversityMaría Saura Estruch, María Sol González Martínez, from Spain, Barcelona, Escola MassanaBarbora Hainzová, from Slovakia, Bratislava, Academy of Fine Arts and Design — Malin Peter (BA), Xiang Dai (MA), Charlotte Maslov (BA), Mikael Sellersjö (MA), from Sweden, Gothenburg, HDKKatrin Spranger (MA), from Sweden, Stockholm, KonstfackHannah Fewtrell-Bolton, Xiaohan Ren, from UK, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design BIADJenny Laidlaw (MA), Vershali Jain (MA), from UK, Edinburgh College of Art — Ruth Reifen, Mariah Tuttle, from USA, Providence, RISDAllyson Bone (MA), Allison Ullmer (MA), from USA, New Palz, State University of New York (SUNY) –

many mant THANKS to Gallery Marzee for their pictures !!!

Galerie Marzee
Lage Markt 3
6511 VK Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Phone +31 24 3229670

Fax +31 24 3604688


« Profondo », Alchimia graduation show – Florence, Italie – 16-17-18 juin 2011

 Profondo, Alchimia graduation show

jeudi 16 juin · 18:00 21:00

curated by RUUDT PETERS
and to the End of the Year exhibition of the first and second year classes


Aline Battegay, Lea-Maria Becker, Jade Drakes, Anja Eichler, Wen-Hsien Carissa Hsu, Satita Rojpojjanarat, Nadege Roscoe-Rumjahn, Gabi Veit

Alchimia Jewellery school in Firenze presents ‘Profondo’ graduation exhibition of the third year/specialization course in contemporary jewellery taught by Ruudt Peters. A research focused on extending and deepening the working methods and personal reflections of each artist.

Eight different approaches and techniques led to heterogeneous experimentations, ranging from issues related to the complexity of relations between individuals, attempts to objectification of emotions, to growth as a result of a regulated destruction process. Set up in the basement of Piazza Piattellina Square, in the striking stone cellars of Alchimia, the exhibition is articulated as a fragmented path that expresses a discourse about the multiple possibilities and related significance of body adornment.
Aline Battegay- Virus series
Gabi Veit
Satita Rojpojjanarat
Nadege Roscoe-Rumjahn

(thanks for pictures to Alternative Gallery, « ARTornamento 2011 » exhibition)



Alchimia Scuola Di Gioielleria
Piazza Piattellina 3/r, Florence, Italy


EXPO ‘Svolte, tra riforma luterana e gioiello contemporaneo’ – Alchimia School, Firenze (IT) – 24 Mars-6 mai 2011

« Svolte, tra riforma luterana e gioiello contemporaneo« 

13e Erfurter Schmuck symposium

Since 1984  the  Schmucksymposium in Erfurt takes place every two years in the German city of Erfurt, with the aim of supporting the creative work of jewellery artists. A group of artists invited for this occasion and Volker Atrops, artist in residence at Erfurt in 2009, have worked together in July 2010 for the preparation of a symposium on the theme of Martin Luther’s journey to Italy between 1510 and 1511. This journey was the  turning point in the life of the great theologian who initiated the Reformation and had a huge impact across the continent, not only on the  political history but also on social relations and costume.
The radical questioning of decoration (the churches, but not only ..), the reference to a vision of monastic life (with the condemnation of ornament), the establishment of principles which then unexpectedly became the foundations of capitalist ethics are all themes that are of great interest to art and  art jewellery.
Dana Seachuga
Fabrizio Tridenti
Daniela Boieri


Piazza Piattellina 3/r
50124 Firenze, Italy
Tel. +39 055 223218
Fax. +39 055 223218


EXPO ‘RING, RINGS and RINGS AGAIN’ Galerie Mangold, Leipzig (DE) – 17 Mars-15 Mai 2011

« Ring, Ringe und nochmals Ringe » Exhibition at Galerie Mangold, Leipzig Germany
each student of Alchimia shows 2 rings.
opening: March 17th at 6p.m.

In this occasion we will also present the newest Lark Book selection

EXPO 'RING, RINGS and RINGS AGAIN' Galerie Mangold, Leipzig (DE) - 17 Mars-15 Mai 2011 dans ALCHIMIA (IT) Anellipic

 dans Allemagne (DE)
Lucia Massei – ‘bella addormentata’

 dans Anastasia KANDARAKI (GR)
Michelle Kraemer


 dans blog ALCHIMIA

Joanne Huang

 dans Daniela BOIERI (IT)
Isabel Dammermann

 dans Doris MANINGER (AT)
Gabriele Veit

 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Doris Maninger ‘Caviar’

 dans Gabriele (Gabi) VEIT (IT)
Anastasia Kandaraki
Daniela Boieri



Galerie Mangold
Daniela und Thomas Seidel
thomaskirchhof 17
04109 Leipzig (DE)
03 41 / 22 54 06 99
t / f 03 42 05 / 4 29 80






12 April  to 19 April, Livorno ITALY

« Mediterraneo è un progetto culturale che, attraverso il messaggio artistico ed espressivo del Gioiello Contemporaneo vuole portare l’attenzione sull’importante tematica della convivenza e dell’interazione dei diversi popoli del bacino del Mediterraneo che, attraverso un autentico dialogo ed una convinta accettazione della condivisione culturale, dona ricchezza e crescita alla nostra civiltà contemporanea. Partecipando a questa mostra gli artisti, approderanno anche loro alle sponde del “pensiero mediterraneo” e, elaborando nei loro gioielli un linguaggio condiviso ed aperto alle diversità, con i suoi colori, le ricchezze dei suoi fondali marini, i miti, i segni della storia e la materia, contribuiranno a quella ricchezza che ha sempre contraddistinto la cultura mediterranea. E’ previsto un premio di 1000€ rivolto agli artisti fino ai 35 anni di età (compresi) che sarà aggiudicato all’opera più rappresentativa della tematica legata al Mediterraneo. Il percorso espositivo sarà arricchito da due progetti inediti: il Garden Club di Livorno proporrà la propria interpretazione del Mediterraneo reinterpretando alcuni dei gioielli esposti con composizioni di arte floreale e inoltre sarà esposta una selezione di foto di Virgilio Catarsi sui particolari delle livree di alcuni pesci del Mediterraneo. « 



Given the success of last year, the AGC –Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo– offers, from April 12 to April 19, 2011, a new international expo on “Mediterranean. Meetings and Horizons “. The Mediterranean is an ideal meeting point, a point of confrontation and contamination of ideas, cultures, languages and traditions, a place where diversity has always been its richness and the very essence of its civilization.

The artists participating in this event will land on the banks of the “Mediterranean thinking” and will develop a shared language that is open to the diversified cultures typical of Mediterranean by using the light, the colors, the richness of the marine world, the myths, the signs of history and the matter.

This year all participants will be selected by a special commission because there will be a prize of 1000 € for participants under the age of 35.

The exhibition will take place in Livorno (Tuscany, Italy) from 12  April to 19 April in the Museum of Natural History of the Mediterranean in the eighteenth-century Villa Henderson.

Participation to MEDITERRANEO is open to everybody: artists, craftsmen-women, designers or students from contemporary jewellery schools or universities.

There will be preliminary jury and selection of the works, you have to fill in the photos form and send with the photos of your piece/ pieces no later than Saturday 19th February.

Details here.


(thanks to the Alchimia blog where I found the information !)


“ARBITRARY LOCATIONS” : Shapes to identify our place – Rinaldo Alvarez

« We are just a dart in a map. 
 Our location is arbitrary.
I want to propose shapes (interiors, exteriors, nests, hollows, cocoons…) in which we could identify our own place in the world. In a universe in which people grow up faster, in which travelling is easier and easier, and in which information tells us about our future, real engagement in our environment loses its value and the lack of rest makes it harder to establish firm roots.
Is this a problem? We need a circle of belonging. A place, an environment with which we identify, relationships that make us belong and that create an identity, a type of identity.
Which are the roots in our time? In the era of internet, communication, virtual reality – is there a physical place where we can belong? Is our place in the world really a place? Or is it an emotional state? Is this the era of emotional nomadism? Of virtual nomadism? Where is home? What is home like now? Does it matter? Where do we belong?
 Migrants of our own past and nomads of our own future.« (R i n a l d o  A l v a r e z)

des bijoux-cocons, des bijoux-refuges, pour les « homeless du web » comme moi …………
“ARBITRARY LOCATIONS” : Shapes to identify our place - Rinaldo Alvarez dans blog ALCHIMIA UNTITLED-Pendant-2010.Silver-paper-cotton-thread.94x38mm.43gms.1-171x300LCS56.569135N14.131454E-Brooch-2010.Silver-coral.-116x21x19mm.185gms.1-213x300 dans COUP DE COEURUNTITLED-Pendant-2010.Paper-wire-wax-silver-cotton-thread.-116x113x102mm.17.5gms.1-200x300 dans Espagne (ES)
Rinaldo Alvarez  - pendant – 2010 – Silver, paper, cotton thread
Rinaldo Alvarez  - brooch ‘LCS56.569135N14.131454E’ 2010 Silver, coral
Rinaldo Alvarez  - pendant

VCT37%C2%BA9%E2%80%9914.23%E2%80%9DN7%C2%BA32%E2%80%9957.97%E2%80%9DW-Brooch-2010.Paper-wire-wood.190x92x23mm.85gms.1-300x290 dans Exposition/ExhibitionPQI43%C2%BA2%E2%80%9942.76%E2%80%9DN6%C2%BA8%E2%80%991566%E2%80%9DW-Pendantobject-2010.Paper-wire-acrylic-wax-fabric-cotton-thread.-Diam.110mm.187gms.1-300x232 dans Rinaldo ALVAREZ (ES)
Rinaldo Alvarez - brooch  ‘VCT37º9’14.23”N7º32’57.97”W’  – Paper, wire, wood – 2010
Rinaldo Alvarez  - pendant ‘PQI43º2’42.76”N6º8’15,66”W’ Paper, wire, acrylic, wax, fabric, cotton thread


Gallery of the Cultural Complex: As Quintas   
La Caridad
Asturias  (Spain)
(12 June- 11 july  2010)


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