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Selected 4 SCHMUCK 2016 : Ritsuko Ogura

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Ritsuko Ogura

Congrats to all the artists who made the SCHMUCK 2016 list, on show at the Handwerksmesse  during #munichjewelleryweek  24/02–1/03/2016

Ritsuko Ogura (Born in Osaka in 1951) uses cardboard to make jewellery, giving new life to a material that is normally used for packaging and then discarded after use. She is attracted to the idea that cardboard does not catch people’s attention as a material in itself, as opposed to Japanese paper that is inherently beautiful, so she is able to give this poor material dignity by transforming it into wearable sculptures. She exploits the difficulty encountered in cutting cardboard to her advantage, using this drawback to create new modes of expression. The finished pieces resemble delicate lace-like structures, with the inclusion of colour in some parts, or simply left the natural brown of the original cardboard used. Ogura has in time mastered this humble material and skilfully creates voluminous pieces to be worn or simply admired. (No-gram)

Ritsuko Ogura  Born in Osaka in 1951    Brooch  About 2002  Corrugated cardboard, silver, acrylic paint  11 x 12.5 x 3.9 cm: Ritsuko Ogura   Brooch  About 2002  Corrugated cardboard, silver, acrylic paint  11 x 12.5 x 3.9 cm

Ritsuko Ogura Cardboard, silver, acrylic paint: Ritsuko Ogura - paper jewelry:

Ritsuko Ogura  Cardboard, silver, acrylic paint brooch – 2006, back & front

Cardboard brooch by Ritsuko Ogura  Cardboard brooch by Ritsuko Ogura


Ritsuko Ogura - Cardboard, silver, acrylic paint  2006 bracelet 17 cm x 5,5 cm x H. 2 cm Ritsuko Ogura - Cardboard, silver, acrylic paint  2006 bracelet 17 cm x 5,5 cm x H. 2 cm

born in Japan in 1951. After graduation at Tezukayama Women’s College she study jewelry under the leadership of Minato Nakamura. Her work has taken part in exhibitions internationally, and received major awards. Ritsuko’s works are made with cardboard, poor material and intended to discard. With her ability and extraordinary sensitivity in the processing of the surface and the use of color, she creates pieces of high design, to wear or even just to admire.


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