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COUP de COEUR : Sunghee PARK – exploration of constructed space and form

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Sunghee PARK  Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia

Sunghee Park is a new talent in contemporary metal, who recently exhibited in the Inside Out Exhibition of the Jewellery and Metalsmiths Conference, 2008 and was featured in issue No. 84, Monument Magazine, 2008.
Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Park has been studying at Monash University in Melbourne.  In 2004 Park completed a Diploma of Art and Design at Monash College and during 2005-2007 completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in metal and jewellery.
In her work Park explores the concept of space and presents geometric forms in new ways.  Using the cube as her starting point, Park creates 3-D forms in flat sheets from a number of perspectives. During 2008, Park has developed her ideas further, by introducing colour and movement into her work as well as using new materials to produce larger pieces. (ART WITH AL)

Neckpiece 2
Sunghee PARK - Neckpiece 2, mild steel – 2007

Neckpiece 4
Sunghee PARK - Neckpiece 4 – mild steel – 2007

Neckpiece 5
Sunghee PARK - Neckpiece 5 – mild steel – 2007

Neckpiece 6
Sunghee PARK - Neckpiece 6 – mild steel – 2007

Neckpiece 7
Sunghee PARK - Neckpiece 7 – mild steel – 2007

This exhibition (Contemporary jewellery – Illusion series by Sunghee Park – 2009) is an exploration of constructed space and form.  The pieces, produced over a two year period, begin with flat sheets of steel and the concept of a cube. Park then experiments with form, using flatness and layering to examine simplicity, movement. light and shadow.
Moving from constructed space and form, Park then explores the natural environment, in particular mountain scapes, which inspire different techniques and approaches to examine simplicity, movement, light and shadow.
As an emerging contemporary jeweller, Park’s work is a series of experiments, based on geometric forms to evoke movement and the play of shadows.  2009 will be an exciting year for Park as she has successfully completed her training and begins a new chapter in her career.


Brooch 6
Sunghee PARK - Brooch 6 – mild steel – 2008


Yoko SHIMIZU – architectures de métal

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« I like repetition and overlapping forms. I like simplicity and harmony. But in the end, I feel the need to add or subtract something, so that there is something a little bit off, sometimes in search of tension, sometimes for a touch of warmth… » (Yoko SHIMIZU)
Yoko SHIMIZU – oxidized silver rings
Yoko SHIMIZUnecklace n.1001 – silver, gold leaf
Yoko SHIMIZUbracelet n.1009 & bracelet n.1008 -  silver, gold

Yoko SHIMIZU - architectures de métal dans ALCHIMIA (IT) yoko2

Bracelet – silver, niello, gold
Yoko SHIMIZUring n.108 – silver, gold
Yoko SHIMIZU -  brooch
Yoko SHIMIZU -  earring


Decouverte : Sally COLLINS « frilly things »


« … avid champion of ‘Make Do and Mend’ culture Sally Collins creates her pieces from second-hand fabrics such as crochet and lace, heat treated copper and gold-plated elements to create compositions of layered pattern, colour and form. With a playful emphasis on excess detailing and frills Sally’s sometimes eccentric designs add to the charm of her work making her a much loved designer. Of her work Sally says: “My concern is not only with the ecological benefits of re-using and re-inventing something old, discarded or forgotten, but with the beauty of the history of an object when it has been passed down through a family or transformed into something else for another purpose.” » (Amelia’s Magazine)


« Working from my beautiful little workshop nestled at the bottom of my garden in the West Midlands,  I create colourful and tactile jewellery pieces from a combination of precious and non- precious metals and recycled textile elements.
Not only exploring issues of recycling and sustainabilty, my work considers issues of ornamentation and the concept of the ‘superfrilly’; the emphasis is on excess detailing and frills, taking pleasure in unusual or abundant combinations of fabric and texture. Every piece is meticulously handmade and completely unique.
 I also work as a  lecturer on the BA (hons) degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing at Birmingham’s School of Jewellery. »

« My collection ‘Make Do And Mend’, is a range of earrings, rings, brooches, neckpieces and bodypieces inspired by a domestic approach to recycling and sustainabilty. I combine sewing, knitting and crochet with traditional jewellery making skills to create tactile and colourful pieces of contemporary jewellery.
Hand pierced elements in sterling silver, gold- plated sterling silver or copper and patinated metals are layered with recycled pieces of fabric, reknitted unravelled jumpers and frilly clusters of crochet.
‘Make Do And Mend’ comprises of a range of large ‘statement’ body pieces and brooches designed more for exhibition purposes, alongside a more wearable and accessible range of brooches, necklaces and earrings.  »

 Sally COLLINS – ‘Hybrid 3′ body piece

Sally COLLINScollection ‘Make Do And Mend’, small scale brooches
Sally COLLINScollection ‘Make Do And Mend’ – ‘Florry’ necklace
Sally COLLINScollection ‘Make Do And Mend’ – ‘Doily’ necklace
Sally COLLINSSilver ‘Reknitted’ (large scale) brooch


Decouverte : Elise Hatlø jewellery

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Elise Hatlø, découverte à l’occasion de COLLECT 2011, présentée par la Galerie FORMAT.
Elise Hatlø Necklace – Silver, copper, paint, silk and smokey quartz. (presented at Collect 2011)

Elise Hatlø- necklace  »Grandma goes to Tokyo » album – Silver, copper, paint, silk and natural stones (collect 2011) (SUPERBES !)

Born in 1981 – In 2007-2009 :  Masters degree, Visual Art, metal department Oslo National Academy Of The Arts  -
Is part of  Norwegian Crafts Association since 2009, and of « KLINK », a group of 12 metal artists. »My work is represented by the norwegian gallery Format.
The jewellery is made in silver, copper, precious stones and silk


Me fait irrémédiablement penser aux « rejas » Sevillanes, ces grilles qui protégeaient/décoraient les fenêtres …… MAIS me fait aussi beaucoup penser aux bijoux de Hanna Hedman …….  ce qui n’enlève rien au fait que j’aime les bijoux de l’une comme de l’autre, MAIS …..
Elise Hatlø - ‘Ghost town’ brooches – 2010
Elise Hatlø - ‘Ghost town’ brooches – 2010
Elise Hatlø - ‘Ghost town’ 3
Elise Hatlø - ‘Ghost town’ brooches – 2010
Elise Hatlø - Brooch w smokey quartz
Elise Hatlø - necklace w smokey quartz

Elise Hatlø - necklace
Elise Hatlø - Brooch w smokey quartz  2

Elise Hatlø - Brooch from the seris « Ghost town » -Electroformed and patinated silver and copper. Smokey Quartz and silk. 2010

Elise Hatlø - Brooch from the seris « Ghost town » – The brooches are all made in electroformed and patinated silver.


Decouverte : Charles PINCKNEY wearable sculptures

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Charles Pinckney, discovered on « Ornament Magazine » page on FB

charles pinckney brooch
Charles Pinckney - brooch -  mon coup de coeur !!!

Charles Pinckney- ‘Wave’ (2007) Pendant of forged titanium, sterling, freshwater pearls and pink tourmaline set in a custom bezel

Charles Pinckney-
‘Fly Away Home’ pendant – sterling, titanium, bronze, pearl

Charles Pinckney- ‘Drops in the Bucket’ earrings – titanium, sterling


Decouverte : Charles PINCKNEY wearable sculptures dans Charles PINCKNEY (US) bw93
Charles Pinckney Pickin’ Berries (2004) -  Chain of six links fabricated of cast sterling, titanium and garnets that are connected to a handmade sterling chain
Charles Pinckney- poor hands ! glorious hands ! :-)



COUP de COEUR : Reiko ISHIYAMA – évanescence, légéreté, délicatesse ……

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Reiko ISHIYAMA will exhibit at the Smithsonian Craft show 2011 -

« I work in sterling silver and gold. Each idea for my pieces begins with the pure forms of a circle or a square reshaped and combined to form spirals, cylindrical curls and other three dimensional shapes. Through techniques of hammering and heating, oxidation and heating patina these simple forms are transformed into small works of sculpture designed to be worn.  »

« My work has an almost fragile quality, stressing lightness and mobility. By shaping paper thin sheets of silver, I can house space itself. When people hold my work in their hands, they are often surprised by its delicacy and lightness. There is an evanescent, momentary quality that I hope people can truly savor when they wear my pieces.« 

COUP de COEUR : Reiko ISHIYAMA - évanescence, légéreté, délicatesse ...... dans COUP DE COEUR 4b76845a
Reiko ISHIYAMA - « paper nest » brooch – silver

67326236 dans Japon (JP)
Reiko ISHIYAMA -« Butterflies » brooch – silver

4fd748e2 dans metal
Reiko ISHIYAMA -« Stream » brooch – silver


d288055b dans Reiko ISHIYAMA (JP)
Reiko ISHIYAMA -« Paper box » brooch – silver , steel wire

sample work by Reiko Ishiyama
Reiko ISHIYAMA - brooch

Reiko ISHIYAMA - pin

Reiko ISHIYAMA - Lotus pin - sterling silver vermeil

Contemporary Art Jewelry by Reiko Ishiyama

Contemporary Art Jewelry by Reiko Ishiyama

« Born and raised in Japan, Reiko Ishiyama is a self-taught studio jeweler. She began her professional career as a sculptor working in various metals, then began applying that art to jewelry making. Ishiyama has received several awards in the U.S. and Japan and has been exhibited at galleries throughout the world, including England, Australia, Japan and the U.S. Her work has appeared in Metalsmith Magazine, American Craft Magazine, The New York Times, ‘W’ Magazine, Interview Magazine and other international magazines. » (Gallery Loupe)





EXPO ‘Sara Bran – L’Or du Temps’ – Espace Groupama Arte, Lisbonne (PT) – 4-30 Avril 2011

 Sara Bran – L’Or du Temps
une collection de bijoux contemporains inspirés du patrimoine dentellier

EXPO ‘Sara Bran - L’Or du Temps’ - Espace Groupama Arte, Lisbonne (PT) - 4-30 Avril 2011 dans Exposition/Exhibition 190510_1904927944615_1284247328_32300711_2540961_n

« Sara Bran : dentellière sur or
Sara Bran dans le cadre d´un partenariat entre l´Institut Franco-Portugais et le Musée des Arts décoratifs portugais a développé au long de ces 2 dernières années un projet de recherche et de création d´œuvres en or et en argent sur le patrimoine des dentelles portugaises. En décembre dernier nous l´avions rencontré lors de la présentation de son travail au Musée des Arts Décoratifs Portugais de la Fondation Ricardo Espirito Santo (FRESS) – Interview publiée le 10 décembre 2010
Bien que sa résidence soit terminée au Portugal Sara Bran poursuit depuis la France, son projet de « dentellière sur or » dont l´objectif est de créer 101 pièces. En ce mois d´avril elle présente à l´espace Groupama-Arte ses nouvelles créations qui ne cessent de surprendre par l´ampleur et la finesse du travail. Quel rêve pour une femme de porter sur un décolleté un de ces cols de dentelle en or ! 
 » (

205258_1973650622639_1284247328_32391401_2692415_n dans GALERIES

197890_1973652302681_1284247328_32391402_2074196_n dans metal

247469_2097528879518_1284247328_32566239_4496744_n dans Portugal (PT)


Espace Groupama.ARTE 
Av. de Berna, 24-D,
1069-170 Lisboa (PT)


COUP de COEUR ! Sandra ENTERLINE – où le métal devient lumière

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« I form spare hollow constructions from thin gauge silver, reminiscent of industrial relics. After each piece is drilled, it takes on an entirely different, more organic feel. The pieces vibrate; the interior and exterior shift with changing light. My recent work also addresses light and opening. I have incorporated organically shaped diamond sheets, which act as windows that allow light to pass through. The diamonds are crudely set above large spaces that mimic the shape of each unique stone, enhancing the individuality of every diamond. » Sandra ENTERLINE
Sandra Enterline – Necklace, silver, 18k gold (sold at De Novo Gallery, Palo Alto, Usa)
Sandra Enterline -  Earrings, silver, 22k gold, perforated (De Novo Gallery, Palo Alto, Usa)

All Sandra Enterline images at Velvet da Vinci Gallery, All Sandra Enterline images at Velvet da Vinci Gallery, All Sandra Enterline images at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,

Pierced Ring Series   –   ‘starfruit’ pendant  sterling silver w/ heat patina, stainless steel cable   –   earrings – silver & gold, perforated
(pictures from Velvet da Vinci)

All Sandra Enterline images at Velvet da Vinci Gallery, All Sandra Enterline images at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Sandra EnterlineCup Necklace (& detail) – sterling silver, stainless steel cable

COUP de COEUR !  Sandra ENTERLINE - où le métal devient lumière dans COUP DE COEUR sandraenterlin2%5B1%5D
Sandra Enterlinebracelet 


COUP de COEUR ! Tamsin Leighton-Boyce

Tamsin Leighton-Boyce  is an artist jeweller who uses reclaimed and recycled objects and materials to create one-off pieces of jewellery. She has a passion for working in metals and a belief in the power of art and craft skills to empower people. Tamsin has worked and exhibited in Britain and Internationally; in 2009 she graduated from the School of Jewellery in Birmingham with an MA in Jewellery Silversmithing and Related Products. She currently divides her time between making, exhibiting and working as jewellery technician/tutor in Oxford.

COUP de COEUR ! Tamsin Leighton-Boyce  dans COUP DE COEUR 174853_169045213141884_4932132_n

Tamsin Leighton-Boyce « large blue orange »

« ‘Fragments Make the Whole
My current work is created from fragments of observation and perception of my environment. I record images during my daily journeys around the city streets of Oxford. Ornamentation and wealth is combined with alternative encounters in the city: graffiti, road kill, rubbish and road markings.
My jewellery consists of these images, which have been cut from old steel cans and fused together. In turn these whole pieces become fragments of new images, reminiscent of ornamental ironwork or Baroque art.
Utilising recycled materials is important to my work on a symbolic, environmental and aesthetic level. Discarded materials and images of overlooked objects are resurrected and given a new role within a piece of jewellery. By incorporating labour intensive techniques such as enamelling and using hand-made tools, I add symbolic value to both image and material.  »

 dans email / enamel
Tamsin Leighton-BoyceBrooch 5 Fragments Make The Whole Series 2009

she is part of the group « Life is a bench » : We are a group of jewellery designers and artists who started exhibiting together after graduating from Birmingham School of Jewellery with our Masters in 2009. The International Trade Fair in Munich, Germany in March is our annual occasion for a group show, to present new work to each other and to all of you.


COUP de …. BLUES ! Carolina GIMENO, Objetos Portables

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Carolina Gimeno  y  sus « objetos portables »

« Portable Objects, From the fragment to the drawing in space. »

COUP de .... BLUES !  Carolina GIMENO, Objetos Portables dans Carolina GIMENO (Chili) 155852_1727674671604_1230559104_32019297_3682522_n

150577_1745090026977_1230559104_32058961_4469721_n dans Chili (RCH)
Carolina Gimeno : « Es una « microescultura portable » o joya artística contemporánea… que en realidad fuera de estos términos es el mar y el pasado.«  (aluminio, poliéster, cobalto, esmalte vítreo, plata, esmeraldas y lapislázuli)

63466_1745144908349_1230559104_32059062_666520_n dans COUP DE COEUR

150393_1696702977331_1230559104_31961707_4713393_n dans email / enamel

« This exhibition aims to show the creative process I’ve experienced this year, as a continue process of  my last project Draw the mist,  rescuing the artwork that was generated in my sketchbook. This was brewing in parallel with the formal creation of these new natures of shapes and is a faithful record of these reflections that led me to understand what I do, and drawing objects in space, portable microsculptures. Which have been created and contextualized within the concept of Contemporary Art Jewelry. Bringing this shows the knowledge and familiarity of the discipline of Contemporary Art, practically absent so far in the local context of the city of Valparaíso.
Portable objects is the result of a process of appropriating the world of tailoring, leading me to the creation of new natures, all metaphors to refer to the body and its absence.
The result of my creative process is a metaphor of the idea of inherited object, not only inherited objects as such, but also inherited memories, customs, and in my case work. Through the development of my work I have found another way to unite and move part of my past, a world where they meet my fascination with the perfect nature and those invisible places yet unbuilt. The desire to draw in space what is undrawable, what we are not able to see clearly, that lives in that foggy landscape of our invented memories and to want to find those places that talk about an overwhelming sense of absence . »

 dans metal 



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