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Yu-Ping Lin Textile Jewellery

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Yu-Ping Lin- Textile Jewellery

Collection: « Inherence in Nature« 

« The collection tends to focus on inspiration from nature, the notion of folding and pleating, architectural structures, interaction with people and seduction of pattern and colour; the original pleasure captured by the structure of organisms and forms inherent in nature. I utilize the architectural construction and paper-folding technique to accomplish my ideas. The fabric is coloured by hand painting and digital printing. In addition, every piece of my work can show various appearances when people interact with it. »


BloomYu-Ping LinBloom’ (Kit & Caboodle’s page) «  the material is fabric which is coloured by myself »
Yu-Ping Lin -’mushroom 1′ drawing 03-1Yu-Ping Lin -’mushroom 1′

Textile jewelry by Yu-Ping Lin.


TulipYu-Ping Lin ‘Tulip’
TulipYu-Ping Lin ‘Tulip’
04-1Yu-Ping Lin ‘coral reef’
Yu-Ping Lin Textile Jewellery 'coral reef' braceletYu-Ping Lin Textile Jewellery ‘coral reef’ bracelet


COUP de BLANC avec « Michael »

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Coup de BLANC sur l’architecture

Michael  : tout ce que sa page sur Kit&Caboodle nous dit de lui c’est que c’est un « male » (bon, on est rassuré …) et qu’il semble être étudiant en  Jewelry/Metalsmithing à la Texas State University …..

 "Deracinate"  by Michael - 2011  Ring  Silver; Ceramic; Glass  4.25 x 2.25 x 2.5 inches  10.8 x 5.7 x 6.4 cm« Deracinate »  by Michael – 2011  Ring  Silver; Ceramic; Glass  4.25 x 2.25 x 2.5 inches  10.8 x 5.7 x 6.4 cm

"EchoPoint"  by Michael - 2011  Brooch  Silver; Ceramic; Steel  1.75 x 1.75 x .75 inches  4.5 x 4.5 x 1.9 cm« EchoPoint »  by Michael – 2011  Brooch  Silver; Ceramic; Steel  1.75 x 1.75 x .75 inches  4.5 x 4.5 x 1.9 cm

"Raise" by Michael -  2011  Brooch  Silver; Ceramic; Mica; Texas Blackland Prairie Dirt; Glass; Steel  2.25 x 4 x 1 inches  5.7 x 10 x 2.5 cm  (Jewelry/Metalsmithing at Texas State University)« Raise » by Michael -  2011  Brooch  Silver; Ceramic; Mica; Texas Blackland Prairie Dirt; Glass; Steel  2.25 x 4 x 1 inches  5.7 x 10 x 2.5 cm

Dwell« Dwell » 2011 Necklace by MichaelSilver; Texas Blackland Prairie Dirt; Ceramic; Wood; Plaster Molding; Mica; Book (Pages from a Songbook; Cardboard; Book Cloth; Thread)



…. environnement urbain : travaux, béton, ferrailles, échafaudages, palissades, barrières, outillages, machineries, matériaux de construction, lignes, cartes, plans, routes, échangeurs, sens interdits …….. démolition, reconstruction ….  tout cet environnement, même hostile ou menaçant, fascine ….. un moment, le mouvement est arrêté, « photographié », pensé, intériorisé puis réinterprété selon chacun, retraduit, « miniaturisé » pour devenir bijou … une construction nouvelle, en quelque sorte ….

(voir également l’article « Architectures …………… en broches »)

Andrea Zeuner  – Superhighway Brooch 2011  Brass, asphalt crack repair, steel

Andrea Zeuner – Superhighway Neckpiece – Brass, asphalt crack repair, nickel – 2010
Andrea Zeuner Neighborhood Brooch – sterling, copper, raw garnets, wood, steel
Caitie Sellers Transistor Brooch – sterling & steel
Caitie Sellers topographic brooch – Sterling Silver.
The inside of this brooch is composed of 5 pierced disks to make that image. The top of the brooch screws off so the wearer can take out the slices and do something else with them

Phoebe Porter - transit necklace
Andrea PIneros – Broche CIRCUITOS, 2011. The city, the friends, the family and you – Brass, Cristal, car paint
Stephanie Barbié -Lo natural, lo artificial – broche – alpaca, plata, resina, metacrilato
« El mapa de una ciudad, como primera aproximación de un espacio, reune lo artificial y lo natural, lo simbólico y lo real. Confronta imaginación y deseos con vivencia y realidad. Esas piezas surgen de esta confrontación. «
Michael Dale Bernard Excavator necklace, stainless steel, silver, vinyl tubing, powder coat,  2009*7aJ*dvf*6IXARaS0b3ZP7uPA6Ia6FeC24Z93B9aj/6.Dozer.jpg?width=737&height=552
Michael Dale Bernard Dozer brooch, one of a pair designed for the Neo-Rococo show. Stainless steel, aluminum, silver, brass, iron pyrite, powder coat, 2010

Maru Lopez – Derrumbe paredes – 200 – Silver,Iron and cement

Vanessa Arthur - ‘Demolition necklace’ – Reclaimed wood, laminate, copper, wooden beads, gold elastic, 925 silver.
Diego Bisso – Environmental Jewelry – Marmo (marble)

Dana DiPlacido (2011 graduate from MassArt, Massachusetts College of Art and Design ) – House bracelet, 2011 – stainless steel

Robean Visschers  «under-construction» structure ring -Gold, silver (oxidized)- 2006

Robean VISSCHERS ring
Robean Visschers  construction/structure ring

Robean Visschers Untitled 2009 Brooch

Bin Dixon-Ward – brooch – 2009

Ara Kuo – ‘MAZE’ brooch

Alice Bo-Wen Chang Bodyspace/bodyscape serie – red brooch

Linda Hughes Square Neckpiece and bracelet

« Colour plays a very important part in your jewellery and it is often bold and bright. Would you consider this a signature style or do see yourself moving towards a different palette in the future?
The palette relates directly to street signage but I do feel free to incorporate other colours and don’t feel inhibited by it.
What ignited your interest in signs? Was it marked by a particular experience or moment?
Some of the urban landscape in Australia seems particularly contrived, like a theatre set. A mixture of international influences all mixed up, often without connecting to the environment. My attention is drawn to signs as ‘street furniture’ if you like, ‘props’. «

Linda Hughes – Necklace

« In her new body of work, contemporary jeweller Linda Hughes explores the ‘stripe’, historically favoured as a metonym for danger, exclusion and as a device to attract attention. Hazard signage, ubiquitous in the urban landscape, changes when placed on the body as jewellery. In this exhibition, Hughes applies the visual language of the stripe to the sculptural form of the wearable. Displayed against as a series of graphic backdrops, the work explores the tension between body and environment, critiquing the complex theatre of public space. »

Linda Hughesnecklace  – « It’s got legs » exhibition

« Shared Zone, is both the culmination of Linda Hughes master’s research and her first solo exhibition.
Hughes utilises the familiar urban language of invisible everyday objects such as road signs, posts and hazard markings. Juxtaposing these symbols on the body she uses them to define space and create landscape. Her work invites the wearer to become a part of the “theater of the wearable” that arises when the brooches, neckpieces and bangles are placed so as to interact and create their roles – transforming the body into a stage. »

Linda Hughes, Wing Brooch, Red & White Series, 2009, laminate and acrylic. Photography Argonaut Design

Galatée Pestre   sautoir ‘Sens Interdit’ – argent noirci, émail.

Analiese Stinson (2011 graduate from MassArt, Massachusetts College of Art and Design )- Map Bracelet #2–The Trip to School and the Long Way Home, 2011 silver, fabricated

Fabrizio Tridenti’s complex structures

Bergner Schmidt – Concrete jewellery

Benita Dekel, Massconstruction – silver & concrete (ciment)

« Benita Dekel, a graduate of the Department of Jewelry Design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design (Israël), developed a series of jewelry pieces that combine silver with concrete. The results of the combination of concrete, which we usually associate with heavy, industrial construction, and delicate constructions in silver is that despite being made of concrete the pieces do not appear heavy. The shapes of the pieces, which are very familiar, almost as though they have been taken from various construction sites, manage to surprise both in their shape and new function«

Todd Pownell – architectural nest*hdw2-EkmKanaQdR7a5zL*3OtSocLMHHYbo6/spiral_bracelet_new_jas.jpg?width=737&height=567

Donna Veverka – Spiral Staircase bracelet

Silvia Walz – série « Casitecturas » Victors Haus – brooch – silver, copper, enamel

Sabine Conrad – necklace Burnt Future 2011, copper, silver, wood, paint

Esther Knobel – 4 brooches From “The Mind in the Hand” series

Renzo PASQUALE – OLIMPICA – spilla (brooch) – omaggio a Palladio (2008)*BG1KEhaEIsXXaDBJbMjRt1I47XG-XTwLBUj9WQLh4upNyh/pic5.jpg?width=600&height=600

Christina Elleni Cox « Changeable Cities » bracelet (on Kit&caboodle)


Coup de ROUGE avec Susan FRISCH

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Since graduating in 2007, Susan FRISCH has been making limited production as well as one off exhibition pieces for a growing number of galleries and retail outlets Australia wide. Living and working amidst native bushland, it is little wonder that its influences are reflected in her work. Working predominantly with metal and glass her pieces explore its forms, textures and colours. She has exhibited both locally and nationally
Susan FRISCH- Flowering Gum necklace 2010 – sterling silver and red soda lime glass
Susan FRISCH- red pod necklace (detail)
Susan FRISCH- Flower Gum brooch 2010
Susan FRISCH- Flowering Gum Earrings – sterling silver and soda lime glass.
Susan FRISCH- Flowering Gum Earrings 2009 – Sterling Silver and glass.

These earrings are part of a larger body of work that was inspired by the beauty and diversity of the Australian landscape.
Susan FRISCH- Red pod brooch- 2009
Susan FRISCH- leaf brooch*qkouIrM3SxvYH1D6XrQ4dV2TnoJiua34*ysbBcKX-bY*SsSHLowqfs4vlz8WNyAyH4zWsUN8bc69SiA0J/Metalpodbrooch2.jpg?width=737&height=491
Susan FRISCH-silver pod brooch
Susan FRISCH- Twigs pendant – 2008 – Sterling silver and silk cord*t94QurMqxLiabjRmQsgDQdExuZZC6Pi5WJ-KR*UEB*GoUXhloORH7wLO2PkAMKXRt44xbzWgdsBbnu6KqpXG2S/DSC_5701.jpg?width=737&height=484
Susan FRISCH-seed pods pendant & brooch
Susan FRISCH- brooch & earrings



TOUT est bon dans le COCHON !!

A « porky pig » selection …… ;-)

Growth series - by Sung-Yeoul Lee - Copper mesh, Cast plastic, Pig intestine, Gold leaf Sung-Yeoul Lee – brooch: Growth series 2010 – Cast plastic, sterling silver, copper mesh, gold leaf, pig intestine

Sung-Yeoul Lee, Artist, Growth series, necklace, 2010, cast plastic, sterling silver, copper mesh, gold leaf, pig intestine, 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 3" Sung-Yeoul Lee – Necklace ‘Growth series’ 2010 – Cast plastic, sterling silver, copper mesh, gold leaf, pig intestine
Marta Mattsson’s brooches- sofa ny highlights part two: märta mattsson’s skins
at SOFA NY was jewelry artist Märta Mattsson, represented by Sienna Gallery.
while it might look like paper, the reality is that each piece is made of skin – goat skin, calf skin and reindeer skin. Repulsion quickly mixed with fascination (dailyartmuse)
Märta MattssonSkin flowers Brooches -  Goatskin, walnut wood, silver

TOUT est bon dans le COCHON !! dans Akiko KURIHARA (JP) img7130
Catarina Hällzon – beautiful necklace- Here comes the surprise: it’s the intestines of a pig, tightened around silver


Catarina Hällzon- Necklace 2006 – Material: Intestinal tract from a pig, silver  -detail

Catarina HällzonBrooch 2006 Material: Intestinal tract from a pig, silver, thread Hash – 2005 Dried Pig’s ear bracelet

intestines_crea-tiff_bijoux_ dans ALCHIMIA (IT)
Tiffany Rowe- “Made with fresh sheep intestines !”  (bon, c’est pas du cochon, mais on va pas chipoter !!)

All Maria Phillips images at Velvet da Vinci Gallery, All Maria Phillips images at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Maria Phillips (USA) – “Portrait” Brooches – gut (boyaux) (Velvet da Vinci exhibition)

Stephanie Hensle – MEAT serie Hensle brooch(es) Hensle brooch

Andrea Coderch Valor, necklace 2010Andrea Coderch Valor – necklace – 2010- Silver, plastic, white pearls, black pearls

Andrea Coderch Valor - ring - 2011 - silver, pearls, resin Andrea Coderch Valor – ring – 2011 – silver, pearls, resin
Ted-Noten- Evening Butterfly ring – 2010

David Bielander – brooch

Nikki Majajas   Pigs and Pearls Nikki Majajas, from the « tenmoregirls » group (Australia)

Jimena RiosJimena Rios


Jaanika Pajuste  Two in One  Necklace in porcelain, pearls, silver, thread and magnets. Shown with optional 'Sweets' magnets Jaanika Pajuste  Two in One  Necklace in porcelain, pearls, silver, thread and magnets. Shown with optional ‘Sweets’ magnets

Akiko Kurihara - necklace "thank you for the meat" 2010 - silver, acrylic resin, colour Akiko Kurihara – necklace « thank you for the meat » 2010 – silver, acrylic resin, colour (Marzee Gallery)

and the last two from ALCHIMIA :

« Alchimiajewellery school presents ‘Tastes just like chicken….’ the Quaternitas exhibition 2011, curated by Ruudt Peters.
Michelle Kraemer and Maru Lopez present the final results after a yearlong development under the guidance of their tutor and curator. The work of both started with an exploration of gender, identity, sex, skin, touch, within the borders generated around those concepts by the individual and society.
The artists have worked in a close dialogue and with corresponding materials like fabric, latex, nylon and foam, but the resulting jewellery pieces show clearly their difference in cultural identity and personal interest.
Set up in the beautiful entrance hall of Alchimia, the exhibition is articulated in two installations referring to the display of ‘organic material’ , one related to commerce (the butcher) the other to curiosity and science (the natural history museum).« 

michelle kraemer - "have you got the guts?" / necklace / wood, stockings, latex, embroidery thread Michelle Kraemer: ‘have you got the guts?’ latex, nylon thights, balsa wood, embroiderie thread

maru lopez Maru Lopez: ‘pass me the salt’, Fabric, acrylic paint, thread, plastic filling , iron, and shibuichi


Architectures …………… en broches


Poly Nikolopoulou - Breaks - Brooch  SilverPoly NikolopoulouBrooch « Break » – silver, glass Vanmol – ‘under construction’ brooch – wood, concrete, cotton, paint, silver
« Karen Vanmol seeks in her work harmony to unite two worlds.
She is looking for a delicate balance between elements of the busy, modern city life and references to the silence and the slowness of nature. Her jewelry combine in a sensitive way clean organic shapes, and building materials with natural materials. Such as ground plans of a house look like farmland, a forests look like skyscrapers, in Karens work blurs the boundary between town and countryside. » BeautymanFoundations & Façades serie – ‘confession’  brooch  2011
(comme ces fenêtres à « rejas » de Séville, ou les moucharabiehs ….)
« …my recent work presents deteriorated architectural forms as objects of adornment. As a series of brooches, they reference jewelry’s historical representation of wealth, while their forms capture degraded fragments of local architecture. Folds and cuts in iron surfaces invite peering into their voids, where delicate patterns set in colored enamel offset the dark metal façade. Reminiscent of wallpaper, the patterned interior surfaces speak of a careful care and consideration put into adorning ones own personal space. Voyeuristic glimpses inside the pieces reveal worn surfaces suggestive of domestic interiors.   » (2010)
Suzanne BeautymanFoundations & Façades serie – ‘Hall window’  brooch  2011

Architectures ............... en broches dans Alice Bo-Wen CHANG (Taiwan) Stadtneuplanung_2__2011_bearbeitet-1
Sabine Conrad

Soyeon  Kim, urbanitie seriesSoyeon Kim, urbanitie series

Marlene Beyer projk_urban04Marlene Beyer – brooches: Urban signs 2009 – Polyester resin, polyurethan resin, pigment, silver

Carolina Apolonia - “Heliopolis I” Carolina Apolonia - “Heliopolis I” – brooch- silver, wood, enamel paint 2010

My work reflects my intimate world. Often I construct abstract versions of rooms, buildings, boxes, nests, clusters, and cities that mirror my feelings, dreams, and fears. Some of them relate to memories I have, people in my past, my family history, others to the people around me. Yet others deal with my needs for protection, my fear of being locked in or shut out and my fascination with visible and invisible boundaries and territories. I am intrigued by the process in which walls simultaneously define and shut out space. I love the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete; cycles of growth and decay, eroded geological structures and abandoned buildings inspire me. I often make unorthodox combinations of materials to create tension and balance. Sometimes I use found objects: quiet mirrors of other intimate worlds.

Paolo-Scura-16.jpgPaolo ScuraUrban inspiration‘ – ‘The city new and old buildings‘ brooch

silvia walz - La casa de LuisSylvia Walz – serie « casitecturas » – « Piso de Alberto » brooch 2008

« En esta serie me dediqué a juntar paredes imaginarias, a construir pequeñas arquitecturas llevables que convocan la memoria a tiempos pasados: a vivencias, experiencias y convivencias. “Las Casitecturas” se convierten en recipientes de sensaciones.
Pequeños laberintos de la memoria, que invitan a paseos imaginarios por sus interiores.
Pasillos, ventanas y paredes, que forman un conjunto y que se comunican entre ellos. Suelos cuyos superficies han sido pisados miles de veces hasta gastarlos. »

silvia walz- La casa de marianne Sylvia Walz« La casa de Mariane » :-)   (bracelet)

Sybille Richter "fields"Sybille Richter – Felder (Fields), 2009 brooch, aluminium, silver 935, uvarovite

Alice bo wen Chang _Brooch red02 Alice Bo-Wen ChangBrooch – Bodyspace/bodyscape series – Silver, aluminium, paint (on Kit&Caboodle)

« Previously trained as an architect, I have always envisioned buildings as machines. Architectural elements are designed to form spaces that manipulate activities and movement. While jewellery cannot divorce itself from the human body, the most intimate space lies in between the body and the object(s). I approach jewellery design as constructing spaces on the topographic contours. »

yu chun chen Yu-Chun Chen – brooch 2008 steel, lacquer, jade, silver, slate

annemie de-corte Annemie De Corte – brooch, 1999 silver

Hyo-rim Lee - brooch Window graduation-2010Hyo-rim Lee – brooch Window  8 2010, sterling silver, glass, PVC, fabrication, C-print (Kookmin University Seoul (KR))

christine matthias Christine Matthias - brooch, 2009 silver
Stefano Marchetti – brooch, 2010, silver

Michael - 'Flood' - bracelet---sterling silver; pyrex; driftwood (on Kit&Caboodle)Michael - ‘Flood’ – bracelet—sterling silver; pyrex; driftwood (on Kit&Caboodle)

Okinari Kurokawa - rings 2003/2004 gold 835 Okinari Kurokawa – rings 2003/2004  gold 835


COUP de COEUR : Paolo SCURA – City rings

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 Paolo Scura

« The City is my home.
Every city I visit, every pavement I walk upon and every wall I come across tells me a story. They are unique stories about their inhabitants: their values, emotions, needs, dreams and desires… all are reflected on the surfaces of these urban environments. It is their constant evolutions which provide a boundless collection of juxtapositions: between the new and the old, between chaos and order, between the accidental and the calculated. Streets, buildings, walls, surfaces of various materials and colours become a mixing ground where boundaries clash, blur and dissolve. 
There is a symbiosis in all of that  we change our environment and then we change in response to our environment. The city wears us and in return we begin to wear the city. I find all this beautiful, and it is by collecting those impressions and combining them, but at the same time contrasting them, with the fine aesthetics of jewellery that I create my work. Stitched, pierced, punched, melted, fused, cast, constructed, invented…. Small collisions, paradoxical jewellery sculptures from the everyday. »

Paolo Scura - city ringPaolo Scura - city ring


Paolo Scura- ring 'Burned on the beach" Wood, epoxy putty, enamel paint, silver, cubic
Paolo Scura-
ring ‘Burned on the beach » Wood, epoxy putty, enamel paint, silver, cubic zircon

Paolo Scura- "No parking near the crossroad" - Glass bead, steal pipe powder-coated,epoxy resinPaolo Scura- « No parking near the crossroad » – Glass bead, steal pipe powder-coated,epoxy resin

Paolo Scura- "Pole cracked the pavement" - Epoxy resin, steal tube, silk string, nailPaolo Scura- « Pole cracked the pavement » – Epoxy resin, steal tube, silk string, nail

Paolo Scura-"Old red wall" - epoxy resin, silver foil, silverPaolo Scura-« Old red wall » – epoxy resin, silver foil, silver

Paolo Scura-"Cutted off the street" Epoxy resin pvc tube, stealPaolo Scura-« Cutted off the street » Epoxy resin pvc tube, steal

Paolo Scura - London 2010 ring serieLondon 2010 ring serie (on kit&Caboodle)


Comment se faire un FILM ………. sans faire tout un cinéma !

………….. et sans devoir aller forcément à CANNES !! ;-)


écharpes en pellicule photographique de la Suisse Verena Sieber Fuchs au Musée des Arts Deco (Paris) :

Verena SIEBER-FUCHS- Collier 1997- pellicules photo
Verena Sieber-Fuchs- Collier 1997- pellicules photo

Verena Sieber-Fuchs - Zürich, 1997  Collier [Am rande des Films] - Pellicule de photo, fil métallique crochetéVerena Sieber-FuchsCollier [Am rande des Films]  1997

"Dans la ligne de mire" - Musée des Arts Deco, Paris  (necklace by Geraldine Luttenbacher - ) Geraldine Luttenbacher -   Musée des Arts Deco, Paris  

recycled film canisters
Jaimie MacDonald (UK) film necklaces

Plastic Film Canisters Gone Mad!! : Jeweller Jaimie MacDonald from Strathpeffer in Ross-shire, Scotland creates jewelery that she has named “lay of the land” created from recycled plastic film cartons. Jaimie’s talent brings out the beauty from discarded objects and in so doing makes the statement that increasing awareness through design can be one small step in changing this big wide world. Her materials are predominantly recycled black and white plastic film containers which she then reworks to have new life in a completely different context through cutting, texturing and forming.
Jaimie MacDonald (UK) -those plastic film cannisters live on. they’re reincarnated as these striking ‘wave goodbye’ rings
Jaimie MacDonald (UK) Dappled Wash ring

Jaimie MacDonald - Wave ring -     Plastic Film Containers and white metalJaimie MacDonald « Wave Ring » plastic film container  & metal





Comment se faire un FILM .......... sans faire tout un cinéma ! dans Frederique TRINCHESE (FR) 515T-q9GBCL._SS500_

Jewellery from Recycled Materials - Jaimie MacDonald - A & C Black Publishers Ltd 2009 – 112pp.


Silvia Beccaria -"lollobrigida"Silvia Beccaria – gorgiera « lollobrigida »

Silvia Beccaria - gorgiera - "lollobrigida"  (detail) Beccaria – gorgiera – « lollobrigida »  (detail)   

 dans Geraldine LUTTENBACHER (FR)
Marchi Wierson – video tape necklace- crocheted !!

 dans Jaimie MacDONALD (UK)
Marchi Wierson – knit video tape

 dans Julia BARELLO (US)
Marchi Wierson-  video tape bracelet

Frédérique Trinchese -  L'Usure - Papier, radiographie, argent et fil de nylonFrédérique Trinchese – Radiographies – Papier, radiographies, argent et fils de nylon

Frédérique Trinchese - L'Usure - Papier, radiographie, argent et fil de nylonFrédérique Trinchese – Radiographies – or, argent et radiographie

X-JuliaBarello dans Marchi WIERSON (US)
Julia Barello -X is for X-ray ‘Flowers of Rhetoric: Mimesis’ Necklace – dyed, recycled X-ray & MRI films

2011791412 dans recup' / recycled
Julia BarelloNecklace, dyed X-ray film, monofilament.



COUP de COEUR ! Sabrina Meyns -merveilles de botanique

Chez Sabrina Meyns, Irlandaise, la délicatesse, la transparence, la poésie, et, surtout, le papier faits bijoux ! un délice à savourer en ces temps difficiles …….

« I am a jewellery designer and papermaker based in the Workhouse Studios, Ireland. I combine hand-made paper with fine silver and seeds to create delicate, highy detailed sculptural jewellery and decorative pieces.
Drawing my inspiration from the garden, I focus particularly on the late summer and autumn period. I am especially fascinated by the delicate qualities of seedpods and the miniature elements that are seeds. When plants and flowers come towards the end of their life cycle their petals and leaves become fragile and translucent. Leaf veins and plant skeletons appear and the plants become beautiful, ghost-like creations of their former selves. Yet these frail beings hold within themselves the precious seeds for next year’s growth.
I have chosen my materials to reflect the fragile and precious nature of these plants. They best translate my fascination with the translucency, intricate engineerings and ephemeral beauty that exist in nature.
I graduated from NCAD, Dublin in 2008 with a degree (1.1) in Craft Design-metals. Later that year I co-established the Workhouse Studios, a new craft collective based in Kilmacthomas, Co. Waterford. Workhouse Studios is built on the philosophy of design-led, innovative products, including glass, ceramics, jewellery and textiles.  »
Sabrina Meynspaper brooch – Handmade paper, dandelion seeds, fine silver, stainless steel – 2010
Sabrina Meynspaper brooch – Handmade paper, seeds, fine silver, stainless steel – 2010
Sabrina Meynspin – Handmad paper, fine silver- 2009

Sabrina MeynsLarge brooch -  Handmade paper, cast sycamore seeds, silver & steel – 2008

COUP de COEUR ! Sabrina Meyns -merveilles de botanique dans COUP DE COEUR
Sabrina Meynspaper brooch – Handmade paper, seeds, fine silver, oxidized silver stainless steel – 2009

 dans Irlande (IRL)
Sabrina Meynspaper brooch – Handmade paper, seeds, fine silver, stainless steel (on kit & Caboodle)


 dans papier / paper
Sabrina MeynsPaper and fine silver specimen pin
Sabrina MeynsPaper ring - Handmade paper, dandelion seeds, 18kt gold – 2010
Sabrina MeynsPaper ring -Handmade paper, seeds, oxidized silver - 2010



Joanne HUANG

Ex d’Alchimia, elle fait partie du groupe « Noi 9« , un groupe d’exception …..
Born in 1979 June in Taiwan
« I’ve always had great passion for fine arts and crafts. At a very young age, I started to learn drawing and painting and was accepted into a specialized Art and Design school during my high school period in Taiwan. It was there that I picked up many skills and design tools that would enable me to practice with any media and medium in the field of fine arts.
To further my education, my family immigrated to Australia, and that’s when my perspective greatly opened up as I encountered different cultures and sub-cultures. In 2007, after I graduated from Monash University, I decided to develop more in contemporary jewelry in Europe (ALCHIMIA, ITALY). Traveling and contact with different people from different background is what inspires me, and I believe this is reflected on all my art works and jewelry.
I believe to entwine different cultures into the jewelry is a way to carry those cultures and memories with you, no matter where you are on this planet. It is also a way to share those experiences with people around you. »

BLACK is BEAUTIFUL - Joanne HUANG dans ALCHIMIA (IT) cd_ring_1_250211
Joanne HUANG« Cover & discover » serie – ring – Silver , PVC Mesh Sheet , Tube , Silk

Joanne HUANG« Cover & discover » serie – ring (sur Kit & Caboodle)

comme des « jardins de ville » dans des jardinières de Mategot …… :-)


Cover & Discover
« Its always in ourselves and between people to show expressions or not to show them. It’s always a contradiction. I have used this contradiction to make jewelery. Making a serious topic becomes art. »


 dans Joanne Huang SHI-PING (Taiwan)
Joanne HUANG« Cover & discover » serie – ring

theblackhole_3 dans Noi 9 (IT)
Joanne HUANG
« The black hole  » serie – Silver, Gesso Foamalite PVC, Cardboard

necklace03 dans www KitandCaboodle
Joanne HUANG« Cover & discover » serie -  necklace – PVC Mesh Sheet / Silk / silver / Resin / Pearl

Joanne HUANG« Upside down » serie – necklace- Silver , Wallpaper , Pearl

Joanne HUANG« Upside down » serie – ring – Silver ,Crystal , Silk , Pvc 

Joanne HUANG« Cover & discover » serie -


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