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ART AUREA – Institut für Schmuckkultur (Institute for Jewelry Culture) – Allemagne

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The Institut für Schmuckkultur (Institute for Jewelry Culture) was founded by Reinhold Ludwig in 2007 with the purpose of documenting the work of distinguished manufactories, designers and artists and communicating this to the public in a competent fashion. By means of innovative concepts and publications, the Institute helps to maintain, cultivate and further develop a discerning jewelry culture and the applied arts, a goal which is also supported by this internet platform with its Art Aurea magazine and Modern Jewelry Collection.

Modern Jewelry collection

The Modern Jewelry Collection, abbreviated MJC, annually presents the most important works created by discerning jewelry designers, manufactories and artists. Being presented on Art Aurea, these creations are simultaneously nominated to be included into the virtual Art Aurea museum. The pieces shown under the “Jewelry” heading, accompanied by a short portrait of the respective designer or manufactory, may serve the public as an orientation with regard to demanding, contemporary jewelry. Designers and artists from all over the world creating ambitious, authentic and contemporary jewelry are invited to apply for their pieces’ inclusion in the MJC

Modern Jewelry Academy

The Modern Jewelry Academy decides whether a piece will be included in the virtual Art Aurea museum. It is an international board of trustees composed of leading galleries, jewelers, museum curators, journalists and connoisseurs of modern jewelry. Thus, a publicly viewable, worldwide reference list of important pieces of jewelry will be created successively as the years go by, serving buyers and collectors as an orientation guide and thereby promoting the development of contemporary jewelry culture

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Art Aurea Magazine
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