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Bijoux qui ont de la « NIAQUE »

…. de la « NIAQUE » …

du MORDANT ! ;-)

Sophie Hanagarth, 'Trap' (teeth) bracelet in forged iron: Sophie Hanagarth, ‘Trap’ (teeth) bracelet in forged iron

Sophie Hanagarth, Trap-bracelet, iron: Sophie Hanagarth, Trap-bracelet, iron

Jewelry Design Dept. Shenkar   10 juillet 2016 ·   Yifat Levy: Yifat Levy – bracelet – Jewelry Design Dept. Shenkar  2016 





Donna d’AQUINO – sur le fil du bijou

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Donna d’Aquino

« My current body of work connects my interest in drawing and jewelry using wire as I would use charcoal. The work consists of a series of wire bracelets and brooches that reflect an exploration of line, form, volume, movement, structure, geometry, space, light and shadow.

Donna D'Aquino 'in line' 12L wire bracelet n°85-steel- 6inch wide, 3 1-4 highDonna D’Aquinoin line‘ 12L wire bracelet n°85-steel- 6inch wide, 3 1/4 high

Two of the primary influences for this body of work were The Modern or New Jewelry Movement, which began in Europe in 1970, and the Constructivist Movement, which took place during the early part of the 20th century, primarily in Russia. The influence of these two movements, coupled with my interest in architectural structures, form the basis for this body of work.
Although the Russian Constructivist Movement was very broad and encompassed many different mediums, it is their methods of construction that I find most engaging. They extended the formal language of abstract design into practical design. They introduced different materials such as construction lumber and plastics, to explore new approaches to space and movement.
I am also greatly influenced by the Modern or New Jewelry movement, which took place in Europe from 1970 through the 80′s. Fundamental to this movement was the concept of pushing the boundaries that traditionally defined jewelry. My work is very much influenced by the minimalist European approach to design, which is expressed by an accent on formal elements, and integration of non-precious materials. I strip the designs to their essentials, while sometimes adding a touch of playfulness. I appreciate their spontaneity and direct response to the materials.
It is also important to me that my jewelry exists off the body as well as on the body. When these objects are not being worn they are hung on the wall as a three-dimensional drawing floating in space. Optimally, light is projected from above the pieces to create shadows; this interaction with the wall adds a further dimension to the work.
The size of the pieces are perceived differently on the body than on the wall. On the wall they appear small within the architecture. On the body they appear large and quite dramatic as a result. The pieces are transformed depending on their context. The wearer is reminded of the piece with every movement of their arm and body; it takes commitment to wear these pieces. This duality of function/positioning and the scale of the forms is meant to challenge western traditions of jewelry. »   (at VelvetdaVinci)

MFA, Jewelry & Metalsmithing, Kent State University, Kent, OH, 2000

Donna D'Aquino 'in line' 18L wire bracelet n°41-silver - 5inch X 7 1-4 Donna D’Aquino -  ‘in line’ 18L wire bracelet n°41-silver – 5 x 7 1/4 inch

« work in line » : « This body of work is based on line and the act of drawing. I use wire in place of charcoal or pencil to create three-dimensional drawings for the body and wall. The work is inspired by interior and exterior architectural structures such as bridges and telephone towers.
It is important to me that an object function both on and off the body. These pieces when not being worn are meant to hang on the wall by a single nail as a drawing floating in space.
I am interested in pushing the boundaries that traditionally define western jewelry. »

Donna D'Aquino wire bracelet n°88 - steel - 6inch high & 7inch wideDonna D’Aquino wire bracelet n°88 – steel – 6inch high & 7inch wide
Donna D'Aquino 'in line' 5L wire bracelet n°59 -steel, plastic-dip, 5,5inch high x 5,5inch wide Donna D’Aquino ‘in line’ 5L wire bracelet n°59 -steel, plastic-dip, 5,5inch high x 5,5inch wide
Donna D'Aquino 'in line' 21L wire booch n°53 -steel, plastic-dip, 5inch highDonna D’Aquino ‘in line’ 21L wire booch n°53 -steel, plastic-dip, 5inch high
Donna D'Aquino Red wire bracelet n°14 -Steel,plasti dip- 7inch high, 7inch wideDonna D’Aquino Red wire bracelet n°14 -Steel,plasti dip- 7inch high, 7inch wide
Donna D'Aquino 'in line' 17L wire bracelet n°16- silver- 6,5inchDonna D’Aquino ‘in line’ 17L wire bracelet n°16- silver- 6,5inch




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………. bon …. ça doit être l’effet de la chaleur, hypnotisée par le chant incessant des grenouilles et « shootée » au parfum des daturas ……….

alors ….. un bracelet MARNI …..  à acheter …..
Marni Two-tone woven bangle available here


OU à faire soi-même (DIY, do-it-yourself)



This pattern is known as the « Cobra Stitch, » which sounds very fancy and difficult, but is actually pretty simple. If you need extra help, you can always check out this video for some additional, visual instruction! 

1. For the base of your bracelet, cut a 1-foot long piece of the thicker ribbon (5/8″ Orange, in this case). You also will need to cut a metre long piece of the thinner pink ribbon and the thinner orange ribbon (1/4″ Shocking Pink and Orange, for those of you keeping track).

2. Take the thin pink and orange ribbons and fuse their ends together with a small amount of glue, so that you have one long piece of ribbon. Wait five minutes for the glue to completely dry before moving on to the next step.

3. Tape the top of the base ribbon—the thicker, 5/8″ Orange—to a steady, flat surface and center the fused, thinner ribbon underneath it. Each side of the fused ribbon will serve as Ribbon A and Ribbon B (to follow example above).

4. To begin the Cobra Stitch, take Ribbon A and cross it over the base ribbon and under Ribbon B to make a loop.

5. Bring Ribbon B under the base ribbon and through Ribbon A’s loop. Once knotted through, pull Ribbon A and B equally so they create a knot around the base ribbon.

6. Continue this pattern, alternating the lead ribbon from side to side. (Note: if your pattern starts to spiral, you’re not alternating sides.)

7. Continue braiding the bracelet until you have reached a desired length then double knot both ends. The pattern should be 3/4 the size of your desired length for the bracelet, as the remaining 1/4 will be used to tie around the wrist.—Jessica Baker



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