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Decouverte : Maria Tsimpiskaki « lace » jewelry

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Maria Tsimpiskaki « from Greece with love », découverte à JOYA Barcelona 2012 ….. découverte … et adoptée !
Son nouveau travail, intitulé « Interlaced 2012« , est au 1er coup d’oeil très « classique », mais mais mais …. à y regarder de plus près …. les jeux de lumière dans/à travers la matière …

« I think of jewelry design as a combination of line and color and material that is each time the result of a given frame of mind, of different mental and emotional states.
It is the lines and forms and shapes that we encounter all around us in the natural world, in the street, or in everyday life, or even in the images these trigger in the mind … 
The colors that are inherent to the materials, almost invariably requiring special processing before they are revealed  …
And finally the materials themselves, whether luxurious, or humble, complementary, or disparate, or ephemeral, worked by hand using traditional and modern techniques to produce a range of unique pieces.
My aim is to create jewelry that is flawless in terms of construction and finish, perfectly fitting the human anatomy so that it becomes an essential and cherished accessory, setting off the personality of the wearer. »

Maria Tsimpiskaki   at JOYA Barcelona 2012Maria Tsimpiskaki at JOYA Barcelona 2012 (“Cyprus” cuffs) Maria Tsimpiskaki rings -  www.tsimpiskakimaria.comMaria Tsimpiskaki « Crete » rings 

Maria Tsimpiskaki at JOYA Barcelona 2012Maria Tsimpiskaki “Athena” pendant seen at JOYA Barcelona 2012

Maria Tsimpiskaki  -   “Athena” Bronze, black patina, fine gold plated silver fitting, pearl, also wearable as a pendant.

Maria Tsimpiskaki – “Athena” Bronze, black patina, fine gold plated silver fitting, pearl, also wearable as a pendant

Decouverte : Maria Tsimpiskaki  dans Grece (GR) dans JOYA (ES)

Maria Tsimpiskaki    « Ithaki »  rings bronze & black patina

 Maria Tsimpiskaki - earringsMaria Tsimpiskaki – « Ithaki » earrings – Bronze, black patina, silver fittings.

Tsimpiskaki Maria -     “Athena” ring Bronze, black patina, silver, pearls. www.tsimpiskakimaria.comMaria Tsimpiskaki -   “Athena” ring Bronze, black patina, silver, pearls

Maria Tsimpiskaki  -    “Kefalonia” Bronze, black patina, fine gold plated silver chain, fittings and findings, pearls. www.tsimpiskakimaria.comMaria Tsimpiskaki   -    “Kefalonia” earrings Bronze, black patina, fine gold plated silver chain, fittings and findings, pearls

 dans Maria TSIMPISKAKI (GR)Maria Tsimpiskaki   -  « Ios » brooch PVC, 22k gold foil, fine gold plated silver, steel wire, pearls

Maria Tsimpiskaki at JOYA Barcelona 2012
Maria Tsimpiskaki at JOYA Barcelona 2012


Belles rencontres à JOYA : Valentina Caprini

Valentina Caprini, son immense sourire, son prénom au charme si désuet, la chemise en dentelle de sa grand-mère, « pizzi e merletti » …., ses coups de fard charmants, et, surtout, surtout, ses bijoux et leur histoire ….. leur histoire qui m’a tellement touché, faisant écho à ma propre histoire, jusque dans ce final en éclatement de rouge, cette « Rinascita » couleur de vie ….
séquence émotion

« Jewellery is Therapy
The act of making gives the possibility to take out what is unconfortable to keep inside.
The work and the self are strictly linked, what you live and what you make are going in the same direction.
My original project was about old fabric, mostly lace.
While I was making my own lace its structure started to become like a cell structure, thousands of meters of threads to materialize what was happening in my own life.
I treat my pieces as I do with my body.
The body becomes the support of its own representation, its re-birth. »

Comme une moderne Pénélope, tirant tissant brodant le fil, mètre après mètre, y incluant médicaments et pilules, comme pour mieux parvenir à sa guérison, comme des gris-gris, de petites conjurations du mal qui, peu à peu, se dilueront avec le temps, patiemment déroulant le fil, du temps, de la vie, de l’ouvrage, tirant de soi, au propre comme au figuré, le mal, la patience, le travail, le temps, la « parole », car cet ouvrage est parole, expression de soi, partant du pâle exsangue pour arriver au trop plein de sang de la guérison, de la vie ………

oui, « jewellery is therapy », et d’ailleurs chaque bijou porte un nom de médicament ……

  Valentina CapriniValentina Caprini « Ampilisa » detail

Valentina Caprini - Soliris - Necklace -   1000 Meters of Acid Yellow Thread, Pills, 18kt Gold - 2012  Necklace    1000 Meters of Acid Yellow Thread, Pills, 18kt Gold    2012Valentina Caprini - « Soliris » – Necklace -   1000 Meters of Acid Yellow Thread, Pills, 18kt Gold – 2012 Valentina Caprini - Ampilisa  Necklace -   1800 Meters of Yellow Thread, Pills    2012

Valentina Caprini – « Ampilisa »  Necklace -   1800 Meters of Yellow Thread, Pills    2012

Valentina caprini - "Purus" exhibition - AlchimiaValentina Caprini – at « Purus » exhibition – Alchimia

Valentina Caprini (Alchimia) "Roxene" - Necklace -   2000 Meters of Red Thread, Pills  2012Valentina Caprini (Alchimia) « Roxene » – Necklace -   2000 Meters of Red Thread, Pills  2012

Valentina Caprini (exhibited at "Purus" Alchimia 2012)Valentina Caprini (exhibited at « Purus » Alchimia 2012) (details with medicine pills)

Valentina Caprini (Alchimia 2012)Valentina Caprini - « Rinascita » necklace – 1300 Meters of Red Thread


EXPO ‘Cloud Nylon: The Jewellery of Nora Fok’ – Gallery Four, Touchstones Rochdale (UK) – 17 Dec. 2011–10 Mars 2012

Cloud Nylon: The Jewellery of Nora Fok

Nora Fok retrospective exhibition of her work
Nora Fok is one of Britain’s leading contemporary jewellers, who works with quite ordinary materials to create extraordinary results.
The processes Nora uses – knitting, weaving, crocheting and knotting – transform linear nylon microfilament into simple and complex structures, inspired by her fascination with the natural world and the mathematical models that underpin it.
Much of her work can be classified as jewellery, but she pushes the definition to its limits making larger bodywear and pieces which stand independently as sculpture.

You can find out more about the exhibition at

A Harley Gallery touring exhibition directed by Brochocka Baynes and supported by the Arts Council.

Visit Nora’s own site

Pinned Image
Nora Fok: Bubble Bracelet; photographer Frank Hills
Nora Fok « million dollar » neckpiece
Nora Fok: « This is Life » – photographer Frank Hills

Art Gallery
Touchstones Rochdale
The Esplanade
OL16 1AQ – UK
Telephone: 01706 924492
Fax: 01706 924944
The Art Gallery at Touchstones Rochdale consists of four gallery spaces: one for the Borough’s impressive collections, two for the best in visiting contemporary art, craft and design and a dedicated community gallery, Gallery One

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EXPO ‘once.once.once /11.11.11′ – CHATEAU CAC, Cordoba (Argentina) – 12 Nov.-4 Dec. 2011

once.once.once /11.11.11

Luis Acosta,  Adriana Gatti, Cecilia Richard

paper and metal jewelry, paper thread objects and dressesfrom recycled plastic


Conferencia:« Diseño de joyas a través de la percepción textil »16 de noviembre a las 19:00hs



Workshops with Luis Acosta:
Diciembre 19 (10.00 a 17.00hs) « Clinica de Arte »  /December 19 (10AM till 5PM) « Art Clinic »
December 20 (10AM till 5PM) « Perception of design(jewelry and accessories)«  
Diciembre 20 (10.00 a 17.00hs) « Percepción del diseño (joyas y complementos) »
Luis Acosta
– Collier

Luis Acosta – Collier 2011

« En la obra de Luis Acosta, se puede encontrar una mezcla de Latinoamérica y la influencia holandesa, país donde reside. En sus Tapices  el punto de partida es el paso de un color a otro de una forma casi monocroma. Para sus textiles murales ha buscado una estructura transparente que diera la impresión de algo muy frágil pero que sugiera de un patrón ordenado. Toda su joyería es tanto un adorno para el cuerpo como para la pared. Con sus objetos de hilo y papel juega con la luz y la sombra. Le es importante trabajar con formas y colores.las primeras les dan la dimensión del trabajo mientras que la segundas le proveen de calidez.« Richard- Cactacea negra – Brooch, Oxidized silver and elastic line, 2010
Cecilia Richard- Cactácea (Cactaceae) – Brooch, Silver and elastic line, 2010

EXPO 'once.once.once /11.11.11' - CHATEAU CAC, Cordoba (Argentina) - 12 Nov.-4 Dec. 2011 dans Argentine (RA) Cactacea-anillos-en-maceta3Cecilia Richard- Cactácea (Cactaceae) – Rings in plant pot, Silver, elastic line and terra cotta, 2010.




Av. Cárcano 1750 – CP 5009 – Córdoba – Argentina
Tel.: (+54 351) 485 8876 –

Abierto de martes a domingos de 14 a 19 Hs.


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EXPO ‘Cruzando Fronteras: del textil a la joya’ – Casa de la Cultura, Buenos Aires (Argentina) – 31 aout-29 sept 2011


La muestra de joyería contemporánea textil « Cruzando fronteras: del textil a la joya (2) » curada por Lilia Breyter se presentará en el Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Rufino de Elizalde 2831, a partir del 31 de Agosto.

En esta ocasión, la muestra estará acompañada por dos talleres gratuitos y una mesa redonda sobre joyería contemporánea.


Luis Acosta — María BoggianoLilia BreyterPaula BreyterVanina BujalterMarina Callis Paula Dipierro + Gabriela HorvatLaura GiustiElena IglesiasJuanamaraña (Laura Licandro + Rosa Alcántara)Ester KanerElida KemelmanGraciela LescanoSusana MasabeuMarina MassoneBárbara PazMabel PenaNorma RinaudoJimena RíosSilvia RoldánSilvina RomeroSusana MasabeuSabina WickiTota reciclados (Marcela Muñiz + Valeria Hasse)



Fondo Nacional de las Artes – Casa de la Cultura
Rufino de Elizalde 2831
Buenos Aires, Argentina



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………. bon …. ça doit être l’effet de la chaleur, hypnotisée par le chant incessant des grenouilles et « shootée » au parfum des daturas ……….

alors ….. un bracelet MARNI …..  à acheter …..
Marni Two-tone woven bangle available here


OU à faire soi-même (DIY, do-it-yourself)



This pattern is known as the « Cobra Stitch, » which sounds very fancy and difficult, but is actually pretty simple. If you need extra help, you can always check out this video for some additional, visual instruction! 

1. For the base of your bracelet, cut a 1-foot long piece of the thicker ribbon (5/8″ Orange, in this case). You also will need to cut a metre long piece of the thinner pink ribbon and the thinner orange ribbon (1/4″ Shocking Pink and Orange, for those of you keeping track).

2. Take the thin pink and orange ribbons and fuse their ends together with a small amount of glue, so that you have one long piece of ribbon. Wait five minutes for the glue to completely dry before moving on to the next step.

3. Tape the top of the base ribbon—the thicker, 5/8″ Orange—to a steady, flat surface and center the fused, thinner ribbon underneath it. Each side of the fused ribbon will serve as Ribbon A and Ribbon B (to follow example above).

4. To begin the Cobra Stitch, take Ribbon A and cross it over the base ribbon and under Ribbon B to make a loop.

5. Bring Ribbon B under the base ribbon and through Ribbon A’s loop. Once knotted through, pull Ribbon A and B equally so they create a knot around the base ribbon.

6. Continue this pattern, alternating the lead ribbon from side to side. (Note: if your pattern starts to spiral, you’re not alternating sides.)

7. Continue braiding the bracelet until you have reached a desired length then double knot both ends. The pattern should be 3/4 the size of your desired length for the bracelet, as the remaining 1/4 will be used to tie around the wrist.—Jessica Baker



MERCI au blog de ! :-)


Image de prévisualisation YouTube




EXPO ‘Cruzando Fronteras: del textil a la joya’ – Museo Nacional de Artes Populares de Coyoacán, México – 25 Mai-3 Juill. 2011


La muestra de joyería textil argentina Cruzando Fronteras: del textil a la joya ha sido invitada participar de la VI Bienal Internacional de Arte Textil Contemporáneo WTA- Aire.  La exposición se desarrollará entre el 25 de mayo y el 3 de julio en el Museo Nacional de Artes Populares de Coyoacán, México DF. Esta muestra, curada por Lilia Breyter,  fue presentada en el Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández en noviembre 2010 y participan 21 joyeras argentinas y artistas textiles que han desarrollado su obra alrededor de la joyería textil.

(cf article :  EXPO ‘Cruzando fronteras, del textil a la joya’ – Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández, Buenos Aires (ARg.) – 10 Nov.-5 Dec. 2010)


María Boggiano, Lilia Breyter, Paula Breyter, Vanina Bujalter, Marina Callis, Paula Dipierro + Gabriela Horvat, Laura Giusti, Elena Iglesias, juanamaraña (Rosa Alcántara + Laura Licandro), Elida Kemelman, Graciela Lescano, Susana Masabeu, Marina Massone, Bárbara Paz, Mabel Pena, Norma Rinaudo, Jimena Ríos, Silvia Roldán, Silvina Romero, tota reciclados (Valeria Hasse + Marcela Muñiz), Sabina Wicki


Más información e imágenes aqui
Maria BoggianoAlegría Collar- Pañolenci, cordón de goma – Fabric felt, rubber strand Termofusión /Thermofusion
Bárbara Paz- ‘Cinco’  Collar – Capullos de gusano de seda Bómbix Mori, plata -Bombix Mori worm cocoon, silver Teñido manual, construcción, enhebrado -Hand dyed cocoons, fabricated, stringed
Mabel Peña  ‘De mares’-From the seas Broche – Plata 999, bronce, caracoles – Fine silver, bronze, seashells Cera perdida, macramé, oxidaciones -Cast, macramé, oxidized



Museo Nacional de Artes Populares de Coyoacán, México DF


Actuality : Luis ACOSTA new works

Under the name ‘Quipus’, Luis Acosta presents his most recent series of paper strand objects. Originally a quipu was an assemblage of coloured knotted cotton cords of different lengths and used as a means of communication. By tying knots at particular points on these cords vast amounts of information could be recorded and passed on. Acosta’s objects vary in shape from circular to rectangular and are made of double strands of paper stitched together. He experiments with the different lengths and colours of the pairs of strands and the different knots he has tied into them (Rijswijk Museum, NL)

Luis ACOSTA - paper thread necklace, serie 'Quipus' - 2012 Luis ACOSTA – paper thread necklace, serie ‘Quipus’ 

Actuality : Luis ACOSTA new works dans Argentine (RA) 5_paper_thread_Quipus_II_detail9_paper_thread_Quipus_III_detail dans COUP DE COEUR

En la serie “Quipus” (nudos en la lengua Quechua) creo una simetría en forma pero no en color que son dos.
La obra se puede colgar desde un círculo hasta un cuadrado.
Hilo de papel, cosido a máquina

DE REGENTENKAMER PRESENTS : Jewellery and Objects by Luis Acosta7 Mai – 3 Juill. 2011
« The Mondriaan colours are the source of inspiration for Luis Acosta. His paper jewellery and wall objects contain a mix of Latin-American and Dutch influences. For his paperthread wall objects he was inspired by the ‘Quipus’ (knots in Quechua language) from the Inca’s  »

Luis_Acosta_2 dans Luis ACOSTA (RA)
Luis Acosta
– bracelet

The Regentenkamer
Noord West Buitensingel 20, 2518 PA The Hague (NL)
Cort Heyligersstraat 4, 2518 PD Den Haag
Tel: (+ 31) (0)70 2013975

The necklaces were created by repeating a simple basic shape. the rigidity is given by the number of layers of paper or paper threads that are sewn together.six stichted layers of paper, diameter 30 cm, 5 cm high, or stichted paper thread.

6-Collar_thread dans papier / paper
Luis Acosta  - Collar – thread – 2011

29-Collar_thread dans techniques textiles
Luis Acosta  - Collar – thread – 2011

Luis Acosta  - broche – « hilo de papel » – 2011

The serie « paper thread brooches » (« broches de hilos de papel ») shows a permanent play with different forms of knots.  paper threads, machine sewed



COUP de COEUR : Katie SCHUTTE ….. « in the deepest part of the oceans »

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Katie Schutte

« My work is the result of uniting two unrelated areas of art and focusing on the exploration and execution of crochet techniques as methods for working with materials and processes associated with jewelry, enameling and metalsmithing.  By merging the craft of crochet with metal, I work to blur the separation of what is considered fine art and craft. At the same time, I am examining the value that contemporary society places on traditional women’s work by using crochet techniques and items to create objects and wearables from precious and non-precious materials. 

            By the end of the 19th century, traditional crochet items and the technique itself had come to be viewed by European and American society as valuable sought after status symbols.  However, as years progressed, crochet lost its importance and was eventually relegated to the status of ‘kitsch’, and continues to keep that connotation despite a renewal of interest in the technique.  As a result, crochet, like many other traditional feminine crafts, is undervalued in current society.
            Society’s notion of value also extends to the materials that compose any particular object. The pieces I have crocheted are either made from silver and plique-a-jour enamel or are discarded steel wire coated with plastic, while works incorporating imagery from found doilies are composed entirely of enamel.  Metal and corresponding techniques generally imply value but the type of metal itself can reduce the perceived worth, especially in an item worn on the body.  However, large and vibrant body adornment, even when constructed from ‘cheap’ materials like plastic, evokes a sense of high fashion, which carries undertones of preciousness by society’s standards.  Like past crocheted objects and adornment, which was once considered high fashion, these pieces can connote high social status and access to material wealth even when made from materials and processes that would be banal on their own.« 

COUP de COEUR : Katie SCHUTTE .....
Katie SchutteSabellida Motif Collar - Crocheted and powder coated found wire. 2010

« I use crochet as a method for working with metal. The form of this piece was inspired by the bright red tube worms that live in the deepest part of the oceans. »

237925_orig dans Katie SCHUTTE (US)
Katie Schuttecrocheted brooch 


9153599_orig dans techniques textiles
Katie SchutteClypeasteroida Motif Neckpiece – Crocheted found wire, powder coating. 2010
« ….  These forms are based off of organisms found in the scientific group that includes sea urchins and sand dollars. »

3777216_orig dans USA


Katie SchuttePurple Ring – Crocheted found wire, powder coating, cubic zirconia. 2010

« ... This is one of my first pieces where I am combining just crocheted wire with the bright plastic coloring of  powdercoating »

Katie SchutteWire Ring V – crocheted wire, cubic zirconia

Katie Schuttering V – Crocheted and powder coated wire, cubic zirconia.

Katie Schuttering

Katie Schutteblue ring – crocheted, electroformed, and powdercoated found wire, cubic zirconia




COUP de COEUR : Carla REITER – knitting metal

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Carla REITER  will exhibit at the Smithsonian Craft show 2011
« I like the directness of knitting metal with pliers and fingers. I aim for a very handmade feeling: if I could I’d abandon tools altogether and just work the metal with my fingers. I’m exploring the knitted structures on their own and in combination with stones and fabricated elements. I see my jewelry as incomplete without a body. As I work on a piece I am constantly trying it on to see where it sits and how it interacts with the body. It wants to be worn. »

« Carla Reiter doesn’t use yarn to make her complex jewelry—she knits silver, copper and gold. A trained sculptor, Reiter opened her jewelry studio in 1997, after stints as a journalist, museum curator and nightclub singer. Using her sculpting background, she creates every piece with a woman’s body in mind. “Someone once said to me that my jewelry only ‘wakes up’ when you put it on,” explains Reiter. “That seems right to me.”« 

COUP de COEUR : Carla REITER - knitting metal dans Carla REITER (US) Sized%20for%20site
Carla REITER- Raisin Garland necklace

52a8a596 dans COUP DE COEUR
Carla REITER- Berries off-center necklace – knitted silver, carnelians

Carla Reiter Berry Sprig Necklace landing page Carla Reiter
“Berry Sprig Necklace,” 2010, knitted silver, carnelian, diamonds.

Carla-Reiter-Petal-Collar-lg dans techniques textiles
Carla REITER- Petal Collar – knitted silver,pink pearls

Carla REITER- Pink Cascade Necklace -knitted silver, rose quartz

Carla REITER- berry necklace

Carla REITER- « Night » bracelet


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