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EXPO ‘Pebble – Gem – Soulstones’ – Ariane Hartmann Werkstattgalerie, Hagen (DE) – 18 Sept.-29 Oct. 2011

Stones. Pressure, heat, time and a certain composition are the components of their formation. Their value is different but every stone is unique. Lined with gold leaf, wrapped in plastic, mounted or described – Tanja Emmert, Vitalis Kubach, Simone Rahn and Tiffany Rowe show their different ways using stones.



Simone Rahn:
« I like the little surprises in life. Once in 2000 I stumbled into a vineyard snail cemetary. Their houses so beautifull lying in the mud – what  a waste! Touched by the simultaneous delicacy and robustness and the unique contours of their structure I searched for a way to give them a second life – since then I write on them. But not only on shell but on River stones in all sizes, shapes and colors, but also tree bark, wood, Christmas balls – in short, everything that can be written on…  »


Tiffany Rowe:
Liquorice galuchat
Inspired by the famous Liquorice Allsorts sweeties and their hundred and thousand sugar bead coating, Tiffany Rowe decided to create a colourful collection of globular pendants as intriguing to the eye as they are to the touch. Fascinated by the granular surface of shagreen (sharksin or galuchat, in vogue in the 1930′s), Tiffany wanted to recreate a modern version of this delightful substance. The pendants are thus covered with a myriad of tiny beads which compliment the twinkle of the precious stones.
Tiffany Rowe- pebble collection
Tiffany Rowe- necklace: Liquorice Galuchat – resin Beads


Vitalis Kubach:
The goldsmith Vitalis Kubach, a graduate of the Fachhochschule Idar-Oberstein, uses both metals and stones. Vitalis Kubach regards her works as more than pure objects: through them she would like to mediate between the visible and the invisible worlds and grant things a soul.

EXPO 'Pebble - Gem - Soulstones' - Ariane Hartmann Werkstattgalerie, Hagen (DE) - 18 Sept.-29 Oct. 2011 dans Allemagne (DE) vitalisthumb
Vitalis Kubach

mj_Arielle dans Exposition/Exhibition
Tanja Emmert Ring: Mounted Jewel ‘Arielle’ – gemstone, turquoise, agate, rock crystal, finegold



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Decouverte : Andrea WILLIAMS – pebbles !

Classé dans : Andrea WILLIAMS (US),COUP DE COEUR,galets / pebbles,USA — bijoucontemporain @ 0:04

je suis poursuivie par les galets !!! ;-)

Andrea Williams will exhibit at the Smithsonian Craft show 2011
« I live on the water.  I stack rocks for fun. I collect seedpods.  I raise chickens and keep bees.  I find beauty in improbable places. My jewelry is an expression of the wonder I sense in the intricacies in nature.  When we see stones in infinite numbers underfoot at the beach, we cannot help but to miss the unique perfection in each.  I create eco-conscious, nature inspired works out of my belief that jewelry should be worn not as a status symbol, but should instead bring us closer to the earth that gave us the materials. I use a variety of lapidary, cold fusion, and fabrication techniques to inlay found beach stones with reclaimed / recycled precious metals, Venetian glass, lab grown gems, and innovative organic materials. My desire is to create a wearable reminder of the often overlooked and ephemeral beauty in nature.  »

Decouverte : Andrea WILLIAMS - pebbles ! dans Andrea WILLIAMS (US) 4501a743
« Sa » necklace –
Sa is a Tibetan word meaning « earth ». As I walked the beach I found these stones lying in perfect lines on the sand, left there by the outgoing tide, sun sparkling on the still wet stones. The stones in this choker are individually hinged and riveted giving great flexibility to this surprisingly light piece

I spend many hours on the beach collecting stones for my jewelry. I created this piece as a reflection of the flowing seaweed in the surf. I use lapidary, cold fusion, and fabrication techniques to inlay found beach stones with reclaimed / recycled Sterling Silver and lab grown Peridot.
« Kebyar growth » necklace – I spend many hours on the beach collecting stones for my jewelry. I created this piece as a reflection of the flowing seaweed in the surf. I use lapidary, cold fusion, and fabrication techniques to inlay found beach stones with reclaimed / recycled Sterling Silver and lab grown Peridot.
« Starry night » necklace – The inspiration for this piece was born out of my earliest memories of the night sky. I collected the stones on a beach close to my childhood home in Maine. I inlaid reclaimed Sterling and lab grown white sapphires (no mining) into the stones, then fabricated and riveted links on the back of each. This neclace was nominated for a 2010 Niche Award. The neclace is shown with matching stud earrings.

This necklace is a finalist for a 2011 Saul Bell Design Award. This necklace finds its inspiration in moonlight shining on the open field. The beachstones are carved and inlaid with reclaimed sterling silver. I then fabricate and rivet links onto the back of each stone.
« Kebyar night » necklace – This necklace is a finalist for a 2011 Saul Bell Design Award. This necklace finds its inspiration in moonlight shining on the open field. The beachstones are carved and inlaid with reclaimed sterling silver. I then fabricate and rivet links onto the back of each stone.


XMAS SALE !!! VENTE de NOËL !!! drelin-drelin-drelin …….

Vous avez vu l’exposition   EXPO ‘Allez ! du GALET !’ – Ancienne Mairie, Collioure (FR) – 1er-12 Dec. 2010  ?????
noooon ???   vous n’avez pu vous déplacez ? n’avez pu vous décider ??? qu’à cela ne tienne !
spécial retardataires, une


7 jours pour vous décider !


chaque bijou est UNIQUE et a été créé spécialement pour l’exposition !

on parle beaucoup en ce moment de « collection capsule », de « série limitée », de « pop-up store » ….
et bien voilà, nous y sommes !!! dans la « hype » de la « hype » !! ;-)


XMAS SALE !!! VENTE de NOËL !!! drelin-drelin-drelin ....... dans Aline KOKINOPOULOS (FR) 47601_1588688230630_1038560938_31334407_934217_n



Xmas SALE !!

you didn’t be lucky enough to see the « pebbles’ exhibition « Allez ! du galet ! » ?
don’t worry ! BE HAPPY ! ;-)

you have now SEVEN days

to get some of the UNIQUE jewels

especially made for the exhibition !

only ONE of EACH !! especially created for this exhibition !

63410_1692708326452_1500099122_1654332_6416895_n dans Angela BADUEL-CRISPIN (FR)
Matteo BONAFEDE (IT) -  on the LEFT : silver ring with pebbles pendant (size : 53 FR) -  anello « pendente »  – pendant moves freely – 56€
Matteo BONAFEDE (IT) « ArtBox » – pendant/pendentifPreghiera Tibetana’ (présenté à KARA) – 925 silver, pebbles260€

148400_1674619834251_1500099122_1619569_5967154_n dans Angelo LOMUSCIO (IT)
Aline KOKINOPOULOS (FR) – ring/bague ‘Jardin au Lotus’ – galets de Cassis, argent – 195€

Glix Atelier Milano ring
GLIX Atelier Milano (IT)- ring – silver, Calabria’s pebble – adjustable size – 180€

Nuria Torrente - anillo
Nuria TORRENTE (ES) – anillo ‘ El lastre del consumismo’ – vidrio de gafas con texto grabado – piedras y plata- taille/size 52-53 FR (à confirmer) – 195€

149885_1673624489368_1500099122_1617298_2835414_n dans Beate KLOCKMANN (DE)
‘Vagabond Jewelry’ (US) (Kest SCHWARTZMAN)- ‘Domino’ chunky ring – Stainless Steel, Silver Bezels, Pyrite  (Quartz found at a waterfall in Stowe, VermonT, USA ) – 226€

Angela Baduel Crispin - boucles d'oreilles - 120€ la paire
Angela BADUEL-CRISPIN – boucles d’oreilles/ earrings  – silver, pebbles – 120€ la paire

68177_1685985078375_1500099122_1642617_7799223_n dans Christine RICHARD (FR)
Pierre BARIERAUD (FR) – « Orthocera » fossil (from Morocco) necklace & black leather – 91€

73499_1652981493306_1500099122_1580590_5299049_n dans Christophe BURGER (FR)
Marie BOYER (FR) – bagues en argent brossé et galets (Montpellier)- 175€ (each)

149734_1642015539164_1500099122_1561592_4625420_n dans Edith BELLOD (FR)
Christine RICHARD (FR) (stagiaire Aline Kokinopoulos) – bague/ring « Zenitude » – little, tiny, « easy_to_wear »lil’ ring – argent/silver, pebbles from Marseille – taille/size 54 FR – 91€

149734_1642015499163_1500099122_1561591_3636020_n dans galets / pebbles
Christine RICHARD (FR) (stagiaire Aline Kokinopoulos) – bague/ring « Maldives »- argent réticulé, galet de Marseille, galet bleu du Mont Dore, péridots (cabochons 4 & 5 mm) – taille/size 50 FR – chunky ring like a « painter’s palette » ! – 156€

148569_1659730502027_1500099122_1593267_3823243_n dans GLIX Atelier Milano
Edith BELLOD (FR) – lot of pins – pebbles, coloured paper wrapping – DELICIOUS !!! :-) )- 13€ each

A_LA_VENTE-  Edith Bellod pins
Edith BELLOD  pins , like I wear them ! :-) – pins ‘Farandole’ – galets, papier coloré, aimants

76911_1648433779616_1500099122_1573074_5584306_n dans Heidemarie HERB (DE)36144_1642019339259_1500099122_1561596_3170191_n dans Kest SCHWARTZMAN (US)
Tiffany ROWE (UK/CH) -  « Galuchat-liquorice pebbles » tiny pendants – résine, perles – « petits cailloux à croquer » ! :-) 40€ each

73770_454283560565_646415565_6068111_2854271_n dans Marie BOYER (FR)
« Galuchat-liquorice pebbles » …. et le seul blanc de la série !

76372_1634170543044_1500099122_1546447_5360397_n dans Matteo BONAFEDE (IT)
Beate KLOCKMANN (DE) – earrings with Collioure pebbles – b.o., or 18 kt, galets de Collioure –
earrings with Collioure pebbles – b.o., or/gold 18 kt, galets de Collioure – petit modèle, 270€ 

 75304_1674603913853_1500099122_1619525_7041572_n dans Nuria TORRENTE (ES)
Christophe BURGER (FR) – collier/necklace «Galessence» – Galet/Câble Inox/Gaine thermorétractable (2010)  – 455€

149885_1673624529369_1500099122_1617299_2353951_n dans Pierre BARIERAUD (FR)
Christophe BURGER (FR) – collier/necklace «Galessence» -455€

73280_1613564107896_1500099122_1504441_3670039_n dans SHOP
Heidemarie HERB – 2 rings/anelli/bagues ‘non bisogna essere perfetti per essere belli’ – galet/pebble, silver, painting – 110€ each

40122_1602024739419_1500099122_1482964_7403081_n dans Stefano PALESTINI (IT)Stefano PALESTINI-bague 'Figli dello stesso mare' 2 petites pierres
Stefano PALESTINI- (‘Ste Fano)’ (IT) – ring/bague/anello ‘Figli dello stesso mare’ – argent (cire perdue), mini-galets – silver, pebbles - size/taille 54 FR - 250€

Angelo Lomuscio - Maratea stones
 Angelo LOMUSCIO (IT) – Maratea stones 8 rings, some with silver – details come soon !

PLUS de BIJOUX/PHOTOS à VENIR : REVENEZ jeter un coup d’oeil !!

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Kiff Slemmons – Beach found objects jewelry

Kiff Slemmons is a self-taught metalsmith who has been exhibiting for more than 30 years. The daughter of a newspaper publisher and editor, language and the written word have important roles in her work. In 2007 she completed the project Re:Pair and Imperfection, in which she transformed unfinished, unwanted, or otherwise discarded works from selected artists, a traveling exhibition which originated at the Chicago Cultural Center in 2006. More recently she has worked in Oaxaca, Mexico with local artisans to produce paper jewelry. In November 2007 she was interviewed for the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art. Her work can be found in permanent collections around the world, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; the Mint Museum, North Carolina; Contemporary Museum, Hawaii; and the Tacoma Art Museum, Washington. Kiff Slemmons currently lives and works in Chicago.
Kiff Slemmons – « Starfish Memory » Necklace


Jewelry by Kay Sekimachi and Kiff Slemmons at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Kiff Slemmons« Twist » Brooch 

Kiff Slemmons - Beach found objects jewelry dans COUP DE COEUR kiffdsc_0033clweb
Kiff SlemmonsPuako Pallette » Brooch

kiffdsc_0032clweb dans Gal. Velvet da Vinci (US)
Kiff Slemmons« Vase » Brooch

kiffdsc_0942clweb dans galets / pebblesJewelry by Kay Sekimachi and Kiff Slemmons at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Kiff Slemmons« Bib (mounted piece) (& detail)

Jewelry by Kay Sekimachi and Kiff Slemmons at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Kiff Slemmons« Pebbles » Necklace

Jewelry by Kay Sekimachi and Kiff Slemmons at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Kiff Slemmons« Anthozoans » Necklace

Among these works in non-precious materials and found objects are the artists « Insectopedia » series, which is a collection of metal pins fusing insects with typography. She’s also known for working with found objects like shells, stones and bones as in her work “Atoll Necklace” and “Mouse Bones.” The work “Atoll Necklace” came out of the collaborative beach combings of Slemmon’s and fellow artist, Kay Sekimachi in Puako, Hawaii.

atoll-necklace dans Kiff SLEMMONS (US)
Kiff Slemmons, Atoll necklace, mixed media. (Photograph courtesy of Science blog Bioephemera)

Jewelry by Kay Sekimachi and Kiff Slemmons at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Kiff Slemmons« Petals » Brooch

Jewelry by Kay Sekimachi and Kiff Slemmons at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Kiff Slemmons« tochtli » Brooch

Jewelry by Kay Sekimachi and Kiff Slemmons at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Kiff Slemmons« Tangle » Necklace

Jewelry by Kay Sekimachi and Kiff Slemmons at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Kiff Slemmons« Spine » Necklace (all images Velvet da Vinci gallery)



poor gallery

The struggle of precious with non-precious materials is typical of recent years and has prepared a new way for ‘young contemporary jewelry’. Neither preciousness nor eternal preservation seems to be important to this new breed of arty accessories – with its value lying in its communicative potential. Within the young international jewelry scene, the new arrangement of everyday materials is a sovereign one and provides pieces with a lively expression. in the middle of the 20th century, a large part of society consisted of middle class people, conservative. In their taste and whose ideals were very strong and deeply-rooted, a society little inclined to change its lifestyle or its symbols. Jewelry was often viewed as an emblematic gesture, a sound investment that could be passed down through generations. There was, however, another part of society ready for renovation. Industry and fashion have changed the approach to jewelry by removing its symbolic and ancestral value. In a society, where great importance is given to superficiality, jewelry has been deprived of any cultural value thus limiting its understanding and consequently its distribution. In this context, the pioneers of the contemporary scene, albeit with some difficulty, had a fertile ground to work on.

does it represent what it did in the recent past?
When economy is stagnant, it is obvious that contemporary jewelry is faced with a very difficult challenge. It seems to be a restricted matter, among a rather small group of people and moves in a limited market, for many reasons including the fact that it does not shift a large sums of money. However, it seems the role of jewelry nowadays is not determined by whether the field is restricted, but whether the designers will be able to maintain and develop this specific sector. Often people do not understand why something so minimal and simple, made from materials such as used material, silicone, plastic, glass, and paper, should be so ‘expensive’. For most people, ‘contemporary’ and ‘the use of poor materials’ is equivalent to economic.

so what makes some things valuable and others not?
These contemporary accessories are made of innovation and artistic research. A piece of jewelry is not merely a decorative ornament; it usually has a meaning, which might be a celebration of something, or a loss, it might be very personal, but these meanings can also be universal, recognizable in today’s society. The rigorous monumentality of ‘poor jewelry’ comes alive when it is worn, when the tactile pleasure of the alternative materials comes into play. In the research of innovative materials, the here featured artists’ work is characterized by an empirical approach – solutions are found by direct experimentation.

page 1 : glass, ceramics & stones :

glass- kaste helmi - glass bracelet and rings by  (lives and works in helsinki, finland).jpg porcelain rings by gabriela feldentrager (lives and works in frankfurt, germany)

Kaste HELMI - glass rings (Finland) — Gabriela FELDENTRAGER porcelain rings (Germany)

page 2 : paper, wood & plants :

paper rings by kiwon wang (born in south korea, lives and works in new york, usa)wooden bracelet by terhi tolvanen (born in finland, lives and works in amsterdam, netherlands)

Kiwon WANG paper rings (South Korea/USA)Terhi TOLVANEN wooden bracelet (Finland)

barbara Uderzo - green jewelry
Barbara UDERZO – « green » jewelry

page 3 : metal, plastic & soap :

poor- soda can ring by mason douglas (lives and works in washington, usa)katja korsawe  elastic bands bracelets  (lives and works in dortmund, germany)

Mason DOUGLAS soda can ring (USA)Katja KORSAWE  elastic bands bracelets  (Germany)

page 4 : textiles, rubber & fur :

poor- burnt silk ring and necklace by rita marcangelo (lives and works in rome, italy)rings by burcu buyukunal (lives and works in istanbul, turkey)

Rita MARCANGELO burnt silk ring (Italy)Burcu BUYUKUNAL rings (Turkey)

Il ne nous reste plus qu’à fêter cette créativité !


poor- cork ring  by margarida matos (born in portugal, lives and works in london, uk)

Margarida MATOS cork ring (Portugal/UK)




dans un MONDE SUB-AQUATIQUE naissent des BIJOUX ……

Ce n’est pas du matériau utilisé d’où je veux partir (genre je vais vous montrer des bijoux en nacre, en corail, etc ….) non, c’est de « l’impression marine » donnée …. comme une vague, de tous les côtés, qui doucement envahi les créateurs ….

Ce n’est pas tant le matériau qui compte, quoique …. corail, nacre, coquillage(s), oursins, galets…. ils ont leur mot à dire. Est-ce qu’ils viennent donner la « touche marine », en … « touche finale »,  ou sont-ils à l’origine de l’idée ? N’est-ce pas plutôt leur texture, leur aspect, leur granulé, je dirais presque leur « grain de peau », qui inspire ? qui donne l’idée de « faire comme si » ? Beaucoup de ces bijoux »aquatiques » sont en papier, silicone, argent, porcelaine, verre, feutre …. rien à voir avec ce que l’on est censé trouver en fond de mer (oui, enfin, rien de ce que l’on ETAIT censé trouver ….. maintenant ….. pfff ! ma brav’dame ! ……… ), mais ce qui merveilleux c’est que ces matériaux « terriens », voire industriels, nous parlent du fond des mers avec maestria, presque mieux que les « vrais », car ils ont un pouvoir d’évocation très fort, le rêve, l’imagination, l’interprétation sont libres de s’envoler : ce n’est pas « vraiment » du corail, mais ça fait penser au corail, ou à plus, à ce que l’on veut, à ce que l’on ressent  …. enfin, la maestria des matériaux qui nous parlent, je m’entends, plutôt la maestria des doigts de ces créateurs que j’envie tant (les doigts ET les créateurs ! ;-) )

Bon, assez parlé, des images ! :-)

(à chaque nom de créateur, cliquez et vous aurez accès à son site ou sa page web)
Ashley Vick (us) - sea urching rings PArcangelo BUNGARO -bague - 2002
Ashley VICK (US) -  Sea Urchin Rings  –
Arcangelo BUNGARO - (IT) bague coquillage, perles, argent

TZURI GUETA -collier 'corail' siliconeAna Hagopian -P
Tzuri GUETA -(FR) collier ‘corail’ silicone  –  Ana HAGOPIAN -(ES) ‘coral’ necklace – papier
Aline Kokinopoulos - bague oursinAline KOKINOPOULOS- La ronde des Etoiles de mer-P
Aline KOKINOPOULOS (FR) bague oursin, argent & corail –bague ‘La ronde des Etoiles de mer’

Cath_jacquet- Corail vivant- PCath-Jacquet_Collier 'CASCADE'- P
Catherine JACQUET (FR) – colliers ‘Corail vivant’ et ‘cascade’ – plastiques
Barbara Paganin - broche 'fiore di luce'GIIA - blue wave
Barbara PAGANIN (IT) broche ‘fiore di luce’ – verre  (Galerie SLAVIK) –  GIIA (IT) « blue wave » felt neckpiece
Esty GROSSMAN bo_meduses-polypesLaurence OPPERMANN - bague oursin 'constellation' argent
Esty GROSSMAN  (FR) b.o. meduses-polypes – argent & cuivre 
Laurence OPPERMANN – (FR) bague oursin ‘constellation’ argent
Gilles_Jonemann collier-galet-Evert NIJLAND - necklace white porcelain
Gilles JONEMANN (FR) collier-galet- LE fameux collier galet ! 
Evert NIJLAND (NL) necklace white porcelain… comme des squelettes marins …. Gulnur Ozdaglar - book pagevbaski-79Jean-François PEREÑA- Galuchat de raie - Galuchat de roussette - Galuchat de requin -
Gulnur OZDAGLAR – (Turquie) PET plastic necklace  -
Jean-François PEREÑA (FR) Galuchat de raie – Galuchat de roussette – Galuchat de requin – Plexiglas – Erable teint  Laiton – Maillechort – Cuir – Aventurine – Ebène ….. (cette liste me réjouit ! )
Patricia LEMAIRE- bague 'péché d'orgueil'Patricia LEMAIRE-'Eclat de Mediterranée'
Patricia LEMAIRE (FR) Bague Péché d’Orgueil (photo Laurent Thion)–’ Eclat de Mediterranée’ – tour de cou suspension maillechort, argent, os, corail

Tosca Teran - 2009- an Un-Natural History - 'Epigeous Conidiophorus' - silver, enamel, silicone, borosilicateVictoria TAKAHASHI-- 'experimental'-   wishing rock box
Tosca TERAN (USA)  2009- an Un-Natural History – ‘Epigeous Conidiophorus’ – silver, enamel, silicone, borosilicate 
Victoria TAKAHASHI (USA)  wishing rock box
Willemijn de GREEF - necklace 'Weavings' -  wool, imitation coral, thread, plastic - 2Willemijn de GREEF - necklace 'Weavings' -  wool, imitation coral, thread, plastic
Willemijn de GREEF (NL) -  « weavings » necklace -wool, imitation coral, thread, plastic
Willemijn de GREEF - broche (2006)Willemijn de GREEF -  necklace (2005) zinc, teakwood, cotton
Willemijn de GREEF (NL) -  broche  –  necklace (2005) zinc, teakwood, cotton-

Et pour finir, parce que la mer a besoin des rivières, et les rivières de la pluie, finissons sur/par un petit nuage ! :-)

kyoko hashimoto- collier petit nuage

Kyoko HASHIMOTO - (Japon) collier petit nuage (proposé par la galerie CARACTERE à Neuchatel (Suisse)


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