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EXPO ‘Laca Japonesa aplicada a la Joyería Contemporánea’ – Museo de la Mujer, Buenos Aires (Argentina) – 31 mai-28 juin 2013

Primera Muestra en Argentina de Laca Japonesa aplicada a la Joyería Contemporánea

Museo de la Mujer, Buenos Aires
Inauguración: Viernes 31 de Mayo. 19:00 horas. Entrada libre y gratuita
31 Mai : laca japonesa aplicada a la joyeria contemporanea

Esta exposición difundirá el trabajo del taller de Francine Schloeth  -artista plástica suiza- y de alrededor de 30 alumnos provenientes de distintas profesiones,  aunque predominan la joyería y la restauración.

“LAS EMOCIONES” (amor, alegría y placer, miedo, ira y tristeza) fue el eje temático elegido para la selección de las maravillosas piezas a exponer en esta ocasión.

Es una oportunidad única para ver en conjunto trabajos artísticos con laca japonesa, una técnica milenaria, que necesita mucho tiempo, dedicación y paciencia debido a las particulares características de temperatura y humedad que requiere su secado y a que su brillo único y profundo se logra con la aplicación de numerosas capas.


 Participan :
Albertina Tozzini — Ale Koreck — Alejandara Agusti — Alejandro Gallo — Barbara Paz — Beatriz Zarazaga –
Diana TorcolettiElisa GulminelliFabiana GadanoFrancine SchloethIacov Azubel — Iona Nieva — Irene Palomar — Liliana Ginocchio — Lucia Brichta – Luz Arias Mabel Pena — Maria Eugenia Solís — Maria Rosa Mongelli — Matilde Moreno Vera — Mónica Borgogni — Niqui Silvestri — Norma Rinaudo — Patricia Mastaller — Piqui Zuckerman — Rafael Alvarez — Sabine Hauss — Sandra Pulgar — Sara Bari — Soraia Marocco — Tali Wasserman — Valeria Dowding — Veronica Caffarelli.

 Fabiana Gadano  Brooch: Buenos Aires 2013  Japanese lacquer cashew, alpaca, silver 925, japanese lacquer, steel thread  10 x 9 x 0.5 cm  Photo: Damián WasserFabiana Gadano  Brooch: Buenos Aires 2013  Japanese lacquer cashew, alpaca, silver 925, japanese lacquer, steel thread  Photo: Damián Wasser

Francine Schloeth  Brooch: Sadness 2013  Japanese lacquer cashew, silver 925, slate, japanese lacquer  11 x 5 x 1 cm  Photo: Damián WasserFrancine Schloeth  Brooch: Sadness 2013  Japanese lacquer cashew, silver 925, slate, japanese lacquer    Photo: Damián Wasser

Irene Palomar  Necklace: Rage  Japanese lacquer cashew, wood, cooper thread recycled, japanese lacquer, rice paper, cooper pan  2 x 15 x 50 cm  Photo: Damián WasserIrene Palomar  Necklace: Rage  Japanese lacquer cashew, wood, cooper thread recycled, japanese lacquer, rice paper, cooper pan Photo: Damián Wasser


Museo de la Mujer
Pje. Dr. R. Rivarola 147
C.A.B.A.- Argentina
TE: 54-11- 4383-9054

martes a sábados
de 15:00 a 20:00 hs


EXPO ‘Salomé Lippuner: de laque, d’ombre et d’or’ – Galerie Elsa Vanier, Paris (FR) – 24 Mai-27 Juill. 2013

Salomé Lippuner : Of lacquer, shadow and gold  -  24-May-2013 – 27-Jul-2013

 De laque, d’ombre et d’or

Bijou Salome Lippuner - de laque et d'ombre - galerie Elsa vanier Paris

From 24th May, the Gallery will be showcasing the Urushi jewellery of Salomé Lippuner, an internationally acclaimed artist still little-known in France. The Swiss jeweller chose“Urushi”, the Japanese lacquer, to highlight the grace of the contours of the human body.
We focus on the period of Salomé Lippuner’s residence in Paris in 2012, where she was granted a studio at the Cité Internationale des Arts by the “Bern Design Foundation” to show the works that were created then. During her stay, she set herself the task of creating jewellery using a limited number of tools. She said: “the limits created stimulation and often demanded a change of approach”.

Salomé Lippuner: Of lacquer, shadow and gold -     Galerie Elsa Vanier  (Paris, France)  24-May-2013 - 27-Jul-2013    website:  mail: galerie@elsa-vanier.frSalomé Lippuner – Necklace – lacquered wood, horse hair – -  Brooch – lacquered maple, tourmaline and gold
photo ©Xavier Reboud

Salomé Lippuner  Sweetwater Pearls and red Urushi lacquerSalomé Lippuner  Sweetwater Pearls and red Urushi lacquer

Salomé Lippuner and Urushi
Salomé Lippuner’s first memory of lacquer dates back to a visit to a childhood friend’s home. The play of light on the lacquer still holds the same fascination for her today. Later, in Paris, before training as a jeweller, she had another striking esthetic encounter, in the course of her architectural meanderings, with Eileen Gray’s lacquered paravents: Salomé Lippuner was bowled over not only by the artist and her admirable works, but also by the revelation that it was possible to create modern forms with urushi!
For Salomé, designing lacquered pieces is like breathing – it’s an absolute necessity. It also helped her discover that urushi isa vast playing ground for trying out new ideas and that jewelry was adapted to its incredible demands. « To enhance a lacquered surface, often in contrast with the divine brilliance of a precious stone, is a moment of bliss every time. But it is also a victory over a very demanding matter, because the more you try to master it, the more it masters you »

Salomé Lippuner  BroochSalomé Lippuner  Brooch


Galerie Elsa Vanier
7 rue du Pré aux Clercs
75007 – Paris
Telephone: +33 1 47 03 05 00
Fax: +33 1 47 03 05 55


EXPO ‘Laques, etc’ – Maison des Métiers d’Art, Pezenas (France) – 16 Fevr.-30 mars 2013

La Maison des Métiers d’Art de Pézenas a pris une nouvelle orientation depuis le 1er décembre dernier en devenant le nouvel espace d’exposition d’Ateliers d’Art de France, en partenariat avec la Ville de Pézenas et la Communauté d’Agglomération Hérault-Méditerranée. Véritable écrin pour des expositions d’exception et vitrine des savoir-faire des créateurs, elle accueillera l’exposition Laques, etc. dans la Grande Salle, du 16 février au 30 mars 2013.

Présentation des créations contemporaines de 120 artisans d’art. Objets décoratifs, mobilier, luminaire, arts de la table, bijoux, mode et sculptures, en pièces uniques ou séries limitées composent ainsi un aperçu des talents créatifs réunis au sein d’Ateliers d’Art de France.

"Laques, etc" Pezenas (France)  du 16 février au 30 mars 2013

Oeuvres de Jean-Pierre BOUSQUET –  Bruno CHOMEL — Isabelle EMMERIQUE — FAD –  Chris GULLON — Laurence KLEIN — Lièn — Thibaud MAZIRE — Anna MICHEL — Martine REY — Nathalie ROLLAND-HUCKEL — Marie DE LA ROUSSIERE.

  EXPO Laques - Nathalie Rolland-Huckel 2009 Nathalie Rolland-Huckel – bracelets 2009



Maison des Métiers d’Art
6 place Gambetta
34120 Pézenas (FRANCE)
Tél : 04 67 98 16 12
Contacts Ateliers d’Art de France :
Contacts Ville de Pézenas : Florence Loth/ July Munos – Tél : +33 (0) 4 67 90 46 53 – /


Toujours une histoire de perles …..

Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,laque,perle(s) / beads/pearls,Salome LIPPUNER (CH),Suisse (CH) — bijoucontemporain @ 21:18

… avec Salome Lippuner :

« My current work is focused on the Japanese lacquer Urushi and a well-known issue: Pearls.
A string of pearls or beads is the very simple and traditional way of lining up selected items on a thread. A necklace of pearls slung around the neck – it’s a classic we have seen many times.
What about changing the old pearl-game?
Create more daring and playful objects for the pleasure of adorning. Just arrange dancing dots and twisting lines in different ways. Explore the balances and enhance the body by contrasting lines. Find new setups for the precious lustre of natural pearls and the soft shine of Urushi.
Japanese lacquer Urushi is a wonderful material, difficult to conquer on long and challenging ways. Its creative potential is without end, and as far as you try to master Urushi, as much Urushi is educating you as well. It’s an exercise in unintended will and a passion for the artist and the collector.« 

  Salome Lippuner - the pearl game - neckpiece with red coloured urushi lacquer on wood, white sweetwater pearlsSalome Lippuner – the pearl game – neckpiece with red coloured urushi lacquer on wood, white sweetwater pearls

Salome Lippuner  Necklace 2011  Sweetwater Pearls and red Urushi lacquer  Four different ways of wearing a necklace (1)
Salome Lippuner  Necklace 2011  Sweetwater Pearls and red Urushi lacquer – Four different ways of wearing a necklace (1)
Salome Lippuner Necklace 2011 Sweetwater Pearls and red Urushi lacquer Four different ways of wearing a necklace (2)Salome Lippuner Necklace 2011 Sweetwater Pearls and red Urushi lacquer Four different ways of wearing a necklace (2)
Salome Lippuner, urushi lacquer & pearls Salome Lippuner Necklace 2011 Sweetwater Pearls and Suzu Makie Urushi-lacquer



Salome Lippuner lacquer works have been exhibited on august 2012 at Museum für Lackkunst – Münster
Toujours une histoire de perles ..... dans COUP DE COEUR Einladung_urushi



Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,laque,Salome LIPPUNER (CH),Suisse (CH) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:08

Salome LIPPUNER is a Swiss jewellery artist working with traditional Japanese Urushi lacquer. She works with this luscious and sensual material to create dramatic and highly collectable jewellery.

« The japanese lacquer URUSHI, sap of the lacquer tree (lat. rhus verniciflua) is a challenge in craftmanship and patience for the artist.
In a complex process layer after layer of the lacquer is applied to a base, smoothed and polished until the slightest shadow is turned into profound lustre and brillant light.
How to explain the passion for the art of lacquer?
Moving deeply, attaining perfection through shape volume and material.
Both guiding and being guided by knife, spatula and brush, in search for the marriage of the hard and the soft: its an exercise in unintended will.
Through jewelry define and transform space as well as the human body.
These are the qualities I wish to show in my creations. »
Salome Lippuner, June 2008

Salome Lippuner - urushi lacquer bangleSalome Lippuner – bracelet: Urushi Negoro Kodaishu 2006 – Black & orange coloured japanese lacquer Urushi, Wajimanuri technique
Salome Lippunerneckpiece « Leaves » Urushi Negoro Shu 2007 – Red & black coloured japanese Urushi.Wajimanuri Urushi technique, horsetail hair


Salome Lippunerneckpiece: Kin Kanshitsu 2008 – Black and natural coloured Urushi on hemp-cloth,gold-leaves,horse tail hair
Salome Lippuner -  bracelet
Salome Lippunerbrooch « bone » – ebony, urushi, labrador
Salome LippunerNecklace 2011- Sweetwater Pearls and Suzu Makie Urushi-lacquer – four different ways of wearing a necklace


COUP de ROUGE avec Eve VAUTIER – bijoux de LAQUE

Eve VAUTIER, créatrice de bijoux en laque

Lauréate 2011 du concours jeunes créateurs d’Ateliers d’Art de France

Eve VAUTIER’s passion for lacquer started in Paris where she trained as a lacquer artist. She studied a BA in Jewellery Design in Australia also learning basic jewellery techniques. Study trips to Thailand, Vietnam and Japan opened her eyes to the potential of lacquer for contemporary culture.
She recently completed an MA (Distinction) in Jewelry Design from Central Saint Martin’s, London.

Reminiscence represents a radical re-interpretation of lacquer exploring its poetic possibilities for contemporary jewellery. Lacquer craft originally used tree sap, mainly developing in Asia and reaching its apotheosis in Urushi, Japanese lacquer practice. European lacquer techniques, such as Vernis Martin developed as a response to Japanese lacquer during the 17th century. In Europe as well as Asia, the craft of lacquer is slowly disappearing due to dramatic life style changes and shifts in its traditional clientele.
The Reminiscence project researches the ‘memory’ of lacquer and the multiple layers of culture and history embedded within it, to generate new identities in the realm of jewellery. The collection uses the concepts of fossils, encapsulation and erosion to evoke the memory of lacquer on both a physical and abstract level offering wearable artefacts that are unfamiliar yet desirable.
Part of the collection has been realised by re-interpreting Vernis Martin into contemporary jewellery. The other has been developed in a ground breaking collaboration with Japanese lacquer craftsmen from the Aomori prefecture, one of the birthplaces of Japanese lacquer. This collaboration established new bridges and provides a base for future cooperations between lacquer communities worldwide.
Eve VAUTIER- Memory l necklace. 2010. Vermillon lacquer (Vernis Martin) on modelling clay, cultured pearls, oxydised silver chain
Eve VAUTIER- Encapsulation II ring. 2010. Red lacquer (Vernis Martin) on modelling clay, cultured flat pearls, 18c gold plated silver

Eve VAUTIER- Fossil II ring. 2010. Orange lacquer on modelling clay, cultured pearls, oxydized silver.


voir : l’Association LAC (Lacqueurs Associés pour la Création)


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