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Eleanor BOLTON blues collection at COLLECT 2011 – 6-9 Mai 2011

Eleanor Bolton
« At Collect 2011 I will be launching my new Blues Collection of coiled cotton rope neckpieces. Using the same coiling and stitching technique I developed during my MA at the RCA, I have created a new collection of large-scale neckpieces exploring colour. The collection comprises of five new pieces each made up of sections of unbleached rope and different tones and shades of blue to highlight and emphasise the forms and process of the making. The unbleached rope with its contrasting yarn allows engagement with how the pieces have been made, as the stitching is revealed in the movement of the coils. The boldly dyed rope allows the material and process to become more ambiguous and the forms to become the main focus. »

Eleanor will be showing with Electrum Gallery

Eleanor Bolton neckpiece
Eleanor Bolton neckpiece from Blues Collection

Eleanor BOLTON blues collection at COLLECT 2011 - 6-9 Mai 2011 dans COLLECT
(new necklaces, available to SHOP at

Getting to COLLECT
Saatchi Gallery
Duke of York’s HQ
King’s Road


Electrum Gallery
21 South Molton Street
United Kingdom
Phone: 0044 207 629 6325


Decouverte : Melissa SCHMIDT – glass bubbles

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Melissa Schmidt – will exhibit at the Smithsonian Craft show 2011

« The use of glass bubbles as a repetitious element drives the conceptual content of my work. The jewelry I create challenges perceptions of what glass can and can’t do. It appears fragile, but is surprisingly strong. The bubbles have movement and take on a sculptural form. Lamp-worked and annealed borosilicate glass bubbles with powdered colored glass, frit glass, silver nitrate, slide film, paper images, glass-texturizing and molding techniques.« 

Decouverte : Melissa SCHMIDT - glass bubbles dans d5905d88
Melissa Schmidt-
« Super Nova » necklace – all glass bubbles coated in the inside w/ silver nitrate to give the mercury effect

0196ab99 dans Melissa SCHMIDT (US)
Melissa Schmidt-« Tree Terrarium » – 13 crystal clear lampworked glass bubbles each containing a piece of paper w/ a tree pictured

3e0221e6 dans SHOP
Melissa Schmidt-« Bird watching » necklace – borosilicate glass bubbles

0b18f5e1 dans USA
Melissa Schmidt-« White Hot » necklace

Wedding Fleurs
Melissa Schmidt-« wedding fleurs » necklace

you can SHOP it on ETSY !


BLACK is BEAUTIFUL – Kathleen NOWAK TUCCI rubber jewelry

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Kathleen NOWAK TUCCI  (discovered at The Smithsonian Craft Show 2011) :
« I have always made my work in components- smaller parts of a whole work. With my rubber jewelry, it may be long triangular pieces, that I call shreds, that eventually are assembled to create to become a necklace. Strips of inner tubes wait to be connected together along with other shapes, circles triangles or flowers . I like to have many parts pre-cut out ready for whatever combination strikes my fancy.
I have always liked C and S curves juxtaposed against geometric shapes such as squares, circles and triangles. I feel a strongly influenced by art-deco furniture, architecture and fashion.
Working with the raw material of recycled rubber allows me to make dramatic pieces with very little weight. »


BLACK is BEAUTIFUL - Kathleen NOWAK TUCCI rubber jewelry dans COUP DE COEUR rubber_jewelry

tucci-photo-1 dans Kathleen NOWAK TUCCI (US)
Kay necklace – recycled rubber

tucci-photo-2 dans plastiques
Kathleen NOWAK TUCCIEleanore necklace – recycled rubber, metal findings
Kathleen NOWAK TUCCIEleanore necklace

tucci-photo-3 dans recup' / recycled
Kathleen NOWAK TUCCIAgatha necklace – repurposed rubber

tucci-photo-4 dans SHOP
Kathleen NOWAK TUCCILizzy necklace & bracelet – recycled rubber


pssssit ! you can SHOP it on her website ! :-)


COUP de … ROUGE avec Montserrat Lacomba !

Montserrat Lacomba, qui gère (de main de maître !) le blog « Mar de Color Rosa » a mis en place une option « SHOP » où elle propose ses créations …. et je craque pour ses rouges ! :-)

Tangencies with the Small Red
« Tangencies with the Small Red » – Short necklace with 3 pieces of oxidized & enameled (150ºC) copper, one copper’s circle. You can wear it in different sizes. Diameter of the bigest circle is 6 cm.

« Red« - Earrings – oxidized & enameled copper,  oxidized sterling silver ear wires- 4 cm long approx. including ear wire

Six Small Holes
« Six Small Holes » Earrings – enameled copper & oxidized sterling silver ear wires- 4 cm long approx. includ. ear wire

Circle and Line
« Circle and Line » – Earrings – oxidized & enameled copper,  oxidized sterling silver ear wires. Diam. 3 cm

Red Wheels and Points
« Red Wheels and Points » Earrings – enameled (150ºC) copper & oxidized sterling silver ear wires- 6,5 cm long approx. including ear wire

Tangencies in Red (Four)
« Tangencies in Red (Four) » Short necklace -3 pieces of oxidized & enameled (150ºC) copper & one copper’s circle. You can wear it in different sizes. diameter of the bigest circle is 4,5 cm

Red Points
« Red Points » -Earrings – piece of oxidized & enameled (150ºC) copper, oxidized sterling silver ear wires- 5 cm long approx.


« Montserrat Lacomba es licenciada en Bellas Artes, especialidad en pintura, por la Universidad de Barcelona y ha hecho cursos de joyería en la Escola Massana.
“En el 2000 empecé a crear joyas. Me gusta experimentar y trabajar con diferentes materiales como plata, cobre, esmaltes, tejidos, resina, etcétera. En 2008 empecé a publicar Mar de Color Rosa, un blog dedicado la recopilar y compartir información sobre joyería contemporánea. Desde 2009 formo parte del grupo Joyas Sensacionales, coordinado por la joyera Silvia Walz.”
En cuanto a los materiales, le gusta experimentar, pero utiliza principalmente cobre, plata, latón, resina, textil… Suele buscar la manera de trabajar el color a base de oxidaciones, esmaltes o pinturas.
“En mi última serie me he inspirado en la obra de Frida Kahlo y a menudo es la naturaleza y sobretodo el mar mi fuente de inspiración. A veces basta una simple palabra o una frase.” » (blog « Artesanio« )

(cf article  COUP de … ROUGE Montserrat LACOMBA où je craquais déjà pour les boucles d’oreilles dos vacíos‘ …. déjà vendues !! :-(   )

COUP de ... ROUGE  avec Montserrat Lacomba ! dans BARCELONA 167073_1776890989303_1450211589_1863389_4377590_n
dos vacíos‘ – earrings – Silver and enamel 



EXPO ‘CHARMED’ – Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh (USA) – from 10 Fevr. 2011

Charmed II  - Society for Contemporary Craft (SCC)

Opening Thursday, February 10, 5:30-8pm -

The Store will once again host Charmed, an exhibition of artist-made charms by jewelers from around the country.  Beginning February 10, 2011, charms will be available in our Store and on our website. Charms can be purchased individually for a charm bracelet, or can be worn alone as a pendant.  Buy a pair of charms to wear as earrings, or give one to a friend, a sibling, or a significant other.  Charms are a great way to start your collection of artist-made jewelry, or to add to your existing collection.

Participating artists include:
Bob Ebendorf, Margaux Lange, Jillian Moore, Sue Amendolara, Gabriel Craig, Caitie Sellers, Lynette Andreasen, Angela Bubash, Karen Paust, Vina Rust, Susanne Matsche, Sarah Abramson, Becky McDonah, Tedd McDonah, Ken Bova, Adrienne M. Grafton, Betty McKim, Sean Macmillan, Renee Zettle-Sterling, Tara Locklear, Laura Wood, and Amy Weiks.

EXPO 'CHARMED' - Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh (USA) - from 10 Fevr. 2011 dans Amy WEIKS (US) 180242_10150129064680715_725395714_8367822_2759048_n
Vina Rust charms

179406_10150139825939257_131275319256_7784578_324306_n dans Angela BUBASH (US)
Robert Ebendorf – Charms – Silver and Mixed Media

26518_1372898611409_1500099122_929863_4200081_n dans Caitie SELLERS (US)
Margaux Lang charms – Plastic Body Series Jewelry

abramson4 dans COUP DE COEUR
Sarah Abramson – charmed ….“Double Enamel” Charms- sterling silver, enamel

19766_235826053835_598573835_3035229_7333157_n dans Exposition/Exhibition
Lynette Andreasen – charms

167027_10150141037594257_131275319256_7800562_529794_n dans Gabriel CRAIG (US)
charms from Meg J. Roberts, Kathryn Osgood, Ken Bova, Tedd McDonah, Adrienne M. Grafton, Stacy Heptig Rodgers, Susanne Matsche, Vina Rust, Laura Wood, Margaux Lange, Becky McDonah …..

Fin-charm2-150 dans Jillian MOORE (US)Fin-charm3-150 dans Karen PAUST (US)
Fin Charm by Angela Bubash- sterling silver, glass, carnelian, dyed feathers- 1.5 x 1 x .5”

shapeimage_8 dans Lynette ANDREASEN (US)
Charms by Kathryn Osgood – sterling silver, nail polish




 Society for Contemporary Craft (SCC)
2100 Smallman Street,
Pittsburgh, PA 15222 – USA
tel 412.261.7003 x12.


COUP de … ROUGE avec Niamh Spain

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Niamh Spain (Ireland)

« The jewellery and wall pieces I have designed are an interpretative response to contemporary architecture. I am interested in identifying a particular viewpoint of a building and subsequently produce graphic drawings illustrating its inner and outer structural lines.
These 2-dimensional diagrams provide templates from which I produce 3-dimensional forms.  I am interested in testing the spatial boundary between the 2D and 3D, manipulating sheet into planar objects whilst never becoming fully volumetric.
Each piece relies on another for its outer silhouette as one sheet of metal produces at least three structures.  Positive space informs negative and vice versa. »

COUP de ... ROUGE  avec Niamh Spain dans COUP DE COEUR
Niamh Spain – ‘negative space’ – Brooch, sterling silver with powder coating

 dans Irlande (IRL)
Niamh Spain – ‘red window’ – Ring, sterling silver with powder coating (on kit&caboodle)

 dans Niamh SPAIN (IRL)
Niamh Spain – ‘pleated window’ – bracelet, sterling silver with powder coating



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XMAS SALE !!! VENTE de NOËL !!! drelin-drelin-drelin …….

Vous avez vu l’exposition   EXPO ‘Allez ! du GALET !’ – Ancienne Mairie, Collioure (FR) – 1er-12 Dec. 2010  ?????
noooon ???   vous n’avez pu vous déplacez ? n’avez pu vous décider ??? qu’à cela ne tienne !
spécial retardataires, une


7 jours pour vous décider !


chaque bijou est UNIQUE et a été créé spécialement pour l’exposition !

on parle beaucoup en ce moment de « collection capsule », de « série limitée », de « pop-up store » ….
et bien voilà, nous y sommes !!! dans la « hype » de la « hype » !! ;-)


XMAS SALE !!! VENTE de NOËL !!! drelin-drelin-drelin ....... dans Aline KOKINOPOULOS (FR) 47601_1588688230630_1038560938_31334407_934217_n



Xmas SALE !!

you didn’t be lucky enough to see the « pebbles’ exhibition « Allez ! du galet ! » ?
don’t worry ! BE HAPPY ! ;-)

you have now SEVEN days

to get some of the UNIQUE jewels

especially made for the exhibition !

only ONE of EACH !! especially created for this exhibition !

63410_1692708326452_1500099122_1654332_6416895_n dans Angela BADUEL-CRISPIN (FR)
Matteo BONAFEDE (IT) -  on the LEFT : silver ring with pebbles pendant (size : 53 FR) -  anello « pendente »  – pendant moves freely – 56€
Matteo BONAFEDE (IT) « ArtBox » – pendant/pendentifPreghiera Tibetana’ (présenté à KARA) – 925 silver, pebbles260€

148400_1674619834251_1500099122_1619569_5967154_n dans Angelo LOMUSCIO (IT)
Aline KOKINOPOULOS (FR) – ring/bague ‘Jardin au Lotus’ – galets de Cassis, argent – 195€

Glix Atelier Milano ring
GLIX Atelier Milano (IT)- ring – silver, Calabria’s pebble – adjustable size – 180€

Nuria Torrente - anillo
Nuria TORRENTE (ES) – anillo ‘ El lastre del consumismo’ – vidrio de gafas con texto grabado – piedras y plata- taille/size 52-53 FR (à confirmer) – 195€

149885_1673624489368_1500099122_1617298_2835414_n dans Beate KLOCKMANN (DE)
‘Vagabond Jewelry’ (US) (Kest SCHWARTZMAN)- ‘Domino’ chunky ring – Stainless Steel, Silver Bezels, Pyrite  (Quartz found at a waterfall in Stowe, VermonT, USA ) – 226€

Angela Baduel Crispin - boucles d'oreilles - 120€ la paire
Angela BADUEL-CRISPIN – boucles d’oreilles/ earrings  – silver, pebbles – 120€ la paire

68177_1685985078375_1500099122_1642617_7799223_n dans Christine RICHARD (FR)
Pierre BARIERAUD (FR) – « Orthocera » fossil (from Morocco) necklace & black leather – 91€

73499_1652981493306_1500099122_1580590_5299049_n dans Christophe BURGER (FR)
Marie BOYER (FR) – bagues en argent brossé et galets (Montpellier)- 175€ (each)

149734_1642015539164_1500099122_1561592_4625420_n dans Edith BELLOD (FR)
Christine RICHARD (FR) (stagiaire Aline Kokinopoulos) – bague/ring « Zenitude » – little, tiny, « easy_to_wear »lil’ ring – argent/silver, pebbles from Marseille – taille/size 54 FR – 91€

149734_1642015499163_1500099122_1561591_3636020_n dans galets / pebbles
Christine RICHARD (FR) (stagiaire Aline Kokinopoulos) – bague/ring « Maldives »- argent réticulé, galet de Marseille, galet bleu du Mont Dore, péridots (cabochons 4 & 5 mm) – taille/size 50 FR – chunky ring like a « painter’s palette » ! – 156€

148569_1659730502027_1500099122_1593267_3823243_n dans GLIX Atelier Milano
Edith BELLOD (FR) – lot of pins – pebbles, coloured paper wrapping – DELICIOUS !!! :-) )- 13€ each

A_LA_VENTE-  Edith Bellod pins
Edith BELLOD  pins , like I wear them ! :-) – pins ‘Farandole’ – galets, papier coloré, aimants

76911_1648433779616_1500099122_1573074_5584306_n dans Heidemarie HERB (DE)36144_1642019339259_1500099122_1561596_3170191_n dans Kest SCHWARTZMAN (US)
Tiffany ROWE (UK/CH) -  « Galuchat-liquorice pebbles » tiny pendants – résine, perles – « petits cailloux à croquer » ! :-) 40€ each

73770_454283560565_646415565_6068111_2854271_n dans Marie BOYER (FR)
« Galuchat-liquorice pebbles » …. et le seul blanc de la série !

76372_1634170543044_1500099122_1546447_5360397_n dans Matteo BONAFEDE (IT)
Beate KLOCKMANN (DE) – earrings with Collioure pebbles – b.o., or 18 kt, galets de Collioure –
earrings with Collioure pebbles – b.o., or/gold 18 kt, galets de Collioure – petit modèle, 270€ 

 75304_1674603913853_1500099122_1619525_7041572_n dans Nuria TORRENTE (ES)
Christophe BURGER (FR) – collier/necklace «Galessence» – Galet/Câble Inox/Gaine thermorétractable (2010)  – 455€

149885_1673624529369_1500099122_1617299_2353951_n dans Pierre BARIERAUD (FR)
Christophe BURGER (FR) – collier/necklace «Galessence» -455€

73280_1613564107896_1500099122_1504441_3670039_n dans SHOP
Heidemarie HERB – 2 rings/anelli/bagues ‘non bisogna essere perfetti per essere belli’ – galet/pebble, silver, painting – 110€ each

40122_1602024739419_1500099122_1482964_7403081_n dans Stefano PALESTINI (IT)Stefano PALESTINI-bague 'Figli dello stesso mare' 2 petites pierres
Stefano PALESTINI- (‘Ste Fano)’ (IT) – ring/bague/anello ‘Figli dello stesso mare’ – argent (cire perdue), mini-galets – silver, pebbles - size/taille 54 FR - 250€

Angelo Lomuscio - Maratea stones
 Angelo LOMUSCIO (IT) – Maratea stones 8 rings, some with silver – details come soon !

PLUS de BIJOUX/PHOTOS à VENIR : REVENEZ jeter un coup d’oeil !!

More pictures available on request at !
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COUP de COEUR ! ‘FRAGILE’ by Mey & Boaz KAHN

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« Mey and Boaz Kahn were born in Israel and live in Jerusalem. They met during their studies at Bezalel, Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem and got married after the second year. “Fragile” was the first project they were working on together.
The hammer hanged above the K in our logo, represents the value of work and creation. It is one of the first working tools. It also symbolizes an active attitude of the designer that brings cultural issues into the daily talk, we manufacture most of our products in-house in our studio and we develop them through a process that begins with a practical research with the materials.
Design, for us, is a field that lay on the border of art. We don’t believe that all of the products should be designed in purpose to make our life easier or more comfortable. We want our design to surround its users with stories and emotions, hope and fantasies, questions and ferry tales. We believe that good design must reveal cultural issues and ask questions about our way of living. »

« This ceramic pendant looks like a closed tiny box when you buy it (pic no.5). After you snap it in the middle, you will discover a golden chain is pulling out of it. You wear it on the neck by connecting the two halfes using the magnet closer.
The Magnetic Necklace is part of a series called FRAGILE. each one of the products in this series must be broken by the user to become usefull. The first product of this series, FRAGILE Salt & Pepper Shaker won the 1st price of Designboom international competition among 4843 designers:
When was the last time you emphatically broke something? FRAGILE Magnetic Necklace offers you the opportunity to do so!
Designed and made as a single piece, the FRAGILE Necklace requires the user to break it in order for it to be able to fulfill its functionality.
Breaking is an experience of impulsive outburst, but this time is an act that builds rather than destroys.
In a world of products whose shape is completely dictated by the designer, the FRAGILE Necklace enables the user to complete the design themselves. The act of breaking leaves its mark on the design giving it its final, unique, one-of-a-kind appearance. « 

Magnetic Necklace - Diamond

COUP de COEUR !  'FRAGILE' by Mey & Boaz KAHN dans COUP DE COEUR ok5S

ok3S dans

ok4S dans Israel (IL)

(before « snapping ») – The FRAGILE Necklace is part of a series called FRAGILE. each one of the products in this series must be broken by the user to become usefull.

3dbs.jpg.opt502x336o0,0s502x336 dans Mey & Boaz KAHN (IL)


the magnet necklace - A golden chain is hidden in a tiny ceramic box. Break the box in half to expose and pull out the chain. Wear around the neck and connect the two halves with a magnet clasp. The box is now the pendant. Available in three basic shapes: spheres, diamond, and heart



to SHOP on Etsy  !


Loukia RICHARDS Textile Jewelry from Greece

Loukia Richards, Greek designer, is inspired by the  shapes, colors & motifs of traditionnal Greek embroidery.

« My jewellery is a game of inventing something precious in form and meaning from an unexpected material. I work with textile a material of sacred character in my hellenic heritage — the sacred character is evident both in the uses of the material in the ancient world as well as in the religious ceremonies of the present.
I am inspired by the shapes, colors and motifs of embroidery tradition of Greece, my mother’s country of origin. My recent work is inspired by the neolithic figurines and the cuneiforms of the cycladic civilization: white, simple, very basic. »


Loukia RICHARDS Textile Jewelry from Greece dans COUP DE COEUR folkpixnecklacedetail
Birds & flowers necklace- silk & cotton threads, semi-precious stones

folklrlinknecklacedetail dans fibres / thread
« Link (faces) » necklace -  silk & cotton threads, silver

folklrdancingcuffdetail dans Grece (GR)
Lovers dancing cuff – textiles, wool, silk & cotton threads, pearls, button

cuff – 17th Century Embroidery Interpretation – 2006 (CraftCouncil)[GetAttachmentlr.jpg]

New work from Loukia Richards : Images are from a fibre book produced by Loukia Richards during her stay as an artist-in-residence at Ted Noten Atelier in the Amsterdam Red Light District in May 2009. Loukia Richards describes the project as « One of the most didactic and exciting studies I have ever undertaken ». (blog « The Needle Files« )



to SHOP at « The Shop floor project » (UK)


EXPO ‘Homeworks’ – Mint, London (UK) – 18-30 Sept. 2010 – during London Design Festival (LDF)

For this year’s London Design Festival (LDF), mint present “HomeWorks”: a selection of over 80 upcoming and established designers specially chosen for their individual and experimental craft touch.

HomeWorks Pt 5: Jewelry

Marta Mattsson is a UK graduate who is also participating in HomeWorks for LDF. Mattsson says that she sees beauty in things that other people find strange or are even repulsed by. Mattsson’s jewellery deals with the tension that lies between attraction and repulsion.
Mattsson takes seemingly inappropriate materials, making ordinary and familiar objects seem extraordinary 
and unfamiliar.

EXPO 'Homeworks' - Mint, London (UK) - 18-30 Sept. 2010 - during London Design Festival (LDF) dans Exposition/Exhibition
Märta Mattsson – brooch ‘Atlas beetle’ 2010 – Copper electroformed Atlas beetle, cubic zirconias, lacquer, silver

« Somebody once told me,”You make jewellery for children, not for adults”. And when I was a student in Tokyo the Japanese students in my class came up with a new word to describe my work. The word was KimoKawaii and it’s a combination of two words kawaii (cute) and kimoi (disgusting).
I make jewellery for adults but with a touch of inspiration from my childhood. When I was a child I played with stuffed animals, slugs and other living animals. I have always been drawn to both biology and art and in my work I am trying to combine my interests. Nature is a great source of inspiration but so is Pokemon…« 

 dans Grande-Bretagne (UK)
Mattsson takes seemingly inappropriate materials, making ordinary and familiar objects seem extraordinary 
and unfamiliar. here, brooch – reindeer skin, silver – 2010


 dans Marta MATTSSON (SE)

« Rachel Colley is a UK graduate who is currently exhibiting at Mint for LDF. The methods Colley utilized within this body of work reference traditions in baking and the basic rustic knowledge that is passed effortlessly down the generations. »


« Colley’s intent was to instil a preciousness in the banal via its material transformation, as well as to utilise jewellery’s role as social signifier in order to challenge the public’s preconceived ideas of both the practice of craft and its aims. »

 dans Rachel COLLEY (UK)

« The use of modified roast beef, biscuits, blood, jelly and pie was intended to correspond to cultural crossovers between the classes. This material displacement encourages a response in the viewer, initiating a visual dialogue.  »


« Moo Piyasombatkul is also exhibiting at Mint as part of HomeWorks. Piyasombatkul believes that jewellery is body adornment that creates an impact and changes the way the wearer look. »

 dans SHOP

« The collection was inspired by “new antique” concept by Marcel Wanders. His theory is to give an old-fashioned material (vintage frame) with a dramatic and contemporary twist (monochrome white porcelain Baroque frame). The  eyewear collection creates something unique and memorable with sophisticated sensibility. »

 dans www Klimt02

Piyasombatku chose to work with porcelain because of its purity of white and also porcelain is truly fragile, which is representing luxury, clean and delicacy.


For more information and prices, please call us on +44 207 225 2228 or email us at
Mint  (shop)
2 North Terrace
SW3 2BA – London
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 0 2072252228


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