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EXPO ‘CONTEMPORARY GOLD’ – Caroline Van Hoek gallery, Bruxelles (BE) – 24 Mai-30 Juin 2012


EXPO 'CONTEMPORARY GOLD' - Caroline Van Hoek gallery, Bruxelles (BE) - 24 Mai-30 Juin 2012 dans Beate KLOCKMANN (DE)


 Beschwingte Ringkunst: Beate Klockmann, Gold

In any case, these gold pieces of hers are always more architectural, with structure without being repetitive abstract geometry, but rather ingenious conceptions never seen before in this metal.

   Ring | Beate Klockmann. Amber, copper, silver, gold platedamber ring

rings / Beate Klockmannschalen ring
Beate Klockmann ring: gold and jadefeuerringen
"Kubus Kette" from Beate Klockmann. www.iocale.comkubus kette

Caroline Van Hoek gallery
Rue Van Eyck 57
1050 Bruxelles
t. 02 / 644 45 11



EXPO ‘RENEE BEVAN New Work’ – The National, Christchurch (New Zealand) – 18 Mai-16 Juin 2012

“Sometimes what we wear is not to do with its aesthetic or monetary, material value. Sometimes the meaning goes deeper.  »

« New Work : Renee Bevan«   is Bevan’s first significant solo exhibition and features both photography and jewellery objects.
It is accompanied by a 24 page catalogue, with essay by curator and writer Karl Chitham: “These new works operate undercover, a set of tools and cues ready to aid us in an exploration of the aspects of life that we often fail to notice. The unexpected love token, a set of eyes watching from behind a picture, the remnants of unspoken thoughts or the subverted reworking of a childhood game. These devices help to highlight or freeze-frame a moment in time. The new works suggest the wonder of discovery and an investigation of the minutiae of experiences we are surrounded by every day.

« There is a pattern that slowly declares itself through the collective results of Bevan’s investigations. It is like a stream of consciousness that requires the odd splicing together of scenes in order to maintain a coherency for those outside of her head. It is a way of viewing the world that has a unique and sometimes childlike sense of uncomplicated poeticism. There is an honesty about these new works. They are simple gestures that respond to Bevan’s innermost sensibilities as opposed to societal or financial pressures:
“Sometimes what we wear is not to do with its aesthetic or monetary, material value – Sometimes the meaning goes deeper – I want to explore this in my work – make things that… have a deeper value” (Renee Bevan). »

EXPO 'RENEE BEVAN New Work' - The National, Christchurch (New Zealand) - 18 Mai-16 Juin 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition 1674-web12_12balloon_silver_portraitRENEE BEVAN « Lighthearted »- silver, electroformed balloon, spraypaint

1657-web4_4bubblegum_brooch_crop dans GALERIESRENEE BEVAN « Hold That Thought » Brooch – gum, silver, spraypaint, stless steel wire

1672-web13_13colour_in_necklace dans Nlle Zelande (NZ)RENEE BEVAN « Colouring In » Necklace- brass, spraypaint, marker, cord

1626-web3b_3black_balloon_landscape_view dans Renee BEVAN (NZ)RENEE BEVAN « Parting Breath », 2012 -silver, electroformed balloon, spraypaint

1658-web9_9lucky_7_brooch_crop dans www NOOVOeditionsRENEE BEVAN « Risking It All » Brooch – Instant Kiwi, silver, spraypaint, steel wire


RENEE BEVAN Stream of Thoughts; a whole years work – Photo: Caryline Boreham


212 Madras St
Christchurch 8011 – New Zealand
+64 3 366 3893 information:


EXPO ‘Tributaries’ – Metal Museum, Memphis (USA) – 4 Mai-24 Juin 2012

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Lauren KALMAN (US),MUSEE,USA,www NOOVOeditions — bijoucontemporain @ 0:04

Tributaries: Lauren Kalman

Tributaries: Lauren Kalman will be on view at the Metal Museum from May 4, 2012 – June 24, 2012.

EXPO 'Tributaries' - Metal Museum, Memphis (USA) - 4 Mai-24 Juin 2012 dans Exposition/Exhibition release2Blooms, Efflorescence, and Other Dermatological Embellishments – (Wart) 2009 Inkjet Print

Lauren Kalman’s work pulls from discourses dealing with the imaged body, consumer culture, body aesthetics and illness. Through the production of jewelry objects, photography, video, sculpture and performance, her projects visually link the divergent discourses.

Her current work replicates and transforms illness and trauma through performance, video, objects and photography. Diseases like acne, cancer, herpes, elephantiasis or physical trauma like amputation and facial reconstruction surgery, are presented as jeweled infections, fabric growths or wearable instruments. They are hybridizations of the grotesque or undesirable aspects of the body and objects we associate with beauty, status, health or wealth.

In conjunction with her exhibition, Lauren Kalman will give a public lecture on Thursday, May 3 at 7pm at Memphis College of Art in Callicott Auditorium. On Friday, May 4, 6-9pm we will have a free opening reception at the Metal Museum. 

Tributaries  - 2012 - Lauren Kalman  http://www.metalmuseum.orgBlooms, Efflorescence, and Other Dermatological Embellishments – (Cystic Acne, Back) – 2009 – Inkjet Print

Lauren Kalman is a visual artist whose practice is invested in installation, video, photography and performance. Through her work she investigates perspectives of beauty, body image, value and consumer culture. Raised in the Midwest, Kalman completed her MFA in Art from the Ohio State University and earned a BFA in metals from the Massachusetts College of art. She exhibits internationally.

Lauren KalmanLauren Kalman – Hard Wear (Tongue Gilding) 2006- Digital print, laminated on acrylic


National Ornamental Metal Museum
374 Metal Museum Drive,
Memphis, Tennessee  38106
Phone: 901-774-6380 or 1-877-881-2326


EXPO ‘Ultrabody’ – Milano (IT) – 19 Avril-17 Juin 2012

Ultrabody – 208 opere tra arte e design

EXPO 'Ultrabody' - Milano (IT) - 19 Avril-17 Juin 2012 dans Beatrice BROVIA (IT) copertina-catalogo

ULTRABODY. 208 opere tra Arte e Design è una mostra tematica, dedicata all’influenza che il corpo umano ha esercitato nella creatività contemporanea, spaziando tra l’arte e il design, ma anche tra l’architettura, l’arredamento, le arti applicate, la moda e i gioielli.
L’iniziativa, curata da Beppe Finessi, promossa dal Comune di Milano – Cultura, Moda, Design,  presenta una ricca selezione di lavori realizzati dai più significativi protagonisti della scena internazionale del design e delle arti visive che, a partire dal “corpo”, riescono a coinvolgere altre discipline come l’antropologia, la sociologia, il costume, la società, la tecnologia e l’estetica del nostro tempo.
Il percorso espositivo, ideato da Peter Bottazzi, è organizzato in 3 grandi gruppi tematici corrispondenti ai 3 ambienti delle Sale del Castello Sforzesco: Alludere al Corpo, Assecondare il Corpo, Superare il Corpo.


ULTRABODY. 208 WORKS FROM ART TO DESIGN, a thematic exhibition devoted to the influence exerted by the human body on contemporary creativity, ranging from art to design, but also taking in architecture, furniture, the applied arts, fashion and jewellery.
Curated by Beppe Finessi, promoted by the City of Milan Department of Culture, Fashion and Design, brought about together with Peugeot and organised by Civita, the exhibition shows a rich selection of works by leading names on the international design and visual arts scene that, starting from the “body”, manage to involve such other disciplines as contemporary anthropology, sociology, costume, society, technology and aesthetics.
Devised by Peter Bottazzi, the exhibition experience is organised in three macro thematic groups, one in each of the Sforza Castle’s Visconti Rooms: Alluding to the Body, Humouring the Body, Overcoming the Body.
The graphic identity for Ultrabody is the work of Leonardo Sonnoli, the internationally celebrated graphic designer and winner of an ADI Compasso d’Oro Award in 2011, who created a new custom font for the event, calibrated to match the topics expressed by the works selected.
Download the brochure


Alluding to the Body, from representation to metaphor features some venerable icons…… Here, visitors can also find bracelets with traces and body prints by the maestro of contemporary jewellery Gerd Rothmann, the enigmatic proposals by Iris Eichenberg and Bruno Munari’s Talking Forks that repeat the gestures we habitually make with our hands, transmuting from tools for eating into elements of communication.

Bracciale Quattro-dita (Impronta d’artista) di Gert Rothmann
Bracciale Quattro-dita (Impronta d’artista) di Gert Rothmann
Iris Eichenberg
Iris Eichenberg
Humouring the Body, from form to function contains works that take their starting point from correctly matching the needs expressed in an object’s use to giving it the right form, suggesting possible new relations between those objects and the body : like (for jewelry) gloves/jewels by the group Bless, or Matteo Ragni’s Patch bookmark-ring for De Vecchi, which readers can use to keep the book they are reading open with just one hand.
gloves/jewels by the group Bless - by the group Bless
Patch di Matteo Ragni per De Vecchi
Patch bookmark-ring – Matteo Ragni for De Vecchi
Overcoming the Body hosts the more experimental designs and works, including several that are irreverent and even provocative, capable of leaving visitors with an uncanny, disturbed feeling. These range from Naomi Filmer’s many experiments with the idea of original jewellery, to the crash helmet-monitors designed by James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau, which play with the principle of identity between partners to a dialogue, a variety of body ornaments created by Imme van der Haak
Naomi Filme
Naomi Filmer
Naomi Filme
Naomi Filmer
Beatrice Brovia  (Ex voto - on initiation- , 2009 - courtesy Beatrice Brovia, Galerie  Caroline Van Hoek).Beatrice Brovia  (Ex voto – on initiation- , 2009 – courtesy Beatrice Brovia, Galerie  Caroline Van Hoek).
This collar which alludes to human entrails is one of the first works by Beatrice Brovia in the world of designer jewellery. Her steps are sure and definite, and show no trace of the prevailing conformity. Her careful reflections are expressed as visually striking ornaments to be worn.
Florence Lehmann!! (Naissance bien tournée - Birth necklace adjusted to my head, 2003-2008 Photo Enrico Bartolucci, Paris)Florence Lehmann  (Naissance bien tournée – Birth necklace adjusted to my head, 2003-2008 Photo Enrico Bartolucci, Paris)
Bringing together conceptual modes and formal value: in these sculptures to be worn, the modules which make up the collar have
been designed around a face, thus establishing a close emotional relationship between the jewel and the body wearing it.
Doppelgänger di Didier Fiuza Faustino, Courtesy the Artist & Galery Michel Rein
Doppelgänger di Didier Fiuza Faustino, Courtesy the Artist & Galery Michel Rein Eleonora Todde (Spina senza rose, 2011)Eleonora Todde (Spina senza rose, 2011)

A real hula-hoop is transformed into a perverse toy, adding rose thorns to its inner circumference. A pertinent exercise on the borderline between matter and emptiness, with a smile that is transformed into a wound.


Castello Sforzesco
Piazza Castello
20121 Milan
tel 00 39 02 4335 3522


EXPO ‘Organic Metal’ – Atta Gallery, Bangkok (Thailand) – 17 mai-17 Juin 2012

« Organic Metal » Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele  – Until June 17, 2012

« There is a huge possibility to show new qualities within material investigations of natural bread dough, lemon or potatoes for example but also in modern time used materials like polystyrene and metal ».

My work « Organic Metal » is about the old, the new and the ambivalence in between. I want to preserve, or possibly conserve, a snapshot of the aging process and a specific moment in the life/death of organic materials, mostly bread or bread dough. These organic materials are also base of my jewelry pieces.


Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele. Brooch: Orange ExplosionBernhard Stimpfl-Abele. Brooch: « Orange Evolution 12″ 2012
Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele - The New Organic Metal - Work - "Orange explosion" brooch 2012 - silver oxidised/polystyrene - electro formed polystyreneBernhard Stimpfl-Abele – The New Organic Metal – Work – « Orange explosion » brooch 2012 – silver oxidised/polystyrene – electro formed polystyrene
Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele – The New Organic Metal – Work – orange explosion brooch – silver oxidised, polystyrene – 2012
Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele – The New Organic Metal – Work – 2011 – « Organic metal 33″ brooch – copper/silver/22k gold – electro formed bread
Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele - The New Organic Metal - Work - 2011 "Organic metal 30" necklace - electroformed limeBernhard Stimpfl-Abele – The New Organic Metal – Work – 2011 « Organic metal 30″ necklace – electroformed lime




 Atta Gallery
OP Garden, Unit 1109, Charoenkrung 36,
Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500
tel 00 66 2 238 6422


‘NEW NOMADS’ New Traditional Jewellery 2012 – SIERAAD Award

‘NEW NOMADS’ New Traditional Jewellery 2012

More Info:


exhibition New Nomads

exhibition New Nomads will be shown during SIERAAD Art Fair, 1 – 4 November 2012, in the Gashouder, WesterGasfabriek, Amsterdam 

the exhibition “New Nomads” will be shown in MMKArnhem,
November 24. – January 27. 2013!
The next exhibition will be published after the summer.


Inspired by old traditions. The International contest for gold, silver and jewellery designers

‘NEW NOMADS’ New Traditional Jewellery 2012 - SIERAAD Award dans Concours / Competition DEZE-DUSNTJ_DEF_LOGO
Theme:  ‘NEW NOMADS’

The preservation of worldwide cultural heritage, the reassessment of symbol bearers, the creation of new traditions, the revival of old traditions in a new form.  These last two years inspiration was to be found in jewellery from traditional costume traditions (2006)  and symbols of faith (2007) 2008 symbols of Intimacy

This year (2012) participants are invited to design a piece of jewellery based on a new theme: ‘NEW NOMADS’

MAPA dans Exposition/Exhibition

New Traditional Jewellery 2012: international design contest and exhibition. For the 2012 design contest and exhibition the professional jury of New Traditional Jewellery (NTJ) has chosen the theme ‘NEW NOMADS’, because both literally and figuratively this theme offers many possibilities for inspiration. The history of jewellery is as old as mankind. While people went in search of parts with the best living conditions they carried their valuables with them, wearing them on their bodies. Jewellery that represents economic and social status, as it still does nowadays in the case of nomadic tribes.

The dissemination of religions went hand in hand with an unprecedented range of religious jewellery and ornaments, ranging from small containers for religious texts to reliquaries and portable altars. To this day, jewellery made of stable materials like gold and gems is the guarantee for your ‘ticket home’ in times of crises or when you have to flee from high-risk areas. Due to the global financial crisis prices of this so-called ‘flight gold’ have skyrocketed. Is there an alternative? Nowadays there are quite different streams of migrants but the principle is the same: people in search of parts with better living conditions. The whole world is on the move, from refugees to tourists, from emigrants to employees of multinationals. And you don’t even have to get up from your chair: Skype e.g. has made videoconferencing into a social medium.

NTJ asks contemporary professional jewellery designers to build bridges between the traditional jewellery of e.g. nomads, pilgrims, explorers, globetrotters, refugees or colonists and possible symbols bearers representing the mobility of the ‘NEW NOMADS’. On behalf of the technical jury, the executive committee of the jury and NTJ wishes all participants much inspiration and success!

jury 2012: Isabella van den Bos, verzamelaar sieraadkunst, voorzitter Foundation Art in Business Els van der Plas, directeur, Premsela, Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion,  Herman Hermsen; sieraadkunstenaar en Professor für Schmuck- und Produktdesign Fachhochschule Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences. Marjan Unger, art historian and publicist ; Theo Smeets, University of Applied Sciences Trier – Dept. Gemstone & Jewellery Design – Campus Idar-Oberstein; AZIZ, fashion designer/artist Eveline Holsappel, Curator applied art and design, Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Arnhem. Chequita Nahar; jewellery designer, Coordinator Department Jewellery & Product Design, Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht.

NEW TRADITIONAL JEWELLERY, international jewellery design contest - JURY (gauche)NEW TRADITIONAL JEWELLERY, international jewellery design contest - JURY for 'new Nomads' droite

JURY  is suffering !

2 dans Prix/AwardsTove Knuts

4 dans SIERAAD (NL)Robean Visschers

6 dans www NOOVOeditionsNina Schuler


Nora Rochel





The group of potential contestants is distinguished into two categories:
Category A : established jewellery artists and silverdesigners
Category B : final-year and advanced students of all art academies and fourth-level students of the gold
and/or silversmith disciplines of training colleges, or comparable levels of part time education
or evening classes
v   Each participant may submit only one finished piece of jewellery
v  The ornament should be wearable, the parcel can not be more then 2 kilo’s.
v  The designs may not have been exhibited before nor seen/sold by third parties. Only ornaments made
v  specifically for this contest will be eligible for nomination.
v  Apart from the design the participant is also expected to supply an explanation of the underlying idea,
v  an inspirational text (no more than 15 lines) and a photograph of the source of inspiration, high resolution (330dpi, min. 15 x 15 cm)
v  All nominated designs will remain in the possession of the organization during all exhibitions and will
v  not be returned for the duration (2.5 years at the most)

Submitting the design
v  Fully completed registration form by email before 1 June 2012
v  Payment of registration fee; before 1 June 2012
v  Fully completed design form by email before 1 June 2012
v  By handing in the design form the contestant assures the organization of having designed and made
v  the design himself/herself and that he/she has not submitted the designs to other design contests
or offered them for sale.
v  Fully completed design + registration form by regular mail together with the design to be in our possession between: Monday June 25. – Saturday July 8. 2012
Registration fee €39.00 per person payable to
Rabobank 32 85 05 420 | IBAN: NL31RABO 03285054 20 – BIC CODE RABO NL2U / OR PAYPAL ( Bankcosts have to be pay paid by the participant!)
AND parcels are not to exceed a weight of two kilos!!


Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2012 – 16-27 Mai 2012

Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2012Wed May 16 — Sun May 27

 Art is spirituality in drag” is a quote from the American artist Jennifer Yane. Although I see few parallels between her artistic work and Ädellab, the quote fits the degree projects of the nine graduating students perfectly.
Their chosen themes vary: Illusions, Identity, Raw Beauty or The Meaning of the Handmade – just to mention a few. These might seem typical subjects for contemporary jewellery or corpus investigations, but there is nothing stereotypical about the final work of the graduates at Ädellab. What they produce is anchored in an authentic discourse with the subjects and this includes theoretical underpinning of the theme. It also includes answering the question of what relevance their work can have in our culture, since the making of artistic work is not about thinking something up, it is in fact the opposite – it is about creating awareness of the given.
The given in this case is nothing less than the world in which we live, and it is up to each individual artist to define their subject of interest within the endless possibilities.
Within an educational framework, however, each graduating artist needs to adjust to the rather fake reality of an examination. The task is to fulfil learning outcomes, to follow deadlines and simultaneously be able to create a body of work from which they can launch their careers.
For an observer of the artistic work created the task is much more beautiful: it is to engage with the nine individual perceptions of the world. And even if the stories told do not reveal themselves immediately, you can always enjoy the drag!« 
Karen Pontoppidan, Professor of Jewellery and Corpus Art


UntitledBrice Garrett« [In]flux »

« We live in a current state of flux. Among the transitions come new unfamiliar spaces. It’s the position of being in-between the familiar and the foreign, amid the habitual and the uncertain. Familiarizing and acclimating in this state is a process stimulated by perception. Among this state of flux, can jewellery contribute to this process of making one feel at home?  » Brice Garrett

ma_jc_mia_larsson_04Mia Larsson – « Moving Matter »

  »There is no such thing as either man or nature now only a process that produces the one within the other and couples the machines together.”* (*Giles Deleuze and Felix Guattari)
“Things, non humans, nature having equal significance as us, humans. They should also be an active part of mediating meaning and connections. Therefore we need to mobilize nature from the background.”*  (*Bruno Latour)
My work is a material study out from theories that share views on material and nature where materials are described as active, intelligent and interdisciplinary; part of the same continuum as us. This indicates a kind of material related ecology.
Jewellery could express believes, connects people and could be used as protection with talismanic powers.
I have chosen to work with nacre from the shell of the blue mussels and oysters. Relating it to jewellery is my way of investing and expressing the material. »  Mia Larsson

Hair Brooch (Photo: Christian Gloor)Monika Strasser – Hair Brooch (Photo: Christian Gloor)

  »On Beauty » : « People hunting for beauty often forget the beauty of life. Beauty often generates pressure in society.
The objects refer visually to the process of beautification and to its daily rituals. These objects make a statement about and make one aware of the beauty craze. They also refer to natural beauty and the changes caused by the passing of time. » Monika Strasser


Mikael Årsjö : « The Illusion that Jewellery Offers Us » : voir article COUP de COEUR : Mikael Årsjö, « The Illusion that Jewellery Offers Us »


Performing ShellYoung Geum Cho – Performing Shell

Young Geum Cho : « Performing Shell » : voir article COUP de COEUR : Young Geum Cho « Performing Shell »

Lina Pihl - Identity (Necklace) Bioresin, iron powder, acrystal, steel, cotton fabric.

Lina PihlIdentity (Necklace) Bioresin, iron powder, acrystal, steel, cotton fabric.

Lina Pihl : « Identity Construction »    (voir article)



Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design
LM Ericssons väg 14,
126 37 Hägersten, Sweden


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