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C le PRINTEMPS (à dire & à répéter pour s’en convaincre !)

C’est Candide (Voltaire) qui disait « cultivez votre jardin » …………….

Nature jewelry

C le PRINTEMPS (à dire & à répéter pour s'en convaincre !) dans Allison WELLS (CA) growingjewelrycollecton
 Hafsteinn Juliusson (IS) – growing jewelry (à shopper ici)

« Icelandic designer Hafsteinn Juliusson, who has created the ‘growing jewelry’ collection. Combining both jewelry and gardening, the collection is a series of hand rings that contains real icelandic moss. Wearers need to take care of their jewelry by frequently watering and trimming it. earlier this year juliusson opened his ‘growing jewelry’ store at reykjavik art museum, where pieces are displayed on sand beds under spotlighted growing lamps.  » (designBoom)

Comme quoi, il n’y a pas que certains nuages qui nous viennent d’Islande ! ;-)

fr1 dans Barbara UDERZO (IT)
Allison WELLS (CA)- ‘flower pot ring’ by , 2004

305 dans blog TheCarrotBox
Barbara Uderzo  (IT) – wood and plant ring

«  »SUCCULENT* rings »: famiglia di anelli–scultura in legno che contengono terra e ospitano piccole piante grasse. Da annaffiare – ogni tanto – con una goccia d’acqua. Tenere con cura »

29127_103028429744030_100001106193640_22805_1525227_n dans COUP DE COEUR
Federico Vianello  (IT) – cactus ring
« here’s the story of how a grass ring is made when it’s made by La Bague Gazon (France) -  ring in porcelain with platinated rim » (blog the carrotBox)

eeeet …. ta-taaam ! le meilleur pour la fin !!!

31508_1208150142415_1788546471_366040_271142_n dans Federico VIANELLO (IT)
Patricia Lemaire -  pièces conçues et réalisées pour Olivier Lapidus – haute couture- 1998


PUMP UP the VOLUME ! – vinyl jewelry by Cat Davison

UK designer cat davison creates jewellery made from 100% recycled vintage records,
‘heat the beat’ manages to be both original and sustainable.

dicovered at DesignBOOM :-)


Cat DAVISON (UK)- underwater collection


Bijoux de …. ville ! Urban design, or jewelry ?

Classé dans : Belgique (BE),COUP DE COEUR,Liesbet BUSSCHE (BE),www DesignBOOM — bijoucontemporain @ 22:19

Belgian designer Liesbet Bussche creates jewelry for urban space.
Brussche’s large-scale sculptures take on the same forms of jewelry such as earrings and necklaces. concrete balls become pearls for earrings and warning tape is made of woven beads…….

Ma ville se fait belle ! ;-)

Liesbeth bussche- urban jewelry - urban necklace chainLiesbeth bussche- urban jewelry - urban necklace chain- 2warning chain made of beads
Liesbet Bussche (BE)- urban necklace chain (1, 2 & 3 – warning chain made of beads)

Liesbeth bussche- urban jewelry Liesbeth bussche- urban jewelry - urban concrete ball earring
 Liesbet Bussche- urban jewelry – urban concrete ball earring – :-) !!

Liesbeth bussche- urban jewelry - sand necklace.jpgLiesbeth bussche- urban jewelry - sand necklace
 Liesbet Bussche- urban jewelry – sand necklace & detail

Merci à DesignBOOM pour l’information :-)

voir « Come Closer » blog ! :-)



poor gallery

The struggle of precious with non-precious materials is typical of recent years and has prepared a new way for ‘young contemporary jewelry’. Neither preciousness nor eternal preservation seems to be important to this new breed of arty accessories – with its value lying in its communicative potential. Within the young international jewelry scene, the new arrangement of everyday materials is a sovereign one and provides pieces with a lively expression. in the middle of the 20th century, a large part of society consisted of middle class people, conservative. In their taste and whose ideals were very strong and deeply-rooted, a society little inclined to change its lifestyle or its symbols. Jewelry was often viewed as an emblematic gesture, a sound investment that could be passed down through generations. There was, however, another part of society ready for renovation. Industry and fashion have changed the approach to jewelry by removing its symbolic and ancestral value. In a society, where great importance is given to superficiality, jewelry has been deprived of any cultural value thus limiting its understanding and consequently its distribution. In this context, the pioneers of the contemporary scene, albeit with some difficulty, had a fertile ground to work on.

does it represent what it did in the recent past?
When economy is stagnant, it is obvious that contemporary jewelry is faced with a very difficult challenge. It seems to be a restricted matter, among a rather small group of people and moves in a limited market, for many reasons including the fact that it does not shift a large sums of money. However, it seems the role of jewelry nowadays is not determined by whether the field is restricted, but whether the designers will be able to maintain and develop this specific sector. Often people do not understand why something so minimal and simple, made from materials such as used material, silicone, plastic, glass, and paper, should be so ‘expensive’. For most people, ‘contemporary’ and ‘the use of poor materials’ is equivalent to economic.

so what makes some things valuable and others not?
These contemporary accessories are made of innovation and artistic research. A piece of jewelry is not merely a decorative ornament; it usually has a meaning, which might be a celebration of something, or a loss, it might be very personal, but these meanings can also be universal, recognizable in today’s society. The rigorous monumentality of ‘poor jewelry’ comes alive when it is worn, when the tactile pleasure of the alternative materials comes into play. In the research of innovative materials, the here featured artists’ work is characterized by an empirical approach – solutions are found by direct experimentation.

page 1 : glass, ceramics & stones :

glass- kaste helmi - glass bracelet and rings by  (lives and works in helsinki, finland).jpg porcelain rings by gabriela feldentrager (lives and works in frankfurt, germany)

Kaste HELMI - glass rings (Finland) — Gabriela FELDENTRAGER porcelain rings (Germany)

page 2 : paper, wood & plants :

paper rings by kiwon wang (born in south korea, lives and works in new york, usa)wooden bracelet by terhi tolvanen (born in finland, lives and works in amsterdam, netherlands)

Kiwon WANG paper rings (South Korea/USA)Terhi TOLVANEN wooden bracelet (Finland)

barbara Uderzo - green jewelry
Barbara UDERZO – « green » jewelry

page 3 : metal, plastic & soap :

poor- soda can ring by mason douglas (lives and works in washington, usa)katja korsawe  elastic bands bracelets  (lives and works in dortmund, germany)

Mason DOUGLAS soda can ring (USA)Katja KORSAWE  elastic bands bracelets  (Germany)

page 4 : textiles, rubber & fur :

poor- burnt silk ring and necklace by rita marcangelo (lives and works in rome, italy)rings by burcu buyukunal (lives and works in istanbul, turkey)

Rita MARCANGELO burnt silk ring (Italy)Burcu BUYUKUNAL rings (Turkey)

Il ne nous reste plus qu’à fêter cette créativité !


poor- cork ring  by margarida matos (born in portugal, lives and works in london, uk)

Margarida MATOS cork ring (Portugal/UK)




zipper jewelry by Kate CUSACK …. zip zip hourra ! …. & Zoé COTLENKO

Kate CUSACK is a Brooklyn based designer creating artistic jewelry pieces that look beyond their material’s given purpose. While Cusack uses the material to make jewelry, you probably know it better as zippers. Yes, that’s right, Cusack uses the functional closure used on your jacket to make bracelets, brooches and necklaces. She has been making things using metal-toothed zippers since 2003. as she points out ‘it’s ironic that most fashion designers try to hide or disguise zippers in their creations. however, I love zippers’ shiny metal teeth and I want to show off, not hide, their sparkle and their sinuous flexibility.’ (thanks to DesignBOOM website ! :-) )

J’aime cet humour, ce détournement, et en même temps je me pose une question avec ce type de bijoux : le problème de la copie ….. on se dit « c’est facile ! », et en ces temps de « DIY » (« do-it-yourself » ou le règne du « c’est moi qui l’A fait »;-) …) tout le monde va tenter de se le faire soi-même (il suffit de voir cette page de OUTsaPOP !!!)….. d’où le problème de « durée de vie » de tels bijoux, voire du créateur ! saura-t-il se renouveler ? évoluer ? cela va avoir du succès, c’est coloré, ludique, facile … mais après ?



SimpleCut zipper necklace Par OutsaPop Trashion DIY fashion sur Etsy

Silviasthink zipper necklace
Zipper necklace by Silviasthink sur Etsy

Etsy ………. le lieu de BEAUCOUP de copie(s) …………… :-(


Cela me fait penser, dans le même « créneau » aux bijoux en boutons -que j’avais adoré!- de Zoé COTLENKO:  j’avais acheté un plastron fabuleux -et tintinnabulant !- en 2002, tout de boutons de nacre teintés à la main, et ses colliers ont été énormément copiés …. depuis, je n’ai plus entendu parler d’elle (bon, ma vie a été assez mouvementée !) et là … devinez quoi !??! je fais une recherche sur elle, pour vous en parler, et… que fait-elle ???!! je vous le donne en mille ????!!!? des bijoux à partir des « tirettes » des zip !!!! le hasard fait bien les choses ! :-) )

Zoe cotlenko boutons 2002zoecotlenko.jpg


Zoé COTLENKO – « MON » plastron (pièce unique) de boutons en nacre (2002)  -  collier « zips » (2009)

Paris-based jewelry artist Zoe Cotlenko uses a simple form (mother of pearl buttons) which she richly alters with color by dying then assembling them


Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Joshua DEMONTE architectural jewelry !!

Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,CREATEURS,Joshua DEMONTE (US),USA,www DesignBOOM — bijoucontemporain @ 1:27

Joshua demonte jewelryJoshua demonte

Cathedral collar & cathedral bangle  !! WOW !

Joshua DEMONTE is a philadelphia based jewelry designer who models his works after architectural elements. demonte uses classical architecture as a basis for his works, which in his view activate the space surrounding the body and alter the viewers perception of the wearer. his pieces includes necklaces modeled after aqueducts or bracelets based on classical cathedrals. rather than working with the establish embellishments of jewelry objects, demonte chooses to uses architecture as a frame of reference.

Have a look at his works on

Have a look too at DesignBOOM website, jewelry pages :


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