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mineralART 2014 “between layers – worlds within agate” – and the WINNERS are ….

EXPO ‘MineralART 2014 – Between Layers’ – Staatlichen Antikensammlungen, Munich (DE) – 13 Mars- 11 Mai 2014

during  SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

“Between layers – worlds within agate”

The prize-giving will take place on Thursday, 13 March 2014, as part of a celebratory event inside the Munich State Collection of Antiques. The competition-winning pieces and other outstanding works will be on display here during SCHMUCK 2014 and until 11 May 2014 during museum opening hours.

Flyer mineralART

Award ceremony & opening: Thursday, 13th March 2014, 7:00 pm
State Collection of Antiques, Königsplatz, Munich.

 mineralART 2014 is proud to present the work of following artists in Munich :

Claudia Adam — Penka Arabova-Pasheva — Paula Bahadian — Frans Beelen — Tereza Borlova –
Carolin Denter — Katharina DettarPatrícia DominguesMatthias DyerTanja Emmert – Elvira Golombosi — Lina Goltsios — Elena Gorbunova — Taehee In — Levani Jishkariani — Christina Karababa – Yeonkyung Kim — Beate Klockmann — Karina Lazauskaitė — Typhaine Le Monnier — Tianqi Li –  Cristina Martí Mató –  Judy McCaigViktoria Münzker – Tom Munsteiner — Julia Obermaier — Ruudt Peters — Hester Popma-van de Kolk — Sari Räthel — Philip Sajet — Nils Schmalenbach — Kvetoslava Flora Sekanova –  Giovanni Sicuro — Supavee Sirinkraporn — Jörg Stoffel — Karen Vanmol — Karol Weisslechner — Zindzi Wijminga — Getter Ziugand   ………..

An overwhelming number of 275 pieces by 161 participants ………………

mineralART 2014 | "between layers – worlds within agate"| Some impressions of the judges' meetingThe final discussion - will it be four or five honorable mentions...?;)Jury Members: Jiro Kamata, Helena Lehtinen, Estela Saez Vilanova, Gerhard Schmidt and Dr. Marjan Unger The jury final discussion – will it be four or five honorable mentions… ?  
Jury Members: Jiro Kamata, Helena Lehtinen, Estela Saez Vilanova, Gerhard Schmidt and Dr. Marjan Unger

and the WINNERS are :


Giovanni Sicuro, Italy1st Prize Series of rings:  „Bianchi Untitled 1-3“, Agate, gold"Giovanni Sicuro, Italy 1st Prize Series of rings:  „Bianchi Untitled 1-3“, Agate, gold
« The effect of the rings fascinated the Jury; at first glance they are classic pieces of jewellery but the material used irritates the observer, awaking curiosity. The simple, white agate does not look like stone but rather like ivory or plastic. Only when touched is the cool, hardness of stone revealed and on closer inspection the concept of the pieces is exposed. A traditional ring is reversed here; the entire body of the ring is cut from a layer of white agate concealing the gold band. The stone is not reduced to being a decorative accessory but forms the defining element, which through exceptional craftsmanship replicates ‘traditional’ ring stones. This subtle play with the expectations of traditional ring design and with the notion of agate as a stone which is valued for its pattern or colour, won over the Jury unanimously. »
Levani Jishkariani, Georgia 2nd Prize Object: Wood, agate  Levani Jishkariani, Georgia 2nd Prize Object: Wood, agate 
« This object, made from wood and agate sticks, impressed the jury with its archaic expression. Its effect is earthy, as if it came from the distant past but at the same time it is very contemporary. The piece works on completely different levels, awakens associations and memories, from a piece of agricultural equipment to an instrument of torture, depending on the viewer’s experiences. This multidimensionality earned it second place from the jury.« 
Typhaine Le  Monnier, France3rd PrizeNecklace: Agate, elastic band Typhaine Le  Monnier, France 3rd Prize Necklace: Agate, elastic band
« The unusual combination of materials in this necklace delighted the jury. The elastic band is reminiscent of a brassiere strap; a very feminine element, which however remains mostly unseen, hidden. Through its use in a classic neck adornment, the hidden is placed centre-stage, drawing the observer’s gaze upon itself. The soft material enters into a fascinating combination with the hard, cold stone exacerbated by the positioning of the supple band, designed for proximity to the body, on the outside and the distal stone next to the body. Through the choice of materials, the colour and the form of the agate the piece relates strongly to the body. The jury particularly highlighted the haptic quality of the jewellery; when worn the cool weight of the agate is felt on the neck but the stone nevertheless fits itself to the body and is very wearable. Beyond its function as a necklace, the jury explicitly commended the effect of the piece as an object »


EXPO ‘GeMANOgy: Gem as Storyteller’ – MANO Contemporary Jewellery & Object, Taipei City 106 (Taiwan, R.O.C.) – 28 Sept.-3 Nov. 2013

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GeMANOgy: Gem as Storyteller -

MANO Contemporary Jewellery & Object (Taipei City 106, Taiwan)

“GeMANOgy” aims at showing how the contemporary jewellers express the word/ material « Stone » in various and contemporary way. Set aside the traditional value for gemstones defined in Gemology, MANO would like to offer the viewer a different angle to read the stories behind these jewellery.

« How the most precious thing about stones in a jewellery box is not always their rarity, their size or their perfection. It is their stories. » by Victoria Finlay, author of ‘Jewels: A Secret History’.

Since the word “Jewellery” for most Taiwanese public still relates a lot to precious material, faceted gemstones, jade jewelleries, beaded bracelet, etc., we would like to present the jewelleries with diverse and contemporary interpretation of the theme “stone” in search of that real preciousness. Each artist gives their unique point of view: to bring out the social-psychological side of the material, to discuss about the collective thoughts on material, technique, and artistry, or to question the real meaning of value.


Artists:   Gieh-Wen Lin –  Karl Fritsch –  Katja Prins –  Nelli Tanner –  Philip Sajet –  Shu-Lin Wu –  Tarja Tuupanen

Gien-Wen Lin, Necklace, 2012Gien-Wen Lin, Necklace, Diamond is not the point 2012 – Silver, crystal

Philip Sajet, Ring, Philip Sajet – Ring: Straal verticaal – Yellow gold, white gold

Philip Sajet_1-webPhilip Sajet – Ring

Karl Fritsch, Ring, 2012Karl Fritsch, Ring, 2012  Silver, steel, cubic zirconia

Shu-Lin Wu, Ring, 2013Shu-Lin Wu – Ring: Hiver#1 2013 – Silver, porcelain, white chalcedony, rubber

Tarja Tuupanen, Brooch, 2013Tarja Tuupanen – Brooch : Untitled 2013 – Ready-made marble tableware, brass

MANO Contemporary Jewellery & Object
No.4, Ln. 16, Taishun St
Da’an Dist. – Taipei City 106
Taiwan, R.O.C.
Telephone: +886 2 2365 2519


EXPO ‘Romancing the Stone’ – Pieces of Eight Gallery , Melbourne (AU) – 9 juill.-17 Aout 2013

« Tessa Blazey: Romancing the Stone » - Pieces of Eight Gallery (Melbourne, Australia)

"Tessa Blazey: Romancing the Stone" - Pieces of Eight Gallery (Melbourne, Australia) 09-Jul-2013 - 17-Aug-2013 website:

‘Romancing the Stone’ is an exhibition exploring Melbourne jeweller Tessa Blazey’s ongoing love affair with minerals and gemstones. As she explains, “I am continually captivated by the exquisite geometry of mineral specimens. When I look at these crystalline forms I experience a shift in scale. Like Alice, I am transported down the rabbit hole into their miniature world. I imagine myself immersed in a diamondiferous landscape glinting beauty”.

In this exhibition Blazey explores the geometric structures and landscapes of crystal and mineral specimens through mimicry and transformation. Utilizing raw curiously cut and mounted stones she frames each piece to mimic the stone that inspired it. To individualise each piece within the context of its miniature wonderland, Blazey has personified each piece by naming them after an iconic heroine.

 Tessa Blazey Ring: Luna 18ct white gold, 0.57ct Ceylon blue sapphireTessa Blazey Ring: Luna 18ct white gold, 0.57ct Ceylon blue sapphire

Tessa Blazey Earrings: Uhura 9ct yellow gold, oxidised sterling silver, cast fluorite
 Tessa Blazey Earrings: Uhura 9ct yellow gold, oxidised sterling silver, cast fluorite
Tessa Blazey
Tessa Blazey ‘Nyx’ Ring: 18ct yellow gold, trilliant cut parti coloured sapphire

Tessa Blazey Ring: Lady Godiva 18ct yellow gold, 1.58ct rough octahedral diamond (right)

Tessa Blazey Ring: Lady Godiva 18ct yellow gold, 1.58ct rough octahedral diamond (right)


Pieces of Eight Gallery
28 Russell Place
VIC 3000 – Melbourne
Telephone: +613 9497 8121



EXPO ‘Salt Project’ – Escola d’Art del Treball, Barcelona (ES) – 4-30 Avril 2013

‘Salt Project’ at Escola d’Art del Treball (Barcelona) – 4-30 April 2013

'Salt Project' at Escola d'Art del Treball (Barcelona) - 4-30 April 2013 -

La Escola d’Art del Treball expone Proyecto SAL, joyas y objetos de pequeño formato con el leitmotiv de la SAL gema de Cardona.
Las piezas han sido diseñadas teniendo en cuenta los aspectos conceptuales de la sal y también sus características físicas.
Este proyecto comenzó en el 2012 conjuntamente con la CAA, China Academy of Art, de Hangzhou. Con él se pueden ver como las dos escuelas con metodologías y culturas diferentes han trabajado bajo los mismos condicionantes para obtener resultados tan originales.
La muestra estará durante todo el mes de Abril, coincidiendo con las jornadas de puertas abiertas del centro, que oferta dos líneas de Bachillerato artístico, CFGM de Decoración Cerámica, CFGS de Joyería Artística, CFGS de Ilustración y formación permanente.

What is the SALT Project? 

The SALT Project was born out of two schools’ desire to reach beyond their borders, to see and understand how other people work whilst applying different ways of working, whilst valuing the whole experience as a learning process and cultural and artistic exchange.
The starting point was in February of 2010 when Aiyu Zhu, a student at the China Academy of Art – the CAA – in Hangzhou, visited the Escola d’Art del Treball in Barcelona, taking advantage of her trip to Europe. From that moment, the EAT and the CAA formed a link with the objective of finding out how jewellers work in a different part of the world, to assess new methods and processes. This experience helps to better spread what is done in the classroom as well as enabling students to gain first-hand experience of a more open vision of what is happening in the jewellery trade in different areas of the planet.

How well has the SALT Project worked at the EAT? 

At the EAT we see the SALT Project as a whole school project, which is why we are trying to involve as many members of our institution as possible. Because of this, all students and ex-students of jewellery-making were invited to participate, as well as all of the teachers at the school, regardless of what department they belong to – be it ceramics, illustration, sculpture and so on. We believe that inviting people from different departments enriches the project because we can see small-sized pieces that have characteristics that are far removed from the way things are done in the jewellery trade.
In the case of ex-students and teachers, the subject matter, technique and materials has been open to all. The requirement was that it had to be a small piece of jewellery or small object and that SAL was the focus, either physically or conceptually.
In the case of seasonal students, we introduced the project into the yearly schedule of various modules. Furthermore, in the subject of gemmology they have studied the characteristics and properties of the salt gem and the jewels were fashioned in the jewellery workshop.
The first-year students have worked on the SALT Project in their Modelling module (a subject where the technical and procedural processes of different waxes for microfusion are taught). In these classes they were asked to produce a sculptural ring by manipulating modelling wax (a soft wax used mainly by sculptors), in which they would incorporate the salt as an important part of the jewel. This ring would be finished in metal, after the process of melting the wax.
Some of these pieces have references to Chinese culture: dragons, water lilies, bonsais, and there are also references to nature and the sea.
Despite the fact that the conceptual aspects were not in the initial briefing, many students incorporated symbolic connotations in their pieces, such as alluding to the salt as a currency or seeing the salt as an ephemeral part of the piece.
As part of their Jewellery projects module, the second-year students were given the task of working with the idea of friendship rings, under the heading of “salt friendship rings”. The most traditional or popular type of friendship ring is the wedding ring, but we wanted the largest scope possible. Therefore, the first thing that the students had to define was who the two people that they were going to design the ring for were, what it was that united them and how the salt symbolised that union.
There are projects where the people chosen are members of a family, or in other projects they are fictional characters. The link between them is indicated by a single connection. The salt theme has been worked as a key part of the design, paying attention to its physical properties. The fact that the salt is ephemeral was taken into account when it came to work the material. In some cases this property was emphasized; in others measures were taken to protect it from erosion and wear.

Sandra Yelo — Maria Josep Forcadell — Xavier Aguado — Sònia Serrano — Júlia Castro — Meritxell Cuevas – Isabel Alejo — Bárbara Rodríguez — Laura Martín –  Isabel Suárez — Nora Castaño — Clara Devesa — Patricia Portocarrero — Aina Gómez — Ariadna Valls — Ariana Gaitan — Adriana Díaz — Juliana Mónaco — Nerea Pitarque — Marisa Tomás — Pilar Ramón — Laura Paglieri — Gloria Gómez — Gina Contel — Jennifer Lozano — Lourdes Freixa — Elisabet Moreno — Maria Ninot — Liliana Ruíz — Edwin Páez — Carmen Esteba — Patrick Alvarez — Violant Cebria — Alaitz Martínez-Marañón — Jordi AparicioMarta MiguelDani Fàbregues — Anna Vila — Ana Parra — Laura Sabatés — Ortrum Meinhard — Anna González — Ana García — Josep Raventós — Selma Leal — Alexandra Steinforth — Montserrat Saperas — Margarita Alonso.

Sandra Yelo - jewelry with SALT - broochSandra Yelo – « No es un doctor » Broche (front)  – Colección: Sal para las heridas – “el tiempo no cura nada – el tiempo no es un doctor – el tiempo sólo cura lo que no importa ya”

jewelry with SALT - Sandra Yelo - brooch -  Materiales:  plata oxidada  sal gema  hilo quirúrgicoSandra Yelo – « No es un doctor » Broche (back) -  Materiales:  plata oxidada  sal gema  hilo quirúrgico

Projecte Sal - Joana Jarque - ring with SALTProjecte Sal – Joana Jarque – ring with SALT

jewelry with SALT - Projecte SAL - Dani Fàbregues "Ou de sal"Dani Fàbregues « Ou de sal »

jewelry with SALT -   Projecte Sal - Sònia Serrano -   "Mar y montaña"  Collar. Sal de Cardona y plata  18x22cm      Montaña salada, restos de un antiguo mar, una vuelta al origen, un pez de sal.Sònia Serrano -   « Mar y montaña »  Collar. Sal de Cardona y plata  18x22cm      Montaña salada, restos de un antiguo mar, una vuelta al origen, un pez de sal.

Sònia Serrano  Necklace: MAR Y MONTAÑA  Silver, gem saltSònia Serrano  Necklace: MAR Y MONTAÑA  Silver, gem salt

JEWELRY with SALT -   Projecte Sal - Laura Sabatés - "STRAND" Anillo doble - Latón, sal gema y resina epoxy    El anillo quiere representar la típica pintura china de paisajes. La sal representa las montañas, la resina el agua, el gallonado la flora y la textura la tierra.Laura Sabatés – « STRAND » Anillo doble – Latón, sal gema y resina epoxy    El anillo quiere representar la típica pintura china de paisajes. La sal representa las montañas, la resina el agua, el gallonado la flora y la textura la tierra.

JEWELRY with SALT - Projecte Sal  - Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria.Projecte Sal - Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria.

Projecte Sal  – Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria   -La sal de Gema – Materiales: Cobre, acero, tela, algodón y pintura de esmalte -
Y llegó el día en que sus lágrimas dejaron de acariciar su rostro.
Projecte Sal - Margarita Alonso -   “Sabores de dos tierras”  Materiales: Plata oxidada, sal de las minas de Zipaquirá-Colombia, sal de las minas de Cardona-España, cadena textil y seda de organza.Margarita Alonso -   “Sabores de dos tierras”  Materiales: Plata oxidada, sal de las minas de Zipaquirá-Colombia, sal de las minas de Cardona-España, cadena textil y seda de organza.

Bàrbara Rodríguez -  "LES LLAGRIMES DE SAL"  Ferro rovellat i sal - projecte sal (a Valencia Melting point) - jewelry with SALTBàrbara Rodríguez -  « LES LLAGRIMES DE SAL »  Ferro rovellat i sal – projecte sal (exhibited a Valencia Melting point)

Bárbara Rodríguez  Bracelet: LES LLAGRIMES DE SAL  Iron, gem saltBárbara Rodríguez  Bracelet: LES LLAGRIMES DE SAL  Iron, gem salt

jewelry with SALT - María Liliana Ruiz  - Todos los caminos llevan a Tombuctú  Materiales: Barro negro, pigmento de oro, hilo de acero, oro y sal gema de Cardona.    Un antiguo proverbio de Malí decía:  «El oro viene del sur, la sal del norte y el dinero del país del hombre blanco; pero los cuentos maravillosos y la palabra de Dios sólo se encuentran en Tombuctú»Liliana Ruiz  – Todos los caminos llevan a Tombuctú  Materiales: Barro negro, pigmento de oro, hilo de acero, oro y sal gema de Cardona.    Un antiguo proverbio de Malí decía:  «El oro viene del sur, la sal del norte y el dinero del país del hombre blanco; pero los cuentos maravillosos y la palabra de Dios sólo se encuentran en Tombuctú»

María Liliana Ruiz  Todos los caminos llevan a Tombuctú  Materiales: Barro negro, pigmento de oro, hilo de acero, oro y sal gema de Cardona.    Un antiguo proverbio de Malí decía:  «El oro viene del sur, la sal del norte y el dinero del país del hombre blanco; pero los cuentos maravillosos y la palabra de Dios sólo se encuentran en Tombuctú» Liliana Ruiz  Todos los caminos llevan a Tombuctú

Clara Devesa  Rings: SALIATGES  Sugar, gem salt, cork, glass, silverClara Devesa  Rings: SALIATGES  Sugar, gem salt, cork, glass, silver

Isabel Alejo  Brooches: LLIGAMS  Silver, gem salt, zirconite, magnetIsabel Alejo  Brooches: LLIGAMS  Silver, gem salt, zirconite, magnet

Jordi Aparicio  Título pieza: T'ESTIMO COM LA SAL  Broche  -Copper, gel coat, gem salt - Cobre, gel coat y sal picada    Pieza inspirada en el cuento "La Margarideta, la princesa de sal "Jordi Aparicio  - » T’ESTIMO COM LA SAL »  Broche  – Copper, gel coat, gem salt – Cobre, gel coat y sal picada    Pieza inspirada en el cuento « La Margarideta, la princesa de sal « 


Escola d’ART del Treball
Comte d’Urgell, 187.
08036 Barcelona –
Tel. 93 321 90 66 -
Fax 93 410 54 34


Deborah Rudolph ON THE ROCKS !

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Deborah Rudolph or the « spirit of stone »

c’est …. SOMPTUEUX !

« Stones fascinate me; they are thousands of years old, yet at the same time limited. They exist in all kinds of colours and shapes.
No two stones are the same. In my work I concentrate on preserving the primary character of each stone. I focus on the shape and the structure - the aspects unique to each stone. It is these elements that make it possible for every piece of jewellery to have its own individual character and depth, regardless of similarity in form. Under this credo I develop single pieces and small series. »

On her exhibition at Galerie Marzee 4 March until 16 May 2012
« I like the sensitive connection between humans and stones. I find it interesting that we can hang out in front of a stone for hours, just to look at it. I like the way we carry them around like treasures. I find it interesting that we trust in stones so much that we build our houses and walls with them. I like stone collages that occur unintentionally. I like the way we set stones in streets. I like how stones help us to remember, as memorials or gravestones. I like the freedom in stones and the danger, such as when someone tries to reach the top of a mountain. I like their roughness and their fragility.«   Deborah Rudolph

Deborah Rudolph (Diploma 2010 at Idar Oberstein )

Deborah Rudolph (Idar)Deborah Rudolph  – Kunstschnee, necklace, 2012, rock crystal, epoxy, silver, kevlar 

Deborah Rudolph  Halskette  Bergkristall, Silber (DETAIL) (exhibition "the spirit of stone" Rudolph  Halskette  Bergkristall, Silber (DETAIL) (exhibition « the spirit of stone« )

Bergsteigerkette - Deborah Rudolph Deborah Rudolph – Bergsteigerkette – rock crystals (Bergkristall) Silver and kevlar string

Deborah Rudolph brooch 'lichtung' back & front - Black jade, silver, steelDeborah Rudolph broche 2010 -  ‘lichtung’ back & front – Black jade, silver, steel

Idar - Deborah Rudolph - 'see see' broochDeborah Rudolph « see see » brooch – back & front

Deborah Rudolph - brooch, Stein auf Stein 2, 2010, stone, rock crystal, epoxy, steel - 100 x 70 mmDeborah Rudolph – brooch, « Stein auf Stein 2″, 2010, stone, rock crystal, epoxy, steel – 100 x 70 mm

Deborah Rudolph - Schichtaug Blue, brooch, 2011, slate, sodaliteDeborah Rudolph – Schichtaug Blue, brooch, 2011, slate, sodalite

Eins drei - Deborah Rudolph - Necklace, 2010 Onyx, aquamarine, silver, kevlarDeborah Rudolph – Eins drei – Necklace, 2010 Onyx, aquamarine, silver, kevlar

Deborah Rudolph (Diploma 2010) • "Beloved and Unloved Stones” brooches - Agate, Quartz, Boulder • Photo: Deborah Rudolph (6th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial 2012 • Nominee)  (Hochschule Esd Idar-Oberstein)Deborah Rudolph « Beloved and Unloved Stones” brooches – Agate, Quartz, Boulder • Photo: Deborah Rudolph (6th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial 2012 • Nominee)

deborah rudolph back (?) of a broochDeborah Rudolph -  Brooch: Ueberwachsen 2011 – Black jade, silver, steel

Kunstader brooch - Deborah Rudolph - brooch - Plastikader, brooch, 2012, carneol, epoxy, steel -106 x 60 x 6 mmDeborah Rudolph  – Plastikader, brooch, 2012 – carneol, epoxy, steel -106 x 60 x 6 mm

Deborah Rudolph (Idar)Deborah Rudolph  –  « Achatmuff 2″ , necklace, 2012, agate, silver, kevlar    necklace

Deborah Rudolph  –   necklace

Seenplatte - Deborah Rudolph
Deborah Rudolph  – Seenplatte  necklace - Bergsteiger ohrringe  (earrings)Deborah Rudolph  – Bergsteiger ohrringe  (earrings)
Ohne Farbe necklace - Deborah RudolphDeborah Rudolph- Ohne Farbe necklace 


EXPO ‘Entre bois et pierres’ – Pôle Bijou Baccarat (France) – 16 Janv-9 juin 2013

Du 16 janvier au 9 Juin 2013 : « Entre bois et pierres »

15 créateurs de bijou et plus de 150 pièces exposées (en bois, papier, galets, roches…) venant de toute la France mais aussi d’Italie, de Suisse, des USA et de Turquie nous confient leurs pièces pour illustrer la thématique.
Le bois et la pierre sont à l’origine de l’économie du territoire (le bois des Vosges pour alimenter les fours des usines à feu –verre et céramique, mais aussi pour la production de mobilier et pour la production de papier et puis la pierre avec la carrière de trapp de Raon l’étape ou encore les exploitations de grès rose …). Il s’agit donc de leur rendre hommage, et de témoigner de toutes les richesses qu’ils savent offrir.

"Entre bois et pierres"  - pôle Bijou Baccarat (France) - 16 janv-9 juin 2013

Les artistes invités : Ela Cindoruk (Turquie) – Teresa Faris (USA) – Angelo Lomuscio (Italia) – Philippe Narbel (Suisse) – Claude Vernet – Nathalie Rolland Huckel – Angela Baduel CrispinBlandine LuceJuan Riusech – Claire Mahey – Frederic Lardier – Pierre Barieraud – Jacky Schwartz – Sandrine Mansoutre – Vincent Troguet

  EXPO - entre bois et pierre - Angelo LomuscioAngelo Lomuscio

EXPO - entre bois et pierre - Teresa Faris série intitulée 'Collaboration avec un Oiseau'Teresa Faris série intitulée ‘Collaboration avec un Oiseau’

 EXPO - entre bois et pierre - Blandine LuceBlandine Luce EXPO - entre bois et pierre - Juan RiusechJuan Riusech





Pôle Bijou Baccarat
Pôle Bijou – 13 rue du Port
54120 Baccarat (FR)
tel 03 83 76 06 99

Jours et horaires d’ouverture :
Basse Saison : Du 1er octobre au 14 mai – Ouvert les mercredis, samedis, dimanches et jours fériés de 10h à 12h30 et de 13h30 à 18h – Ouvert les jeudis et vendredis de 13h30 à 18 h – Fermés les lundis et mardis et le 25, 30 et 31 décembre et le 1er mai
Haute saison : Du 15 mai au 30 septembre – Ouvert tous les jours de 10h à 12h30 et de 13h30 à 18h


EXPO ‘Pebble – Gem – Soulstones’ – Ariane Hartmann Werkstattgalerie, Hagen (DE) – 18 Sept.-29 Oct. 2011

Stones. Pressure, heat, time and a certain composition are the components of their formation. Their value is different but every stone is unique. Lined with gold leaf, wrapped in plastic, mounted or described – Tanja Emmert, Vitalis Kubach, Simone Rahn and Tiffany Rowe show their different ways using stones.



Simone Rahn:
« I like the little surprises in life. Once in 2000 I stumbled into a vineyard snail cemetary. Their houses so beautifull lying in the mud – what  a waste! Touched by the simultaneous delicacy and robustness and the unique contours of their structure I searched for a way to give them a second life – since then I write on them. But not only on shell but on River stones in all sizes, shapes and colors, but also tree bark, wood, Christmas balls – in short, everything that can be written on…  »


Tiffany Rowe:
Liquorice galuchat
Inspired by the famous Liquorice Allsorts sweeties and their hundred and thousand sugar bead coating, Tiffany Rowe decided to create a colourful collection of globular pendants as intriguing to the eye as they are to the touch. Fascinated by the granular surface of shagreen (sharksin or galuchat, in vogue in the 1930′s), Tiffany wanted to recreate a modern version of this delightful substance. The pendants are thus covered with a myriad of tiny beads which compliment the twinkle of the precious stones.
Tiffany Rowe- pebble collection
Tiffany Rowe- necklace: Liquorice Galuchat – resin Beads


Vitalis Kubach:
The goldsmith Vitalis Kubach, a graduate of the Fachhochschule Idar-Oberstein, uses both metals and stones. Vitalis Kubach regards her works as more than pure objects: through them she would like to mediate between the visible and the invisible worlds and grant things a soul.

EXPO 'Pebble - Gem - Soulstones' - Ariane Hartmann Werkstattgalerie, Hagen (DE) - 18 Sept.-29 Oct. 2011 dans Allemagne (DE) vitalisthumb
Vitalis Kubach

mj_Arielle dans Exposition/Exhibition
Tanja Emmert Ring: Mounted Jewel ‘Arielle’ – gemstone, turquoise, agate, rock crystal, finegold



Ariane Hartmann – Werkstattgalerie. zeitgenössischer Schmuck & Design
Eppenhauserstrasse 14
58093 – Hagen
Telephone: +49 (0) 173 – 77 13 988
Telephone: +49 (0) 2331 – 30 66 543
Fax: +49 (0) 2331 – 30 66 543


EXPO ‘The Spirit of Stone’ – South-Karelia Museum, Lappeenranta (Finland) – 8 Mai 2011-8 Janv 2012

The Spirit of Stone event will bring to Lappeenranta an exhibition, 
workshops and lectures, related to stones and jewellery. Theme of the event is the spirit, mythic and power of the stone. The Spirit of Stone 
is organized in cooperation with Kalevala Jewelry
 (Kalevala Koru) and South-Karelia Museum.The exhibition called The Spirit of Stone will present the prehistory of the stone and some of the best works from the international competition for art jewelry students.The exhibition also includes an invitation exhibition for jewelry artists around the world and a stone jewellery exhibition of Kalevala Koru.

Invited artists:
Piret Hirv, Eve Margus, Kadri Mälk, Ulla Ahola, Tarja Lehtinen, Terhi Tolvanen, Tarja Tuupanen, David Bielander, Iris Bodemer, Helen Britton, Ute Eitzenhöfer, Karl Fritsch, Deborah Rudolph, Bettina Speckner, Charlotta de Syllas, Gijs Bakker, Herman Hermsen, Ruudt Peters, Slawomir Fijalkowski, Dorota Kos, Lucia Babjakova, Fabrice Schaefer

EXPO 'The Spirit of Stone' - South-Karelia Museum, Lappeenranta (Finland) - 8 Mai 2011-8 Janv 2012 dans Atelier/workshop herman_hermsen
Herman Hermsen: Slice of jewellery

kadri_malk dans Bettina SPECKNER (DE)
Kadri Mälk: brooch « Väga süüdi « 

ute_eitzenhoefer dans Charlotta de SYLLAS (UK)
Ute Eitzenhöfer – brooch – Mixed media (labradorite)

Salut Marianne, Thank you for information on you blog about exhibition. I saw entering links on website's statistic from your blog. Its always nice to found new visitors. If you will be so nice to use this picture in your article I will be happy. I suppose you took picture from amber com pl- I dont know why they didnt repair that vieux. So here is real vieux of my necklace. Thanks in advance and best wishes, Dorota
Dorota Kos (PL) amber necklace
Bettina Speckner – brooch -Tourmalines, white gold 750


Iris-Bodemer-14 dans David BIELANDER (DE)
Iris Bodemer ring – Silver, beryl – 2010

deporah_rudolf dans Deborah RUDOLPH (DE)
Deborah Rudolphnecklace- rock crystal, silver
Ulla Ahola – Rintakoru. 2010
Bettina Speckner brooch



Spirit of Stone – symposium
The Spirit of Stone event will bring to Lappeenranta an exhibition,
workshops and lectures, related to stones and jewellery. Theme of the event is the spirit, mythic and power of the stone. (…)
Place: Saimaa University of Applied Sciences (Lappeenranta, Finland)
Dates :  6 & 7 Mai 2011 (lectures will be in english)
Saimaa University of Applied Sciences
Pohjolankatu 23
53101 – Lappeenranta
Telephone: +358 40 763 3690



Workshop : Helena Lehtinen: Cameo
Cameo is a traditional piece of jewellery which has its origins in seals.
 During history it has been in and out of fashion in courts in Europe. Nowdays it is usually a red-white silhuet of a lady, most often worn by eldery ladies.
Reflecting to what this classical piece of jewellery has been in the past, students will search cameo´s meaning today. 
What it has been, what it could be? Is there any significancy left, what it could present in today´s society / to today´s people?
 What is your cameo? 
With new materials and way of working students will create new traditions in cameos. 
Working with stone is possible in the workshop.
Lead by jewellery artist Helena Lehtinen,
 assistant Tarja Tuupanen
Cameo is a part of The Spirit of Stone event that will bring to Lappeenranta an exhibition,
 work-shops and lectures, related to stones and jewellery. Theme of the event is the spirit, mythic and power of the stone. The Spirit of Stone
is organized in cooperation with Kalevala Jewelry 
(Kalevala Koru) and South-Karelia Museum.
Place: South-Karelia Museum, Lappeenranta, Finland
Price: 100€ (not including materials nor meals)
Dates : 2 – 5 Mai 2011, four days.
To apply to a workshop you have to fill an on-line application. To the workshop will be selected 10-15 participants. 
Deadline for application is 15th of April, 2011. All accepted participants will receive detailed information. Upon receiving your on-line application we shall confirm you that it has reached us.
Helena Lehtinen – cameo brooch




South-Karelia Museum
Kristiinankatu 15
53900 – Lappeenranta
Telephone: +358 40 763 3690


COUP de COEUR : Francesca KIPPAX – la roche à l’état brut

Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,Francesca KIPPAX (UK),Grande-Bretagne (UK),pierre / stone — bijoucontemporain @ 0:02

  »My work focuses around the beauty and fragility of natural materials. The aesthetic inspiration in regards to form is taken from the rock formations that shape our British landscape. 
More specifically, I am intrigued by the combination of manmade and natural materials and how these combinations work together to create an aesthetically pleasing wearable piece of jewellery.
I explore these raw materials (slate, weathered oak) considering how many unforeseen qualities they hold, and questioning whether these items hold more beauty once machined or when they are still in their original state. 
Through incorporating silver into the jewellery I am able to create a strong but sensitive synergy between the materials I choose to use. » Francesca KIPPAX

COUP de COEUR : Francesca KIPPAX - la roche à l'état brut dans COUP DE COEUR
Francesca KIPPAXslate (ardoise), fools gold neckpiece

 dans Francesca KIPPAX (UK)
Francesca KIPPAXhanging brooch pin

 dans Grande-Bretagne (UK)
Francesca KIPPAXslate & silver brooch pin


 dans pierre / stone
Francesca KIPPAXSlate and 925 silver ring




EXPO ‘Allez ! du GALET !’ – Ancienne Mairie, Collioure (FR) – 1er-12 Dec. 2010

EXPOSITION « Allez ! DU GALET ! » bijoux de créateurs
du 1er au 12 DECEMBRE 2010 à COLLIOURE
vernissage/INAUGURATION  vendredi 3 décembre à 18h / friday DEC 3 at 6 PM

EXPOSITION / VENTE : la plupart des pièces ont été faites expressément pour l’exposition et sont des pièces uniques ………….

EXPO 'Allez ! du GALET !' - Ancienne Mairie, Collioure (FR) - 1er-12 Dec. 2010 dans Aline KOKINOPOULOS (FR) 73743_1642669435511_1500099122_1562999_2395598_n

Alors il parait que j’ai organisé une expo …… ;-)
….. en partant de 3 idées :
*plages de GALETS de Collioure, petits pendentifs-galets « souvenir de Collioure » faits par un bijoutier de Collioure, Vincent Torguet, et début de « polémique » : quoi ! il a copié mes bijoux en galets !!! MAIS NOOOON ! TOUS les bijoutiers ont fait des bijoux en galets, à un moment ou à 1 autre !
* … les « ROLLING STONES » ……… pour faire rouler toutes les pierres jusqu’à COLLIOURE !
* »Et moi, je te dis que tu es PIERRE, et que sur cette PIERRE je bâtirai mon….. EXPO  » !!


Because ALL Collioure’s beaches, here, in the south-west of France, where Pyreneans « dive » into the Mediterranean sea, are ONLY with pebbles,
and that the FIRST REACTION of TOURISTS (ALL TOURISTS !) is to throw pebbles into the sea !!!
SO, one of the Collioure’s jewellers, Vincent Torguet had the idea to create a line of jewels with these Collioure’s pebbles …. And I thought it would be fine that all jewellers bring their « pebble » to the « edifice » !!!! you know …. the first reference … of course, is … the ROLLING STONES !! :-) Make all your pebbles ROLLING towards Collioure !

74345_1662977223193_1500099122_1598275_3202229_n dans Angela BADUEL-CRISPIN (FR)
Vincent TORGUET (Collioure, FR) – Collier galets de Collioure, obsidienne, argent – pièce unique

liste des participants :
FRANCE :  Angela BADUEL-CRISPIN, Pierre BARIERAUD, Edith BELLOD, Marie BOYER, Christophe BURGER, Sibylle FLOURET, Gilles JONEMANN, Aline KOKINOPOULOS, Emmanuel LACOSTE, Blandine LUCE, Isabelle di MARTINO, Marie-Josée MORATO, Galatée PESTRE, Christine RICHARD (stagiaire d’Aline K.), Atelier-Galerie SYMBIOSE (Perpignan), Vincent TORGUET (Collioure), Frédérique TRINCHESE,
ITALIE : Graziano BARZETTI, Maura BIAMONTI, Luisa BRUNI, Francesca GABRIELLI, Angelo LOMUSCIO, Elena MARTINELLI, Corrado de MEO, Stefano PALESTINI, Stefano PEDONESI, Maddalena ROCCO, GLIX Atelier Milano (= Paulie SCHWARTZ MONORCHIO), Federico VIANELLO 
« Sud » : I-Chun CHEN (Taiwan), Nadine ABDALLAH (Liban/FR), Maria APOSTOLOU (Grèce),
« Nord » :Beate KLOCKMANN (DE), Jacomijn Van Der DONK (NL), Heidemarie HERB (DE), Claire LAVENDHOMME (BE),Diana TIPOIA (CH), Paola BERNASCONI (CH), Tiffany ROWE (UK/CH), Frida SJÖGREN (SE)
USA : Jim COTTER, Joanna GOLLBERG, Kest SCHWARTZMAN (= ‘Vagabond Jewelry’), Thomasin DURGIN,


Ce qui  fait rêver, voyager, c’est la liste des lieux d’où proviennent les galets : galets très légers des plages de Normandie pour Edith Bellod,  galets de Cassis ou de Camargue pour Aline Kokinopoulos,  galets d’ardoise bretons pour Sibylle Flouret, galets du lac de Neûchatel (Suisse) pour Gilles Jonemann,  galets « Shiva lingam » de la rivière Narmada (Inde) pour Agathe Saint-Girons,  galets de Collioure (aaaaah !) pour les bijoux de Beate Klockmann ou de Vincent Torguet,   galet de Croatie pour Frédérique Trinchese, galets des plages de Maratea (Italie du sud) pour Angelo Lomuscio, plages italiennes encore pour Stefano Pedonesi et d’autres italiens, galets de l’Arkansas river  pour Thomasin Durgin (USA), ou du Colorado pour  Jim Cotter (USA) ……. et puis du « FAUX »,  comme les galets en céramique de la suisse Paula Bernasconi ou les galets-bonbons-de-réglisse  de l’autre suisse Tiffany Rowe (des Suisses qui font du « faux » ? bizarre bizarre ….) et même un pavé Parisien (c’est bien connu, « sous les pavés la plage… ») pour  Emmanuel Lacoste !

155438_1683618219205_1500099122_1636690_1219712_n dans Angelo LOMUSCIO (IT)
Gilles JONEMANN (FR)- son FAMEUX collier de galets !  galets du lac de Neuchâtel (CH)

75823_1658379148244_1500099122_1591198_4576794_n dans Anna DERYABINA (RU)
Joanna GOLLBERG (US) – peridots & river rock brooch (prong series) (1 péridot taillé, les autres « bruts » : une MERVEILLE !!)

73499_1652981533307_1500099122_1580591_3978318_n dans Beate KLOCKMANN (DE)
Paola Bernasconi (CH) – « moulages » de galets en céramique, au doux bruit de clochette …

76911_1648433779616_1500099122_1573074_5584306_n dans Blandine LUCE (FR)
Tiffany Rowe « Crea-tiff Bijoux » (UK/CH) – « Galuchat pebbles » -pendentifs- des « petits cailloux à croquer » ! :-)

71713_1621673710631_1500099122_1519417_166091_n dans Christine RICHARD (FR)
Yura Bylkov (RU) – ring – énorme ! somptueuse ! « sauvage » ! (voir aussi ses bijoux sur Flickr)

74166_1648104131375_1500099122_1572183_3149847_n dans Christophe BURGER (FR)
Claire Lavendhomme (BE) – bijou-galet de poche – « TOI & MOI  » – argent, or
celui-là a pile la taille du creux de la main, le léger creux où le pouce peut se poser/caresser … c’est un « délice pour patouilleur » !!! :-) )) – certains sont sonores …… (voir son blog)

74166_1648104211377_1500099122_1572185_6041598_n dans Claire LAVENDHOMME (BE)
… et lorsque vous voulez offrir une « sortie » à votre bijou-de-poche, Claire Lavendhomme propose le collier « porte-galet » …

72208_1631971608072_1500099122_1540745_2563465_n dans Contacto Directo (PT)
les « galets Russes » ….. Anna Deryabina (RU) rings

75392_1340181805007_1845031683_612345_1642669_n dans Corrado De MEO (IT)
les bagues « zébulon » de Julia Borzenko (RU)

148108_1674578193210_1500099122_1619511_7549431_n dans Diana TIPOIA (CH)
Aline Kokinopoulos (FR) – ‘Jardin zen’ – galets de Cassis,argent (VENDUE !)

76372_1634170543044_1500099122_1546447_5360397_n dans Edith BELLOD (FR)
Beate KLOCKMANN – petites b.o. – gold 14kt et galets de Collioure – délicieuses !

72588_1613539627284_1500099122_1504377_7770972_n dans Elena MARTINELLI (IT)
Pierre Barieraud (FR) – collier ‘Tempete de neige’ – obsidienne neige & cuir

40122_1602024739419_1500099122_1482964_7403081_n dans Emmanuel LACOSTE (FR)
Stefano PALESTINI (‘Ste Fano’) – ring/anello ‘Figli dello stesso mare’ – SUPERBE bague en argent, technique de la cire perdue (VENDUE !)

33647_1594943122383_1500099122_1467157_6616584_n dans Exposition/Exhibition
Blandine LUCE – bagues – bois, argent, galets

62475_1581200058815_1500099122_1439981_8151121_n dans Federico VIANELLO (IT)
Angelo LOMUSCIO (IT) – Maratea stones -2005  Anelli Sasso

45529_1537752332649_1500099122_1335524_5483380_n dans France (FR)
Jacomijn Van Der DONK (NL) – bagues galets – 2009

38549_1435083969688_1610614771_31024899_892892_n dans Francesca GABRIELLI (IT)
Nuria TORRENTE (ES) – ‘el lastre del consumismo’ 2008 – Vidrios de gafas con texto grabado, piedras, plata.
finaliste à ENJOIAT’ 2010, Barcelona
« “El lastre del consumismo” nace de la combinación entre el peso que nos genera la sociedad de consumo y un objeto realizado con material reciclado como es la huevera tradicional japonesa, hecha con caña de arroz.
En otras épocas, en otras culturas, no ha sido necesaria la palabra “reciclaje”. La reutilización de materiales y el uso responsable de los recursos formaban parte del sentido común humano. Los objetos llevaban en sí, de manera implícita, su perdurabilidad o su retorno a la naturaleza, de la cual provenían.
El consumismo salvaje en el que actualmente estamos inmersos nos genera la necesidad de crear términos y aplicar soluciones aparentemente modernas. »

44768_1537749492578_1500099122_1335503_3540955_n dans Frederique TRINCHESE (FR)
Edith Bellod – collier ‘Voltigeur’ galets, papier, fil de lin, argent – (VENDU !)

62463_1586294666177_1500099122_1448934_5210303_n dans Frida SJOGREN (SE)
Vladimir PADULLES (ES) ‘son de mar’ – codols (galets en catalan !) – bracelet – galets d’argent & or

62463_1586294706178_1500099122_1448935_2564415_n dans Gal. Symbiose (FR)
Galerie SYMBIOSE PerpignanThierry ARABIA – broches-pendentifs -galets, bois flotté, argent….

148108_1674578353214_1500099122_1619515_5594650_n dans Galatee PESTRE (FR)
Elena MARTINELLI - orecchini ‘sassolini’ – (VENDUES !)

41037_1551340832353_1500099122_1370857_5150218_n dans Gilles JONEMANN (FR)
Diana TIPOIA - bagues galets – galets, résine bio, poudre de métal

75741_1718581005715_1273952589_1948430_1031352_n dans GLIX Atelier Milano
Luisa Buni (IT) – anello ‘KLONDIKE’ – argento, sabbia, sassi, foglia d’oro, resina – (VENDUE !)

155377_1670853420093_1500099122_1612343_4041548_n dans Graziano BARZETTI (IT)
Sibylle Flouret- (actuellement à l’Ecole de bijouterie « Contacto Directo » Portugal) Galets d’ ardoise, et galet argent moulé/fondu à l’os de seiche (VENDU son  collier « cousin » !)

75709_1670634574622_1500099122_1611983_8054321_n dans Heidemarie HERB (DE)
Angela Baduel-Crispin – Faux Bone, Beach Pebble, Fine silver, brass ring

75304_1674603913853_1500099122_1619525_7041572_n dans I-Chun CHEN (Taiwan)
Christophe BURGER - collier «Galessence» – Galet, Câble Inox, Gaine thermorétractable (2010)(VENDU !)

75304_1674603993855_1500099122_1619527_4133495_n dans Isabelle DI MARTINO (FR)
Juan RIUSECH (ES/FR) – bague  – galet, argent blanchi, rubis

76942_1649741517230_1047720290_31794339_1399011_n dans Jacomijn van der DONK (NL)
Juan RIUSECH (ES/FR) – ses 3 bagues pour l’expo !  – galet, argent blanchi, rubis (VENDU celle de gauche !)

148108_1674578273212_1500099122_1619513_1815843_n dans Jim COTTER (US)
Corrado de MEO – the ‘pebbles people’… « by night » ! – Necklace Pebbles -Gold (satinized)- Steel Wire – ring ‘Love Me Pebble..Love Me Too’- pebbles & gold (satinized)

148569_1659730582029_1500099122_1593269_6516225_n dans Joanna GOLLBERG (US)
Lolita Tchelkina ( L.v. Tch) – collier « liseron » (détail) – perles de rocaille tchèques, grès rose de Dabo (Moselle) – pièce unique
FABULEUX colliers de Graziano Barzetti !!! bois flottés, argent, galets, coquillages …


ET …… UN PLUS !!!
« Le Pôle Bijou (à Baccarat) a organisé le concours “Mon caillou bijou” auprès des enfants de la région. Il s’agissait pour eux de chercher un caillou qui leur plaisait et d’imaginer et dessiner un bijou à partir de celui-ci. Le 23 octobre dernier, le jury a élu les dessins gagnants, respectivement dans les cycles CP, CE, CM : Léa Schwartz (école du Centre de Baccarat), Cindy Jacquel (école de Thiaville), Clémence Berné (école d’Azerailles). Jusqu’au 31 octobre, la galerie du Pôle Bijou expose tous les dessins du concours en libre accès. » (voir blog Les Notes-Précieuses)
……. les 24 dessins gagnants viennent à Collioure participer à l’exposition !

162921_1680971473038_1500099122_1631480_1349819_n dans Juan RIUSECH de HARO (ES)
Panneau des dessins des enfants



Portail de la Ville de COLLIOURE

156823_1693829754487_1500099122_1656047_1576341_n dans Julia BORZENKO (RU)
article dans le journal L’Indépendant – sam 11 Dec. 2010



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