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EXPO ‘Forever Plastic’ – Studio 20/17, Waterloo (AU) – 16 Oct.-3 Nov. 2012

Leanne Marshall and Hannah Carlyle : Forever Plastic

In a culture awash with disposable objects, is it possible for contemporary jewellery made from resin, a material often associated with mass-produced junk, to be considered ‘precious’ and be handed down through the generations?
Leanne Marshall and Hannah Carlyle explore these notions though their jewellery and showcase these ideas in their collaborative exhibition ‘Forever Plastic’. These artists are driven by challenging audience’s ideas about plastic jewellery, what it stands for and what it should look like. By combining resin forms with other materials and Sterling Silver; Hannah with semi-precious stones and Leanne with enamel, gem stones and cast organic silver forms, they elevate plastic jewellery into the realm of the artistic and precious.
Common to both artists is their love of colour and the processes of making resin – the pouring, layering of colour, and working the cured material to carve, sculpt and finish. Through experimentation these artists have developed different and specialised approaches to the material.
‘Forever Plastic’ will showcase new and original pieces of jewellery (earrings, neckpieces, rings and bracelets) from both Leanne Marshall and Hannah Carlyle.

Resin Earrings - Hannah Carlyle - look like "bonbons" ! :-)Hannah Carlyle – orange Resin Earrings

  Dark Crystal Garden brooch 3, Leanne Marshall 2012, 7.5 x 5.5cm, Resin, nickel silver, silver, steel, blue-green sapphire, cold enamel, Image by Kara Goodwin - Marshall – Dark Crystal Garden brooch 3,  2012 – Resin, nickel silver, silver, steel, blue-green sapphire, cold enamel, Image by Kara Goodwin

Hannah Carlyle - rooftop broochHannah Carlyle – rooftop brooch


Studio 20/17
Unit 6B, 2 Danks St
NSW 2017 – Waterloo
Telephone: 02 9698 7999
Fax: 02 9698 7999


EXPO ‘DOROTA KOS’ – Galeria MOJA FORMA, Gdansk (Poland) – 8-30 Sept. 2012

DOROTA KOS – EXHIBITION- jewelry and small sculpture forms
Dorota Kos jewelry - detailDorota KOS – « mentha » necklace 2012 – detail
Dorota Kos - "mentha"Dorota KOS   – « mentha » necklace 2012 – detail
Dorota Kos - "sorbety" broochesDorota KOS – « sorbety » brooches
Dorota Kos - necklace Golden Rectangle -  recycled synthetic materials,plastic,acryl  - 2012Dorota KOS - necklace Golden Rectangle -  recycled synthetic materials, plastic, acryl  – 2012
Dorota KOS - work in progress .....Dorota KOS – work in progress …..



Mariacka 46, Gdańsk, pomorskie 80-833, Poland
Gdansk (Poland)
listy@mojaforma.comTel.: (58) 305-62-06
Fax: (58) 305-62-06
Czas: 17.00 – 22.00


EXPO ‘Sam-Tho Duong: LemitcA’ – Galerie Ra, Amsterdam (NL) – 1er Sept.-17 Oct. 2012

 Sam-Tho Duong: LemitcA

We know Sam-Tho Duong from his silver brooches and necklaces, covered with countless sweet water pearls, thus creating a crystal-like skin. His new collection ‘LemitcA’ is the result of an exploration into the possibilities of recycled plastic yogurt bottles.
By cutting, punching and folding the material he creates various elements that ingeniously link together to form objects. Flexible, thus pliable, and wearable as a sumptuous collar.

Sam-Tho Duong  Necklace: LemitcA 2012  Recycled plastic yogurt bottlesSam-Tho Duong  Necklace: LemitcA 2012  Recycled plastic yogurt bottles







Galerie Ra
Nes 120
1012 KE – Amsterdam
Telephone: 020 6265100
Fax: 020 6204595


COUP de COEUR : Emiko OYE et ses parures FASTUEUSES !

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COUP de COEUR : Emiko OYE et ses parures FASTUEUSES ! dans COUP DE COEUR

« Cartier blanc » – Necklace from My First Royal Jewels Jewellery Collection. Repurposed LEGO necklace inspired by Cartier, Paris ruby, diamond and platinum necklace, 1922. emiko-o 2008

 dans Emiko OYE (US)

« The Duchess 2″ – Necklace from My First Royal Jewels Jewellery Collection. Repurposed LEGO necklace inspired by Cartier’s diamond, emerald and platinum necklace, and Harry Winston’s pendant, 1960. emiko-o 2008.

 dans necklaces



COUP de COEUR : SeulGi KWON, new works 2011

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Always so MAGICAL, so mysterious, so attractive !!

SeulGi KWON says :

« As root of subject matter of art, nature provided infinite possibility of creation and we created artworks based on continuous study and experience toward art from past to present. In the past, roots were selected within the scope that can be experienced visually but due to development of science technology even microscopic parts are used as subject matter of art. Together with development of natural science, visual images that were not experienced in the past were created and this helped us to cause new imagination to us. Based on these experiences, we are able to create organic form in a new viewpoint which is different from the past.
There are organisms that pursue changes while it complies to certain rule known as order and harmony within the nature. These organisms are consists of cells. Unit cells itself shows various change in forms at each stage during the course of creation, grow, division, and extinction. The course of change gives fantasy about unpredictable ‘organism’ and organic form itself of cells which are basic unit of life formation contain element of infinite fantasy.
By analyzing cell form and shape through basic element of model, we arranged shape trait of cell as line, form and color. We used it as basic shape measure and instead of reproduce it as itself we expressed 2nd dimensional image that can be considered from the subject.
We actively expressed organic movement of cell with its mysterious color and its constant changing form by using silicone which is synthetic resins as its major component, and made spectator and wearer to feel interest by texture and materiality and transparency of silicone. »

SeulGi KWON brooch 2011 -silicone, pigment, plastic, thread, stainless steel
SeulGi KWON  brooch 2011  silicone, pigment, plastic, thread, wood, stainless steel
SeulGi KWON  Untitled brooch – 2011 – silicone, pigment, glass bead, thread, stainless steel
SeulGi KWON  untitled  brooch – 2011 – silicone, pigment thread, plastic, glass bead, stainless steel

SeulGi KWON- Untitled  brooch – 2011  silicone, pigment sterling silver, thread, stone, glass bead, stainless steel

SeulGi KWON Untitled  brooch – 2011  silicone, sterling silver, thread, stone, stainless steel

SeulGi KWON Untitled – brooch – 2011 – silicone, pigment, plastic, thread, wood, stainless steel (detail)

SeulGi KWON Untitled  brooch – 2011 – silicone, pigment, thread, stainless steel

SeulGi KWON brooch 2009 – silicone, plastic, stainless steel

SeulGi KWON brooch 2009  silicone, plastic, thread, stainless steel


COUP de COEUR : Miriam ARENTZ – Silicone … valley

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Miriam ARENTZ : « I experiment with the altering of classic materials, styles and appearances to create objects that refer to familiar natural forms in an unfamiliar way.
By composing new shapes out of every day objects I want to draw the attention to the beauty that lies within the most simple things around us.
I get my inspiration by traveling and working in different, unfamiliar places. I look out for things that inspire me to create site-specific collections.
The pieces I make are like a reflection of my very personal and subjective impression of a place, its history, nature or culture. They are my very personal travel diary. Back home I continue working with these new and fresh impressions.

Collection 3: Klunkern (Klunkern: Erfurt dialect: to hang around,  german: tassel)
Miriam ARENTZ – necklace: Klunkern 2011 -Silicone, silver
Miriam ARENTZ – necklace: Klunkern 2011 -Silicone, silver (detail)
Miriam ARENTZ – necklace: Klunkern 2011 -Silicone, silver
Miriam ARENTZ – necklace: Klunkern 2011 -Silicone, silver (detail)
Miriam ARENTZ – necklace: Klunkern 2011 -Silicone, silver
Miriam ARENTZ – necklace: Klunkern 2011 -Silicone, silver (detail)


COUP de COEUR : Coco DUNMIRE – résines acidulées

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Coco Dunmire

« My body is the instrument which allows me to relate to physical space around me. Creating an object to be worn on the body influences my concept of reality as it changes the physical space around us; how we interact, with whom and in which way. And how we interact with the jewellery. This is why I make jewellery. 
I believe in one of a kind. Jewels like people are particular and unique. I create pieces that belong to larger families, but must eventually go out into the world on their own. My most recent body of work is called Modern Ruins. These pieces are constructed from Resin, Pigment, Iron, Fine Silver and 18k Yellow Gold. 
Curiosity rules our mind. My pieces take their form from a process based on deliberate chance. I employ pigment, resin, pure silver and iron to create dense lightness. Peeling open the waxed paper wrapping from a piece of resin is always surprising, like a memory I haven’t yet created. »
Coco DunmireNecklace – 2009 – Resin, Pigment, Silver 925, Shibuichi
Coco Dunmire‘A Lightness’ – Brooch- 2008 – Resin, Pigment, Silver 925, Iron, Steel
Coco DunmireBrooch – 2009 – Resin, Pigment, Steel, Silver 925
Coco Dunmireresin collection – Tomatoes & Asparagus -Necklace-  2008 – Resin, Pigment, Silver 925,%20walking.jpg
Coco DunmireI Heart You’ – Brooches – 2008 – Resin, Pigment, Garnet, Silver 925
Coco DunmireGreen House – Bracelet – 2008 – Resin, Pigment, Silver 925
Coco DunmireA Moment of Calm (to appease the inner nomad)’ – Necklace – 2009 -Resin, Iron, Shibuichi, Silver 925




EXPO ‘Plastic flowers don’t wilt’ – Beyond Fashion Gallery, Antwerpen (BE) – 12 Mai-25 Juin 2011

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Expo « Plastic flowers don’t wilt » by Christiane Kôhne

EXPO 'Plastic flowers don't wilt' - Beyond Fashion Gallery, Antwerpen (BE) - 12 Mai-25 Juin 2011 dans Belgique (BE) 203481_160044554059419_8205949_n

« The collection ‘plastic flowers don’t wilt’ bears a very personal reference and origins in the loss of a beloved one. The jewellery deals with the memories, the desires of this person, her preferences and death per se. But not like a wilted flower, the epitome to illustrate dying, plastic flowers are one of the basic materials and approaches.
Their half- value period is considerably longer and stands for the remembrance of a per
son that still exists after the death.
For me it’s not mourning jewellery in a classical way, it grows out of the altercation with the loss and the shock of your own foundation.
The pieces of jewellery communicate a certain sense of lightness , which is essential for living and the being itself .
The initial points for this collection are single personal facets of this deceased person and several compounds with her, such as a certain longing for glamour, the plastic flowers, which surrounded her and the edelweiß – for me as well a sign for continuance.
Yet the challenge of turning a per se cheap material into a piece of jewellery which is displaced from this inferiority, which develops it’s own value and leaves it’s original context is most thrilling for me.

siers6 dans Christiane KOEHNE (DE)
Christiane Kôhne – Brosche ‘rosa Blüten’ – Artificial flowers, steel, 925 silver, vintage strass.2010

2011-04-20 14:26:52
Christiane Kôhnebrooch – Artificial flowers, steel -2011

2010-12-13 12:12:26
Christiane KôhneBrosche ‘rosa Fischernetz’

2010-12-17 10:06:06
Christiane KôhneBrosche ‘p.b.’ – Artificial flowers, steel, vintage strass.2010.

2010-05-29 20:14:09

Christiane KôhneBrosche ‘Hommage an G.’Artificial flowers, steel, plastic.2010



Beyond Fashion is a gallery specialized in contemporary jewellery and products.
The gallery represents a selection of Belgian and international designers who are comitted to develop products that are one of a kind.



COUP de COEUR : Stephanie VOEGELE « skin adornment » – où la perle devient peau, ou vice-versa…..

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« Stephanie Voegele was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin  » déjà, pour moi, cette phrase est magique : naître à « EAU CLAIRE » !! c’est un signe ….. :-)

Skin Adornment

“[Skin] lacks definite boundaries, flowing continuously from the exposed surfaces of the body to its internal cavities.” ~ Ellen Lupton
« My current research investigates intersections between the human body and the adornment on its surface.
Seemingly similar in function, skin, jewelry and clothing both reveal even as they conceal, seduce, and repulse.
What we place upon our body becomes a part of our being, another external layer of our manipulation.
These layers are constantly transitioning between the external and internal. It is in this dichotomy where my interest lies.
This work merges of the grotesque and the elegant, using pearl as an indicator of purity, vanity, social class, and beauty.
By layering this traditional ornament in a contemporary material such as silicone rubber, the pearl necklace becomes
a part of the body — both beauty and imperfection, both skin and adornment.
While jewelry creates a second skin, garments also function as layers between our physical and perceived bodies.
Just as skin flows continuously over our contours, clothing becomes an extension of the body.
In this work, the edge both peels away and merges with the body, blurring what is natural & man-made.
Through juxtapositions between the beautiful & the repulsive, the perfect & the imperfect, this work creates
tension between our surfaces and ourselves. Through the observable layers that envelope on our bodies,
we exhibit visual indicators to others within our culture. The border between body and embellishment
thus becomes blurred and our skin becomes the adornment. »
Stephanie Voegele-
Peeling- Pearl Adornment: Silicone Rubber and Pigment. 2009
 Stephanie Voegele- Pearl Adornment: Silicone Rubber and Pigment  2009
Stephanie Voegele- Back Pearl Adornment: Silicone Rubber and Pigment. 2010
Stephanie Voegele- Single Strand:  Silicone Rubber, Pigment, Freshwater pearls, 14K Gold clasp., 2009
Stephanie Voegele- Lace Collar: Silicone Rubber, Pigment, Lace 2009



Sue GREGOR : « welcome leis » from UK !

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« Living in a city as I do, people might think I’d be hard-pressed to find inspiration for my leaf and floral jewellery – far from it. The plants and weeds which grow in the front gardens and wastelands, in hedges and along paths are a rich source of material. I see beauty all around me and the plants which have struggled to succeed in an urban environment give me inspiration on a personal level and for my jewellery.
I use a process I developed while studying for my MA – I call it ‘fossilized plastic’ -Each piece of jewellery uses the actual plant and even the veins of the leaf will show, thanks to the fine detail which is captured on the embossed surface. This means that each piece is unique and every piece is handcrafted. Choisya, box, vetch and sweetpeas have all appeared in the jewellery I make, whether in the floral cuffs, leaf pendants or earrings.
My work links the natural world with the manmade by marrying acrylic with the plants I have gathered, to produce beautiful and individual pieces. My work is a celebration of the marriage of the organic and inorganic, industrial and natural.


Necklace: Coral garland

00540-flower-garland-peach-pink dans Grande-Bretagne (UK)
Necklace: Flower garland peach pink -acrylic 50 cm long – 2010 – Mixture of plants and textiles

00680-DSC04555 dans organics
Sue Gregor – pendant: Hydrangea 2010 – Acrylic, silk, glass -Lime purple hydrangea flowers

00590-Sue-Gregor-bw-summer-2-string-72 dans plastiques
Sue Gregor - Necklace: Black and white garland 2010 -acrylic- sampler of plants and flowers

00700-N-10-8-purple-pink-gerainium-leaf-necklace-close-up dans SHOP
purple pink gerainium leaf necklace (close up)

and ……. incredible cuffs !

00360-0-10-1-blue-amdder-cuff dans Sue GREGOR (UK)

and and and …. you can shop all these marvels on her website ! :-)


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