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blog Mar de Color Rosa : this is the end, my (old) friend …..

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SAD news …….. :-(


Today on my blog Mar de Color Rosa: Last Post.

mar de color rosa

For the last eight years I have been sharing information about contemporary jewelry from this blog. The time to stop has come. Here you will find my research. There are many jewelers on the list but there are many who aren’t but deserve to be.
Many thanks to all of you who have followed me, as well as those who have collaborated with me, especially Jaume Vilà-Clara, Robert Weis, Rosa Nogués Freixas, Begoña Prats and Catalina Gibert.
You can still find me sharing information on the Facebook Fan Page Mar de Color Rosa / Blog.
You can also follow my work on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, Linkedin, Pinterest.

Montserrat Lacomba, my dear friend blogger, I wish you ALL THE BEST for your future !


Montserrat Lacomba, from blog « mar de Color Rosa » has opened her workshop to public ….

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Atelier Montserrat Lacomba – ouverture 15 nov 2014

My colleague & friend Montserrat Lacomba from blog Mar de Color Rosa has opened her workshop to public : « November 15th, 2014 I invite you to the opening of my shop/workshop at Plaça de Sant Pere 2 in Girona« . VERY nice place with her nice & pleasant jewels ! A MUST GO if you visit Girona.

A lot of little enameled pieces, very pleasant to wear, are waiting for you ! :-)

« Mar de color rosa » : she works « with colors » as she says, colors of Mediterranean, of sea, clouds & sky, of plants & fishes, and all is happy, fresh, colorful but not too much, easy & pleasant to wear …. I recommend !!! :-)

Atelier Montserrat -ouverture 15 nov 2014« taller obert » !

« What would happen if the color of the snow were the color of ripe wheat or Coke? And what if the green of herbs became the tonality of dried beans? Where would we end up if one day gravity stopped? It could be that chickens will one day fly majestically like eagles and lambs learn to climb trees to shelter from the sun. Let’s not be surprised if one morning the sea no longer reaches the beach, allowing us to see what lies on the seabed. It would be less of a surprise if Lewis Carol’s “Alice” did not return from the hidden world behind the mirror because she thinks that life there is better. And what would happen if sea water were opaque and did not reflect the blue skies, yellow skin or scratched skies of bloody sunrises and sunsets? In the unlikely event upon which this might have occurred, Montserrat would have saved a sea, the pink sea (Mar de Color Rosa). That is the explanation of her brand. » –

Many thanks to my husband Agustí for this beautiful text!!!

Atelier Montserrat -ouverture 15 nov 2014Montserrat Lacomba y su broche « Giulietta » - Silver and cultivated pearl.

Atelier Montserrat -ouverture 15 nov 2014Montserrat lacomba – some of her necklaces & brooches ….

Atelier Montserrat -ouverture 15 nov 2014enamels palette …

Atelier Montserrat -ouverture 15 nov 2014Montserrat Lacomba necklace, this one in blue. Silver, copper, enamel and leather.

Nsome of her earrings

Montserrat Lacomba earrings_progressMontserrat Lacomba earrings in progress

Montserrat Lacomba enameled piecesMontserrat Lacomba enameled pieces are ready ….

living Girona by nightliving Girona by night … with sky & water colors …

Plaça de Sant Pere 2,  in Girona



Coup de Coeur : « Impossible Landscapes » by Montserrat Lacomba

« Impossible Landscapes » Series

by Montserrat Lacomba

« Paisajes Imposibles » es una serie de joyas que empecé en noviembre de 2012 y en la que estoy actualmente trabajando. Esta serie está basada en los paisajes que me rodean y con referencias a pintores y poetas que han tratado el tema del paisaje. »

« Impossible Landscapes » is a series of jewels that I started in November 2012 and continue to work on. The series is based on the landscapes that surround me with references to the painters and poets who treated the topic of landscape. »

Montserrat Lacomba - the 'Impossible Landscapes' serie

« It is impossible to understand art separated from feelings. It is a precise manifestation of reflections to be expressed and shared with others.  Art is uneasiness.
Painter Joaquim Mir remained captivated by the landscape of Torrent de Pareis on the island of Majorca and over time he searched for places from which one could see landscapes never previously painted.
Poet Jacint Verdaguer, of whom Joan Maragall wrote “no one knows the aspect of our land more than he,” in his notebooks of excursions to the Pyrenees had annotated descriptions of the landscape, orientative sketches, linguistic observations, writings and annotations that he would later use in the “Canigó” and others of his literary works.
The “Impossible Landscapes” series is born mainly from the admiration I feel for the painters and artists who have extensively treated the topic of landscape throughout the years, since it stopped being merely the background of the picture but instead became the focus of the work.  The same holds true for my recognition of the writers who make us imagine and transport us to unknown lands that we each come to know and interpret in our own way.
When we are surrounded by the landscape, our view gets lost into the infinite where there are no limits.  When we frame a fragment of landscape through a window or with a camera, however, that fragment assumes another sense and we make it ours.  Loving the land and surrounding landscape has led me to seek new landscapes that, once captured, become impossible. I move them to small wearable pieces, like windows, that invite the viewer to imagine and fantasize. »

Brooch "Mediterranean Sea" from the "Impossible Landscapes" series. 7 x 9,5 x 0.5 cm Oxidized nickel silver and enameled copper.Montserrat Lacomba – Brooch « Mediterranean Sea » from the « Impossible Landscapes » series. 7 x 9,5 x 0.5 cm Oxidized nickel silver and enameled copper.

Brooch  "Words and Landscapes (to Jacint Verdaguer, poet)"  5.5 x 9.5 x 1.5 cm  Engraved and enameled copper. oxidized copper and silver.Brooch  « Words and Landscapes (to Jacint Verdaguer, poet) »  5.5 x 9.5 x 1.5 cm  Engraved and enameled copper. oxidized copper and silver.

Brooch  "Montsenyserrat Mountain"  9 x 9 x 1.5 cm  Enameled and oxidized copper and silver.Brooch  « Montsenyserrat Mountain »  9 x 9 x 1.5 cm  Enameled and oxidized copper and silver.

Brooch "Roots of the Mountain" from the "Impossible Landscapes" series. 3 x 9 x 1 cm Oxidized nickel silver and engraved and enameled copper.Brooch « Roots of the Mountain » from the « Impossible Landscapes » series. 3 x 9 x 1 cm Oxidized nickel silver and engraved and enameled copper.

Brooch  "Worked Land" from the "Impossible Landscapes" series.  4 x 8 x 0,7 cm  Nickel silver and enameled copper. Brooch  « Worked Land » from the « Impossible Landscapes » series.  4 x 8 x 0,7 cm  Nickel silver and enameled copper.

Brooch  "The Square Lake and a Window"  7.5 x 8.5 x 1.5 cm Nickel silver and enameled copperBrooch  « The Square Lake and a Window »  7.5 x 8.5 x 1.5 cm Nickel silver and enameled copper

and some « Impossible earrings » (IMPOSSIBLE not to love them !!!)

Montserrat Lacomba - Earrings  eIL2  Enameled and oxidized copper and silver.  40x17x8 mm.Montserrat Lacomba (Mar de Color Rosa)  Earrings - eIL6  Enameled and oxidized copper and silver.  47x14x1 mm.Montserrat Lacomba - Earrings  eIL1  Enameled and oxidized copper and silver.  42x25x1 mm.

Earrings -  Enameled and oxidized copper and silver

Image de prévisualisation YouTube


BLACK is BEAUTIFUL – Francis Willemstijn

Francis Willemstijn
« I try to translate my heritage, the clay of my own country into jewellery. My work is based on traces of the past which are about to disappear forever. A proof of the strength of the cultural heritage in Holland and the way it can be renewed for our own times. My pieces are a connection between past and present, between tradition and innovation, between death and life. »

… et tout est d’une splendeur telle, d’une telle puissance, d’une telle présence, que ce fut TRES dur de choisir ….. Son travail …. comme si tout le plus sombre de la terre -le charbon, les chevelures de jais, le métal noirci- remontaient d’un lointain passé pour se rappeler à nous, comme les cailloux remontent toujours dans la terre de votre jardin : vous avez beau le biner, le bêcher, le travailler, le « civiliser », sa réalité ancienne remonte toujours, se rappelle toujours à votre souvenir , « moi j’étais terre à caillasse, terre à vigne, et cette terre rude je resterai » ………..

BLACK is BEAUTIFUL - Francis Willemstijn dans blog Mar de Color Rosa Gejaagd-door-de-Wind-Willemstijn-2
Francis Willemstijn – « Gejaagd door de Wind » serie 2009 – Collier – Haar (human hair), git, glas, zilver, textiel - Collectie Zuiderzeemuseum, Enkhuizen, NL

Francis WillemstijnArmband -« Gejaagd door de Wind » serie 2009 - Zilver, mensenhaar (human hair), git, glas, textiel

haar dans COUP DE COEUR
Francis Willemstijn -« Heritage » serie 2006  -Haar’ Collier 2006 -zilver, mensenhaar, textiel, git, glas, hout, suede

Gejaagd-door-de-Wind-Willemstijn-5 dans Francis WILLEMSTIJN (NL)
Francis Willemstijn - « Gejaagd door de Wind » serie 2009 – Collier – Zilver, granaten, koper, verf, textiel

kaaskop dans Hollande (NL)
Francis Willemstijn -« Heritage » serie 2006 – Kaaskop-  Collier 2006 – eiken (oak), textiel

overgrown dans organics
Francis Willemstijn - Overgrown – Broche 2006- zilver, moeraseiken

willem dans www Klimt02 
Francis Willemstijn - Collier voor Willem van Oranje – Collier 2007- ijzer, polystyreen – coll. CODA Museum

Francis Willemstijn - De Weduwe – Armband 2004-zilver, katoen

Francis Willemstijn - Tulp-Armband 2005-zilver, goud

Francis Willemstijn - Bye bye Miami Blue, MK1- Broche 2008- zilver, ijzer


COUP de … ROUGE avec Montserrat Lacomba !

Montserrat Lacomba, qui gère (de main de maître !) le blog « Mar de Color Rosa » a mis en place une option « SHOP » où elle propose ses créations …. et je craque pour ses rouges ! :-)

Tangencies with the Small Red
« Tangencies with the Small Red » – Short necklace with 3 pieces of oxidized & enameled (150ºC) copper, one copper’s circle. You can wear it in different sizes. Diameter of the bigest circle is 6 cm.

« Red« - Earrings – oxidized & enameled copper,  oxidized sterling silver ear wires- 4 cm long approx. including ear wire

Six Small Holes
« Six Small Holes » Earrings – enameled copper & oxidized sterling silver ear wires- 4 cm long approx. includ. ear wire

Circle and Line
« Circle and Line » – Earrings – oxidized & enameled copper,  oxidized sterling silver ear wires. Diam. 3 cm

Red Wheels and Points
« Red Wheels and Points » Earrings – enameled (150ºC) copper & oxidized sterling silver ear wires- 6,5 cm long approx. including ear wire

Tangencies in Red (Four)
« Tangencies in Red (Four) » Short necklace -3 pieces of oxidized & enameled (150ºC) copper & one copper’s circle. You can wear it in different sizes. diameter of the bigest circle is 4,5 cm

Red Points
« Red Points » -Earrings – piece of oxidized & enameled (150ºC) copper, oxidized sterling silver ear wires- 5 cm long approx.


« Montserrat Lacomba es licenciada en Bellas Artes, especialidad en pintura, por la Universidad de Barcelona y ha hecho cursos de joyería en la Escola Massana.
“En el 2000 empecé a crear joyas. Me gusta experimentar y trabajar con diferentes materiales como plata, cobre, esmaltes, tejidos, resina, etcétera. En 2008 empecé a publicar Mar de Color Rosa, un blog dedicado la recopilar y compartir información sobre joyería contemporánea. Desde 2009 formo parte del grupo Joyas Sensacionales, coordinado por la joyera Silvia Walz.”
En cuanto a los materiales, le gusta experimentar, pero utiliza principalmente cobre, plata, latón, resina, textil… Suele buscar la manera de trabajar el color a base de oxidaciones, esmaltes o pinturas.
“En mi última serie me he inspirado en la obra de Frida Kahlo y a menudo es la naturaleza y sobretodo el mar mi fuente de inspiración. A veces basta una simple palabra o una frase.” » (blog « Artesanio« )

(cf article  COUP de … ROUGE Montserrat LACOMBA où je craquais déjà pour les boucles d’oreilles dos vacíos‘ …. déjà vendues !! :-(   )

COUP de ... ROUGE  avec Montserrat Lacomba ! dans BARCELONA 167073_1776890989303_1450211589_1863389_4377590_n
dos vacíos‘ – earrings – Silver and enamel 



EXPO ‘Fused -contemporary enamel’ – Flow Gallery, London (UK) – 9 Mars-28 Mai 2011

 Fused -contemporary enamel

This show, curated by Melissa Rigby, the Chairman of the British Society of Enamellers, aims to challenge the pre-conceived ideas attached to enamel by questioning technique, process and aesthetic and to explore contemporary artist’s voices within this ancient medium.

Enamelling, the art of fusing glass onto metal with heat, is one of the most ancient and durable means of adding colour to metal. Fused brings together artists who use the traditional enamelling technique in new and exciting ways, creating a fresh visual language for this process. Their application of enamel gives an arresting beauty and unique patina to a diverse group of objects, panels and jewellery.


Artists (for jewelry):
Carola Bauer, Stacey Bentley , Bettina Dittlmann, Lydia Feast, Kirsten Haydon, Hiroki Iwata, Karin Johansson, Kye-Yeon Son

Bettina Dittlmann
Bettina Dittlmann

Bettina Dittlmann is inspired by historical jewellery, ranging from mourning Victorian jewellery to American Indian pieces. Dittlmann studies the historic forms and content, which later influence her own work. Drawing is an important part of Bettina Dittlmann’s life, often a starting point for a piece of jewellery.

Carola Bauer
 Carola Bauer

Carola Bauer captures incidental gestures in her jewellery; the cinema ticket in a coat pocket, twisted to a paper roll or the accordion-folded slip of paper. Bauer hopes to remind the observer of gestures. The surprises that she experiences in the search of forms also happen during the handling and use of enamel colours.

Stacey Bentley

Stacey Bentley

Stacey Bentley is inspired by urban scenery. Becoming increasingly attentive to the unexpected and unnoticed components of this industrial environment allows Bentley to discover an elegant and mysterious aesthetic. The jewellery explores the new possibilities and ideas that industrial liquid enamel can bring to contemporary jewellery.

Karin Johansson
Karin Johansson

Karin Johansson’s work is a treasure hunt among things and stray thoughts that arise and are discarded and then meet again. Out of this process grows something enduring. “I collect, small things that fit in my matchboxes: actual pieces or abstract images caught in flight.”

Kirsten Haydon
Kirsten Haydon

Jewellery is a personal and sentimental medium. Historically, objects were created in the form of miniature representations of landscapes and icons that reminded people of their journeys and experiences. Kirsten Haydon travelled to Antarctica as an Arts Fellow. Since that time she has been exploring the depiction of this landscape, its remoteness and simplicity of landscape. “The sparseness of the landscape allowed me to focus on the man-made objects within it.”

Lydia Feast
Lydia Feast

Lydia Feast explores the concept of contrasting elements. Echoing references to time and nature whilst combining a modern clean aesthetic, this collection ‘Chaos &Calm’ brings together contrasting elements illustrating a harmony between chaos and calm, new and old and silence and noise. Inspired by her research into chaos theory: “the underlining order in some of nature’s most random processes”. Each piece is unique as a result of the carefully controlled but ultimately random outcome.

Kye-Yeon Son
Kye-Yeon Son

Kye-Yeon Son explores positive and negative spaces through her branch structures. Her work symbolizes the human cycle of growth, death, and renewal. They seem to capture intangible emotions, spirits or memories.

Hiroki Iwata
Hiroki Iwata

Hiroki Iwata takes inspiration from nature around him describing it as « an irreplaceable treasure ». His brooches made of silver, enamel and aluminium foil reflect his aim to produce feelings of empathy with the motifs of the natural world in the viewer.



Flow Gallery
Yvonna Demczynska
1-5 Needham Road    London   W11 2RP   UK
Tel: +44 (0)20 7243 0782


Image de prévisualisation YouTube


virus de la COMPARAISON …..? Ramon Puig Cuyas et ….. Barcelone sous influence

Assiste-t-on à une « Ramon-Puig-Cuyas_t_isation » du bijou Barcelonais ??????

Des broches comme des petits tableaux, ou comme des petits plateaux où l’on aurait déposé des objets trouvés au cours d’un voyage intérieur …. même séries de petits branchages, petits cailloux, mêmes petites attaches … le résultat est attrayant, sympathique, … tentant …. :-) Ramón Puig Cuyàs images at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
All Ramón Puig Cuyàs images at Velvet da Vinci Gallery, All Ramón Puig Cuyàs images at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
broches de Ramon Puig Cuyas
broches de Ramon Puig Cuyasº 935 Ramon Puig Cuyàs. Series Walled Garden
broches de Ramon Puig Cuyas

 Silvia Walz -  "23 of May" brooch - Series 'Recollect' 2002-2003 - silver, textil, plasticSilvia Walz -  "4 estaciones"  brooch -  Series 'Burbujas' -  silver, copper, resine, enamel, glass
Silvia Walz -  « 23 of May » brooch – Series ‘Recollect’ 2002-2003 – silver, textil, plastic
 Silvia Walz« 4 estaciones »  brooch -  Series ‘Burbujas’ 2010 -  silver, copper, resine, enamel, glas   

virus de la COMPARAISON .....? Ramon Puig Cuyas et ..... Barcelone sous influence dans BARCELONA Steph
Stéphanie Barbié‎ – ‘lo perdido -lo encontrado’ (‘Joyas Sensacionales’ – Taller Perill) – brooch – silver, resine, plastic –
broche de Ramon Puig Cuyas

Steph5 dans blog Mar de Color Rosa
Stéphanie Barbié‎‘lo lejano – lo cercano‘ 
(‘Joyas Sensacionales’ – Taller Perill) brooch- resine, silver - 2009

Gisselle2 dans COMPARAISONLola5 dans Espagne (ES)
Gisselle Morales‘lo ligero-lo pesado’ (‘Joyas Sensacionales’-Taller Perill) brooch – copper, enamel, painting, silver
Lola Gratacós - ‘lo perdido-lo encontrado’ (‘Joyas Sensacionales’-Taller Perill) brooch – copper, ceramic- 2010

et, dernièrement, vu sur le blog « Mar de Color rosa » :

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjg dans Gisselle MORALES (Rep.Dominicana)
Judy McCaig  (professeur à l’Escola Massana et au Taller Perill à Barcelone)
‘Night Flight’  -silver,resin,18ct gold,tombac,crystal,selenite – 2010

Journey Thru’ Night and Day
Judy McCaig- ‘Journey Thru’ Night and Day’ 2010 – silver,18,22ct gold, topaz, tourmaline, formica, perspex, paint

Cela ne m’empêche aucunement d’apprécier chacune de ces broches, mais …. le rapprochement est troublant !




COUP de … ROUGE Montserrat LACOMBA

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Montserrat LACOMBA, ma « collègue » du blog « mar de Color Rosa » ! :-)

« In honor of Frida Kahlo’s painting » serie :

COUP de ... ROUGE  Montserrat LACOMBA dans blog Mar de Color Rosa 168010_1776886469190_1450211589_1863369_4117692_n
‘la casa-el mundo’ – brooch – Silver, copper and enamel

180128_1776887229209_1450211589_1863372_6890470_n dans COUP DE COEUR
‘la casa-el mundo’ – brooch – back !

168094_1776889029254_1450211589_1863380_7766917_n dans Espagne (ES)
‘dolor-amor’ – brooch – Silver, copper and enamel

167073_1776890989303_1450211589_1863389_4377590_n dans Montserrat LACOMBA (ES)
‘dos vacíos’ – earrings – Silver and enamel


EXPO ‘Conexions/Transversals’ – Galeria Amaranto, Barcelona (ES) – 28 Oct.- 27 Nov. 2010

« Conexions/Transversals » Group Exhibition

« Conexiones / transversales
Hablar de la renovación de la joyería catalana, es hablar también de la Escola Massana. Cuando a finales de los años cincuenta, el joyero y pintor Manuel Capdevila, se hace cargo de organizar el nuevo departamento de joyería, aportó su experiencia como artista, para concebir sus clases como un aula abierta, en la que tenían cabida todo tipo de ideas y materiales nuevos, impulsando la cultura del diseño y el proyecto por encima de todo tipo de forma incontrolada y estereotipada. Con el paso del tiempo la Escuela Massana se ha convertido en un centro de referencia dentro del mundo de la joyería contemporánea internacional, y este prestigio lo ha ganado porque ha sabido mantener una metodología pedagógica que no ha olvidado los orígenes del oficio, pero que también ha sabido abrirse a nuevos horizontes y encontrar un espacio dentro del mundo de las artes contemporáneas. Esto a sido posible gracias a las aportaciones, hechas desde diferentes sensibilidades, de las experiencias profesionales de los profesores, colaboradores y artistas invitados, que durante estos años han mantenido un contacto continuado con el Departamento de Joyería. » Ramon Puig Cuyàs

group exhibition « Conexions/Transversals » at Amaranto. Teachers from the Jewelry Department of Massana School show us their particular visions of contemporary jewelry (blog Mar de Color Rosa)

Participating artists :
Carmen Amador, Carles Codina, Elisabet Puig Barral, Josep Carles Pérez, Judy McCaig, Pilar Cotter, Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Silvia Walz, Tensi Solsona, Úrsula Viñolas


Amaranto joies
c/ Sant Doménec 23
08012 Barcelona
t: 93 217 14 40



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La semaine fut riche en rencontres, mais là je vous présente un joli moment, et un joli trio de « blogueuses » :

Montserrat Lacomba du blog « Mar de color rosa« , Marta Sànchez du blog « 18kt » & moi de « bijoucontemporain » :-)


JOYA Barcelona - RENCONTRES/ENCUENTROS dans BARCELONA 60177_1572983573408_1500099122_1420993_1007714_n


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