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COUP de COEUR ! JAHYUN RITA BAEK – plastics & polymer for lightness & movement

A recent Graduate from Royal College of Art, Jewellery designer and maker Jahyun Rita Baek (UK) makes contemporary jewellery using plastics and polymer combine with precious metal. Light and movement of the pieces are emphasized when the jewellery is worn.

« Designs are created by deconstructing materials for reconstruction.
Inspiration begins with the materials. Combining geometric units and flexible elements, the pieces are systemically arranged into jewellery which captures light and movement. Through the exposure, the viewer is invited to sense and explore the pieces with excitement and curiosity.
As I sit at my work bench, infinite explorations with the materials continue.  Here, I reveal the hidden discoveries and characteristics of both traditional and non-traditional materials.  The potential in these essences are my aspiration to create expressive pieces which not only excite the senses, but are ultimately wearable.
 » (Dazzle)
« cloud » series

cloud ring
and …. cloud necklace :-)


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