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COUP de … ROUGE avec Paula Lindblom – recycling !!

Paula Lindblom recycling  ‘every day life’ material on kit&caboodle ! :-) )

COUP de ... ROUGE  avec Paula Lindblom - recycling !! dans COUP DE COEUR
Paula Lindblom – ‘Every day life’ brooch – plastic can, glass beads, nylon line, brooch needle

 dans Paula LINDBLOM (SE) dans plastiques
ring – every day life material – plastic can, glass beads, nylon line

 dans recup' / recycled
brooch- every day life material – plastic can, glass beads, porcelain animal, nylon line

 dans Suede (SE)
necklace- every day life material – plastic can, glass beads, nylon line


COUP de …. COULEUR avec Jillian Moore !!!

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son BLOG

Big Red Chunker Brooch – composite and epoxy resin, paint, nickel silver

COUP de .... COULEUR avec Jillian Moore  !!! dans COUP DE COEUR n538986849_1570145_913
‘Quicky ‘
bulbate succulum
Cordyceps (brooch) 2009

‘Ramus(brooch) 2008, composite and epoxy resin, paint, ink, nickel silver

n538986849_908270_9036 dans
‘clot’ brooch

n538986849_49787_633 dans Jillian MOORE (US)
‘man of war’ pendant

n538986849_1309712_6266 dans plastiques
‘Pomum Fuchsin 

n538986849_1839121_8248 dans Reflexion
« Epiphytic Capsularis, » (brooch) 2009

n538986849_2085637_4149526 dans SHOP
‘Nugget’ – « …..I think the color just looks so vivid because of the way neon colors/resin react inside the cloud dome. it doesn’t literally glow in person, but it is traffic cone orange »

n538986849_2085636_7853752 dans USA


« While attending this year’s SNAG Conference in Houston, a chronic nagging question was amplified. What, exactly, is it that I do ? In passing conversations I never seem to be able to explain it to any acceptable degree without endless digressive hurdles. In the simplest terms I set out with the word “jewelry” though even this is a personal conversational concession. The litany of descriptors we can now alter jewelry with can leave a person breathless – art jewelry, contemporary jewelry, sculptural jewelry to name a few. Casual conversations always include “no, I don’t make that kind of jewelry. And when I start using phrases like “abstract life forms” and “composite resin” people’s faces screw into frustration. When I’m feeling less motivated I just say “I make jewelry out of plastics . . . various plastics”. But it feels condescending both to whomever I’m speaking with, and what it is I like about my work. I’ve spent nine years and borrowed tens of thousands of dollars for two degrees – a BFA with the words “Metalsmithing and Jewelry Making” at the end and an MFA with the alternate “Jewelry and Metal Arts” attached. But I find none of this mixing and matching of terminology to be of any help when trying to actually articulate what it is I do with all of my time. »


Quelques découvertes TRES colorées, ou le règne du PLASTIQUE

Perspex, acrylic, plastics …. and LOT of pigments !

Quelques découvertes TRES colorées, ou le règne du PLASTIQUE dans Andrea TREGEAR (Peru) 17039_1336841503825_1314727608_30951594_5253727_n
Andrea Tregear (Peru)- acrylic necklace – 2009

17039_1336841543826_1314727608_30951595_7239639_n dans COUP DE COEUR
Andrea Tregear (Peru)- acrylic necklace

13531_165371432866_686917866_2702682_7030261_n dans Fie von KROGH (NO)
Henriette White (South Africa)- ‘Allu’Pex’ rings

16370_179042192866_686917866_2820120_7890035_n dans Francisca DUARTE (Chile)34056_408730642866_686917866_4313235_6433912_n dans Henriette WHITE (ZA)
Henriette White (South Africa)- ‘Allu’Pex’  Layered and riveted bangle
Henriette White (South Africa)- ‘Iris’ ring – Aluminium and perspex from series ‘My Little Garden ‘

n1127904086_30345068_3398712 dans Marieke de VOS (BE)
Fie von Krogh / BONO 2007  – HALSSMYKKE / NECKPIECE

n1289442916_30015313_1101 dans plastiques
Francisca Duarte - Xperimenta  (Chile) anillo acrilico rosado

n1289442916_30015309_8487 dans VIDEO
Francisca Duarte - Xperimenta  (Chile) anillo plata y acrilico 

23985_1392645259164_1323120882_1135855_8040688_n dans Willy Van De VELDE (BE)23985_1392645059159_1323120882_1135851_4811817_n
Willy Van De Velde (BE)

Marieke de Vos (BE) - Jewelry



Image de prévisualisation YouTube





EXPO ONLINE at JEWELLERY SCAPE -  PLASTICs  section dans Catherine SHEEDY (Qb) enter


‘PLASTICS’ gallery :  Margaux LANGE (US), Colleen BARAN (CA), Ruth MOORE (UK), Cynthia del GIUDICE (ARg.), Emily WATSON (US), Luisa BRUNI (IT), Francesca GABRIELLI (IT), Chryssa DAMIANIDOU (GR), Henriette WHITE (ZA), Manuela GANDINI (IT), etc etc etc ……

22074_320368941893_739666893_4588203_8360578_n dans Chryssa DAMIANIDOU (GR)
Ruth Moore (UK) – resin bangle – 2008 – Resin, pigment paste, sterling silver, plastic beads.

6922_1220847012251_1561208784_30577408_3442342_n dans Colleen BARAN (CA)
Cynthia Del Giudice  (Argentina) – fused plastic ring

10225_1261882188530_1273952589_785211_3273895_n dans Cynthia del GIUDICE (RA)
Luisa Bruni – ‘Plink’ rings – plexiglass, silver

26166_353059550215_625930215_4168601_800548_n dans Emily WATSON (US)
Emily Watson (US)- ‘bubble resonance4′ 2009 – corian, bowling ball plastic

25453_1320480624965_1619292128_827581_6012044_n dans Exposition/Exhibition26844_412434611258_644906258_5561841_5229967_n dans Francesca GABRIELLI (IT)
Francesca Gabrielli (IT) – STREET ART 2008 – girocollo
Colleen Baran (CA) – Elastic Ring 2 – 2010 – found rubber band, thread

24899_377261898284_702238284_3868505_7006519_n dans Henriette WHITE (ZA)
Alessandra Lorini - « Svruss » -pvc pipes for scoubidou – copper wire

24323_1331525341708_1638259298_816687_491476_n dans Luisa BRUNI (IT)
Chryssa Damianidou (GR) – ‘snow queen’ 2010 chain,crystals

27290_10150107081945084_796615083_11407082_3944761_n dans Manuela GANDINI/Manuganda (IT)
María Eugenia Pretto (Uruguay) – ‘Nube’  2010 – Metallic mesh & Fishing line

13531_165371312866_686917866_2702671_4367244_n dans Margaux LANGE (US)13531_165371367866_686917866_2702675_4530196_n dans Maria Eugenia PRETTO (Uruguay)
Henriette White  (South Africa) – layers of lime – perspex, aluminium (left)

35197_1502801926032_1113733022_31505159_657211_n dans plastiques
Manuela Gandini  – BOLD! bangle – 2010- anallergic recyclable rubber

EXPO JewelleryScape- PLASTICs- Catherine SHEEDY - silver, pvc, rubber
Catherine SHEEDY (Quebec) – silver, pvc, rubber neckpiece



COUP de COEUR pour une … BAGUE !

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YES ! This is a RING !!!

COUP de COEUR pour une ... BAGUE ! dans Carrie BILBO (US) 29238_108484569195621_107919935918751_70192_2902319_n
Carrie Bilbo Art Jewelry – Paper or Plastic



COUP de …. COULEUR, encore une fois, avec Denise Julia Reytan

Berlin based Jewelry designer Denise Julia Reytan creates eco-friendly pieces using unusual materials including silicone and rubber, recycled objects as well as other day to day bits and pieces

voir ses photos sur Flickr

« Exciting materials, bright colours, sensual materiality and extraordinary forms deeply fascinates me.
This fascination is the basis, the essential mix, upon which my jewellery is growing.
For me, my works are like poems on the body, a poetry in objects. Colours and shapes forming sentences and signs, playing and communicating together and merging into new formations.
Through the effect of colours, materials and shapes, an independent, artificial and self-explanatory image
should develop and turn the wearer into a breathtaking painting.
Furthermore, my necklaces are about the unconditional beauty of colours, shapes, materials and about decorative equality. My necklaces are made of materials which fascinate me, of objects from everyday life, consumption and the environment, which represents me, my culture and the time I am living in.
I am working in different directions and searching for ways to combine diverse disciplines like painting, installation, fashion, graphic and jewellery into something new. That helps me to reflect « authentic me » and the culture I´m living in.
The restrictions of conventional jewellery form the background against which I develop my own, individual language of form, trying to find a new definition of jewellery as well as a new place for it in today’s society.
Moreover, I am questioning the boundaries between precious and non-precious. I am interested in the transformation of precious into non-precious and of non-precious into preciousness. But the question also is one about the ideal and intrinsic value of objects and their importance. For me jewellery is an inner expression, individual statement and an identification of the own personality.  » (Denise Julia Reytan)

I gioielli di Denise Julia Reytan

denise julia reytan jewelrydenise julia reytan jewelry

JOYllery - « This jewellery has no fixed form, but is expandable with own jewellery, like chains, stone or pearl necklaces, pendants, rings or any other kind of beloved objects. This makes it very playful and open for everybodies own ideas. »

I gioielli di Denise Julia Reytan

« EINTR8″ necklaces

« EINTR8 Jewellery is about confrontation with value terms, about the unconditional beauty of colours, shapes, materials and about decorative equality.
My jewellery is made of materials which fascinates me, of objects from everyday life, consumption and the environment, which represents me, my culture and the time I am living in. EINTR8 Jewellery is combining and new interpretating modern and traditional characteristics, shape languages, materials, techniques, designs and statements in the world today.

I gioielli di Denise Julia Reytan

Momentaufnahme_9 par DENISE JULIA REYTAN
« Snapshots »

« The fixation of the pieces of jewellery and other objects of peronal value I have collected by way of the rather unconventional technique of silicone casting, is a snap-shot of my time and the culture I am part of, the culture of an often unreflected consumers’ society, in which objects become easily disposable. With jewellery not the material but the ideal value should come to the fore, so that the personality of everyone can get expressed, shaped and reflected. The idea of democratic jewellery and of sharing my messages and my collected and unique objects is important for me. That´s also a reason why I choose the silicone casting method. There is a strong contrast between the material of non-precious silicone, the cast precious jewellery pieces and a very personal content. By changing the original materiality of the used objects into silicone or resin, a new harmony of material, colour is created, a novel entity. «


blog ‘‘  et ‘


COUP de COEUR ! Horse Hair Jewellery by Chilean Designers

Joyeux, coloré, ludique ! :-)

COUP de COEUR ! Horse Hair Jewellery by Chilean Designers dans Amerique Latine manos+2+livPZ0_0064comunidad+plaza+2+liv dans COUP DE COEUR
Artesanas RARI (Rari is a small, pre-mountainous town 305 Km. South of Santiago in Chile)

« CUENCO is an aesthetic concept under which we develop and produce accessories based on the handcrafted tradition in Rari’s horse hair weaving, in Chile.
Our creations differ from the traditional forms of this type of crafts (figurative motives) being outlined for its innovation, plastic sensibility and for presenting a change of the handcrafted tradition with contemporary design of abstract lines. It is necessary to mention that the creations of CUENCO have received the “Recognition of excellence UNESCO for the handcrafted products « ; worldwide distinction for quality creations in manufacture and innovation where our work turns out to be formulated from a look that values the tradition and the most experimental aesthetic experience.
At present we are dedicated to develop a line of complements of major scale and complexity . In these new creations we will put an accent in the innovation in size, materiality (the silver is in use only in the hooks) and the abstract lines of our designs, with clear architectural references.
 » (Paula Leal)

 dans DamaJUANA (Chili) dans fibres / thread
Paula Leal- Lunas Brooch – Horse hair and vegetable fibers
Paula Leal- Germina Brooch – Horse Hair, vegetable fibers dyed with natural pigments. Silver

 dans Monoco (Chili)
Paula Leal- Broche Discos – Horse hair and vegetable fibers discs and sphere

 dans Paula LEAL (Chili)
Paula Leal- ‘Enredadera’- Horse Hair Figures and wire

 dans plastiques
Paula Leal- Black & White Necklace – Horse Hair, vegetable fibers -Inspired in machihembrados balloons, used in traditional Works

 dans www KitandCaboodle
Paula Leal- ‘Aros Sonidos’ – Horse Hair, vegetable fibres, silver – Inspired in the “globo machihembrado”, technique, horse hair semi-spheres bunited

« Concept: Paula Leal is a designer, artist and architect. She studied at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica of Valparaiso in Chile. She has been involved in a different kind of architectural projects. During her professional career she has implicated herself into graphical design and furniture design, supporting always a strong interest in the experimentation of different techniques applied to diverse decorative objects. During the year 2007, Paula was seduced by the delicacy and color of the crafts weaved in the Rari’s horse hair technique. Then she meets Mrs. Alba Sepúlveda, artisan born in Rari, living now in Santiago, with more than 40 years dedicated with love and enthusiasm to the labor of the horse hair weaving. Between them, there arises a creative dialog which materializes in diverse works of more experimental and abstract character. In spite of possessing different aesthetic looks, both embark themselves in the production of a line of pieces of decorative contemporary accessories, which reveal and value the great versatility of this technique. In these small works, the feminine internal world continues to be expressed with the same delicacy, laboriousness, color and love that are found in the most traditional works, but with motives that speak to us from an urban environment and crossed by the look of Paula Leal’s profession: architecture.
DesignerPaula Leal 
ArtisansMarcela Sepúlveda, Oriana Palma, Nancy Cortínez, Genoveva Soto, Edith Oñate, María Zúñiga, María Cifuentes, Maestra Madre Association and Panimávida Craft Centre.
Technique: horsehair, silver. »

découvert sur « Kit&caboodle« 
ET PLUS encore sur « CHILEmakers » :

red disc ring – Horsehair and silver – Designed by Monoco (Mónica Pérez)

Designer: Mónica Pérez
Concept: The originality of these pieces of jewellery is based on the unique way in which they are woven.  Horsehair, silver and copper threads are braided together to give life to these playful and vibrant objects.
Artisans: Inés Carter  and Nancy Alcántara
Technique: horsehair, silver, copper.

Mapuche discs necklace – Horsehair and silver – Designed by Damajuana (Trinidad Lira & Juan Pablo Nazar)WOW !! :-)

Black and white tube bracelet – Horsehair and silver – Designed by Damajuana

Designers: Trinidad Lira & Juan Pablo Nazar
Concept: Each piece is inspired by the traditional Mapuche (indigenous Chilean people) iconography. They combine ancestral crafts with contemporary shapes and techniques creating formally sophisticated pieces of jewellery.
Artisans: Sara Toro from Maestra Madre Association and Hilda Díaz.
Technique: horsehair, silver.


EXHIBITION / EXPO 19-31 Juill 2010 at 1.11 Kingly Court, Carnaby,  London, W1B 5PW  :

voir article:  EXPO/POP-UP SHOP ‘Micro-techniques’ – London (UK) – 19-31 juill 2010



EXPO/POP-UP SHOP ‘Micro-techniques’ – London (UK) – 19-31 juill 2010

Horse Hair Jewellery by Chilean Designers


EXPO/POP-UP SHOP 'Micro-techniques' - London (UK) - 19-31 juill 2010 dans Amerique Latine

Join us in our POP-UP SHOP at CARNABY from 19-31 July !


19 – 31 July 2010 Open daily, 11am-7pm

Come along and visit our pop-up shop in Carnaby Street and discover beautiful jewellery made with the micro technique of weaving with horsehair produced by Chilean designer-makers.

Designer-makers: Acllahuasi | DamaJuana | Daniela Gloger | Manuela Tromben | Monoco | Paula Leal | Rosalía Jorquera | Walka

Accompanying events:

WORKSHOPS: Try your hand in our workshops and learn the basis of weaving with horsehair. Saturday 24 & 31 July, 11:00am-1:00pm, £10, all materials included. Book your place at (limited availability).

LATE TALK: Enjoy a fascinating conversation along with basketmaker Mary Butcher (artist in residence at V&A) about the origins of weaving with horsehair and how it relates to basketery. Thursday 22 July, 7-9pm. Book your place at (limited availability).


Where? 1.11 Kingly Court, Carnaby,  London, W1B 5PW 


EXPO ‘TRANSMUTATIONS/MATERIAL REBORN’ – Gallery Loupe (USA) – 22 Juin-16 Juil. 2010

This exhibition represents the extraordinary work being produced today by artists who use plastics as a foundational element in their pieces.  These are pieces that span the realms of the sublime and the humorous.  Whether meant for everyday adornment or making a specific statement, for telling a story or giving straightforward aesthetic pleasure, this exhibition demonstrates the vast range of possibilities that plastic affords.

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

TRANSMUTATIONS/MATERIAL REBORN is curated by Susan Kasson Sloan who recently jurored Lark Book’s « 500 Plastic Jewelry Designs – A Groundbreaking Survey of a Modern Material. »  Kasson Sloan teaches at the 92nd Street Y in NYC.

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Contemporary Art Jewelry by


Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Contemporary Art Jewelry by


Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Contemporary Art Jewelry by




voir aussi article :  EXPO ‘Transmutations : Material Reborn’ – Facèré Gallery, Seattle (USA) 5-24 MAY 2010


bijoux de France, bijoux « bonbec » en résine

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bijoux de France, bijoux

« Elles sont faites à la main à Chantenay. Dans la boutique du Museum of modern art de la Grosse pomme, les bijoux des Pingouins racontent un peu de Nantes.
On en mangerait ! Couleurs acidulées, formes tendres, toucher velouté, ces bijoux ressemblent à des bonbecs. Bracelets, bagues, pendentifs, broches naissent dans l’atelier des Pingouins à Chantenay.

Blandine Berthelot et Matthieu Rébillard sont deux Pingouins créateurs de bijoux made in Chantenay.< /> » width= »377″ height= »249″ /></p>
<p><font size=Créée en 2004, la petite entreprise de Blandine Berthelot et Matthieu Rébillard ne connaît pas la crise. « Nous en vivons tous les deux mais on ne roule pas sur l’or pour autant ! », sourit Blandine, ancienne étudiante en design. Leurs créations épurées, accessibles, habillent aussi bien les élégantes des bords de Loire que celles d’Anvers, Tokyo ou San Francisco. « La boutique du Moma à New York est un de nos meilleurs clients. » Un bon filon, ces échoppes de centres d’art contemporain que le duo voudrait développer, à travers notamment sa participation aux grands salons européens.
Tout part de cette résine polyester, achetée liquide et translucide en fûts de 220 kg. « Lors de son dernier stage, Matthieu a travaillé la résine. À l’époque, j’étais très branchée bijoux, je planchais sur la couleur, je me suis dit que la résine offrait d’énormes possibilités. » Brillante, mat, translucide, cette matière permet de jouer à l’infini sur les textures. Dans leur atelier, près des chantiers de l’Esclain, la résine passe entre les bras de machines très spécialisées. Moulée, durcie, poncée, elle devient parure multicolore. « Moins dure que le verre, elle se raye plus facilement mais est moins cassante. » Dans leur collection cohabitent des modèles d’origine plébiscités, accessibles (entre 20 et 30 €), et des produits « sur lesquels on se lâche un peu plus en création », plus chers, comme les colliers Paula.
En septembre, le nouveau site internet des Pingouins permettra la vente en ligne. D’ici là, rendez-vous avec Blandine et Mathieu à la boutique du musée des Beaux-arts de Nantes à la fin du mois. » (Magali GRANDET –

paula_01_BD dans Les Pingouins (FR)paula_03_BD dans plastiquespaula_06_BDpaula_07_BDpaula_08_BD7935_134178301171_134159431171_2660435_6408658_n
gamme ‘polair’ 


Les Pingouins, vente directe à l’atelier, du lundi au vendredi, 23, boulevard de Chantenay. Téléphoner avant au 02 40 58 60 23. Collection des Pingouins à voir sur :


23 boulevard de Chantenay
44100 NANTES


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