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Thea Tolsma

last exhibition : Object Rotterdam - For the twelfth edition of Art Rotterdam, from 10 to 13 February 2011, the stunning departure hall of the Holland America Line in Rotterdam, The Netherlands will again be the set for the international art fair to discover emerging talent.
At this international fair for autonomous design, twenty galleries from The Netherlands and abroad, will present unique or limited edition objects in the field of current design, crafts and jewelry.
among the 2011 Participants : Gallery Eewal Rotterdam, who presents Thea Tolsma  (Czaar Peterstraat 153 hs, 1018 PH Amsterdam, 020-3316759/06-53614954)


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Thea Tolsma
- Figure of 8 ‘plain 1 S’  2002   rubber  

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Thea Tolsma- Wave (uit de Shadow-collectie)   2005   rubber, bladgoud

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Thea Tolsma-Dona Isabella  2004  ø 35 cm  rubber 

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COUP de COEUR : Carrie Mae ROSE … à COUPER….le souffle !

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avec ce nom si doux de ROSE, des bijoux si ….. coupants, cinglants, menaçants ! « razor collars« , « confiscated weapons » …. lorsqu’on voit « elemental angels » on se dit ouf « sauvé » …. eh bien non ! des ailes d’anges….. faites de ciseaux ! de quoi …. fendre l’air, assurément ! :-)


« My wearable weapons, archetypal armor and interactive costumes awaken the power of vulnerability.
Devastating beauty that could kill. These items push the boundary of fashion to the absolute limit.

The tension between the depth of total annihilation and the heights of revelation sky. I make work with electricity, plasma, open source software, confiscated weapons, and razor blades. Integrating sacred geometry, alchemy, symmetry, ritual play and tribal mysticism.
My mission is to challenge people to feel ecstatic freedom when they embrace and surrender into the beauty of their fragility. My art explores meditation, death and beauty. »


« Mixing beauty and danger, the works of Carrie Mae Rose are a convergence of fine art, fashion, technology and performance. Rose is a sculptor and interactive installation artist. She builds sculptures and wearable objects out of scissors confiscated from airport security, recycled razorblades, plastic zip ties and cement. These re-purposed objects are striking transformations of the personal belongings of others.
Carrie Mae Rose’s varied artistic background includes Butoh, interactive technologies, stilt walking, jewelry making and costume design. She received her B.A. in Sculpture & Textiles from Prescott College in Arizona, where she exhibited extensively before coming east. She then received an M.F.A. in Design & Technology from Parsons, The New School for Design in New York City. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York« .  (EXPO « Piece of Mind »)


« project investigates how protection manifests in our current cultural epoch – sculptures and a large-scale installations are constructed with hundreds of scissors recycled from confiscated airport security procedures – recycled TSA scissors purchased from excess confiscation items from airport security lines – scissors, cement, zip ties, and staples – 3D scissors drawings in SolidWorks - read MFA Thesis – CWOMC (69 page pdf)  »

COUP de COEUR  : Carrie Mae ROSE ...  à COUPER....le souffle ! dans Carrie Mae ROSE (US) rose1
Carrie Mae Rose- Breast Plate, 2011 – black zip ties and confiscated metal scissors

10_dscn4730sharp dans COUP DE COEUR
Carrie Mae Rose-   sculpture ou bijou ?

28_fbrooftop dans recup' / recycled
Carrie Mae Rose-« elemental angels » – wearable wings made with confiscated scissors from airport security



RAZOR COLLARS : wearable and sculptural mandalas built with recycled razor blades and zip ties. photo collaboration with Jonathan Kopp

Carrie Mae Rose-  razor collars

39_carriemaerosecollar700 dans USA
Carrie Mae Rose- razor collar

Carrie Mae Rose- razor collar -          c’est BEAU à COUPER …. le souffle !


devastatingly beautiful. couture collars and bracelets built with scissors, zip ties and agave leave



Comment se faire un FILM ………. sans faire tout un cinéma !

………….. et sans devoir aller forcément à CANNES !! ;-)


écharpes en pellicule photographique de la Suisse Verena Sieber Fuchs au Musée des Arts Deco (Paris) :

Verena SIEBER-FUCHS- Collier 1997- pellicules photo
Verena Sieber-Fuchs- Collier 1997- pellicules photo

Verena Sieber-Fuchs - Zürich, 1997  Collier [Am rande des Films] - Pellicule de photo, fil métallique crochetéVerena Sieber-FuchsCollier [Am rande des Films]  1997

"Dans la ligne de mire" - Musée des Arts Deco, Paris  (necklace by Geraldine Luttenbacher - ) Geraldine Luttenbacher -   Musée des Arts Deco, Paris  

recycled film canisters
Jaimie MacDonald (UK) film necklaces

Plastic Film Canisters Gone Mad!! : Jeweller Jaimie MacDonald from Strathpeffer in Ross-shire, Scotland creates jewelery that she has named “lay of the land” created from recycled plastic film cartons. Jaimie’s talent brings out the beauty from discarded objects and in so doing makes the statement that increasing awareness through design can be one small step in changing this big wide world. Her materials are predominantly recycled black and white plastic film containers which she then reworks to have new life in a completely different context through cutting, texturing and forming.
Jaimie MacDonald (UK) -those plastic film cannisters live on. they’re reincarnated as these striking ‘wave goodbye’ rings
Jaimie MacDonald (UK) Dappled Wash ring

Jaimie MacDonald - Wave ring -     Plastic Film Containers and white metalJaimie MacDonald « Wave Ring » plastic film container  & metal





Comment se faire un FILM .......... sans faire tout un cinéma ! dans Frederique TRINCHESE (FR) 515T-q9GBCL._SS500_

Jewellery from Recycled Materials - Jaimie MacDonald - A & C Black Publishers Ltd 2009 – 112pp.


Silvia Beccaria -"lollobrigida"Silvia Beccaria – gorgiera « lollobrigida »

Silvia Beccaria - gorgiera - "lollobrigida"  (detail) Beccaria – gorgiera – « lollobrigida »  (detail)   

 dans Geraldine LUTTENBACHER (FR)
Marchi Wierson – video tape necklace- crocheted !!

 dans Jaimie MacDONALD (UK)
Marchi Wierson – knit video tape

 dans Julia BARELLO (US)
Marchi Wierson-  video tape bracelet

Frédérique Trinchese -  L'Usure - Papier, radiographie, argent et fil de nylonFrédérique Trinchese – Radiographies – Papier, radiographies, argent et fils de nylon

Frédérique Trinchese - L'Usure - Papier, radiographie, argent et fil de nylonFrédérique Trinchese – Radiographies – or, argent et radiographie

X-JuliaBarello dans Marchi WIERSON (US)
Julia Barello -X is for X-ray ‘Flowers of Rhetoric: Mimesis’ Necklace – dyed, recycled X-ray & MRI films

2011791412 dans recup' / recycled
Julia BarelloNecklace, dyed X-ray film, monofilament.



Decouverte : Sally COLLINS « frilly things »


« … avid champion of ‘Make Do and Mend’ culture Sally Collins creates her pieces from second-hand fabrics such as crochet and lace, heat treated copper and gold-plated elements to create compositions of layered pattern, colour and form. With a playful emphasis on excess detailing and frills Sally’s sometimes eccentric designs add to the charm of her work making her a much loved designer. Of her work Sally says: “My concern is not only with the ecological benefits of re-using and re-inventing something old, discarded or forgotten, but with the beauty of the history of an object when it has been passed down through a family or transformed into something else for another purpose.” » (Amelia’s Magazine)


« Working from my beautiful little workshop nestled at the bottom of my garden in the West Midlands,  I create colourful and tactile jewellery pieces from a combination of precious and non- precious metals and recycled textile elements.
Not only exploring issues of recycling and sustainabilty, my work considers issues of ornamentation and the concept of the ‘superfrilly’; the emphasis is on excess detailing and frills, taking pleasure in unusual or abundant combinations of fabric and texture. Every piece is meticulously handmade and completely unique.
 I also work as a  lecturer on the BA (hons) degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing at Birmingham’s School of Jewellery. »

« My collection ‘Make Do And Mend’, is a range of earrings, rings, brooches, neckpieces and bodypieces inspired by a domestic approach to recycling and sustainabilty. I combine sewing, knitting and crochet with traditional jewellery making skills to create tactile and colourful pieces of contemporary jewellery.
Hand pierced elements in sterling silver, gold- plated sterling silver or copper and patinated metals are layered with recycled pieces of fabric, reknitted unravelled jumpers and frilly clusters of crochet.
‘Make Do And Mend’ comprises of a range of large ‘statement’ body pieces and brooches designed more for exhibition purposes, alongside a more wearable and accessible range of brooches, necklaces and earrings.  »

 Sally COLLINS – ‘Hybrid 3′ body piece

Sally COLLINScollection ‘Make Do And Mend’, small scale brooches
Sally COLLINScollection ‘Make Do And Mend’ – ‘Florry’ necklace
Sally COLLINScollection ‘Make Do And Mend’ – ‘Doily’ necklace
Sally COLLINSSilver ‘Reknitted’ (large scale) brooch



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Mayra ORAMA MUNIZ (& Erica Millner), discovered at  the Smithsonian Craft Show 2011

Recycling rough materials into miniature sculptures meant to be worn, Mio Studio crafts new life from exotic hardwoods and metals. Artists Mayra Orama Muñiz and Erica Millner hand carve and sand each piece from start to finish, using their years of experience to meld remnants together into clean, modern designs


Shaping exotic hardwoods as an expression of life in organic moving forms, Mayra Orama Muñiz has created a line of jewelry that reflects her New York City upbringing and the more recent influences of living in Puerto Rico for five years. The many landscapes of her life – from the modern industrial city to the tropical rain forests in Puerto Rico – have become an inspiration to her.
The miniature sculptures Muñiz creates are a melding of richly textured woods and cool metals. She creates forms that hint at the natural flowing beauty of the lush green mountains of Utuado and the pristine white sand beaches of Vega Baja. An admirer of Henry Moore, she is also influenced by Asian art and is drawn to creating balance and movement in her work. Muñiz is self taught and wishes to remain so.

BLACK is BEAUTIFUL - Mayra ORAMA MUNIZ  dans bois / wood 1a2b3473
Mayra ORAMA MUNIZBetty necklace – carved ebony wood – diamonds set in white gold tube settings

Mayra ORAMA MUNIZSun ray bracelet – ebony & aluminium

347675c3 dans COUP DE COEUR
Mayra ORAMA MUNIZWhim bracelet -  ebony & aluminium



Decouverte : Nanna Melland – all around, and inside, the body

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Nanna Melland

« Comme je le vois, la ligne est mince entre attraction et répulsion. Cela peut rapidement se changer en dégoût. Tout comme le corps est à la fois beau et attrayant, il est aussi odieux et redoutable dans sa constante évolution et sa décadence. Comme l’amour entre les personnes balance entre la joie céleste et de plaisir, mais aussi la douleur«
Nanna Melland- Heart Charm (2000)

People who personally have been close to death, always impress me with their appreciation of life. As if they know that it does not last forever, in contrast to many of us, who seem tolive as if death is never going to happen.Nanna Melland (Rickson blog)
Nanna Melland-« 687 Years » is about birth control methods – made of used IUD’s from hundreds of women. (2006-2008)

Decouverte : Nanna Melland - all around, and inside, the body dans Nanna MELLAND (NO) anm_melland_dverkprisen
Nanna Melland- “687 Years” Copper, Iron, Iud  2006-08 Work owned by Nordenfjelske Fine Art Museum 

18-2 dans Norvege (NO)
Nanna Melland-, Ave Maria, 2008 – Bronse, jern

NanaMelland dans organics
Nanna Melland- Fragment of Life, 2004 (photo Otto Kunzli)

melland_08 dans recup' / recycled
Matters of the heart - at « With Heart » exhibition (2008, Iron Inc. gallery Copenhague)


BLACK is BEAUTIFUL – Kathleen NOWAK TUCCI rubber jewelry

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Kathleen NOWAK TUCCI  (discovered at The Smithsonian Craft Show 2011) :
« I have always made my work in components- smaller parts of a whole work. With my rubber jewelry, it may be long triangular pieces, that I call shreds, that eventually are assembled to create to become a necklace. Strips of inner tubes wait to be connected together along with other shapes, circles triangles or flowers . I like to have many parts pre-cut out ready for whatever combination strikes my fancy.
I have always liked C and S curves juxtaposed against geometric shapes such as squares, circles and triangles. I feel a strongly influenced by art-deco furniture, architecture and fashion.
Working with the raw material of recycled rubber allows me to make dramatic pieces with very little weight. »


BLACK is BEAUTIFUL - Kathleen NOWAK TUCCI rubber jewelry dans COUP DE COEUR rubber_jewelry

tucci-photo-1 dans Kathleen NOWAK TUCCI (US)
Kay necklace – recycled rubber

tucci-photo-2 dans plastiques
Kathleen NOWAK TUCCIEleanore necklace – recycled rubber, metal findings
Kathleen NOWAK TUCCIEleanore necklace

tucci-photo-3 dans recup' / recycled
Kathleen NOWAK TUCCIAgatha necklace – repurposed rubber

tucci-photo-4 dans SHOP
Kathleen NOWAK TUCCILizzy necklace & bracelet – recycled rubber


pssssit ! you can SHOP it on her website ! :-)


Emiko OYE last work – 2011 Odyssée de l’Espace ……… !

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reware jewelry by emiko-oye
Reinventing jewelry for the body.
Ready-to-wear statements.
One-of-a-kind, Urban Jewelry made from
new & used LEGO®, precious metals
& gem stones, plastics, and recycled materials.
For a Forward-Conscious Now.

Emiko OYE last work - 2011 Odyssée de l'Espace ......... ! dans COUP DE COEUR
Emiko Oye« dawning II » neckpiece – 2011 – repurposed LEGO, Connectix, recycled electronic wire, paint, fine and sterling silver – Inspired by Louise Nevelson’s « Dawn’s Wedding Feast » recycled wood installation, 1959

 dans Emiko OYE (US)

 dans plastiques
Emiko Oye« dawning II » neckpiece – detail


COUP de COEUR ! Jennifer TRASK

avec Jennifer TRASK  j’ai eu l’impression d’entrer dans le domaine des elfes et des trolls, sur fond de musique de Björk ……..

Represented at SOFA NEW YORK by Ornamentum, Hudson, NY
Jennifer TRASK has an M.F.A. in metalsmithing from the State University of New York at New Paltz. Inspired by man’s effect on nature, Trask uses salvageable materials like pre-ban ivory, antlers, gold and palladium to create fantastical botanical arrangements. Trask says her “recycled materials address the uncomfortable distance we have created from nature itself. The references are specific, biological and metaphoric…Beauty is great, but I’m more interested in getting people to look at the unusual.” Jennifer Trask will also be a speaker in the SOFA NEW YORK 2011 Lecture Series.
Jennifer Trask’s  Calciflora (Agavacea) brooch ‘Corona’ – 18K gold, palladium gold, bone, teeth (deer), sapphires, rainbow moonstones -
‘Unnatural Histories’ series, Flourish (2008), begins with the following definitions of the word flourish:
1. To grow well or luxuriantly; thrive
2. To do or fare well; prosper
3. To be in a period of highest productivity; excellence or influence.
4. To make bold or sweeping movements
Jennifer TraskOlana Brooch – Found ivory, rose & yellow gold, rose cut diamonds (« Unnatural Histories », 2007)

Jennifer TRASK – « Germinate » neckpiece created out of an assortment of found materials (often in the woods behind her home in upstate New York) : deer antlers, cow and ox bones, pigeon skull, teeth from a nutria (beaver-like animal), pre-ban ivory, plastic, steel, brass and five tiny hidden diamonds – at SOFA N.Y. 2010 (Ornamentum Gallery)


« What inspired you to make this piece?
I’ve been working on it along with the large wall installation (below) for the Dead or Alive exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD Museum, 2010). Naturally, the work has been mingling and some of these are fragments from the larger piece. The ornament and growth are directional, circular if you look carefully at the neckpiece. The recycled materials also address the uncomfortable distance we have created from nature itself. The references are specific, biological and metaphoric.
Why bone?
I wanted to work with something elemental and bone serves three purposes: the concept, it relates on a visceral level to the body, and is easily sourced as remnants from hunting, or as found material.
How long did it take you to make?
It’s hard to say how long a single piece takes since I work on several projects at once and there is an organic evolution to the process. I gather materials and arrange them, and then rearrange endlessly, sometimes, until there is a natural flow to the design. When you start looking at growth patterns there are curious overlaps—nerve cells and capillaries to the way plants branch and vines twist, and so on.  » (interview on Wmagazine, « Treasure Hunt »)

COUP de COEUR !  Jennifer TRASK dans COUP DE COEUR Feb28_ornamentum_jennifer-trask_DSC_0137
Jennifer TRASK – Acanthus Neckpiece – antler, 17th century gilded frame, gold leaf, gold- 16 x 12 x 3″ – 2010

Necklace by Jennifer Trask par Dmitri Belyi
Jennifer TRASK – Acanthus Neckpiece (Photo by Dmitri Belyl) dans Gal. Ornamentum (US)
Jennifer TRASK - ‘Allegory’ Neckpiece (& detail)- Found & altered bone fragments, including antlers, deer jaw, jewelry, pre-ban ivory fragments, silver, 18K gold -2009 (« Embodiment series », 2009)

 dans Jennifer TRASK (US)
Jennifer TRASK - ‘Allegory’ Neckpiece (detail)

 dans MAD Museum (US)
Jennifer TRASK -Queen Anne’s Lace’ Brooch – Bone, sewing needles, silver rubies, resin- 2010

 dans organics
Jennifer TRASK -Cluster’ Brooch – Found and altered bone fragments, teeth, found jewelry, silver, diamond – 2010



COUP de COEUR ! Tamsin Leighton-Boyce

Tamsin Leighton-Boyce  is an artist jeweller who uses reclaimed and recycled objects and materials to create one-off pieces of jewellery. She has a passion for working in metals and a belief in the power of art and craft skills to empower people. Tamsin has worked and exhibited in Britain and Internationally; in 2009 she graduated from the School of Jewellery in Birmingham with an MA in Jewellery Silversmithing and Related Products. She currently divides her time between making, exhibiting and working as jewellery technician/tutor in Oxford.

COUP de COEUR ! Tamsin Leighton-Boyce  dans COUP DE COEUR 174853_169045213141884_4932132_n

Tamsin Leighton-Boyce « large blue orange »

« ‘Fragments Make the Whole
My current work is created from fragments of observation and perception of my environment. I record images during my daily journeys around the city streets of Oxford. Ornamentation and wealth is combined with alternative encounters in the city: graffiti, road kill, rubbish and road markings.
My jewellery consists of these images, which have been cut from old steel cans and fused together. In turn these whole pieces become fragments of new images, reminiscent of ornamental ironwork or Baroque art.
Utilising recycled materials is important to my work on a symbolic, environmental and aesthetic level. Discarded materials and images of overlooked objects are resurrected and given a new role within a piece of jewellery. By incorporating labour intensive techniques such as enamelling and using hand-made tools, I add symbolic value to both image and material.  »

 dans email / enamel
Tamsin Leighton-BoyceBrooch 5 Fragments Make The Whole Series 2009

she is part of the group « Life is a bench » : We are a group of jewellery designers and artists who started exhibiting together after graduating from Birmingham School of Jewellery with our Masters in 2009. The International Trade Fair in Munich, Germany in March is our annual occasion for a group show, to present new work to each other and to all of you.


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