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EXPO ‘Forgotten Stones / Vergessene Steine’ – Eva Maisch’s Gallery, Würzburg (DE) – 18 Avril-23 Mai 2015

Forgotten Stones – Art Jewelry Exhibition at Eva Maisch’s Gallery

neue Ausstellung « Vergessene Steine » wird am Samstag, den 18. April eröffnet.

 Eva Maisch gallery

Wir präsentieren Arbeiten von  Adam & Stoffel, Michael Becker, Rudolf Bott, Petr Dvorak, Annette Ehinger, Dominique Labordery, Deborah Rudolph, Nils Schmalenbach und Pia Sommerlad.

Lustrous and colorful, hard and imperishable: stones have piqued people’s interest since the early days of human history, when hunters and gatherers, our early ancestors, interpreted them as gifts from the gods and attributed healing and protective powers to them – and used them as jewelry. Over the course of cultural history, people have changed their notions and interpretations of them. Precious stones appeared in legends and fairy tales, and were incorporated in the crowns of aristocrats and the jewelry of wealthy citizens. They became status symbols, an economic factor and the subject of scientific research. In our day and age, precious stones continue to play an important role as jewelry elements or investments. In contrast to conventional gem-studded jewelry, which features gemstones in classical cuts and arranged in repetitive patterns, contemporary jewelry artists are using their own individual techniques to restore the magic of gemstones.

Deborah Rudolph, Halsschmuck, JaspisDeborah Rudolph, Halsschmuck, Jaspis

Claudia Adam & Jörg Stoffel, necklace. AgateClaudia Adam & Jörg Stoffel, necklace. Agate

Michael Becker, bangle, 2010. 750 gold, dolomite, 18 × 2,8 cmMichael Becker, bangle, 2010. 750 gold, dolomite, 18 × 2,8 cm

Some of the Forgotten Stones showcased at Eva Maisch’s gallery radiate an almost weightless aura, others display a heavy, solid quality, and others again surprise the beholder with unusually imaginative cuts or their natural crystal structure. They stimulate our senses with finely engraved textures or imposing cuboidal shapes. Combined with matte gold, blackened silver or stainless steel, or spotlighted without any setting at all, they provide impressive reifications of creative freedom and individuality. With her current exhibition, the Würzburg-based gallerist and goldsmith provides insights into the work of eminent designers. They developed their individual styles while studying at art academies and universities, and have been honored with many international awards. At 7:30 p.m. on April 28 and 29, 2015, there will also be a concert with the singer and songwriter Hubert Treml (ArtAurea)

Petr Dvorak, earrings. AgatePetr Dvorak, earrings. Agate

Nils Schmalenbach seems unable to conceive jewelry without photography  Nils Schmalenbach seems unable to conceive jewelry without photography- Brosche, Achat


Annette Ehinger – boucles d’oreilles 2012 or 585, tourmaline rose, quartz enfuméAnnette Ehinger – earrings 2012 or 585, tourmaline rose, quartz enfumé 


Eva Maisch Schmuck
Sterngasse 5
97070 Würzburg


EXPO ‘Pasticcio’ – Galerie Marianne Heller, Heidelberg (DE) – 20 Avril-4 Mai 2013

Tamara Grüner: Pasticcio

On the occasion of the Long Night of Museums in Heidelberg and at the same time with the exhibition of the ceramicist Gordon Baldwin the Gallery Marianne Heller shows jewelry art by Tamara Grüner.
The term Pasticcio is used in the history of art to describe works of art being composed of existing elements and parts which then form a new harmonious creation. That’s exactly what happens in the work of Tamara Grüner. We recognize a lot of the individual elements. We can relate them to the corresponding eras but we realize the intensity of the contemporary creation in their combination.
She gets enthused by the opulence and splendor of the shapes and ornamentation. Her clear analytic way of regarding things prevents her from immerging completely but to maintain a critical distance that is necessary to create the suspension an orginary work needs. The mixture of intensive and serious discussion about material, shape and history, the humour that twinkles from time to time and the skill to transform supposed old-fashioned things or kitsch into a modern style make the jewellery of Tamara Grüner to something very special – the finest Pasticcio. 
Cornelie Holzach

Tamara Grüner: Pasticcio -   Gallery Marianne Heller  (Heidelberg, Germany)  20-Apr-2013 - 04-May-2013    website:  mail: Grüner Brooch: Indian Siam 2012 Historical metal pieces – blackened, silver, glass, steel – detail)

 Tamara Grüner  Necklace: Indian Siam 2012  Historical metal pieces - blackened, silver, glass  16,4 x 8,0 x 40 cm  Photo: Alexander König, Pforzheim, GermanyTamara Grüner  Necklace: Indian Siam 2012  Historical metal pieces – blackened, silver, glass  16,4 x 8,0 x 40 cm  Photo: Alexander König, Pforzheim, Germany

Tamara Grüner  Necklace: Crystal Deep Green 2012  Historical metal plate - blackened, glass, blackened silver  15,5 x 5,3 x 43 cm  Photo: Alexander König, Pforzheim, GermanyTamara Grüner  Necklace: Crystal Deep Green 2012  Historical metal plate – blackened, glass, blackened silver  15,5 x 5,3 x 43 cm  Photo: Alexander König, Pforzheim, Germany


Galerie Marianne Heller
Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 2
69117 – Heidelberg
Telephone: +49 (0) 6221 – 61 90 90


EXPO ‘LUCY In the Sky with diamonds’ – Galerie Rosemarie Jäger, Hochheim (DE) – 15 Sept.-7 Oct. 2012

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« In the Sky with diamonds » – 15/09–07/10 2012  Karl Fritsch – LUCY

Lucy, whose scientific name is “AL 288,” was a female hominid who lived in Africa 3.2 million years ago. A bone formation was discovered in her hand which made it possible for her to hold tools between her thumb and forefinger. She was named after the Beatles’ song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

"In the Sky with diamonds" - 15/09–07/10 2012  Karl Fritsch – LUCY  Galerie Rosemarie Jäger  Wintergasse 13  65239 Hochheim, Germany  Lucy, whose scientific name is “AL 288,” was a female hominid who lived in Africa 3.2 million years ago. A bone formation was discovered in her hand which made it possible for her to hold tools between her thumb and forefinger. She was named after the Beatles’ song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”Karl Fritsch, brooch, 2012. Gold, silver, copper, iron, brass, bronze, various precious stones.
Karl Fritsch, ring, 2012. Aluminum, various precious stones.Karl Fritsch, ring, 2012. Aluminum, various precious stones
Karl Fritsch Fritsch rings
Wintergasse 13
65239 Hochheim, Germany


COUP de COEUR …. pour une jolie combinaison de COULEURS

(présentés à la Grassimesse de Leipzig en oct 2009 …..)
Mirjam Hiller- Brosche ‘Ovalhaufen Orange’ – Edelstahl, Kunststoff, Silber
Beate Eismann – Brosche – Papier, Silber, Kupfer, Neusilber
Alessandra Pizzini – Brosche ‘Piatto’ – Kunststoff, Silber, Federstahl, montiert, lackiert



Isabell SCHAUPP black & whites

« Isabell Schaupp  regards jewelry as a link between the inner and the outer worlds. Her artistically crafted one-of-a-kind pieces seem to originate from an unknown animal and plant world. Wire constructions reminiscent of satellites, funnels and tentacles have a symbolic language of their own. Sometimes they leave the confines of two-dimensionality and become three-dimensional in order to explore the space that surrounds them. It almost seems if they stretched out towards the beholder to connect with him or her. » (Artaurea)
Isabell Schaupp- ‘schwarzer satellit’ brooch – Silver, copper, enamel, photo, spinell, textile – 2011

current and coming exhibitions

* 19.11.2011-15.1.2012
‘Surface and Substance-contemporary jewellery with enamel’, Ruthin Craft Centre, UK
* 4.11.-6.11.2011
SOFA Chicago, präsentiert von Charon Kransen Arts, USA
* 29.10.2011-15.1.2012
European Triennale for Contemporary Jewellery 2011, Anciens Abattoirs, Mons, Belgium
* 28.10.-30.10.2011
Grassimesse, Grassi Museum Leipzig
* 14.10.-12.11.2011
‘Surface and Substance-contemporary jewellery with enamel’, Contemporary Applied Arts, London
* 13.10.2011-8.1.2012
‘Danner-Preis 2011′, Museum Villa Stuck, Munich
* 24.9.-20.11.2011
‘Umfeld – 2.Schmuckkantine’, Museum Moritzburg, Halle
Opening | 23.09.2011 | 17:00 Uhr
* 22.9.-22.10.2011
Conceptual jewellery, Gallery Putti, Riga, Lettland
* 10.9.-18.12.2011
‘Total Stahl – Stahlpreis 2011′, Deutsches Klingenmuseum Solingen
* 10.9.-1.10.2011
‘Poesie’, 10 Jahre Gallery Fatiha Iklef, Hamburg
* 10.9.-02.10.2011
Cominelli Foundation Award‘, Fondazione Cominelli, Cisano di San Felice del Benaco, Italy
* 9. 9.-13.11.2011KreisMuseum Zons, Dormagen
26.11.-15.1.2012 Wasserschloss Klaffenbach, Chemnitz
* 5.6.- 9.10.2011
‘Jewellery with enamel 2011′, Museum Ravenstein, Netherlands
Isabell Schaupp – brooch: Flying Shadow I – Silver, copper, enamel, photo, onyx, textile – 2011
Isabell Schaupp- “Kette mit großem Trichter” (“Necklace with Large Funnel”)- Silver, copper, a photo, onyx, white agate, fabric, acrylic
Isabell Schaupp- “Der Lauscher” (The Listener) brooch, 2010. Silver, copper, enamel, photo, spinel, textile
Isabell Schaupp – Brooch ‘Großes Fühlerwesen’, 2010 – Silver, copper, enamel, foto, onyx, textile, steel
Isabell Schaupp -‘ Satellit mit Fühlern ‘ brooch - 2010 – Silver, copper, enamel, foto, onyx, spinell, textile, steel



Quand le quotidien devient bijou…… ou de « l’invisible » au « visible »

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« Kay Eppi Nölke’s creations bespeak primal as well as present experiences in adornment. The models for his Grass and Band-Aid rings are twisted grass and adhesive plaster, sometimes first “worn in” before being cast in metal. Sources of inspiration for his pieces of jewelry are everyday activities. “Every ring while being worn,” says Nölke, “is the basis for a new story – your story.” He also designed archaic-looking iron vessels. These bowls, christened …Aus dem Feuer nehmen… (“Taking out of the Fire”), are filled with molten silver weighing between 200 grams and one kilo. Crafted in small size as pendants, these little vessel variants are one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. In 1995 Kay Eppi Nölke won the first prize for his Band-Aid rings in the “Kunst der Serie” (“Art of Serial Manufacturing”) competition » (ArtAUREA)

Kay Eppi Nölke - Band-Aid rings - stainless steel, silver, gold.
Protective Band-Aids transformed into pieces of jewelry.

Kay Eppi NölkeGrass rings – grass, iron, stainless steel, silver, gold.

Kay Eppi Nölke‘….Taking out of the Fire’…. pendants - iron, silver, gold
Small iron bowls filled with molten silver.



COUP de COEUR ! Michaela BINDER : une femme de poi…l !

Bijoux de feutre ou bijoux en fourrure, ou « le poil » domestiqué :-)

COUP de COEUR !   Michaela BINDER : une femme de poi...l ! dans Allemagne (DE) ringu_rosenstamm
bagues argent et feutre

In 1997 Michaela Binder presented a variable jewelry system with a collection crafted from silver and exchangeable colored felt elements. While gemstones provide the color in other designer’s creations, these pieces are lit up by brightly colored felt: soft and supple, saucy and easily exchangeable. In another collection of hers, fluffy mink on rings or silver bangles makes for an unusual visual and haptic experience. All her works are dominated by minimalist shapes such as squares, rectangles and circles made of brushed silver, recently also complemented by floral elements. Michaela Binder, who also creates impressive metal vessels, loves to overcome traditional notions associated with jewelry. Samples of her oeuvre can be admired in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, among others. (ArtAurea)


1963 Born in Stuttgart, Germany
1984–1988 Hanau State Academy
1992–1997 Studied metal design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hildesheim
1997 Founded the “Tagebau” atelier and gallery collective in Berlin in collaboration with various designers
2004 Founded her own atelier and gallery in Berlin’s Gipsstrasse

Doppelring_mit_Perle dans COUP DE COEUR
bagues argent et feutre

Bluemchenkette_13x18 dans feutre / felt
collier – argent et feutre 

DSC08688 dans Michaela BINDER (DE)
collier – argent et feutre  

F_Nerzring_mit_Perle_goldpl dans organics
bague fourrure & perle – Nerz ring mit Perle – goldplated

F_Ringe_Silber_Nerz dans www ARTAUREA
bague fourrure & argent -Ringe – Silber, Nerz

bracelets- Nerz armreifen – innen-aussen



COUP de COEUR ! « SchmuckVIRUS » by Su KROKER

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 Su Kroker

« All the works created by Su Kroker are characterized by their textile nature as well as gently flowing, vividly structured shapes thanks to being finely crocheted. Visiting us from the world of fairy-tales these “dream webs” invite us to withdraw from everything cruel and loud. Handcrafted from silver or gold, each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, even if some of them are crafted as part of a small series. Su Kroker got the idea for her “jewelry viruses” during a walk in the summer when she saw burrs sticking to her children’s clothes. Inspired by this concept of Mother Nature Su Kroker started distributing her “jewelry viruses” at all the trade shows so as to “infect” other people and thus spread her rather “quiet” pieces all over the world. Her Schmuckvirus, she says, is “a virus that spreads fun and makes you happy!” » (ArtAurea)

Su Kroker- ‘Fleur necklace’ -  950 silver, hematites, freshwater pearls -
Individual jewelry viruses combined to form a necklace. The Fleur line also includes rings, brooches and earrings.

fleur04 dans COUP DE COEUR
Su Kroker- ‘Fleur necklace’ – detail

fleur01 dans Su KROKER (DE)
Su Kroker- ‘Fleur’ ring

thesea01 dans techniques textiles
Su Kroker- « The sea » line

vlf09 dans www ARTAUREA
Su Kroker- « Vive la femme » line

Su Kroker- « baroque » line – ‘Eternitynecklace – silver

Su Kroker- « Little pies » line 

Su Kroker-   necklace – tendre, kitsch et délicat …j’ai attrapé le virus ! :-)

Su Kroker-  rings


1966 Su Kroker was born in Stuttgart, Germany
1988-1991 Trained as a silversmith
1994-1998 Studied metal design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hildesheim, graduation
1997 Leonardo da Vinci scholarship and internship in Delft, Netherlands
2004 Established her atelier in Blokzijl, Netherlands, and founded Su-Design
2008 Introduced the “Schmuckvirus by Su-Design” concept




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André Ribeiro

1953 Born in Bordeaux, France
1976–1981 School of Design, Pforzheim
1982 Founded his atelier in Schömberg near Pforzheim

« In the mid-1980s, inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s objets trouvés (“found objects”), André Ribeiro combined two contrary materials: diamonds and rubber. His source of inspiration was a black sealing ring used for plumbing pipes. With the diamond, the hardest of all gemstones and the stone with the best light reflection properties, Ribeiro found the ideal complement. Thanks to the rubber’s tension, the connection between the diamonds set in gold and the soft base material is not only dynamic but also does justice to the materials involved. The special cultural importance of Ribeiro’s jewelry line was copyrighted in 1997 by the Higher Regional Court of Karlsruhe. His rubber jewelry was honored with the red dot, awarded by the Design Center of Essen, and has been included in the permanent collections of New York’s Cooper-Hewitt Museum, Pforzheim’s Jewelry Museum and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.« (ArtAurea)

André Ribeiro- bangles – elastomer rubber, brilliant-cut diamonds, gold  –
Matte black rubber in a striking contrast with the brilliance of genuine diamonds.

André Ribeiro- bangle – elastomer rubber, brilliant-cut diamonds, gold. 

André Ribeiroearrings – elastomer rubber, brilliant-cut diamonds, gold –
The source of inspiration was a sealing ring. The rubber’s tension holds the diamonds safely in their gold settings




EXPO ‘Serendipity’ – Galerie Reverso, Lisbonne (Portugal) – 18 sept 2010

International group « IGOJA » of 6 artists


EXPO ‘Serendipity’ - Galerie Reverso, Lisbonne (Portugal) - 18 sept 2010 dans Birgit LAKEN (NL) reverso


Galeria Reverso
R. da Esperança 59/61
1200-655 – Lisbon
Telephone: +351 213 951 407


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